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Trade Directories

Trades Directories are an excellent source of information and give a good picture of the life of a particular village.
The Hampsthwaite extracts here are taken from Trades directories for 1822 and 1837.

Gentry etc. Gentry & Clergy
Gilbertson Robert, gentleman Shann Rev. Timothy.
Shann Rev. Timothy. M. vicar Wilson Mr. Josephus Bilton.
Wilson Bilton J. gentleman  
Miscellany of trades Carrington James.
Atkinson Christopher, schoolmaster Dunderdale David.
Carrington James, blacksmith  
Crosby Joseph, surgeon Boot & Shoe Makers
Goodall John, vict. The Nelson Inn Needsworth John.
Greenwood John, corn miller & cotton manufacturer (Birstwith)  
Harper George, linen manufacturer Grocers & Dealers
Haxby William, vict. The Lamb Gill John.
Hodgson William vict. The Joiners Arms Smith Isabella.
Holdsworth John, butcher  
Ridsdale George, vict. King William (Birstwith) Inns & Public Houses
Robinson Robert, farmer (Birstwith) Joiners Arms, Joseph Rhodes.
Spence Edward, linen manufacturer (Birstwith) The Lamb, Ann Haxby.
Spence Joseph, grocer and draper (Birstwith)  
Stothart Robert, schoolmaster (Birstwith) Joiners & Cabinet Makers
Stubbs James, parish clerk Calverley William.
Thorpe John, linen manufacturer  
Bakers Barker William.
Haxby John Mawson George.
Haxby William Pratt John.
  Smith Duke.
Atkinson John Wheelwrights
Potter William Atkinson James.
  Dalby John.
Gill William  
Jackson William  
Grocers, & Dealers  
Gill John  
Smith Isabella  
Bramley William  
Hodgson William  
Rinder John  
Sidgworth John  
Atkinson James  
Dalby James