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Lordship of Tong


"In TUINC , Stenulf had 4 carucates of land to the geld, where there could be 2 ploughs. Ilbert [de Lacy] has it, but it is waste. TRE it was worth 20s. There is woodland pasture half a league long and a half broad."

The Domesday Book 1086


Welcome to The Lordship of Tong webpage. This site is intended as a database of historical and genealogical information from the village of Tong, which lies between Leeds & Bradford in Yorkshire. We are in the process of transcribing Census and Church records, of which some can already be found here and in our database.

The links above will take you to a page describing the records and their availability. You can also go direct to the database which not only holds records of Tong censuses and Church records, but also those of the surrounding areas of Wyke, Wibsey, Low Moor, Calverley, Pudsey, Farnley, Bramleyand other nearby townships.

We also intend to transcribe the many Manorial records of Tong, along with the remaining censuses and parish register material.


We would be more than happy to receive any data that would be suitable for publication on this site and invite you to contact us regarding submitting material.