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The CalverleyInfo Vital Records Database (VRD):
We have developed a database of much of our material. We have included all our Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from our Church and Cemetery pages. We have also included all our Census material and have added some church and cemetery material from surrounding areas which does not appear on the site, such as records from Tong, Wyke, Low Moor and Wibsey. The search facility is easy to use with options for three types of search; Exact, Wildcard and Soundex. There are only two search fields; Name and Surname. You can choose separate search options for either field.
A search for SMITH in 'Exact' would return just SMITH. In the 'Wildcard' option it would return SMITH, SMITHE, SHOESMITH, SMITHSON etc. In 'Soundex' option, the search would return SMITH, SMITHE, SMYTH etc. This last option is an excellent way to deal with all those varied surname spellings. If you leave a search field blank, you must choose the 'Wildcard' option for that field.
You can choose to search 'Births and Baptisms', 'Marriages', 'Deaths and Burials', 'Censuses' or 'all categories'.

When you find the VRD entry you require, there is an option to print out the details. There is also a Query Form to use when contacting us with any questions or information about your searches.


Important Note! Registration Districts & Non-conformist Marriages:
All the births, deaths and marriages in Pudsey, Farsley and Calverley from July 1837 onwards can be found at Leeds Register Office, with one very important exception. These are the 'Registrar attending' Marriages.

Before non-conformists churches and chapels were licenced to register the marriages that they conducted, a registrar had to be present. This meant that those events were listed as being conducted by the register office of that district, which can be found, according to date and location, in the chart below. The marriages that were registered after a church became licenced are all to be found at Leeds Register Office. The Pudsey Mount Zion Methodist New Connection Chapel appears to never have been licenced, but the chapel kept their own records in addition to those by the relevant Register Office.

Simplified chart, blue records are at Bradford, yellow records are at Leeds:


Non-conformist 'Registrar Attending' Marriages

Calverley & Farsley

Bradford District 1837-1891

North Bierley District 1892-1937 *

(both with Pudsey after 1937 )



Bradford District 1837-1891

North Bierley District 1892-1938

Wharfedale District 1939-1974



Hunslet District 1837-1862

Kirkstall District Nov 1862-Mar 1863

Bramley District March 1863-1904

Armley & Bramley 1905-1925


*Calverley and Farsley together until 1894, then seperately.


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