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Shipley Bethel Baptist Church Records


The Shipley Bethel Baptist chapel is included here as many folk from Calverley Parish, particularly Idle, used this chapel.

The Baptists in Shipley date back to the 1750's when the church at Rawdon sent a Mr Gaukrodger to begin a work in what was then a small market town with a growing trade in woollen goods. This was before the advent of the railway or even the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which run through the town. The work quickly grew and a chapel was built in 1758 close to the town centre. When this proved too small, in 1862 a large non-conformist cathedral was built and Shipley had two Baptist churches, which developed quite different characters; one quite formal, the other much less so. In the 1960s, the church at Rosse Street moved from its grand premises (the organ is now in Guildford Cathedral) into what had been their suite of Sunday School and social rooms, and were soon joined by Bethel. Thus Shipley Baptist Church was formed in 1968.