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Farnley Tong Road Cemetery



The cemetery on Tong Road in Farnley opened in 1860. The 4500 available records have been transcribed and consist of :


  • The Burial Register to 1991
  • The Grave Book to 2000
  • A typed name index.
  • Grave Memorials Transcriptions


The Burial Register is mostly well kept and clear. It contains the entry number, name and surname, date of death and date of burial, occupation, place of death, age and grave plot. It occasionally gives other details such as parents or cause of death and these comments appear here under Notes.

The Grave Book is very well kept and gives the occupants of each grave, with date of burial and entry number from the Burial Register.

The index is a typed alphabetical list taken from the Burials Register. It stops at V and is full of errors, making it an unreliable source.

Our material is compiled by comparing all the sources against each other, thus ending up with the fullest and most accurate data. To these we are adding the the reference to the death registration at Leeds Register Office (LRO) when it is known.

The cemetery is laid out in sections, named A to Z, with Section A being along the Western wall, Sections B to G along the Northern wall, Sections T to Z along the Southern wall, with Section H on the Eastern wall to the right of the entrance, and Section S to the left of the entrance. The central sections I to M on the North and N to R on the South. Each grave is numbered. This is in two series, the first starting with A1 and ending with S1627, the second starts with T1 and ends in Z129.
The graves are listed in the Burials Book in two ways. Normally, by a unique code of section letter and grave number, eg R1207, but often also by description in each section, eg 18th row, 2nd grave. This has helped make sure that errors in allocating burials to graves are as few as possible.

The material will be made available sorted by Date, by Section and by Surname. We have now transcribed up until 1991 and those records appear here in date order in two sections, 1860 to 1900 and 1901 to 2000.

You can also click on the sections in the plan to see the list of graves and burials for that section, though the data is only complete to 1991, with basic information for later entries.A third option is the names sorted alphabetically.

The heading 'Mem.' indicates whether a memorial stone exists.


NEW! A plan of each plot with their numbers is now available and can be dowloaded as a pdf file here: plan

1860-1900 | 1901-2000     A-G | H-Q | R-Z

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