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Tong Census Returns 1911


The 1911 census returns for Tong can be found on pieces RG13 26582 to 26586 containing Enumeration Districts 4 - 8.

The districts are being transcribed and added to the database. The table below gives a description of each Enumeration District.

The census of 1911 was the first one where the schedules were not compiled by the enumerator, instead the families filled out the forms, so for the first time, signatures and handwriting of the family member who filled in the schedule can be seen. There are new columns in this census with extra information which is very helpful. These are: Years Married | Children Born | Children Alive | Children Deceased. For the sake of space we have named these columns YM | Ch | A | D throughout the whole 1911 census.


Piece ED Description Enumerator Entries Link
RG14/26582 4 The houses on both sides of Tong Lane from Tong Beck Bottom to Shawfield Farm including Hollins House, Corn Mill Farm, Tong Village, Tong Hall, Gibb Stubbin Farm, Calverley Clough, Schoolbrook Farm, Raikes Hall, Raikes Farm and Rycroft Farm, The Houses on both sides of Westgate Hill Street from Drighlington Yownship boundary at Benton Beck to Tong Cemetery, including Cross Lane, Birkenshaw, Station House, Leeming House, Cottage near Leeming House (occupied by Jos Dean) also Red Hill Farm and Cemetery House. Also the houses on both sides of (Makin Street, Heeles Street, Cross Heeles Street, also Tong Street 436 and 434, 541 to 435 (odd Nos) Holme Lane 26 to 250 (even Nos). John Henry Lord 1137 Go
RG14/26583 5 Tong Street 433 - 397 (odd), Tong Street 428 - 194 (even), Shirley Road 1 - 31 (odd), Butler Street 2 - 42 (even), Holme Lane 3 - 137 (odd). All the Houses on both sides of Joseph Street, John Street, Cordingley Street. Oddy Street, Merton Place, Railway Terrace, Shetcliffe Lane ( to No 62 Railway Gatehouse) Lister Street, Brook Street, Edward Street, Ashwood Street, Glenhirst, Ashfield Street. Herbert Darnbrough 1365 Go
RG14/26584 6 Tong Street 46 - 192 (even), Shirley Road 2 - 32 (even), Rook Lane 68 - 166 (even), Rooks Lane 73 - 109 (odd). All the houses on both sides of Melford Street, St Johns Square, Law Street, Crossland Street, Springfield Place, Knowles Street, Crossland Buildings, Prince Street, Bright Street, Cross Bright Street, Railway Place, Railway Street, Speights Place, Sunfield Street, Dawson Lane, Dawson Street, Dawson Place,Dawson Terrace, Dawson Mount, Lordsfield Place Lewis Darnbrough 1889 Go
RG14/26585 7       Go
RG14/26586 8       Go