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Haverah Park Census Returns 1881

Piece RG11/4237 Folios 16-17 The district of Haverah Park contained 64 people on the day of the census.
The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

1 High Water Works John COWLER Head M 56 waterworks labourer Devon
    Elizabeth COWLER Wife M 58   Devon
    Jemma COWLER Daughter U 16 at home Devon
2 Haverah Park James DOWNHAM Head U 81 farmer of 250 acres employing 2 men Haverah Park
    Samuel HATTERSLEY Nephew M 56 farm bailiff Thornton Bridge
    Benjamin SCOTT Servant U 17 general farm servant Killinghall
3 Springhill Farm Joseph EMSLEY Head M 59 farmer of 435 acres employing 2 men & 1 boy Stainburn
    Ellen EMSLEY Wife M 46 farmer's wife Ripley
    William EMSLEY Son U 24 farmer's son Pannal
    Joseph EMSLEY Son U 21 farmer's son Pannal
    Eliza PLUMMER Servant   14 general domestic servant Knaresborough
    John William WOODHOUSE Servant   13 general indoor servant Saltaire
4 Springhill Farm Lodge John HAXBY Head U 78 herdsman & farm bailiff Hampsthwaite
5 Springhill Farm Lodge Henry Snr. JACKSON Head U 64 farmer of 61 acres employing 1 man Haverah Park
    Joseph JACKSON Son U 21 farmer's son Haverah Park
    Elizabeth WATKINSON Servant U 16 general domestic servant Burnt Yates
6 Mount Pleasant Henry Jnr. JACKSON Head M 35 farmer of 306 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy Haverah Park
    Anne JACKSON Wife M 26   West End
    Michael GALLAGHER Servant U 19 indoor general servant Darley
    Enoch ASKEW Servant   15 indoor general servant Hebden
7 Dicken Hall Lodge Thomas GRANGE Head M 42 farm labourer Pateley Bridge
    Sarah GRANGE Wife M 32   Humberton
    Alfred GRANGE Son   12 scholar Idle
    Eliza GRANGE Daughter   10 scholar Humberton
    William GRANGE Son   6 scholar Pannal
    Jane Elizabeth GRANGE Daughter   4   Pannal
8 Haverah Park James HOBSON Head M 29 farmer of 175 acres employing 2 boys Otley
    Margaret HOBSON Wife M 26 farmer's wife Pannal
    Sarah WILKINSON Mother in law U 63 visitor Knaresborough
    Matthew PEARSON Servant U 25 indoor farm servant Birstwith
    George Edward TURTON Servant U 18 inddor farm servant Thorner
9 Haverah Park John HOBSON Head U 24 farmer of 152 acres Otley
    Agnes HOBSON Mother M 62 farmer's wife Kettlespring
    Fred WILKINSON Boarder U 21 indoor farm servant Hampsthwaite
    Annie JEFF Servant U 18 general domestic servant Harley
    Hermione WILSON Visitor U 25 dressmaker Clint
10 Haverah Park George MERRELL Head M 57 farmer of 186 acres employing 2 men Pannal
    Emma MERRELL Wife M 50 farmer's wife Ingerthorpe
    Joseph MERRELL Son U 21 farmer's son Haverah Park
    George MERRELL Son U 20 farmer's son Haverah Park
    Carrie MERRELL Daughter   15 farmer's daughter Haverah Park
    Flora MERRELL Daughter   11 scholar Haverah Park
    Anthony MERRELL Son   9 scholar Haverah Park
    James CUTLER Lodger U 25 gamekeeper HAM Burton
    Thomas NETTLESHIP Servant   15 indoor farm servant Hooton Pagnell
11 Haverah Park George NETTLESHIP Head M 39 woodman Aldwick le Street
    Mary NETTLESHIP Wife M 40   Newark
    Agnes NETTLESHIP Daughter   12   Hooton Pagnell
    George NETTLESHIP Son   11   Cold Hill
    Frederick NETTLESHIP Son   9 scholar Acaster Selby
    John NETTLESHIP Son   7 scholar Appleton Roebuck
12 Haverah Park Robert STEWARDSON Head M 62 waterworks labourer Pocklington
    Elizabeth STEWARDSON Wife M 59   Cranswick
    Elizabeth STEWARDSON Daughter   15 at home Etton
13 Haverah Park William SNOW Head M 26 farm bailiff Hampsthwaite
    Jane SNOW Wife M 33   Beath
    Mary Ellen SNOW Daughter   8 mths   Haverah Park
14 Haverah Park John WILSON Head M 50 farmer of 400 acres employing 2 men Newark
    Martha WILSON Wife M 38 farmer's wife Stainburn
    Elizabeth Jane LAMB Step dau   9 scholar Pannal
    Emily Ann WILSON Daughter   2   Haverah Park
    Richard LAMB Father in law Wid 79 former faarmer Stainburn
    John BARBER Servant U 21 indoor farm servant Longtrent
    John William DENNIS Servant U 18 farm servant Acaster