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Farnley Stray Vital Records

The existing church of St Michael in Farnley is comparativelynew, though built on the site of older chapels. Baptisms and burials were carried out here from an early period; some memorial stones in the church yard date back to the 17th century. Known records date back to 1624.
Earlier records appear to be with Leeds Parish registers and the earliest independent Farnley Baptisms appear to be loose pages at the back of the register that started in 1794. These loose pages cover 1790-1793 and are so faded that the dates are invisible, though the names have been re-inked. The entries with missing dates can be found on the IGI, which are taken from the Bishop's Transcripts.

There are many records for farnley residents at other churches, especially St Peters, the Leeds parish church, and they can be found here as they are discovered.

Some events may not have been recorded. In 1633, the incumbent at Leeds Parish Church complained, "There were certain persons married at Farnley this last year, whose names were not exhibited; therefore if they not bee registred, blame them that are worthy."