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Idle Baptist Marriages

This book contains the marriagesa of the church dating from 1934 to 2001

It is known that this church had earlier marriages, at least back to the 1890s, but these records are not with the church or WYAS, though they should appear in the records of Bradford register Office.

Father's Occ.
Father's Occ.
1930 09 03 Frank Dudley WADDINGTON                
  Edith Helen HOLMES                
1934 04 02 Charles Aubrey GREENWOOD 25 B Police Constable 1 Spring Grove, Idle Ernest Greenwood Retired Police Inspector Howard H Greenwood  
  Bessie HUDSON 23 S Clerk at Clothing Supply Company 41 Springwell Lane, Eccleshill Albert Hudson Stone Sawer Nellie Burn, Ernest Greenwood  
1934 06 02 William ILLINGWORTH 24 B Journeyman Joiner 21a Thorp Garth, Idle James Herbert Illingworth Master Joiner Arthur Illingworth  
  Maisie BULMER 21 S Worsted Spinner 14 Burnwells Avenue, Thackley Edward Palethorpe Bulmer Lamplighter Elsie Bulmer, E P Bulmer  
1934 09 15 Walter Shaw CONROY 26 B Clothing Salesman 9 Lower Rushton Road, Bradford Shaw Conroy Warehouseman Emma Hartley  
  Elsie MURGATROYD 24 S Worsted Twister 76 Bradford Road, Idle Sydney Murgatroyd (dec'd) Stone Mason John Murgatroyd, Charlie Conroy  
1934 11 14 John William PICKARD 46 B Warp Twister 26 Bradford Road, Idle Fred Pickard (dec'd) Quarryman Alice Atkinson  
  Isabella ATKINSON 44 S Worsted Weaver 4 Moorfield Place, Idle William Atkinson (dec'd) Labourer Jane Stead  
1935 09 14 Arthur LISTER 36 B Stuff Warehouseman 6 Kensington Place, Idle Albert Lister (dec'd) Delver *, Gladys Beaumont Verity  
  Lily Wilson BOWERS 33 S Burler & Mender 22 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Harry Bowers (dec'd) Painter Thomas B Taylor  
1935 10 12 John Herbert HUDSON 23 B Analytical Chemist 99 Costa Street, Middlesbrough Walter William Hudson (dec'd) Chauffeur Charles Hardy  
  Muriel WRIGHT 19 S Typist 36 Albion Road, Idle Frank Herbert Wright (dec'd) Coal Merchant Agnes Wright, A W Wright  
1935 11 13 Thomas Clubbley DIXON 27 B Greengrocer 37 Glensdale Road, Leeds 9 Thomas Dixon Scavenger Edward Gant  
  Ethel ESPLEY 32 S Worsted Weaver 9 Railway Place, Idle Thomas William Espley (dec'd) Worsted Weaver Adelaide Cowling, Mabel White  
1935 12 21 Albert RHODES 23 B Stoker in Mill 49 Mount Pleasant Street, Pudsey William Rhodes (dec'd) Iron Glazer Winnie North  
  Annie NORTH 24 S Burler & Mender 4 Spring Street, Idle Arthur North Stone Mason Arthur Rhodes, Edith Rhodes  
1936 05 30 Frank Sandford GIBSON 25 B Motor Body Builder 21 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Harry Gibson Traveller & Wool Buyer Edith M Gibson  
  Kathleen ANDERSON 21 S Stores Clerk 21 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Charlie Peel Anderson Caretaker Charlie P Anderson, John W Anderson  
1937 04 26 Cyril WALSH 31 B Grocery Manager 505 Idle Road, Eccleshill Hubert Walsh Commercial Clerk Joe Anderson, Hubert Walsh  
  Kathleen BARRETT 22 S Ladies Hairdresser 326a Harrogate Road, Eccleshill Benjamin Barrett (dec'd) Warehouseman Eric Hollingworth  
1937 12 07 Cyril PROCTER 36 B Market Gardener Lees Farm, Farsley Henry William Procter (dec'd) Overlooker Joseph Coates, Arthur Padgett  
  Emily Irene PADGETT 32 S Household duties 82 Bradford Road, Idle Arthur Padgett Tinner Marion Procter  
1937 12 08 James BARNES 33 B Mechanical Engineer 22 Kent Street, Fleetwood James Barnes (dec'd) Taxi Proprietor William Newton, Joyce Barnes  
  Mary ILLINGWORTH 27 S Burler & Mender Worsted 13 Springville Terrace, Idle Edward Illingworth Warp Twister Edith Helen Illingworth  
1938 04 27 Howard Haynes GREENWOOD 30 B Police Sergeant 1 Spring Grove, Idle Ernest Greenwood Retired Police Inspector Charles A Greenwood, Wilfred H Moulson  
  Constance Margaret MOULSON 20 S Shop Assistant 19 West End Terrace, Eccleshill William Henry Moulson (dec'd) Newsagent Rowland C Haste, Ernest Greenwood, Irene Johnson  
1938 04 30 Eric WATSON 26 B Cashier (Textiles) 234 Highfield Road, Idle Benjamin Raistrick Watson Cloth Finisher W W Hudson, E H Illingworth  
  Clarice STEAD 24 S Burler & Mender 16 Stock Hill Road, Greengates Herman Eldon Stead Motor Lorry Driver H W Lawson, F Clayton  
1938 06 04 Fred CROSSLAND 27 B Worsted Spinner 20 New Line, Greengates James Albert Crossland (dec'd) Fettler Joseph Moorhouse  
  Mary MOORHOUSE 26 S Worsted Weaver 58 Thackeray Road, Eccleshill Joseph Moorhouse Cloth Scourer Jack Crossland  
1938 06 04 Harry THORNTON 24 B Crane Maker's Assistant 18 Cowley Road, Rodley Harry Thornton (dec'd) Foundryman Jack Thornton  
  Edith ROBINSON 25 S Ring Twister in Mill 50 Bradford Road, Idle Horace Robinson (dec'd) Hairdresser Eric S Robinson  
1938 12 03 Reginald DRACUP 27 B Plasterer (Journeyman) 3 Hampton Place, Idle Daniel Dracup (dec'd) Warp Twister Arthur Baxter, Lilian Julia Rhodes  
  Isabella RHODES 26 S Pattern Setter 299 Leeds Road, Fagley George Henry Rhodes Engineer G H Rhodes, Lilian Dracup  
1939 01 11 Gareth William Lovell PALMER 23 B Estimator, Electrical Engineering 104 Cannock Road, Stafford William Palmer Baptist Minister Phyllis Clarkson, Harry Fisher  
  Edna SHARP 23 S Burler & Mender 54 Westbury Road, Bradford John Sharp Enquiry Agent Ethelwyn Winifred Palmer  
1939 09 09 Ernest Watson LAWSON 29 B Electrical Engineer 11 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Wilfred Lawson (dec'd) Hairdresser Harold W Lawson, Mabel Flegg  
  Winifred FLEGG 22 S Clerk (General Dealer) 698 Bolton Road, Bradford Ernest Stephen Flegg . Hilda Lawson, William Flegg  
1939 12 23 Lawrence GRANT 27 B Engineer's Fitter 26 Marlborough Road, Idle James Grant Worsted Finisher Harold W McPhail  
  Lilian FLETCHER 23 S Worsted Twister 19 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Samuel Fletcher Dyer's Labourer Doris Fletcher, Martha A A Fletcher  
1940 03 23 William Edward COLLINS 29 B Sergeant R.E. M4535646 (Warehouseman) 18 Hope Street, Bradford William John Collins Warehouseman Clarice North, Mary Bulmer  
  Florence May WAITE 28 S Woollen Weaver 47 Mount Pleasant, Idle Abraham Shepherd Waite (dec'd) Fettler in Woollen Mill John William Hutchinson Waite  
1940 07 31 Leslie Crabtree HUDSON 26 B Engineer's Fitter 1 Highfield Avenue, Idle Wright Hudson Reed Manufacturer Alfred Arthur Hudson, Yvonne Wilson  
  Alice NUTTER 23 S Bakeress 5 Cross Road, Idle William Ernest Nutter Woollen Spinner W E Nutter, W Hudson  
1940 08 29 George William BARRETT 27 B Dairy Farmer Bolton Hall Farm, Bolton Villas, Bradford Adam Barrett Dairy Farmer Leonard H Beeston, G A Fearnley  
  Lilian BEESTON 21 S Dress Maker 16 Myers Lane, Bradford Leonard Hartley Beeston Warp Dresser Cora K Law, Adam Barrett  
1940 12 17 Richard Eric SWIFT 26 B Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals No 2344306 620 Leeds Road, Thackley Cecil Cawkwell Swift Platelayer C C Swift, J E Dowthwaite By Licence
  Gladys Beaumont VERITY 25 S Cardboard Box Maker 22 Woodbine Terrace, Idle John Albert Verity Engineer A Holland, A Lister  
1940 12 23 Joseph Herbert PARKER 55 B Worsted Spinning Overlooker Clevedon Place, Friendly, Ovenden, Halifax William Parker (dec'd) Stuff Finisher L Ratcliffe, J P Woodhead  
  Florence May RAISTRICK 46 W . 228 Highfield Road, Idle Edward Wood . D B Raistrick, J Moore  
1941 01 11 Jack CROSSLAND 22 B Private No 4345762 East Yorks Regt (Tenterer) 200 New Line, Greengates James Albert Crossland (dec'd) Woollen Fettler Willie Lineham Waddington, Dorothy Holdsworth  
  Emily Irene HOLDSWORTH 22 S Worsted Rover 43 Westroyd Road, Windhill, Shipley Frank Holdsworth Plasterer Fred Crossland, Frank Holdsworth  
1941 03 01 Edgar COUPE 23 B Machine Tool Planer 1 Woodsley Road, Idle . . Walter Barker, Albert Barker, Herbert Rhodes  
  Lilian BARKER 20 S Worsted Twister 11 Thorp Garth, Idle Albert Barker Spinning Overlooker M McDonald, Audrey Eunice Ordoyno  
1941 03 08 Hubert SADLER 24 B Steel Worker 79 Haywoods Park, Deepcar John William Sadler Engineer Sydney J Hudson, A Hudson  
  Sylvia HUDSON 25 S School Teacher 2 Marlborough Road, Idle Sydney James Hudson Commercial Traveller S Beaumont, J William Sadler  
1941 03 22 Stanley HAINSWORTH 24 B Machine Tool Setter (Engineering) 485 Idle Road, Bradford Joseph Hainsworth Grocery Manager Donald Hainsworth, Edward Fountain  
  Gladys FOUNTAIN 21 S Worsted Weaver 56 New Street, Idle Edward Fountain General Labourer E Hainsworth, Kathleen Trow?  
1941 04 05 Harold CARTER 21 B Sapper No 2009687 566 Army Troops Co R.E. 31 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Thomas Norman Carter Overlooker (Weaving) Nellie Carter By Licence
  Mary FOX 25 S Worsted Weaver 24 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle Charles James Fox Storesman (Engineer) George Wilson Braddock  
1942 02 07 Wilfred SHEFFIELD 24 B Maker up & Packer 43 Thompson Avenue, Bradford Joseph Sheffield Engineer Lilian Dracup  
  Doris SCOTT 21 S Cardboard Box Maker 55 Ley Fleaks Road, Bradford Harry Scott Coal Merchant Rawnsley Sheffield  
1942 12 19 Leonard GLEW 31 B Motor Tractor Driver 1 Tenters Close, Ferrybridge Herbert Glew (dec'd) Market Gardener Edward Hobman North  
  Lucy Selena NORTH 32 S Burler & Mender 12 Green Lane, Lidget Green, Bradford Samuel Walter North (dec'd) Builder & Contractor Harry Hobman Jnr  
1942 12 23 Arthur Charles GEORGE 22 B Sapper 1888799 H.M.Army (Painter Journeyman) 121 Park Road, Wellingborough Watkin George Edge Trimmer, Boot & Shoe Trade Gladys L Wright, James H Illingworth By Licence
  Joan ILLINGWORTH 22 S Silk Winder 29 Albert Avenue, Idle Ellis Illingworth (dec'd) Master Joiner Leslie L George, E E Illingworth  
1944 12 16 Norman Arthur MILBURN 32 B Motor Lorry Driver 26 Low Ash Road, Wrose, Shipley Arthur Milburn (dec'd) Laundry Manager W Milburn, W C Waugh  
  Edith Helen ILLINGWORTH 28 S Munition Worker (Box Maker) 9 Springville Terrace, Idle George Illingworth Fibrous Plasterer E Blomfield  
1945 03 24 Harry ROBINSON 22 B Marine 15985 Royal Navy (Mechanic) 146 St Enoch's Road, Bradford Charlie Robinson Cloth Dresser & Finisher Margaret Marsh By Licence
  Dorothy WARD 22 S Shorthand Typist 6 Bourne Terrace, Thackley Percy Shipp Ward (dec'd) Managing Director Mary Robinson, A N Ward  
1945 09 01 Herbert SMITH 22 B Electrical Engineer 28 Westwood Avenue, Eccleshill Maurice Smith Haulage Contractor Harry Woodhead  
  Hilda POPPLETON 23 S Police Clerk 23 Albert Avenue, Idle Francis Edward Poppleton Glass Cutter Kathleen Pickles, Mary Spencer  
1945 12 08 Norman Verdun ANGUS 29 B Corporal 13060946 H.M.Army (Railway Porter) 3 Emanuel Street, Stockton-on-Tees John Robert Angus Foreman Cleaner (Railway) Robert Pedley By Licence
  Hilda Grace INGHAM 22 S Munition Worker (Worsted Spinner) 15a The Green, Idle . . Mabel Pedley  
1946 02 04 Gordon ANDERSON 38 B Joiner (Journeyman) 28 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Tom Anderson (dec'd) Storeman George Uthridge?  
  Blanche BAXTER 30 S Worsted Weaver 7 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Herbert Baxter (dec'd) Quarryman Sarah Elizabeth Busfield  
1946 06 08 Eric NEWBOULT 23 B Gear Box Inspector 47 Westfield Lane, Idle Thomas Newboult (dec'd) Weaving Overlooker Thomas Norman Carter, Arnold Newboult  
  Doris CARTER 20 S Cardboard Box Maker 31 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Thomas Norman Carter Weaving Overlooker Eileen Weatherhead  
1946 09 14 Harold Wilfrid LAWSON 33 B Compositor 11 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Wilfrid Lawson (dec'd) . Hetty Fox, Hilda Lawson  
  Lilian DRACUP 33 S Cardboard Box Maker 3 Hampton Place, Idle Daniel Dracup (dec'd) . Ernest Watson Lawson, Reginald Dracup  
1947 05 24 Walter Kenneth HOLT 29 W Painter & Decorator (Journeyman) 22 Green Place, Undercliffe, Bradford Arthur Holt (dec'd) Engine Driver A C Cawood, E Holt  
  Rene LEONE 25 D Worsted Rover 9 Lees Place, Idle Edward Cawood (dec'd) Cloth Finisher Mabel Charlesworth Formerly the wife of Albino Leone
1947 06 07 Denis Edwin GRAY 26 B Corporal 551748 R.A.F. 85 Queenswood Grove, Acomb, York Francis John Gray Gardener R B Brown, D Dixon  
  Eunice Dixon SMITH 21 S LACW 2138972 W.A.A.F. (Machinist) 12 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill Illingworth Smith (dec'd) Mechanic J S Douglas, Fred Dixon  
1947 08 23 Lourice NUTTER 29 B Engineer (Fitter & Turner) 5 Cross Road, Idle William Ewart Nutter Spinner E North, George G Clark  
  Sarah McVay GRAY 29 S Clerk (Transport) 67 Ashgap Lane, Normanton James Gray (dec'd) Miner M Atkins, William E Nutter  
1947 12 06 Arnold WHITEHEAD 27 B Manager Burling & Mending Mill 169 Carr Road, Calverley Hugh Whitehead Warehouseman Doreen Lord, F Coupe  
  Barbara WATSON 24 S Company Secretary (Textile) 232 Highfield Road, Idle Arthur Watson Weft Room Manager A Whitehead, B Waddington  
1948 06 05 Harry DAVIDSON 26 B Ironmonger 27 Willow Street, Girlington, Bradford Joseph Wilfred Davidson Master Painter Elsie Keighley, N Hargreaves  
  Eileen HARGREAVES 22 S Shorthand Typist 50 Fourlands Road, Idle Norman Hargreaves Weaving Foreman Lewis Moorhouse  
1948 08 07 Jack CROSSLAND 30 D Wool Warehousmen 200 New Line, Greengates James Albert Crossland (dec'd) Fettler Edna May Waddington Formerly husband of Emily nee Holdsworth
  Elsie TILLOTSON 25 S Printer's Finisher 74 Copthorne Road, Bradford Joshua Tillotson Wool Warehouseman Clarice? Tillotson, J Tillotson  
1949 08 13 John James BARRY 19 B A.C.J. 2373558 R.A.F. (Motor Lorry Driver) 10 Bromford Road, Bradford John Pretoria Barry Security Officer (Engineering) Sylvia Watkins  
  Martha Ellen HARTLEY 22 S Worsted Spinner 1 Moorfield Place, Idle Alvan Hartley Motor Driver Dennis Green  
1949 09 24 William Henry RAISTRICK 59 W Miller Engineer 63 St Paul's Road, Shipley John Raistrick (dec'd) Painter John E Thomas  
  Hilda WARD 46 W Worsted Weaver 49 Castle Terrace, Idle John Boyd (dec'd) Millhand Arthur Raistrick, Gladys Ward  
1950 03 18 Eric NUTTER 28 B Loom Tuner (Textile Engineers) 5 Cross Road, Idle William Ewart Nutter Foreman Spinner William Ewart Nutter, Fred Wilcock  
  Barbara Hilda WILCOCK 22 S Ladies Hairdresser (Assistant) 1249 Bolton Road, Bradford Fred Wilcock Master Builder I Wilcock, M Nutter  
1950 03 22 John FEATHER 33 B Journeyman Plumber 341 Great Horton Road, Bradford Harry Feather Plumber Hy Hodges, H Feather  
  Sheila HODGES 23 S Clerk (Engineering Works) 62 New Street, Idle Harry Hodges Boiler Attendant George Feather  
1950 07 08 William Leach WATSON 25 B Manager Wool Processing Company 96 Apperley Road, Idle John Watson Retired E H Dickinson, F Spencer  
  Doreen Mary SPENCER 20 S Raincoat Machinist 5 Spring Street, Idle Joseph Edward Spencer Working Ganger J S Spencer, M Watson  
1950 09 02 Jack Dennis FARREN 24 B Engineer G.P.O. 12 Bourne Terrace, Thackley Thomas Joseph Farren Electrician M Patrick, T Farren, Stephen W Shepherd  
  Louie PATRICK 27 S Bacteriologist 12 Bourne Terrace, Thackley Fred Patrick (dec'd) Civil Servant M M D Farren, Marion Patrick, E R Yates, H Owen  
1951 03 31 Norman Garnett FIRTH 26 B Bank Clerk 24 Lister Lane, Bradford William Firth Insurance Inspector Ashley Bean, W Firth  
  Joan SPENCER 22 S Clerk Typist (Worsted Spinners) 5 Spring Street, Idle Joseph Edward Spencer (dec'd) Ganger (Municipal Sewage Dept) F Spencer  
1951 08 11 William Henry KAYE 26 B Galvanising Fettler (Tanks & Drums) 57 Thorpe Garth, Idle William Kaye Engineer's Turner F Welch  
  Constance WILSON 28 S Transformer Coil Winder 19 Wood Lane, Bradford Norman Wilson Chef (Railways) M J Bailey  
1952 07 26 Albert Malcolm HAIGH 27 B Cure Engineer 614 Leeds Road, Thackley William Marshall Norman Haigh Quantity Surveyor W S* Haigh, W M Norman Haigh  
  Margaret WATSON 20 S Ladies Hairdresser 96 Apperley Road, Idle John Watson Retired J Watson, L Watson  
1952 09 20 Brian Clayton SKIRROW 24 B Farm Worker 57 Castle Terrace, Idle Wilfred Skirrow Journeyman Plumber Doris Berry, Arthur Watson  
  Joan WATSON 24 S Clerk University, Bursar's Office 8 Norman Avenue, Bradford Arthur Watson Wool Merchant Stanley M Ackroyd, Wilfred Skirrow  
1953 01 10 Colin BLACKBURN 24 B Radio & Television Engineer 41 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Robert William Blackburn (dec'd) . H Weatherhead, C C Bowerman  
  Eileen WEATHERHEAD 24 S Bank Clerk 41 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Harold Weatherhead Worsted Warping Overlooker Betty Weatherhead, R H? Blackburn  
1953 07 25 Harry BERRY 29 B Development Fitter, Motor Car Factory 13 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Samuel Henry Berry Retired Coal Merchant John E Harrison, S Wilson  
  Janet WILSON 25 S School Mistress 19 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle Charles Laurence Wilson Worsted Spinners Manager Charles L Wilson, S H Berry  
1954 03 20 Peter ELSTUB 24 B Butcher (Journeyman) 87 Rook Lane, Dudley Hill, Bradford William Elstub (dec'd) Boot & Shoe Repairer J Knowles  
  Alice Irene HAINSWORTH 26 S Cutter (Ladies Hairdresser) 485 Idle Road, Bradford Joseph Hainsworth (dec'd) Grocer's Manager B Sutcliffe  
1954 07 24 Peter THOMPSON 25 B Piece Goods Warehouseman 16 Masefield Avenue, Bradford Andrew Thompson Wool Warehouseman W T Conroy  
  Audrey RAMSDEN 19 S Secretary Linings Manufacturer 20 Moser Avenue, Bradford Charles Frederick Ramsden Ambulance Driver Patricia Thompson  
1955 03 02 Malcolm Law STEAD 28 B Textile Designer 12 Crow Tree Lane, Bradford George Arnold Stead Textile Designer Amon H *  
  Edna May HODGES 25 S Shorthand Typist 62 New Street, Idle Harry Hodges Boiler Firer Sheila Feather  
1955 06 02 Jack ASPIN 32 B Weaving Order Clerk 19 Wrose Mount, Shipley Lewis Aspin Sweets & Tobacco Retailer Frank Aspin  
  Mary THORNTON 22 S Shade Passer 19 Albert Street, Idle Lewis Thornton Clerk Sheila Feather  
1955 06 04 Stanley Malcolm ACKROYD 25 B Engineers Draughtsman 59 Castle Terrace, Idle Tom Ackroyd Process Worker Sewage Works J W Hey  
  Margaret HALL 21 S Shorthand Typist 9 Lodore Place, Bradford Alfred Hall Machine Ruler Printers G Thompson  
1955 08 06 Jack STACEY 24 D Able Seaman P/SSX 860656 Royal Navy Royal Naval Barracks, Chatham Arthur Stacey Coal Miner below ground Arthur Stacey  
  Betty ALCOCK 21 S Worsted Twister 27 Meadow Road, Apperley Bridge Jack Alcock Maintenance Joiner A Buck  
1955 08 06 Arthur HARRISON 19 B Apprentice Plumber 7 Union Yard, Idle Herbert Harrison Woodcutting Machinist David Walton  
  Joan ALCOCK 19 S Worsted Spinner 27 Meadow Road, Apperley Bridge Jack Alcock Joiner, Journeyman Sheila Bellwood  
1955 09 10 Morris BOTTOMLEY 27 B Company Director, Plumbing Contractor 334 Highfield Road, Idle John Bottomley (dec'd) Plumber Journeyman Kenneth Bottomley  
  Jean COUSINS 21 S Telephonist G.P.O. 39 Farmhill Road, Bradford Luther Cousins Yarn Buyer, Textile Manufacturer Annie E Cousins  
1956 08 04 Brian THIRKILL 20 B Motor Mechanic (Garage) Royds Hall, Wortley, Leeds 12 George Thirkill Maintenance Engineer D J Gledhill  
  Betty GLEDHILL 23 S Cutter (Textile Dyers & Finishers) 7 Marlborough Road, Idle Fred Gledhill Cloth Percher N Wood  
1956 08 04 Peter THIRKILL 20 B 23055427 Private (NS) R.A.O.C. (Milk Roundsman) Royds Hall, Wortley, Leeds 12 George Thirkill Maintenance Engineer Jack Thirkill  
  Joan GLEDHILL 23 S Passer (Textile Dyers & Finishers) 7 Marlborough Road, Idle Fred Gledhill Cloth Percher Audrey Bramwell  
1956 11 14 Albert Leslie RAISTRICK 66 W Electrical Engineer (Retired) Stoneleigh, Spring Street, Idle Fred Raistrick (dec'd) Plumber (Journeyman) Stanley Lambert By Licence
  Florence SPENCER 51 W . 5 Spring Street, Idle George Lambert (dec'd) Domestic Gardener Eva Wilkinson  
1956 12 01 Alfred George HYDE 44 D Wine Waiter (Hotel) 61 Exchange Street, Blackpool Alfred George Hyde (dec'd) Music Hall Artist Eileen M Kellett  
  Marie GREGORY 30 W Invisible Mender (Tailor) 8 Westfield House, Garsdale Avenue, Idle Herbert Evans Holding (dec'd) Cloth Passer Gerard H Carroll  
1956 12 22 John Keith Edward NAYLOR 24 B Clerk (Insurance Company) 26 Norman Lane, Eccleshill John Naylor Engineers Foreman Machine Setter Morris Bottomley  
  Brenda FLETCHER 21 S Telephonist G.P.O. 32 Orchard Grove, Bradford Samuel Fletcher Stuff Presser Worsted Manufacturer Joyce E Fletcher  
1957 04 13 Leonard PARKER 30 B School Teacher (Primary School) 4 Holme Street, Little Horton, Bradford Aquilla Parker Mule Spinner Worsted Spinners John T Dixon  
  Dorothy Maureen DIXON 23 S School Teacher (Primary School) 158 Highfield Road, Idel Herbert Arnold Dixon Scribbling Overlooker Greta Brown  
1957 11 09 Dennis HUNTER 28 B Trolley Bus Conductor (Municipal Transport) 47 Stonegate Road, Eccleshill James Cowan Hunter (dec'd) Farmer Jesse William Hey By Licence
  Valerie NUTTER 21 S School Teacher (Infants) 1 Winslow Road, Ravenscliffe, Bradford Alfred Nutter Cabinet Maker Elizabeth Roberts  
1958 07 26 William Ralph MARSDEN 34 B Cutter Raincoat Manufacturer 11 Plumpton Avenue, Bradford Arthur Marsden (dec'd) Plaster Slab Maker & Fixer Henry F Grimm  
  Pauline Mary HULLAH 24 S Clerk (Education Dept) 16 Marlborough Road, Idle Norman Hullah Boot & Shoe Repairer (Master) Joan Varley  
1959 12 20 George Sydney Alfred ABBOTT 24 D Electrical Mechanic P/MX 924138 Royal Navy 196 Laddon Bridge Road, Woodley, nr Reading Cecil Charles Henry Abbott Electrician ex Royal Navy D Worsnop, C Abbott By Licence
  Isabella ILLINGWORTH 25 S Private Secretary (Carpeting Manufacturers) 266 Carr Bottom Road, Little Horton Harry Illingworth Dispatch Clerk (Check Traders) Leonard C H Abbott  
1960 08 06 Peter Rhodes WOODHEAD 27 B Bank Clerk White Swan Hotel, The Green, Idle Norman Woodhead Licensed Victualler Joan Tetley  
  Anne Shirley TETLEY 20 S Tracer, Post Office Telephones Dept 33 The Haven, Thorpe Edge, Bradford Elvin Tetley Progress Chaser (Engineers) William Hey  
1961 06 24 Jesse Chatburn HEY 31 B Cost Clerk Electrical Contractors 38 Hampton Place, Idle Jesse Hey (dec'd) Dyer W Hey, M E Watson  
  Ann Pauline ROURKE 20 S Receptionist Cashier, Radio & TV Dealers 18 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle John Edward Rourke Timekeeper M P Cole, J E Rourke  
1961 07 29 Herbert Brian BAINES 30 D School Teacher (Grammar) 125 Arncliffe Terrace, Bradford George Baines Manager Theatre B A Buck  
  Susan FISHER 19 S Dental Receptionist 190 Westfield Lane, Idle George Henry Fisher Director Engineers G H Fisher  
1961 10 07 Milton Leslie FARRAR 24 B Decorative Glass Designer, Glass Merchants 37 Springdale Crescent, Idle Herbert Whiteley Farrar Works Manager (Folding Box Makers) D Hunter, R Bramwell  
  Audrey BRAMWELL 24 S Machinist Swimwear Manufacturers 30 Marlborough Road, Idle John Bramwell (dec'd) Printer's Packer Malcolm S Farrar  
1961 10 21 Frederick Colin THORNES 24 B Chartered Accountant 38 Myers Lane, Bradford Albert Thornes Shop Manager J Thornes, Stuart B Watson  
  Marilyn Elizabeth WATSON 20 S Supervisor School Meals Service 101 Bradford Road, Idle Eric Watson Wages Clerk Textile Manufacturers A V Thornes, K C Chilvers  
1961 10 28 Colin MAUGHAN 26 B Chartered Accountant, Printers 2 Walter Street, Idle George Maughan (dec'd) Linotype Operator, Printers M Haigh, W L Watson  
  Lorna WATSON 27 S Assistant Dept Manager, Department Store 7 Harper Crescent, Idle John Watson (dec'd) Wool Merchant M Woodhead  
1962 08 04 Roy BRAMWELL 23 B Sales Representative, Medical Supplies 30 Marlborough Road, Idle John Bramwell (dec'd) Printer's Packer D Hunter, A Farrar, David Hunter  
  Dorothy HUNTER 22 S School Teacher 47 Stonegate Road, Idle James Cowan Hunter (dec'd) Smallholder A Jeremiah  
1963 09 21 Alan Joseph TAYLOR 37 B Estate Agent, Municipal Sewage Dept 15 Bowness Avenue, Bradford Joseph Taylor (dec'd) Police Constable A Taylor, D Berry  
  Shirley WILSON 31 S Accounts Clerk, Municipal Sewage Dept 19 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle Charles Laurence Wilson Manager, Worsted Spinners C L Wilson, A Taylor  
1964 04 04 Roger John LARKHAM 25 B Development, Engine Coil Winding Machine Makers 32 Creffield Road, Ealing Common, London W5 Arthur John Larkham Manager, Hardware Retailers C Chilvers  
  Kathleen Yvonne CHILVERS 24 S Comptometer Operator 7 Grosmont House, Idlethorpe Way, Idle Ernest Chilvers . M D Creacal  
1964 07 04 Ian Geoffrey ROBERTS 23 B Clerk Mail Order Co 239 Cemetery Road, Lidget Green, Bradford Griffith Edward Roberts Electrician Journeyman J Bottomley, G E Roberts, L Cousins  
  Margaret COUSINS 21 S Clerk Mail Order Co 39 Farmhill Road, Bradford Luther Cousins Yarn Buyer A Wallis, M Wallis  
1965 03 06 Geoffrey Harold SANDHAM 36 W Shipping Clerk, Piece Goods Manufacturer 9 Ashbourne Avenue, Bradford Harold Sandham (dec'd) Railway Carriage & Wagon Examiner Harry Berry, S Taylor, S H Berry, M Greenwood  
  Doris BERRY 35 S Accounts Clerk (Knitting Wool Manufacturers) 13 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Samuel H Berry Coal Merchant (Retired) R L Alston, J H Stirzaker  
1965 03 20 Gordon BUTTLE 28 B Pattern Maker, Mechanical Engineers 23 Wood Lane, Bolton, Bradford Ernest Buttle Painter & Decorator (Journeyman) S Lambert, E Lambert  
  Jennifer Margaret LAMBERT 21 S Ladies Hairdresser 5 Spring Street, Idle Stanley Lambert Technical Operator, Sewage Works E Buttle, A Buttle  
1965 07 24 Trevor PATCHETT 21 B Electrician, Electrical Contractors 6 Moorhouse Avenue, Bradford Fred Patchett Lathe Turner, Automobile Engineers E Wilkinson, F Patchett  
  Sheila Mary LAMBERT 19 S Twister, Knitting Wool Manufacturers 5 Spring Street, Idle Stanley Lambert Technical Operator, Sewage Works K Patchett, S Lambert  
1966 07 16 Michael BETTS 21 B Plumber Builders 37 Moorfield Place, Idle Fred Betts Printer's Labourer L C Hudson, M Hudson  
  Margaret Joyce LAL 21 S Teacher, Swain House School, Bradford 28 Tarn Lane, Idle Ram Lal General Draper (Retired) G Betts, F Betts  
1967 10 21 John Victor KING 20 B Apprentice Electrician Journeyman 304 Kings Road, Bradford Albert Victor King Dyer's Operative M Betts, D M King  
  Jean Margaret HUDSON 23 S School Teacher Juniors 28 Tarn Lane, Idle Leslie Crabtree Hudson Reed & Heald Maker A V King, L C Hudson  
1967 12 02 Charles Edward VANDRIES 29 D Corporal Y4235728 Royal Air Force 129 Oak Road, Fareham Charles William Vandries Electrical Engineer B Lilley? By Licence
  Diane Brenda ILLINGWORTH 21 S S.A.C.W. T2841541 Royal Air Force 69 Leafield Avenue, Eccleshill Arthur Illingworth General Fitter Instructor J P Illingworth, M Vandries  
1968 03 30 Ernest PETTY 23 B Grinder (Engineers) 10 Milford House, Rowntree Drive. Bradford William Petty Clerk (Retired) William Petty  
  Jennifer Mary HOWELL 19 S Cashier (Supermarket) 2 Thorold House, Thorpe Edge, Bradford John Alfred Howell Warehouseman, Furniture Dealers John Alfred Howell  
1968 04 06 Hans Peter ZUBERBUHLER 26 B Patissier, Hotel The Burford Bridge Hotel, Boxhill, Dorking Hans Zuberbuhler Labourer Plastics Manufacturers R N Castle, D E Castle By Licence
  Susanne CASTLE 24 S Hotel Receptionist 100 Albion Road, Idle Robert Norman Castle Maintenance Motor Mechanic Railway B E Castle, M C Burns  
1968 10 19 John Graham LILLEY 21 B Materials Controller Worsted Manufacturers 3 Kingway, Wrose Frank Lilley Sales Rep, Timber Merchants F Lilley, D S Lilley  
  Jennifer Anne LEE 27 S Teacher, Junior School 46 Bolton Drive, Eccleshill Norman Lee Personnel Officer, Precision Engineers L Lee, T Bastow  
1969 12 20 Graham NAIRN 24 B Catering Officer (Psychiatric Hospital) Moorview Cottage, Yorkgate, Otley Noel Nairn (dec'd) Fitter Engineers K M Hitton, J Simons  
  Anne Rosamund ILLINGWORTH 22 S Comptometer Operator, Bank 126 Albion Road, Idle William Illingworth Joiner & Undertaker William Illingworth, R Sup*  
1970 07 04 Jeffrey Maurice HODGSON 22 B Clerk (Bank) 81 Kingsdale Crescent, Bradford Maurice Hodgson Hydraulics Engineer A W Hodgson  
  Susan Jane DAVIDSON 21 S Shorthand Typist (Linings Manufacturer) 43 Fourlands Road, Idle Harry Davidson Clerk, Engineers E Davidson  
1971 07 31 Stephen Harold CARTER 24 B Tailor's Cutter 39 Woodbine Grove, Idle Harold Carter Joiner, Journeyman B Kilvington By Licence
  Patricia EVANS 22 S Sewing Machinist, Dress Manufacturers 45 Littlemoor Crescent, Pudsey Wilfred Lewis Evans Fettler, Woollen Mill G M Evans  
1971 09 11 Robert Edward CASTLE 29 B Diesel Fitter (Road Transport Company) 100 Albion Road, Idle Robert Norman Castle Foreman Fitter, Transport Company M Betts By Licence
  Gillian Mary Gertrude HOLLAND 34 D Punch Card Operator (Credit Cards) 31 Cannon Lane, Pinner, Middlesex William Vivian Newman Director, Printing Works L M Zuberbuhler  
1972 10 28 Thomas Norman CARTER 80 W Weaving Overlooker (Retired) 31 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Watson Carter (dec'd) Wire Drawer (Wire Manufacturers) H Carter  
  Gladys Hannah THORNTON 68 W . 9 Woodbine Terrace, Idle David Smithers Warp Dresser D Thornton  
1973 96 30 Keith Rowland BROWN 29 D Estimator (Rolling Shutter Manufacturers) 3 Crown Drive, Wyke, Bradford Seth Brown Maintenance Electrician (Retired) A * Watkinson  
  Sylvia CROSSLAND 26 S General Clerk 3 Thoresby House, Cavendish Road, Idle Fred Crossland Worsted Spinning Overlooker E Crossland  
1973 07 28 David Stephen WILLIAMS 21 B Student of Theology (Bible College) South Wales Bible College, Weston Sq, Barry Hubert John Williams Minister of Religion (Baptist) Elizabeth Nita Williams  
  Shelagh Christine TURNER 26 S School Teacher (Primary) 8 Malton House, Rowantree Drive, Thorpe Edge James Milner Turner (dec'd) Postman (Post Office) Gladys Turner  
1974 04 13 Stanley Vincent FRANCIS 20 B Tool Room Inspector (Transmission Engineers) 8 Butt Lane, Idle Harold Francis Rotary Press Operator E C Williams  
  Celia Mary HAINSWORTH 19 S Bookbinder (Printers & Bookbinders) 92 Norman Avenue, Eccleshill Stanley Hainsworth Foreman, Tractor Manufacturers M Noble  
1974 07 27 Edwin Charles WILLIAMS 21 B Cabinet Sprayer (Hi-Fi Equipment Manufacturers 71 Starrgate Road? Bradford 2 Ivor Williams Driver (Coach Proprietors) S V Francis  
  Mary NOBLE 20 S Coat Machinist (Ladies Wear Manufacturers) 456 Idle Road, Bradford . . E M Green  
1975 07 26 David Anthony HOPKIN 25 B Product Quality Engineer (Clutch Facing Manfrs) 228 Queens Drive, Ossett William Ernest Hopkin Company Director (Heating & Ventilation) E Hopkin  
  Elizabeth ROWBOTTOM 29 D Burler & Mender 60 New Street, Idle Rowson Cecil Goulding Inspector (Gear Engineers) T Goulding  
1975 10 25 Keith WATMUFF 23 B Draughtsman (City Architects Dept) 12 Green Close, Fairweather Green, Bradford Sidney Alec Watmuff Warp Twister (Textile Manufacturers) A Parkinson  
  Christine Anne HOLMES 21 S Secretary (Municipal Personnel Department) 30 The Grove, Idle Geoffrey Holmes Wool Merchant Jennifer Batty  
1976 05 15 Terry (formerly Terence) WARREN 18 B Trooper 24359210 Royal Dragoon Guards 93 Denshaw Grove, Morley Albert Warren Curator S Holmes  
  Sharon Lesley HOLDSWORTH 16 S Canteen Assistant (Gas Board) 11 Queensway House, Thorp Garth, Idle Peter Michael Holdsworth Warehouseman Hardware Wholesalers H Jordan  
1976 09 18 Raymond Harold HAINSWORTH 30 D Sales Manager, Freight Forwarding Agents 92 Norman Avenue, Eccleshill Stanley Hainsworth Foreman, Tractor Manufacturers David J L Denbigh  
  Muriel TAYLOR 35 D Representative, Toiletries 95 Brookfield Road, Bradford Tom Moorhouse Maintenance Joiner (Retired) Lynne Cobden?  
1977 07 09 Robert William Henry KIRK 27 B Farm Tractor Driver 2 Crossgates, Goodmanham William Henry Kirk (dec'd) Arable Farmer G T Barwick  
  Erica Margret LONSDALE 25 S District Nurse S.R.N. / Midwife S.C.M. 11 Harper Crescent, Idle Ralph Lonsdale Cabinet Maker, Antique Dealer Mary Kitchen  
1978 03 11 Brian Thomas GUDGIN 38 B Sales Manager, Steamship Brokers 7 Acre Drive, Eccleshill Albert Edward Gudgin (dec'd) Hatter G Betts?  
  Margaret Ann HOLLAND 32 D . 8 Park Avenue, Drighlington Allan Worsnop Naylor Prison Officer B Horsfall  
1979 04 21 Paul James FIRTH 27 B Magisterial Officer 25 Kent Road, Bingley Albert Firth (dec'd) Textile Worker Kenneth P Whitehead  
  Ann Barbara WHITEHEAD 22 S Secretary, University 2 Derwent Road, Bradford 2 Arnold Whitehead Company Director J B Stones  
1979 04 28 Nigel John SPENCER 18 B SAC L8138722 Royal Air Force 155 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Bradford Derek Spencer Electrical Engineer M Pryce  
  Deborah Margaret THOMPSON 18 S Assembler, Loud Speaker Manufacturers 9 Cavendish Road, Idle John Thompson Precision Engineer J Pryce  
1979 07 21 Dirk Ernest Cornelius NOTEBOOM 27 D Clerk, Mail Order Company Flat 7, Oakroyd Terrace, Bradford Ferdinand Noteboom (dec'd) Engineers Welder S Bancroft  
  Janet Lesley GRANT 27 S Ladies Hairdresser Flat 2, 6 Second Avenue, Bradford Lawrence Grant Storekeeper, Sauce Works A H H*  
1979 10 20 Eric Christopher JOHNSON 52 D Sales Representative, Fancy Goods 30 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill Walter Johnson (dec'd) Farmer M *  
  Lorraine GORMAN 38 D . 30 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill Leonard Brook Foundry Manager (Retired) M Ryder  
1980 07 19 David Michael YOUREN 25 B School Teacher 46 Queens Road, Hyde Park, Leeds Frank Alfred Youren Engineer Roger J Estop  
  Alison Margaret BERRY 23 S State Registered Nurse, General Hospital 33 Cross Road, Idle Harry Berry Contract Administrator Christine Nutter, Jacqueline A Youren  
1985 04 13 David CRABTREE 27 B Engineering Draughtsman 7 Fourlands Crescent, Idle Derek Crabtree Market Trader David Andrew Airey  
  Beverley Anne HAYWARD 20 S Clerical Assistant, Supermarket 7 Grenfell Drive, Bradford Geoffrey Hurst Hayward Noil? Buyer, Textile Merchants Carol Lesley Burnett  
1985 08 17 Geoffrey NORFOLK 22 B Printer, Greeting Cards 7 Lodore Avenue, Bradford Harry Norfolk Foundry Worker (Retired) A B Taylor  
  Susan Jane WRAY 20 S Secretary, Solicitors 7 Lodore Avenue, Bradford John Wray (dec'd) Foreman Woolsorter B Fortune  
1985 12 21 Tony GREEN 29 D Production Control Clerk, Yarn Merchants 11 Mount Terrace, Eccleshill James Rippon Green (dec'd) Motor Mechanic David P Harper  
  Irene Mary PAYNE 23 D Nursing Auxiliary, General Hospital 1 Fourlands Court, Idle Christopher Payne Painter & Decorator Julie Robertshaw Formerly known as McGeoch
1987 04 18 David Michael GEORGE 38 D Technical Services Assistant, Printers 13 High House Avenue, Bradford 2 Arthur Charles George Painter & Decorator (Retired) L White?  
  Jane Elizabeth BRIGGS 37 D Paper Stock Controller, Printers 13 High House Avenue, Bradford 2 Albert Ellis Journeyman Painter (Retired) S Billington  
1987 07 11 Garry Scott ROBERTS 26 D . 24 Stonegate Road, Bradford Francis Richard Roberts (dec'd) . M Riley, Anita Dean, B Dean Otherwise Garry Scott Reardon
  Sheila DEAN 24 S Bingo Hall Operative 24 Stonegate Road, Bradford Bruce Dean Maintenance Fitter V Riley, J Roberts  
1988 07 09 Andrew Richard THORNES 23 B Gas Service Engineer 4 Wendron Way, Idle Frederick Colin Thornes Chartered Accountant R Booth  
  Janet Lesley AYRTON 28 S Shop Assistant 79 Norman Avenue, Eccleshill Leslie Ayrton Bus Conductor (Retired) D Lupton  
1989 07 01 Anthony John HARRIS 54 W Company Director Maple Villa, Nuthurst Road, Maplehurst, West Sussex Maurice William Harris Butcher Derek Pearce  
  Helen Margaret NEILSON 36 D Reservation Clerk, Travel Company 4 High Street Place, Idle Anthony John Calpin Arrears Manager, Finance Company F C Calpin  
1990 05 04 Jack ROBINSON 65 W Textile Clerk (Retired) 4 Moorfield Place, Idle Horace Robinson Master Barber B L Robinson  
  Kathleen EASTWOOD 54 S Care Assistant 15 Gerard House, Thorpe Edge, Idle Horace Eastwood Church Verger J C Robinson  
1991 06 01 Norman GLEDHILL 62 W Master Fish Fryer (Retired) 283 Harrogate Road, Eccleshill Fred Gledhill Textile Percher P Thirkell  
  Valerie Brenda REA 48 D . 62 Fourlands Road, Idle Eric Butler Engineer K E A Butler  
1991 09 21 Michael BROOK 36 D Assembler, Refrigeration Compant 29 Swain House Crescent, Bradford Herbert Brook Tool Maker F Brook  
  Susan HAMBLETT 42 D Silver Service Waitress 29 Swain House Crescent, Bradford Frederick Pickering Engineering Inspector A Scott?  
1992 07 11 Douglas Youdas BARNES 27 B Builder / Painter 10 King Street, Eccleshill Alec Barnes Painter / Decorator J A Smith, Angela Jones  
  Ann Tracy GAMBLE 26 D . 3 Leyburn House, Greystone Crescent, Thorpe Edge David Earl Kimberley Time & Motion Advisor I Gurm? I Barnes  
1993 03 20 Leslie Michael CUNNINGHAM 31 B Private Hire Driver 281 Kings Road, Wrose Matthew Cunningham H.G.V. Driver L Hancock  
  Leslie Carol PENNEY 35 S Coffee Shop Supervisor 281 Kings Road, Wrose Malcolm Penney Nurse Orderly G Nelliss  
1993 11 27 Steven David James GILBEY 27 B Solicitor 89 Coppice View, Idle David Bernard James Gilbey Managing Director A C B Gilbey  
  Eleanor Ruth BRAMWELL 26 S Doctor of Medicine 2 St Ian's Croft, Addingham Roy Bramwell Sales Manager C Bramwell  
1994 09 10 Anthony LANGWADE 27 B Metal Worker 33 Festival Avenue, Windhill Colin Langwade Construction Worker R Farleigh  
  Mirellda Odessa HARRISON 27 D Sales Assistant 33 Festival Avenue, Windhill Kevin Sweetman Clerical Officer E Standey  
1995 06 17 David WADE 38 D . 17 Sandfield Road, Thorpe Edge, Bradford John Wade Council Road Sweeper Kelly Surtees Previously married at Halifax Register Office
  Denise Lorraine Jean WADE 42 D Cleaner 17 Sandfield Road, Thorpe Edge, Bradford Robert Lawson Austin Coal Miner B Wade Previously married 1986 05 30
1995 11 11 Brian HELLEWELL 36 D Industrial Kitchen Cleaner 8 Rawson Avenue, Thornbury, Bradford Edward Hellewell Slaughterman B Howe By Licence
  Helen Margaret FORREST 30 D . 8 Rawson Avenue, Thornbury, Bradford James Forrest Marine Engineer (Retired) *  
1996 10 27 Richard Eric WHITFIELD 29 D Joiner 5 Springville Terrace, Idle James Whitfield Dyer & Presser J Jagger  
  Jillian Ann LAWRENCE 29 D Accounts Payable Clerk, Electrical Wholesalers 5 Springville Terrace, Idle Terry Lawrence Licensee C Moat?  
1998 07 05 Robert James NEEDHAM 36 B Computer Analyst 25 Kenstone Crescent, Idle Douglas Needham Engineer *  
  Susan JANNETTA 37 D . 25 Kenstone Crescent, Idle George Wilson Graydon Engineer T Greyden  
1998 10 10 Timothy Raymond JONES 26 B Trainee Computer Programmer 21 Norman Terrace, Eccleshill Terence Raymond Jones Manager, Grattan *  
  Rachel Victoria CHADWICK 30 D Sales Assistant 21 Norman Terrace, Eccleshill Roy Chadwick Artist S Chitson  
1999 02 13 Raymond Frederick CALVERT 39 D Motor Mechanic 71 Northwood Crescent, Idle Frank Gledhill Calvert Engineer (dec'd) D Ramsden  
  Paulette Amanda SWAINE 40 D Secretary 71 Northwood Crescent, Idle Cyril John Caswell Security Porter, University J G Pealer  
1999 06 19 Charles HANCOCK 50 W Plasterer 8 Marion Drive, Shipley Robert Edwin Hancock Master Plasterer C W Hancock  
  Jean READ 46 D Home Care Assistant, Social Services 8 Marion Drive, Shipley George William Adamson Tallyman (Docks) N Read  
1999 07 23 Graham Philip GREEN 44 D Weaving Technician, Textile Company 163 Albion Road, Idle George Edward Green Weaver T Cook  
  Sheila Jamieson COOK 43 D Cook, Baptist Church 163 Albion Road, Idle Patrick Joseph Archer Motor Mechanic G Green  
2001 06 15 William KAYE 40 D Window Fabricator 2a Apperley Road, Idle John Kaye General Labourer * Baker  
  Micheala Jane HALL 24 S Shop Assistant 2a Apperley Road, Idle Michael Hall Landlord, Licensing Trade Andrew Jackson