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Pateley Bridge District Census Returns 1841

The district described here as Pateley Bridge is officially listed as the Township of High and Low Bishopside, in the district of Pateley Bridge. The census is found on piece HO7/1351/4 and is split into three Enumeration Districts and one institution as follows: ED1. Folios 1-22, Enumerator John Scafe, completed 12th June 1841, containing 797 people. Comprises the township of Pateley Bridge and the Church Bank .

ED2. Folios 23-44, Enumerator Anthony Wood, completed 10th June 1841, containing 827 people. Comprises Fellbeck, Blazefield and that part of the township of High and Low Bishopside on the right hand of the road leading from Pateley to Ripon.

ED3. Folios 45-54, Enumerator Joseph Gill, completed 10th june 1841, containg 295 people. Comprises those parts of the township of High and Low Bishopside not contained in the above districts.

Insitution. Folios 55-59, Enumerator Richard Lund, completed 7th June 1841, containing 38 people. Comprises the Pateley Bridge Union Workhouse.