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Farnley Voters 1835



Poll Book 1835

The first poll for municipal councillors in the Borough of Leeds was held on Saturday 26th December 1835. In Farnley 101 men were entitled to vote. The polling station was at The Beulah Inn and was presided over by John Ray. William Hill was landlord of the Beulah at that time.

1932 Voting Reform.
The Act extended the voting franchise. Apart from resident landowners, in borough constituencies all male householders paying at least £10 a year remt were given the right to vote – a measure which introduced to all boroughs a standardised form of franchise for the first time.
The table below shows the Farnley landowners and residents who fulfilled the requirements.

APPLEBY Benjamin Farnley Beck
ATKINSON James Low Fold
BARKER William Farnley
BENTLEY Benjamin Far Fold
BEST James Bawn
BEST William Low Moor Side
BINNS James Bawn
BIRDSALL William Park Spring Side
BOLDERSON Thomas Upper Moor Side
BOYS Samuel Farnley
BROOKE Richard Cross Lane
BROWN Joseph Low Fold
BURNETT Joseph Farnley
CLOUGH John Middle Fold
CROMACK Samuel Cross Lane
CROSSLEY George Upper Moor Side
CROSSLEY John Upper Moor Side
CROSSLEY John Upper Moor Side
CROSSLEY William Upper Moor Side
CROWTHER John Windmill
FARRER William Farnley Wood
FOSTER Joseph Farnley
GAMBLE Samuel Lane Side
GLOVER Samuel Lower Moor Side
GRATION Samuel Cud Hill
HARRISON George Upper Moor Side
HARRISON John Lane Side
HARRISON Samuel Moor Side
HARRISON Thomas Gainsbro'
HARRISON William Lane Side
HARTLEY John Upper Moor Side
HARTLEY John Cud Hill
HARTLEY Samuel Upper Moor Side
HEYWOOD Benjamin Far Fold
HEYWOOD Thomas Cross Lane
HILL William Beulah
HOLDSWORTH Joseph Upper Moor Side
HOLDSWORTH Thomas Lane End
INGHAM Thomas Lane Side
JAGGER Thomas Far Fold
LAMBERT Joshua Bawn
LEE Matthew Farnley
LONGBOTTOM Samuel Cow Close
LUCAS Jabez Far Fold
MANN Joseph Far Fold
MASON Samuel Lane Side
MAWSON George Far Fold
MEEK Benjamin Fawkes Hill
MERRITT Joseph Low Fold
MERRITT William Middle Fold
MOODY Matthew Far Fold
MORTIMER John Upper Moor Side
MORTIMER Samuel Upper Moor Side
NAYLOR William Bawn
NESSEY John Bawn
NEWTON John Upper Moor Side
ODDY Joseph Upper Moor Side
ODDY Samuel Farnley
PEELE George Upper Moor Side
PEELE John Upper Moor Side
PEELE Joseph Upper Moor Side
PEELE William Farnley
PULLAN William Lane Side
RAYNER Samuel Farnley
RIPLEY Richard Cross Lane
RIPLEY Thomas Farnley
ROBERTS James Farnley
ROBERTS John Farnley
ROBERTS Thomas Bawn
ROBERTS William Wood Side
RUSHFORTH John Wood Side
RUSHFORTH Joseph Wood Side
SCOTT Jeremiah Cow Close
SCOTT Joseph Middle Fold
SETTLE Thomas Bawn
SHAW William Harper Farm
SIMPSON William Lane Side
SOWDEN James jnr Upper Moor Side
SOWDEN James snr Upper Moor Side
SOWDEN Jeremiah Upper Moor Side
SOWDEN Joseph Upper Moor Side
STEAD Jonas Low Fold
STEPHENSON George Lower Moor Side
STEPHENSON Thomas Lower Moor Side
STUBLEY Benjamin Bawn
SYKES Thomas Lane Side
TATE Joseph Lower Moor Side
THROUGHTON James Cockersdale
TODD John Bawn
WADE John Far Fold
WAITE Samuel Cross Lane
WALSH William Upper Moor Side
WALTON George Bawn
WATSON John Middle Fold
WEBSTER Moses Lane Side
WHEATER Joshua Low Fold
WHITEHEAD Julius Upper Moor Side
WILKS Stephen Middle Fold
WILSON Thomas Upper Moor Side