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Killinghall Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Killinghall is covered by film RG 11/4326, folios 9-27. The district contained 679 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Killinghall - Knox James FORSTER Head M 43 farmer of 7 acres Burton Leonard
    Jane FORSTER Wife M 46   Bishop Thornton
    George FORSTER Son U 20 joiner & wheelwright Killinghall
    William PULLAN Father in law Wid 78 retired farmer Ripley - Clint
2 Killinghall - Knox Robert LUND Head M 27 general labourer Harrogate
    Matilda LUND Wife M 28   Harewood
    William H LUND Son   4 scholar Killinghall
    John R LUND Son   3   Killinghall
    Frederick J LUND Son   1   Killinghall
3 Killinghall - Knox Charles TREES Head Wid 69 corn miller Ripley
    Mary A PEARSON Step daughter U 22 housekeeper Hampsthwaite
    Jane PEARSON Niece   11 scholar Bilton in Harrogate
4 Killinghall - Knox James LUND Head M 57 gardener Knaresborough
    Elizabeth LUND Wife M 52   Ripon
    Eliza LUND Daughter U 17 scholar Killinghall
    Sarah LUND Daughter   11 scholar Killinghall
5 Killinghall - Knox Thomas DEARLOVE Head M 63 farmer of 10.5 acres Ripley
    Mary DEARLOVE Wife M 61   Harrogate
6 Killinghall - Knox Mill Thomas WARDMAN Head M 31 corn miller & farmer of 13 acres employing 2 men Killinghall
    Rebecca WARDMAN Wife M 31   Killinghall
    Eleanor WARDMAN Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    George WARDMAN Son   3   Killinghall
    Mary GALLOWAY Servant U 19 general servant Thirsk
    Elizabeth BOUCHER Servant U 16 nurse & governess Killinghall
7 Killinghall - Knox Joseph LUND Head M 29 stonemason Harroagte
    Annie LUND Wife M 29   Leeds
    Sarah A LUND Daughter   4 scholar Killinghall
    Clara LUND Daughter   1   Wakefield
8 Spruisty Farm John FOSTER Head M 27 farm hind over 57 acres NTT Worksop
    Ann FOSTER Wife M 26   Misson
    Mary Ann FOSTER Daughter   2   Killinghall
    Thomas H FOSTER Son   1   Killinghall
    William DIXON Boarder U 35 indoor farm servant Kirk Deighton
    William ABBOTT Servant U 17 servant boy Beckwithshaw
9 Spruisty Thomas DAVISON Head M 40 agr labourer Great Ouseburn
    Jane DAVISON Wife M 42   Killinghall
    Sarah Ann DAVISON Daughter   14 scholar Killinghall
    Laura J DAVISON Daughter   11 scholar Killinghall
    William DAVISON Son   8 scholar Killinghall
    George DAVISON Son   6 scholar Killinghall
    Mary Ellen DAVISON Daughter   4   Killinghall
10 Spruisty Hall Robert Gatenby GATENBY Head M 50 farmer of 159 acres employing 2 men & 1 boy Killinghall
    Eliza GATENBY Wife M 50   Alne
    William GATENBY Son U 20 farmer's son Flawith
    Herbert WARRINER Servant U 19 indoor farm servant Skelton
    Mary Ann DANIEL Servant U 19 dairy maid Green Hammerton
    John SCOTCH Servant U 62 agr labourer *
    Alfred KENT Visitor M 48 Wesleyan minister Boroughbridge
11 Spruisty House James CAWOOD Head M 60 farmer of 102 acres employing 2 boys Towton
    Hannah CAWOOD Wife M 60   Ryther
    Hannah E CAWOOD Daughter U 23 faremr's daughter Tadcaster
    John CAWOOD Son U 21 farmer's son Selby
    John William HAW Servant   14 indoor farm servant Rawcliffe
12 Hazlecroft Elizabeth H LLOYD Head Wid 79 annuitant Burneston
    Elizabeth J LLOYD Daughter U 49 shareholder Kirkby Fleetham
    Cecilia A LLOYD Daughter U 45 shareholder Cowesby
    Lucy E LLOYD Daughter U 41 shareholder Cowesby
    Eleanor LLOYD Daughter U 37 shareholder Cowesby
    William ARMSTRONG Visitor U 22 undergraduate Ripley
    Ursula WILLIAMS Servant U 37 housekeeper Baswitt
    Fanny THACKRAY Servant U 24 cook Brafferton
    Dora BENYON Servant U 26 housemaid *
    Alice SUMNER Servant U 27 waitress Rauceby
    Mary SENIOR Servant U 16 kitchen maid Burn Cross
13 Killinghall Mill William GRAINGER Head M 34 corn miller & farmer of 13 acres employing 1 man Bishop Monkton
    Ann GRAINGER Wife M 32   Markington
    Mary A GRAINGER Daughter   8 scholar Thirsk
    Ellen H GRAINGER Daughter   5 scholar Kirkby Malzeard
    Edwin FRANKLAND Servant U 19 indoor general farm servant Grewelthorpe
14 Killinghall Sawmill Mary WEBSTER Head M 35 mechanic's wife Holbeck - Leeds
    Anne E WEBSTER Daughter   13 scholar Holbeck - Leeds
    Emma WEBSTER Daughter   10 scholar Holbeck - Leeds
    Walter WEBSTER Son   7 scholar Holbeck - Leeds
    Mary H WEBSTER Daughter   4 scholar Killinghall
    Arthur WEBSTER Son   1   Killinghall
15 Killinghall - Old Bar House John T GOODALL Head M 28 unemployed gamekeeper Malton
    Sarah GOODALL Wife M 27   Harton
    Laurence J GOODALL Son   2   Owston
    Blanche AM GOODALL Daughter   1   Owston
    Edward SMITH Boarder U 62 general labourer Jarrow
    John THOMPSON Boarder U 21 general labourer Watton
16 West View Ambrose MANSFIELD Head M 41 blacksmith Catterick
    Sarah A MANSFIELD Wife M 38   Burton Leonard
    William MANSFIELD Son   7 scholar Killinghall
    Emily MANSFIELD Daughter   3   Killinghall
    Ellen MANSFIELD Daughter   1   Killinghall
    William ROBINSON Apprentice U 16 blacksmith's apprentice Birstwith
17 Bank Cottage John PEARSON Head M 55 shoemaker Killinghall
    Ann PEARSON Wife M 56   Thirkleby
    Richard B PEARSON Son U 18 tailor Killinghall
18 Spring Field Mount Robert PAWSON Head M 49 retired farmer Killinghall
    Mary PAWSON Wife M 46   Newby Wiske
    Annie PAWSON Daughter U 16 scholar Killinghall
19 Hill Top House Maria HARDACRE Head Wid 61 farmer of 33 acres employing 1 boy Follifoot
    Ezra NAYLOR Son in law M 28 woollen manufacturer Shipley
    Maria NAYLOR Daughter M 23   Killinghall
    Hannah JOHNSON Servant U 20 general servant Carlton Miniott
20 Low Hall William STROTHER Head M 41 solicitor Chapel Allerton
    Catherine STROTHER Wife M 43   Chapel Allerton
    Helen STROTHER Daughter   10 scholar Killinghall
    Ethel Mary STROTHER Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    Mary D SMIDDY Servant U 30 ladies maid Killinghall
    Sarah NELSON Servant U 22 cook Flaxton
    Elizabeth FISHER Servant U 22 housemaid Ulverston
21 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage William KENYON Head M 53 coachman LAN Rochdale
    Mary KENYON Wife M 52   Bradford
    William BILTON Lodger U 25 coachman Mickley
22 Killinghall cottage Elizabeth LAYCOCK Head Wid 71 former laundress Ripley
    Elizabeth LAYCOCK Daughter U 37 laundress Ripley
    Elizabeth CASEY Grd daughter U 18   Cheshunt
23 Killinghall cottage Jane BUCKTROUT Head U 50 no occupation Whixley
24 Harrogate & Ripon Road Farm House Thomas SMITH Head M 54 farmer of 343 acres employing 4 boys Birstwith
    Mary Ann SMITH Wife M 52   Scotton
    John W SMITH Son U 19 farmer's son Killinghall
    Thomas SMITH Son U 17 farmer's son Killinghall
    Mary H SMITH Daughter   9 scholar Killinghall
    Trueman HANNAM Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Bradford
    Luke GRIMES Servant U 17 indoor farm servant Farnham
    James DUFFIELD Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Brearton
    Richard ELSWORTH Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Harroagte
25 Harrogate & Ripon Road farm house William SUTCLIFFE Head M 46 boot merchant & farm agent Hebden Bridge
    Harriet SUTCLIFFE Wife M 51   Potternewton - Leeds
26 West Field House Eleanor STROTHER Head Wid 70 gentlewoman Churwell - Leeds
    Louisa CRAGG Servant U 25 cook Knaresborough
    Elizabeth REYNARD Servant U 21 housemaid Spofforth
27 Norwood Cottage William LUMB Head M 33 boot & shoemaker employing 1 boy Leeds
    Elizabeth LUMB Wife M 33   South Ferrilby
    John H WOOD Boarder U 16 apprentice bootmaker Leeds
28 Norwood House Ann SMIDDY Head Wid 61 grocer & postmistress Gildersome
    Sarah SMIDDY Daughter U 28   Killinghall
    Ann E SMIDDY Daughter U 23   Killinghall
    Francis W SMIDDY Son U 21 plumber Killinghall
29 Harrogate & Ripon Road - Leeds House Stephen PECKOVER Head M 43 butcher & grocer Skipton
    Ann I PECKOVER Wife M 47   Masham
    Annie PECKOVER Daughter   13 scholar Sunderland
    Agnes PECKOVER Daughter   12 scholar Leeds
    Susannah PECKOVER Daughter   10 scholar Leeds
    Stephen PECKOVER Son   5 scholar Leeds
    James L WATSON Lodger certificated teacher on elementary school board Yks Sherburn  
30 Killinghall farm house Ann HARRISON Head Wid 65 farmer of 14 acres Brearton
    John HARRISON Son U 28 mason Smelthouses
    James HARRISON Son U 24 mason Killinghall
    Sarah E HARRISON Daughter U 18 home servant Killinghall
31 Killinghall cottage Samuel CALVERT Head M 53 general labourer Kirby
    Mary CALVERT Wife M 52   Killinghall
    Mary Ann CALVERT Daughter U 19   Killinghall
    Ada Wilson CALVERT Grd daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    Thomas CALVERT Son U 16 scholar Killinghall
32 Three Horse Shoes Inn Joseph LAMBERT Head M 29 innkeeper Malton
    Alice LAMBERT Wife M 33   Pateley Bridge
    Richard BELLWOOD Nephew   8 scholar Saltburn by the Sea
33 Killinghall cottage Thomas ATKINSON Head M 76 blacksmith Knaresborough
    Elizabeth ATKINSON Wife M 57   Pickhill
    Jane DICKSON Sister Wid 82   Knaresborough
34 Killinghall cottage Elizabeth HARPER Head Wid 72 farmer's widow Ripley
35 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Thomas WRIGHTSON Head M 33 quarryman Ripley
    Elizabeth M WRIGHTSON Wife M 32   Newcastle upon Tyne
    George A WRIGHTSON Son   6 scholar Killinghall
    Ada E WRIGHTSON Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    Martha B WRIGHTSON Daughter   4 scholar Killinghall
    Amelia WRIGHTSON Daughter   1   Killinghall
36 Killinghall house William WOOD Head M 43 butcher Otley
    Mary WOOD Wife M 47   Masham
    Mary G WOOD Daughter U 18 grocer Killinghall
    Martha WOOD Daughter U 16   Killinghall
    Kate Ann WOOD Daughter   14 scholar Killinghall
    Lily Alice WOOD Daughter   6 scholar Killinghall
    Evelyn J M FRY Visitor   4 scholar *
37 Killinghall cottage William BAXTER Head M 28 labourer Killinghall
    Eliza BAXTER Wife M 29   Ripley - Clint
    Martha SUTTILL Sister in law M 42 dressmaker Plumpton
    infant BAXTER Son   3 days   Killinghall
38 Killinghall cottage Robert PREST Head M 27 stonemason *
    Elizabeth PREST Wife M 28   Marton cum Grafton
    Alfred D PREST Son   6 scholar Killinghall
    John W PREST Son   4 scholar Killinghall
    Thomas PREST Son   6 mths   Killinghall
39 Killinghall cottage William SUTTERBY Head M 28 farm labourer Norfolk
    Emma SUTTERBY Wife M 22   Marton le Moor
    Sarah E SUTTERBY Daughter   2   Killinghall
40 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Robert RYDER Head M 34 general labourer Ripley - Nidd
    Martha RYDER Wife M 35 laundress Killinghall
    Mary Jane HOWARTH Daughter   13 scholar Killinghall
    Jane HOWARTH Sister U 42 unemployed servant Killinghall
41 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage William JOHNSON Head M 32 wheelwright Bedale
    Sarah JOHNSON Wife M 30   Harrogate
    Herbert JOHNSON Son   6 scholar Ripley
    Emily JOHNSON Daughter   4 scholar Ripley
    William JOHNSON Son   1 mth   Ripley
42 Killinghall house William STEAD Head M 34 cattle dealer Bishop Thornton
    Margaret STEAD Wife M 34   Harrogate
43 Killinghall house James A HINCHLEY Head M 40 auctioneer & valuer Holbeck - Leeds
    Elizabeth HINCHLEY Wife M 39   Holbeck - Leeds
    Archer E HINCHLEY Son   15 solicitor's clerk Hunslet - Leeds
    Harry HINCHLEY Son   14 scholar Hunslet - Leeds
    Herbert HINCHLEY Son   11 scholar Hunslet - Leeds
    Sarah E HINCHLEY Daughter   5 scholar Guiseley
44 Killinghall house John Anders HIRST Head U 36 sharebroker Australia
    Ann HIRST Mother Wid 70 gentlewoman Selby
45 Killinghall house Harriet STONES Head Wid 52 family grocer Kirkby Malzeard
    George WRIGHTSON Boarder Wid 66 labourer Markington
46 Killinghall cottage Jane EMMOTT Head Wid 78 labourer's widow Thirsk
47 Killinghall cottage Joseph HOLDSWORTH Head Wid 60 corn miller's carter Ripon - Galphay
48 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage James HOWARTH Head Wid 75 general labourer Nidd
    John HOWARTH Son U 37 general labourer Killinghall
    William HOWARTH Son U 32 general labourer Killinghall
49 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Major THACKWRAY Head M 43 mason Harrogate
    Ellen THACKWRAY Wife M 40 milliner Ripon - Sawley
    William RICHMOND Nephew   11 scholar Kirkby Malzeard
50 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Fanny E SPOFFORTH Head U 38 no occupation Bishopthorpe
    Eliza GILES Companion U 35 no occupation *
51 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage John WEBSTER Head M 72 invalid Danby Wiske
    Christiana WEBSTER Wife M 68 farmer of 2 acres Staveley
    Elizabeth WEBSTER Daughter U 32 shop woman Bilton in Harrogate
52 Harrogate & Ripon Road house William CROFT Head U 30 architect Wetherby
    Hannah Maria FRY Servant M 34 housekeeper Kirkstall
53 Harrogate & Ripon Road house William GRAINGER Head Wid 32 joiner & builder employing 1 man Kirklington
    Laura GRAINGER Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    George H GRAINGER Son   3 scholar Killinghall
    Mary A STUBBS Servant U 35 housekeeper Wheldrake
    William JACKSON Apprentice U 19 apprentice joiner Etton
54 Harrogate & Ripon Road house William EDWARDS Head M 70 retired provision merchant Pickering
    Jane EDWARDS Wife M 62   Killinghall
    Thomas CRAVEN Visitor M 49 former farmer Killinghall
    Jane CRAVEN Niece U 20 domestic servant Killinghall
55 Harrogate & Ripon Road house Reginald H SMITH Head M 43 vicar of Killinghall LAN Liverpool
    Anna Maria A SMITH Wife M 34   Maryport
    Charlotte GK SMITH Daughter   5 mths   Killinghall
    Isabella MARSH Servant U 23 domestic servant Carlisle
    Fanny SMITH Servant U 21 domestic servant Harrogate
56 Harrogate & Ripon Road house William TIPPEY Head Wid 46 joiner Scotton
    JW TIPPEY Son U 19 joiner Killinghall
    Thomas TIPPEY Son U 17 general labourer Killinghall
    Mary TIPPEY Daughter   15   Killinghall
    Henry TIPPEY Son   12 scholar Killinghall
    Jane A TIPPEY Daughter   9 scholar Killinghall
    Sarah TIPPEY Daughter   6 scholar Killinghall
    Selina ADDISON Servant U 30 housekeeper Sedgefield
57 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Levi SLINGER Head M 45 farm labourer Pannal
    Mary Ann SLINGER Wife M 36   Hull
    William H SLINGER Son   14 scholar Pannal
    Ann E SLINGER Daughter   13 scholar Pannal
    Samuel SLINGER Son   11 scholar Killinghall
    John T SLINGER Son   9 scholar Killinghall
    Charles SLINGER Son   7 scholar Killinghall
    Emma SLINGER Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    Frtederick SLINGER Son   3   Killinghall
    Arthur SLINGER Son   11 mths   Killinghall
58 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Christopher LOFTHOUSE Head M 57 quarryman & farmer of 11 acres Dallowgill
    Jane LOFTHOUSE Wife M 44   Sutton Grange
    Charles LOFTHOUSE Son U 22 mason Killinghall
    Mary Ellen LOFTHOUSE Daughter U 17 domestic servant Killinghall
    Lilly LOFTHOUSE Daughter   10 scholar Killinghall
    Kate E LOFTHOUSE Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    Edith LOFTHOUSE Daughter   1   Killinghall
59 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage William LOFTHOUSE Head M 24 quarryman Killinghall
    Mary LOFTHOUSE Wife M 21   Boroughbridge
    Margaret LOFTHOUSE Daughter   2   Killinghall
    Ethel M LOFTHOUSE Daughter   10 mths   Killinghall
60 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage William STOTHART Head M 47 groom Spofforth
    Sarah STOTHART Wife M 39   Hampsthwaite
    Thomas STOTHART Son   14 scholar Killinghall
    Albert STOTHART Son   12 scholar Killinghall
    Mary Jane STOTHART Daughter   9 scholar Killinghall
    Louisa STOTHART Daughter   6 scholar Killinghall
    Sarah STOTHART Daughter   3   Killinghall
61 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Sarah Ann KERSEY Head Wid 44 charwoman LEI
    George KERSEY Son   13 scholar Killinghall
    Kate A KERSEY Daughter   11 scholar Killinghall
    John W KERSEY Son   8 scholar Killinghall
    Helen KERSEY Daughter   2 mths   Killinghall
62 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage John TRIFFITT Head Wid 69 farm labourer Killinghall
63 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Thomas SWALE Head M 27 mason Hampsthwaite
    Sarah Ann SWALE Wife M 25   Boroughbridge
    Ada A SWALE Daughter   8 scholar Boroughbridge
    John Henry SWALE Son   6 scholar Boroughbridge
    Fred SWALE Son   4 scholar Killinghall
    Emily SWALE Daughter   2   Killinghall
    James SWALE Son   2 mths   Killinghall
64 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Francis BODDY Head U 23 joiner Killinghall
    Jane BODDY Sister U 17 housekeeper Killinghall
65 Killinghall house Leonard HOBKINSON Head M 34 printer & grocer Pannal
    Mary Ann HOBKINSON Wife M 29   Killinghall
    Leonard HOBKINSON Son   8 scholar Killinghall
    Thomas HOBKINSON Son   7 scholar Killinghall
    Mary HOBKINSON Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
    George HOBKINSON Son   1   Killinghall
    Mary Ann JOHNSON Servant   12 domestic servant Harrogate
66 Killinghall cottage Thomas HUSTHWAITE Head M 31 tailor Clint
    Emma HUSTHWAITE Wife M 28 dressmaker Fulbeck
    Edith E HUSTHWAITE Daughter   2   Killinghall
67 Killinghall cottage Rebecca MASON Head M 50 schoolmistress ESS Kelvedon
    Emma MASON Daughter   15 pupil teacher Ripon
    Dora MASON Daughter   12 scholar Escrick
    Arthur MASON Son   10 scholar Killinghall
    Mary E MASON Daughter   9 scholar Killinghall
    Sarah MASON Daughter   7 scholar Killinghall
68 Harrogate & Ripon Road cottage Henry HARRISON Head M 31 bricklayer Killinghall
    Mary HARRISON Wife M 28   Pateley Bridge
    John HARRISON Son   8 scholar Brearton
69 Killinghall house Ann ASQUITH Head Wid 51 gentlewoman Leeds
    Emily ASQUITH Daughter   14 scholar Leeds
70 Killinghall cottage James PREST Head M 61 quarryman Masham
    Mary PREST Wife M 56   Killinghall
71 Killinghall cottage Matthew VOKES Head M 33 mason Harrogate
    Ann VOKES Wife M 33   Hampsthwaite
    Mary VOKES Daughter   11 scholar Harrogate
    Harry VOKES Son   10 scholar Harrogate
    Annie VOKES Daughter   8 scholar Hampsthwaite
    Arthur VOKES Son   6 scholar Hampsthwaite
    Clara VOKES Daughter   4   Hampsthwaite
    Matthew VOKES Son   6 mths   Killinghall
    James BARKER Lodger   2   Hampsthwaite
72 Killinghall cottage Sarah BROWN Head Wid 83 no occupation Killinghall
73 Killinghall farm house Henry HOLMES Head M 38 farmer of 56 acres employing 1 boy Boroughbridge
    Mary HOLMES Wife M 29   Boroughbridge
    John HOLMES Son   8 scholar Boroughbridge
    Edward HOLMES Son   5 scholar Boroughbridge
    Joseph Henry HOLMES Son   1   Kirkby Malzeard
    Joseph WARDMAN Servant   14 indoor farm servant Kettlesing
74 Otley Road farm house Francis L HARDCASTLE Head M 65 farmer of 15 acres Harrogate
    Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Wife M 65   Nidd
    Ann E HARDCASTLE Grd daughter U 20 domestic servant Ripley
    John F MILNER Grd son   14 scholar Killinghall
    Elizabeth MILNER Grd daughter   12 scholar Killinghall
75 Killinghall cottage William DOVE Head Wid 69 tailor Great Ouseburn
76 Killinghall cottage William CALVERLEY Head Wid 81 joiner Hampsthwaite
    Hannah CALVERLEY Daughter U 41 dressmaker Hampsthwaite
77 Killinghall cottage George ATKINSON Head M 79 retired gamekeeper Pateley Bridge
    Mary ATKINSON Wife M 60   Pateley Bridge
78 Killinghall cottage Joseph ELLERKER Head M 58 shoemaker Kirbymoorside
    Mary ELLERKER Wife M 52   Burton Leonard
    Elizabeth A ELLERKER Daughter U 19 dressmaker Ripon
    Charles RH ELLERKER Son   15 scholar Ripon
    Lucy ELLERKER Daughter   13 scholar Ripon
79 Killinghall house Robert Wylie HODGSON Head M 46 gentleman Bingley
    Ellen HODGSON Wife M 44   Killinghall
    Hannah Jane HODGSON Daughter U 17   Bingley
    Thomas Lewis HODGSON Son   11 scholar Bingley
    Ellen HODGSON Daughter   9 scholar Bingley
    Walter REYNARD Boarder U 19 commercial traveller Kirkby Malzeard
    Benjamin WALKER Lodger U 22 warehouseman Leeds
80 Killinghall - schoolhouse Annette BOGETTE Head U 23 certificated schoolteacher Grantley
    Minne BOGETTE Sister   13 scholar Grantley
81 Killinghall - house Jane PAWSON Head Wid 79 farmer's widow Killinghall
82 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Harriet REYNARD Head Wid 54 greengrocer Galphay
    Mary E REYNARD Daughter U 30 dressmaker Galphay
    Frederick REYNARD Son U 22 printer Kirkby Malzeard
    Agnes REYNARD Daughter   11 scholar Kirkby Malzeard
    George REYNARD Son   8 scholar Killinghall
    Elizabeth BULMER Lodger   3   Killinghall
8.3 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage George HUSTHWAITE Head Wid 70 tailor Scotton
    Charlotte HUSTHWAITE Grd daughter   10 scholar Killinghall
    Clara Annie HUSTHWAITE Grd daughter   7 scholar Killinghall
    Ralph SUTTILL Grd son   5 scholar Killinghall
84 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Jane BAXTER Head M 55 laundress Killinghall
    Esther BAXTER Daughter U 20 domestic servant Killinghall
    Sarah BAXTER Daughter U 25 no occupation - invalid Killinghall
    Thomas BAXTER Son U 23 joiner Killinghall
    John BAXTER Son U 18 joiner's labourer Killinghall
    Elizabeth SWAIN Niece U 16 domestic servant Ripon
85 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Marmaduke YATES Head M 42 joiner & wheelwright Otley
    Mary Ann YATES Wife M 35   Deeping
    Francis YATES Son   13 scholar Killinghall
    Alfred YATES Son   9 scholar Killinghall
    Albert YATES Son   4   Killinghall
    Katherine YATES Daughter   2   Killinghall
86 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage William WHARTON Head M 26 groom Harrogate
    Eliza WHARTON Wife M 26   Knaresborough
    Ada WHARTON Daughter   1   Harrogate
87 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage William M GRAHAM Head M 63 gardener Killinghall
    Jane GRAHAM Wife M 57   Starbeck
88 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Sarah Ann BLOOMFIELD Head M 46 coffee house manager MDX London
    Jessie Sarah BLOOMFIELD Daughter   10 scholar London
    Henry Thomas BLOOMFIELD Son   8 scholar London
89 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage George WRIGHT Head M 38 slater Masham
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Wife M 37   Fellbeck
    Edwin WRIGHT Son   13 scholar Fellbeck
    Herbert WRIGHT Son   11 scholar Kirby Hill
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Daughter   8 scholar Kirby Hill
    Mary WRIGHT Daughter   4 scholar Bilton
90 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Jacob CRYER Head M 30 shuttle maker LAN Rochdale
    Elizabeth CRYER Wife M 29   Everton
    James CRYER Son   6 scholar Batley
    Emma CRYER Daughter   5 scholar Rochdale
    Thomas CRYER Son   2   Killinghall
91 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Robert BROWN Head M 46 quarryman Felliscliffe
    Elizabeth BROWN Wife M 40   Nidd
    John W BROWN Son U 18 no occupation Killinghall
    Elizabeth BROWN Daughter   13 scholar Killinghall
    Emily BROWN Daughter   8 scholar Killinghall
    Christopher SANDERS Lodger M 56 shuttle maker Lancaster
92 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage William LONGMIRE Head M 34 coachman WES Milnthorpe
    Grace LONGMIRE Wife M 38   Kendal
    John William LONGMIRE Son   6 scholar Malton
    Margaret A LONGMIRE Daughter   4   Malton
    Sarah E LONGMIRE Daughter   2   Harrogate
93 Killinghall - Otley Road cottage Martha Sarah STOTT Head Wid 69 charwoman NTT Hoveringham
94 Killinghall - public house Isaac HARPER Head M 41 innkeeper Rigton
    Annie Jane HARPER Wife M 30   Beckwithshaw
    Elizabeth HARPER Daughter   11 scholar Beckwithshaw
    Hannah HARPER Daughter   9 scholar Beckwithshaw
    Hugh HARPER Son   4 scholar Guiseley
    Frances Ellen HARPER Daughter   7 mths   Killinghall
    Margaret Ann HOLLIDAY Servant U 23 domestic servant Stamford Bridge
    William KEYWOOD Lodger M 65 maltster Coulton
95 Killinghall - house William C CANTLEY Head M 53 M.R.C.S. - doctor Hedon
    Dinah CANTLEY Wife M 51   Welwick
    Mary Ann WRAY Mother in law Wid 72 annuitant Wonsell
    Joseph PERKIN Assistant U 35 medical assistant Sandon
    Mary THORPE Servant U 23 domestic cook Thirsk
    Elizabeth METCALFE Servant U 17 kitchenmaid Brearton
96 Killinghall - Back Lane cottage Richard DICKINSON Head M 35 general labourer NTH Rushden
    Sarah H DICKINSON Wife M 23   Killinghall
97 Killinghall - Back Lane farm house Eleanor HORNSHAW Head Wid 79 farmer of 80 acres employing 2 sons Killinghall
    William HORNSHAW Son U 45 farmer's son South Stainley
    Thomas HORNSHAW Son U 41 farmer's son South Stainley
    Rachel HORNSHAW Daughter U 38 faremr's daughter Killinghall
98 Killinghall - Back Lane farm house William HORNSHAW Head M 72 farmer of 73 acres employing 2 sons Killinghall
    Sarah HORNSHAW Wife M 64   Harewood
    William HORNSHAW Son U 33 farmer's son Killinghall
    Matthew HORNSHAW Son U 22 farmer's son Killinghall
    Mary HORNSHAW Daughter U 35 faremr's daughter Killinghall
99 Croft Farm John JEFFRAY Head M 62 farmer of 57 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy Killinghall
    Sarah JEFFRAY Wife M 62   Hampsthwaite
    John JEFFRAY Son U 27 farmer's son Killinghall
    Ann JEFFRAY Daughter U 30   Killinghall
    Thomas WHITEBURN Servant   14 indoor farm servant Pannal
    Mary Jane KING Servant   15 domestic servant Grafton
100 Croft Farm John SHUTT Head M 71 farmer of 50 acres employing 1 man Clint
    Susannah SHUTT Wife M 68   Hampsthwaite
    Mary SHUTT Daughter U 35   Clint
101 Pickencroft Farm Martha FALKINGHAM Head Wid 63 laundress Rigton
    John FALKINGHAM Son U 25 farm labourer Killinghall
    George FALKINGHAM Son U 23 farm labourer Killinghall
102 Grambeck House Joseph STOTT Head M 52 farm labourer Killinghall
    William STOTT Son U 23 groom Killinghall
    Thomas STOTT Son   12 scholar Killinghall
    Henry STOTT Son   11 scholar Killinghall
103 Crag Hill Joseph Andrews DEARLOVE Head(son) U 24 farmer of 118 acres & corn merchant employing 1 man & 1 boy Killinghall
    Annie M DEARLOVE Sister U 22 faremr's daughter Killinghall
    Mary E DEARLOVE Sister U 20 faremr's daughter Killinghall
    Annie BOLTON Servant U 20 domestic farm servant Easingwold
    John TENNANT Servant   14 indoor farm servant Knaresborough
104 Killinghall - cottage George William PARKER Head M 26 agr labourer Skelton
    Annie E PARKER Wife M 25   Topcliffe
    George William PARKER Son   1   Killinghall
105 Killinghall - farm house George LEWIS Head M 39 farmer of 36 acres employing 1 boy Killinghall
    Hannah E LEWIS Wife M 40   Killinghall
    Annie LEWIS Daughter   7 scholar Killinghall
    William LEWIS Son   5 scholar Killinghall
    Eleanor LEWIS Daughter   2   Killinghall
    John ARROWSMITH Servant U 16 inddor farm servant Little Ouseburn
    Jane Ann WALTON Servant   15 general domestic servant Harrogate
106 Lund Lane Farm John RIDSDALE Head M 49 farmer of 18 acres Kirkby Overblow
    Ann RIDSDALE Wife M 37   Killinghall
    Jane RIDSDALE Daughter   13 scholar Killinghall
    Elizabeth RIDSDALE Daughter   12 scholar Killinghall
107 Lund Lane Farm John WARDMAN Head M 55 farmer of 7 acres Hampsthwaite
    Mary Ann WARDMAN Wife M 57   Hampsthwaite
    Annie HEBBLETHWAITE Niece   2   Ripon
108 Killinghall - cottage Charles McDERMOT Head U 39 quarryman Hampsthwaite
    Ellen STEEL Servant U 42 housekeeper Harrogate
109 Killinghall - Lund Lane cottage Sarah BRAMLEY Head U 73 no occupation Killinghall
    Mary BRAMLEY Daughter U 40 charwoman Killinghall
110 Killinghall - Lund Lane cottage Robert SPENCER Head M 42 farm labourer Burton Leonard
    Hannah SPENCER Wife M 44   Burton Leonard
    John William SPENCER Son   15 scholar Burton Leonard
    Florence SPENCER Daughter   10 scholar Hampsthwaite
    Mary Ann SPENCER Daughter   5 scholar Killinghall
111 Killinghall - house Peter LEWIS Head M 28 farmer's son Killinghall
    Susannah LEWIS Wife M 28   Shipley
    Mary L LEWIS Daughter   7 mths   Killinghall
    Ann M SHACKLETON Mother in law Wid 48 former innkeeper Birstwith
112 Killinghall - cottage Charles WARDMAN Head M 27 farmer's son Killinghall
    Elizabeth WARDMAN Wife M 23   Killinghall
113 Killinghall - cottage Walker LEWIS Head M 43 agr labourer Killinghall
    Ann LEWIS Wife M 43   Birstwith
    Mary E LEWIS Daughter U 17 dressmaker Londesborough Park
    Peter LEWIS Son   11 scholar Killinghall
    Dorinda LEWIS Daughter   10 scholar Killinghall
    Edward LEWIS Son   8 scholar Knaresborough
114 Killinghall - house & shop John HAYES Head M 57 house joiner & farmer of 2.5 acres Rigton
    Hannah HAYES Wife M 55   Thornton
115 Killinghall - Lund Lane farm house John Robert SMITH Head M 26 farmer of 75 acres employing 1 man Killinghall
    Mary E SMITH Wife M 22   Killinghall
    Thomas PULLAN Grd father Wid 79 retired farmer Thornthwaite
    George HOUSEMAN Cousin U 18 indoor farm servant Morley
116 Killinghall - Lund Lane farm house William LEWIS Head M 75 farmer of 63 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy Killinghall
    Susannah LEWIS Wife M 63   Killinghall
    John LEWIS Son U 26 farmer's son Killinghall
    Annie BELLERBY Servant U 18 general domestic servant Killinghall
117 Myer's Green John HANDLEY Head M 23 quarryman *
    Dorinda HANDLEY Wife M 27   Hampsthwaite
    Sarah E HANDLEY Daughter   1   Killinghall
118 Myer's Green Alice HANDLEY Head M 69 coal leader's wife Bishop Thornton
    Alice HANDLEY Grd daughter   11   Colsterdale
    William LEE Servant U 25 general domestic servant Burton Leonard
    William BURRELL Lodger Wid 69 butcher Bishop Thornton
119 Hollins Farm William SMITH Head Wid 52 farmer of 54 acres employing 1 man Birstwith
    John SMITH Father Wid 81 retired farmer Birstwith
    Mary A SMITH Daughter U 26   Felliscliffe
    Elizabeth SMITH Daughter U 25   Felliscliffe
    John SMITH Son U 23 farmer's son Felliscliffe
    Margaret SMITH Daughter U 19 faremr's daughter Felliscliffe
    Edwin SMITH Son   13 scholar Felliscliffe
    Charles F SMITH Son   9 scholar Felliscliffe
120 Hollins Hall - Gardener's House John TAYLOR Head M 41 gardener Binbrook
    Harriet TAYLOR Wife M 41   *
    John William TAYLOR Son U 19 joiner Brigg
    William J JOHNSTON Boarder U 21 gardener Board Mills
121 Hollins Hall John Herd WRIGHT Head M 61 magistrate SOM Bath
    Letitia WRIGHT Wife M 54   Rolleston
    Mary YEATS Servant U 35 cook Alston
    Margaret MURPHY Servant U 33 housemaid Fermanagh
    Elizabeth D SADDLER Servant U 22 kitchen maid Quarndon
    Thomas BLODWELL Servant U 22 groom Shrewsbury
    Silas PEARCE Servant U 16 footman Huttoft
    Martha STAINFIELD Servant U 22 housemaid Cradley Heath
122 Hollins Lodge Charles COWLWELL Head M 42 coachman Badsworth
    Jane COWLWELL Wife M 37   Louth
    Annie COWLWELL Daughter   13 scholar Rolleston
    Robert COWLWELL Son   12 scholar Rolleston
    William L COWLWELL Son   8 scholar Killinghall
    Emma COWLWELL Daughter   4m   Killinghall
123 Shutt Hill Farm William ADDYMAN Head Wid 50 farmer of 56 acres employing 1 man Clint - Ripley
    John ADDYMAN Son U 20 farmer's son Warsill
    George ADDYMAN Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Mary ADDYMAN Daughter   11 scholar Killinghall
    Emma ADDYMAN Grd daughter   7 scholar Killinghall
    Harriet ADDYMAN Daughter U 28 housekeeper Hartwith
    Annie ADDYMAN Grd daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
    William TAYLOR Lodger Wid 56 farm labourer Rufforth
124 Saltergate Hill cottage William BAILEY Head U 30 farm labourer Knaresborough
    John BAILEY Brother U 28 farm labourer Knaresborough
125 Saltergate Hill cottage Henry WARDMAN Head M 73 farm labourer Killinghall
    Tamar WARDMAN Wife M 69   Ripley
    Francis H WARDMAN Grd son   10 scholar Killinghall
126 Saltergate Hill cottage William HARDISTY Head M 28 farm labourer Hampsthwaite
    Margaret HARDISTY Wife M 34   Ripon
    Annie HARDISTY Daughter   12 scholar Rotherham
    Louisa HARDISTY Daughter   5 scholar Hampsthwaite
    Emily HARDISTY Daughter   2   Harrogate
127 Saltergate Hill cottage Henry WATSON Head M 36 general labourer Richmond
    Ellen WATSON Wife M 37   Dacre Banks
    Albert WATSON Son   12 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Hannah J WATSON Son   9 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Joseph WATSON Son   6 scholar Cleveland Bottom - Guisborough
    Emily WATSON Daughter   2   Saltergate Hill - Killinghall
128 Saltergate Hill cottage John HARLING Head M 56 quarryman Killinghall
    Annie HARLING Daughter U 19 no occupation Killinghall
    Jane HARLING Daughter   12 scholar Killinghall
129 Dike Bottom John STYAN Head M 30 farmer of 4 acres & labourer Spofforth
    Charlotte STYAN Wife M 31   Knaresborough
    Arthur STYAN Son   12 scholar Hampsthwaite
    John William STYAN Son   7 scholar Harrogate
    James STYAN Son   6 scholar Harrogate
    Clara STYAN Daughter   4 scholar Killinghall
    Albert STYAN Son   3   Killinghall
    Emily STYAN Daughter   1   Killinghall
130 Dike Bottom John HATTERSLEY Head M 23 farmer of 30 acres of grass Felliscliffe
    Hannah HATTERSLEY Wife M 36   Felliscliffe
    Clara BINNS Step daughter   7 scholar Felliscliffe
    Lucy BINNS Step daughter   3   Felliscliffe
131 White House Farm James WARDMAN Head M 55 farmer of 100 acres employing 1 man Hampsthwaite
    Ann WARDMAN Wife M 33   Shaw Mills
    John William WARDMAN Son U 22 farmer's son Felliscliffe
    Mary HARPER Step daughter   11 scholar Hampsthwaite
    Albert Edward WARDMAN Son   2   Killinghall
    Charles WARDMAN Son   1   Killinghall
    Sarah Ann STOTT Servant   15 general servant Thornthwaite
    John James JOHNSON Servant   15 farm servant Pannal
132 Red House Farm Henry P RHODES Head M 46 farmer of 135 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy Bingley
    Sarah RHODES Wife M 54   Idle
    Sarah JOHNSON Step daughter U 16 dressmaker Bingley
    William JOHNSON Step son   14 scholar Bingley
    Clara JOHNSON Step daughter   12 scholar Bingley
    Annie RHODES Daughter   7 scholar Bingley
133 Pot Bridge Farm John FORSTER Head M 45 farm labourer Hampsthwaite
    Margaret FORSTER Wife M 40   Coverdale
    Christopher FORSTER Son   12 scholar Felliscliffe
    Robert FORSTER Son   10 scholar Felliscliffe
    Sarah Ann FORSTER Daughter   7 scholar Felliscliffe
    Mary Hannah FORSTER Daughter   1   Haverah Park
    John DEVANEY Lodger U 22 farm labourer County Mayo
    Michael DEVANEY Lodger u 20 farm labourer County Mayo
134 Oakden Farm George LAMB Head M 62 farm labourer & hind Kirkby Overblow
    Ellen LAMB Wife M 67   Hampsthwaite
135 Oakden cottage John HOUNSBY Head M 32 farm labourer Ribston
    Dorothy HOUNSBY Wife M 30   Ribston
    Mary HOUNSBY Daughter   7 scholar Goldsborough
    John HOUNSBY Son   5 scholar Goldsborough
    Arthur HOUNSBY Son   3   Ribston
    Edwin HOUNSBY Son   1   Ribston
136 Killinghall Moor sewerage farm John BAUL Head M 49 farm bailiff Kirkby Malzeard
    Martha BAUL Wife M 25 unemployed milliner Kirkby Malzeard
    Ann BAUL Daughter U 17 unemployed stationer Kirkby Malzeard
    Sarah BAUL Daughter   8 scholar Grewelthorpe
    Thomas HARRISON Boarder U 24 ploughman Flaxby
    William WINTERSGILL Boarder U 25 ploughman Masham
137 Killinghall Moor Charles PICKLES Head M 41 shepherd Grewelthorpe
    Matilda PICKLES Wife M 27   Kirkby Malzeard
    Polly PICKLES Daughter   8 scholar Grewelthorpe
    Peter GIBSON Lodger U 30 cowman *
138 Killinghall Moor James CLOSE Head M 50 farmer of 338 acres employing 2 men Grewelthorpe
    Mary CLOSE Wife M 36   Bishop Thornton
    Isabella CLOSE Daughter U 20   Leeds
    Mary Jane CLOSE Daughter U 16   Leeds
    Sarah Ann CLOSE Daughter   13 scholar Felliscliffe
    John William CLOSE Son   11 scholar Felliscliffe
    James CLOSE Son   4   Hartwith
    Robert A CLOSE Son   2   Hartwith
    Christopher NORFOLK Nephew U 26 farm labourer Felliscliffe
    James WEATHERHEAD Cousin U 23 joiner & carpenter Tanfield
139 Killinghall Moor John DALBY Head M 57 farmer of 7 acres & labourer Felliscliffe
    Ann DALBY Wife M 53   Brearton
    Henry DALBY Son   23 farm labourer Killinghall
    Maria DALBY Daughter U 13 scholar Killinghall
140 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends Michael SANDERSON Head M 47 farm labourer Bishop Thornton
    Ann SANDERSON Wife M 41   Bishop Thornton
    Ellen SANDERSON Daughter   15   Bishop Thornton
    John W SANDERSON Son   12 scholar Birstwith
    Elizabeth SANDERSON Daughter   7 scholar Birstwith
    Martha SANDERSON Daughter   4 scholar Birstwith
141 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends William BURRILL Head M 38 poultry keeper & greengrocer Ramsgill
    Sarah J BURRILL Wife M 38   Liverpool
142 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends William STOCKDALE Head M 42 blacksmith Felliscliffe
    Emma STOCKDALE Wife M 29   Cambridge
    Herbert STOCKDALE Son   9 scholar Killinghall
    May STOCKDALE Daughter   2   Killinghall
    Florence A STOCKDALE Daughter   1   Killinghall
    James CALVERT Apprentice U 19 apprentice blacksmith Kirkby Malzeard
143 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends George PATRICK Head M 67 carpenter & joiner Hampsthwaite
    Ann PATRICK Wife M 59   Hampsthwaite
    Emma PATRICK Daughter U 29   Killinghall
    Peter PATRICK Son U 21 carpenter & joiner Killinghall
    Polly PATRICK Grd daughter   7 scholar Killinghall
    Mary Ann IVESON Sister Wid 57 no occupation Hampsthwaite
    Samuel IVESON Nephew U 23 fish hawker Hampsthwaite
    Mary Jane IVESON Niece U 18 no occupation Hampsthwaite
144 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends - Travellers Rest Inn William HUNTER Head M 33 farmer & beer house keeper Grafton
    Fanny HUNTER Wife M 33   Myton
    Rhoda HUNTER Daughter   1   Harrogate
    Ann HUNTER Mother M 63 farmer's wife Grafton - Boroughbridge - Kirby Hill
    James WALLIS Lodger U 24 farm labourer Kirby Hill
145 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends Joshua JACKSON Head M 39 farmer of 19 acres employing 1 boy South Stainley
    Caroline JACKSON Wife M 40   Knaresborough
    Joshua JACKSON Son   13 farmer's son Fewston
    Emma JACKSON Daughter   8 scholar Clint
146 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends George NESS Head M 56 farm labourer Welwick
    Mary NESS Wife M 52   Ryhill
    John David NESS Son   15 farm servant Keyingham
    Desima NESS Daughter U 19 dressmaker Keyingham
    Harriet NESS Daughter U 17 domestic servant Keyingham
    Edith M CHAMBERS Grd daughter   7 scholar Tickton
    Rosa LILLYFOOT Nurse child   1   Follifoot
147 Skipton Road - Four Lane Ends John BELLERBY Head M 52 farmer of 45 acres employing 1 man Tockwith
    Jane E BELLERBY Wife M 40   Killinghall
    Sarah BELLERBY Daughter   14 dressmaker Killinghall
    John Henry BELLERBY Son   11 scholar Killinghall
    Ellen L BELLERBY Daughter   9 scholar Killinghall
    Jane E BELLERBY Daughter   6 scholar Killinghall
    Mary Lewis BELLERBY Daughter   4   Killinghall
    William Lewis BELLERBY Son   2   Killinghall
    William LEWIS Servant U 19 indoor farm servant Selby
148 Harrogate Grange Farm John WARDMAN Head M 58 farmer of 140 acres employing 3 labourers Bishop Thornton
    Jane WARDMAN Wife M 59   *
    Martha WARDMAN Daughter U 20   Hampsthwaite
    Mary Ann WRATHALL Visitor U 48 faremr's daughter Appletreewick
    Charles BENSON Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Bishop Thornton
    Richard WALKER Servant U 28 indoor farms servant Cowthorpe
    Robert KENDAL Servant Wid 70 farm albourer Great Ouseburn
    Amelia SIMPSON Servant U 19 domestic servant Breckonborough
149 Warren Bank Gardens John LOFTHOUSE Head M 47 marker gardener Coverdale
    Hannah LOFTHOUSE Wife M 45   Thornton le Moor
    Ann LOFTHOUSE Daughter U 22   Richmond
    James LOFTHOUSE Son U 19 gardener Leyburn
150 Warren Bank Gardens John DICKINSON Head Wid 62 market gardener BEF