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Pudsey Tax Assessment1692


Tax assessment for Pudsey in 1692. The few details include the lease holders and whose land they were farming. Marked as incomplete.

"Pudsey, Westrid. corn. Ebor. March 8th, 1692. An Assessmt. made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed of foure shillings ye pound rent in and throughout ye said top. according to an act of parliarnt. and a warrt. to us directed."

£ s d
£ s d
Richard HUTTON 2.8.0 Mr.
Thomas HUTCHINSON 0.3.4 for his own land
Thomas HUTCHINSON 0.3.4 and for Nicholas Jenkinson land
John HUTCHINSON 0.5.0 for his lands
Abraham HUTCHINSON 0.3.4 for his lands
Michael RILEY 0.10.0 for Goodall land
John PEARSON 0.6.8 for Farrer lands
John Wilson 0.3.4 for his lands
Jere. WILSON 0.5.0 for his lands
Robert LUMBY 0.6.8 for Moss land
Robert LUMBY 0.3.4 and for his own land
Thomas LEE 0.10.10 for his land
John GREGSON 1.13.4 for ye Shearoyds & ye Lowtown
John DODGSON 0.13.4 for his own lands
Samuel FARRER 0.3.4 for his lands
Samuel FARRER * and for Mrs Sale lands
Mr. FARRER * for his lands
Mr. FARRER * and for Mr. Milner lands
James POOLE & William CHILDS 0.13.4 for Hutton land
William FENTON 0.3.4 for Wilden land
William FENTON 0.6.8 for Swain land
James POOLE & William CHILDS 0.3.4 for Wilden land
Samuel FARRER & Peter RILEY 0.3.4 for Daniel Gaunt lands
John CHAPMAN 0.3.4 for his farm
John LEE & Elias LAYCOCK 0.3.4 for Cuthbert Lee Lands
James WHITAKER 0.13.4 for Mr. Whitaker lands
William DARNBROUGH 0.10.0 for his lands
Joseph GAUNT 0.13.4 for Mr. Milner lands
Thomas LEE 0.13.4 for Mr. Milner lands
William JENKINSON 0.5.0 for Swain lands
Miles LOLLY 0.3.4 for his lands
John PEARSON & uxor STABLES 0.10.0 for Jenkinson lands
Henry BELLAS (Bellhouse?) 0.3.4 for Gargrave land
Henry BELLAS (Bellhouse?) 0.3.4 for Jenkinson lands
John HUDSON 0.3.4 for his farm
John SMITH 1.10.8 for his lands
Edward LEE 0.3.4  
Edward HARRISON 1.5.0  
uxor JOHNSON 1.6.8 for Smith Lands
Thomas DEAN 0.8.4 for William Lumby land
Joseph GAUNT 0.13.8 for Swaine lands
Thomas BUCKTIN 0.10.0 for Barraclough lands
John KENT 0.3.4 for his own lands
John KENT 0.13.4 and for Goodall lands
Japhett ATKINSON 0.6.8 for Barraclough land
John PEARSON 0.15.0 for Jenkinson two low railes
Jeremiah GAUNT 0.8.4 for Farrer lands
William FENTON 0.3.4 for Swain land
John RUDD 0.3.4 for Mr. Milner lands
John RUDD 0.8.4 & for Farrer lands
Mr. FARRER 0.10.10 for his lands
Mr. FARRER 1.10.0 & for Mrs. Sale lands
Mr. FARRER 0.15.0 for Samuel Farrer lands
John LEPTON 0.10.0 for Farrer lands
Michael LOBLEY 0.6.8 for his lands
Michael LOBLEY 0.10.0 & for Goodall lands
Michael LOBLEY 0.1.8 & for Samuel Farrer lands
John RUDD 0.10.0 for Mr. Gregory tenement
John RUDD 0.10.0 & for Mr. Milner lands
Walter FARRER 1.0.0 for Mr. Butler tenement
Thomas LAYCOCK 0.6.8 for Mr. Milner lands
John GAUNT 0.3.4 for Mr. Milner land
John GALLOWAY 0.2.6 for his land
Samuel HINCHCLIFFE 0.12.6 for Musgrave lands
Samuel HINCHCLIFFE 0.4.2 & for Gaunt close
Peter RILEY 0.10.0 for Mr. Pardue lands
Robert GAUNT 0.3.4 for Wise land
Robert GAUNT 0.10.0 & for Mr. Gregory lands
James CAWTHERAY & Joshua BATES 0.3.4  
James TAYLOR 0.10.0 for Musgrave land
John LUMBY 0.3.4 for his lands
William HALL 0.13.4 for Richard Jenkinson lands
Mr. CRAISTER 0.10.0 for his lands
Robert HILLAS 0.6.8 for Thompson lands
Abraham HAINSWORTH 1.3.4 for Nicholls land
Henry NETTLETON snr 0.16.8  
Henry NETTLETON jnr 0.16.8  
John BARRACLOUGH 1.4.0 for Stables Land
William MOSS 1.1.0 for his lands
John HEY 1.4.0 for money
John PEARSON 0.8.4 for Thomas croft & Marleroyd
Thomas PURDUE 0.5.10 for his land
Thomas DAVISON 0.3.4 for Nicholls land
William BELLAS ( Bellhouse) 0.1.8 for William Moss land
uxor BALME 1.0.0 for Thomas Smith land
Abraham HARPER * for Musgrave land
Robert BURNELL * for his lands
Thomas JOHNSON 0.16.8 for Mrs. Sale land
Christopher WHITLEY 0.13.4 for Beamond lands
William LUMBY 1.0.0 for his lans
William LUMBY 0.13.4 & for Mr. Beamond lands
Samuel LUMBY 0.15.0 for his lands
Edward HARRISON 0.15.0 for Lepton land
John LEPTON 1.13.4 for his land
John CROMACK 1.5.0 for Lepton lands
George LANGLEY 1.5.0 for John Milner land
William HOLLINGWORTH 1.0.0 for Mr. Milner lands
John HEY 1.3.4 for Mr. Milner land
Mr. MILNER 3.13.8 for his lands
Thomas FENTON, John ROGER, Richard BUCKTIN & William RUDD 0.6.8 for Mr. Whitaker lands
Joseph HOLDSWORTH 3.6.8 for his lands and for Abraham Hutchinson, Thomas Hutchinson, Thomas Banks, uxor Robson, William Fenton, Thomas Wilson & Thomas Wilson
John MITCHELL 1.15.0 lands, Samuel Farrer & for Michael Riley farm & George Raper farm & Tristram Hare farm, Jonathan Crowther farm
John PEARSON 0.6.8 for Holdsworth land
William LUMBY 2.18.4 for his land
James WHITAKER 1.10.0 for John Smith land
Joshua LUMBY 0.6.8 for his land
John TURNER 0.3.4 for Thomson land
uxor WHITLEY 0.6.8 for her land
John WILSON 0.3.4 for Tristram Moss land
Samuel LUMBY 0.6.8 for quarries
John CROMACK 0.7.6 for Gibson lands
Mr Thornton's tenants    
Richard SUGDEN 4.0.0  
* HOLDSWORTH 0.18.0  
* * William LORD, uxor BOLTON 1.5.6  
William SUGDEN 0.8.6  
Thomas ELLETT 0.8.6  
Jonas BOWER 0.13.1  
William LEE 0.9.9  
Abraham SHARPE 0.13.6  
Jonas BOWER 0.14.6  
Richard SIZER 0.14.6  
Jeremiah CORDINGLEY 0.14.6  
Richard SUGDEN & Thomas ELLETT 0.17.6 for Tristram Hare farm
Abraham SHARPE 0.13.6  
Richard SIZER 0.4.0  
Thomas THACKERAY 0.1.11  
Thomas LEE & ye rest of the occupiers of Tythe 1.0.0  
Isaac BROADLEY 0.10.0 or occupiers Watson land