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Bramley Nonconformist Church Records


The Moriah Prmitive Methodist had their first chapel in 1835. This was replaced in 1874. Records are known from 1869. The chapel registered marriages from 1908.

The Salem Tabernacle on Westover Road was built in 1878. The church registered marriages fom 1921. The congregation of Salem church merged with that of the nearby Zion Baptist church in 1967. From 1973 it was used by the Church of the Nazarene but by 2015 they had moved next door and now this well kept building is no longer used for worship.

The Hough Lane Baptist church building dates from 1846 and was known as the Zion Baptist Church until 1970, when in 1967 the congregation merged with that of the nearby Salem Baptists. It has been renovated in recent years, but still retains its classical facade. Records for this church start in 1779 and while earlier "Reigistrar attending" marriages took place earler, the church started to register its marriages in 1900.

The Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel dates back to 1823. It is now the Trinity Methodist Church. Marriages were registered here from 1900.

Ebenezer Chapel on Stanningley Road has records from 1876 and marriages were registered here from 1904. The building is now used for business purposes.