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Hampsthwaite Parish Church Records


 St Thomas á Becket parish church, Hampsthwaite


Hampsthwaite Parish Church dates from a very early period. Early Christian gravestones found on the site are incorporated into the building itself. The church is a vicarage and is dedicated to St. Thomas á Becket of Canterbury. The earliest available parish records date from 1603 and the list of vicars for the church goes back to 1175. Records include those from the ancient chapel at Thornthwaite, though it is not possible to separate them from other entries until later, when they were entered under Chapel.

The price of the new parish register in 1752 was £4/7/9p. The fee to the vicar for a Baptism in 1745 was 1/-. A marriage by banns 2/- and by licence 13/4p. A burial in the churchyard 2/- and in the church 6/-.

Note that until 1752, the New Year started on the 25th of March.

The Chapel of Ease at Felliscliffe was built in the 1890's, and Baptism records for that chapel appear here.