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Pudsey St Lawrence Parish Church Marriages 1838-1900


The marriage entries for St Lawrence start in 1838. Previously, all marriages were performed at St Wilfrids Calverley. This tradition continued and only 156 were performed at St Lawrences in the first 42 years. The licence to perform marriages at St Lawrence was issued by the Bishop of Ripon to the vicar, David Jenkins, on the 6th January 1838.
The extract here is entered by date order. The Reference refers to the registration held by Leeds Register Office.

Father occ.
Father occ.
1838 02 04 BARKER James FA B Cordwainer Pudsey William Barker Tailor   John Tann,  
  KITCHIN Martha FA S   Pudsey John Kitchin Clothier   Wm Beaumont CE133/1
1838 02 05 NAYLOR Thomas FA B Carrier Low Pudsey John Naylor Clothier   William Sugden,  
  CROWTHER Sarah FA W   Low Pudsey Joseph Naylor Shoemaker   Richard Hanson, E Jenkins CE133/2
1838 05 06 DAY Charles D FA B Cordwainer Pudsey John Day Grocer   Abraham Fozard,  
  MORGAN Hannah FA S   Pudsey Roger Morgan Flax Dresser   Betty Lockwood CE133/3
1838 10 08 MURRAY Henry FA B Hatter Leeds Peter Murray Cooper   Thos Brearley,  
  BREARLEY Maria 20 S   Pudsey Thomas Brearley Shoemaker   Edward Buckley, Emma Brearley CE133/4
1838 12 05 PARSONS Robert FA W Surgeon Dentist York John Parsons Gentleman   Benjamin Walker,  
  WALKER Harriet Elizabeth FA S   Pudsey Benjamin Walker Surgeon   Edm Walker, Isabella Abbotson CE133/5
1839 08 06 GRAHAM Leonard 19 B Millwright Littlemoor George Graham Millwright   William Walker,  
  HIRSTWAITE Elizabeth 18 S   Pudsey George Hirstwaite Machine Maker   Christiana Ingle CE133/6
1840 03 03 HOLMES James 20 B Mechanic Pudsey Edward Holmes Sawyer   William Waddington,  
  BERRY Sarah 20 S   Pudsey John Berry Clothier   Richard Hanson CE133/7
1840 08 17 HEWITT Benjamin FA B Tallow Chandler Pudsey Matthew Hewitt Shoemaker   Robert Goodchild  
  GOODCHILD Sarah FA S   Pudsey Samuel Goodchild Shoemaker   Richard Hanson CE133/8
1841 02 03 RAYNER John FA B Drysalter Pudsey Joseph Rayner Drysalter   J W Jenkins  
  BANKS Sarah FA S   Pudsey Thomas Banks Clothier   Mary Ann Hinchliffe, James Banks CE133/9
1841 06 28 SWAILES Thomas 20 B Earthenware man Primrose Hill, Pudsey John Swailes Earthenware Dealer   Richard Hanson  
  MORRISON Elizabeth 19 S   Primrose Hill, Pudsey William Morrison Earthenware Dealer   Matthew Moss CE133/10
1841 07 26 WESTBROOK Daniel FA B Private Soldier Bankhouse, Pudsey William Westbrook Coach Maker   Richard Hanson  
  FEENEY Ellen FA S   Bankhouse, Pudsey Daniel Feeney Farmer   Margrett Rooke? CE133/11
1841 11 30 WYATT John Greaves FA B Hairdresser Low Pudsey William Wyatt Butcher   Richard Hanson  
  TAYLOR Rachel FA S   Low Pudsey Thomas Taylor Hairdesser   Job Ingham CE133/12
1842 01 17 RHODES John FA B Butcher Pudsey Miles Rhodes Butcher   Wm W Holmes  
  WOODHEAD Mary Ann FA S   Pudsey Joseph Woodhead Stone Merchant   Richard Brook CE133/13
1842 02 03 WARMAN John Frederick FA B Student Fulneck, Pudsey Louis Warman Manager of Post Office   John Smith  
  BIRD Augusta Fredrica Haase FA S   Fulneck, Pudsey Thomas Bird Minister   John Carey CE133/14
1842 03 27 WALTON John FA W Clothier Pudsey . .   Richard Hanson snr  
  BUCKTON Elizabeth FA W   Pudsey Joseph Crowther Clothier   Richard Hanson jnr CE133/15
1842 07 07 SCHOLFIELD Isaac FA B Woolcomber Pudsey Timothy Scholfield Woolcomber   Richard Hanson  
  INCHLIFFE Mary FA S   Pudsey Samuel Inchliffe Highwayman   Margaret Bordall? CE133/16
1842 12 24 EARLY John 19 B Silk Weaver Pudsey Peter Early Silk Weaver   John *  
  SPENCER Martha 19 S   Pudsey Thomas Spencer Stuff Manufacturer   Sarah Beaumont CE133/17
1843 01 23 WOOD Jacob 25 B Clothier Pudsey Jacob Wood Clothier   George Banks  
  GREAVES Marian 21 S   Pudsey Stephen Greaves Clothier   Joseph Banks CE133/18
1843 07 11 BOOTH William FA B Delver Pudsey Jeremiah Booth Delver   John Bennett  
  BOOTH Maria . S   Pudsey Luke Booth Mason   E Jenkins CE133/19
1844 01 01 HILEY Richard FA W Master of Academy Leeds James Hiley .   Maria Poole By License
  POOLE Frances FA S   Pudsey George Poole Solicitor   Charles Poole CE133/20
1844 02 11 SMITH Peter M B Dyer Pudsey Joseph Smith Weaver   Joseph Fieldhouse  
  BLACKBURN Mary M S   Pudsey Thomas Blackburn Piece Maker   Ezra Fieldhouse CE133/21
1844 05 25 MITCHELL Thomas 24 B Miner Pudsey Reuben Mitchell Miner   George Naylor  
  PENNY Martha 23 S   Pudsey Joseph Penny Miner   John Brook CE133/22
1844 09 11 GREEN Henry FA B Woolcomber Tyersal Thomas Green Woolcomber   Joseph Exley  
  HANSON Jane 18 S   Tyersal Joseph Hanson Boot & Shoe Maker   Joseph Banks CE133/23
1845 01 05 PARKINSON Robert 21 B Plasterer Primrose Hill Robert Parkinson Machine Maker   Eliza Varley  
  VARLEY Elizabeth 21 S   Primrose Hill James Varley Overlooker   Frances Robinson CE133/24
1845 05 12 PARKINSON James 21 B Mechanic Tyersal William Parkinson Mechanic   Thomas Hough  
  STOCKS Ellen 24 S   Tyersal David Stocks Joiner   Joseph Banks CE133/25
1845 07 28 TOWNSON Richard FA W Shopkeeper Tyersal Robert Townson Sawer   Elizabeth Jenkins  
  TENNANT Elizabeth FA W   Tyersal John Green Farmer   Catherine Maria Kirk CE133/26
1846 04 17 LLOYD Erasmus FA B Gentleman Cashel, Ireland John Lloyd Gentleman   John Farrer  
  JENKINS Elizabeth FA S   Pudsey David Jenkins Clerk   Irwin Lloyd CE133/27
1846 10 12 ACKROYD Benjamin FA B Grocer Tyersal Joseph Ackroyd Butcher   George Nowell  
  FLETCHER Martha 19 S   Tyersal Francis Fletcher Clothier   Samuel Walker CE133/28
1848 03 08 GILL Henry 27 B Spinner Pudsey John Gill Woollen Manufacturer   John Hanson  
  ASQUITH Hannah 23 S   Pudsey Benjamin Asquith Cooper   Wm Lee Howorth CE133/29
1848 09 11 JENKINS David FA W Clerk Pudsey Evan Jenkins Farmer   John Farrer  
  RAYNER Rebecca FA W   Pudsey John Pearson Clothier   Joseph Banks CE133/30
1849 07 04 WHITEHEAD Daniel 26 B Comb Maker Tyersal William Whitehead Woolcomber   William Merritt  
  CLEMAN Elizabeth 21 S   Tyersal Samuel Cleman Woolcomber   Samuel Smith CE133/31
1849 08 05 BARKER Abraham Greenwood 21 B Gas Maker Tyersal Samuel Barker Brickmaker   William Merritt  
  BEST Hannah Maria 26 S   Tyersal John Best Labourer   John Merritt CE133/32
1849 09 23 FIELD James 20 B Overlooker Marsh Joseph Field Stuff Weaver   Joseph Elsworth  
  BLAKEY Ann 21 S   Marsh Robert Blakey Woolcomber   William Merritt CE133/33
1850 10 13 BLAKEY Robert 21 B Woolcomber Marsh Robert Blakey Dyer   Joseph Elsworth  
  SUTCLIFFE Martha 24 S   Marsh Thomas Sutcliffe Woolcomber   William Shackleton CE133/34
1850 12 25 BONSER George 22 B Woolcomber Marsh John Bonser Woolcomber   Joseph Elsworth  
  BLAKEY Eliza 24 S   Marsh Robert Blakey Woolcomber   Julius Whitehead CE133/35
1850 12 30 CRABTREE Alfred 22 B Cloth Manufacturer Little Marsden George Crabtree Cloth Manufacturer   Matthew Crabtree  
  NELSON Mary 26 S   Fartown Charles Nelson Stone Mason   Elizabeth Crabtree CE133/36
1851 02 16 BURDETT John Thomas 22 B Woolcomber Primrose Hill John Burdett Woolcomber   William Haigh Garnett  
  KING Sarah 20 S   Primrose Hill John King Bone Comber   Mary Burdett CE133/37
1851 09 22 LENANE Hugh 32 B Labourer Lowtown Peter Lenane Labourer   Jonathan Allot  
  CROW Jane 19 S   . Nacy Crow .   William Haley CE133/38
1851 11 17 MORRISON Thomas 25 B Earthenware Dealer Stanningley Isaac Morrison Earthenware Dealer   Wm Merritt  
  GORDON Isabel 20 S   . John Gordon Earthenware Dealer   Julius Whitehead CE133/39
1852 10 12 JENNINGS Thomas 22 B Saddler Stillington James Jennings Saddler   John Bennett  
  SUFFIELD Hannah 23 S   Pudsey William Suffield Farmer   Julius Whitehead CE133/40
1853 01 08 LOBLEY James 25 B Artist Pudsey James Lobley Currier   William Clark  
  WHITELEY Ellen 25 W   Pudsey Thomas Brearley Shoemaker   Emma Brearley CE133/41
1853 03 01 HARTLEY Robert 28 W Miner Pudsey Squire Hartley Miner   Charles Bland  
  SMITH Hannah 28 W   Pudsey Henry Clark Farmer   Julius Whitehead CE133/42
1853 08 28 TAYLOR Thomas 24 B Labourer Pudsey Benjamin Taylor Smith   George Smith  
  HAIGH Elizabeth 18 S   Pudsey Robert Haigh Labourer   Julius Whitehead CE133/43
1853 09 11 WILSON William 23 B Labourer Pudsey William Wilson Labourer   Julius Whitehead  
  TIZZY Ann 19 S   Pudsey Thomas Tizzy Cloth Maker   William West CE133/44
1853 10 23 BINKS Thomas 21 B Mariner Pudsey Joseph Binks Labourer   Wilson Day  
  ELLIS Mary 19 S   Pudsey William Ellis Shoemaker   William Day CE133/45
1854 01 11 SHARP William Stow 20 B Pawnbroker York William Sharp Grocer   * Stowe, William Sharp, Groom and bride both signed STOWE
  STOW Jane Annie Beckett 19 S   Pudsey Frederick Stow Land Agent   Hannah * Stowe, Martha Stowe, Fredk Wm Stowe CE133/46
1854 12 24 ALLEN Enoch 25 B Stone Carver Swaine Green William Allen Stone Carver   Julius Whitehead  
  TINGLE Jane 24 S   Swaine Green John Tingle Gardener     CE133/47
1855 01 24 DENBY Abraham 31 B Gamekeeper Swaine Green Jonas Denby Labourer   Joshua Taylor  
  STEAD Mary 32 S   Swaine Green Francis Stead Farmer   Ann Stead CE133/48
1855 02 04 GREENWOOD James 24 B Overlooker Bankhouse Joseph Greenwood Woolcomber   William Stow  
  LUMB Mary 24 S   Bankhouse Aaron Lumb Shoemaker   Julius Whitehead CE133/49
1856 07 27 ILLINGWORTH John 22 B Woolsorter Pudsey Thomas Illingworth Weaver   John Shannon  
  KIDD Elizabeth 26 S   Tyersal Thomas Greaves Coach Proprietor   Julius Whitehead CE133/50
1856 09 08 NAYLOR Robinson 21 B Coach Builder Swaine Green Jacob Naylor Clothier   William Waterhouse  
  HAMBLETON Sarah Ann 21 S   Swaine Green Henry Hambleton Clothier     CE133/51
1856 12 14 WEST James 21 B Blacksmith Tyersal William West Farmer   Wm Waterhouse  
  MUFF Emma 21 S   Tyersal John Muff Blacksmith   Richard Hanson CE133/52
1857 12 19 WILD Benjamin FA B Dyer Halifax James Wild Woollen Manufacturer   John Moore By License
  MOORE Hannah FA S   Pudsey John Moore Manufacturer   Could be BEETHAM Wm Waterhouse CE133/53
1858 01 24 BEADHAM Richard 22 B Painter Laisterdyke James Beadham Farmer   *  
  BRITTON Mary Ann 23 S   Swaine Green James Britton Brick Maker   John Garforth Beetham CE133/54
1858 09 26 BARKER Elisha 21 B Joiner Swaine Green Thomas Barker Cordwainer   Jno Beetham  
  BROOK Mary 26 S   Swaine Green Joseph Brook Warp Dresser   James Heap CE133/55
1858 10 03 BYWATER Abraham FA W Miner Roker Lane John Bywater Miner   Joshua Smith  
  LODGE Mary Ann FA W   Greenside John Redmayne Farmer   James Heap CE133/56
1858 10 20 CRABTREE John FA B Bookkeeper Marsden George Crabtree Manufacturer   Samuel Smith Raynor By License
  RAYNOR Harriet FA S   Pudsey Joseph Raynor Drysalter   Emily Hutchinson, John Raynor Bickerdike? CE133/57
1859 02 13 BARRACLOUGH Peter 23 B Cordwainer Pudsey William Waterhouse Clothier   James Heap  
  BOOCOCK Martha 18 S   Pudsey James Boocock Clothier   Simeon Geo Webster CE133/58
1859 04 24 TODD James 23 W Forgeman Pudsey John Todd Farmer   James Heap  
  SUTCLIFFE Elizabeth 25 W   Pudsey John Sheard Weaver   John Ward CE133/59
1859 12 24 GRAY Simeon 21 B Schoolmaster Pudsey James Gray Cloth Maker   Joseph His* By License
  DAWSON Betsy Ann 18 S   Pudsey Joseph Dawson Scripture Reader   James Gray CE133/60
1861 01 22 RICHARDSON Eli 29 B Slubber Tyersal John Richardson Cloth Dresser   William Glover  
  SMITH Louis 23 S   Tyersal Samuel Smith Overlooker   James Heap CE133/61
1861 05 06 BOULLOUGH Benjamin 19 B Clogger Littlemoor William Boullough Stone Mason   Samuel Brear  
  WILKINSON Isabella 19 s   Littlemoor John Wilson Stone Mason   James Heap CE133/62
1861 05 15 BRITTON William 22 B Cooper Laisterdyke Thomas Britton Bricklayer   Richard Hanson  
  FISHER Jane 20 S   Laisterdyke Henry Fisher Cooper   James Heap CE133/63
1861 06 16 BUTLER Alfred 24 B Brickmaker Pudsey Joseph Butler Brickmaker   James Heap  
  METCALFE Sarah Ann FA S   Pudsey James Metcalfe Engineer   Richard Hanson CE133/64
1862 07 24 BANKS Thomas 22 B Cloth Manufacturer Pudsey Joseph Banks Cloth Manufacturer   William Jefferson By License
  JEFFERSON Mary 20 S   Pudsey William Jefferson Gentleman   Thomas Banks CE133/65
1863 03 10 ROBERTS John 37 B Woolwasher Tyersal Samuel Roberts Woolcomber   James Heap  
  SURBUTS Maria 34 S   Tyersal James Surbuts Soldier   John Hayton CE133/66
1863 06 15 CLOUGH William Allen 21 B Railway Clerk Chapeltown William Clough Carpenter   James Heap  
  HANBY Harriet 20 S   Chapeltown William Handy Basket Maker   Ellen Hanby CE133/67
1863 09 13 BERRY Thomas 20 B Warp Dresser Swaine Green Illegitimate .   Thomas Wilks  
  LUMBY Ann 22 S   Swaine Green John Lumby Woolcomber   Martha Lumby CE133/68
1864 04 17 HUTCHINSON Thomas 54 W Woolcomber Swaine Green John Hutchinson Woolcomber   Francis Goldsbrough  
  PATTISON Mary 43 W   Swaine Green George Atkinson Tailor   James Heap CE133/69
1865 03 08 JONES Joseph 26 B Scripture Reader Pudsey William Jones Farmer   John Hayton  
  NEWTON Maria 33 S   Wolverhampton Thomas Newton Farmer   Martha Binks, William Binks CE133/70
1865 07 09 LUMBY Christopher 30 W Carrier Pudsey Joshua Lumby Farmer   Simeon Lumby  
  ASQUITH Ann 29 S   Pudsey Samuel Asquith Joiner   Martha Boys CE133/71
1865 09 20 WOOD John 28 B Butcher Stanningley Samuel Wood Publican   Joseph Brook  
  ELSWORTH Albertina 23 S   Pudsey William Elsworth Waste Dealer   Rebecca Brook, John Elsworth CE133/72
1866 02 20 SEWELL William Edward 24 B Bookkeeper Pudsey William Sewell Bookkeeper   John Wood  
  ELSWORTH Eleanor Annie 21 S   Pudsey William Elsworth Waste Dealer   Albertina Wood CE133/73
1866 05 08 ROBINSON George 28 B Clergyman Pudsey Thomas Robinson Farmer   G Porritt  
  COLEMAN Elizabeth Anne 22 S   Pudsey James William Coleman Druggist   J Johnson, J Porritt CE133/74
1866 10 25 CLAPHAM Harold Mac 21 B Gentleman Bingley William Clapham Gentleman   Edward T Tetley  
  TETLEY Mary Greenwood 28 S   Pudsey Edward T Tetley Gentleman   Sarah Jane Tetley CE133/75
1866 11 05 RILES Thomas 19 B Boiler Maker Pudsey James Riles Boiler Maker   George Derham  
  DERBYSHIRE Rose Hannah 20 S   Pudsey William Derbyshire Overlooker   John Hayton CE133/76
1866 11 26 SAUNDERS John 25 B Ba* Keeper Laisterdyke William Saunders Farmer   Charlotte Rayner  
  KETTLEWELL Anne 22 S   Laisterdyke Richard Kettlewell Coachman   John Hayton CE133/77
1866 12 23 MILLER William 27 B Wood Turner New Pudsey Jonas Miller Barber   Richard Hanson  
  BAKER Eliza Ann 23 S   New Pudsey John Baker Herbalist   William Hall CE133/78
1866 12 25 HOYLE Robert 20 B Cotton Twister Lowtown John Lodge Hoyle Miner   John Hayton  
  HIRST Elizabeth Anne 20 S   Low Pudsey Thomas Hirst Gas fitter   Edward Wincup CE133/79
1867 04 21 PHILIPS Richard 18 B Forgeman Laisterdyke Jonathan Philips Forgeman   Simeon Stead  
  PATSON Mary Ann 20 S   Laisterdyke William Patson Tailor   Isabella Robinson CE133/80
1867 04 21 STUBLEY Joseph 41 W Clothier Littlemoor . .   Samuel Galloway  
  PRESTON Jennet 40 S   Littlemoor John Preston Banksman   H I Graham Jnr CE133/81
1867 05 20 VAREY William 18 B Hawker Pudsey William Varey Hawker   William Varey  
  STEWART Jennet 17 S   Pudsey Charles Stewart Hawker   John Hayton CE133/82
1868 08 26 STABLES William 24 B Cloth Fuller Pudsey James Stables Clothier   S Crowther By Registrar's Certificate
  HALLIDAY Harriet Emma 19 S   Pudsey John Halliday Clothier   Ann Matilda Baynes CE133/83
1868 08 27 DOVE Thomas 26 B Clerk Burton on Trent Ebenezer Dove Merchant   * Eliza Ann Miller?  
  HAMMERTON Annie Harrop 31 S   Farsley William Hammerton Solicitor   Agnes Elizabeth Hammerton CE133/84
1868 12 03 BEAUMONT Henry FA B Cloth Manufacturer Pudsey James Beaumont Cloth Manufacturer   Joseph Tetley  
  TROUGHTON Harriet FA S   Pudsey Benjamin Troughton maltster   Henry Garnett, Sarah E Beaumont CE133/85
1869 02 01 RENTON Henry Hardisty FA B Currier Otley John Renton Farmer   Saml Wade By License
  UMPLEBY Sarah FA S   Pudsey Thomas Umpleby Cattle Dealer   G Umpleby CE133/86
1869 02 22 VAREY William 21 B Hawker Pudsey James Varey Hawker   William Varey  
  HOWARD Sarah 19 S   Pudsey John Howard Hawker   Ann Lowther CE133/87
1869 03 18 BINNS William FA B Surgeon Pudsey James Binns Horse Dealer   Jas Hutchinson  
  HUTCHINSON Sarah Emily Gwynne FA S   Pudsey Henry Gwynne Hutchinson Solicitor   George Broughton CE133/88
1869 09 18 HARRISON John FA B Solicitor's Clerk Wortley, Leeds William Harrison No profession   Thomas Potts, J K Rothery  
  CROSBY Mary Ann 20 S   Pudsey William Crosby Clerk   William B Luddington, Elizabeth Crosley CE133/89
1869 10 06 KIRKBRIDE Thomas FA B Harehouseman Cliffe Road Field George Kirkbride Traveller   Henry Renton  
  UMPLEBY Sabena 20 S   Pudsey Thomas Umpleby Farmer   John Hayton CE133/90
1870 04 09 HOLMES Robert 24 B Joiner Hulme parish of Manchester Robert Holmes Wheelwright   Richard Riley  
  COOKSON Lucy 24 S   Fulneck John Cookson Gardener   Emma * CE133/91
1871 01 07 BRETT George FA W Fireman Pudsey John Brett Labourer   John Halliday  
  JAGGER Jane FA W   Pudsey William Halliday Weaver   John Hayton CE133/92
1871 01 31 TODD Alexander 21 B Hawker Pudsey James Tood Hawker   Thomas Swales  
  GREY Patience 21 S   Pudsey John Grey Hawker   Grace Swales, John Hayton CE133/93
1871 02 11 FLETCHER William 28 B Warehouseman Bowling Henry Fletcher . D Samuel Schofield  
  ORANGE Mary 24 S   Pudsey James Orange Engine Tenter   Emma Orange CE133/94
1871 05 23 LONGTHORPE Thomas 26 B Draper Pudsey William Longthorpe Cord Twiner   William Salmon  
  GLEDHILL Mary Jane 19 S   Pudsey Thomas Gledhill Joiner   Amelia Salmon CE133/95
1871 12 23 HARGRAVES Samuel FA B Clothier Pudsey Joshua Hargraves Clothier   William Russell  
  OUTLAW Emma FA S   Pudsey Charles Marston Outlaw Shoemaker   Emma Howard, George Tenant CE133/96
1872 02 18 HINCHLIFFE William FA W Clothier Pudsey George Hinchliffe Clothier   Samuel Hargraves  
  BARKER Margaret FA S   Pudsey James Barker Shoemaker   Emma Howard, Emma Hargraves CE133/97
1872 02 26 CHAFFER Robert 23 B Tailor Pudsey John Chaffer Sea Captain   John Raistrick  
  SCAIFE Frances 21 S   Pudsey Thomas Scaife Butcher   John Hayton CE133/98
1872 06 22 BOOCOCK James 25 B Overlooker Pudsey John Boocock Overlooker   Robert Collins Illingworth By Registrar's Certificate
  DUFTON Rebecca Ann 20 S   Pudsey William Dufton Mason   Martha Dufton CE133/99
1872 07 02 GARDNER Henry FA W Gentleman Bradford James Gardner Builder   W R Hyde By License
  SNELSON Eleanor Sarah FA S   Fulneck John Snelson Merchant   Annie Turner CE133/100
1872 08 24 SUNDERLAND Benjamin 26 B Tailor Pudsey Joseph Sunderland Mason   John Hare  
  HARE Rebecca 23 S   Pudsey Joseph Hare Clothier   Harriet Julia Hare, Thos Parker CE133/101
1872 10 01 CLARKSON John Edward 25 B Clothier Pudsey . .   William Russell  
  BINKS Sarah 29 S   Pudsey John Banks Grocer   Harriet Binks, William Oliver Ward CE133/102
1872 11 03 ILLINGWORTH Robert Collings 21 B Tailor Lowmoor Luke Illingworth Tailor   James Boocock By Registrar's Certificate
  DUFTON Martha 17 S   Pudsey William Dufton Mason   Rebecca Ann Boocock CE133/103
1873 02 05 LAWTON Thomas Hartley FA B Grocer Upper Wortley, Leeds Matthew Lawton Grocer   John Hayhurst Dawson  
  DAWSON Martha FA S   Fulneck John Dawson Farmer   Mary Middleton CE133/104
1873 05 10 HALLIDAY Robert 29 W Brickmaker Pudsey Henry Halliday Tailor   John Hayton  
  HARTLEY Mary Ann 28 S   Pudsey John Hartley Mechanic   E E Hampson CE133/105
1873 07 28 LANE Lewis 35 B Clerk Tyersal James Jane Baker   John Hayton  
  ROBERTS Margaret 24 S   Tyersal John Roberts Farmer   Hannah Fawbert CE133/106
1873 08 25 KIDD Abraham J 24 B Tailor Pudsey William J Kidd Reed Maker   George Shores  
  SMEATON Ann 23 S   Pudsey John Smeaton Gardener   Hannah Ackroyd CE133/107
1873 11 10 ROWNSLEY William 32 W Miner Swaine Green Thomas Rownsley Miner   Francis Rawnsley  
  ORREL Matilda 37 W   Swaine Green George Bullock Weaver   Emma Walker CE133/108
1874 01 04 HUDSON James 25 B Dyer Swaine Green John Hudson Woolcomber   Thomas Berry  
  LUMBY Sarah 25 S   Swaine Green John Lumby Woolcomber   Thomas Wilks CE133/109
1874 01 05 THOMPSON John FA B Engine Smith Norton nr Stockton on Tees Richard Thompson Joiner   Thomas Sellings By License
  BIRKBY Mary Ellen FA S   Pudsey Henry Birkby Fitter     CE133/110
1874 02 09 ILLINGWORTH Charles 18 B Farmer Calverley James Illingworth Farmer   Edward Whitley  
  HEWITT Elizabeth Emma 19 S   Calverley Joseph Hewitt Mason   Ellen Leeming CE133/111
1874 07 27 TYAS Joseph 34 W Milk Dealer Parrot Row Benjamin Tyas Labourer   William Henry Hillas  
  SHACKLETON Mary 37 W   Parrot Row John Schofield Moulder   John Hayton CE133/112
1874 08 10 WATERHOUSE Albert 20 B Slater Tyersal Samuel Waterhouse Blacksmith   * Pedder  
  PEDDER Agnes 21 S   Tyersal William Pedder Foundryman   Ada Sugden CE133/113
1874 11 04 MAUDE William FA B Gentleman Pudsey Thomas Maude Gentleman   Henry John Graham, Mary D Graham By License
  GRAHAM Annie Maria FA S   Pudsey Henry John Graham Clergyman   Robert Maude, Maria H Swales CE133/114
1875 01 11 RICHMOND Hammond 24 B Mason Laisterdyke William Richmond Farmer   George Cliff Gamble  
  GAMBLE Amelia 22 S   Laisterdyke Richard Gamble Greengrocer   Mary Jane Gamble CE133/115
1875 03 02 HERON Reginald William 25 B Warehouseman Laisterdyke Wiilliam Heron Book M*   John Sutcliffe  
  EMMOTT Mary 29 S   Laisterdyke John Emmott Wool Buyer   John Hayton CE133/116
1875 03 09 CLARK Richard 37 B Farmer Monk Fryston George Clark Farmer   Joseph Oates  
  BRAMHAM Annie 25 S   Pudsey Robert Bramham Mason   Sarah Bramham CE133/117
1875 03 27 HAINSWORTH Daniel 35 W Willeyer Pudsey William Hainsworth Weaver   William Thompson  
  MARSHALL Elizabeth 26 S   Pudsey Thomas Marshall Willeyer   John Hayton CE133/118
1875 05 17 BINKS Lamartine 26 B Cab Proprietor Pudsey George Binks Cab Proprietor   Alfred Cutler  
  BEAUMONT Martha Ann 25 S   Pudsey John Beaumont Cloth Manufacturer   Betsy Cutler CE133/119
1875 05 27 VICKERS Joshua 22 B Stuff Manufacturer Stanningley William Vickers Stone Merchant   David Pearson By Registrar's Certificate
  CRABTREE Appolina 24 S   Pudsey Lister Crabtree Farmer   Esther Tunnicliffe, John Wilson CE133/120
1875 10 21 MORRIS John 44 W Labourer Pudsey John Morris Labourer   Thomas Hainsworth  
  WILD Ann Elizabeth 32 S   Pudsey James Wild Potter   Jane Hainsworth CE133/121
1876 01 23 YEADON Luke Metcalfe 20 B Blacksmith Tyersal John Yeadon Labourer   William Hirst  
  SPENCER Bessy 20 S   Tyersal William Spencer Mason   John Roberts CE133/122
1876 03 14 WHITE John William 35 W Comedian Pudsey John White Comedian   Robert Coombs  
  THOMPSON Bertha 21 S   Pudsey Charles Thompson Professor of Music   Eliza Emma Coombs CE133/123
1876 03 18 BRADSHAW Henry 21 B Miner Ferry Fryston Henry Bradshaw Labourer   John Broadbent  
  BROADBENT Emma 23 S   Pudsey John Broadbent Weaver   John Hayton CE133/124
1876 08 27 THYER Charles 24 B Checker Laisterdyke Charles Thyer Printer   George Chillag Baker  
  GOULDING Sarah Jane 22 S   Tyersal John Goulding Moulder   E * CE133/125
1876 12 23 HINCHLIFFE George Glover 23 B Warp Dresser Pudsey James Hinchliffe Weaver   John Johnson Illingworth  
  ILLINGWORTH Martha Ann 24 S   Pudsey Thomas Illingworth Weaver   Joseph Wade CE133/126
1876 12 30 CRAVEN Henry Townson 25 B Stone Mason Pudsey John Craven Stone Mason   Thomas Hayton  
  DAWSON Sophia 21 S   Pudsey Richard Dawson Stone Mason   John Hinchliff CE133/127
1877 03 19 COATES James 26 B Butcher Pudsey Frederick Coates Warp Dresser   John Coates  
  HALLBROOK Sarah Elizabeth Swainson 16 S   Pudsey Archibald Hallbrook Builder   Adelaide Sims CE133/128
1877 04 02 EXLEY Joseph 38 B Tailor Pudsey Matthew Exley Cloth Manufacturer   Samuel Hargraves  
  HOWARD Emma 34 S   Pudsey Ezekiel Howard Shoemaker   Maria Wood, Rose Horsley CE133/129
1877 05 14 ADAMS Jason 34 W Overlooker Tyersal James Adams Fitter   Annie Garnett  
  GARNETT Caroline 35 W   Tyersal James Turner Tailor   Hannah Fawbert CE133/130
1877 09 22 HINCHLIFFE John 22 B Tanner Pudsey James Hartley Hinchliffe Clothier   William Hinchliffe  
  HORSLEY Rose 22 S   Pudsey Henry Horsley Shoemaker   Emma Exley CE133/131
1878 01 01 STOCKDALE Edgar FA B Clerk in Holy Orders Leeds Jeremiah Box+I283 Stockdale Chief of Police   James Lumley By License
  COLSTON Marian Clayfield FA S   Tyersal John Robert Dane Colston Clerk in Holy Orders   Ellen Lumley, Frank Lumley CE133/132
1878 06 09 CROMPTON Thomas Wilson 22 B Ironmonger Lowtown Thomas Crompton Mechanic   Walter Roper  
  FAWCETT Mary Jane 20 S   Lowtown Caleb Fawcett Warp Dresser   Ann Selby CE133/133
1878 06 13 BROOK James FA W Fitter Laisterdyke James Brook Dresser   David Moseley  
  HILL Hannah FA S   Laisterdyke Thomas Hill Florister   Sarah Clarkson CE133/134
1878 08 17 JACKSON Benjamin FA B Shoemaker Pudsey David Jackson Clothier   Overend Ollins  
  BROOK Emily FA S   Pudsey James Brook Engine Fitter   Emma Durham CE133/135
1878 08 18 WATKINSON Walter 24 B Weaver Pudsey William Watkinson Quarryman   Fred Brook  
  HILL Catherine FA S   Pudsey Unknown .   Fanny Brook CE133/136
1878 11 16 HOLMES John FA B Labourer Laisterdyke William Holmes Labourer   Isaac Jowett  
  TERRY Mary Ann FA S   Laisterdyke Joseph Terry Woolsorter   Ann O'Neill CE133/137
1878 11 25 WILKINSON James William FA B Bookkeeper Tyersal Hall William Wilkinson Coal Merchant   Joseph Edward Scholefield By License
  SCHOLEFIELD Sarah Jane FA S   Bowling Joseph Scholefield Timber Merchant   David G Atchison CE133/138
1878 12 21 TURNER William 23 B Brakesman Tyersal John Turner Inspector   David Cooke  
  JOHNSON Hannah Eliza 20 S   Tyersal William Henry Johnson Labourer   Mary Bradley CE133/139
1879 01 04 BURNISTON George FA W Labourer Pudsey Richard Burniston Labourer   Squire Ward  
  BROTHERHEAD Sarah Ann FA W   Pudsey William Milner Weaver   Clara Brotherhead CE133/140
1879 02 22 HURREN Harry 24 B Foreman Shunter Swaine Green James Hurren Clothier   William Huckle  
  WEBB Lucy 24 S   Swaine Green Charles Webb Labourer   Susan Huckle CE133/141
1879 05 28 ROBERTS John Edward 22 B Size Manufacturer Bramley Thomas Roberts Cloth Manufacturer   W Hy Buckley, J Hinings,  
  MERRITT Bertha Anne 19 S   Pudsey William Merritt Size Maker   Ja A Beaumont, R Buckley CE133/142
1879 06 07 BARTLE Luke Alma 21 B Groom Tyersal Hall James Bartle Cab Proprietor   Henry Holdsworth  
  PRATT Clarinda 20 S   Tyersal Thomas Pratt Mason   Mary Ann Holdsworth CE133/143
1879 06 26 RUSHWORTH James 49 W Labourer Tyersal James Rushworth Cloth Maker   Harriet Binks  
  WATERHOUSE Sarah 49 W   Tyersal Joshua Shepherd Cloth Maker   Mary Edmondson CE133/144
1879 06 30 BROOK Edwin FA W Foreman Farnley William Brook Weaver   Thomas Gill  
  ASHTON Ann FA S   Roker Lane Thomas Ashton Woolcomber   Ruth Ashton CE133/145
1879 08 20 CARSTAIRS Henry Campbell FA B Farmer Pudsey William Carstairs Merchant   Caroline Sugden By License
  KELLY Jane FA S   . John Kelly Farmer   Benjamin Frederick Milner CE133/146
1879 09 20 MOSS Joshua 32 B Joiner Pudsey John Moss Farmer   Jonathan Banks Mitchell  
  ILLINGWORTH Mary Ann 23 S   Pudsey William Illingworth Clogger   William Hemingway CE133/147
1879 10 12 BOYDON John 30 B Confectioner Pudsey Jesse Boydon Cooper   John Halliday  
  BROWN Emily 22 S   Pudsey George Brown Engine Driver   Jabez Walton CE133/148
1879 11 16 GILL William 28 B Engineer Keighley John Gill Woolcomber   George Orange  
  CAWOOD Mary Beaumont 35 S   Pudsey John Beaumont Clothier   John Edward Clarkson CE133/149
1880 03 17 TEMPEST Samuel 24 B Wool Spinner Bradford Joseph Tempest Shopkeeper   Moses Tempest  
  JOHNSON Mary 23 S   Pudsey Christopher Johnson Manager of Iron Works   John Edward Clarkson CE133/150
1880 05 17 DENNISON John Broadbent FA W Butcher Swaine Green Dyson Dennison Grocer   Henry Wainwright  
  ASHWORTH Jane FA W   Swaine Green Henry Wainwright Dyer   Hephzibar Dennison CE133/151
1880 05 23 WILLIAMS George 25 B Salesman Building Ground George Williams Labourer   Abraham Ackroyd  
  MUSCHAMP Grace 24 S   Building Ground John Muschamp Wool Twister   Mary Ackroyd CE133/152
1880 06 26 HAWKINS James 21 B Cartman Pudsey Charles Hawkins Farmer   John E Firth  
  FAIRWEATHER Elizabeth 24 S   York Joseph Fairweather Butcher   Hannah Maria Wright CE133/153
1880 10 03 GILL John 32 B Engineer Pudsey George Gill Engineer   Simeon Bateman  
  BATEMAN Jane 27 S   Pudsey Joseph Bateman Coal Miner   Ann Maskill Nicholson CE133/154
1880 11 15 PEDDER Thomas 30 B Puddler Tyersal William Pedder Stocktaker   E Firth  
  WHITTAKER Mary Ellen 23 S   Tyersal Aaron Whittaker Tailor   Emma Pedder CE133/155
1880 12 25 SUGDEN William 23 B Engineer Pudsey William Sugden Clothier   Robert Barker  
  MAUD Martha Eliza 18 S   Pudsey Francis James Maud Card Nailer   Rosanna Glover CE133/156
1881 02 15 RUSHTON John FA W Wood Turner Tyersal William Rushton Woolcomber   James Slater  
  FEARNLEY Margaret Ann FA S   Tyersal . .   Benjn Moorhouse CE133/157
1882 01 02 HUDSON John FA B Tanner Bridge of Weir N.B. William Hudson Cattle Dealer   William Armistead By License
  FARRER Eliza FA S   Pudsey John Crampton Farrer Tanner & Currier   John Crampton Farrer, Jane Ann Farrer CE133/158
1882 04 17 WRIGHT Freeman 41 B Farmer Knipton Uriah Wright Farmer   Edward Read Nicholson  
  NICHOLSON Rebecca 29 S   Newark Edward Read Nicholson General Dealer   Mary Armstrong CE133/159
1882 05 13 WOOD Thomas 32 W Spinner Pudsey John Wood Pawnbroker   James Webster  
  GROVES Sarah 25 S   Pudsey George Groves Schoolmaster   John Groves CE133/160
1883 01 01 SCHOFIELD William 26 B Wine & Spirit Merchant Pontefract Job Schofield Farmer   Joseph Tatham  
  TATHAM Elizabeth Alice 21 S   Pudsey John Tatham Police Officer   Annie Tatham CE133/161
1883 05 09 BOWER Isaac Ward 28 B Stuff Merchant Bradford William Bower Gentleman   John James Priestley  
  PRIESTLEY Frances Hannah 26 S   Pudsey Alfred Priestley Machine Fitter   Sarah Anne Beaumont CE133/162
1883 06 09 SCOTT Fred 25 B Overlooker Dudley Hill, Birstall John Scott Woolsorter   Joseph Musgrave  
  MUSGRAVE Sarah Elizabeth 23 S   Pudsey Thomas Musgrave Manufacturer   Mary Musgrave CE133/163
1883 06 20 ELLIS James Henry 45 W Confectioner Littlemoor Ahi Ellis Manufacturer   John Frederick Farrer  
  FARRER Mary Ann 36 S   Littlemoor William Farrer Butcher   Sarah Ann Thorn? CE133/164
1883 06 25 FURNISS Allan 32 B Rag Grinder Pudsey Robert Furniss Manager   John Wood  
  WHARTON Emma 35 W   Pudsey Samuel Newby Keeper   Sarah Clarkson CE133/165
1883 08 11 GOODYEAR Thomas Henry 24 B Mechanic Newtown, Leeds Samuel Goodyear Mechanic   John Clark Yeadon  
  YEADON Caroline 24 S   Pudsey John Clark Yeadon Overlooker   Mary Ann Goodyear CE133/166
1883 09 05 MUMFORD John Philip 25 B Architect & Surveyor Caenarvon John James Mumford Army Surgeon   Benjamin Sunderland By License
  SINGLETON Ada Beatrice 21 S   Pudsey Nathaniel Singleton Gentleman   Fanny Singleton CE133/167
1883 09 18 VERITY George Edward 25 B Draper's salesman Pudsey George Verity Butter factor   Thomas Jowett By Registrar's Certificate
  JOWETT Annie Maria 23 S   Pudsey Thomas Jowett Manufacturer   Jas Verity, Martha Verity CE133/168
1883 09 15 IVENS Charles Llewelyn 29 B Clerk in Holy Orders Leeds Charles Fettiplan Ivens Merchant   Herbert Prescott Ivens  
  RAYNER Alice 29 S   Pudsey John Rayner Merchant   James Banks CE133/169
1883 10 06 STOTT Emanuel 22 B Warehouseman Pudsey Samuel Stott Warp Dresser   Thomas Henry Clayton  
  PICKLES Annie Elizabeth 22 S   Pudsey James Pickles Woolsorter   Sarah Ann Webster CE133/170
1883 10 24 KNOWLES Joseph Butler 28 B Wool Merchant Stanningley William Knowles Surgeon D J H *  
  HYLAND Mary Elizabeth 23 S   Pudsey John Hyland Drysalter   Sarah Annie Hyland CE133/171
1883 11 03 BODDY George 30 B Builder Bradford George Boddy Builder D Janet Balone  
  FELDMANN Dorothea Charlotte Eleanor 29 S   Pudsey Dietrich Blacksmith   J H F Schmitt CE133/172
1883 11 10 ELLIS Albert 24 B Gas Inspector Pudsey William Ellis Nail Maker   Thomas Rayner Barnes  
  THOMAS Keziah 23 S   Pudsey John Thomas Joiner   John Edward Clarkson CE133/173
1883 11 10 LEATHLEY Samuel 64 W Coppersmith Bradford William Leathley Manufacturer D Mark? Hainsworth By License
  HAINSWORTH Elizabeth 61 W   Fulneck William Johnson Manufacturer D Jonathan Stead Glover CE133/174
1883 12 08 HARGREAVES George Ellis 22 B Joiner Pudsey James Hargreaves Labourer   John Edwrad Drake  
  DRAKE Margaret 25 S   Pudsey John Drake Farmer   Mary Ann Drake CE133/175
1883 12 22 MARSTON Charles 22 B Engine man Pudsey . .   Smithies Throp  
  LANGLEY Sarah Ann 25 S   Pudsey Thomas Langley Weaver   William Henry Dufton CE133/176
1884 02 03 TREEN Thomas 27 B Blacksmith Morley Joseph Treen Blacksmith   Charles Firth  
  HINCHLIFFE Fanny 26 W   Pudsey John Tidgwell Cloth Merchant   Emma Firth CE133/177
1884 02 05 SPEED Richard Henry 22 B Gentleman Pudsey Charles Speed Gardener D Robert Tordoff  
  TORDOFF Emma 21 S   Pudsey Robert Tordoff Butcher   Henry Tordoff CE133/178
1884 03 01 JONES Lister 26 B Joiner Pudsey Benjamin Jones Farmer   Arthur Syney Smith  
  GLOVER Sarah 27 S   Pudsey Edward Glover Manufacturer   Esther Jones CE133/179
1884 04 12 RAISTRICK Edward Benjamin 25 B Clicker Pudsey William Raistrick Bootmaker   Thomas Wilson  
  WILSON Sarah Jane 28 S   Pudsey John Wilson General Smith D John Wilson CE133/180
1884 04 14 WILSON Frederick Rhodes 26 B Plasterer Cleckheaton Joseph Wilson Forgeman   Thomas Alfred Wright  
  FARRAR Alice 23 S   Pudsey Joseph Farrar Contractor   Elizabeth Ann Farrar CE133/181
1884 08 31 HARGREAVES Alfred 20 B Oil Extractor St Paul's Parish Jonas Hargreaves Oil Extractor   Albert Lonsdale  
  GREAVES Annie 22 S   Pudsey Edward Greaves Tanner   John Edward Clarkson CE133/182
1884 11 30 HAW William 22 B Mechanic Bramley John Haw Shoemaker   Albert Edward Hardaker  
  HARDAKER Frances Emily 32 S   Pudsey Richard Hardaker Traveller   Sarah Ann Elizabeth Hardaker CE133/183
1885 01 27 FRANKLAND Charles Gill 23 B Farmer Pudsey Charles Frankland Farmer   James Mitchell  
  HAINSWORTH Emma 22 S   Pudsey William Hainsworth Farmer   John Edward Clarkson CE133/184
1885 02 08 CRISP Edward 49 W Warp Dresser Pudsey Edward Crisp Commercial Traveller D Sarah Clarkson  
  CROSSLEY Caroline 50 S   Pudsey Christopher Crossley Shoemaker D John Edward Clarkson CE133/185
1885 05 23 THROP Smithies 23 B Tanner Pudsey Peter Throp Carrier D Charles Marston  
  HUTCHINSON Martha Ann 20 S   Pudsey Matthew Hutchinson Merchant   Mary Throp CE133/186
1885 05 31 SEABORN Ernest 20 B Confectioner Pudsey George Seaborn Tailor   Mary Ann Lockwood  
  HUDSON Mary 20 S   Pudsey Stephen Hudson Joiner   Tom Scott CE133/187
1885 06 30 WEST James 53 W Cart Driver Pudsey William West Farmer   John Stead  
  HUDSON Caroline 50 W   Pudsey William Dalby Farmer   Martha Hidgley CE133/188
1885 07 12 EMSLEY John 29 B Shoemaker Pudsey Joseph Emsley Weaver   Simeon Carter  
  MALTBY Mary Hannah Hollings 26 S   Pudsey . .   Hannah Carter, Sammy Ross CE133/189
1885 07 29 WHITHAM Charles Edward 26 B Bookkeeper Barnsley Thomas Whitham Linen Merchant   Louisa Elizabeth Booth  
  BOOTH Sarah Helena 24 S   Pudsey Nelson Booth Schoolmaster D John Alfred Wood, Donald Tate Milligan CE133/190
1885 09 03 HARE Beaumont 32 B Warehouseman Pudsey Joseph Hare Cloth Weaver   Joseph Banks, Harriet J Hare  
  BANKS Mary 28 S   Pudsey Joseph Banks Manufacturer D Sarah Anne Hyland, Elizabeth Banks CE133/191
1885 10 12 NAYLOR Levi 27 B Tanner Pudsey William Naylor Grocer   John Patchett  
  SUTCLIFFE Hannah Mary 24 S   Pudsey William sutcliffe Engine Tenter   Sarah Clarkson CE133/192
1886 01 27 BANKS William Henry 24 B Manufacturer Pudsey James Banks Manufacturer   James Banks  
  HININGS Mary 26 S   Pudsey Joseph Edward Hinings Draper   Joseph Edward Hinings, Alice Hinings CE133/193
1886 02 06 PLACE George 21 B Shoemaker Pudsey William Thomas Place Physician   Judith Rayner  
  DEAN Clara 21 S   Pudsey Appleby Dean Leather Dealer   Joseph Jowett CE133/194
1886 04 26 THOMPSON John 32 W Overlooker Bradford Joseph Thompson Warp Dresser   George Scott  
  SCOTT Mary Ann 25 S   Pudsey George Scott Boilermaker   Emma Scott CE133/195
1886 07 31 THRIPPLETON Thomas 43 W Cordwainer Pudsey Thomas Thrippleton Weaver D Albert Asquith  
  BRADLEY Harriet Elizabeth 36 S   Pudsey George Bradley maltster D Nannie Robinson CE133/196
1886 01 17 NAYLOR Houlden 24 B Moulder Fartown William Naylor Grocer   William Driver  
  DRIVER Fanny 21 S   Littlemoor William Driver Farmer   Eliza Raistrick CE133/197
1887 02 05 BROWN William Henry 31 B Coachman Chapeltown, Leeds William Brown Farmer D Joseph Walker  
  MOTT Amelia 27 S   Pudsey Thomas Mott Coal Merchant D Margaret Walker CE133/198
1887 04 11 SOWDEN Alfred 25 B Mason Waterloo John Sowden Cloth Weaver   John Watson  
  FOULDS Mary 19 S   Marsh Inn, Waterloo George Foulds Painter   Martha Elizabeth Sowden CE133/199
1887 05 15 DIXON William 20 B Millhand Littlemoor John Dixon Iron Roller   James Whittaker  
  SPENCER Hannah 18 S   Farnley Christopher Spencer Labourer   Mary Ann Spencer CE133/200
1887 05 30 YEADON Joseph Albert 24 B Warp Dresser Intake, Pudsey John Clark Yeadon Tuner   H Kaye  
  BINNS Martha 19 S   Lowtown Jeremiah Binns Bricklayer   Herbert Addey Harriet Grainger CE133/201
1887 07 13 BRADLEY William . B Clerk Pudsey John Bradley Gentleman   Annie Tordoff  
  TORDOFF Bertha . S   Pudsey Thomas Tordoff Rag Merchant   John Galloway CE133/202
1887 08 10 WEBSTER Milner 24 B Millhand Littlemoor Matthew Webster Woolsorter   John Edward Clarkson  
  DIXON Jemima 22 S   Roker Lane Joseph Dixon Blacksmith   Frederick Ellis CE133/203
1887 08 27 BUSFIELD Matthew 25 B Millhand Farsley Edwin Busfield Millhand   Emma Ellis  
  ELLIS Selina 25 S   Fartown William Ellis Woolsorter   Richardson Bairstow CE133/204
1887 09 10 DURMAN Joseph 23 B Dyer Wilberforce St, Pudsey Jonathan Durman Extractor   Martha Nelson  
  ROWLEY Elizabeth 23 S   Wilberforce St, Pudsey William Rowley Dyer   J. E. Clarkson CE133/205
1887 10 20 STEAD Jonas 26 B Riveter Pudsey Joseph Stead Labourer D Christopher Battenth  
  WILDS Alice Matilda 34 W   Pudsey George Blanchard Farmer   David Moseley CE133/206
1887 10 31 JOHNSON Elijah 35 B Labourer Tyersal Farm James Johnson Labourer D James T Milligan  
  HOLMES Mary Ann 25 S   Tyersal Farm William Holmes Polisher D David Bellwood CE133/207
1887 11 26 GREAVES Harry 19 B Twister Waterloo John Greaves Warp Dresser D Mary Walton Charles Banks  
  BOLLON Sarah Ann 20 S   Lowtown Alfred Bollon Painter D Annie Gaunt CE133/208
1887 12 03 TURNER Luther 21 B Tuner Fartown John Turner Beamer   Joseph William Roberts, John William Turner  
  ROBERTS Emily 26 S   South Park, Pudsey William Roberts Joiner   Louisa Ward, Maria Roberts CE133/209
1887 12 04 WATKINSON James 25 B Millhand Pudsey Joseph Watkinson Overlooker D Thomas William Watkinson  
  JAGGAR Harriet 24 S   Drighlington Jonas Jaggar Labourer D J. E. Clarkson CE133/210
1887 12 12 ROBINSON John 35 W Greengrocer Waterloo Lane Stephen Robinson Horse Dealer D Andrew Blakey  
  BLAKEY Elizabeth 29 S   Waterloo Lane Isaiah Blakey Millhand   Mary Gilbert CE133/211
1887 12 14 THOMAS Daniel 33 B Clerk in Holy Orders Pudsey Charles Thomas Farmer   James Banks, Harriet Cresswell,  
  BANKS Elizabeth 33 S   Pudsey James Banks Manufacturer   Amelia Hutton, David Thomas CE133/212
1887 12 25 HARTROP William Thomas 33 B Iron Worker Codnoz James Hartrop Labourer   Walter Gaunt  
  COLEBOURN Ellen Maria 35 S   Pudsey Henry Colebourn Publican   Elizabeth Gaunt CE133/213
1888 01 15 TODD Joseph 31 B Tuner Pudsey Joseph Todd Weaver D Frank Lee  
  HUGGAN Martha 35 W   Pudsey Joseph Jackson Weaver   Phebe Lee CE133/214
1888 01 21 CROWTHER Tom 22 B Millhand Pudsey Thomas Crowther Overlooker   Sarah Ann Farrar  
  FARRAR Ann 23 S   Pudsey Edward Farrar Weaver D James Sutcliffe CE133/215
1888 04 25 HYLAND Joseph Banks 26 B Oil Merchant Pudsey John Hyland Drysalter D William * Latimer  
  LATIMER Ruth 24 S   Pudsey Thomas Latimer Manufacturer   Arthur Charles Atkinson, Sarah Latimer CE133/216
1888 04 29 PILCHER Israel 35 W Labourer Swaine Green Henry Pilcher Labourer   Joseph Brown  
  RAYNER Jane 29 S   Swaine Green William Rayner Labourer   J. E. Clarkson CE133/217
1888 05 06 MANNING James 21 B Labourer Swaine Green John Manning Labourer   Israel Pilcher  
  HUNT Rosila 19 S   Swaine Green George Hunt Foreman   J. E. Clarkson CE133/218
1888 05 19 JENNINGS William Alban 32 B Mechanic Armley William Jennings Commercial Traveller D Geo Birks  
  WOMERSLEY Emma 32 S   Pudsey Peter Womersley Manufacturer D Tom? Tordoff CE133/219
1888 06 26 ROSS John 20 B Cloth Dresser Greenside Charles Ross Painter   Elizabeth Carr  
  LEDGER Emily 19 S   Greenside William Ledger Gardener   Harry Clarkson CE133/220
1888 08 04 HARTLEY William 23 B Engine Tenter Wilberforce St, Pudsey Robert Hartley Engine Tenter   Burton Swaine Ayrton  
  HILL Mary 23 S   Wilberforce St, Pudsey George Hill Blacksmith D Oliver Briggs John Edward Clarkson CE133/221
1888 08 23 ILLINGWORTH Joshua 20 B Finisher Church End, Pudsey John Illingworth Gentleman D Sarah Elizabeth Briggs  
  BRIGGS Hannah 24 S   Delph Hill, Pudsey William Briggs Mason D   CE133/222
1888 08 26 HINCHLIFFE Titus 54 W Millhand Morley George Hinchliffe Manufacturer   James Wood  
  SPINK Ann 47 S   Morley Edward Spink Teacher of Music   Elizabeth Wood CE133/223
1888 09 15 GREGSON George 57 W Quarryman Lowtown George Gregson Weaver D John Edward Clarkson  
  PORTER Mary Ann 56 W   Fartown Thomas Humphries Butcher D J E Lawson Sophia Wilkinson CE133/224
1888 09 18 EMSLEY William Bradley 28 B Stationer Pudsey Matthew Emsley Stationer   Joseph N Lee B.A. Frederica Bernin  
  WALKER Elizabeth 28 S   Pudsey William Walker Butcher   Timothy Woodhead Merritt CE133/225
1888 10 01 HAYLEY John William 21 B Labourer Pudsey Firbin Hayley Miner   Ada Haley Groom signed HALEY
  MERRITT Emma 21 S   Pudsey William Merritt Spinner   Joseph Exley CE133/226
1888 11 11 EXLEY Samuel 51 W Labourer Doncaster Matthew Exley Cloth Manufacturer D Emma Exley  
  WOOD Maria 48 S   Pudsey William Wood Builder D Thomas Wilson CE133/227
1888 11 13 JOWETT Arthur 26 B Grocer Pudsey Thomas Jowett Manufacturer   Clara Novello Jowett  
  WILSON Sarah Hannah 23 S   Bramley Thomas Wilson Blacksmith   William Dean CE133/228
1888 12 23 WILLIAMS Harry 22 B Striker Pudsey Allen Williams Blacksmith   J. E. Clarkson  
  FAIRLEY Rose 17 S   Pudsey John Fairley Labourer     CE133/229
1889 01 05 MUSGRAVE Walter 25 B Tinsmith Lowtown Benjamin Musgrave Labourer   George Fishburn  
  BRIGGS Adelaide 21 S   Lowtown Thomas Briggs Labourer   Rebecca Briggs CE133/230
1889 02 17 GOFORTH George Dobson 30 B Police Sergeant Pudsey Thomas Goforth Labourer   Tom Pickles  
  TURNER Betsy 34 W   Pudsey Thomas Wright Farmer D Zillah Green CE133/231
1889 03 03 BANISTER Herbert Charles 32 B Foreman Tyersal Charles James Banister Gentleman   Samuel Atkins  
  ATKINS Annie 22 S   Tyersal Marshal Atkins Fireman   J. E. Clarkson CE133/232
1889 04 20 ELSWORTH James Arthur 24 B Millhand Lowtown Ephraim Elsworth Coal Agent   George Richardson  
  MARSH Clara Chatwin 25 S   Littlemoor Simeon Marsh Stone Mason D Mary E Halliday CE133/233
1889 04 22 HINCHLIFFE John William 20 B Warp Dresser South Park, Pudsey William Hinchliffe Warp Dresser   George Lane Place Bride signed CHEESBROUGH
  CHEESEBROUGH Sarah Elizabeth 20 S   Pudsey George Cheesebrough Miner   Thomas Cheesbrough CE133/234
1889 06 10 WILKINSON John 19 B Clerk Pudsey Robert Wilkinson Engineer   Simeon Threapleton  
  MORTON Sarah Ann 19 S   Pudsey George Morton Mason   Clara Wilkinson CE133/235
1889 08 18 HALEY David 33 B Engine Driver Pudsey Emanuel Haley Woolcomber   Samuel Hudson  
  HUDSON Emily 26 S   Pudsey Robert Hudson Porter   Alice Tidswell CE133/236
1889 08 24 MARSDEN Sam 26 B Blacksmith Chapeltown William Marsden Joiner & Builder   Abraham Wilson  
  WILSON Mary Hannah 23 S   Greenside Abraham Wilson Blacksmith   Nancy Marsden CE133/237
1889 08 24 CHAPMAN Joseph 23 B Tanner Roker Lane Alfred Chapman Tanner   Jesse Firth  
  HODGSON Elizabeth 20 S   Roker Lane William Hodgson Butcher   Janey Elizabeth Isles CE133/238
1889 08 26 ILLINGWORTH Thomas 20 B Millhand Littlemoor Simeon Illingworth Stone Mason   Abraham Illingworth  
  BANCROFT Sarah Ann 24 S   Crawshaw Field Joseph Bancroft Foreman   John Gaunt, Elizabeth Bancroft CE133/239
1889 09 07 MYERS Cleophas 21 B Yarn Finisher Tyersal Cleophas Myers Tailor   Annie Beanland  
  BEANLAND Emily 19 S   Tyersal George Beanland Woolsorter   Herbert Holdsworth CE133/240
1889 09 29 NORTH John William 20 B Millhand Mount Pleasant Ezra North Beamer   William Dixon  
  WHITEHEAD Sarah Hannah 18 S   Lowtown Charles Whitehead Spinner   Eliza Whitehead CE133/241
1889 12 03 RYLEY Frederick William 30 B Banker's Clerk Pudsey Major Ryley Bookkeeper   Ernest Jones  
  JONES Mary 27 S   Pudsey John Edward Jones Gentleman   John Tollant, Annie Armitage CE133/242
1889 12 25 BARTON Fred 21 B Shoe Riveter Pudsey Anthony Dempster Barton Joiner   William Barton  
  FAWBERT Grace Hannah 23 S   Pudsey Joseph Fawbert Millhand   Esher Ann Turner CE133/243
1889 12 28 EXLEY Matthew 23 B Fireman Doncaster Samuel Exley Labourer   Thomas Wood  
  WOOD Amelia 28 S   Pudsey George Wood Contractor   Mary Ellen Wood, Maria Wood CE133/244
1890 02 25 CRAMPTON Walter William 22 B Farmer Pudsey John Crampton Farmer   Clara Crampton  
  STEAD Mary 23 S   Pudsey James Stead Labourer D Samuel Marshall Stead CE133/245
1890 03 08 RAYNER James 25 B Smith Manchester George Rayner Labourer   Abram Lees  
  RHODES Anise 28 S   Pudsey William Rhodes Engineer   Judith Rayner CE133/246
1890 04 07 BARFF George 23 B Mechanic Pudsey Charles Barff Joiner   George Lumby  
  NOONE Kate 18 S   Pudsey James Noone Quarryman   J. E. Clarkson CE133/247
1890 04 27 COKER Robert John 26 B Painter Leeds Jabez Coker Painter   Albert Orme  
  ORME Harriet Elizabeth 31 S   Pudsey William Henry Orme Cabinet Maker   Adelaide Orme CE133/248
1890 05 27 ASHBROOK Cecil Henry 28 B Decorator Manchester John Ashbrook Stone Mason D George Thomson  
  THOMSON Ann 30 S   Pudsey George Thomson Inspector of Works   William Thomson CE133/249
1890 06 14 HINCHCLIFFE Henry 29 B Spinner Pudsey Jonathan Hinchliffe Weaver   Joseph Langley  
  LANGLEY Paulina 28 S   Pudsey William Langley Weaver D Asenath Langley CE133/250
1890 06 21 JAMES Ernest 20 B Stoker Pudsey Matthew James Miner D Amelia James  
  PETTRICK Sarah Ann 19 S   Pudsey Thomas Pettrick Tanner   Arthur Vanham? CE133/251
1890 07 23 JONES Frederick Haley 22 B Manufacturer Pudsey George Andrew Jones Manufacturer   Amos Henry Turton, Matthew Walker,  
  WALKER Sarah Ann Hinchcliffe 24 S   Stanningley Matthew Walker Manufacturer   Jamie? Beer, G A Jones CE133/252
1890 08 05 MIDDLEBROOK John 45 B Printer & Publisher Lowtown Samuel Middlebrook Manufacturer D William Procter By Registrar's Certificate
  MIDDLEBROOK Kate 34 S   Whitehall Rd, Drighlington Thomas Middlebrook Manufacturer D Emma Procter CE133/253
1890 09 01 GARNETT John 26 B Hairdresser Stanningley William Garnett Hairdresser   Albert Jowett  
  JOWETT Clara Novello 25 S   Pudsey Thomas Jowett Manufacturer   John Edward Clarkson John Stell CE133/254
1890 10 09 RUSSELL Thomas 42 B Labourer Pudsey William Russell Labourer   Harriet Binks  
  THOMPSON Jane 36 S   Pudsey William Thompson Clogger D Harry Edmondson CE133/255
1890 11 22 WARD George Hinchcliffe 31 B Carter Pudsey Samuel Ward Flock Merchant   Clara Sutcliffe  
  TILFORD Mary Jane 24 S   Pudsey . .   Alfred Hudson CE133/256
1891 01 11 JONES John Edward 26 B Farmer Pudsey Benjamin Jones Farmer   John Edward Clarkson  
  HUDSON Margaret 23 S   Pudsey William Hudson Farmer   Sarah Harris CE133/257
1891 01 31 DAVIES Albert 21 B Labourer Pudsey Albert John Davies Excavator   James Jenkins?  
  HARRIS Eliza 21 S   Pudsey John Harris Miner   Samuel Binns Smith CE133/258
1891 02 09 HOLDSWORTH Herbert Augustus 20 B Warp Twister Bradford John Holdsworth Bookkeeper   Anne Christiana Preece  
  ASHWORTH Hannah 20 S   Pudsey Zachariah Ashworth Publican     CE133/259
1891 02 28 MORGAN William 26 B Carter Pudsey Thomas Morgan Carter   Abraham Chillas?  
  FENTON Martha Hannah 18 S   Pudsey William Henry Fenton Cooper   Clara Fenton CE133/260
1891 03 21 JACKSON George 40 W Plumber Pudsey John Jackson Butcher D Charles Hawksworth  
  SHELDON Harriet 54 W   Pudsey James Bramhall Grinder   Ann Hawksworth CE133/261
1891 03 30 WEBSTER George 22 B Labourer Pudsey William Webster Overlooker   Harry Sutcliffe  
  GAUNT Mary Ellen 25 S   Pudsey Samuel Gaunt Foundry hand   John Hall Amelia Gaunt CE133/262
1891 03 31 FRANKLAND Richard Henry 27 B Farmer Pudsey Charles Frankland Gentleman   Rachel Birkenshaw  
  BIRKENSHAW Ellen 21 S   Pudsey Richard Birkenshaw Farmer   Ernest William Hall CE133/263
1891 04 01 BAINES Isaac 21 B Navvy Pudsey Samuel Baines Publican   Ann Rhodes  
  THRESH Martha Ann 21 S   Pudsey William Thresh Painter D Grace Ann Berry CE133/264
1891 04 25 BUCKLE Frank Crosley 31 B Labourer Pudsey William Lawson Greengrocer   Edith Lawson  
  BERRY Mary Ellen 31 S   Pudsey George Berry Weaver   William Walsh CE133/265
1891 05 16 ACKROYD Ben 24 B Dyer Pudsey John Ackroyd Weaver D Henrietta Johnson  
  JOHNSON Emily 24 S   Pudsey John Johnson Millhand D Godfrey Hainsworth CE133/266
1891 05 16 WOOD Thomas Henry 23 B Mason Pudsey Isaac Wood Mason   Ruth Ann Halliday  
  HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Ann 30 S   Pudsey Joseph Hainsworth Manufacturer D Sarah Ann Spencer CE133/267
1891 05 24 SWAINE Hiram 30 B Paper sorter Bradford Hiram Swaine Paper Merchant   J. E. Clarkson  
  SWAINE Mary Jane 32 S   Pudsey William Swaine Joiner   Luther Thackray Myers CE133/268
1891 06 03 NAYLOR Procter 24 B Commercial Traveller Pudsey Moses Naylor Coal Merchant   Joseph Ed. Armitage  
  ARMITAGE Mary Esther 20 S   Pudsey Joseph Edward Armitage Manufacturer   Albert Gay Annie Armitage CE133/269
1891 06 29 ROBINS Joseph 19 B Navvy Pudsey Joseph Robins Miner   Margaret Caswell  
  SUTCLIFFE Rebecca 20 S   Pudsey Snowden Sutcliffe Miner   Ralph Petty CE133/270
1891 07 06 RHODES Walter 23 B Mechanic Pudsey William Rhodes Engineer   John Turner  
  TURNER Esther Ann 25 S   Pudsey John Turner Caretaker   William Henry Morley CE133/271
1891 08 15 RODGERS William 19 B Labourer Pudsey . .   Hannah Walker  
  DOBSON Alice Ann 19 S   Pudsey Joseph Dobson Broker   John William Armitage CE133/272
1891 08 24 ARMITAGE Thomas Henry 27 B Overlooker Pudsey Jonathan Armitage Gentleman   Martha Ann Atkinson  
  DRIVER Ruth 25 S   Pudsey James Driver Gentleman   Annis Coope CE133/273
1891 08 26 WEBSTER Eli 23 B Policeman Wakefield William Webster Millhand   Joshua Pearson  
  PEARSON Mary Elizabeth 26 S   Pudsey James Pearson Weaver D Martha Pearson CE133/274
1891 11 07 MARSH William Edward 28 B Millhand Farsley William Marsh Mason   George Lumby  
  WADE Grace 31 S   Pudsey . .   Frances Esther Marsh CE133/275
1891 11 17 WEBSTER Lister 22 B Wool Merchant Pudsey Robert Webster Wool Merchant   Joseph Webster  
  PROCTER Eliza 23 S   Pudsey Thomas Procter Tanner D Sarah Webster CE133/276
1891 11 18 RAWSON Sam 23 B Architect Bradford Christopher Rawson Accountant   Joseph Dunckley  
  WEBSTER Rosetta 22 S   Pudsey James Webster Wool Merchant   James Webster, Emily Webster CE133/277
1891 11 21 SUMMERSGILL Richard 36 W Tailor Pudsey Richard Summersgill Saddler D John William Fleeman  
  PARKER Martha 28 S   Pudsey Joseph Parker Shepherd   Mary Jane Jackson CE133/278
1891 11 28 ILLINGWORTH Thomas Henry 23 B Grocer Pudsey Thomas Illingworth Grocer   Sarah Ann Keighley  
  MAUD Frances Rebecca 23 S   Farsley Francis James Maud Card Nailer   William Sugden CE133/279
1891 12 21 TEW Joseph 24 B Miner Pudsey Richard Tew Labourer   Albert Gay  
  KNEESHAW Annie 21 S   Pudsey Henry Kneeshaw Engine Driver   Sarah Ann Sharman CE133/280
1891 12 23 RAISTRICK Joseph 27 B Mechanic Pudsey John Raistrick Boot L*   Walter Thrippleton  
  WOOD Hannah Elizabeth 28 S   Pudsey George Wood Boot L* D Maria Wood CE133/281
1891 12 26 COULT George Henry 23 B Moulder Pudsey Simpson Coult Ship Builder   John Berry  
  BERRY Sarah 23 S   Pudsey George Berry Weaver   Eunice Sowden CE133/282
1891 12 26 HEPWORTH Robert 21 B Warehouseman Pudsey Robert Hepworth Butcher   Henry Fox  
  FOX Annie 21 S   Pudsey John Fox Grocer   Frances Ann Walker CE133/283
1892 01 09 RAISTRICK Thomas H 23 B Currier Pudsey John Raistrick Mechanic   James Howes  
  BROWN Annie 21 S   Pudsey Charles Brown Farmer   Hannah Howes CE133/284
1892 01 16 PEMBERTON John Winstanley 25 B Policeman Pudsey Hugh Pemberton Gentleman   John Edward Clarkson  
  SMITH Elizabeth Ann 21 S   Bingley John Smith Quarryman   John Edward Clarkson Harriet Binks CE133/285
1892 02 01 BUTLER William 24 B Mechanic's Labourer Pudsey Thomas Butler . D Harriet Binks  
  WOOD Ellen 21 S   Bradford William Wood Farm Labourer     CE133/286
1892 02 18 PEEL Samuel 27 B Labourer Pudsey Simeon Peel Labourer D Matthew Cooper  
  COOPER Christiana 22 S   Pudsey Joseph Cooper Labourer D John Edward Clarkson Ann Cooper CE133/287
1892 02 25 WALKER Joseph 38 W House Painter Pudsey Samuel Joseph Walker House Painter   John Edward Clarkson  
  CLOSE Annie 22 S   Pudsey Robert Close Blacksmith   Sydney Brown Samuel Joseph Walker CE133/288
1892 04 22 BIRD Arthur Herbert 34 B Clergyman Appleton Wiske Charles Frederick Bird Furniture Decorator   Sydney Brown  
  BROWN Annis Elizabeth 26 S   New Street, Pudsey William Brown Gentleman   Amos Thewlis Sarah Craven CE133/289
1892 05 14 CARTER Harry 25 B Warp dresser Pudsey Job Carter Blacksmith D Amos Thewlis  
  THEWLIS Annie 23 S   Pudsey Amos Thewlis Overlooker   Sarah Ann Wadsworth Emily Wilkinson CE133/290
1892 05 30 COATERIDGE Frederick 23 B Miner Pudsey John Coateridge Quarryman D Joseph Wadsworth  
  WADSWORTH Sarah 24 S   Pudsey William Wadsworth Quarryman D Belfort Farrar CE133/291
1892 06 14 EVANS James 31 B Gas Engineer Pudsey James Evans Brewer   Clara Alice Steele  
  STEINHAWER Madalena 33 S   Pudsey Rudolf Steinhawer Farmer   John Cassell CE133/292
1892 06 18 DUFTON Edmund 25 B Finisher Pudsey Joseph Dufton Millhand   Amelia Wilcox  
  CLARK Mary 25 S   Pudsey Christopher Clark Currier D Alfred Booth CE133/293
1892 08 18 SANSOME David 28 B Gardener Shardlow James Sansome Manufacturer D Agnes Sunderland  
  CUSSANS Louisa 29 S   Pudsey John Cussans Publican   Jim Wood CE133/294
1892 08 27 CORBITT John 24 B Mechanic Pudsey John Corbitt Labourer   Rose Marriner  
  WOOD Mary Elizabeth 21 S   Pudsey Joseph Wood Millhand D George E Wilks CE133/295
1892 08 31 FOWLER James Ward 26 B Plumber Pudsey Jonathan Fowler Contractor   Sarah Seed  
  HARGREAVES Clara 24 S   Pudsey John Hargreaves Publican   Matthew Walker CE133/296
1892 09 05 CLOUGH William Hinchliffe 28 B Schoolmaster Pudsey John Clough Cloth Merchant D Sarah Hannah Webster, Benjamin Hargreave Webster  
  WEBSTER Amy Isabel 26 S   Pudsey Jonathan Lupton Webster Mungo Merchant D Frank Stead, F H Clough CE133/297
1892 09 08 FARRER Albert 25 B Salesman Pudsey John Farrer Cloth Maker   Lena? Stead  
  STEAD Amelia Sophia 25 S   Bradford Samuel Stead Chemist     CE133/298
1892 10 01 ROBERTSHAW Joseph 26 B Carter Pudsey Joseph Robertshaw Farmer   James Dennison  
  MIDGLEY Emily 25 S   Pudsey Thomas Midgley Glass Merchant   Annie Midgley CE133/299
1892 10 03 RAMSDEN Brooke 20 B Cloth Miller Pudsey George Ramsden Carder   Charles Mosley  
  TURNER Amelia 20 S   Pudsey Thomas Turner Joiner   Mary Ramsden CE133/300
1892 10 08 STRICKLAND Harry 30 B Warper Pudsey Alfred Strickland Warper D Joseph Barker  
  TURNER Mary 30 S   Pudsey Jonathan Turner Farmer D Mary Barker CE133/301
1892 10 12 HAINSWORTH Godfrey 29 B Manager Pudsey Joseph Hainsworth Manufacturer   Lena Halliday  
  HALLIDAY Ruth Ann 23 S   Pudsey John Halliday Waste dealer   John Halliday CE133/302
1892 10 29 FLEEMAN John William 25 B Policeman Pudsey Robert Fleeman Farmer D John Edward Clarkson  
  JACKSON Mary Jane 26 S   Pudsey William Jackson Labourer   Martha Kenyon CE133/303
1892 11 19 STEPHENSON George 32 W Turner Pudsey John Stephenson Contractor   Ralph Darnbrough  
  DARNBROUGH Ann 33 S   Pudsey Mark Darnbrough . D Martha Darnbrough CE133/304
1892 11 26 STIMPSON Arthur 23 B Labourer Pudsey John Stimpson Foreman   John Goodacre Sewards  
  SEWARDS Elizabeth 22 S   Pudsey John Goodacre Sewards Foreman   Ann Brown CE133/305
1892 11 28 HALL Albert Squire 28 W Actor Pudsey Charles Hall Builder D Charles Clegg  
  CLEGG Amy 23 S   Pudsey Abraham Clegg Mechanic D Maria Hodgkinson CE133/306
1892 12 24 GAUNT John 23 B Labourer Pudsey Charles Gaunt Carter   Thomas Illingworth  
  ILLINGWORTH Martha 19 S   Pudsey Simeon Illingworth Mason   J E Clarkson CE133/307
1892 12 24 WILKINSON Charles Smith 23 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey Henry Wilkinson Machine Maker   William Driver  
  DRIVER Ada 24 S   Pudsey William Driver Farmer   Alice Ann Woodhead CE133/308
1892 12 24 STANLEY John 30 B Blacksmith Pudsey Charles Stanley Blacksmith   George Henry Simpson  
  STANSFIELD Grace Ann 35 S   Pudsey Samuel Stansfield Weaver D John Edward Clarkson CE133/309
1892 12 31 SCOTT Caleb 24 B Miner Pudsey Young Scott Quarryman   Lewis Rhodea  
  BRICKETT Sarah Jane 20 S   Pudsey Thomas Brickett Labourer   Rebecca Robins CE133/310
1893 03 04 THOMPSON Richard 21 B Labourer Pudsey William Thompson Labourer D William Roberts  
  RILEY Mary Ann 19 S   Pudsey Abraham Riley Labourer   Lydia Abbott CE133/311
1893 03 11 RILEY Joseph John 20 B Mechanic Thornaby William Riley Labourer   James William Birks  
  WARD Ruth Ann 20 S   Pudsey David Ward Traveller   Joseph Ward, Jane Child CE133/312
1893 03 13 NORTON Isaac 30 B Butcher Pudsey Thomas Norton Manufacturer   William Webster  
  STRICKLAND Rebecca 26 S   Pudsey Alfred Strickland Manufacturer D Esther Strickland CE133/313
1893 03 18 WEBSTER Ben 29 B Engine Tenter Pudsey William Webster Overlooker   John Edward Sutcliffe  
  SUTCLIFFE Martha 26 S   Pudsey John Edward Sutcliffe Coal Miner   William Webster CE133/314
1893 04 01 SCHOFIELD Jim 23 B Bootmaker Pudsey John Schofield Millhand   John Henry Johnson  
  LOCKETT Laura 28 S   Pudsey William Lockett Grocer D Edith Hall CE133/315
1893 04 03 ATKINSON Frederick George 23 B Labourer Pudsey George Atkinson Foreman   Joseph Gott  
  WEBSTER Mary 22 S   Pudsey Samuel Haley Webster Architect   Mary Eleanor Annall CE133/316
1893 04 05 HAWKSWORTH James 21 B Coke Merchant Pudsey Charles Hawksworth Publican   Edward Fitzpatrick  
  FITZPATRICK Polly 20 S   Pudsey Edward Fitzpatrick Blacksmith   Sarah Hawksworth CE133/317
1893 05 22 GELDER William Milner 27 B Printer Wortley George Gelder Brickmaker   James Wood  
  WOOD Mary Elizabeth 25 S   Pudsey Alfred Wood Plasterer   Agnes Wood CE133/318
1893 07 24 RANKIN Alfred 25 B Butcher Pudsey George Rankin Grocer   Abraham Wilson  
  WILSON Alice 25 S   Pudsey Abraham Wilson Blacksmith   James? Brook Sarah Jane Wilson CE133/319
1893 08 07 BROOK Charles FA B Cashier Pudsey Samuel Brook Manufacturer   Jane Fletcher By License
  ARMITAGE Annie 20 S   Pudsey Joseph Edward Armitage Manufacturer   Tom Walls CE133/320
1893 08 08 PICKLES Smith Watkinson 21 B Fitter Pudsey Thomas Watkinson Pickles Millhand   Rose Ellen Bulmer  
  THOMPSON Mary Elizabeth 21 S   Pudsey William Thompson Butcher     CE133/321
1893 10 05 ATKINSON Thomas Lawrence . B Solicitor Calverley Thomas Atkinson Manufacturer   Thomas Atkinson, Harold Newell,  
  JONES Maud Elizabeth . S   Pudsey George Andrew Jones Manufacturer   George Andrew Jones, Kate R* Jones CE133/322
1893 10 25 HALLIDAY Walter 21 B Manufacturer Lowtown Joseph Halliday Manufacturer   Abraham Wilson  
  WILSON Sarah Jane 23 S   Greenside Abraham Wilson Blacksmith   John Halliday CE133/323
1893 11 20 GRAYSHON Richard 34 B Butcher Pudsey Joseph Grayshon Waste dealer   William Grayshon  
  HALLIDAY Hannah 32 S   Pudsey George Halliday Manufacturer D Sarah Grayshon, Joseph Jowett CE133/324
1893 12 09 ROSSALL Richard 21 B Labourer Pudsey Richard Rossall Labourer   Samuel Joseph Walker  
  WALKER Louisa 21 S   Pudsey Samuel Joseph Walker Painter   Emily Mary Walker CE133/325
1893 12 23 HUTCHINSON John Edwin 21 B Carrier Bradford Edwin Hutchinson Manufacturer   Thos Firth  
  NOBLE Sarah Ann 18 S   Pudsey William Noble Plumber D Mary Irene Hutchinson CE133/326
1894 01 03 TAYLOR Fred 23 B Fireman 19 Gladstone St, Leeds Rd, Bradford George Taylor Engine Driver   B Broadbent  
  BROADBENT Lucy Ellen 24 S   Station House, Stanningley Beaumont Broadbent Station Master   B Broadbent, K E Broadbent CE133/327
1894 01 13 HALLIDAY Arthur 21 B Currier Pudsey Frederick Halliday Weaver   George William Halliday  
  NICHOLS Sarah Elizabeth 22 S   Pudsey Charles Nichols Mechanic   Bessie Nichols CE133/328
1894 01 18 MARSTON John 25 B Police Constable Drighlington Thomas Marston Farmer   John Thomson  
  THOMSON Catherine Jane 20 S   Pudsey George Thomson Inspector   Elizabeth Skinner Bower, Isaac Bower CE133/329
1894 01 27 CLARKE William Thomas 29 B Clicker Pudsey Richard Clarke Clicker   James William Ashton  
  BULLOCK Lucinda 33 W   Wolverhampton Jonah Butler Farmer D John Edward Clarkson CE133/330
1894 01 31 FARRAR Arthur 25 B Publican West Hunslet Benjamin Farrar Publican D Job Wilcock  
  WILCOCK Elizabeth 20 S   Pudsey John Wilcock Publican   Mary Wilcock CE133/331
1894 02 03 FOWLER Arthur 22 B Miner South Ossett Benjamin Fowler Cloth Finisher   John Edwain Fothergill  
  GARSIDE Ada 25 S   Pudsey Will Garside Spinner   Frances Garside CE133/332
1894 02 06 HOYLE Hanson 26 W Labourer Bradford . .   James Moss  
  MOSS Rachel Ann 29 S   Pudsey Joseph Moss Farmer   Ruth Norton CE133/333
1894 03 07 LUMBY Willie 30 B Overlooker Stanningley William Lumby Warper   William Procter  
  PROCTER Annie 21 S   Pudsey John Procter Weaver   Mary Hannah Lumby CE133/334
1894 03 22 JONES Alfred 40 B Overlooker Pudsey Benjamin Jones Farmer   Albert Ackroyd  
  JACKSON Esther Louisa 35 S   Pudsey Jonathan Jackson Mason   Addis? Bradley CE133/335
1894 04 21 SCOTT George 39 B Excavator 9 Randaclune? St, Bradford Charles Scott Tailor   George Schofield  
  ATKINSON Mary Jane 34 W   Pudsey William Brough Farmer D Betsy Ann Barrand CE133/336
1894 04 25 ARMITAGE Randolph Stirgus 24 B Manufacturer Pudsey Joseph Edward Armitage Manufacturer   Ethel Rayner  
  RAYNER Letitia 27 S   Pudsey Simeon Rayner Manufacturer D Procter Naylor CE133/337
1894 05 12 WOOD Jim 21 B Miner Chapeltown Joseph Wood Quarryman D John Edward Clarkson  
  MARRINER Rose 20 S   Pudsey William Tom Marriner Brickmaker   Sarah Marriner CE133/338
1894 06 13 ROBERTS John Edward 33 B Painter Farnley William Stables Roberts Painter   Richard Roberts  
  HALLIDAY Lena 22 S   Pudsey John Halliday Waste dealer   Fanny Roberts CE133/339
1894 07 21 FARRER James Arthur 23 B Forgeman Pudsey John Farrer Millhand D Daniel Horton Giles  
  GILES Emma Jane 23 S   Pudsey Daniel Horton Giles Woolsorter   John Edward Clarkson CE133/340
1894 11 03 SUGDEN Robert 22 B Mill operative Lowtown John Sugden Cloth Washer   William Dixon  
  SPENCER Alice 21 S   Farnley Christopher Spencer Forgeman   Betty Sugden CE133/341
1894 12 04 BLAKEY Frederick 24 B Miner Robin Lane Frederick Blakey Miner   George Walden  
  WHITING Ada Elizabeth 25 S   40 Fartown Henry Thomas Whiting Pattern maker   Annie Walden CE133/342
1895 01 05 GIBSON George Edward 24 B Groom Lowtown Edward Gibson . D George Thomson  
  THOMSON Fanny 20 S   Greenside George Thompson Inspector of Works   Elizabeth Skinner Bower CE133/343
1895 02 16 PARKER John Henry 24 B Flinthand Thornhill Lees John Parker . D George Jackson  
  MACHELL Eva 21 S   Waterloo John Machell . D Eva Eliza Milner CE133/344
1895 02 16 SEWARDS George 20 B * Labourer Radcliffe Lane John Goodacre Sewards Railway Fireman   Arthur Stimpson  
  IRONMONGER Fanny 20 S   Radcliffe Lane John Ironmonger . D Elizabeth Stimpson CE133/345
1895 03 16 ALDERSON Squire 18 B Miner Farnley John Alderson Miner   Joseph Glover  
  GLOVER Ruth 19 S   Pudsey Joseph Glover Spinner   Florence Glover CE133/346
1895 04 13 BINKS John Beaumont 17 B Boot & Shoe Finisher 171 Lowtown Lamartine Binks Potman   Rowland Bradley  
  BRANNAN Mary Elizabeth 21 S   171 Lowtown George Brannan . D Harriet Annie Brannan CE133/347
1895 04 13 OXBROW Ernest William 21 B Porter on Railway East Ardsley William Oxbrow . D John Milnes  
  BRADY Eva Glover 21 S   Littlemoor George Brady Currier   Sarah Jane Geldart CE133/348
1895 04 22 WALTON George 36 W Grocer Littlemoor John Walton Warp dresser   Albert Johnson  
  JOHNSON Mary Emsley 21 S   Littlemoor David Johnson Coachman   Florence Marshall CE133/349
1895 04 27 GILL Thomas 26 W Moulder 4 Tulip St, Hunslet John Gill Joiner   Tom Bland  
  HALE Margaret Davison 32 S   Waterloo William Hale . D Ann Mary Leuty CE133/350
1895 05 01 ARMITAGE George Troughton 22 B Solicitor Wild Grove, Tyersal George Armitage Gentleman   J W Clough, E Jones  
  JONES Elizabeth Ann 23 S   Montville John Edward Jones Gentleman   F W Ryley, Eveline Armitage CE133/351
1895 06 08 LISTER Joe Thornton 24 B Cloth Finisher Parish of Stainland William Lister Greengrocer   Joshua Stansfield  
  WILLIS Annie 24 S   Fartown James Willis Farmer   Martha Elizabeth Lister CE133/352
1895 09 1* ARMER John FA B Checker Bradford Christopher Armer Labourer   Thomas Armes  
  DOWNS Alice FA S   Pudsey Robert Downs Miner   Louisa J Smith, Isabella Gregory CE133/353
1895 09 21 TURNER George 54 W Superintendent 23 Greentop Joseph Turner . D Joshua Moss  
  HODGKINS Ann 60 W   36 Greentop Christopher Bun* . D Jane Moss CE133/354
1895 10 19 FARRER Joseph 32 B Boot & Shoe Maker West Royd John Farrer Weaver   William Farrer, William Myers Blakey  
  GIBBONS Lilly . S   Hammerton Fields Robert Gibbons Plasterer   Robert Verity, Clara Farrer, Emily Gibbons CE133/355
1895 10 26 TURNER Thomas 62 W Cabinet Maker Waterloo John? Turner . D Hannah Verity  
  WOOD Mary 58 W   Waterloo William West . D Hy George Coddington CE133/356
1895 10 28 CAPES Tom Sydney 23 B Merchant Eccles, Manchester Tom Edwin Capes Merchant   Elliot H Walker, Henrietta Walker  
  GAMBLE Caroline 26 S   Marsh John Milner Gamble Gentleman   James Hawksworth, John Unwin CE133/357
1895 10 30 CUSHIN Charles Henry 22 B Quarryman Roker Lane William Cushin Farmer   Sarah Hawksworth  
  SHELDON Minnie 18 S   Roker Lane Henry Sheldon . D Charles Edward Whitham CE133/358
1895 11 07 SHARP Joseph Edwin 39 B Salesman High Alcoates Joshua Sharp . D Frances Victoria Edwards  
  BOOTH Laura Elizabeth 40 S   High Alcoates Nelson Booth . D   CE133/359
1895 12 07 ACKROYD Henry 20 B Labourer Littlemoor William Ackroyd Labourer   Samuel Robinson  
  LINFOOT Kate 20 S   Parish of Bramley John Linfoot . D Sam Lumby, Mary Ann Robinson CE133/360
1895 12 25 DAVEY Willie 25 B Confectioner Crawshaw Fields John Davey . D Elizabeth Swaine, Earnshaw Farrar  
  LUMBY Mary Elizabeth 23 S   Fartown Christopher Lumby Carrier   Emma Lumby CE133/361
1896 01 20 WOOD John Alfred 23 B Cabman Cemetery Road John Alfred Wood Cab Proprietor   Martha A Graham  
  LUPTON Florence Kate 24 S   Cemetery Road Edward Lupton . D Edward Lupton CE133/362
1896 02 15 SHEPHERD Matthew 21 B Farm man Pudsey Matthew Shepherd Shoemaker   William Maxey  
  MAXEY Annie 21 S   Pudsey William Maxey Farm Labourer   Eliza Maxey CE133/363
1896 03 21 FENTON Joseph Edward 29 B Boot & Shoe Maker Scales Fold Robert Fenton .   Joseph Lee  
  BECKWITH Henrietta 31 S   Marsh Joseph Lee Weaver   Lavinia Thornton CE133/364
1896 04 03 ELLIS Frederick 30 B Gaswork maker Pudsey William Ellis . D John William England  
  ENGLAND Frances 22 S   Pudsey Henry England Labourer   Hannah Simpson CE133/365
1896 04 06 WILSON Samuel 24 B Grocer Ripon Thomas Wilson Blacksmith   Percy Hoyle, Clara Wilson  
  STABLES Martha Eliza 26 S   Pudsey William Stables Manufacturer   George Jonathan Hammond, Esther Ann Wilson CE133/366
1896 05 23 LAZENBY Joseph 23 B Labourer Pudsey Jonathan Lazenby Farmer   Jane Elizabeth Hammond  
  HAMMOND Harriet Ellen 21 S   Pudsey George Jonathan Hammond Labourer   Willie Etheringham Wood CE133/367
1896 05 25 SUTCLIFFE Thomas 22 B Labourer Lowtown Issac Sutcliffe Miner   Eva Snowden  
  WOOD Hannah Mary 21 S   Lowtown Benjamin Wood Fettler   Ernest Watson CE133/368
1896 06 06 PORRITT John Samuel 22 b Upholsterer Bradford John Lord Porritt   D John Wells  
  LAND Annie Maria 19 S   Pudsey Seth Land . D Annie Porritt CE133/369
1896 06 11 BOTTOMLEY John 37 B Contractor Eastthorpe, Mirfield James Bottomley Railway Guard   Sam Armitage  
  HISSETT Agnes 28 S   Pudsey Charles Hissett Cloth Fuller   Emma Bradley, Alexander Bottomley CE133/370
1896 06 27 SMITH Levi 35 B Miner Pudsey Benjamin Myres . D Ralph Darnbrough  
  DARNBROUGH Martha 34 S   Pudsey Mark Darnbrough . D Albert Armitage Elizabeth Darnbrough CE133/371
1896 06 30 CORDINGLEY William Arthur 27 B Woollen Manufacturer Pudsey Samuel Cordingley Manufacturer   Pratt Cordingley Ann Cordingley  
  ARMITAGE Annie 34 S   Pudsey Samuel Armitage Gentleman   Walter Hudson Ezra Carter CE133/372
1896 07 16 ILLINGWORTH John Thomas 25 B Railway Clerk Pudsey George Illingworth Carpenter   Ethel King  
  MYERS Gertrude 20 S   Pudsey Sam Hinchliffe Myers . D Alfred Harris Leeson CE133/373
1896 07 22 MARSDEN William Mark 21 B Barman 19 North St, Droylsden John Marsden Stone Mason   Emily Amelia Leeson  
  LEESON Caroline 20 S   Pudsey Alfred Harris Leeson Police Constable   John Wade CE133/374
1896 08 22 BRETHERICK Alfred 28 B Boot Rivetter Pudsey James Bretherick Blacksmith   Sarah Jane Walshaw  
  WADE Rose Emma 29 S   Pudsey Thomas Wade . D   CE133/375
1896 09 02 MCKEE Robert Bruce 30 B Clerk in Holy Orders Manor House, Wortley James McKee Merchant   Henry Beaumont  
  BEAUMONT Harriett Troughton 26 S   Uppermoor House Henry Beaumont Manufacturer   Evengeline R J Atkinson CE133/376
1896 09 14 STEEL George Sydney 22 B Butcher New Wortley Daniel Steel . D Frederick Yates  
  YATES Elizabeth Ann 22 S   Pudsey Samuel Yates Overlooker   Helen Steel CE133/377
1896 09 19 DAVEY Miles 2* W Millhand Pudsey George Davey Labourer   Richard Rossall  
  ROSSALL Elizabeth 18 S   Pudsey Richard Rossall Labourer   Alice Ann Rossall CE133/378
1896 10 03 NORTH Lewis 25 B Woolcomber Pudsey Seth North Watch cleaner   William Robertshaw  
  WATSON Phoebe 23 S   Pudsey William Watson Cab driver   Alice Maud, Mary Hewitt CE133/379
1896 11 07 WOOD Alfred 26 B Labourer Pudsey Samuel Wood . D Joshua Stansfield  
  SLANEY Ada 20 S   Pudsey Sampson Slaney Collier   Frances Stansfield CE133/380
1896 11 14 COWLING George 26 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey Soloman Cowling . D John Thomas Camm  
  CAMM Lucy 25 S   Pudsey Herbert Camm Railway Foreman   Thomas Mitchell Bingham CE133/381
1896 12 02 RILEY Frederick George 27 B Grocer Littlemoor William Riley Timber Merchant   John Thomas Illingworth  
  SOWDEN Lilly Atack 22 S   Littlemoor John William Snowden . D Clara Carr CE133/382
1896 12 25 CARTWRIGHT John William 23 B Carrier Pudsey Thomas Hollings Cartwright Farm Labourer   Charles William Marriner  
  MARRINER Sarah Barraclough 21 S   Pudsey William Tom Marriner Boilermaker   Eva Marriner CE133/383
1896 12 26 BROWN John William 21 S House Painter Scott Hill Thomas Brown . D Abraham Robertshaw  
  PECKOVER Harriet 21 S   Scott Hill John Peckover Weaving Overlooker   Pollie Peckover CE133/384
1896 12 30 ALLOTT Joseph 42 W Coal Agent Church Lane Joseph Allott Blacksmith   John Fox  
  FAWBERT Emma 37 S   Littlemoor Samuel Fawbert . D Frances Allott CE133/385
1897 01 16 CHAPMAN John 25 B Rivetter Pudsey John Chapman . D Joseph Wright  
  HAINSWORTH Charlotte 25 S   Pudsey Benjamin Hainsworth Mill Manager   Ruth Liley CE133/386
1897 02 02 OVEREND James 23 B Warp dresser Keighley parish Jesse Overend Warp dresser   Edward Annesley Leneghan  
  PRIDGEON Florence 23 S   Pudsey William Blake Pridgeon Farmer   Agnes Christiana Pridgeon CE133/387
1897 04 10 WOOD John Parker 25 B Labourer Pudsey John Wood . D William Naylor  
  HALL Mary Ann Godfrey 21 S   Pudsey George William Hall . D Nancy Elizabeth Schofield CE133/388
1897 04 15 BUTTERFIELD Charles 38 B Labourer Pudsey James Butterfield . D John Edward Clarkson  
  EVERSON Hannah Elizabeth 22 S   Pudsey Frederick Everson . D Harriet Binks CE133/389
1897 04 19 BRAYSHAW Willie 27 B Joiner Pudsey John Brayshaw Joiner   Henry Bradshaw  
  HUDSON Grace 26 S   Pudsey William Greaves Holgate Hudson . D Mary Ann Cromack CE133/390
1897 04 20 WILSON John Weir Beat 24 B Teacher 23 Dalton Terrace, Manningham John Wilson Doctor   John Arthur Lobley  
  STOTT Clara 24 S   Pudsey Daniel Stott Warp dresser   Laura Mabel Nicholson CE133/391
1897 06 05 STOCKS William Arthur 24 B Joiner Pudsey John Stocks Baker   James Bruce  
  BRUCE Edith 22 S   Pudsey James Bruce Coal Agent   Sarah Elizabeth Clayton CE133/392
1897 06 05 WALTON Joseph Arthur 20 B Mason Pudsey William Walton Woolcomber   Joseph Glover  
  CHAPMAN Rhoda 21 S   Pudsey Allin Chapman Gardener   Florence Glover CE133/393
1897 06 08 WEBSTER Edward 25 B Schoolmaster Farnley Christopher Webster Sanitary tube Maker   Donald Doughty MacDonald  
  MACDONALD Lily Hartshorn 22 S   Pudsey John Colin Campbell MacDonald . D Henry Jackson Beck CE133/394
1897 06 09 HIRST Reginald 21 B Commercial Clerk Farnley John Hirst Manager of Works   William Henry Vickers  
  VICKERS Annie Lilian 21 S   Pudsey Joshua Farrar Vickers . D Emma Vickers CE133/395
1897 07 10 CHAPMAN Lupton 18 B Gardener Pudsey Allan Chapman Gardener   Edwin Maguire  
  MAGUIRE Kathleen 21 S   Pudsey Peter Maguire Printer   Rhoda Walton CE133/396
1897 07 17 ROBINSON William Turton 34 B Sack & bag maker Pudsey Joseph Robinson . D Hudson Peel  
  GAMBLES Mary Jane 33 S   Pudsey Joseph Gambles Currier   Ruth Ann Gambles CE133/397
1897 07 20 NORTH William 34 B Solicitor Farsley or Farnley Joseph North . D John Edward Turton  
  SMALLPAGE Martha 45 W   Pudsey Joseph Turton . D Elizabeth Florence Thompson CE133/398
1897 08 02 SANDERS Joseph John 29 B Moulder Pudsey James Wilson Sanders . D John Ives CE133/399
  RICHARDSON Florence Cookson 30 S   Pudsey . .   Richard? Ives Bride's mother Sarah Ann Richardson
1897 08 14 HALLIDAY John 36 B Rivetter Kent, Pudsey George Halliday Cloth Manufacturer   William Stables, Jane Nichols  
  DEBAUGHN Rose 30 S   Kent, Pudsey Henry Debaughn Labourer   Emma Stables, W E Wilson CE133/400
1897 08 19 ALDCROFT Thomas 26 B Railway Clerk Fulneck Thomas Agar Aldcroft . D Harry Mitchell  
  SMITH Mary Jane 23 S   Manningham George Smith Game keeper   Mary Aldcroft CE133/401
1897 08 19 HEALEY Charles 27 B Sapper Royal Engineers Freshwater, I.O.Wight John Healey Farm Bailiff   Frank F Williams  
  ALDCROFT Elizabeth Agar 27 S   Fulneck Thomas Agar Aldcroft . D Ellen Aldcroft CE133/402
1897 09 22 NEWELL Harry 25 B Painter Pudsey Thomas Hols? Newell . D Martin Graham  
  GRAHAM Ann 26 S   Pudsey Martin Graham Spinning Overlooker   Elizabeth Graham CE133/403
1897 11 10 UMPLEBY John Clayton 23 B Coachman Shadwell George Umpleby Gardener   George Thomas Umpleby  
  RICHARDSON Harriet 25 S   Pudsey John Hope Richardson Baker   Lucy Richardson CE133/404
1897 11 13 ROBINSON John 21 B Labourer Pudsey Albert Robinson French Polisher   John Edward Clarkson  
  DAVEY Charlotte 18 S   Pudsey John Davey . D Ruth Ann Jackson CE133/405
1897 12 15 WALSH Joseph Hartley 20 B Spinner Pudsey Joseph Walsh Wire Manufacturer   Willie Etheringham Wood  
  WOOD Sarah Elizabeth 19 S   Pudsey Benjamin Wood Fettler   Carrie Vickers CE133/406
1897 12 18 INGHAM John 23 B Farmer Bramley John Ingham Manufacturer   Walter Shutt  
  LOBLEY Ada 22 S   Pudsey William Lobley Woollier   Agnes Barraclough CE133/407
1898 01 05 JOHNSON Arthur 24 B Pawnbroker 11 Park Lane, Bradford John Johnson . D John Edward Holt  
  GRAHAM Pollie 23 S   6 Wesley Terrace John Graham . D Thomas Cockshott CE133/408
1898 01 24 GRAYSHON Joseph Edward 28 B Butcher Pudsey Joseph Grayshon . D Richard Grayshon  
  PROSSER Ann 24 S   Pudsey Charles Prosser . D Sarah Hannah Bonell CE133/409
1898 03 26 AINSWORTH Robert 42 B Mason Pudsey Ashton Ainsworth Farmer   Oscar Sinclair Lewis  
  HINCHLIFFE Hannah 52 S   Pudsey Joseph Stocks . D Florence Hinchliffe CE133/410
1898 04 09 ROBERTSON Alfred Edward 28 B Railway Porter Clayton Robert Robertson Railway Foreman   Saml Tilford  
  GREAVES Mabel 25 S   Pudsey Charles Greaves . D Ada Robertson CE133/411
1898 04 11 HALLIDAY Simeon Hinchliffe 31 B Manufacturer Pudsey George Halliday Manufacturer   George Arthur Buckle  
  BUCKLE Hannah Maria 29 S   Pudsey Jonathan Buckle * Manager   Martha Halliday CE133/412
1898 04 11 WILSON Benjamin 28 B Commercial Clerk Stanningley Thomas Wilson Blacksmith   Luther Gaunt  
  BANKS Clara 27 S   Pudsey William Banks Farmer   Florence Maria Firth CE133/413
1898 04 14 HUDSON Arthur 25 B Farmer Woodleigh Farm, Roker Lane William Hudson Butcher   Annie Mitchell CE133/414
  MITCHELL Clara 21 S   Cliffe Yard Tim Mitchell Overlooker   John Edward Jones, Mary Beatrice Hudson By Registrar's Certificate
1898 04 27 AVISON Frank Schofield 27 B Chemist's Assistant Duckenfield James Avison Chemist   Charles Avison CE133/415
  LANGLEY Ethel Rayner 28 S   Pudsey John Rayner . D E Emily Burton By License
1898 06 01 DRIVER James Alvara 32 B Gardener Bramley Richard Driver Gardener   George Henry Gomersall  
  GOMERSALL Esther 29 S   Pudsey John Gomersall Joiner   Rose Mary Gomersall CE133/416
1898 06 01 JOWETT Joseph 34 B Clayworker Pudsey Ephraim Jowett Gentleman   Richard Grayshon  
  HALLIDAY Martha Ann 32 S   Pudsey George Halliday . D Hannah Mary Langley CE133/417
1898 07 14 GRAYSON John FA W Blast furnace man Farnley Thomas Grayson . D John Edward Clarkson  
  ENGLAND Frances FA S   Pudsey John England . D Mary Ann Stott CE133/418
1898 07 23 WAY James Albert 23 29 Machine man Pudsey James Way Foreman Rivetter   Frederick Kitchen  
  KITCHEN Clara 29 S   Pudsey Joseph Kitchen . D Clara Annie Way CE133/419
1898 08 20 FARRAR Earnshaw 28 B Moulder Stanningley Fountain Farrar Weaver   Willie Davey  
  SWAIN Elizabeth 27 S   Pudsey Enoch Swain . D Hannah Mary Farrar CE133/420
1898 08 27 LAZENBY Charles 22 B Gardener 33 St Lawrence Terrace John Lazenby . D Joseph Padgett  
  GARSIDE Annie Jane 25 S   9 St Lawrence Terrace Daniel Garside Mechanic   Elizabeth Garside, William Fallon CE133/421
1898 09 19 SWALES Alfred 21 B General Carrier Pudsey Thomas Swales Carter   David Johnson  
  EVERSON Sarah Ellen 23 S   Pudsey Mark Owen Everson . D Eliza Ann Everson CE133/422
1898 09 20 KAY Charles Smith 24 B Draper Pudsey Charles Kay Grocer   Kennedy Sowden  
  SMITH Mary Elizabeth 26 S   Pudsey Joseph William Smith Engineer   Amy Smith CE133/423
1898 10 29 ROBERTS Matthew 27 B Engine Tenter Pudsey Sugden Roberts Engine Tender   John Stocks Marshall  
  ALLANSON Rachel Ellen 21 S   Pudsey James Allanson Farm Labourer   Rachel Marshall CE133/424
1898 11 12 HEATON Arthur 25 B Currier Pudsey William Tunnicliffe Heaton Farmer   Harry Gibson  
  THORNHILL Harriet A 25 S   Pudsey William Arthur Thornhill Tanner   Rella Heaton CE133/425
1898 11 14 BUSFIELD William 21 B Shoemaker Pudsey Benjamin Busfield Weaver   John Rawnsley Marshall  
  SMITH Hannah 18 S   Pudsey Emmanuel Smith Warper   Lavinia Marshall CE133/426
1898 11 16 DICKINSON Jack 23 B Fireman 12 School Street Tom Dickinson Labourer   Francis Lazenby  
  LAZENBY Rose 23 S   12 School Street Francis Lazenby Foreman *   Harriet Banks CE133/427
1898 11 26 HANSON Charles Herbert 24 B Leather Presser Armley Peter Clark Hanson Mechanic   Philip Meegan  
  GAUNT Lily Ann 23 S   Pudsey John Gaunt Extractor   Elizabeth Meegan CE133/428
1898 11 27 GRIFFIN Harold Paul 21 B Actor Pudsey Samuel John Griffin Chemist   John Edward Clarkson  
  LISKE Louisa Lillie 21 S   Pudsey Charles Liske Confectioner   Martha Copeland CE133/429
1898 12 24 WHITE Martin 38 W Mechanic Pudsey Edwin White Farmer   James Kitson  
  MILNES Susan 40 S   Pudsey James Milnes . D Mary Elizabeth Hillas CE133/430
1899 01 07 BRIGGS Thomas Webster 20 B Bootmaker 2 New Fold, Lowtown Squire Briggs Bootmaker   Lupton Chapman  
  CHAPMAN Esther 18 S   3 Park Terr, Fartown Allan Chapman Gardener   Kathleen Chapman CE133/431
1899 01 25 BOTTOMLEY William Parker 26 B Assistant Manager Par. of Great Horton, Bradford Thomas Bottomley Warehouseman   William Hinchliffe Clough  
  CLOUGH Laura Emily 26 S   Pudsey John Clough . D Frances Helena Clough CE133/432
1899 02 11 BELLABY William 25 B Labourer Pudsey William Bellaby . D Benjamin Perkin Pickard  
  HUTCHINSON Hannah Maria 25 S   Pudsey William Hutchinson Labourer   Harriet Ann Hutchinson CE133/433
1899 02 14 SUGDEN Benjamin 25 B Joiner & Builder Pudsey Joseph Sugden Stoker   William Farrer  
  FARRER Clara 26 S   Pudsey John Farrer . D Annie Rebecca Hare CE133/434
1899 02 18 EMMETT James 27 B Labourer Pudsey James Emmett . D Joseph Sharp  
  HARGREAVES Jane 22 S   Pudsey George Hargreaves . D Sarah Ann Robertshaw CE133/435
1899 04 21 SMALES James Henry 40 W Miner Pudsey James Smales . D Samuel Tiffany  
  THOMPSON Hannah 42 S   Pudsey Robert Thompson Warehouseman   Sarah Hannah Tiffany CE133/436
1899 05 08 HEBDEN William Arthur 28 B Agent Pudsey William Hebden Lock Keeper   Robert Hebden  
  HAINSWORTH Bertha 26 S   Pudsey Benjamin Hainsworth Mill Manager   Mary Hainsworth CE133/437
1899 05 21 FALLON William 24 B Joiner Eccleshill Theophilus Fallon Joiner   Charles Lazenby  
  GARSIDE Elizabeth 23 S   Pudsey David Garside Mechanic   Emma Jane Woodhead CE133/438
1899 06 03 RHODES Lewis 25 B Miner Pudsey George Rhodes Miner   Joseph John Carr  
  BULLAR Annie 26 S   Pudsey Samuel Bullar Farmer   Alice Carr CE133/439
1899 06 07 BROADBENT Herbert William 36 B Mill Manager Tong William Broadbent Mill Manager   John G Chapman  
  CORDINGLEY Ann 32 S   Pudsey Samuel Cordingley Mill Owner   Pratt Cordingley, Emily Cordingley CE133/440
1899 06 17 PEEL Hudson 26 B Miner Drighlington Jonas Peel Miner   James Arthur Rice  
  GAMBLES Emma 24 S   Pudsey Joseph Gambles Table man   Sarah Ann Peel CE133/441
1899 07 06 SCOTT George Burgess 28 B Boiler Maker Pudsey George Scott Boiler Maker   Urban Balmforth  
  DEAN Jane 26 S   Pudsey Appleby Dean Leather Merchant   Eliza Jane Balmforth CE133/442
1899 07 19 HEYS Peter Scholes 29 B Railway Clerk Walshays? Ralph Challoner Heys Mechanic   Jim Ward  
  BILTCLIFFE Floria Eliza 26 S   Pudsey James Biltcliffe General Dealer   Omena Angelina Heys CE133/443
1899 08 01 PERCIVAL James 23 B Boot Manufacturer Bridge House, Armley John Percival Currier & Leather Merchant   Levi Percival  
  ARMITAGE Louise 20 S   Albany House, Pudsey Joseph Edward Armitage Manufacturer   Edith Hannah Beaumont CE133/444
1899 08 02 ANGUS John Lord 27 B Engineer Bramley William Atkinson Angus Jeweller   Joseph Banks Hyland  
  HYLAND Louisa 24 S   Pudsey John Hyland . D Marion Knowles CE133/445
1899 08 22 HANSON Fred 36 W Tuner Briggs Mills Yard, Pudsey Henry Bastow Hanson . D John Jessop  
  JESSOP Ada 32 S   Pudsey John Jessop . D Annie Eliza Armitage CE133/446
1899 08 26 ABBOTT Arthur William 26 B Millhand Pudsey John Abbott Dyer   Harry Gaunt  
  LAWSON Edith 21 S   Pudsey William Lawson Greengrocer   Lydia Gaunt CE133/447
1899 08 26 KITCHINGMAN Tom 26 B Bricklayer Pudsey William Kitchingman Blacksmith   William Briggs  
  RIDER Emma Louisa 28 S   Pudsey William Rider Millhand   Rose Appleyard CE133/448
1899 08 30 KENWORTHY Hubert 25 B Mill Manager Hudddersfield Green Kenworthy Ironmonger   Vernon? Kenworthy  
  HANSON Harriet Ann 28 S   Pudsey John Edward Hanson Manufacturer   Louis Kenworthy CE133/449
1899 09 25 ADAMS Jason 21 B Greengrocer 25 Peel Street Jason Adams Overlooker   Jason Adams  
  ROBERTS Annie Hewitt 21 S   1 Peel Street George Roberts Engineer   John Edward Clarkson CE133/450
1899 09 30 SCULL James William 21 B Painter Holbeck Ralph Scull Painter   Samuel Brook  
  KNOWLES Sarah Hannah 19 S   Pudsey John Knowles Decorator   Margaret Alice Hargreaves CE133/451
1899 10 21 PICKARD Benjamin Perkin 20 B Boot & Shoe Maker Pudsey . .   Charles Henry Kenworthy Groom's mother Ann Elizabeth. Unmarried woman
  HUTCHINSON Harriet Ann 21 S   Pudsey William Hutchinson Traveller   Louisa Lumby CE133/452
1899 11 04 JOHNSON Harry 21 B Labourer Pudsey William Johnson . D John Lawson  
  HUMPHREYS Josephine 22 S   Pudsey Charles Humphreys Excavator   Fanny Lawson CE133/453
1899 12 09 LYNCH Edward 19 B Foundryman Pudsey Thomas Lynch Mason   John Hainsworth  
  NAYLOR Mary Ann 19 S   Pudsey Joseph Ben Naylor Moulder   Emily Naylor CE133/454
1899 12 10 LEWIS Albert James 26 B Soldier Pudsey Joseph Lewis Mason   Joseph Edmund Lewis  
  ELEY Ethel Mary 20 S   Bingley William Eley . D Fanny Eley CE133/455
1899 12 13 JENNINGS James 35 W Coach Trimmer 24 Browning St, Leeds Road * Jennings . D George Davis Shepherd  
  JENNINGS Martha 34 S   27 Old Marsh John Jennings Tuner   Ernest Bentley CE133/456
1900 01 06 PITTS Joseph 28 B Twister Pudsey William Pitts Fitter   Elijah Bollon  
  KENNEDY Agnes May 24 S   Pudsey Silvester Kennedy Collier   Annie Kennedy CE133/457
1900 01 13 DUTSON Joseph 25 B Joiner Delph Hill Joseph Dutson Woollen Waste Dealer   Frederick Sharp  
  SHARP Florence Anne 22 S   ******* William Hutchinson Sharp Basket Manufacturer   Martha Ada Dutson CE133/458
1900 02 14 NEWELL Harold 34 B Barrister-at-law Elmtree House Joseph Newell Registrar D G A Jones  
  JONES Lilian 26 S   Hillthorpe George Andrew Jones Manufacturer   Michael Porritt,John Newell CE133/459
1900 02 19 VINCENT James Walker 23 B Joiner Pudsey George Vincent . D John Hainsworth  
  MOORHOUSE Sarah 28 S   Pudsey Isaac Moorhouse . D Jane Ann Vincent CE133/460
1900 02 19 GLOVER Benjamin Crowther 24 B Greengrocer Pudsey . .   Firth Midgley Groom's mother Grace unmarried
  LUPTON Eleanor Gertrude 25 S   Pudsey Edward Lupton . D Martha Ann Glover CE133/461
1900 02 24 KERSHAW Harry 21 B Labourer Pudsey James Kershaw . D Richard Cornforth  
  COATES Elver 22 S   Pudsey James Henry Coates Tanner   Lily Baxter CE133/462
1900 03 08 PETTY John William 29 B Farmer Hollings Farm, Troy George Petty Farmer   Robert Petty By Registrar's Certificate
  HUDSON Mary Beatrice 28 S   Roker Lane William Hudson Cattle dealer   Mary Constance Petty CE133/463
1900 03 13 REDMAYNE Arthur Edgar 22 B Carman Pudsey Procter Redmayne . D Robert Foster  
  FOSTER Annie Evangeline 27 S   Laisterdyke Robert Foster . D Ada Louisa Redmayne CE133/464
1900 03 24 PARTRIDGE Samuel 21 B Brickmaker Pudsey James Partridge . D James Coyle  
  ASQUITH Laura Maud 19 S   Pudsey Thomas Asquith Bobbin maker   Mary Elizabeth Greaves CE133/465
1900 03 24 HOWARD Wilfred 20 B Millhand Pudsey Wilfred Howard . D Joseph Durham  
  MARSHALL Florence Teresa 23 S   Pudsey William Marshall . D Joseph Edward Clarkson CE133/466
1900 04 14 WINDSOR James Rider 24 B Bookkeeper Pudsey Charles Windsor Spinner   George Arthur Windsor  
  THEWLIS Rose Ellen 21 S   Pudsey Amos Thewlis . D Hannah Langley CE133/467
1900 04 16 WOOD James 29 B Builder Pudsey Isaac Wood . D Joshua Farrer  
  FARRER Anna 26 S   Pudsey Joshua Farrer Weaver   Lilly Redman CE133/468
1900 04 23 BURGOYNE Harry 24 B Engine Tender Pudsey Peter Burgoyne Engine Tender   Joseph Kinley  
  KINLEY Amelia 29 S   Pudsey Joseph Kinley Gentleman   Annie Lacey CE133/469
1900 04 25 DALBY William Henry 23 B Plasterer Pudsey Charles Oliver Dalby Engine Tender   Joseph Sowden Hainsworth  
  VERITY Martha Ann 26 S   Pudsey Joseph Verity . D Charlotte Dalby CE133/470
1900 04 28 HALL Arthur 24 B Railway servant Bramley William Hall . D Samuel Sunderland  
  SUNDERLAND Bella 26 S   Pudsey William Hustler? Sunderland . D Jane Hinchliffe CE133/471
1900 05 12 MOSS James 23 B Farmer Pudsey William Moss Farmer   Thomas Milner  
  MILNER Emma 23 S   Farnley Thomas Milner Manufacturer   Kate Milner CE133/472
1900 05 26 RUSH William 29 B Architect Pudsey William Rush Licensed Victualler   Frederick Charles Hargrave  
  HARGRAVE Ella Jane 27 S   Armley Charles Hargrave Bootmaker   Edith Pearson? Hargrave CE133/473
1900 06 02 MEGEVAND Frederick Alfred 25 B Designer Pudsey Francis Megevand . D Jonas Kenyon Crawshaw  
  JOWETT Lily Ann 23 S   Pudsey Eli Jowett Warp dresser   Louise Anne Crawshaw CE133/474
1900 06 02 PROCTER William 36 B Rivetter Pudsey John Procter . D David Webster Bride's mother Charlotte Smart
  SMART Charlotte Jane 26 S   Pudsey . . D Mary Procter CE133/475
1900 06 02 ARMSTRONG Walter Charles 21 B House Painter Pudsey Charles Samuel Armstrong Caretaker   Charles Samuel Armstrong  
  HARSLEY Mary Jane 21 S   Pudsey Thomas Robert Harsley Boot Finisher   Minnie Harsley CE133/476
1900 06 04 ROBINSON William Horton 21 B Driller Pudsey Seth Robinson Weaver   Samuel Illingworth  
  ILLINGWORTH Hannah 17 S   Pudsey Simeon Illingworth Mason   Elizabeth Milligan CE133/477
1900 06 18 SAGAR Joseph 24 B Shoemaker Pudsey John Sagar Inn Keeper   Joseph Stocks  
  GOODBURN Henrietta 22 S   Pudsey William John Goodman Coachman   Elizabeth Ann Stocks CE133/478
1900 06 20 CRAVEN George 28 B Furniture Dealer Hunslet, Leeds George Craven . D Frederick Craven  
  FARRER Rachel 23 S   Pudsey Samuel Farrer . D Annie Elizabeth Hargraves CE133/479
1900 07 21 HEYHOE Alfred 22 B Finisher Bramley David Heyhoe Labourer   Henry Green  
  DUFTON Harriet Ann 22 S   Pudsey Henry Thornton Dufton General Dealer   Annie Hatcliff CE133/480
1900 07 28 GROVES Thomas 24 B Labourer Pudsey . . D William Burton Groom's mother Annie Groves
  GAMBLES Ruth Ann 23 S   Pudsey Joseph Gambles Currier   Margaret Ann Gambles CE133/481
1900 08 07 ROBERTS James Farrar 26 B Schoolmaster The Grove?, Thornhill, Dewsbury James Roberts Cloth Merchant   Lovatt Tidswell Roberts  
  SENIOR Mary Jane 26 S   Pudsey Matthew Senior Cloth Manufacturer   Charlotte Evelyn Senior CE133/482
1900 08 07 DALBY Willie 24 B Goods Clerk Lowmoor Frederick Dalby Ironfounder   James Horace Fearnley  
  DUFTON Martha Ann 20 S   Pudsey Edwin Dufton . D Marguerite Alice Moore, Emma Jane Pinder CE133/483
1900 08 25 CROWTHER Armitage 24 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey John Crowther Farmer   Bradley Wood  
  LAWSON Hannah 22 S   Pudsey William Lawson Painter   Annie Walker CE133/484
1900 08 25 JOHNSON John Edward 21 B Miner Pudsey Alfred Johnson Labourer   John Edward Clarkson  
  BARNBY Laura 20 S   Pudsey Robert Barnby Labourer   Martha Speck CE133/485
1900 08 27 SHEFFIELD William 23 B Machine Minder Pudsey Thomas Sheffield Fettler   Thomas Collinson Sheffield  
  BEECH Annie Elizabeth 21 S   Pudsey Henry Beech . D Esther Beech CE133/486
1900 10 23 BARRETT Thomas Hugh 30 B Corn Miller Rothwell John Barrett . D John Edward Clarkson  
  PARKER Edith May 30 S   Pudsey Mark Parker Mason   Mary Ann Gosling CE133/487
1900 11 03 SUNDERLAND John Thomas 22 B Labourer Pudsey Sun* Sunderland .   Joseph Davey  
  GRANT Hannah Mary 24 S   Pudsey William Grant Fettler   Sarah Ann Busfield CE133/488
1900 11 10 COYLE James 22 B Bricklayer's Labourer Pudsey John Coyle Labourer   George Brook  
  GREAVES Mary Elizabeth 23 S   Pudsey Edward Greaves . D Mary Elizabeth Brook CE133/489
1900 12 05 SENIOR Charles Herbert 24 B Bookkeeper 26 Whingate Row, Armley Vincent Senior Grocer   Reuben Banks  
  JOHNSON Amy 22 S   Pudsey George Johnson Currier   Anna Johnson CE133/490
1900 12 22 NAYLOR Thomas John 23 B Furnace man Pudsey Joseph Benn Naylor Moulder   Edward Lynch  
  MITCHELL Clara 23 S   Pudsey Cain Mitchell Fettler   Mary Ann Lynch CE133/491
1900 12 22 WILCOCK Benjamin 21 B Forgeman Pudsey Samuel Wilcock Boiler Maker   Joseph John Carr  
  BREARLEY Annie Elizabeth 19 S   Pudsey John Carr Brearley Miner   Alice Carr CE133/492
1900 12 26 BIRKINSHAW Herbert 23 B model maker New Wortley John Birkinshaw moulder   James Bateson Ratcliffe  
  HAYNES Emma 22 S   Pudsey John Haynes   D. Ann Edith Sowden CE133/A/1