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St Judes Parish Church, Hartwith: Marriages

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The parish church of St Jude's Hartwith was originally built in 1751 as a chapel-of-ease, saving locals the 12 mile trip to the parish church at Kirkby Malzeard. rebuilt in 1830.

Burials took place there from that date. Known records also date to 1751. The marriages here are only an index. 'Reference' refers to the reference to the record at Harrogate Register Office
Groom Name
Bride Name
Groom Name
Bride Name
HORSMAN Charles ADAMSON Jane C34CL/1/1 1837
BELL Edward WALKER Mary C34CL/1/2 1837
SWALE James BRADLEY Mary C34CL/1/3 1837
INGLEBY Adam METCALF Ann C34CL/1/4 1837
WEST John SHANN Nancy C34CL/1/5 1838
SKILLINGTON Thomas DICKINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/6 1838
WILSON Benjamin WEBSTER Mary A C34CL/1/7 1838
HULLAH Thomas MYERS Ellen C34CL/1/8 1838
LUTY Isaac COWLING Jane C34CL/1/9 1838
COOKE William NEWIS Ann C34CL/1/10 1838
WARDMAN Stephen ABBOTT Mary C34CL/1/11 1838
CROSLEY James NEEDHAM Ann C34CL/1/12 1838
GRAINGER George GILL Margaret C34CL/1/13 1838
MAWSON John HEBDEN Ann C34CL/1/14 1838
WALKER John DAWSON Sarah C34CL/1/15 1838
WIGGLESWORTH William RAW Elizabeth C34CL/1/16 1839
COLLIER William HAINSWORTH Susanna C34CL/1/17 1839
EWBANK William WILSON Sarah C34CL/1/18 1839
MYERS Joseph CALVERT Dinah C34CL/1/19 1839
BAYNES Christopher WHITLEY Dorothy C34CL/1/20 1839
MINTOFT John ROBINSON Susanna C34CL/1/21 1839
IBBOTSON Thomas MAWSON Hannah C34CL/1/22 1839
NEWIS Joseph CRYER Mary C34CL/1/23 1839
HARDCASTLE Aaron COATES Elizabeth C34CL/1/24 1839
JEFFRAY William SWALE Ann C34CL/1/25 1840
CLARKSON William WALKER Ann C34CL/1/26 1840
BRAMLEY Mark WARBURTON Ann C34CL/1/27 1840
HOUSEMAN George GRANGE Jane C34CL/1/28 1840
NEEDHAM James ELLIS Elizabeth C34CL/1/29 1841
WILLIAMSON David CLIFFE Eliza C34CL/1/30 1841
RIPLEY Francis BRAMLEY Sarah C34CL/1/31 1841
ROBINSON Joseph FENWICK Maryann C34CL/1/32 1841
WALKER William HEBDEN Charlotte C34CL/1/33 1841
HANNAM Mark GRANGE Hannah C34CL/1/34 1841
ANDREWS John GRAHAM Ann C34CL/1/36 1842
HOLDSWORTH Thomas CALVERT Mary C34CL/1/37 1842
WILKINSON Thomas MYERS Elizabeth C34CL/1/38 1842
HEBDEN John ROBINSON Agness C34CL/1/39 1842
PULLAN John FENWICK Elizabeth C34CL/1/40 1843
FAIRBURN James RIPLEY Rebecca C34CL/1/41 1843
WEST William WATERS Elizabeth C34CL/1/42 1843
NETTLETON John ANDREWS Mary A C34CL/1/43 1843
THWAITES John HORNER Anna C34CL/1/44 1843
RAINFORTH Thomas HOLDSWORTH Mary C34CL/1/45 1843
PULLAN William RAYNER Margaret C34CL/1/46 1843
WICKHAM Robert ABBOTT Jane C34CL/1/47 1843
MALTHOUSE Francis BROTHERTON Mary C34CL/1/48 1843
WALBANK George BRAMLEY Hannah C34CL/1/49 1843
HILL Richard WALBANK Mary C34CL/1/50 1844
HAXBY William BRADLEY Dorothy C34CL/1/51 1844
MOORS Samuel COWLING Elizabeth C34CL/1/52 1844
WILSON Benjamin RIPLEY Mary-ann C34CL/1/53 1844
BROOKBANK John INMAN Abigail C34CL/1/54 1844
CRYER George SCATCHARD Elizabeth C34CL/1/55 1844
HOLMES Aaron WILKINSON Jane C34CL/1/56 1845
GRADWELL William CLARK Ann C34CL/1/57 1845
SKAIFE Henry RAYNER Susanna C34CL/1/58 1845
FELL William HANNAM Mary C34CL/1/59 1845
PULLAN Christopher WIGGLESWORTH Sarah C34CL/1/60 1845
IBBITSON Michael WALKER Elizabeth C34CL/1/61 1845
WEST William MINTOFT Jane C34CL/1/62 1845
WARDMAN Henry NEEDHAM Esther C34CL/1/63 1845
ABBOTT Peter SHEPHERD Jane C34CL/1/64 1845
ESKHOLME Peter THWAITES Elizabeth C34CL/1/65 1845
SHANN William KIRKBY Elizabeth C34CL/1/66 1846
WEST Timothy ABBOTT Elizabeth C34CL/1/67 1846
WEBSTER Titus THORPE Maryann C34CL/1/68 1846
CHIPPENDALE Richard DAWSON Dorothy C34CL/1/69 1846
KIRKBY John NEWIS Sarah C34CL/1/71 1846
HERRINGTON William WARBURTON Elizabeth C34CL/1/72 1846
PROCTOR Christopher LOWCOCK Ellen C34CL/1/73 1847
MCKENZIE William HEBDEN Maria C34CL/1/74 1847
BAILEY Stephen SHEPHERD Emma C34CL/1/75 1847
HULLAH John WILSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/76 1847
HANNAM Mark MORLEY Mary C34CL/1/77 1847
CARTER John CLARK Elizabeth C34CL/1/78 1847
SURR William NETTLETON Sarah C34CL/1/79 1848
WEBSTER Ezra LUTY Ann C34CL/1/80 1848
GIBSON Anthony CLARK Sarah C34CL/1/82 1848
WALKER Samuel KNOWLES Mary C34CL/1/83 1849
WARBURTON James WAITE Susannah C34CL/1/84 1849
HAINSWORTH Thomas DANIEL Mary E C34CL/1/85 1849
TAYLOR William ADDYMAN Elizabeth C34CL/1/86 1849
BELL William CLARK Isabella C34CL/1/87 1850
CLARK James HORSMAN Sarah C34CL/1/88 1850
LANCASTER Joseph CLARK Margaret C34CL/1/89 1850
NETTLETON Richard MYERS Emily C34CL/1/90 1850
GRAHAM Joseph ABBOTT Elizabeth C34CL/1/91 1850
FENWICK William ROBINSON Rachel C34CL/1/92 1850
GILL James NETTLETON Esther C34CL/1/93 1850
THORP Gill Sanders RAINFORTH Margaret C34CL/1/94 1850
RAW Joseph BALES Ann C34CL/1/95 1850
BOLTON Thomas ABBOTT Hannah C34CL/1/96 1850
ANDREWS Charles WAITE Ann C34CL/1/97 1851
DALE Isaac CALVERT Isabella C34CL/1/98 1851
CARRINGTON Peter LOWCOCK Maryann C34CL/1/99 1851
PALEY John BROOKBANK Eliza C34CL/1/100 1851
HULLAH John HORSEMAN Ann C34CL/1/101 1851
KITCHEN George ISLES Ann C34CL/1/102 1851
HAINSWORTH Joseph WARRINER Mary A C34CL/1/103 1851
FALLIS John BRAMLEY Sarah C34CL/1/104 1851
MYERS John STEVENSON Mary A C34CL/1/105 1851
HOLMES James MYERS Ann C34CL/1/106 1852
SWALES John BAKE Christiana C34CL/1/107 1852
KNOWLES Smith HORNER Ann C34CL/1/108 1852
HULLAH George HORSMAN Hannah C34CL/1/109 1852
GRANGE Thomas GARTH Elizabeth C34CL/1/110 1852
ADDYMAN Amos BRADLEY Christiana C34CL/1/111 1853
WALKER John LUTY Hannah C34CL/1/112 1853
ROBINSON Francis GILL Isabella C34CL/1/113 1853
BENTLEY William HOLDSWORTH Elizabeth C34CL/1/114 1853
CRYER William GRANGE Betty C34CL/1/115 1853
GRAHAM William RIPLEY Maria C34CL/1/116 1853
FENWICK Robert METCALFE Mary C34CL/1/117 1853
ABBOTT Benjamin KITCHEN Elizabeth C34CL/1/118 1854
ABBOTT Luke INGLEBY Rebecca C34CL/1/119 1854
BENSON Matthew PARKER Hannah C34CL/1/120 1854
THEAKSTON William COWLING Alice C34CL/1/121 1854
JACKSON George BILTON Rose A C34CL/1/122 1855
WINTERBURN Christopher BUCK Ann C34CL/1/123 1855
KING Isaac NETTLETON Mary C34CL/1/124 1855
WILKINSON Peter INGLEBY Hannah C34CL/1/125 1855
ABBOTT William BAKE Susanna C34CL/1/126 1855
BENTLEY William SIMPSON Harriett C34CL/1/127 1855
CONSTANTINE John JACKSON Mary C34CL/1/128 1855
DUNN John ADDYMAN Mary C34CL/1/129 1856
MYERS John ADDYMAN Hannah C34CL/1/130 1856
ROBINSON Timothy THORPE Elizabeth C34CL/1/131 1856
WATERHOUSE John ABBOTT Mary C34CL/1/132 1856
BELL James WILKINSON Jane C34CL/1/133 1856
BELL Richard RIPLEY Maryann C34CL/1/134 1856
HULLAH Samuel BENTLEY Mary C34CL/1/135 1856
WARDMAN Abraham HEBDEN Jane C34CL/1/136 1856
RAW James HEBDEN Ellen C34CL/1/137 1856
WATERS George WILKINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/138 1856
CALVERT Joseph WILKINSON Mary A C34CL/1/139 1856
DOWNS William HESSAY Elizabeth C34CL/1/140 1856
RIDSDALE Peter BRADLEY Elizabeth C34CL/1/141 1856
PETTY George WIGGLESWORTH Ann C34CL/1/142 1857
ADDYMAN Samuel BROTHERTON Hannah C34CL/1/143 1857
HUDSON Richard RIPLEY Sarah C34CL/1/144 1857
BENSON Robert DIBB Eliza C34CL/1/145 1857
WILKINSON Thomas TODD Mary C34CL/1/146 1857
GRANGE Thomas KITCHEN Nancy C34CL/1/147 1857
BROTHERTON Francis WILSON Sarah C34CL/1/148 1857
INGLEBY William DARNBOROUGH Eliza C34CL/1/149 1857
COLLINGWOOD George INGLEBY Alice C34CL/1/150 1857
WARD Richard HOLDSWORTH Thomasin C34CL/1/151 1857
FRYER John SWALE Mary E C34CL/1/152 1858
BENSON Thomas DIBB Mary C34CL/1/153 1858
SMITH Henry BENSON Jane C34CL/1/154 1858
TAYLOR William DARNBOROUGH Elizabeth C34CL/1/155 1858
INMAN Tom WILKINSON Isabella C34CL/1/156 1858
SUTCLIFFE James BAKE Ellen C34CL/1/157 1858
HAMILTON John Morris KIRKBY Sarah C34CL/1/158 1858
BROOKBANK George GRIFFIN Julie C34CL/1/159 1858
RIPLEY Kirkby HORNER Jane C34CL/1/160 1858
SHEPHERD Emanuel HALL Mary C34CL/1/161 1858
WOOD John HARLAND Ann C34CL/1/162 1858
SKAIFE William STEELE Sarah C34CL/1/163 1858
GREETHAM James MYERS Ann C34CL/1/164 1858
BROWN Michael HOLMES Sally C34CL/1/165 1858
RODES John WINTERBURN Mary C34CL/1/166 1859
DIBB Joseph WHITLEY Mary C34CL/1/167 1859
WEST William PETTY Mary C34CL/1/168 1859
PULLAN William MOORE Ann C34CL/1/169 1859
KNOWLES John REDSHAW Charlotte C34CL/1/170 1859
NETTLETON Edward HARDCASTLE Sarah A C34CL/1/171 1859
ANDREW George FLINN Ellen C34CL/1/172 1859
CLOSE James WEATHERILL Jane C34CL/1/173 1859
GREETHAM Matthew RENFORTH Elizabeth C34CL/1/174 1859
KING William BRADBERRY Ann C34CL/1/175 1859
HAINSWORTH Thomas NETTLETON Jane C34CL/1/176 1860
COWLING George HARLAND Jane C34CL/1/177 1860
SMITH William GILL Eliza C34CL/1/178 1860
SKAIFE Robert WHITLEY Anne C34CL/1/179 1860
FRYER James WATKINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/180 1860
WALLER William HORNER Elizabeth C34CL/1/181 1860
WALBANK John FRYER Hannah C34CL/1/182 1860
WALKER Samuel DANIEL Hannah C34CL/1/183 1861
HOLDSWORTH James LANCASTER Hannah C34CL/1/184 1861
LANCASTER Edward HARLAND Hannah C34CL/1/185 1861
ABBOTT William GILL Elizabeth C34CL/1/186 1861
CROSSLEY James COATES Sarah C34CL/1/187 1861
KIRKBY George DOUGILL Elizabeth C34CL/1/188 1861
MYERS George GRAINGER Mary A C34CL/1/189 1861
WINTERBURN Thomas WHITLEY Elizabeth C34CL/1/190 1861
SETTLE Joseph ANDREW Ann C34CL/1/191 1861
RUDD William ROBINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/192 1862
WILKINSON William WINTERBURN Ann C34CL/1/193 1862
APPLEBY James DOWNES Elizabeth C34CL/1/194 1862
COATES George GRANGE Margaret C34CL/1/195 1862
PEARSON William DICKINSON Mary C34CL/1/196 1862
ABBOTT Hudson INGLEBY Ann C34CL/1/197 1862
KIRKBRIGHT Timothy INGLEBY Eliza C34CL/1/198 1862
JENNINGS William PENNINGTON Hannah C34CL/1/199 1862
RICHMOND David BROADLEY Mary C34CL/1/200 1862
BROWN William RUMLOW Mary C34CL/1/201 1862
BROWN James WOOD Sarah C34CL/1/202 1863
WOOD Thomas MINTOFT Sarah J C34CL/1/203 1863
WALBANK George RUDD Sarah J C34CL/1/204 1863
HAINSWORTH James SCAIFE Mary C34CL/1/205 1863
METCALFE Thomas STONES Eliza C34CL/1/206 1863
PARKER Silas GRAINGER Hannah C34CL/1/207 1863
ATKINSON John GRATTAN Sarah C34CL/1/208 1863
LEEMING William SCATCHARD Catherine S C34CL/1/209 1863
RUDD Charles LAMBERT Elizabeth J C34CL/1/210 1863
WHEELHOUSE John HULLAH Hannah C34CL/1/211 1863
LIDDIARD Charles DANIEL Ruth C34CL/1/212 1864
PARLER William WATKINSON Hannah C34CL/1/213 1864
BARKER James SEXTON Hannah C34CL/1/214 1864
STEELE Thomas PETTY Sarah C34CL/1/215 1864
SWAIN Francis WILKINSON Mary C34CL/1/216 1864
DICKINSON Charles GOODYEAR Susanna C34CL/1/217 1864
LAYCOCK Timothy STOTT Ann C34CL/1/218 1864
POTTER Timothy RANFORTH Mary A C34CL/1/219 1865
HOUSEMAN William HOUSEMAN Ann C34CL/1/220 1865
HALL Matthew LOWCOCK Jane C34CL/1/221 1865
PARKER John HALL Ann C34CL/1/222 1865
WHITLEY George WETHERILL Hannah C34CL/1/223 1865
WALLS William PENNINGTON Mary C34CL/1/224 1865
WEST James GILL Jane C34CL/1/225 1865
POSTLETHWAITE James GRAHAM Elizabeth C34CL/1/226 1865
WATKINSON John POTTER Jane Jennings C34CL/1/227 1865
PROCTER John LONGTHORN Alice C34CL/1/228 1865
TODD Michael BELL Ellen C34CL/1/229 1866
IBBOTSON William LUTY Elizabeth C34CL/1/230 1866
MASON Joseph WEST Alice C34CL/1/231 1866
SCATCHARD Thomas PALLISER Jane C34CL/1/232 1866
PETTY William WATKINSON Sarah C34CL/1/233 1867
DUFFIELD Thomas HOLDSWORTH Elizabeth C34CL/1/234 1867
HOLDSWORTH James BAINES Elizabeth C34CL/1/235 1867
CRAWFORD George PARKER Ann C34CL/1/236 1867
ADDYMAN Thomas Palliser PROCTOR Mary C34CL/1/237 1867
HOLMES Charles BERRY Isabel C34CL/1/238 1868
PALEY Thomas BELL Elizabeth C34CL/1/239 1868
WARD Joseph LEUTY Sarah J C34CL/1/240 1868
HULLAH James KNOWLES Isabella C34CL/1/241 1868
HOLDSWORTH Thomas BERRY Ellen A C34CL/1/242 1868
WATSON Henry HEBDEN Ellen C34CL/1/243 1868
STOREY Elias MOORE Mary A C34CL/1/244 1868
HORSMAN Thomas RIPLEY Harriet C34CL/1/245 1868
WEST Wilson HULLAH Jane C34CL/1/246 1868
WILKINSON Thomas COWLING Rachel C34CL/1/247 1869
SWAIN Frederick STOREY Mary A C34CL/1/248 1869
ARMSTEAD Charles DARNBROUGH Mary A C34CL/1/249 1869
MARSTON William HANNAM Hannah C34CL/1/250 1869
CHARLTON George Bell BROCKBANK Maria Louisa C34CL/1/251 1870
CALVERT John BRADBERRY Elizabeth C34CL/1/252 1870
TURNBULL Adam STOTT Mary C34CL/1/253 1870
DICKINSON John SWALES Mary C34CL/1/254 1870
BECKWITH William HICKHAM Jane C34CL/1/255 1870
PHILLIPS Charles STOTT Eliza C34CL/1/256 1870
SUTCLIFFE Henry HUTCHINSON Mary A C34CL/1/257 1870
BROCKBANK James KIRKBY Sarah C34CL/1/258 1870
NAITBY Robert HUTCHINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/259 1870
HARDCASTLE Joseph EWBANK Sarah A C34CL/1/260 1870
BENTLEY George RIDGWAY Hannah C34CL/1/261 1871
WATKINSON William SNOW Ann C34CL/1/262 1871
HANNAM Humphrey NEEDHAM Jane C34CL/1/263 1871
MYERS Philip SWALES Jane C34CL/1/264 1871
WHITLEY William ATKINSON Jane C34CL/1/265 1871
BELL Matthew HARDY Frances C34CL/1/266 1871
BOLTON John THWAITES Elizabeth C34CL/1/267 1871
ATKINSON Frederick John ADDYMAN Mary Jane C34CL/1/268 1871
PULLAN George FEASBY Jane C34CL/1/269 1872
PULLAN Hezekiah MARSDEN Harriet A C34CL/1/270 1872
PULLEYN George DURHAM Mary A C34CL/1/271 1872
GRANGE Thomas BENNET Mary J C34CL/1/272 1873
GELDART John SNOW Margaret C34CL/1/273 1873
GELDER Samuel WEST Margaret A C34CL/1/274 1873
BAGSHAW John BOWE Margaret C34CL/1/275 1873
BELL Edward PERCIVAL Anna C34CL/1/276 1873
TURNER Thomas DOUGILL Elizabeth C34CL/1/277 1873
PROCTER John INGLEBY Sarah C34CL/1/278 1873
DOUGILL George SWALES Elizabeth C34CL/1/279 1873
SCOTT John TODD Rachel Sophia C34CL/1/280 1874
WALBANK George GREETHAM Elizabeth C34CL/1/281 1874
WAITE Thomas BROADLEY Caroline C34CL/1/282 1874
JEFF John WILKINSON Isabel C34CL/1/283 1874
GILL Charles WHITLEY Jane C34CL/1/284 1874
MOORE Welbery BOARDMAN Mary A C34CL/1/285 1874
BARRON Joseph THORPE Sarah A C34CL/1/286 1874
HAINSWORTH Robert HARLING Elizabeth C34CL/1/287 1874
BROOKS George THORPE Jane C34CL/1/288 1875
HARRISON Japeth HICKHAM Eliza C34CL/1/289 1875
HAITHWAITE Christopher SMITH Sarah C34CL/1/290 1875
BELL Joseph BATTY Ann C34CL/1/291 1876
TODD Joseph BELL Elizabeth C34CL/1/292 1876
WEST William ROBINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/293 1876
BROADLEY John KENT Ann C34CL/1/294 1876
GOODYEAR Thomas William WHITLEY Isabel C34CL/1/295 1876
BELL James STOREY Maria C34CL/1/296 1876
GILL Thomas W THORPE Mary C34CL/1/297 1877
RIMMER Robert FARRELL Cecilia C34CL/1/298 1877
BUSFIELD Enoch PARKER Mary A C34CL/1/299 1877
BENTLEY William BUSFIELD Elizabeth C34CL/1/300 1877
PULLAN John HAINSWORTH Ann C34CL/1/301 1878
POWELL Joseph WILSON Ritta C34CL/1/302 1878
SWAIN William SHEPHERD Sarah C34CL/1/303 1878
TEBB George WALKER Emily A C34CL/1/304 1878
PETTY Robert BELL Sarah J C34CL/1/305 1878
WRATHMELL Benjamin HAMMELL Jane C34CL/1/306 1879
CRYER George SCATCHARD Ellen C34CL/1/307 1879
SIMPSON James BROOKS Mary C34CL/1/308 1879
DINSDALE John LOFTHOUSE Mary C34CL/1/309 1879
DAWSON James JACKSON Margaret A C34CL/1/310 1880
RHODES James William BROOKS Esther C34CL/1/311 1880
HALLEWELL John William HARDCASTLE Mary Carter C34CL/1/312 1880
STONES George William CARRINGTON Mary Ellen C34CL/1/313 1880
FRYER John SKAIFE Elizabeth Alice C34CL/1/314 1880
HUTCHINSON Robert MARSHALL Harriet C34CL/1/315 1881
BOARDMAN John WHITEHEAD Lavinia C34CL/1/316 1881
STOTT Mark HOBKINSON Mary Bernice C34CL/1/317 1881
BROOKS William Gillbank ROBINSON Hannah C34CL/1/318 1881
HAINSWORTH John ROBINSON Emily M C34CL/1/319 1881
CALVERT John RHEINHART Mary C34CL/1/320 1881
CASTLE Henry ATKINSON Mary C34CL/1/321 1881
HARRISON George ABBOTT Sarah C34CL/1/322 1882
BELL Samuel HOWARD Jane A C34CL/1/323 1882
PULLAN John Henry PETTY Annie C34CL/1/324 1882
THORPE Henry HERRINGTON Elizabeth A C34CL/1/325 1882
WARDELL William HICKS Betsy C34CL/1/326 1882
PAWSON Joseph DALE Jane E C34CL/1/327 1882
RAW Joseph WEBSTER Clara C34CL/1/328 1883
METCALFE Smith ADDYMAN Louisa C34CL/1/329 1883
LUTY William CALVERT Matilda C34CL/1/330 1883
PATTISON Matthew MARSHALL Hannah C34CL/1/331 1883
NELSON Levi HARRISON Ann C34CL/1/332 1883
STONEY Thomas HOLDSWORTH Jane C34CL/1/333 1883
WINTERBURN Charles KNOWLES Ellen C34CL/1/334 1884
INGLEBY William BROWN Sabrina Ruth C34CL/1/335 1884
ADDYMAN John HULLAH Margaret C34CL/1/336 1884
SKAIFE Edwin HAINSWORTH Mary A C34CL/1/337 1884
BROWN William PALEY Isabel C34CL/1/338 1885
HUDSON Joseph Myers BELL Diana C34CL/1/339 1885
BENTLEY James PROCTER Eliza C34CL/1/340 1885
ODDY Joseph Francis WARD Eliza C34CL/1/341 1886
FEASBY William CALVERT Lavinia C34CL/1/342 1886
ATKINSON William RIDEALGH Ann C34CL/1/343 1886
BELL William BUCK Jane C34CL/1/344 1886
PRATT Aaron ROBINSON Mary J C34CL/1/345 1886
GRANGE Thomas GILL Jane C34CL/1/346 1886
BARKER Charles Edwin SULLIVAN Nellie C34CL/1/347 1886
GREEN John BENTLEY Ann C34CL/1/348 1886
HILL Frederick LENG Emily C34CL/1/349 1886
SWALES Richard HARDCASTLE Sarah A C34CL/1/350 1887
ROSS Joseph LUMLEY Eleanor C34CL/1/351 1887
GRANGE Joseph PALEY Hannah C34CL/1/352 1887
SWALES John HORSMAN Alice C34CL/1/353 1887
BINNS James Thomas GILL Margaret C34CL/1/354 1889
AIRTON James Inman PETTY Elizabeth C34CL/1/355 1889
GARNER Thomas Mitchell BROWN Emily C34CL/1/356 1889
INMAN James WEBSTER Mary C34CL/1/357 1889
PETTY Thomas DALE Annie C34CL/1/358 1890
SWAIN Fred Wilkinson BUTTERWICK Rebecca C34CL/1/359 1890
HALL John WALBANK Elizabeth C34CL/1/360 1890
SCATCHARD John Ernest FAIRBURN Grace Ellen C34CL/1/361 1891
BOWE Thomas BARKER Hannah C34CL/1/362 1891
NEWTON George William TAYLOR Hannah C34CL/1/363 1891
CROFT John CLIFF Eva C34CL/1/364 1891
PULLAN John Green ATKINSON Laura Hannah C34CL/1/365 1891
HOUSEMAN John William GARTH Jane Ellen C34CL/1/366 1891
ROBINSON Richard DAWSON Mary H C34CL/1/368 1892
SUTCLIFFE William BELL Jane E C34CL/1/369 1892
CRYER Anthony BRADLEY Mary H C34CL/1/370 1893
KENT John PARKER Annie C34CL/1/371 1893
HASTINGS James PARKER Mary C34CL/1/372 1893
ROSS Robert Fisher MUNDY Dora C34CL/1/373 1893
JEFFREY Wilkes DINSDALE Grace C34CL/1/374 1893
LOWCOCK Joseph Lawrence ABBOTT Hannah C34CL/1/375 1893
SWALES James CRYER Mary E C34CL/1/376 1893
LITTLE Ralph FAIRBURN Hannah C34CL/1/377 1894
ADDYMAN Francis WALBANK Sarah A C34CL/1/378 1894
SOWRAY James WATKINSON Emma C34CL/1/379 1894
ATKINSON Joseph Edward WATKINSON Elizabeth Hannah C34CL/1/380 1894
PETTY Joseph PRATT Mary J C34CL/1/381 1894
PRATT George William PETTINGER Lily C34CL/1/382 1894
BENTLEY Haxby RAW Eliza J C34CL/1/383 1895
PULLAN Simon MILNER Margaret J C34CL/1/384 1895
MITCHELL Joseph WALKER Ann C34CL/1/385 1895
FRYER John Watson MARSHALL Grace C34CL/1/386 1895
JOHNSON William BUCKLE Mary A C34CL/1/387 1895
SCATCHARD Simeon Andrew WILSON Eliza C34CL/1/388 1895
WHYTE Alexander JEFF Mary J C34CL/1/389 1896
WALBANK Edwin GRANGE Jane C34CL/1/390 1896
MOORE John DICKINSON Mary C34CL/1/391 1896
GRANGE Thomas William SWALES Hannah C34CL/1/392 1896
THOMPSON John FRYER Ann C34CL/1/393 1896
GARTH Thomas GRANGE Eliza C34CL/1/394 1896
FAWCETT Joseph ODDY Eliza C34CL/1/395 1896
HALL Matthew SLATER Marion C34CL/1/396 1896
LAMB Thomas RIDSDALE Mary A C34CL/1/397 1897
HARDCASTLE Aaron WILLMOTT Elizabeth C34CL/1/398 1897
SHEPHERD Joseph Hall BROOKS Minnie C34CL/1/399 1897
SWALES Richard MOORE Ada C34CL/1/400 1897
RAW Joseph RENDER Mary A C34CL/1/401 1898
SLATER Samuel WALBANK Annie C34CL/1/402 1898
JAMES John NEWBOULD Sarah A C34CL/1/403 1898
HAWTHORNE Frederick Charles HOPKIN Mary Jackson C34CL/1/404 1898
BELL Thomas TOMLINSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/405 1898
MYERS Albert Bentley RAW Annie C34CL/1/406 1898
HAINSWORTH Thomas RENYARD Sarah C34CL/1/407 1898
DOUGILL James COWLING Annie E C34CL/1/408 1898
BARTON Robert Edward DANIEL Annie Eliza C34CL/1/409 1899
HOUSEMAN John Robinson HALL Jane C34CL/1/410 1899
CRYER George William GRANGE Eleanor Mary C34CL/1/411 1899
BROWN Colin MYERS Annie E C34CL/1/412 1899
TEBB Charles Herbert HARDCASTLE Sarah Ellen C34CL/1/413 1899
MAWSON Ernest Edward ROSS Sarah Alice C34CL/1/414 1899
BAUL George MYERS Mary J C34CL/1/415 1900
RAW Fred CHARLTON Jane C34CL/1/416 1900
HARRISON William THORPE Louisa Vincent C34CL/1/417 1900
CRYER Benjamin FOXTON Jane E C34CL/1/418 1901
ATKINSON Lowther Whitehead WHITLEY Annie Eliza C34CL/1/419 1901
PULLAN Fred CHARLTON Eliza C34CL/1/420 1901
SKAIFE Edwin SHAW Annie C34CL/1/421 1901
COLDBECK Charles Herbert BROWN Mary Jane C34CL/1/422 1902
TURNER Victor Reginald PRITCHARD Ada C34CL/1/423 1902
JOHNSON Albert CRYER Annie C34CL/1/424 1902
CLOSE John William WATKINSON Louisa Maria C34CL/1/425 1902
TURNBULL George PARKER Hannah C34CL/1/426 1902
GOOCH William DOUGILL Mary J C34CL/1/427 1903
EARNSHAW John PROCTER Ellen C34CL/1/428 1903
GRANGE Jesse PARKER Jane C34CL/1/429 1904
ATKINSON Edward Mark GRATTON Elizabeth Ann C34CL/1/430 1904
MILLWARD Fred MYERS Mary E C34CL/1/431 1904
LEARNON Albert SCATCHARD Annie E C34CL/1/432 1904
SLATER Bernard HOUSEMAN Margaret C34CL/1/433 1905
SWIRES Thomas TODD Annie C34CL/1/434 1905
BROOKS Nathaniel SMITH Margaret A C34CL/1/435 1905
SLATER Nathan WHITLEY Mary H C34CL/1/436 1905
SMITH James BROOKS Isabella Robinson C34CL/1/437 1907
DAVISON James MOORE Lucy C34CL/1/438 1908
BOND John Crawford ATKINSON Lucy C34CL/1/439 1908
PATRICK Timothy TODD Alice C34CL/1/440 1909
LUMLEY Henry TOMLINSON Isabel C34CL/1/441 1909
BROOKS Fred PEACE Hannah C34CL/1/442 1909
NEEDHAM Arthur Herbert WHITE Margaret Amy C34CL/1/443 1910
BARKER Norman MYERS Mary E C34CL/1/444 1910
CARRINGTON Ambrose Booker CLARK Elizabeth Ellen C34CL/1/445 1910
WHITLEY William Wetherill WHITLEY Laura C34CL/1/446 1910
WHITLEY Thomas JACKSON Jane C34CL/1/447 1911
SCATCHARD Walter MOUNTAIN Agnes C34CL/1/448 1912
GILL Thomas BARRETT Mary A C34CL/1/449 1912
DAWSON William BROOKS Polly C34CL/1/450 1912
ATKINSON Groves WILSON Elsie C34CL/1/451 1912
STONEY John W JACKSON Ellen C34CL/1/452 1912
CLARKE Thomas C FOTHERGILL Ethel C34CL/1/453 1912
RAW James H FOTHERGILL Ada M C34CL/1/454 1912
BROWN William PARK Martha C34CL/1/455 1913
HAINSWORTH Arthur PROCTER Alice C34CL/1/456 1913
KING Henry CROSS Hannah C34CL/1/457 1913
POWELL Ernest JACKSON Sarah L C34CL/1/458 1913
ALDERTON Leonard TOMLINSON Margaret C34CL/1/459 1914
KIRKLEY Robert BROWN Ada C34CL/1/460 1914
SKAIFE William BROWN Rebecca C34CL/1/461 1915
METCALFE William H BECK Harriet C34CL/1/462 1915
HOUSEMAN George T BROWN Isabel C34CL/1/463 1915
WHINNEY Sidney H CAWOOD Louie C34CL/1/464 1915
BRITTON William ELLIS Lucy C C34CL/1/465 1915
SWALES Charles HAITHWAITE Mary E C34CL/1/466 1916
SWALES Leeming A SWALES Mary J C34CL/1/467 1917
BAGSHAW George HENSON Ada C34CL/1/468 1918
SMITH Charles A HORNER Annie C34CL/1/469 1919
BARKER Fred TODD Maggie C34CL/1/470 1919
HOUSEMAN Arthur SCAIFE Ellen C34CL/1/471 1919
CARRINGTON Peter BROOKS Frances H C34CL/1/472 1920
NELSON George E HENSON Alice C34CL/1/473 1920
LUMLEY William HASTINGS Marian C34CL/1/474 1920
HOUSEMAN Thomas E CORKISH Elizabeth A C34CL/1/475 1920
LOWE Percy W C BOND Elsie M C34CL/1/476 1920
ROBINSON John BURGESS Alice C34CL/1/477 1920
RAW John R WALKER Helena C34CL/1/478 1920
ADDYMAN John L GILL Blanche C34CL/1/479 1921
JACKSON James JACKSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/480 1921
YATES Joseph CHAPMAN May C34CL/1/481 1922
DAVIDSON Fred CRYER Emma E C34CL/1/482 1922
SMITH Joe GRANGE Ada C34CL/1/483 1922
SCATCHARD Joseph C ATKINSON Susanna C34CL/1/484 1922
MAWSON Robert WHITLEY Frances E C34CL/1/485 1924
KENT Thomas E HENSON Elizabeth C34CL/1/486 1924
FRANE Charles H BROWN Beatrice C34CL/1/487 1924
REYNOLDS George L KIRKLEY Ada M C34CL/1/488 1925
PARKER Walter BURN Elsie C34CL/1/489 1925
SWALES David S CRYER Edith E C34CL/1/490 1926
ROBERTS Charles A BROOKS Maggie C34CL/1/491 1926
BROWN Joseph VERO Winifred M C34CL/1/492 1926
CURTIS John BECK Ethel M C34CL/1/493 1927
JACKSON William F DAWSON Edith C34CL/1/494 1927
BROWN Harold W EMSLEY Emma L C34CL/1/495 1928
BURN William F BURN Elizabeth C34CL/1/496 1928
SLINGER George E HENSON Ruth C34CL/1/497 1929
SWALES James FAWCETT Annie C34CL/1/498 1930
HENSON Herbert V WOOD Mollie C34CL/1/499 1930
SKAIFE William A BURTON Gladys M C34CL/1/500 1931
HEARFIELD Walter S BENNS Helen A M C34CL/2/1 1931
CRYER Samuel BURN Annie S C34CL/2/2 1931
PICK Horace DOWN Olive C34CL/2/3 1932
HAINSWORTH Thomas MILWARD Elsie C34CL/2/4 1932
WHINCUP Claude H GILL Janet W C34CL/2/5 1932
WEATHERHEAD Percy B ADDYMAN Florence S C34CL/2/6 1932
GRANT Henry W BROWN Elsie M C34CL/2/7 1933
SWIRES Thomas CURTIS Kathleen M C34CL/2/8 1933
DUNN Horace CHAPMAN Maggie C34CL/2/9 1934
GARTH George H HUDSON Alice C34CL/2/10 1934
GARTH Thomas W BROOKS Doris C34CL/2/11 1934
SMITH John G TEBB Edith C34CL/2/12 1934
BROOKS Cyril PAXTON Isabella C34CL/2/13 1934
DALE John F BURN Doris M C34CL/2/14 1935
CHAPMAN Christopher HOLDSWORTH Anne E C34CL/2/15 1936
SWALES Charles RAW Eliza C34CL/2/16 1936
ROBINSON Stanley BROOKS Minnie C34CL/2/17 1937
CARRICK Walter R RAW Mary A C34CL/2/18 1937
WISEMAN Joseph E BENTLEY Ida E C34CL/2/19 1937
HARDCASTLE Fred HOUSEMAN Margaret C34CL/2/20 1937
WADDINGTON James BOLDY Ethel O C34CL/3/1 1937
MAWER John DAWSON Lily C34CL/3/2 1938
CALVERT Luie HOLMES George C34CL/3/3 1938
HOLMES George CALVERT Luie C34CL/3/3 1938
JARRATT Leslie TWEEDY Lillie C34CL/3/4 1938
WHEELWRIGHT John M BREWSTER Elisabeth M C34CL/3/5 1939
SMITH Richard WHITLEY Mary E C34CL/3/6 1939
MITCHELL Geoffrey F POWELL Florence C34CL/3/7 1939
FOSTER Harry MOORE Amy C34CL/3/8 1940
WARD Joseph H DAWSON Rose C34CL/3/9 1940
HARRISON Bernard MORGAN Georgina A C34CL/3/10 1941
MALLABY James W LAWSON Mabel C34CL/3/11 1941
DYSON John ORD Ellinor P C34CL/3/12 1941
PARISH Sidney W CLARKSON Mary D C34CL/3/13 1941
JENNINGS Charles I METCALFE Doris M C34CL/3/14 1941
HORNER Herbert BENTLEY Edith C34CL/3/15 1941
GRATTON Francis CUNDALL Florence C34CL/3/16 1942
BARKER Stewart S HOUSEMAN Dorothy E C34CL/3/17 1942
HOUSEMAN George W RUMBOLD Edith C34CL/3/18 1942
LIVERSIDGE Arthur G BARRETT Ida C34CL/3/19 1942
ROBERTS Ion Williamson BRIGGS Betty J C34CL/3/20 1942
WHITLEY John METCALFE Hilda C34CL/4/1 1943
BARLEY John D PATRICK Kathleen M C34CL/4/2 1943
DOUGLAS Eric L BRIGGS Nancy B C34CL/4/3 1944
GRATTON Jonas V GILL Gladys E C34CL/4/4 1945
HOLME David R CUNDALL Irene C34CL/4/5 1946
CLAY George E DALE Mabel D C34CL/4/6 1947
REID Archibald M BECK Elsie M C34CL/4/7 1947
HUDSON Tom CRABTREE Amy G C34CL/4/8 1947
BUCHAN George H LUMLEY Alice E C34CL/4/9 1948
SIMPSON Charles R WRAY Sylvia E C34CL/4/10 1948
FRENCH Lawrence A MYERS Elsie C34CL/4/11 1948
FRYER Thomas W LANE Doreen C34CL/4/12 1949
DINSDALE Harry BAILES Gwendoline E C34CL/4/14 1949
ROBINSON Fred BROWN Edith C34CL/4/15 1950