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Calverley Parish Church Records

St Wilfrids Church

St Wilfrids Calverley

The Parish Church for Calverley Parish is St Wilfrids in the village of Calverley itself. The church had "Chapels of Ease" in Pudsey and Idle, which eventually had parish churches themselves as the local population grew. Despite this, the church retained its popularity over the newer churches up until the 20th century.

The earliest parish records for St Wilfrid's Calverley appear in 1574 for baptisms and 1596 for marriages & burials.

A chart of transcribed years can be found here: link

It is worth noting that the spelling in these records vary greatly and the searcher shouldn't pay strict attention to the spelling when looking for an entry. As an example, the simple surname COUSIN can also be found as CAUSEN, COUSEN, COOSEN, COOSENN, COOSINGE, COOSYNE, COSIN and COZEN, all in an eighty year period, often refering to the same family.