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Nidderdale Census Returns: Hartwith cum Winsley

Part 1 1841 | 1851 | 1861 | 1871 | 1881 | 1891 | 1901 | 1911
Part 2 1841 | 1851 | 1861 | 1871 | * * * * | 1891 | 1901 | 1911


All years available except 1911. Apart from 1881, this district is covered by two Enumeration Districts.

Description of coverage from the 1891 census:


Part 1

'Part of the Township of Hartwith, including Hardcastle Garth, 6 farms, Dougill Hall Farm, Clough House, New St, Dobson Lane, Top Bank Farm, the whole of the village of Braisty Woods (part Brimham), Wysing, Knox Bank house, East House, the village of Low Laithe, Hazel Bank, the village of New York, Prospect House, Woodfield House, Birch Cottage and the whole of the village of Summerbridge.'


Part 2

'Part of the Township of Hartwith-cum-Winsley, including Spence Farm, Moor farm, Hedge Nook, Hartwith Vicarage, School House, Elsworth Nook.
The whole of Winsley comprising Low Stripe, Spring Bank Farm, Spence Mill, Winsley House and Farm, Dinmore House, Burney Carr, Winsley Hurst and Lodge, Brimham (part of), Brimham Hall, Mansion House, Brimham Lodge, North Lees Farm, Summer Wood House & cottages, Moor Bottom, Moorside, Maude's farm, Brimham Rocks House, High Woods farm.
The whole of extra parochial village of Warsill including Beck House, School House, South Farm & Cottages, Middle Farm, Broadley's Farm, South East Farm, Warren House, Rabbit Hill Farm, Low Farm, Warsill Hall and North High Farm.'

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