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As far as can be acertained, the damaged folios from piece RG12/3656, Enumeration district 9, cover the following addresses:

Folio 122a on Piece 3656
Schedules* 66-72 (*family groups)
Lane End 44
Lane End 50
Lane End 51
Lane End 52
Lane End 53
Priestley Mill
about 30 Names illegible

Folio 123a Schedule 78 - 84
The Lanes
Bramley View 4
Bramley View 5
Bramley View 6
Bramley View 7
Rayners Terrace 6
Rayners Terrace 5
Rayners Terrace 4
This page again appears to be full so that would be another 31 people

Folio 124a
Schedules 91-100
Rodgers Houses 4
Rodgers Houses 5
Rodgers Houses 6
Rodgers Houses 7
Rodgers Houses 8
Whitelands 1
Whitelands 2
Whitelands 3
Whitelands 4
Whitelands 5
This page also appears to be full again containing up to 31 people

Piece 124b has no address page only the right hand side of the page has
survived. There only appears to be 7 people listed on this page

So 122b schedules 73-77 no trace of this appears to have survived
assuming that again it was another full page about 31 people

123b schdules 85-90 again this seems to have not survived. This again
could be another 31 people, so about 161 people in total.