CalverleyInfo Contributors


CalverleyInfo would be a lot poorer if it wasn't for its small team of contributors. Many have come and gone in the last ten year but all have made valuable contributions.

Amongst the earliest contributors was Marilyn Maybury (UK), whose position as a librarian was of great help. She provided much of the early material that was transcribed by David Simpson(UK).

Some contributors to other sites, such as Jack Parry (US) and Ellen Blenkinsop (UK), also passed on their transcribed material to us.

As raw material became available, we were able to give it out to transcribers. Among the first were Dragica Šibenik (Croatia), Sheree and Tara Smith (UK), Beth Klingensmith (US), Patricia Hardisty (Belguim), Claire Pilkington (UK)and Brian Turner (Ireland). Patricia also supplied a large amount of census material for transcription.

Later contributors were Barrie Craven (UK),Rita Crawshaw (UK), Lesley Davies (UK), Janet Gioserano (UK), Megan Greaves (Australia), Michael Hardcastle (Germany), Donald Haley (UK), Mike Howell (UK), Jean Hutchinson (UK), Pauline Jagger (UK), David Metcalfe, David Raistrick (UK),Richard Thornton (UK) and Mike Walker (UK).

Janet's continuing tireless efforts on behalf of CalverleyInfo have been invaluable over the years.

Our current active transcribing team consists of Janet Gioserano with Tom Maidment, Diane McCormick, Sue Read, Brian Reynard and Anne Welch.

Other "staff" are Pauline White, who is our underworked donations coordinator, and Steve Nicholas, who developed, hosts and maintains the CalverleyInfo Vital Records Database (VRD).