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Parish Church Records



The Parish Church for Calverley Parish is St Wilfrids in the village of Calverley itself. The church had "Chapels of Ease" in Pudsey and Idle, which eventually became parish churches themselves as the local population grew.

The Chapel of Ease in Pudsey was dedicated to All Saints and was replaced by St Lawrence Church in 1823. The Chapel fell into disrepair and was later demolished, many of the memorial stones being relocated in St Lawrence Churchyard.

Idle's Parish Church was built in 1829 and is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, replacing the earlier chapel

The parish church for Stanningley is St Thomas, which is situated in the part of Stanningley that comes under Bramley district. The foundation stone was laid on 5th November 1839 and the church was consecrated on 29th March 1841. Linked to St Thomas is the mission church of St Andrew, situate in Rodley. Records there started in 1871.

St Pauls church, which is situated in the part of Stanningley that falls in Pudsey district (Richardshaw), was built in 1853, though the parish was formed on 9th June 1846. The registers for St Pauls begin in 1856.

Farsley parish church is St Johns. The church was built in 1842 and consecrated in 1843. The Parish Church for Windhill is Christ Church, records start from 1869.