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Pudsey All Saints Chapel & St Lawrence Baptisms


The baptism entries here include those for the ancient All Saints chapel extracted from the Calverley registers. Not all Pudsey baptisms can be identified, so many events performed at Pudsey will be found in the Calverley registers or may be duplicated in both pages. Pudsey baptisms were entered separately from 1755.

For those baptisms after 1837, wherever possible, the reference to the birth registration for that individual at Leeds Register Office has been included. Fields with # and ? are items undergoing checking.

Also included are the records from St James Mission Church in the Pudsey Waterloo area. The first of these mission churches was named St James, Waterloo Mission, and stood from 1885 to 1915 at the bottom of Cromack View. The second of the mission churches was named St James Church Woodhall with Waterloo, which stood from 1915 to 1959 a short distance away on Waterloo Road.