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Census Indexes 1891 Idle ED26


The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Idle is covered by piece RG12/3652 & 3653.

ED26, Folios 134-147 Enumerator: Thomas Spencer

Boundary being that part bounded on the South by Waterhouse Place, on the North by Leeds Road, on the East by Carr Lane and on the West by back Carr Lane. Contents. Part of the Township of Idle, comprising all the dwelling houses in Leeds Road, South Side, extending from Barker's Shop to the bottom of Church Street. Including Gladstone Place and Herbert Place, Hall Lane (both sides) extending from top of Kendall's Square to Church Street; including Denby's Fold, Old Hall and Cross Church Street (both sides) Church (East Side). Extending from Leeds Road to West Church Street including Waterhouse Place and West Church St both sides, all in the Parliamentary division of Shipley

1 2 George Street Sarah Ann MOUNCY Head W 60 Grocer & Butcher Idle 134a
    Sam MOUNCY Son S 24 Butcher Yeadon 134a
    Harry MOUNCY Son S 22 Butcher Yeadon 134a
    Fanny MOUNCY Dau S 20 Grocer's Assistant Yeadon 134a
    Annie MOUNCY Dau S 19 Grocer's Assistant LAN Manchester 134a
2 4 George Street Edwin EXLEY Head M 43 Retired Pensioner * Lab Heckmondwike 134a
    Edith EXLEY Wife M 31   GLS Sudbury 134a
    Mary Ann EXLEY Dau S 9 Scholar IRE Sligo 134a
3 6 George Street Charles LINLEY Head M 31 Brickmaker's Labourer Shipley 134a
    Rebecca LINLEY Wife M 30 Worsted Spinner Bradford 134a
    William LINLEY Son S 12 Worsted Spinner 1/2 time Windhill 134a
    Elizabeth LINLEY Dau S 10 Worsted Spinner 1/2 time Windhill 134a
    Margaret LINLEY Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 134a
    Joseph LINLEY Son S 7 Scholar Windhill 134a
    Mary Hannah LINLEY Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 134a
4 8 George Street Francis SHEPPARD Head M 44 Saddler Kirkstall 134a
    Annie SHEPPARD Wife M 39   Sawley 134a
    Sydney A H SHEPPARD Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Ripon 134a
    Herbert SHEPPARD Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Ripon 134a
    Arthur SHEPPARD Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Ripon 134a
    Myrabell SHEPPARD Dau S 9 Scholar Ripon 134a
    Frank SHEPPARD Son S 8 Scholar Ripon 134a
    Lizzie SHEPPARD Dau S 6 Scholar Ripon 134a
    Jane Hannah SHEPPARD Dau S 4 Scholar Ripon 134a
5 10 George Street John GOODMAN Head M 24 Leather Currier Leeds 134a
    Jane E GOODMAN Wife M 22 Worsted Weaver Bradford 134a
    William E GOODMAN Son S 2m   Windhill 134a
6 12 George Street Henry BAILEY Head M 27 Iron Moulder STS Rugeley 134a
    Annie BAILEY Wife M 23   Baildon 134a
    Florrie BAILEY Dau S 8m   Windhill 134a
7 14 George Street John LUND Head M 49 Stone Mason Leeds 134b
    Maria LUND Wife M 49 Worsted Weaver Lothersdale 134b
    Albert E LUND Son S 20 Mechanic's Labourer Saltaire 134b
    Annie LUND Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 134b
    Arthur W LUND Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 134b
    Margaret A LUND Dau S 4   Windhill 134b
8 16 George Street William SMITH Head M 29 Brick Maker Tadcaster 134b
    Agnes SMITH Wife M 24   Shipley 134b
9 18 George Street William SMALLEY Head M 41 Stone Mason Windhill 134b
    Ellen SMALLEY Wife M 38 Worsted Weaver Shipley 134b
    Mary Ann SMALLEY Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 134b
10 15 George Street Richard TODD Head M 59 Stone Quarryman Windhill 134b
    Mary TODD Wife M 46   Gowdall 134b
    Sarah I TODD Dau S 32 Worsted Weaver Windhill 134b
    Richard TODD Son S 17 Mechanic [Spin] Windhill 134b
    Fanny TODD Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Windhill 134b
    Clara TODD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 134b
    Emily A TODD Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 134b
    Ernest TODD Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 134b
    Fred TODD Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 134b
    Alice TODD Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 134b
    Ellen TODD Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 134b
    Mark TODD Son S 3m   Windhill 134b
11 13 George Street John William RANSLEY Head M 28 Railway Signalman HUN New Fletton 134b
    Adelaide RANSLEY Wife M 29   LAN Liverpool 134b
    Beatrice RANSLEY Dau S 3   Windhill 134b
    Harry RANSLEY Son S 2   Windhill 134b
    Maude RANSLEY Dau S 9m   Windhill 134b
12 11 George Street Richard ASKEW Head M 37 Drayman LAN Melling 135a
    Margaret ASKEW Wife M 38   LAN Melling 135a
    John Bee ASKEW Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 135a
    Rachel Bee ASKEW Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner 1/2 time Bradford 135a
    Gertrude May ASKEW Dau S 7 Scholar LAN Melling 135a
13 9 George Street John ALDER Head M 44 Railway Plate Layer BRK Abingdon 135a
    Elizabeth ALDER Wife M 42   BRK Abingdon 135a
    Ellen ALDER Dau S 19 Employed in Worsted Mill BRK Abingdon 135a
    Edward ALDER Son S 17 Mechanic's App. BRK Abingdon 135a
    Edith ALDER Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Ribblehead 135a
    Francis William ALDER Son S 6 Scholar Hellifield 135a
14 7 George Street William HANNAM Head M 32 Gas Stoker Bolton 135a
    Selina HANNAM Wife M 30   Windhill 135a
    Mary E HANNAM Dau S 7 Scholar Bolton 135a
    Hannah HANNAM Dau S 4 Scholar Bolton 135a
    Harry HANNAM Son S 1   Windhill 135a
15 5 George Street John WALSH Head M 31 Mechanic [Spin] IRE 135a
    Amy WALSH Wife M 25   Saddleworth 135a
    Nellie WALSH Dau S 4   Saddleworth 135a
    Bertha WALSH Dau S 2   Windhill 135a
16 3 George Street Henry PLATFOOT Head M 37 Drayman NFK Thetford 135a
    Mary H PLATFOOT Wife M 36   Shipley 135a
17 1 George Street Grace CLIFFORD Head W 58   Cleckheaton 135a
    Ada CLIFFORD Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135a
    John William CLIFFORD Dau S 24 Silk Plush Dyer Windhill 135a
    Pamelia CLIFFORD Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135a
18 2 Ellen Street John SLACK Head M 37 Carter Hebden 135a
    Elizabeth SLACK Wife M 37 Worsted Drawer Barnoldswick 135a
19 4 Ellen Street Mary MARGERISON Head W 53 Charwoman DBY Chesterfield 135a
20 6 Ellen Street Sarah E RUSHTON Head S 24 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135b
    Emma RUSHTON Sis S 19 Worsted Mender Windhill 135b
    Mary H RUSHTON Sis S 16 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135b
21 8 Ellen Street Susan SMITH Wife M 52 Housekeeper Rawdon 135b
    Fred EXLEY Son S 18 Mechanic [Spin] Shipley 135b
    Herbert SMITH Son S 13 Wood Bobbin Sorter Shipley 135b
    Emily SMITH Dau S 10 Scholar Shipley 135b
22 10 Ellen Street Joshua WHITFIELD Head M 35 Stone Quarryman Windhill 135b
    Jane WHITFIELD Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135b
    James GOLT Boarder M 32 Plate Layer SCT 135b
    Sarah E GOLT Boarder M 30 Worsted Weaver Durham 135b
23 12 Ellen Street Robert GILL Head M 37 Dyer's Labourer Appletreewick 135b
    Mary Ann GILL Wife M 38 Worsted Weaver Shipley 135b
    John Benjamin GILL Son S 12 Scholar Windhill 135b
    Florence GILL Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 135b
24 14 Ellen Street John ARMSTEAD Head M 34 Gas Meter Inspector Windhill 135b
    Jane ARMSTEAD Wife M 32 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135b
    George ARMSTEAD Son S 10 Worsted Spinner Windhill 135b
    Johnson ARMSTEAD Son S 8 Scholar Shipley 135b
    Fred ARMSTEAD Son S 4 Scholar Windhill 135b
25 16 Ellen Street Richard BULLOCK Head M 29 Stone Mason Richmond 135b
    Elizabeth BULLOCK Wife M 29   Shipley 135b
    Richard N BULLOCK Son S 8m   Windhill 135b
26 7 Ellen Street Thomas WHEATMAN Head M 50 Iron Grinder Huddersfield 135b
    Elizabeth WHEATMAN Wife M 47   Bingley 135b
    Sarah WHEATMAN Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Horton 135b
    Hannah WHEATMAN Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Windhill 135b
    Arthur WHEATMAN Son S 16 Stone Mason's App. Windhill 135b
    Ada WHEATMAN Dau S 15 Mother's Help Windhill 135b
    Thomas WHEATMAN Son S 14 Harness Tyer-up Windhill 135b
    Benjamin WHEATMAN Son S 12 Worsted Tyer-up Windhill 136a
    Harry WHEATMAN Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 136a
    Jane Amelia WHEATMAN Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 136a
    Mary Ann WHEATMAN Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 136a
27 5 Ellen Street Joshua LUPTON Head M 56 Stone Dresser Idle 136a
    Ellen LUPTON Wife M 50   Headingley 136a
    William H LUPTON Son S 26 Stone Dresser Windhill 136a
    Mary LUPTON Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Windhill 136a
    Herbert LUPTON Son S 21 Iron Turner Machine Shop Windhill 136a
    Clara LUPTON Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Windhill 136a
    John A LUPTON Son S 17 Machine Maker's App. Windhill 136a
    Samuel LUPTON Son S 15 Worsted Weft Loom Assistant Windhill 136a
    Joseph LUPTON Son S 12 Scholar & Errand Boy Windhill 136a
    Annie LUPTON Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 136a
    Joshua E LUPTON Son S 7 Scholar Raistrick 136a
28 3 Ellen Street Sarah HUDSON Head W 69   Carlton 136a
    James HUDSON Son S 43 Butcher Bingley 136a
    Ann HUDSON Dau S 39 Worsted Weaver Bingley 136a
    William HUDSON Son S 33 Stone Mason Keighley 136a
    John HUDSON Son S 24 Butcher Shipley 136a
    Sarah E HUDSON Gdau S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 136a
29 1 Ellen Street Alfred LONSDALE Head M 51 General Labourer Ripon 136a
    Hannah LONSDALE Wife M 50 Housework Skipton 136a
    Ruth Ann LONSDALE Dau S 26 Worsted Spinner Windhill 136a
    Thomas LONSDALE Son S 24 Joiner Windhill 136a
    Mary Jane LONSDALE Dau S 20 Worsted Twister Shipley 136a
    Robert LONSDALE Son S 17 Worsted Mill Jobber Shipley 136a
    Eliza LONSDALE Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 136a
    William LONSDALE Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 136a
    John William LONSDALE Son S 2   Windhill 136a
30 2 Booth Street William WATSON Head M 26 General Labourer Baildon 136b
    Mary Jane WATSON Wife M 26 Worsted Weaver Bradford 136b
    Fred WATSON Son S 3   Windhill 136b
    Joseph B BASTOW b in l S 22 Coal Miner Bradford 136b
    Samuel BASTOW b in l S 18 Painter's App. Bradford 136b
    Leah BASTOW s in l S 16 Worsted Twister Bradford 136b
    Hannah BOOTH Cousin S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 136b
31 4 Booth Street Elizabeth COULTON Head W 80   Harden 136b
    Deborah PEDLEY Dau W 47 Charwoman Micklethwaite 136b
    Dyson PEDLEY Gson M 26 Iron Moulder Windhill 136b
    Mawson PEDLEY Gson S 21 Engine Fitter Shipley 136b
    Eliza Ann COULTON Niece S 23 Woolen Weaver Shipley 136b
    Sarah Ann PEDLEY Gson's Wife M 20 Wool Drawer Rotherham 136b
    Fred COULTON Neph S 15 Iron Fettler Windhill 136b
    Joseph COULTON Neph S 7 Scholar Windhill 136b
    William COULTON Neph S 6 Scholar Windhill 136b
32 6 Booth Street William MELLOR Head M 42 Iron Turner Windhill 136b
    Jane MELLOR Wife M 37   Shipley 136b
    Annie MELLOR Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 136b
    Martha Ann MELLOR Dau S 2   Windhill 136b
33 8 Booth Street Hannah TILLOTSON Head W 65 Housekeeper Lothersdale 136b
    Thomas TILLOTSON Son S 26 Cotton Warp Twister Windhill 136b
    Grace JOY Dau W 43 Worsted Weaver Windhill 136b
    James JOY Gson S 6 Scholar Windhill 136b
    James H TILLOTSON Son M 40 Stone Quarryman Windhill 136b
    Arthur TILLOTSON Gson S 6 Scholar Windhill 136b
    Beatrice TILLOTSON Gdau S 3 Scholar Windhill 136b
    Clara H JOWETT Gdau S 19 Worsted Weaver Windhill 136b
    Ada JOWETT Gdau S 15 Worsted Weaver Windhill 136b
34 1 Booth Street William Thomas HANSON Head M 31 Brickmaker's Labourer Windhill 137a
    Sarah HANSON Wife M 31   Hebden 137a
    William HANSON Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 137a
    John T HANSON Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 137a
    James E HANSON Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 137a
35 Wright's Farm Benjamin WRIGHT Head M 48 Farmer Windhill 137a
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Wife M 48   Shipley 137a
    Emily WRIGHT Dau S 20 Worsted Drawer Windhill 137a
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Dau S 16 Farm Work Assistant Windhill 137a
    James WRIGHT Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 137a
36 13 Wrose Brow Mary CRABTREE Head W 61 Living on own means Idle 137a
    William W CRABTREE Neph S 24 Loom Maker Windhill 137a
    Hannah CRABTREE Gdau S 9 Scholar Shipley 137a
37 11 Wrose Brow David CRABTREE Head M 28 Machine Maker Windhill 137a
    Elizabeth CRABTREE Wife M 28   Apperley 137a
    Thomas H CRABTREE Son S 3   Windhill 137a
38 7 Wrose Brow William RHODES Head M 43 Foreman Loom Maker Windhill 137a
    Esther RHODES Wife M 45   Windhill 137a
    William V RHODES Son S 19 Loom Fitter Windhill 137a
    Mary Ann RHODES Dau S 16 Assists Mother Windhill 137a
    Martha E RHODES Dau S 14 Dressmaker Windhill 137a
39 Hope F[arm] House George DEACON Head M 66 Worsted Manufacturer Windhill 137a
    Martha DEACON Wife M 56   Bradford 137a
    Fred DEACON Son S 24 Bookkeeper Windhill 137a
    Edward DEACON Son S 20 Worsted Weft Man Windhill 137a
    George DEACON Son S 19 Warehouseman Windhill 137a
    Charles H DEACON Son S 12 Scholar Windhill 137a
    Annie ELLIS Servant S 20 Domestic Servant Goole 137a
40 38 Wrose Brow Ann SMALLY Head S 31 Worsted Weaver Windhill 137a
    Sarah SMALLY Sis S 28 Housekeeper Windhill 137a
41 126 Leeds Road John MORTON Head M 45 Boot & Shoemaker DBY Aston 137b
    Elizabeth MORTON Wife M 40   SFK Westhorpe 137b
    Ann E MORTON Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 137b
    George H MORTON Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 137b
    Hannah M MORTON Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 137b
42 128 Leeds Road Elisha HOBSON Head M 57 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Eccleshill 137b
    Ruth HOBSON Wife M 56   Idle 137b
    Seth HOBSON Son S 21 Painter Windhill 137b
    Ruth HOBSON Dau S 17 Assists Mother Windhill 137b
43 132 Leeds Road Ann LONGTHORNE Head W 70 Housekeeper Apperley Bridge 137b
    Jane E LONGTHORNE Dau S 40 Grocer Bradford 137b
44 134 Leeds Road Joseph ODDY Head M 45 Worsted Warp Twister Windhill 137b
    Mary ODDY Wife M 44   Idle 137b
    William ODDY Son S 12 Scholar Windhill 137b
    Annie ODDY Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Windhill 137b
    Bertha ODDY Dau S 16 Yarn Twister Windhill 137b
    Mary ODDY Sis S 48 Worsted Weaver Windhill 137b
45 136 Leeds Road Samuel KITCHIN Head M 34 Joiner Windhill 137b
    Florie KITCHIN Wife M 27   BEL Liege 137b
    Charles KITCHIN Son S 1   Windhill 137b
46 138 Leeds Road William GILL Head W 77 Farm Labourer Otley 137b
    Jane GILL Dau S 42 Worsted Drawer Shipley 137b
47 138a Leeds Road John DAVY Head M 56 Bookkeeper Cowling 137b
    Ann DAVY Wife M 55   Keighley 137b
    Mary E DAVY Dau S 22 Silk Marker Otley 137b
    Percy DAVY Son S 20 Grocer Windhill 137b
    Arthur DAVY Son S 18 Clerk Windhill 137b
    John S DAVY Son S 16 Clerk Windhill 137b
48 142 Leeds Road Mary SPENCER Head W 60 Housekeeper Idle 138a
    James KENDALL s in l M 29 Blacksmith Shipley 138a
    Martha A KENDALL Dau M 26 Worsted Weaver Windhill 138a
    Mary E KENDALL Gdau S 2   Windhill 138a
49 144 Leeds Road Thomas BAINES Head M 57 Stone Quarry Labourer Hebden 138a
    Maria BAINES Wife M 60   Hebden 138a
    Maria BAINES Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Appletreewick 138a
    Harriet BAINES Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Appletreewick 138a
    Anthony E BAINES Son S 21 Stone Quarry Labourer Appletreewick 138a
50 146 Leeds Road Robert BATESON Head W 64 Boot & Shoemaker Rawdon 138a
    Mary Ann BATESON Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Idle 138a
    John William BATESON Son S 19 Accountant's Clerk Idle 138a
    Ruth E BATESON Dau S 16 Worsted Winder Idle 138a
51 150 Leeds Road Richard LEDGER Head M 25 Carter Bowling 138a
    Emma J MOUNTAIN Servant S 22 Domestic Housekeeper Guiseley 138a
52 148 Leeds Road John SPENCER Head M 42 Carter Ovenden 138a
    Charity SPENCER Wife M 42   Ovenden 138a
    Wright SPENCER Son S 19 Worsted Waste Sorter Queensbury 138a
    Emily SPENCER Dau S 14 Worsted Winder Queensbury 138a
    Sam SPENCER Son S 10 Worsted Waste Sorter Windhill 138a
    Harriet SPENCER Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 138a
    Priscilla SPENCER Dau S 4 Scholar Windhill 138a
    Mary E SPENCER Dau S 1   Windhill 138a
53 House & Shop John WILCOCK Head M 64 Grocer Windhill 138a
    Mary WILCOCK Wife M 66   Windhill 138a
    Ben WILCOCK Son S 34 Grocer's Assistant Windhill 138a
    Sarah WHITAKER Servant S 24 Domestic Servant Otley 138a
54 154 Leeds Road Martha HOYLE Head W 46 Worsted Weaver Apperley 138a
    Alice A HOYLE Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Windhill 138a
    Bennett HOYLE Son S 18 Iron Turner Windhill 138a
    Ruth HOYLE Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Windhill 138a
55 156 Leeds Road Feather OGDEN Head M 25 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Oxenhope 138b
    Sarah Jane OGDEN Wife M 28 Worsted Warper Idle 138b
56 158 Leeds Road William BENNETT Head M 44 Stone Quarryman Apperley 138b
    Elizabeth BENNETT Wife M 45 Worsted Weaver Windhill 138b
    Lilly BENNETT Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 138b
    John W BENNETT Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 138b
    Arnold E BENNETT Son S 4 Scholar Windhill 138b
57 160 Leeds Road Margaret SCOTT Head W 60 Housekeeper Windhill 138b
    Albert SCOTT Son M 26 Stone Delver Windhill 138b
    Margaret A SCOTT d in l M 22 Worsted Drawer Windhill 138b
    Eliza SCOTT Gdau S 2   Windhill 138b
    Grace SCOTT Gdau S 1   Windhill 138b
    William SCOTT Son S 18 Iron Moulder Windhill 138b
58 162 Leeds Road George BOLTON Head M 31 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Windhill 138b
    Ann BOLTON Wife M 32   Baildon 138b
    Fred BOLTON Son S 10 Worsted Spinner Windhill 138b
    Willie BOLTON Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 138b
59 164 Leeds Road Harriet EXCELL Head W 70 Living on own means Northowram 138b
    Louisa WALKER Dau S 22 Worsted Drawer Queensbury 138b
    Fred WALKER Gson S 8 Scholar Shipley 138b
60 166 Leeds Road Sarah A THORNTON Head W 44 Tailoress Bradford 138b
61 168 Leeds Road John HUDSON Head M 52 Clogger Baildon 138b
    Sarah HUDSON Wife M 52   Windhill 138b
    Eva HUDSON Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Windhill 138b
    Sam HUDSON Son S 17 Worsted Spinner Windhill 138b
    Ralph HUDSON Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Windhill 138b
    Fred HUDSON Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Addingham 138b
62 170 Leeds Road Shop Booth WALLER Head M 59 Grocer Windhill 138b
    Hannah WALLER Wife M 59   Windhill 138b
    Milton WALLER Son W 29 Commercial Traveller Windhill 138b
    Arnold WALLER Gson S 7 Scholar Windhill 138b
63 174 Leeds Road John STANSFIELD Head M 37 Tailor Windhill 139a
    Ellen STANSFIELD Wife M 34 Worsted Weaver Windhill 139a
    Annie STANSFIELD Dau S 11 Scholar Windhill 139a
64 178 Leeds Road William DURHAM Head W 69 Stone Mason GLS 139a
    Eliza DURHAM Dau S 29 Domestic Housekeeper Windhill 139a
    Mary C DURHAM Gdau S 10 Scholar Windhill 139a
65 180 Leeds Road Joseph GLOVER Head M 34 Stone Mason Windhill 139a
    Henrietta GLOVER Wife M 34   Manningham 139a
    Jane E GLOVER Dau S 2   Windhill 139a
    Thomas D HUDSON Step son S 10 Scholar Farsley 139a
66 182 Leeds Road Joseph SHACKLETON Head M 57 Worsted Weaver Lothersdale 139a
    Ann SHACKLETON Wife M 54 Worsted Weaver Cowling 139a
    Sarah Ann SHACKLETON Dau S 37 Worsted Weaver Cowling 139a
    John SHACKLETON Dau W 31 Blacksmith Windhill 139a
    E A SHACKLETON Gdau S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 139a
    William H SHACKLETON Gson S 9 Scholar Windhill 139a
67 184 Leeds Road Robert H BINNS Head M 27 Butcher Felliscliffe 139a
    Beatrice E BINNS Wife M 18 Fish Dealer High Hoyland 139a
    Eliza BINNS Sis S 23 Paper Bag Maker Felliscliffe 139a
68 186 Leeds Road James ALLCOCK Head M 60 Gas Stoker NFK 139a
    Elizabeth ALLCOCK Wife M 59   Great Cressingham 139a
    Charles ALLCOCK Son S 21 General Dealer Snare Hill 139a
69 190 Leeds Road William THOMAS Head M 26 Grocer Stockbridge 139a
    Lilly THOMAS Wife M 30   Bradford 139a
    Prince THOMAS Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 139a
    John THOMAS Son S 4   Bradford 139a
70 192 Leeds Road Jane ACTON Head W 69 Tailoress IRE Galway 139a
    Mary ACTON Dau S 43   IRE Galway 139a
71 194 Leeds Road Seth NAYLOR Head M 58 General Labourer Windhill 139b
    Sarah NAYLOR Wife M 58   Bingley 139b
    Hannah NAYLOR Dau S 31 Worsted Warper Windhill 139b
    Lilly NAYLOR Dau S 28 Worsted Weaver Windhill 139b
    Alice A NAYLOR Dau S 22 Worsted Twister Windhill 139b
    Sam NAYLOR Son S 12 Scholar Windhill 139b
    Clara E NAYLOR Dau S 5   Windhill 139b
72 196 Leeds Road James BROWN Head M 64 Draper Kildwick 139b
    Martha BROWN Wife M 63   Bolton 139b
73 198 Leeds Road Robert DODGSON Head M 29 Wool Sorter Shipley 139b
    Mary DODGSON Wife M 27 Worsted Weaver Knottingley 139b
74 198a Leeds Road Margaret BECK Head S 50 Worsted Weaver Baildon 139b
75 200 Leeds Road Joseph WILLIAMSON Head W 72 Retired Drayman Denton 139b
    Grace WILLIAMSON Dau S 43 Housekeeper Idle 139b
76 202 Leeds Road Thomas H SHACKLETON Head M 36 Publican Halifax 139b
  Beer House Annie SHACKLETON Wife M 34   SAL Wem 139b
    John H SHACKLETON Son S 14 Scholar SAL Wem 139b
77 204 Leeds Road Isabella RATCLIFFE Head W 65 Charwoman Shipley 139b
78 206 Leeds Road James UNWIN Head W 76 Retired Warp Dresser Windhill 139b
79 208 Leeds Road Alice PEDLEY Head S 30 Worsted Mill Box Maker America 139b
    Mary J MURGATROYD Boarder S 18 Worsted Mill Box Maker Shipley 139b
80 210 Leeds Road Ann BARKER Head W 72   Pateley Bridge 139b
    Ethel ROBINSON Gdau S 3   Windhill 139b
    George SHUTTLEWORTH Boarder S 22 Machine Fitter Alverthorpe 139b
81 212 Leeds Road Andrew HYDE Head M 46 Loom Fitter Embsay 139b
    Maria HYDE Wife M 45   Embsay 139b
    Edgar HYDE Son S 19 Tool Fitter Embsay 139b
    Algernon HYDE Son S 18 Loom Turner Embsay 139b
    John H HYDE Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Embsay 139b
    Hampden HYDE Son S 13 Scholar Embsay 139b
    Arthur HYDE Son S 9 Scholar Embsay 139b
82 214 Leeds Road Timothy WARD Head W 73 Peddling Draper - Hawker Idle 140a
83 216 & 218 Leeds Road Thomas SPENCER Head M 39 Wool Sorter Windhill 140a
    Mary A SPENCER Wife M 36 Dressmaker Bradford 140a
    Herbert SPENCER Son S 15 Pupil Teacher Windhill 140a
    Florence SPENCER Dau S 10 Scholar Windhill 140a
84 220 Leeds Road John NAYLOR Head M 37 Stone Quarryman Windhill 140a
    Hannah M NAYLOR Wife M 32 Housekeeper Windhill 140a
    William H NAYLOR Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 140a
    John A NAYLOR Son S 4 Worsted Spinner Windhill 140a
    Nicholas NAYLOR Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 140a
    James NAYLOR Son S 3   Windhill 140a
    Annie NAYLOR Dau S 4m   Windhill 140a
85 222 Leeds Road Nicholas BRIGGS Head M 53 Stone Quarryman DBY Aston 140a
    Hannah M BRIGGS Wife M 52 Housekeeper Otley 140a
    Alice BRIGGS d in l M 28 Worsted Drawer Bradford 140a
    Mary Unice BRIGGS Gdau S 4   Windhill 140a
    Susannah MOORE s in l M 49 Worsted Weaver Otley 140a
86 224 Leeds Road Benjamin HARTLEY Head W 69 Retired Mechanic Bradford 140a
    Elizabeth HARTLEY Dau S 46   Shipley 140a
    Emma HARTLEY Dau S 32 Worsted Weaver Frizinghall 140a
    Ben HARTLEY Son S 27 Stuff Warehouseman Windhill 140a
    Caroline PATCHETT Gdau S 23 Worsted Weaver Frizinghall 140a
87 226 Leeds Road William LING Head M 34 Joiner NFK Cromer 140a
    Sarah LING Wife M 37   Idle 140a
    Robert LING Bro S 29 Boot & Shoemaker NFK Cromer 140a
88 228 Leeds Road Thomas HUGHES Head M 44 Railway Porter KEN Rochester 140a
    Louisa HUGHES Wife M 44   Channel Islands 140a
89 230 Leeds Road Jane LANGWADE Head W 74 On Parish Relief Addingham 140a
90 232 Leeds Road George E TAYLOR Head M 23 Mechanic's Labourer Sheffield 140a
    Mary E TAYLOR Wife M 21 Worsted Twister Idle 140a
    Robert E TAYLOR Son S 10m   Windhill 140a
91 234 Leeds Road Thomas HILL Head M 34 Railway Signalman Windhill 140b
    Sarah HILL Wife M 36   Rawdon 140b
    Arthur Ellsworth HILL Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 140b
    Hannah HILL Dau S 3   Windhill 140b
    Thomas Stanley HILL Son S 8m   Windhill 140b
92 236 Leeds Road Benjamin BODDY Head M 53 Cloth Fuller Shipley 140b
    Maria BODDY Wife M 53   Shipley 140b
    Sarah Jane BODDY Dau S 35 Dressmaker Windhill 140b
    Annie BODDY Dau S 30 Worsted Weaver Windhill 140b
    Louie BODDY Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Windhill 140b
    Maude BODDY Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 140b
    Annie BODDY d in l W 25 Cloth Burler Saltaire 140b
93 238 Leeds Road James BARTLE Head M 23 Cloth Weaver Windhill 140b
    Lily BARTLE Wife M 19 Worsted Weaver Windhill 140b
    Ellen BARTLE Dau S 3m   Windhill 140b
94 240 Leeds Road Thomas FOULDS? Head M 47 Iron Moulder Bradford 140b
    Mary Ann FOULDS? Wife M 44   Bradford 140b
95 242 Leeds Road Major P SUGDEN Head M 57 Stone Quarryman Manningham 140b
    Hannah SUGDEN Wife M 54 Worsted Weaver Undercliffe 140b
    Emma MYERS Dau S 26 Cloth Weaver Manningham 140b
    Jane MYERS Dau S 25 Worsted Weaver Manningham 140b
    Charlotte MYERS Dau S 22 Worsted Drawer Manningham 140b
    Mary E BAXTER Lodger S 25 Worsted Warper Idle 140b
    Ernest BAXTER Lodger S 1   Windhill 140b
96 1 Mellor Street Albert WATERWORTH Head M 33 Silk Plush Dyer Burley 140b
    Eva WATERWORTH Wife M 29   Eccleshill 140b
    Florence E WATERWORTH Dau S 8 Scholar Guiseley 140b
    Joseph A WATERWORTH Son S 6 Scholar Windhill 140b
    John L WATERWORTH Son S 3 Scholar Windhill 140b
    Caroline WATERWORTH Dau S 5m   Windhill 140b
127 3 Mellor Street Margaret A HOLDSWORTH Head S 37 Worsted Weaver Idle 140b
129 5 & 7 Mellor Street Samuel CARR Head M 51 Grocer Bradford 141a
    Mary CARR Wife M 52 Grocer's Assistant Guiseley 141a
    Ann RILEY Servant S 51 Domestic Servant Guiseley 141a
130 2 Mellor Street Ann SUTCLIFFE Head W 54 Charwoman Addingham 141a
    William A SUTCLIFFE Son S 20 Silk Dresser Wilsden 141a
97 5 Wilcock Street William B MELLOR Head M 54 Port WatchMan Windhill 141a
    H Ellen MELLOR Wife M 45   Denholme 141a
    William MELLOR Son S 16 Carpenter's App. Windhill 141a
    Mary MELLOR Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 141a
    Alice MELLOR Dau S 11 Scholar Windhill 141a
    Fanny MELLOR Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 141a
98 3 Valley St Robert HALLIDAY Head M 45 Brickmaker Windhill 141a
    Jane Maria HALLIDAY Wife M 46   Windhill 141a
    Jessie HALLIDAY Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Windhill 141a
    John H HALLIDAY Son S 15 Shoemaker's App. Cleckheaton 141a
    Edward HALLIDAY Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Wibsey 141a
    Herbert HALLIDAY Son S 10 Worsted Spinner Wibsey 141a
    Thomas D HALLIDAY Son S 7 Scholar Horton 141a
    Elizabeth H JENKINSON step dau S 17 Worsted Yarn Twister Windhill 141a
    Charles H WHITAKER B in L M 50 Dyer's Labourer Windhill 141a
99 7 & 13 Valley Street Joseph PARSONS Head M 41 Tailor Windhill 141a
    Ann PARSONS Wife M 26   Baildon 141a
    George Rodger PARSONS Son S 16 Tailor's App. Windhill 141a
    Joseph PARSONS Son S 14 Worsted Bobbin Taker Windhill 141a
    Eva PARSONS Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 141a
    Susannah SMITH m in l W 68 Living on own means Hebden Bridge 141a
100 9 Valley Street William BREARLEY Head M 66 Tailor Bradford 141a
101 11 Valley Street Tamar SAVILLE Head W 83 Living on own means Thornton 141a
102 15 Valley Street James HOLDSWORTH Head M 34 Railway Porter Idle 141b
    Isabella HOLDSWORTH Wife M 31   Windhill 141b
    John HOLDSWORTH Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 141b
103 25 Valley Street Hannah WATKIN Head W 62 Living on own means Bradford 141b
104 21 Valley Street Thomas LAWSON Head M 34 Mechanic [Spin] Bradford 141b
    Rose A LAWSON Wife M 31 Worsted Spinner Bradford 141b
    Mary Ann LAWSON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 141b
    John W LAWSON Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 141b
    Fred LAWSON Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 141b
    Arthur LAWSON Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 141b
    Gertrude LAWSON Dau S 2   Bradford 141b
    Percy LAWSON Son S 8m   Windhill 141b
105 27 Valley Street John E COULTOUS Head M 26 Plate Layer Windhill 141b
    Esther COULTOUS Wife M 26   Spital 141b
    Albert E COULTOUS Son S 4   Windhill 141b
    Jane A COULTOUS Dau S 2   Windhill 141b
    Maggie COULTOUS Dau S 3m   Windhill 141b
106 23 Valley Street Robert HIRST Head M 40 Warp Dresser Bradford 141b
    Alice HIRST Wife M 39   Stainburn 141b
    Edith HIRST Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Bingley 141b
    Fred HIRST Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Shipley 141b
    Albert HIRST Son S 9 Scholar Idle 141b
    Mary HIRST Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 141b
    Martha HIRST Dau S 2   Windhill 141b
107 29 Valley Street Ellen PICKARD Head M 44   Harrogate 141b
    Mary E PICKARD Dau S 17 Worsted Spinner Windhill 141b
    Brooksbank PICKARD Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 141b
    Annie PICKARD Dau S 10 Scholar Windhill 141b
    Thomas P SLATER Boarder S 15 Wool Waste Sorter Windhill 141b
108 31 Valley Street Sam GRANGER Head M 24 General Labourer Windhill 142a
    Ada GRANGER Wife M 23   Windhill 142a
    Maud E GRANGER Dau S 3m   Windhill 142a
109 35 Valley Street Joseph H LUPTON Head M 26 Mechanic [Spin] Windhill 142a
    Mary Ann LUPTON Wife M 28   Horsforth 142a
    Fred LUPTON Son S 1   Windhill 142a
110 37 Valley Street George GAIT Head M 39 Railway Signalman WIL Moulton Farley 142a
    Elizabeth GAIT Wife M 38   DER Ashover 142a
    Elizabeth GAIT Dau S 18 Stuff Weaver WAR Coleshill 142a
    Agnes GAIT Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Windhill 142a
    Harriet GAIT Dau S 14 Worsted Twister Windhill 142a
    John William GAIT Son S 12 Worsted Doffer Windhill 142a
    Louisa J GAIT Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 142a
    George GAIT Son S 7 Scholar Windhill 142a
111 39 Valley Street Samuel HARTLEY Head M 29 Horticultural Builder Keighley 142a
    Martha HARTLEY Wife M 32   Leeds 142a
    Bernard C HARTLEY Son S 2   IRE Dublin 142a
112 43 Valley Street Tom WARDMAN Head M 24 Loom Fitter Undercliffe 142a
    Clara WARDMAN Wife M 23   Bradford 142a
    Arthur WARDMAN Son S 5m   Windhill 142a
113 47 & 49 Valley Street Rhodes HOLDSWORTH Head M 46 Wood Spinning Machine Minder Heaton 142a
    Lucy Ann HOLDSWORTH Wife M 46   Bowling 142a
114 51 Valley Street George LAMBERT Head M 59 Stone Quarryman Idle 142a
    Maria C LAMBERT Wife M 59   Idle 142a
    Arthur M LAMBERT adpt son S 15 Plumber's App. Idle 142a
115 57 Valley Street George PITTS Head W 65 Warp Dresser Idle 142a
116 53 & 59 Valley Street John WILLIAMSON Head M 42 Worsted Wool Sorter Windhill 142a
    Mary WILLIAMSON Wife M 40   Windhill 142a
    Arthur WILLIAMSON Son S 15 Worsted Piece Worker Windhill 142a
    Joseph WILLIAMSON Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 142a
    Martha A WILLIAMSON Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 142a
117 55 & 61 Valley Street John BROADLEY Head M 46 Worsted Warp Dresser Bellerby 142b
    Ellen BROADLEY Wife M 45   Windhill 142b
    Edith BROADLEY Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Windhill 142b
    George BROADLEY Son S 16 Mill Jobber Windhill 142b
    Joseph BROADLEY Son S 16 Silk Plush Brusher Windhill 142b
    Lily BROADLEY Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 142b
    Ada BROADLEY Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 142b
    Minnie BROADLEY Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 142b
    John T BROADLEY Son S 4   Windhill 142b
118 63 & 69 Valley Street Samuel EASTELL Head M 47 Joiner NFK Besthorpe 142b
    Jemima EASTELL Wife M 45   LON Bethnal Green 142b
    Harriet EASTELL Dau S 20 Worsted Twister Shipley 142b
    Christiana EASTELL Dau S 19 Worsted Twister Shipley 142b
    Thomas EASTELL Son S 16 Mechanic's App. Windhill 142b
    Harry EASTELL Son S 11 Scholar Windhill 142b
    William EASTELL Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 142b
119 65 & 71 Valley Street William FREEMAN Head M 42 Engine Tenter Stockton 142b
    Rebecca FREEMAN Wife M 40   Skipton 142b
    Seth FREEMAN Son S 16 Brickmaker Silsden 142b
    Maria FREEMAN Dau S 12 Scholar Shipley 142b
    Albert FREEMAN Son S 6 Scholar Idle 142b
    William FREEMAN Son S 3   Idle 142b
120 67 Valley Street Albert WILD Head M 26 Iron Turner for Engineer Baildon 142b
    Harriet WILD Wife M 24   Barnsley 142b
    Harry WILD Son S 18m   Bradford 142b
121 75 & 81 Valley Street Robert TAYLOR Head M 45 General Labourer Selby 143a
    Sarah TAYLOR Wife M 36   DBY B* 143a
    Joseph TAYLOR Son S 16 Machine Fitter Windhill 143a
    Alice TAYLOR Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Windhill 143a
    Emily TAYLOR Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 143a
    Mary J TAYLOR Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 143a
    Elizabeth TAYLOR Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 143a
    William TAYLOR Son S 3   Windhill 143a
    Nellie TAYLOR Dau S 10m   Windhill 143a
122 77 Valley Street Thomas BROOKE Head M 33 Railway Plate Layer Bramley 143a
    Hannah BROOKE Wife M 29   DBY B* 143a
    Eliza A BROOKE Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 143a
123 83 Valley Street Jabez BEAUMONT Head W 54 Retired Engine Man [Arm cut off] Stanningley 143a
124 79 Valley Street Jonas OGDEN Head M 52 Mason's Labourer Haworth 143a
    Sarah OGDEN Wife M 47   Wilsden 143a
    William OGDEN Son S 25 Brick Maker Wilsden 143a
    Adeline OGDEN Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 143a
125 85 Valley Street John OATES Head M 67 On Parish Relief [Crippled] Shipley 143a
    Margaret OATES Wife M 61 On Parish Relief IRE 143a
126 87 Valley Street Thomas H RHODES Head M 41 Insurance Agent Bradford 143a
    Isabel RHODES Wife M 31   SCT Ayrshire 143a
127 91 Valley Street Benjamin BROOKSBANK Head W 58 Retired Coal Miner Shipley 143a
    John BROOKSBANK Son S 22 Labourer Shipley 143a
128 89 Valley Street William POOLE Head M 53 Watch Jobber & Repairer Bridlington 143a
    Jane POOLE Wife M 54   Pickhill 143a
    Mary J POOLE Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Beverley 143a
    Elizabeth POOLE Dau S 24 Worsted Weaver Beverley 143a
    Alice POOLE Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Idle 143a
    Miranda POOLE Dau S 14 Worsted Twister Windhill 143a
    Selina POOLE Dau S 11 Scholar Windhill 143a
131 95 Valley Street Fred COULTOUS Head M 32 Stone Dresser Shipley 143b
    Hannah COULTOUS Wife M 31   DBY Pilsley 143b
    Ralph COULTOUS Son S 4 Scholar Idle 143b
    Annie Coultous BARKER Step dau S 9 Scholar Huddersfield 143b
132 97 Valley Street Walter GILL Head M 39 Silk Plush Dyer Windhill 143b
    Eliza A GILL Wife M 40   Shipley 143b
    James GILL Son S 15 Silk Plush Room Maker-Up Windhill 143b
    Annie M GILL Dau S 13 Scholar Windhill 143b
133 99 Valley Street James GALVIN Head M 56 Worsted Wool Sorter Horton 143b
    Rachel GALVIN Wife M 50   Idle 143b
    Mary H GALVIN Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Windhill 143b
    Elizabeth GALVIN Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 143b
    Edith E GALVIN Dau S 10 Scholar Windhill 143b
    Emily L GALVIN Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 143b
134 101 Valley Street William J ROBINSON Head M 44 Stone Dresser Burley 143b
    Hannah ROBINSON Wife M 43   Glusburn 143b
    Sarah J ROBINSON Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Shipley 143b
    Clara ROBINSON Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Windhill 143b
    Annie ROBINSON Dau S 16 Woolen Weaver Windhill 143b
    Alice ROBINSON Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Windhill 143b
    John W ROBINSON Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 143b
    Richard ROBINSON Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 143b
    Isabella ROBINSON Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 143b
    James C ROBINSON Son S 2   Windhill 143b
    Walter ROBINSON Son S 1   Windhill 143b
135 103 Valley Street William BROWN Head W 34 Waterworks Labourer Hebden 143b
    John R BROWN Son S 10 Scholar Shipley 143b
    Annie BROWN Dau S 4   Windhill 143b
    Robert BROWN Son S 2   Windhill 143b
    Mary BROWN Sis S 17 Housekeeper Windhill 143b
136 96 Valley Street Joseph DAKIN Head M 37 Coppersmith Pateley Bridge 144a
    Mary A DAKIN Wife M 33   Methley 144a
    Alice A DAKIN Dau S 13 Worsted Yarn Reeler Windhill 144a
    Hannah J DAKIN Dau S 11 Scholar Windhill 144a
137 92 Valley Street Thomas BIRD Head M 47 Railway Signalman NTH Evesdon 144a
    Ellen BIRD Wife M 50 Housekeeper NTH Flore 144a
    Minnie A BIRD Dau S 18 Worsted Drawer Windhill 144a
    Eva Leah BIRD Dau S 13 Worsted Drawer Windhill 144a
138 90 Valley Street Ruth HARGREAVES Head W 64   Halifax 144a
    Grace H HARGREAVES Dau S 34 Worsted Weaver Bradford 144a
    Mary E HARGREAVES Dau S 29 Dressmaker Bradford 144a
    Turner HARGREAVES Son S 21 Shoemaker Bradford 144a
139 88 Valley Street Charles WORRALL Head M 39 Stone Quarryman WAR Southam 144a
    Rachel WORRALL Wife M 40   Leeds 144a
    Alice WORRALL Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Windhill 144a
    Tom WORRALL Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Windhill 144a
    Arthur WORRALL Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 144a
    Charlie WORRALL Son S 3   Windhill 144a
140 86 Valley Street John PASHLEY Head M 48 Railway Signalman West Malton 144a
    Clara PASHLEY Wife M 41   SAL Ludlow 144a
    Clara L PASHLEY Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner SAL Ludlow 144a
    Agnes E PASHLEY Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Shipley 144a
    Maud A PASHLEY Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 144a
    George W PASHLEY Son S 9 Scholar Windhill 144a
    Mary J PASHLEY Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 144a
    John PASHLEY Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 144a
    Sarah WALTERS m in l W 80   SAL Clungunford 144a
141 84 Valley Street Harriet SLINGSBY Head W 35 Worsted Cloth Weaver Leeds 144b
    David SLINGSBY Son S 16 Iron Monger App. Windhill 144b
    Thomas SLINGSBY Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Windhill 144b
    Dennis SLINGSBY Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 144b
    Fred SLINGSBY Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 144b
    Ann HARDAKER Mother W 60   IRE Tipperary 144b
    Willie COOPER Boarder S 1   Heaton 144b
142 82 Valley Street Thomas KNOTT Head M 44 Free Stone Delver NFK 144b
    Annie KNOTT Wife M 40 Shroud Maker Bradford 144b
    Elizabeth KNOTT Dau S 14 Mother's Help Windhill 144b
    Tom Fred KNOTT Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 144b
    Joe Sam KNOTT Son S 11 News Boy - Half Time Windhill 144b
    Jane M KNOTT Dau S 7 Scholar Windhill 144b
    Benjamin KNOTT Son S 6 Scholar Windhill 144b
    Annie KNOTT Dau S 3   Windhill 144b
    Archibald KNOTT Son S 7m   Windhill 144b
143 80 Valley Street Thomas MASON Head M 58 Retired Coal Miner Kirby Malzeard 144b
    Elizabeth A MASON Wife M 49   FRANCE Dieppe 144b
    Rebecca PITTS Boarder S 25 Worsted Stuff Weaver Shipley 144b
144 78 Valley Street James LUMLEY Head M 42 Cotton Warp Dresser Masham 144b
    Sarah LUMLEY Wife M 40 Stuff Weaver Addingham 144b
    Walter LUMLEY Son S 15 Worsted Mill Jobber Windhill 144b
    Willie LUMLEY Son S 13 Worsted Doffer Windhill 144b
145 73 Valley Street Reuben BOOTH Head S 38 Green Grocer Horbury 144b
146 76 Valley Street Sarah A MARSHALL Head M 50   Idle 144b
    Walter MARSHALL Son S 28 Loom Mechanic Yeadon 144b
    Simeon MARSHALL Son S 23 Wool Sorter Yeadon 144b
    Willie MARSHALL Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Halifax 144b
    Harry MARSHALL Son S 19 Mechanic's App. Calverley 144b
    Miriam MARSHALL Dau S 24 Worsted Spinner Yeadon 144b
    Martha A MARSHALL Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Bramley 144b
147 74 Valley Street Philip MASON Head M 27 Maltster Starbotton 145a
    Harriet A MASON Wife M 27   CAM Outwell 145a
    Ernest MASON Son S 2   Windhill 145a
148 70 Valley Street Albert BOOTH Head M 34 Stone Quarryman Idle 145a
    Jane BOOTH Wife M 36   LAN Liverpool 145a
    Effie BOOTH Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 145a
    Alice BOOTH Dau S 4   Windhill 145a
    Caroline BOOTH Dau S 2   Windhill 145a
149 68 Valley Street Joseph CRYER Head M 46 Silk Dyer Cononley 145a
    Elizabeth CRYER Wife M 46   Bradford 145a
150 66 Valley Street Henry W WHITFIELD Head M 32 Joiner Idle 145a
    Susannah WHITFIELD Wife M 34   Bingley 145a
    Phebe A WHITFIELD Dau S 7 Scholar Idle 145a
    Fred WHITFIELD Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 145a
151 64 Valley Street James HUNTER Head M 31 Tailor Otley 145a
    Amelia HUNTER Wife M 32 Milliner Windhill 145a
    Ines HUNTER Dau S 11 Scholar Windhill 145a
    William H HUNTER Son S 10 Scholar Windhill 145a
    Laurence M HUNTER Son S 3   Windhill 145a
    Emma HUNTER Sis S 20 Draper's Assistant Windhill 145a
152 58 Valley Street Mary A SPIVEY Head W 55   Howden 145a
    Sarah SPIVEY Dau S 28 Dressmaker Howden 145a
    Jane SPIVEY Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Howden 145a
    Marmaduke SPIVEY Son S 17 Joiner's App. Howden 145a
    William SPIVEY Son S 14 Scholar Howden 145a
    John SPIVEY Son S 12 Scholar Howden 145a
153 56 Valley Street Abraham JACKSON Head M 33 Iron Moulder Heaton 145a
    Fanny JACKSON Wife M 27   WIL Semington 145a
    Ellen JACKSON Dau S 2   Windhill 145a
154 54 Valley Street Samuel MURGATROYD Head M 54 Worsted Wool Sorter Windhill 145b
    Hannah MURGATROYD Wife M 53   Idle 145b
    Jonas M WILD Gson S 4 Scholar Windhill 145b
155 52 Valley Street William MURGATROYD Head M 31 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Windhill 145b
    Mary E MURGATROYD Wife M 31   Windhill 145b
    Eva MURGATROYD Dau S 5 Scholar Windhill 145b
    George W MURGATROYD Son S 10m   Windhill 145b
156 50 Valley Street Horatio WAKEFIELD Head M 40 Horse Driver ESS Fairstead 145b
    Annie WAKEFIELD Wife M 32   Windhill 145b
    John WAKEFIELD Son S 13 Scholar Windhill 145b
    Annie WAKEFIELD Dau S 8 Scholar Windhill 145b
157 48 Valley Street James MERRICK Head M 28 Loom Fitter LON Clapton 145b
    Hannah MERRICK Wife M 28   LON Clapton 145b
    George W MERRICK Son S 4   Windhill 145b
    Emily U MERRICK Dau S 2   Windhill 145b
    Florence B MERRICK Dau S 6m   Windhill 145b
158 46 Valley Street Benjamin GLOVER Head M 61 Retired Listing Spinner Idle 145b
    Margaret GLOVER Wife M 53   Ovenden 145b
    Annie GLOVER Dau S 31 Worsted Weaver Windhill 145b
    Emily GLOVER Dau S 16 Worsted Weaver Windhill 145b
    Sarah A MITCHELL Niece S 12 Worsted Spinner Windhill 145b
    William MITCHELL Neph S 6 Scholar Windhill 145b
159 44 Valley Street Joseph NORMINGTON Head M 34 Wool Sorter Windhill 145b
    Sarah J NORMINGTON Wife M 37   Shipley 145b
    Anice NORMINGTON Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 145b
    Laura NORMINGTON Dau S 4   Windhill 145b
    John NORMINGTON Son S 1   Windhill 145b
160 42 Valley Street Richard H ROOKE Head M 29 Drayman Windhill 145b
    Sarah A ROOKE Wife M 29   Hopperton 145b
    Jane A ROOKE Dau S 2   Windhill 145b
    Ernest ROOKE Son S 8m   Windhill 145b
161 40 Valley Street Henry LONGBOTTOM Head M 47 Silk Dye Works Crabber Shelf 146a
    Mary LONGBOTTOM Wife M 44   Shipley 146a
    Ada LONGBOTTOM Dau S 23 Stuff Weaver Holbeck 146a
    Charlotte H LONGBOTTOM Dau S 15 Worsted Twister Windhill 146a
    Fred LONGBOTTOM Son S 12 Worsted Doffer Windhill 146a
    Emily LONGBOTTOM Dau S 10 Scholar Windhill 146a
    Herbert LONGBOTTOM Son S 8 Scholar Windhill 146a
    Arthur LONGBOTTOM Son S 5 Scholar Windhill 146a
162 38 Valley Street Thomas HIRST Head S 30 Cotton Warp Dresser Burley 146a
163 36 Valley Street Thomas MCNICHOL Head M 36 Mechanic [Spin] Pontefract 146a
    Martha MCNICHOL Wife M 34   Leeds 146a
    Frederick MCNICHOL Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Leeds 146a
    Edith MCNICHOL Dau S 9 Scholar Leeds 146a
    Beatrice MCNICHOL Dau S 6 Scholar Leeds 146a
    Squire MCNICHOL Son S 10m   Windhill 146a
164 34 Valley Street William IVES Head M 28 Stone Quarryman Esholt 146a
    Sarah IVES Wife M 25   Windhill 146a
    Frank IVES Son S 8m   Windhill 146a
165 32 Valley Street Henry HIRST Head M 73 Worsted Warp Dresser Shelmanthorpe 146a
    Mary E HIRST Wife M 39   Cross Hills 146a
    William H HIRST Son S 13 Worsted Doffer Windhill 146a
    Florence HIRST Dau S 2m   Windhill 146a
166 30 Valley Street John SMITH Head M 38 Drayman Keighley 146a
    Mary J SMITH Wife M 37   Oxenhope 146a
    Sarah H SMITH Dau S 16 Worsted Twister Oxenhope 146a
    Mary H SMITH Dau S 14 Worsted Twister Oxenhope 146a
    Martha A SMITH Dau S 11 Worsted Spinner Oxenhope 146a
    Miriam SMITH Dau S 6 Scholar Windhill 146a
    Fred SMITH Son S 3   Windhill 146a
    John E SMITH Son S 1   Windhill 146a
167 28 Valley Street Joseph BALMFORTH Head M 44 Stone Quarryman Idle 146b
    Sarah J BALMFORTH Wife M 44   Bradford 146b
    William BALMFORTH Son S 19 Mohair Cam Reeling Overlooker Idle 146b
    Halliday BALMFORTH Son S 17 Mohair Hanking & Dressing Overlooker Idle 146b
    Hannah M BALMFORTH Dau S 15 Mohair Spinner Idle 146b
168 24 Valley Street Thomas WALKER Head M 30 Stuff Warehouseman Windhill 146b
    Mary E WALKER Wife M 28   Windhill 146b
    Mary R WALKER Dau S 1   Windhill 146b
169 22 Valley Street Thomas BUTTERFIELD Head M 24 Wool Sorter Keighley 146b
    Annie BUTTERFIELD Wife M 21   Idle 146b
    Bertha E BUTTERFIELD Dau S 10m   Windhill 146b
    Hannah STEAD m in l M 47   Eccleshill 146b
170 18 Valley Street Joshua HOBSON Head M 30 Joiner Windhill 146b
    Jane A HOBSON Wife M 30   Windhill 146b
    Edith HOBSON Dau S 7 Scholar LAN Oldham 146b
    Harold HOBSON Son S 5 Scholar LAN Oldham 146b
    Ethel HOBSON Dau S 3 Scholar LAN Oldham 146b
    Grace HOBSON Dau S 1   Windhill 146b
171 16 Valley Street Emma HARGREAVES Head W 61 Living on own means Calverley 146b
172 14 Valley Street John BUTTERFIELD Head M 55 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Keighley 146b
    Mary A BUTTERFIELD Wife M 48   WOR B* 146b
    Paulina BUTTERFIELD Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Keighley 146b
    Emmot BUTTERFIELD Son S 20 Worsted Weaving Overlooker Bingley 146b
    Bertha BUTTERFIELD Dau S 17 Worsted Warper Windhill 146b
    Annie BUTTERFIELD Dau S 15 Worsted Winder Windhill 146b
    Joseph BUTTERFIELD Son S 11 Scholar Windhill 146b
    Florry BUTTERFIELD Dau S 9 Scholar Windhill 146b
173 12 Valley Street Harry BAXTER Head M 25 Plasterer Idle 146b
    Martha BAXTER Wife M 26 Worsted Weaver Shrewsbury 146b
174 10 Valley Street John SMALLEY Head M 43 Worsted Weaver Windhill 147a
    Jane SMALLEY Wife M 42 Worsted Weaver Hoyland 147a
    Louie SMALLEY Dau S 4   Windhill 147a
    Clara SMALLEY Dau S 1   Windhill 147a
175 8 Valley Street Walker TILLOTSON Head M 42 Cotton Warp Dresser Eccleshill 147a
    Sarah E TILLOTSON Wife M 37   Horbury 147a
    Fred B TILLOTSON Son S 5   Windhill 147a
176 6 Valley Street Arthur LODGE Head M 26 Wood Carver Halifax 147a
    Agnes LODGE Wife M 28   Low Moor 147a
    Samuel FIRTH b in l M 33 Stone Quarryman Northowram 147a
    Catherine FIRTH s in l M 34   Lower Wyke 147a
    Arthur H FIRTH Neph S 7 Scholar Northowram 147a