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Marriage Licences

The earliest marriage register for Hampsthwaite dates from 1603. Some earlier marriages can be dated with marriage licences. The data here contains information on some licences issued concerning marriages that were to be performed at Hampsthwaite, or that one or both of the parties involved were from Hampsthwaite. Note that not all of the marriages took place.

For Church
For Church
1591 BILTON Hugh   JAMSON Isabel Hampsthwaite Trinity, Goodramgate, York  
1592 STANIFORTH Nicholas Rotherham WEST Isabel Hampsthwaite Darton. widow
1592 GILL Nicholas   WADDINGTON Agnes Leeds Hampsthwaite or Knaresborough  
1592 HAXBY Thomas Kirkby Malzeard MARKENFIELD Ellen Ripon Hampsthwaite widow
1593 SETTLE Ralph Hampsthwaite ELSWORTH Isabel Kirkby Malzeard Huntington  
1594 HAXBY Thomas Kirkby Malzeard WHITEHEAD Jane Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1598 ATKINSON Peter Ripley FARNELL Ellen Hampsthwaite Either daug of Miles
1598 SCAIFE Thomas Haverah Park DUNWELL Elizabeth York Hampsthwaite or Fewston  
1599 LANGTHORNE Stephen   MYERS Janet Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1599 SNOW Richard Ripon SNOW Ann Hampsthwaite Either daug of Richard
1600 SCAIFE Thomas Hampsthwaite HORNER Jennet Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite widow
1601 LOLLEY William   SOWDEN Isabel Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1602 HOLMES Robert Hampsthwaite FORREST Elizabeth Fewston Either Widow. Son of George
1603 WINTERBURN William Hampsthwaite TYNDALL Jane Holy Trinity, York Either mar.Hamps. 1603 10 30
1603 WAITE Richard   LOLLY Margaret Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1603 02 24
1605 UMPLEBY Edward St Johns Micklegate SETTLE Jane Hampsthwaite either widow
1605 LYE Simon Hampsthwaite MYER Isabel Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1611 ATKINSON Thomas   BEANE Elizabeth Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1611 04 22
1611 LEEDAM William Ripon CRAVEN Ellen Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1611 PULLEYNE John Hampsthwaite PULLEYNE Ann Fewston either  
1611 LOLLEY Bernard Hampsthwaite HARRISON Grace Leeds Leeds.  
1612 REANARD Thomas Kirkby Malzeard BEAN Frances Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1612 05 28
1612 PROCTER Ambrose Leeds MYERS Isabel Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1613 RHODES John Hampsthwaite HUDSON Margaret St Martins, York St Martins Micklegate York  
1613 BROWN Richard Pateley Bridge PULLEYNE Ann Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite  
1613 LOLLEY Robert Hampsthwaite WARD Margaret Guiseley Hampsthwaite mar.1613 11 01
1615 GILL William Hampsthwaite BROWNE Alice Thornton, Ripon Thornton  
1615 PRIEST John Hampsthwaite POTT Jane Thornton, Ripon Thornton  
1615 YOUNG Robert Linton WIGGLESWORTH Margaret Hampsthwaite Either  
1615 ATKINSON John Hampsthwaite WIND Joan Pateley Bridge Either  
1616 GRIME Andrew Hampsthwaite ADDY Ellen Pateley Bridge Pateley Bridge widow
1616 HOLME Robert   SIMPSON Ann Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1616 02 26
1616 SCAIFE Thomas Hampsthwaite HOGG Ann Nidd either  
1617 FAIRBURN Thomas Hampsthwaite WADDINGTON Alice St Helens York St Helens York mar.1617 04 26
1617 HARDCASTLE Thomas Pateley Bridge BAYNE Mary Hampsthwaite either  
1617 HILL William Hampsthwaite NICHOLSON Agnes Ripley either  
1617 ROUNDELL Dennis Hampsthwaite SLINGSBY Mary Alne either  
1617 BENSON Ralph Pannal SMITH Ellen Hampsthwaite either  
1618 01 04 DUFFEILD John Ripon CRAVEN Jane Hampsthwaite either  
1619 06 16 SNOWS Robert Hampsthwaite BAITES Katherine Knaresborough either  
1619 12 21 HOLME* William Hampsthwaite HOLME Agnes Otley either *alias Kidd
1623 TAYLOR Richard Wetherby SCAIFE Ellen Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite son of Robert
1623 LEUTY Leonard Clint BEANE Ann Newbrig in Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1623 11 26
1624 DICKENSON John   SCOFFIN? Grace Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite widow
1624 SNOW William Knaresborough SCAIFE Magdalen Hampsthwaite either  
1625 WOOD Matthew Bradford DEDIE? Isabel Hampsthwaite either widow
1625 NOWELL Bartholomew Keighley SCAIFE Maude Hampsthwaite either  
1625 UMPLEBY Marmaduke Guiseley UMPLEBY Jane Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1625 07 07
1625 HEBDEN John   HUTCHINSON Isabel Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1625 08 16
1625 DUXBURY Richard   LOWCOCK Isabel Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1625 01 01
1625 STAINBURN Richard   SIMPSON Jane Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite mar.1625 02 16
1626 CROOKE Thomas Spofforth ATKINSON Elizabeth Hampsthwaite either  
1628 BARKER William Burton Leonard SIMPSON Catherine Hampsthwaite