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Calverley Parish Church Records: Marriages 1841-1843


Civil registration started in July 1837. The reference refers to the record held by Leeds register Office

Father's Occ.
Father's Occ.
1841 01 03 RUSHWORTH David 22 B Cordwainer Pudsey William Rushforth Clothier Abraham Feather CE127/A/97
  GILL Elizabeth 18 S     Roger Gill Woolcomber John Kirk  
1841 01 08 SUTCLIFF William 40 W Farmer Raistrick John Sutcliff Woollen spinner Judith Hutton CE127/A/98
  HUTTON Caroline 32 S   Fulneck Benjamin Hutton Tailor Martha Farrer  
1841 01 11 PHILLIPS Thomas FA W Labourer Calverley Moor John Phillips Labourer Richard Thompson CE127/A/99
  RAWNSLEY Sarah FA S   Idle Robert Rawnsley Farmer John Petty  
1841 01 17 PROCTER John 27 B Clothier Pudsey (blank)   William Glover CE127/A/100
  WEBSTER Nancy 21 S     Robert Webster Clothier Fanny Webster  
1841 01 17 SCOTT George 27 B Coal Miner Idle (blank)   John Kirk CE127/A/101
  JENKINSON Martha 21 S     (blank)   James Craven  
1841 01 18 CROMACK William 25 B Clothier Pudsey James Cromack Clothier John Hargreaves CE127/A/102
  RAWCLIFFE Mary Ann 22 S     William Rawcliffe Clothier John Kirk  
1841 01 24 FOSTER John 20 B Woolcomber Idle John Foster Clothier Richard Fell CE127/A/103
  BERRY Mary 28 W     Benjamin Baxter Blacksmith John Kirk  
1841 01 24 DUCKWORTH Joseph 21 B Cabinet Maker Idle Richard Duckworth Wellsinker William Duckworth CE127/A/104
  PICKLES Ruth 23 S     James Pickles Carrier John Kirk  
1841 01 24 MELLOR John FA B Engine Tender Windhill Thomas Mellor Cordwainer William Duckworth CE127/A/105
  ROSS Elizabeth FA W     James Wright Clothier John Kirk  
1841 01 24 OVEREND John 26 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor (blank)   John Hargreaves CE127/A/106
  GARBUT Ann 21 S     Thomas Garbut Clothier Isabella Lofthouse  
1841 01 25 GLEDHILL William 20 B Clothier Pudsey Samuel Gledhill Clothier Samuel Hinchcliffe CE127/A/107
  CROWTHER Hannah 19 S     William Crowther Clothier William Hutchinson  
1841 02 01 NICHOLSON John 26 B Woolcomber Stanningley William Nicholson Woolcomber Isaac Myers CE127/A/108
  COWLING Martha 20 S     David Cowling Woolcomber John Kirk  
1841 02 07 SHAW Horsforth 22 B Dyer Calverley Moor William Shaw Delver Robert Wright CE127/A/109
  SIMPSON Sarah 19 S     George Simpson Butcher Squire Hill  
1841 02 08 BINGHAM Thomas 23 B Woolsorter Pudsey Henry Brigham School Master John Geldard CE127/A/110
  STONEY Ann 24 S     John Stoney Farmer John Kirk  
1841 02 21 SLINGSBY David 21 B Mechanic Bolton David Slingsby Clothier John Pitts CE127/A/111
  METCALF Mary 22 S     William Metcalf Woolcomber Hannah Pitts  
1841 02 21 HALLIDAY Joseph 27 B Clothier Pudsey Benjamin Halliday Clothier William Ibbetson CE127/A/112
  RHODES Rebecca Binns 23 S     John Rhodes Slubber Mary Rhodes  
1841 02 21 COCKSHOTT Thomas 29 W Overlooker Pudsey John Cockshott Woolcomber Joseph Tidgwell CE127/A/113
  TETLEY Mary 24 S     Joseph Tetley Woolsorter John Kirk  
1841 02 21 HAIGH David 25 B Blacksmith Stanningley Joseph Haigh Woolcomber John Singleton CE127/A/114
  SINGLETON Hannah 26 S     William Singleton Delver John Kirk  
1841 02 22 CAWTHREY James 23 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor James Cawthrey Overlooker John Ackroyd CE127/A/115
  ACKROYD Hannah 19 S     George Ackroyd Coal Miner William Ackroyd  
1841 02 22 BIRCH Joseph 28 W Coal Miner Calverley Moor Jonathan Birch Coal Miner John Bartle CE127/A/116
  BEETHAM Isabella 24 S     John Beetham Woolsorter Thomas Priestley  
1841 02 24 WOODHEAD Benjamin 21 B Farmer Wrose Joshua Woodhead Coal Agent John Booth CE127/A/117
  HARDAKER Mary 25 S     Samuel Hardaker Clothier Mark Hardaker  
1841 02 25 POLLARD John 50 W Smallware dealer Idle Samuel Pollard Weaver John Kirk CE127/A/118
  BARRETT Sarah 40 S   Calverley Michael Barrett Stone Mason James Craven Licence
1841 02 28 CLAYTON John 25 B Woolcomber Idle Martin Clayton Weaver Robert Marshall CE127/A/119
  BARKER Fanny 21 S     Robert Barker Mechanic Elizabeth Barker  
1841 02 28 BALMFORTH Jabez FA W Blacksmith Stanningley John Balmforth Farmer Mary Parkinson CE127/A/120
  DIXON Mary FA W     Francis Haster Coal Miner James Craven  
1841 02 28 MILNER William 20 B Clothier Idle William Milner Mason William Booth CE127/A/121
  LISTER Rachel 22 S     Jeremiah Lister Clothier Child North  
1841 03 01 WEAR James 24 B Farmer Calverley Mill James Wear Farmer George Alderson CE127/A/122
  WINN Martha 24 S     William Winn Labourer Benjamin Marsden  
1841 03 07 HOLMES Charles 27 B Farmer Pudsey William Holmes Farmer John Myers CE127/A/123
  MARSDEN Jane 24 S     Pater Marsden Farmer John Kirk  
1841 03 07 HEATON John 21 B Coal Miner Idle Benjamin Heaton Coal Miner John Myers CE127/A/124
  WAITE Rebecca 20 S     John Waite Clothier Charles Holmes  
1841 03 08 DUFTON John 21 B Stone Mason Pudsey Matthew Dufton Stone Mason Thomas Spencer CE127/A/125
  RAISTRICK Maria 16 S     Benjamin Raistrick Clothier Sarah Shutt  
1841 03 08 RAISTRICK James 28 B Clothier Pudsey James Raistrick Clothier Joseph Scott CE127/A/126
  GAUNT Margaret 26 S     Charles Gaunt Clothier Sarah Threapleton  
1841 04 02 BEETHAM John 22 B Woolcomber Stanningley Abraham Beetham Woolcomber John Barrow CE127/A/127
  VARLEY Elizabeth 19 S     John Varley Labourer John Kirk  
1841 04 04 ELSWORTH Benjamin 21 B Delver Farsley William Elsworth Delver William Hare CE127/A/128
  STEAD Mary 21 S     Benjamin Stead Clothier Andrew Ellis  
1841 04 04 SUTCLIFFE Joshua 24 B Stone Mason Pudsey Samuel Sutcliffe Clothier William Hare CE127/A/129
  DUFTON Charlotte 25 W     Joseph Dalby Weaver Joseph Armitage  
1841 04 04 SUTCLIFFE James 20 B Clothier Pudsey John Sutcliffe Clothier Joshua Wade CE127/A/130
  WADE Sarah 20 S     William Wade Clothier Joseph Armitage  
1841 04 05 BOOCOCK Emanuel 26 B Cordwainer Pudsey Isaac Boocock Clothier Thomas Balderson CE127/A/131
  WILSON Rebecca 26 S     William Wilson Mechanic John Kirk  
1841 04 11 GREENSMITH Joseph 22 B Labourer Idle George Greensmith Woolsorter Alfred Brook CE127/A/132
  BURTON Mary 21 S     Matthew Burton Woolcomber Mary Ann Greensmith  
1841 04 11 GOTT John 24 B Woolcomber Pudsey Joseph Gott Weaver William Hopkinson CE127/A/133
  WALTON Mary 22 S     William Walton Woolcomber William Fletcher  
1841 04 11 ALLEN John 21 B Labourer Wrose Joshua Allen Weaver Isaac Newington? CE127/A/134
  CLOUGH Martha 20 S     (blank)   Mary Armitage  
1841 04 11 GILLETT William 19 B Dyer Idle John Gillett Warehouseman George Croft CE127/A/135
  ATKINSON Eleanor 21 S     Samuel Atkinson Dyer Jabez Pratt  
1841 04 11 PATCHETT James 20 B Mason Wrose Isaac Patchett Labourer Joshua Patchett CE127/A/136
  LEACH Sarah Ann 20 S     (blank)   Elizabeth Willby  
1841 04 11 NORMINGTON Luke 20 B Coal Miner Idle (blank)   Joseph Cowley CE127/A/137
  FLETCHER Mary 19 S     James Fletcher Labourer Benjamin Scholefield  
1841 04 11 WALKER Richard 22 B Machine Maker Pudsey James Walker Malt ? Thomas Jones CE127/A/138
  WADE Amelia 19 S     Samuel Wade Clothier Elizabeth Haldane  
1841 04 12 HIGGINS Samuel 40 B Tailor Pudsey James Higgins Tailor Charles Topham CE127/A/139
  ROBERTSHAW Hannah 30 S     Samuel Robertshaw Clothier Joseph Whiteley  
1841 04 12 HOBSON Joseph 31 B Stone Mason Idle John Hobson Clothier Samuel Hobson CE127/A/140
  DUGDALE Hannah 25 S     Thomas Dugdale Cordwainer Mary West  
1841 04 12 HAINSWORTH Emanuel FA W Worsted Spinner Tong William Hainsworth Worsted Spinner William Slater CE127/A/141
  BRAYSHAW Clarissa FA W   Farsley Charles Taylor Bookkeeper Harry Strickland  
1841 04 12 ATACK Joseph 21 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor Joseph Atack Coal Miner William Ratcliffe CE127/A/142
  WAITE Martha 20 S     Samuel Waite Clothier Matthew Banks  
1841 04 12 BATEMAN John 22 B Clothier Idle (blank)   Jonas Bateman CE127/A/143
  LEE Ellen 21 S     William Lee Clothier John Kirk  
1841 04 18 HANSON John 23 B Joiner Pudsey John Hanson Joiner James Rider CE127/A/144
  RIDER Mary 25 S     John Rider Clothier John Rider  
1841 04 19 WRAY John FA W Woolcomber Calverley Moor Thomas Wray Farmer John Barrow CE127/A/145
  COLLINSON Hannah FA W     John Muff Weaver John Kirk  
1841 04 23 FIRTH Henry 25 W Carrier Calverley Moor William Firth Carrier Henry Farrer CE127/A/146
  PRESCOTT Louisa 25 S     John Prescott Cordwainer Samuel Tinker?  
1841 04 25 PRIESTLEY Reuben 19 B Woolcomber Idle Joseph Priestley Woolcomber James Pollard CE127/A/147
  ASPDEN Elizabeth 19 S     James Aspden Reed Maker Joseph Stevens  
1841 04 26 GIDLEY Thomas 24 B Woolcomber Pudsey William Gidley Woolcomber Henry Coulters CE127/A/148
  FOWLER Hannah Maria 20 S     William Fowler Labourer Joseph Sowden Edmondson  
1841 05 02 HEWITT Benjamin 22 B Wood Turner Idle Samuel Hewitt Blacksmith Joseph Grainger CE127/A/149
  DE GARRS Martha 18 S   Pudsey Richard de Garrs Cordwainer John Kirk  
1841 05 03 NEWELL Samuel 31 W Clothier Pudsey John Newell Clothier John Turner CE127/A/150
  MYERS Sarah 34 W     John Lee Weaver William Clark  
1841 05 03 HARTLEY John 21 B Woolcomber Pudsey George Hartley Weaver John Barker CE127/A/151
  BRIGGS Susanna 19 S     John Briggs Delver John Bramfitt  
1841 05 23 PICKLES Smith Walkinson 26 B Cordwainer Stanningley Thomas Pickles Clothier Thomas Pickles CE127/A/152
  GAMBLES Ann 23 S     James Gambles Clothier John Kirk  
1841 05 23 O'HARRA Patrick 21 B Labourer Stanningley Patrick O'Harra Labourer James Murphy CE127/A/153
  MURPHY Mary 20 S     Michael Murphy Labourer Mary Connell  
1841 05 23 SMITH William 20 B Engine Tender Idle John Smith Clothier John Marshall CE127/A/154
  WILSON Ann 20 S     Robert Wilson Gentleman Joseph Hanson  
1841 05 24 FOX Thomas 23 B Clothier Idle Walter Fox Coal Miner John Watson CE127/A/155
  WHITFIELD Alice 20 S     John Whitfield Slubber William Myers  
1841 05 30 WAITE Thomas 20 B Stone Mason Idle John Waite Clothier Joseph Raistrick CE127/A/156
  RAISTRICK Grace 19 S     William Raistrick Coal Miner William Waite  
1841 05 30 THORNTON John 22 B Woolcomber Pudsey Henry Thornton Woolcomber John Braithwaite CE127/A/157
  LAW Sarah 20 S     John Law Watchman John Kirk  
1841 05 30 OLDFIELD William 22 B Clothier Pudsey John Oldfield Clothier William Myers Dawson CE127/A/158
  LEE Rachel 21 S     John Lee Fuller William Lee  
1841 05 30 SHUTTLEWORTH Joseph 23 B Clothier Idle Gersham Shuttleworth Clothier William Parkinson CE127/A/159
  THORNTON Jane 24 S     John Thornton Clothier John Stansfield  
1841 05 30 SHARP Joseph 23 B Joiner Pudsey William Sharp Joiner Joseph Wright CE127/A/160
  WALKER Betsy 23 S     Charles Walker Weaver Hannah Bennett  
1841 05 30 ARMITAGE Joseph 21 B Clothier Pudsey John Armitage Clothier Abraham Armitage CE127/A/161
  HODGSON Hannah 21 S     Joseph Hodgson Clothier John Kirk  
1841 05 31 GREENWOOD John 23 B Weaver Idle Jonas Greenwood Weaver William Greenwood CE127/A/162
  ALLEN Martha 22 S     Joshua Allen Weaver John Kirk  
1841 05 31 BAXTER Benjamin 19 B Woolcomber Idle James Baxter Woolcomber Joseph Baxter CE127/A/163
  AMBLER Elizabeth 17 S     John Ambler Clothier Christopher Harker  
1841 05 31 SLATER Henry 22 B Clothier Idle Thomas Slater Clothier Thomas Denison CE127/A/164
  BERRY Hannah 20 S     John Berry Woolcomber Benjamin Berry  
1841 06 03 NEDWIL David 25 B Minister of the United Brethren Ballymaguigan in Ireland John Nedwil Farmer B Brooke W H Oates CE127/A/165
  ARMISTEAD Martha 23 S   Fulneck William Armistead Cloth Manufacturer Elizabeth Smith Licence
1841 06 06 JACKSON Henry 21 B Delver Pudsey Henry Jackson Farmer William Clough CE127/A/166
  AUSTIN Hannah 20 S     Jeremiah Austin Clothier William Shaw  
1841 06 06 JOHNSON Joseph 20 B Delver Pudsey John Johnson Delver Joshua Hardaker CE127/A/167
  SOWDEN Ann 20 S     William Sowden Nailor Benjamin Rawnsley  
1841 06 09 TAYLOR John 22 B Woolcomber Bolton Robert Taylor Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/168
  GLEDHILL Sarah 20 S     Joseph Gledhill Woolcomber James Craven  
1841 06 13 HOLDSWORTH William 22 B Overlooker Bolton William Holdsworth Overlooker Thomas Smith CE127/A/169
  ELLIS Elizabeth 20 S     Robert Ellis Cordwainer Mary Ann Smith  
1841 06 14 SAVAGE John 23 B Potter Bolton John Savage Farmer George Rowley CE127/A/170
  WILLMAN Mary 20 S     William Willman Woolcomber John Willman  
1841 06 14 CLOUGH William 28 B Clothier Pudsey Robert Clough Clothier George Clough CE127/A/171
  GIBSON Mary 24 S   Fulneck Jeremiah Gibson Clothier John Raistrick  
1841 06 17 PAGE John 25 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Henry Page Woolcomber Richard Ramsbottom CE127/A/172
  RAMSBOTTOM Sarah 25 S     John Ramsbottom Farrier Mary Ramsbottom  
1841 06 20 WRIGHT David FA W Overlooker Little Horton George Wright Weaver Matthew Armitage CE127/A/173
  BROADBENT Elizabeth FA W   Great Horton James Priestley Weaver John Kirk Certificate
1841 06 21 PROCTOR Edward 20 B Clothier Pudsey Thomas Proctor Clothier William Pearson CE127/A/174
  MATHERS Elizabeth 20 S     James Mathers Farmer Joseph Jaggers  
1841 06 27 STEAD William 60 W Slubber Idle Thomas Stead Worsted Spinner David Kendall CE127/A/175
  HOLMES Sarah 54 W     James Firth Clothier John Kirk  
1841 06 27 LAING Adam 21 B Labourer Pudsey John Laing Flax Dresser Joseph Rhodes CE127/A/176
  LOONEY Catharine 22 S     Robert Looney Waterman Ann Adwin  
1841 06 27 BARRETT James 21 B Clothier Calverley Jonathan Barrett Clothier William Barrett CE127/A/177
  BROWN Sarah 17 S     Joseph Brown Blacksmith John Kirk Licence
1841 06 27 FARRER/AR Joseph 23 B Clothier Windhill William Farrer/ar Clothier George Pitt CE127/A/178
  LANCASTER Judith 22 S     John Lancaster Clothier William Ackroyd  
1841 06 29 HAINSWORTH James 28 B Cordwainer Farsley John Hainsworth Butcher James Booty? CE127/A/179
  METCALF Sarah 24 S     John Metcalf Gardener John Kirk  
1841 07 05 MARTIN John 21 B Labourer Idle John Martin Labourer Sarah Barrow CE127/A/180
  GILLMAN Mary 21 S     Michael Gillman Gardener John Kirk  
1841 07 05 DINSDALE James 24 B Woolcomber Stanningley George Dinsdale Farmer John Dinsdale CE127/A/181
  OVEREND Margaret 21 S     James Overend Weaver Ann Wilson  
1841 07 05 BARKER Henry 29 W Labourer Calverley Moor John Barker Farmer William Gill CE127/A/182
  BRADSHAW Mary Ann 21 S     Joseph Bradshaw Green Grocer Charles Cordingley  
1841 07 05 SMITH Samuel 33 B Woolsorter Pudsey John Smith Woolsorter Charles Cordingley CE127/A/183
  WHITEHEAD Mary 28 S     Peter Whitehead Overlooker Bridget Cordingley  
1841 07 11 RAISTRICK William 22 B Cordwainer Pudsey Abraham Raistrick Cordwainer Elizabeth Knowles CE127/A/184
  BENCROFT Mary 20 S     Joseph Bencroft Woolcomber John Hey  
1841 07 11 JOHNSON John 24 B Clothier Fulneck William Johnson Clothier Abraham Hinchliffe CE127/A/185
  FARRER Elizabeth 26 S     Frederick Farrer Delver John Kirk  
1841 07 13 PROCTER James 30 B Cabinet Maker Fulneck William Procter Carrier William Oxley CE127/A/186
  STOTT Sarah 35 S     James Stott Gardener John Kirk  
1841 07 18 ROSS Simeon 19 B Farmer Calverley Moor Joseph Ross Clothier Richard Gambles CE127/A/187
  ROBINSON Elizabeth 24 S     Richard Robinson Woolcomber John Firth  
1841 07 18 PARKER William 21 B Tailor Pudsey Samuel Parker Gear & Slay Maker George Booth CE127/A/188
  GAMBLES Jane 21 S     Samuel Gambles Clothier Elizabeth Brown  
1841 07 26 KEIGHLEY Joseph 26 B Clothier Farsley David Keighley Clothier Joseph Hustler CE127/A/189
  HUSTLER Martha 26 S     James Hustler Clothier Sarah Roberts  
1841 07 26 WOOD Benjamin 44 W Woolcomber Calverley Moor Abraham Wood Woolcomber James Craven CE127/A/190
  PRESTON Frances 45 W     Joseph Buxton Coal Miner John Kirk  
1841 08 01 GARRETT Isaac 23 B Woolcomber Windhill Thomas Garrett Weaver Joseph West CE127/A/191
  PARKER Hannah 23 S     Jonathan Parker Overlooker Isaac Sugden  
1841 08 01 WEST Joseph 23 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor Joshua West Coal Miner Isaac Sugden CE127/A/192
  SHAW Martha 18 S     Isaac Shaw Cropper Jane Call  
1841 08 01 BARRACLOUGH John 23 B Overlooker Idle Andrew Barraclough Labourer Isaac Sugden CE127/A/193
  DAVY Grace 21 S     John Davy Woolcomber John Kirk  
1841 08 05 SWIFT John 24 B Stone Mason Woodhall Hills Joshua Swift Clothier Matthew Greenwood CE127/A/194
  GREENWOOD Judith 20 S     William Greenwood Clothier James Haley  
1841 08 08 CROSSLEY Elijah 22 B Woolcomber Idle Thomas Crossley Woolsorter John Scott CE127/A/195
  ANDERSON Elizabeth 19 S     George Anderson Green Grocer Samuel Mawson  
1841 08 08 SCOTT John 21 B Woollen Manufacturer Idle John Scott Clothier Benjamin Pollard CE127/A/196
  FOX Harriet 20 S     Walter Fox Coal Miner Samuel Mawson  
1841 08 08 EDMONDSON James 21 B Woolcomber Bolton Francis Edmondson Woolcomber Robert Wood CE127/A/197
  WHEATER Martha 21 S     William Wheater Woolcomber Whitaker Clough  
1841 08 08 CHILD John 21 B Delver Calverley Joseph Child Stone Merchant John Pratt CE127/A/198
  RUSHFORTH Grace 21 S     Samuel Rushforth Clothier William Grimshaw  
1841 08 09 ANDREWS George 22 B Clothier Farsley Thomas Andrews Clothier Peter Barnett CE127/A/199
  EASTWOOD Sarah 21 S   Calverley John Eastwood Clothier Elizabeth Waller  
1841 08 10 HAINSWORTH Joseph 22 B Manufacturing Chymist Farsley John Hainsworth Manufacturing Chymist Isaac Dibb CE127/A/200
  DIBB Hannah 20 S     Joshua Dibb Woolcomber Maria Walton  
1841 08 14 HAINSWORTH James 21 B Clothier Farsley Benjamin Hainsworth Clothier John Procter CE127/A/201
  SMITH Mary Ann 21 S     John Smith Cloth Fuller Hannah Hainsworth Licence
1841 08 16 COWIN Christopher Wright 21 B Cabinet Maker Windhill James Cowin Cabinet Maker John Craven CE127/A/202
  WADE Hannah 21 S     John Wade Weaver John Kirk  
1841 08 22 GREENWOOD Smith 26 B Overlooker Calverley Mill David Greenwood Labourer William Fieldhouse CE127/A/203
  FIELDHOUSE Lydia 25 S     Aaron Fieldhouse Joiner Joseph Lambert  
1841 08 22 WADE Robert 19 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Wade Clothier Charles Moss CE127/A/204
  ARMITAGE Hannah 30? S     John Armitage Clothier John Gaunt  
1841 08 22 MOSS Charles 22 B Clothier Pudsey Charles Moss Clothier Robert Wade CE127/A/205
  HINCHCLIFFE Ann 21 S     John Hinchcliffe Clothier John Gaunt  
1841 08 23 SWITHENBANK William 23 B Clothier Pudsey John Swithenbank Clothier Samuel Hinchcliff CE127/A/206
  RAISTRICK Sarah 23 S     George Raistrick Clothier Jonas Calvert  
1841 08 23 LAWSON Joseph 19 B Clothier Pudsey John Lawson Clothier Joseph Tordoff CE127/A/207
  GAUNT Martha 19 S     Joseph Gaunt Clothier John Webster  
1841 08 23 HINCHLIFF John 22 B Clothier Pudsey John Hinchliff Clothier John Webster CE127/A/208
  TURNER Mary 24 S     William Turner Clothier Jonathan G Clarkson  
1841 08 30 TAYLOR Samuel 51 W Plasterer Pudsey John Taylor Clothier John Kirk CE127/A/209
  ASHER Maria 42 W     Charles Hind Stocking Weaver James Craven  
1841 08 30 GREENWOOD Matthew 27 B Clothier Woodhall Hills William Greenwood Clothier Robert Holdsworth CE127/A/210
  HARGREAVES Mary 23 S   Calverley William Hargreaves Clothier David Greenwood  
1841 09 02 BEANLAND William FA B Grocer Bingley John Beanland Grocer Thomas Oddy CE127/A/211
  ODDY Sarah FA S   Wrose John Oddy Farmer Mary Oddy Licence
1841 09 05 CLARK James 31 W Clothier Stanningley James Clark Warehouseman John Kirk CE127/A/212
  WOOD Elizabeth 24 S     James Wood Farmer James Craven  
1841 09 12 BOTTOMLEY Eli 26 B Overlooker Bolton Joseph Bottomley Cropper Samuel Holroyd CE127/A/213
  HARROWER Jane 22 S     John Harrower Piece Maker Mary Ann Stead  
1841 09 12 TILLOTSON Joseph 24 B Cordwainer Windhill John Tillotson Cordwainer Thomas Tillotson CE127/A/214
  BRADLEY Mary 22 S     Thomas Bradley Millwright John Kirk  
1841 09 13 BARTON John 29 B Woolcomber Tyersall William Barton Overlooker Matthew Banks CE127/A/215
  ISLES Nancy 25 S     John Isles Weaver William Barton  
1841 09 19 CONSTANTINE Benjamin 24 B Cloth Dresser Pudsey James Constantine Clothier Samuel Winder CE127/A/216
  WALKER Sarah 25 S     James Walker Clothier Henry Butler  
1841 09 19 MASON James 24 B Woolsorter Pudsey Richard Mason Farmer Abel Jowett CE127/A/217
  WHITWORTH Mary 27 S     Robert Whitworth Weaver William Whitworth  
1841 09 26 SEATON John 24 B Dyer Pudsey Francis Seaton Farmer Benjamin Tidgwell CE127/A/218
  LAW Frances 25 S     Benjamin Law Weaver Frances Proctor  
1841 09 27 BARKER John 23 B Cabinet Maker Idle John Barker Parish Clerk Christopher Pratt CE127/A/219
  TEASDALE Elizabeth 20 S     James Teasdale Overlooker David Barker  
1841 09 27 OGDEN William 22 B Collier Idle William Ogden Collier Christopher Thornton CE127/A/220
  PINDER Elizabeth 19 S     Reuben Pinder (blank) Thomas Duckworth  
1841 09 27 HEATON John 22 B Coal Miner Idle John Heaton Coal Miner Christopher Thornton CE127/A/221
  MYERS Jane 19 S     Joseph Myers Delver Thomas Duckworth  
1841 09 27 LUPTON Samuel 21 B Woolcomber Idle Benjamin Lupton Cattle Dealer Abraham Myers CE127/A/222
  THORNTON Mary 20 S     William Thornton Clothier Christopher Thornton  
1841 09 27 HOLLINGS William 20 B Delver Idle James Hollings Delver Abraham Myers CE127/A/223
  SPENCE Elizabeth 20 S     John Spence Clothier Christopher Thornton  
1841 10 03 DANBROOK John 21 B Woolcomber Stanningley William Danbrook Labourer Joseph Milner CE127/A/224
  BOOTH Eliza 23 S     Joseph Booth Woolcomber John Kirk  
1841 10 03 CHAPMAN John 22 B Woolsorter Pudsey William Chapman Cordwainer Richard Nichols CE127/A/225
  MORRELL Ellen 21 S     John Morrell Woolcomber Russell King  
1841 10 04 FAIRBANK John 39 W Clothier Farsley John Fairbank Clothier Charles Atkinson CE127/A/226
  DOWGILL Sarah 41 W     John Walker Clothier John Kirk  
1841 10 04 TAYLOR Francis Swaine 22 B Woolsorter Calverley Moor John Taylor Woolcomber Ann Rhodes CE127/A/227
  TURNER Elizabeth 20 S     William Turner Weaver John Kirk  
1841 10 05 WATMOUGH Jonathan 24 B Woolcomber Idle Jonathan Watmough School Master William Watkin? CE127/A/228
  HARRISON Ann 19 S     Benjamin Harrison Potter John Kirk  
1841 10 10 GREENWOOD John 23 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor Henry Greenwood Coal Miner William Firth CE127/A/229
  RATCLIFFE Harriet 19 S     Charles Ratcliffe Coal Miner John Kirk  
1841 10 10 WOOD Robert 21 B Tailor Bolton David Wood Stone Mason Whitaker Clough CE127/A/230
  CLOUGH Sarah 19 S     Whitaker Clough Farmer Martha Briggs  
1841 10 12 ODDY John 39 W Clothier Idle James Oddy Clothier Henry Furniss CE127/A/231
  ATKINSON Mary 25 S     John Atkinson Woolcomber Joshua Sewell  
1841 10 17 WIDDOP Thomas 21 B Mechanic Idle Thomas Widdop Woolsorter William Moon CE127/A/232
  MOON Maria 21 S     William Moon Woolcomber Elizabeth Varley  
1841 10 18 LOWREY Joseph 22 B Blacksmith Calverley Moor Joseph Lowrey Labourer Samuel Ellis CE127/A/233
  SYKES Elizabeth 20 S     Joseph Sykes Labourer James Bennett  
1841 10 20 CALVERT William 30 W Clothier Pudsey Samuel Calvert Clothier James Beaumont, Joseph Emsley, George Brayshaw CE127/A/234
  COOPER Betty 30 S     John Cooper Clothier Samuel Moss License
1841 10 24 MARSDEN James 20 B Clothier Pudsey Samuel Marsden Clothier William Clough CE127/A/235
  GOODALL Hannah 20 S     George Goodall Farmer John Kirk  
1841 10 24 GOLDSBROUGH Samuel 21 B Clothier Idle Joseph Goldsbrough Clothier James Firth CE127/A/236
  FIRTH Mary 20 S     James Firth Clothier Thomas Slingsby  
1841 10 24 OLDFIELD John 22 B Slubber Idle Thomas Oldfield Slubber Thomas Slingsby CE127/A/237
  COULTHURST Mary 20 S     William Coulthurst Slubber George Armistead  
1841 10 24 SMITH Thomas 22 B Tinner Bolton Charles Smith Blacksmith William Holdsworth CE127/A/238
  SMITH Mary Ann 21 S     Thomas Smith Engineer Elizabeth Holdsworth  
1841 10 26 WATERHOUSE William FA B Schoolmaster Pudsey John Waterhouse Butcher William Gray CE127/A/239
  WINN Mary Ann FA S     Robert Winn Shipwright Joseph ?  
1841 10 31 ACKROYD William 22 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor George Ackroyd Coal Miner Joseph Hillam CE127/A/240
  HILLAM Eliza 22 S     John Hillam Waggoner John Hillam  
1841 10 31 MOORHOUSE George 23 B Clothier Pudsey John Moorhouse Clothier John Webster CE127/A/241
  BINKS Jane 23 S     George Binks Clothier Thomas Thompson  
1841 11 01 GRAY Edward 21 B Clothier Calverley William Gray Clothier David Walton CE127/A/242
  DAVISON Mary 20 S     John Davison Clothier Mary Davison  
1841 11 07 RILEY Abraham 62 B Sizing Boiler Idle Matthew Riley Delver Richard Dawson CE127/A/243
  ILLINGWORTH Mary 59 W     John Stead Clothier John Kirk  
1841 11 07 GREENWOOD Christopher 28 B Woolcomber Idle John Greenwood Woolcomber Mary Laycock CE127/A/244
  BRADLEY Elizabeth 25 S     (blank)   John Kirk  
1841 11 07 WHITELEY Joseph 22 B Overlooker Stanningley David Whiteley Bookkeeper Samuel Calvert CE127/A/245
  HIGGINS Sarah Ann 22 S     John Higgins Tailor Joseph Boys  
1841 11 07 HEMMINGWAY John 23 B Woolcomber Pudsey Isaac Hemmingway Woolcomber Benjamin Hemmingway CE127/A/246
  MILNER Sarah 23 S     David Milner Engineer John Kirk  
1841 11 07 TOPHAM Charles 22 B Stuff Weaver Stanningley John Topham Stuff Manufacturer William Topham CE127/A/247
  ROBERTSHAW Charlotte 21 S     Samuel Robertshaw Clothier James Harrison  
1841 11 08 BROOKSBANK Thomas 30 B Stone Mason Idle William Brooksbank Stone Mason Joseph Myers CE127/A/248
  FIRTH Martha 30 S     John Firth Clothier Joseph Brooksbank  
1841 11 14 COUP James 23 B Woolcomber Idle Richard Coup Carter William Jowett CE127/A/249
  FIRTH Ann 22 S     James Firth Butcher James Horn  
1841 11 15 WHITTINGHAM Joseph 42 W Woolcomber Pudsey John Whittingham Woolcomber Ambrose Marsden CE127/A/250
  CROWTHER Jane 28 S     John Crowther Weaver John Kirk  
1841 11 21 BARTLE William 26 B Stone Mason Windhill Joseph Bartle Farmer John Denbigh CE127/A/251
  DENBIGH Nancy 25 S     William Denbigh Clothier John Kirk  
1841 11 22 LAYCOCK Daniel 31 B Woolcomber Windhill William Laycock Woolcomber John Blackburn CE127/A/252
  LUNN Martha 26 S     Robert Lunn Labourer William Laycock  
1841 11 29 WARD John 21 B Painter Calverley Moor John Ward Clothier Benjamin Waite CE127/A/253
  MURGATROYD Sarah 19 S     Thomas Murgatroyd Joiner Harriet Burton  
1841 11 30 HORNBY Henry 23 B Woolsorter Calverley Moor John Hornby Innkeeper John Marsden CE127/A/254
  MARSDEN Hannah 21 S     Benjamin Marsden Agent Ann Mortimer?  
1841 12 06 ROSS William 26 B Clothier Idle James Ross Clothier John Farrer CE127/A/255
  GRAY Lydia 26 S     John Gray Clothier John Firth  
1841 12 06 CORDINGLEY Joseph 23 B Clothier Idle William Cordingley Clothier James Cordingley CE127/A/256
  ROSS Ann 18 S     James Ross Clothier Brian Dale  
1841 12 13 MIDDOW William 32 W Coal Miner Tyersall Samuel Middow Moulder Mary Naylor CE127/A/257
  NAYLOR Hannah 38 S     John Naylor Miner John Kirk  
1841 12 19 SUGDEN William 28 W Woolcomber Idle Miles Sugden Weaver Christopher Greenwood CE127/A/258
  LAYCOCK Mary 30 S     Joseph Laycock Woolcomber John Kirk  
1841 12 25 KERSHAW Isaac 21 B Overlooker Idle William Kershaw Woolcomber Benjamin Marshall CE127/A/259
  STANDRING Mary 21 S     James Standring Bricklayer John Kirk  
1841 12 25 BRADLEY Mark 25 B Warehouseman Bolton James Bradley Labourer John Greenwood CE127/A/260
  FLETCHER Harriet 22 S     Thomas Fletcher Labourer Abraham Cowling  
1841 12 25 HAMSTEAD George 19 B Clothier Idle Richard Hamstead Delver William Butterfield CE127/A/261
  CLARKSON Zillah 20 S     John Clarkson Clothier Thomas Slingsby  
1841 12 25 SLINGSBY Thomas 23 B Delver Idle William Slingsby Delver William Butterfield CE127/A/262
  TILLOTSON Sarah 23 S     Thomas Tillotson Slubber George Hamstead  
1841 12 26 BOOTH James 20 B Delver Idle Joseph Booth Delver William Waite CE127/A/263
  YEADON Nanny 18 S     Benjamin Yeadon Gear & Slay Maker Joshua Stead  
1841 12 27 FARRER William 24 B Farmer Calverley Moor Thomas Farrer Woolcomber Joseph Bottomley CE127/A/264
  MILNES Mary 32 W     Jonas Bower Woolcomber Joseph Webster  
1841 12 27 SPENCER Joseph 25 B Clothier Pudsey James Spencer Clothier Joseph Hainsworth CE127/A/265
  WALLER Margaret 27 S   Fulneck William Waller Wool Stapler Maria Procter?  
1842 01 03 ILLINGWORTH David 22 B Fuller Idle Joseph Illingworth Fuller John Illingworth CE127/A/266
  JEFFREY Elizabeth 20 S   Calverley James Jeffrey Joiner John Brown  
1842 01 03 HAINSWORTH Collins 21 B Bobbin Maker Pudsey James Hainsworth Bobbin Maker William Lucas CE127/A/267
  LOTTERINGTON Elizabeth 21 S     John Lotterington Farmer John Kirk  
1842 01 03 POOL Joseph 40 W Coal Miner Stanningley John Pool Weaver James Craven CE127/A/268
  HAINSWORTH Martha 44 W     Caleb Mercer Woolcomber Joseph Firth  
1842 01 06 SPENCE James 31 B Minister of the Church of the United Brethren Fulneck Andrew Spence Baker William Henry Oates, Lewis Henry Spence, B Brooke CE127/A/269
  GREENWOOD Ann 27 S     Joseph Greenwood Innkeeper Rachel Spence  
1842 01 07 ROBINSON Thomas Atkinson 20 B Clothier Calverley William Robinson Clothier Samuel Mathers? CE127/A/270
  GRAY Mary 19 S     William Gray Clothier John Walton Licence
1842 01 09 BRAITHWAITE John 21 B Clothier Pudsey Benjamin Braithwaite Clothier William Teal CE127/A/271
  MILNER Mary 23 S     James Milner Clothier John Kirk  
1842 01 09 HARRISON Jonas 20 B Woolcomber Windhill Robert Harrison Woolcomber William Teal CE127/A/272
  BLAND Martha 27 W     Joseph Thornes Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 01 10 STANSFIELD Hepworth 24 B Surgeon Idle John Stansfield Surgeon John Kirk CE127/A/273
  RAYNER Sarah 25 S     James Rayner Innkeeper John Craven  
1842 01 13 RAMSDEN David FA B Stock Manufacturer Halifax Lawrence Ramsden Stock Manufacturer Richard White George Lane John Rawson CE127/A/274
  VINCENT Mary Ann FA S   Idle Thomas Vincent Druggist Francis Ramsden Licence
1842 01 16 BROWN Joseph 22 B Clothier Pudsey Emanuel Brown Clothier William Harrison CE127/A/275
  ETHERINGTON Esther 21 S     William Etherington Cordwainer Elizabeth Brown  
1841 01 17 JOWETT James 21 B Woolcomber Pudsey John Jowett Woolcomber John Firth CE127/A/276
  PICKLES Ellen 30 S     Robert Pickles Woolcomb Maker John Kirk  
1842 01 17 JOWETT James               CE127/A/277
  PICKLES Ellen               Duplicate record
1842 01 17 CARTER Nicholas 21 B Farmer Calverley Moor Christopher Carter Farmer John Firth CE127/A/278
  WEST Mary 23 S     William West Farmer Jane Robinson  
1842 01 17 MURGATROYD Francis 21 B Stone Mason Windhill James Murgatroyd Plasterer Michael Deacon CE127/A/279
  KENDALL Elizabeth 21 S     William Kendall Waterman Johnson Pitts  
1842 01 19 ASPINALL Robinson FA B Surgeon Shipley George Aspinall Joiner ? Wilcock T A Aspinall CE127/A/280
  WILCOCK Mary FA S   Wrose Isaac Wilcock Wool Stapler John Lambert Licence
1842 01 23 HATON John 22 B Stone Mason Pudsey Samuel Haton Farmer John Kirk CE127/A/281
  WILSON Frances 21 S     William Wilson Fuller James Craven  
1842 01 25 BAKER John 27 B Clothier Pudsey Thomas Baker Whitesmith Thomas Farrer CE127/A/282
  MITCHELL Ann 20 S     Joseph Mitchell Butter Factor William Holmes  
1842 01 28 GRAY William 23 B Clothier Calverley William Gray Clothier Joseph Wheater CE127/A/283
  DAWSON Ellen 25 S     Joseph Dawson Clothier Frances Wheater  
1842 02 02 OXLEY Robert 25 B Woolcomber Idle William Oxley Labourer John Kirk CE127/A/284
  ELSWORTH Mary 23 S     William Elsworth Woolcomber James Craven  
1842 02 06 ASQUITH Joseph 22 B Stone Mason Pudsey John Asquith Clothier Richard Pearson CE127/A/285
  BINNS Esther 21 S     William Binns Cordwainer John Binns  
1842 02 06 WAINWRIGHT Joshua 28 W Woolsorter Pudsey John Wainwright Weaver William Crossland CE127/A/286
  TAYLOR Nancy 27 S     Cornelius Taylor Foundryman John Kirk  
1842 02 06 ILLINGWORTH William 38 W Carrier Idle James Illingworth Clothier William Hargreaves CE127/A/287
  WATMOUGH Sarah 31 S     Joseph Watmough Clothier Elizabeth Hargreaves  
1842 02 06 RHODES Benjamin 32 B Labourer Idle (blank)   Samuel Marshall CE127/A/288
  MARSHALL Nancy 29 S     John Marshall Clothier William Wilkinson  
1842 02 07 HOLROYD William 22 B Woolcomber Pudsey (blank)   John Gisling CE127/A/289
  KILSHAW Ann 20 S     Henry Kilshaw Weaver William Jennings  
1842 02 07 NEWSOME Charles 20 B Overlooker Stanningley John Newsome Woolcomber Joseph Rogers CE127/A/290
  ROGERS Isabella 20 S     Joseph Rogers Labourer John Kirk  
1842 02 13 RUSHFORTH William 20 B Woolcomber Windhill William Rushforth Woolcomber Thomas Newsome CE127/A/291
  HAZLEWOOD Jane 19 S     William Hazlewood Woolcomber Rebecca Feather  
1842 02 20 TILLOTSON Jeremiah 21 B Clothier Windhill (blank)   Wilkinson Tillotson CE127/A/291
  LAMBERT Mary Ann 22 S     Samuel Lambert Clothier Ann Morrell  
1842 02 28 WILCOCK John 20 B Clothier Wrose Isaac Wilcock Gentleman Jno I Mortimer CE127/A/292
  HODGSON Martha 19 S     Thomas Hodgson Farmer Jonathan Briggs  
1842 03 06 PRATT Henry 28 B Butcher Calverley Thomas Pratt Clothier William Hollings Snr CE127/A/293
  CROSLEY Lydia 23 S   Farsley Jonathan Crosley Cordwainer John Kirk  
1842 03 06 SEACROFT James 23 B Clothier Pudsey William Seacroft Surgeon James Robinson CE127/A/294
  WARD Ann 24 S     Andrew Ward Slubber Ann Ward  
1842 03 06 CLARK Stephen 34 B Coal Miner Pudsey Stephen Clark Carpenter James Brogden CE127/A/295
  WILSON Dinah 36 W     Richard Brogden Labourer Ellen Brogden  
1842 06 07 JOWETT Joseph 21 B Cordwainer Windhill Moses Jowett Fuller Thomas Walton CE127/A/296
  NAYLOR Mary 23 S     Joseph Naylor Stone Mason David Wood  
1842 03 07 HUDSON Joseph 21 B Clothier Pudsey Abraham Hudson Clothier Robert Glover CE127/A/297
  BARKER Mary 16 S     John Barker Stone Mason William Wheater  
1842 03 13 BRETHERICK John 23 B Clothier Pudsey George Bretherick Clothier William Davey CE127/A/298
  LEE Elizabeth 23 S     Thomas Lee Clothier John Kirk  
1842 03 13 HUDSON Joseph 23 B Coal Miner Pudsey John Hudson Woolcomber Charles Hopkinson CE127/A/299
  NAYLOR Harriet 19 S     Francis Naylor Blacksmith Ann Tommis  
1842 03 20 THOMPSON Thomas 27 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Thomas Thompson Labourer Thomas Brown CE127/A/300
  DILWORTH Mary 24 S     Thomas Dilworth Woolcomber Thomas Dilworth  
1842 03 27 WEBSTER John 24 B Clothier Pudsey Jonathan Webster Clothier Samuel Drake Webster CE127/A/301
  GAUNT Mary 22 S     Joseph Gaunt Clothier Elizabeth Webster  
1842 03 27 BATES Samuel 21 B Stone Mason Bolton John Bates Card Maker William Wadsworth CE127/A/302
  WADSWORTH Jane 20 S     John Wadsworth Woolsorter John Hainsworth  
1842 04 03 PITTS Thomas 37 W Clothier Idle Jonathan Pitts Fuller James Craven CE127/A/303
  MAWSON Ann 37 W     William Bramley Weaver William Hollings Snr  
1842 04 04 CRAVEN Robert FA B Farmer Idle Robert Craven Gentleman John Kirk CE127/A/304
  GREENWOOD Mary FA S     Jeremiah Greenwood Farmer John Craven Licence
1842 04 08 RAYNER Joseph 22 B Farmer Pudsey George Rayner Farmer David Murgatroyd CE127/A/305
  HIGGINS Rachel 24 S     John Higgins Tailor John Kirk  
1842 04 11 MERRITT Samuel 24 B Tailor Stanningley John Merritt Clothier David Gill CE127/A/306
  SOWDEN Mary Ann 23 S     Matthew Sowden Blacksmith John Kirk  
1842 04 11 SPENCER Robert 21 B Woolsorter Farsley William Spencer Blacksmith Samuel Merritt CE127/A/307
  SLATER Jane 21 S     Richard Slater Mechanic David Gill  
1842 04 11 BOYNTON George 28 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Christopher Boynton Woolcomber George Fletcher CE127/A/308
  WATERHOUSE Harriet 37 W     Jonathan Naylor Foundryman Thomas Hawkesby  
1842 04 17 ROCLIFFE Thomas 19 B Clothier Pudsey William Rocliffe Clothier Samuel Hobson CE127/A/309
  HOBSON Sarah Ann 19 S     George Hobson Engine Tender John Kirk  
1842 04 17 ROBINSON William 44 B Painter Pudsey Edward Robinson Warehouseman Joseph Dawson CE127/A/310
  HALIDAY Ann Dawson 47 S     John Haliday Stone Mason John Kirk  
1842 04 17 WATKINSON Joseph 30 B Husbandman Calverley Mill Hugh Watkinson Husbandman John Kirk CE127/A/311
  DUNWELL Effaby 28 S     William Dunwell Husbandman James Craven  
1842 04 18 MERRITT Benjamin 21 B Clothier Pudsey William Merritt Sizing Boiler William Walton CE127/A/312
  BOOCOCK Harriet 20 S     John Bocock Clothier Elizabeth Bocock  
1842 04 18 MAN(S)FIELD George 23 B Woolcomber Idle James Manfield Woolcomber John Halliday CE127/A/313
  ROBINSON Ellen 21 S     John Robinson Woolcomber Joseph Manfield  
1842 04 21 CARR Henry FA W Supervisor of Excise Kirkstall Henry Carr Excise Officer Benjamin Troughton, Joseph Atkinson CE127/A/314
  BRAYSHAW Betty FA S   Idle James Brayshaw Maltster Ann Carr Licence
1842 04 24 CLAPHAM Thomas 21 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey Joseph Clapham Cabinet Maker John Clapham CE127/A/315
  HUDSON Mary 21 S     Thomas Hudson Husbandman Martha Hudson  
1842 04 25 APPLEYARD John 20 B Clothier Pudsey John Appleyard Clothier William Rodwell Parker CE127/A/316
  KILLERBY Frances 22 S     (blank)   Samuel Appleyard  
1842 05 01 SHIRES John 28 B Labourer Stanningley Miles Shires Labourer Joseph Widdop CE127/A/317
  HEY Elizabeth 22 S     James Hey Woolcomber Dorothy Widdop  
1842 05 01 LONGSTAFF James Dixon 22 B Hairdresser Bolton Robert Longstaff Woolcomber Samuel Noble CE127/A/318
  BARRACLOUGH Hannah 20 S     Benjamin Barraclough Weaver Cornelius Burgess  
1842 05 01 TROUGHTON Benjamin FA W Maltster Pudsey Joseph Troughton Manufacturer John Slater CE127/A/319
  LOBLEY Harriet FA S     John Lobley Manufacturer John Kirk  
1842 05 08 HUTTON James 20 B Glazier Idle John Hutton Clothier Thomas Simpson CE127/A/320
  GARTH Ann 19 S     John Garth Glazier James Bower  
1842 05 08 WILCOCK Thomas 23 B Clothier Windhill Joseph Wilcock Clothier James Bower CE127/A/321
  BOWER Mary 22 S     John Bower Woolcomber William Bower  
1842 05 15 HEY Abraham 20 B Stuff Merchant Pudsey Benjamin Hey Maltster William Gray CE127/A/322
  ECCLES Agnes 20 S     William Eccles Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 05 15 HALLIDAY Thomas 21 B Clothier Idle Thomas Halliday Clothier Jonathan Moore CE127/A/323
  MAWSON Sarah 20 S     John Mawson Delver Mary Umpleby  
1842 05 15 FARRER George 21 B Clothier Windhill John Farrer Clothier James Farrer CE127/A/324
  SKIRROW Hannah 20 S     John Skirrow Clothier Marshall Skirrow  
1842 05 15 OATES James 26 B Clothier Idle James Oates Delver Michael Deacon CE127/A/325
  WILCOCK Sarah 25 S     John Wilcock Clothier Joseph Wilcock  
1842 05 15 BAXTER William 20 B Delver Idle John Baxter Clothier Samuel Upton CE127/A/326
  BROOK Sarah 20 S     Richard Brook Tailor Henry Parkinson  
1842 05 15 WILKINSON William 22 B Forgeman Calverley Moor John Wilkinson Woolcomber William Baxter CE127/A/327
  HART Mary 25 S     James Hart Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 05 16 REVELL Abraham 19 B Clothier Pudsey Abraham Revell Clothier Samuel Hirst CE127/A/328
  WARD Martha 19 S     (blank)   William Broadley  
1842 05 17 RUSHFORTH John FA W Butcher Idle James Rushforth Butcher John Kirk CE127/A/329
  RUSHFORTH Sarah FA S     Samuel Rushforth Clothier James Craven  
1842 05 18 HUDSON Nathan 21 B Cabinet Maker Idle Samuel Hudson Cabinet Maker John Kirk CE127/A/330
  HUDSON Margaret 20 S     Thomas Hudson Stone Mason Betsy Agar  
1842 05 29 WEBSTER Joseph 20 B Blacksmith Pudsey John Webster Blacksmith Henry Lea CE127/A/331
  TAYLOR Ann 20 S     John Taylor Wright Henry Singer?  
1842 05 29 NAYLOR William 22 B Dyer Calverley Moor William Naylor Dyer Henry Lea CE127/A/332
  BUTTERFIELD Susanna 22 S     John Butterfield Coal Miner Henry Singer?  
1842 05 30 MORTIMER John 21 B Attorneys Clerk Windhill Thomas Mortimer Stuff Merchant William Butterfield CE127/A/333
  BUTTERFIELD Mary 21 S     James Butterfield Clothier John Kirk  
1842 06 04 HASLAM John 32 B Draper Bolton William Haslam Butcher Edward A Barret CE127/A/334
  BARRETT Mary 31 S     John Barrett Attorney Jno Crowther  
1842 06 04 HOPKINSON William 28 B Joiner Pudsey Thomas Hopkinson Joiner Jno Crowther CE127/A/335
  GOTT Ellen 22 S     Joseph Gott Horse dealer? Edward A Barret  
1842 06 05 JOWETT Joseph 23 B Brickmaker Farsley Joseph Jowett Farmer James Goodworth CE127/A/336
  WOOD Hannah 23 S     William Wood Innkeeper Hannah Hutchinson  
1842 06 12 MANN David 27 B Woolcomber Idle John Mann Labourer John Kirk CE127/A/337
  ECCLES Nancy 44 W     William Law Coal Miner William Hollings Snr  
1842 06 12 COOK Joshua 19 B Blacksmith Pudsey Abraham Cook Blacksmith John Kirk CE127/A/338
  NAYLOR Mary Ann 17 S     James Naylor Delver William Hollings Snr  
1842 06 19 BRIGGS John 29 B Cloth Weaver Idle Samuel Briggs Cloth Weaver Joseph Wood CE127/A/339
  SCOTT Sarah 29 S     John Scott Cloth Weaver John Kirk  
1842 06 20 HANSON Samuel 22 B Woolcomber Pudsey John Hanson Woolcomber Eli Sunderland CE127/A/340
  BATE Sarah 21 S     John Bate Woolcomber Maria Howe  
1842 06 20 BROOKSBANK Abraham 36 B Corn Miller Pudsey William Brooksbank Corn Miller David Davison CE127/A/341
  LANDLE Martha 35 W     Joseph Dickenson Maltster John Kirk  
1842 06 26 LANGLEY Benjamin 21 B Clothier Pudsey Edward Langley Clothier Arthur Simpson CE127/A/342
  HARE Hannah 22 S     George Hare Clothier John Kirk  
1842 06 26 SIMPSON Arthur 26 B Woolcomber Pudsey John Simpson Woolcomber Benjamin Langley CE127/A/343
  BLACKBURN Esther 26 S     Thomas Blackburn Joiner John Kirk  
1842 07 03 HEY John 23 B Wheelwright Pudsey (blank)   William Hey CE127/A/344
  KNOWLES Elizabeth 18 S     John Knowles Dyer William Emsley  
1842 07 03 WHITHAM William 21 B Clothier Pudsey Zachariah Whitham Clothier William Emsley CE127/A/345
  FARRER Harriet 22 S     Joshua Farrer Clothier Samuel Ackroyd  
1842 07 11 HUSTLER James 21 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor James Hustler Woolcomber Thomas Hutchinson CE127/A/346
  BLAKLY Ruth 20 S     John Blakly Foundryman John Kirk  
1842 07 12 OXLEY Thomas 26 W Woolcomber Idle William Oxley Farmer Thomas Cooper CE127/A/347
  FOOT Joan 40 W     John Foot Baker Charles Marshall Father Foot but widow
1842 07 24 JACKSON William 23 B Cordwainer Pudsey Richard Jackson Tailor William Surr CE127/A/348
  WILSON Mary 21 S     James Wilson Woolsorter John Preston  
1842 07 31 WILKINSON James 25 B Joiner Pudsey William Wilkinson Joiner Greenwood Hey CE127/A/349
  BOX Maria 21 S     Daniel Box Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 07 31 WALKER Thomas FA W Cordwainer Stanningley Samuel Walker Farmer John Singleton CE127/A/350
  LANGDALE Elizabeth FA W     Abednigo Keighley (blank) John Kirk  
1842 07 31 GILL James 23 B Farmer Windhill Thomas Gill Farmer Michael Naylor CE127/A/351
  LAMBERT Martha 25 S     John Lambert Farmer Elizabeth Lambert  
1842 07 31 FIRTH James 24 B Clothier Windhill Michael Firth Weaver John Holdsworth CE127/A/352
  HOLDSWORTH Hannah 20 S     John Holdsworth Tailor John Kirk  
1842 07 31 SOWDEN Thomas 21 B Stone Mason Calverley Moor Isaac Sowden Stone Mason John Burnley CE127/A/353
  CLOUGH Elizabeth 19 S     William Clough Stone Mason Ann Walton  
1842 08 01 TEALE John 65 W Farmer Idle (blank)   Benjamin Horne CE127/A/354
  YEWDALL Sarah 60 W     William Mitchell Coal Merchant John Kirk  
1842 08 01 BEEVERS Charles 19 B Woolcomber Windhill William Beevers Corn Miller Benjamin Horne CE127/A/355
  SLATER Ellen 19 S     Joseph Slater Clogger Marshall Skirrow  
1842 08 05 GRIMSHAW Edmund 21 B Clothier Calverley John Grimshaw Farmer Simeon Binns CE127/A/356
  RILEY Martha Susanna 20 S     Joseph Riley Clothier John Kirk  
1842 08 05 SWAINE William 25 B Clothier Calverley Joseph Swaine Clothier Francis Riley CE127/A/357
  JEFFREY Martha 26 S     James Jeffrey Carpenter David Illingworth  
1842 08 07 FIRTH Joseph 26 B Clothier Stanningley John Firth Clothier William Fletcher CE127/A/358
  LAW Jane 19 S     Dyson Law Stone Mason Nathan Hustler  
1842 08 07 HUSTLER Nathan 20 B Woolsorter Bolton Isaac Hustler Dyer Joseph Firth CE127/A/359
  BARRACLOUGH Sarah 21 S     John Barraclough Greengrocer William Fletcher  
1842 08 07 WRAY Fletcher 20 B Dyer Calverley Moor James Wray Beadle Nathan Hustler CE127/A/360
  BYWATER Hannah 23 S     John Bywater Coal Miner John Kirk  
1842 08 10 BATESON William 20 B Clothier Windhill James Bateson Clothier John Hirst CE127/A/361
  WARD Esther 19 S     Jonas Ward Butcher James Bateson  
1842 08 14 BLAND Henry 20 B Woolcomber Windhill Joseph Bland Joiner John Hall CE127/A/362
  SIMPSON Mercy 18 S     Thomas Simpson Weaver Joseph Surridge  
1842 08 14 WARD Joseph 26 B Clothier Pudsey Samuel Ward Clothier George Waterhouse CE127/A/363
  WOOD Maria 21 S     John Wood Clothier Ann Shepherd  
1842 08 15 PITTS Joshua 33 W Waste dealer Windhill Jonathan Pitts Waste dealer Jonathan Moore CE127/A/364
  ILLINGWORTH Jane 28 S     William Illingworth Clothier John Kirk  
1842 08 21 DAWSON James 21 B Stone Mason Pudsey William Dawson Clothier Christopher Goodson Marshall CE127/A/365
  FLETCHER Sophia 19 S     Benjamin Fletcher Clothier Hannah Appleby  
1842 08 21 HALLIDAY William 42 B Woolcomber Idle Thomas Halliday Farmer John Kirk CE127/A/366
  MURGATROYD Rachel 36 S     Joseph Murgatroyd Flag facer James Craven  
1842 08 27 AIRTON Abraham 19 B Woolsorter Idle John Airton Woolsorter Jonathan Watmough CE127/A/367
  HARRISON Jane 21 S     Benjamin Harrison Potter John Kirk  
1842 08 28 HAINSWORTH Joseph 25 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Hainsworth Clothier James Heaton CE127/A/368
  JOHNSON Elizabeth 20 S     William Johnson Clothier Hannah Hainsworth  
1842 08 28 HARROP John 23 B Coal Miner Pudsey (blank)   William Wells CE127/A/369
  HOPKINSON Hannah 21 S     Benjamin Hopkinson Weaver John Kirk  
1842 08 29 JOWETT Henry 21 B Clothier Pudsey Benjamin Jowett Corn Miller Isaac Brook CE127/A/370
  WHEATER Hannah 21 S     Joseph Wheater Clothier Jonathan Webster  
1842 08 29 WHEATER William 23 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Wheater Clothier Isaac Brook CE127/A/371
  GAWTHORP Ruth 20 S     Robert Gawthorp Coal Miner John Boocock  
1842 08 29 GREEN John 25 B Stone Mason Pudsey Joseph Green Stone Mason Isaac Brook CE127/A/372
  GILBERT Sarah 22 S     James Gilbert Farmer William Croft  
1842 08 29 BRIGGS John 23 B Clothier Pudsey Thomas Briggs Clothier Noah Webster CE127/A/373
  WEBSTER Rebecca 23 S     John Webster Clothier William Webster  
1842 08 29 HARGREAVES William 20 B Clothier Pudsey Thomas Hargreaves Clothier Joseph Dufton CE127/A/374
  PROCTOR Harriet 19 S     Isaac Proctor Clothier William Johnson  
1842 09 09 RICHARDSON Benjamin 34 B Cordwainer Calverley Moor Benjamin Richardson Overlooker John Kirk CE127/A/375
  STONER Hannah 38 S     David Stoner Cordwainer James Craven  
1842 09 11 LOBLEY Joshua 19 B Clothier Idle Benjamin Lobley Clothier John Burrough CE127/A/376
  DEANE Ann 17 S     James Deane Clothier Elizabeth Dean Bride signed Dean
1842 09 12 RUSHFORTH Francis 24 B Woolcomber Windhill William Rushforth Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/377
  MOORHOUSE Sarah 26 S     William Moorhouse Lead dealer James Craven  
1842 09 13 MILLER William 21 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor John Miller Labourer John Kirk CE127/A/378
  FORREST Ann 21 S     George Forrest Tailor James Craven  
1842 09 17 MARSHALL James 27 B Cordwainer Calverley John Marshall Joiner William Dibb CE127/A/379
  HOLLINGS Hannah 19 S     John Hollings Labourer Martha Marshall  
1842 09 18 FARRER William 22 B Woolcomber Windhill John Farrer Weaver Samuel Waterhouse CE127/A/380
  WOOD Mary 21 S     Joseph Wood Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 09 21 GLOVER James 25 B Wharfinger Shipley Joseph Glover Carrier Rachel Sykes CE127/A/381
  GREENWOOD Eliza 23 S   Calverley Thomas Greenwood Farmer William Greenwood Licence
1842 09 25 CLAYTON Samuel 21 B Waterman Idle Henry Clayton Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/382
  WROE Ann 20 S     Francis Wroe Woolcomber Grace Sutcliffe  
1842 09 25 COLLINSON Abraham 23 B Woolsorter Pudsey Abraham Collinson Weaver John Kirk CE127/A/383
  WADSWORTH Hannah 25 S     John Wadsworth Tailor Esther Hunter  
1842 09 26 LAYCOCK John 24 B Blacksmith Farsley John Laycock Blacksmith Matthew Hainsworth CE127/A/384
  WOOD Jane 23 S     Edward Wood Overlooker Joshua Wilby  
1842 09 26 CLAYTON Henry 23 B Mechanic Idle Henry Clayton Woolcomber Joshua Sowden CE127/A/385
  BOTTOMLEY Sarah 21 S     John Bottomley Woolcomber Thomas Bottomley  
1842 09 26 DEACON Michael 27 B Clothier Windhill Benjamin Deacon Clothier Abraham Deacon CE127/A/386
  SCOTT Martha 24 S     Thomas Scott Waterman David Briggs  
1842 09 28 FARRER William 26 B Butcher Pudsey Samuel Farrer Butcher William Beaumont, John Midgley CE127/A/387
  BEAUMONT Sarah 24 S     William Beaumont Clothier Joseph Cooper Licence
1842 10 02 BEANLAND James 22 B Forgeman Calverley Moor Jonas Beanland Sawyer William Wilkinson CE127/A/388
  BOTTOMLEY Margaret 20 S     Paul Bottomley Butcher John Kirk  
1842 10 02 HASTE William 24 B Mechanic Pudsey Joseph Haste Overlooker William Hesling CE127/A/389
  POPPLEWELL Martha 22 S     John Popplewell Overlooker John Kirk  
1842 10 02 STOREY James 20 B Plasterer Idle James Storey Delver David Hudson CE127/A/390
  EDWARDS Mary Ann 19 S     George Edwards Sawyer Robert Surridge  
1842 10 02 SURRIDGE Joseph 27 B Coal Miner Bolton William Surridge Coal Miner Robert Surridge CE127/A/391
  GREENOUGH Sarah 27 S     Joseph Greenwood Labourer John Barker  
1842 10 03 EMSLEY John 21 B Fuller Pudsey John Emsley Fuller Samuel Farrer CE127/A/392
  PITTS Ann 22 S     Joshua Pitts Fuller William Wilcock  
1842 10 03 GREENWOOD Emanuel 25 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor John Greenwood Banksman Squire Normington CE127/A/393
  TURNER Harriet 24 S     John Turner Woolcomber John Lightowler  
1842 10 04 BROWN Alfred FA B Incumbent of Cross Stone in the Parish of Halifax Cross Stone Charles Brown Merchant 14 witnesses CE127/A/394
  REDHEAD Jane FA S   Calverley Samuel Redhead Vicar of Calverley   Licence
1842 10 05 PICKLES Robert 32 W Woolcomber Stanningley William Pickles Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/395
  ELLIS Mary Heaton 18 S     William Ellis Woolcomber James Craven  
1842 10 09 PECKHOVER Richard 25 B Woolcomber Wrose John Peckhover Woolcomber Benjamin Reed CE127/A/396
  LIVESEY Deborah 23 S     Adam Livesey Woolcomber Jeremiah Watson  
1842 10 09 FROST Christopher 45 B Labourer Calverley Moor Edmund Frost Labourer Benjamin Reed CE127/A/397
  MIDDLETON Ellen 37 S     James Middleton Labourer Jeremiah Watson  
1842 10 09 ODDY James 41 W Clothier Idle John Oddy Clothier John Kirk CE127/A/398
  DENBY Rebecca 28 S     William Denby Clothier Thomas Edmondson  
1842 10 09 EDMONDSON Thomas 19 B Blacksmith Pudsey Thomas Edmondson Clogger John Edmondson CE127/A/399
  BOOCOCK Delilah 20 S     Henry Boocock Stone Mason William Redhead  
1842 10 10 RUSSELL Ephraim 21 B Woolcomber Idle John Russell Publican William Dawson CE127/A/400
  PICKLES Harriet 20 S     Jonas Pickles Woolcomber Benjamin Baxter  
1842 10 10 WALKER Hiram 26 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor William Walker Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/401
  BELFIELD Eliza 21 S     Jonas Belfield Cordwainer Benjamin Baxter  
1842 10 10 CANSFIELD Abraham 21 B Wheelwright Bolton William Cansfield Clothier Benjamin Scholefield CE127/A/402
  GRUNDY Grace 18 S     Robert Grundy Delver Benjamin Baxter  
1842 10 16 SUGDEN James 22 B Cabinet Maker Bolton John Sugden Woolsorter James Roberts CE127/A/403
  WILSON Ann 23 S     John Wilson Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 10 17 BROWN George 45 W Dyer Idle Charles Brown Land * John Kirk CE127/A/404
  LUNN Harriet 38 W     Thomas Denby Scribbling Fuller James Craven  
1842 10 23 WRIGHT Stead 30 B Stone Mason Bolton John Wright Farmer William Redhead CE127/A/405
  BROUGHTON Mary 25 S     Abraham Broughton Clothier John Kirk  
1842 10 24 WATERHOUSE Abraham 56 W Cordwainer Stanningley James Waterhouse Cordwainer David Thorp CE127/A/406
  ELSWORTH Ann 45 W     John Lee Clothier John Kirk  
1842 10 26 HUTCHINSON John FA B Innkeeper Pudsey William Hutchinson Farmer William Sharp, John Wilson CE127/A/407
  WILSON Elizabeth FA S   Bramley William Wilson Innkeeper Samuel ? Licence
1842 10 30 HAINSWORTH Stephen 20 B Clothier Pudsey Benjamin Hainsworth Clothier Matthew Gaunt CE127/A/408
  JONES Elizabeth 18 S     William Jones Blacksmith John Jones  
1842 11 06 BURTON Thomas 32 B Tailor Pudsey George Burton Clothier Charles Lewis Land CE127/A/409
  HICKSON Ann 31 S     Christopher Hickson Farmer John Kirk  
1842 11 06 KENDELL William 22 B Wood Turner Idle John Kendell Machine Maker Charles Lewis Land CE127/A/410
  LAND Elizabeth 20 S     Charles Lewis Land Cloth Drawer Jeremiah Proctor  
1842 11 07 STEAD Elijah 43 W Woolcomber Bolton Elijah Stead Weaver John Kirk CE127/A/411
  FENTON Elizabeth 40 W     Joseph Fenton Clothier James Craven Father Fenton but widow
1842 11 13 BRIGGS David 20 B Weaver Idle Isaiah Briggs Overlooker Mary Ann Scarfe CE127/A/412
  KENDELL Martha 19 S     Robert Kendell Waterman Sarah Wise  
1842 11 13 RIDER John 20 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Rider Clothier Samuel ? CE127/A/413
  BUCKTON Mary Ann 19 S     William Buckton Clothier Sarah Webster  
1842 11 20 COWBURN John 23 B Coal Miner Pudsey Joseph Cowburn Farmer Benjamin Cowburn, Edmund Rushforth CE127/A/414
  RUSHFORTH Sarah 19 S     John Rushforth Joiner Emanuel Haley  
1842 11 21 HILLAM George 33 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Squire Hillam Coal Miner Samuel Waterhouse CE127/A/415
  SPENCER Ann 39 S     George Spencer Slubber Hannah Whitley  
1842 11 27 WILKINSON Samuel 22 B Waggoner Pudsey Samuel Wilkinson Farmer William Bywater CE127/A/416
  BYWATER Grace 23 S     William Bywater Coal Miner Joseph Bywater  
1842 11 27 HEY William 24 B Maltster Pudsey Benjamin Hey Maltster William Parson CE127/A/417
  BROOKE Martha 23 S     (blank)   Thomas Peel  
1842 11 27 MACNOULTY John 21 B Labourer Stanningley John MacNoulty Labourer James Murphy CE127/A/418
  BRANNAN Winay 24 S     Patrick Brannan Stone Mason Farral MacNoulty  
1842 11 28 EMSLEY Thomas 23 B Clothier Pudsey William Emsley Clothier Joseph Shoesmith Hemsley CE127/A/419
  FOSTER Mary 23 S     John Foster Clothier William Gaunt  
1842 12 04 DRUMMOND Joseph 31 B Coal Miner Pudsey John Drummond Coal Miner Joshua Tomlinson Brooke CE127/A/420
  BROOK Sarah 26 S     Joseph Brook Farmer Zachary Freeman  
1842 12 04 RILEY Samuel 21 B Clothier Pudsey Samuel Riley Clothier John Hainsworth Brayshaw CE127/A/421
  HUDSON Mary Ann 19 S     Jonathan Hudson Waste dealer Colburn Mann  
1842 12 08 BRIGGS William 27 B Clothier Pudsey Thomas Briggs Clothier John Lawson CE127/A/422
  GAUNT Elizabeth 27 S     Richard Gaunt Clothier John Kirk  
1842 12 08 CLAYTON Joshua 39 W Woolcomber Woodhall Hills Isaac Clayton Coal Miner John Kirk CE127/A/423
  CRAVEN Nancy 22 S     Thomas Craven Blacksmith James Craven  
1842 12 11 HANSON Andrew 19 B Iron Moulder Pudsey James Hanson Iron Moulder Mark Hanson CE127/A/424
  GREAVES Kezia 18 S     William Greaves Publican Luke Hanson  
1842 12 12 WATERHOUSE James 26 B Husbandman Farsley William Waterhouse Clothier John Proctor CE127/A/425
  WADE Jane 26 S     Benjamin Wade Clothier John Booth  
1842 12 12 COOPER Henry 29 B Quarryman Pudsey Joseph Cooper Clothier William Wainwright CE127/A/426
  DENTON Mary 26 S     Joseph Denton Clothier John Kirk  
1842 12 18 HEWITT Thomas 21 B Farmer Pudsey Thomas Hewitt Farmer John Stansfield CE127/A/427
  BRIGGS Ann 19 S     Thomas Briggs Farmer William Sugden  
1842 12 21 MCNULTY Farrel 19 B Labourer Stanningley John Mc Nulty Labourer James Murphy CE127/A/428
  MURPHY Bridget 20 S     Michael Murphy Labourer Bridget Brennan  
1842 12 25 WOODHEAD John 26 B Fuller Pudsey Joseph Woodhead Fuller William Perkin CE127/A/429
  ROBINSON Elizabeth 23 S     George Robinson Clothier John Kirk  
1842 12 25 PERKIN William 21 B Clothier Farsley Joseph Perkin Clothier John Woodhead CE127/A/430
  RUECROFT Rachel 22 S     George Ruecroft Stone Mason John Kirk  
1842 12 25 CORDINGLEY Thomas 24 B Plasterer Pudsey Abraham Cordingley Joiner John Bland CE127/A/431
  JUDSON Sarah 21 S     John Judson Delver John Kirk  
1842 12 25 NEWSOME Thomas 20 B Blacksmith Windhill Joseph Newsome Weaver William Moon CE127/A/432
  FETHER Rebecca 24 S     John Fether Woolcomber John Kirk  
1842 12 25 BERRY Henry 26 B Clothier Idle Jeremiah Berry Clothier James Ashworth CE127/A/433
  SCOTT Sarah 23 S     John Scott Clothier John Kirk  
1842 12 25 SCOTT Thomas 27 B Farmer Idle John Scott Farmer Samuel Hobson CE127/A/434
  NORTH Hannah 26 S     John North Clothier Benjamin Scholefield  
1842 12 25 HUSTLER Abraham 22 B Weaver Bolton Thomas Hustler Weaver James Procter CE127/A/435
  RAWNSLEY Mary 22 S     Miles Rawnsley Weaver John Kirk  
1842 12 25 SIMPSON Job 22 B Woolcomber Windhill George Simpson Woolcomber John Hodgson CE127/A/436
  HODGSON Alice 22 S     William Hodgson Farmer Robert Kendell  
1842 12 25 TILLOTSON Carlisle 21 B Iron Moulder Windhill Jeremiah Tillotson Slubber John Hodgson CE127/A/437
  KENDALL Elizabeth 18 S     Robert Kendall Farmer Robert Kendell  
1842 12 26 BENSON David 30 W Farmer Idle William Benson Farmer John Smith CE127/A/438
  OVINGTON Jane 30 S     Henry Ovington Surgeon Elizabeth Ovington Licence
1843 01 01 BATES Benjamin 24 B Fuller Pudsey James Bateson Weaver Samuel Dean CE127/A/439
  WILSON Jane 21 S     Joseph Wilson Cordwainer John Kirk  
1843 01 02 GREENWOOD John 21 B Butcher Bolton (blank)   Thomas Lambert CE127/A/440
  DAYKIN Hannah 20 S     Metcalf Daykin Lead Miner John Kirk  
1843 01 02 PULLAN John 24 B Woolsorter Wrose William Pullan Farmer Thomas Pullan Benjamin Oddy Hannah Oddy CE127/A/441
  ODDY Mary 25 S     John Oddy Farmer Mary Pullan  
1843 01 08 STANSFIELD Thomas 28 B Clothier Idle Richard Stansfield Clothier William Parkinson CE127/A/442
  THORNTON Elizabeth 25 S     John Thornton Clothier John Kirk  
1843 01 08 MITCHELL Francis 22 B Woolsorter Pudsey Henry Mitchell Overlooker William Parkinson CE127/A/443
  BELL Sarah 20 S     William Bell Woolcomber Thomas Stansfield  
1843 01 15 IRISH James 23 B Woolcomber Bolton Daniel Irish Woolcomber John Barrett CE127/A/444
  HALL Susanna 20 S     William Hall Cordwainer William Wooler  
1843 01 15 TETLEY John 20 B Woolsorter Bolton Joseph Tetley Woolcomber John Barrett CE127/A/445
  BROOK Naomi 23 S     Thomas Brook Weaver William Wooler  
1843 01 15 HAIGH John 21 B Joiner Idle Joseph Haigh Coal Miner John Barrett CE127/A/446
  MOORE Sarah 20 S     William Moore Cordwainer William Wooler  
1843 01 18 WEBSTER George 20 B Clothier Pudsey George Webster Clothier Samuel Myers James B Wilshire CE127/A/447
  LAWSON Alice 18 S     Thomas Lawson Clothier G? Cox  
1843 01 18 SCOTT Thomas 28 W Clothier Idle John Scott Clothier John Kirk CE127/A/448
  BUTTERFIELD Sarah 28 S     Francis Butterfield Agent James Craven  
1843 01 22 TOBIN Thomas 22 B Private in the 17th Lancers Calverley Moor Thomas Tobin Flax Spinner Ellen Stott? CE127/A/449
  LAMBERT Ellen 19 S     Robert Lambert Tailor William Hartley  
1843 01 23 SPENCE James FA W Innkeeper Calverley James Spence Gentleman Edward Bell Chas Smith William Rhodes CE127/A/450
  RHODES Elizabeth FA S     Samuel Rhodes Worsted Spinner Ann Rowland Licence
1843 02 05 ALLAN James 38 B Woolcomber Farsley John Allan Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/451
  FOX Sarah 40 W     Henry Gilgras Farmer James Craven  
1843 02 05 EXLEY John 27 B Woolcomber Idle Edward Exley Labourer John Kirk CE127/A/452
  BIRCH Ann 29 S     James Birch Woolcomber James Craven  
1843 02 05 VERITY William 22 B Clothier Idle William Verity Clothier William Goldsborough CE127/A/453
  GOLDSBOROUGH Martha 20 S     James Goldsborough Clothier Mary Goldsborough  
1843 02 06 BASTOW Isaac 30 W Coal Miner Pudsey Moses Bastow Coal Miner Thomas Worsman CE127/A/454
  FENTON Ellen 21 S     William fenton Greengrocer William Hudson  
1843 02 13 OATES Thomas 18 B Blacksmith Windhill Samuel Oates Blacksmith Thomas Kirkby CE127/A/455
  SHEPERD Margaret 21 S     Peter Sheperd Stone Mason Edward Watson  
1843 02 18 CLOUGH Thomas 29 B Mechanic Tyersall William Clough Mechanic John Craven CE127/A/456
  JOWETT Rebecca 28 S     William Jowett Mechanic John Kirk  
1843 02 19 WOOD Thomas 25 B Woolcomber Farsley John Wood Woolcomber John Pedley CE127/A/457
  FLETCHER Maria 25 S     (blank)   Ann England  
1843 02 19 DOWGILL Wright 22 B Woolcomber Farsley James Dowgill Clothier Amos Ward CE127/A/458
  ODDY Grace 20 S     Joseph Oddy Slubber Jane Higgins  
1843 02 20 TOMLINSON John 42 W Husbandman Idle John Tomlinson Spinner John Chatburn CE127/A/459
  SIDGSWICK Elizabeth 40 S     Thomas Sigswick Sizing Boiler Sarah Chatburn  
1843 02 20 WOOD Samuel 48 W Clothier Pudsey David Wood Farmer Henry Carr CE127/A/460
  PARK Ann 40 W     William Kirkland Joiner Elizabeth Johnson  
1843 02 23 STRICKLAND Joseph 40 W Overlooker Stanningley Thomas Strickland Clothier Joseph Vickers CE127/A/461
  HAINSWORTH Elizabeth 30 W   Farsley John Turner Clothier John Kirk Licence
1843 02 26 CLAPHAM John 21 B Woolcomber Idle Jonathan Clapham Clothier Richard Mortimer CE127/A/462
  BARKER Mary 25 S     Thomas Barker Cordwainer William Hainsworth  
1843 02 26 LAMBERT James 21 B Woolcomber Idle Samuel Lambert Clothier William Dewhurst CE127/A/463
  WATSON Hannah 20 S     John Watson Mechanic Eliza Bland  
1843 02 26 ATKINSON William 22 B Blacksmith Pudsey Robert Atkinson Clothier John Kirk CE127/A/464
  COCKHILL Sarah 21 S     George Cockhill Clothier James Craven  
1843 02 26 LONG James 20 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Thomas Long Woolcomber Radcliffe Carrodus CE127/A/465
  STEAD Sarah 19 S     Joseph Stead Tailor Asenath Carrodus  
1843 02 27 TURNER James 24 B Stuff Weaver Pudsey Thomas Turner Stuff Weaver Henry Webster CE127/A/466
  BLACKBURN Rachel 28 S     Samuel Blackburn Carpet Weaver Hannah Armistead  
1843 03 05 WALTON Henry 21 B Clothier Pudsey John Walton Clothier Joseph Wilcock CE127/A/467
  THOMPSON Hannah 26 S     James Thompson Clothier George Walton  
1843 03 06 MERCER Samuel 28 B Woolcomber Idle Caleb Mercer Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/468
  PATCHETT Mary 27 S   Bolton Ambrose Patchett Delver James Craven  
1843 03 12 EDWARDS George 41 W Sawyer Stanningley Thomas Edwards Labourer John Kirk CE127/A/469
  CLARK Jane 37 W     John Smith Labourer James Craven  
1843 03 15 SKIRROW John 30 B Stuff Weaver Windhill Thomas Skirrow Stuff Weaver Thos Lister William Rhodes CE127/A/470
  MELLOR Lydia 22 S     David Mellor Corn Miller John Parker  
1843 03 17 BEANLAND John 27 B Farmer Bolton John Beanland Farmer George Eltoft CE127/A/471
  ELTOFT Mary Ann 23 S   Bradford John Eltoft Cordwainer Elizabeth Briggs  
1843 03 19 WRIGHT John 21 B Wood Turner Calverley Moor John Wright Tanner Jonathan Buckley CE127/A/472
  ASTIN Margaret 21 S     William Astin Tailor Mary Buckley  
1843 03 22 DALBY Samuel 29 B Worsted Spinner Calverley Moor Joseph Dalby Worsted Spinner Jno J Mortimer CE127/A/473
  WOMERSLEY Nancy 26 S     John Womersley Farmer John Kirk  
1843 03 26 STARKEY William 26 B Clothier Idle Joseph Starkey Clothier John Kirk CE127/A/474
  CHILD Mary 28 S     John Child Clothier James Craven  
1843 03 27 DRACUP Nathaniel 45 W Shuttle Maker Horton Thomas Dracup Shuttle Maker Elizabeth Ramsden CE127/A/475
  BROOKS Martha 52 W   Pudsey John Ramsden Wheelwright John Kirk  
1843 03 29 DALBY Joseph 25 B Worsted Spinner Calverley Moor Joseph Dalby Worsted Spinner James Coates CE127/A/476
  COATES Mary 25 S     Joseph Coates Clothier Nancy Coates  
1843 04 02 WATERHOUSE William 44 W Clothier Pudsey Aaron Waterhouse Clothier Joseph Exley CE127/A/477
  WALTON Hannah 29 S     William Walton Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 04 03 HUTTON John 21 B Coal Miner Idle James Hutton Coal Miner Benjamin Harrison CE127/A/478
  MURGATROYD Harriet 23 S     James Murgatroyd Stone Mason William Hutton  
1843 04 03 MITCHELL William 20 B Woolcomber Idle William Mitchell Woolcomber Joseph Mitchell CE127/A/479
  SPURR Alice 21 S     (blank)   Sarah Lee  
1843 04 09 YEADON Edward 27 B Clothier Pudsey William Yeadon Woolcomber Joseph Halliday CE127/A/480
  BATEMAN Mary Ann 20 S     John Bateman Woolcomber John Galloway  
1843 04 09 SIMPSON William 20 B Stone Mason Bolton Joseph Simpson Cordwainer John Galloway CE127/A/481
  ALLISON Jane 19 S     George Allison Woolcomber Joseph Halliday  
1843 04 10 MORILL John 19 B Woolcomber Pudsey George Morill Farmer William Priestley CE127/A/482
  COATES Mary 23 S     (blank)   John Kirk  
1843 04 16 VERITY Harrison 24 B Clothier Idle William Verity Clothier James Spencer CE127/A/483
  SPENCER Martha 26 S     (blank)   Sarah Barraclough  
1843 04 16 SCHOLEFIELD William 24 S Saddler Farsley Richard Scholefield Grocer William Barrett CE127/A/484
  BINNS Caroline 24 S     John Binns Joiner Margaret Barrett  
1843 04 16 INMAN Thomas 21 B Butcher Bolton William Inman Gardener John Barraclough CE127/A/485
  UNWIN Elizabeth 24 S     John Unwin Warehouseman John Kirk  
1843 04 17 CLOUGH Henry 19 B Weaver Windhill Crag Tinothy Clough Weaver John Kirk CE127/A/486
  SKIRROW Ellen 17 S     (blank)   James Craven  
1843 04 17 HOW George 25 B Woolcomber Bolton James How Sawyer James Varley CE127/A/487
  LAW Jane 20 S     John Law Woolcomber Mary Ann Robinson  
1843 04 23 INMAN Henry 34 W Farmer Bolton John Inman Labourer Jonas Robinson CE127/A/488
  HARDY Mary Ann 32 S     Thomas Hardy Mechanic Mary Tordoff  
1843 04 23 BIRKS John 24 B Clothier Pudsey John Birks Clothier Jonas Robinson CE127/A/489
  BEST Priscilla 24 S     John Best Clothier John Kirk  
1843 04 30 DAVISON John 19 B Fuller Calverley William Davison Fuller John Craven CE127/A/490
  CRAVEN Ruth 20 S     James Craven Sexton John Kirk  
1843 05 01 OXLEY Richard 21 B Woolsorter Bolton Richard Oxley Farmer William Wharton CE127/A/491
  WATERHOUSE Nancy 19 S     John Waterhouse Clothier Joshua Jennings  
1843 05 07 HARTLEY Henry 35 W Woolcomber Bolton Briggs Hartley Woolcomber John Kirk CE127/A/492
  LEE Mary 25 S     (blank)   James Craven  
1843 05 12 PARKIN Robert FA B Timber Merchant Eccleshill John Parkin Timber Merchant John White, Jane White, Jasper Leavens White CE127/A/493
  WHITE Mary FA S   Idle William White Gentleman Sarah Louisa White Licence
1843 05 14 MARSTON John 28 B Woolcomber Woodhall Hills William Marston Woolcomber William Marston CE127/A/494
  SUTCLIFFE Ann 26 W     John Firth Labourer Selina Haigh  
1843 05 15 YOUNG John 26 B Butcher or Private in th 32nd Regiment Idle Joseph Young Farmer Sarah Allan CE127/A/495
  LEAH Martha 19 S     Thomas Leah Overlooker James Grainger  
1843 05 23 ANDERTON Abraham 25 B Woolcomber Idle John Anderton Watchman George Bower CE127/A/496
  SUMMERTON Jane 28 S     John Summerton Joiner William Anderton  
1843 05 29 HODGSON John 23 B Farmer Bolton James Hodgson Farmer James Atkinson CE127/A/497
  HAMMOND Elizabeth 25 S     Isaac Hammond Clothier William Hammond  
1843 05 29 JOWETT Joseph 19 B Clothier Pudsey William Jowett Clothier William Norton CE127/A/498
  NORTON Elizabeth 19 S     William Norton Clothier Thomas Rider Hare?  
1843 06 04 PARKINSON David 22 B Slubber Farsley James Parkinson Slubber Samuel Wade CE127/A/499
  FARRER Sarah 24 S   Pudsey Richard Farrer Clothier John Kirk Licence
1843 06 04 BAXTER Jabez 19 B Woolcomber Idle James Baxter Woolcomber James Baxter CE127/A/500
  MAUD Eliza 17 S     James Maud Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 06 04 STEVENSON George 21 B Tailor Pudsey John Stevenson Tailor Joseph Ellerker CE127/B/1
  HEADON Harriet 25 S     Charles Headon Woolcomber Squire Haidon  
1843 06 04 MACKLEY William 20 B Tin plate worker Idle James Mackley Farmer John Hardwick CE127/B/2
  HIRST Mary 20 S     Joseph Hirst Sawyer John Kirk  
1843 06 04 GOODYEAR Alfred 24 B Cabinet Maker Idle Joseph Goodyear Clothier Ephraim Goodyear CE127/B/3
  SHAW Acsah 23 S     John Shaw Weaver Elizabeth Goodyear  
1843 06 04 HILL William 25 B Woolcomber Idle William Hill Woolcomber James Binns CE127/B/4
  THORLEY Hannah 28 S     Thomas Thorley Iron Moulder John Kirk  
1843 06 04 RAISTRICK Matthew 24 B Clothier Idle William Raistrick Clothier Sarah Raistrick CE127/B/5
  PICKLES Martha 23 S     William Pickles Farmer Jonas Raistrick  
1843 06 04 SCOTT John 27 B Farmer Idle John Scott Carrier John Kirk CE127/B/6
  WEST Martha 26 S     Joseph West Labourer James Craven  
1843 06 05 RAYNER Matthew 22 B Clothier Farsley John Rayner Clothier John Grainger CE127/B/7
  CRAVEN Elizabeth 26 S     John Craven Clothier George Marsden  
1843 06 05 STEAD Francis 21 B Clothier Farsley Francis Stead Clothier John Grainger CE127/B/8
  WORSNOP Mary 21 S     Benjamin Worsnop Clothier George Marsden  
1843 06 11 CALVERT Timothy 24 B Mechanic Bolton Samuel Calvert Overlooker William Woodhead CE127/B/9
  HOLLINGS Alice 24 S     John Hollings Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 06 11 WOODHEAD William 24 B Mechanic Idle Matthew Woodhead Coal Miner Timothy Calvert CE127/B/10
  FAWBERT Mary Ann 25 S     Joseph Fawbert Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 06 11 EMSLEY John 35 W Worsted Spinner Stanningley John Emsley Cordwainer Joseph Rogers CE127/B/11
  HARRISON Elizabeth 28 S     John Harrison Coal Miner Charles Wade  
1843 06 11 LUPTON John 22 B Labourer Pudsey William Lupton Labourer Joseph Rogers CE127/B/12
  BARRETT Elizabeth 20 S     William Barrett Pensioner Charles Wade  
1843 06 11 HALLEWELL Joshua 29 B Woolcomber Pudsey Eli Hallewell Weaver Joseph Rogers CE127/B/13
  HARVEY Mary 25 S     John Harvey Carrier Charles Wade  
1843 06 11 HORNE Benjamin 20 B Woolcomber Windhill Matthew Horne Clothier James Horne CE127/B/14
  KENDELL Ann 20 S     Robert Kendell Farmer Martha Firth  
1843 06 12 BROWN Thomas 19 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Samuel Brown Woolcomber John Farrer CE127/B/15
  FARRER Elizabeth 19 S     Samuel Farrer Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 06 18 HOLDSWORTH Joseph Beecroft 19 B Mechanic Calverley Moor John Holdsworth Tailor John Holdsworth CE127/B/16
  FEARNLEY Sarah 17 S     John Fearnley Mechanic John Brook  
1843 06 22 GREENWOOD Joshua FA B Clothier Idle Joshua Greenwood Clothier James Bell CE127/B/17
  DAWSON Nanny FA S     John Dawson Clothier John Kirk Licence
1843 06 25 HIGGINS Charles 26 B Clothier Farsley Joseph Higgins Cordwainer David Gomersall CE127/B/18
  HARGREAVES Harriet 26 S   Calverley William Hargreaves Clothier Edward Gomersall  
1843 06 25 DAVISON John 23 B Clothier Calverley John Davison Carrier Joseph Wood CE127/B/19
  BOTTOMLEY Mary Hudson 22 S     (blank)   Hannah Wood  
1843 06 28 GRAINGER Samuel 24 B Clothier Calverley Joseph Grainger Clothier Elias Hindle CE127/B/20
  HINDLE Mary 24 S     John Hindle Clothier Martha Johnson  
1843 07 03 EASTWOOD Benjamin 21 B Clothier Calverley John Eastwood Clothier Joseph Dawson CE127/B/21
  HARGREAVES Ann 20 S     William Hargreaves Clothier John Kirk  
1843 07 10 ODDY Miles 31 W Farmer Idle John Oddy Farmer Benjamin Woodhead CE127/B/22
  STEEL Alice 27 S     William Steel Farmer Jno Jas Mortimer  
1843 07 10 JOY Thomas 24 B Whitesmith Calverley Moor Michael Joy Tailor John Lancaster CE127/B/23
  WRIGLEY Sarah 22 W     Thomas Scholes Joiner Jonas Davis  
1843 07 11 WHITHERS Robert 23 B Woolcomber Windhill Joseph Whithers Woolcomber Wm Deacon CE127/B/24
  DALE Sarah 20 S     James Dale Woolcomber James Smith  
1843 07 13 NORTON William 42 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Norton Clothier John Kirk CE127/B/25
  BERRY Sarah 42 S     Francis Berry Clothier John Craven  
1843 07 16 NORTH Josiah 20 B Coal Miner Pudsey Joshua North Clothier John Lightowler CE127/B/26
  RICHARDSON Martha 20 S     Samuel Richardson Clothier Mary Hudson  
1843 07 17 BROOK Thomas 31 B Weaver Calverley Moor Thmas Brook Labourer Hans? Naylor CE127/B/27
  BROOK Ellen 23 W     Ralph Watson Lead Miner Emanuel Hill  
1843 07 30 BARKER Joseph 21 B Coal Miner Pudsey William Barker Engine Tender James Brady CE127/B/28
  LAYCOCK Elizabeth 22 S     William Laycock Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 07 30 SPEIGHT Thomas Ratcliffe 20 B Mechanic Idle William Speight Forgeman James Metcalf CE127/B/29
  CLOUGH Martha 19 S     John Clough Cordwainer John Kirk  
1843 07 30 MORRELL Henry 25 B Foundryman Idle John Morrell Farmer James Brady CE127/B/30
  FLETCHER Betty 21 S     Thomas Fletcher Clothier John Kirk  
1843 07 30 EXLEY Richard 18 B Foundryman Windhill (blank)   Brook Tillotson CE127/B/31
  TILLOTSON Harriet 19 S     John Tillotson Clothier Wilkinson Tillotson  
1843 07 31 SKIRROW Marshall 25 B Woolcomber Windhill John Skirrow Woolcomber George Peel CE127/B/32
  PICKLES Ann 26 S     Jonas Pickles Woolcomber James J Mortimer  
1843 07 31 COWLING James 27 B Delver Idle James Cowling Delver Thomas Tholey CE127/B/33
  FLETCHER Mary 24 S     Thomas Fletcher Clothier Abraham Cowling  
1843 08 06 DINISON John 21 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor John Dinison Woolcomber Timothy Wilson CE127/B/34
  SQUIRES Jane 21 S     Robert Squires Delver Hannah Holt  
1843 08 06 ARMISTEAD John 20 B Cloth Dresser Farsley Jeremiah Armistead Cloth Dresser William Hartley CE127/B/35
  HARTLEY Susanna 21 S     James Hartley Delver William Holt  
1843 08 13 ARRAH James 42 W Tailor Farsley Moses Arrah Tailor William Beanland CE127/B/36
  BINNS Isabella 48 W     Robert Dixon Coal Miner Alice Baines  
1843 08 14 MARSDEN Thomas 23 B Blacksmith Pudsey William Marsden Iron Moulder Michael Scholefield CE127/B/37
  BEETHAM Ruth 22 S     Joseph Beetham Woolcomber John Marsden  
1843 08 14 CAWTHERAH Thomas 21 B Coal Miner Bolton Crispin Cawtherah Slater James Dover CE127/B/38
  HOLLINGS Mary Ann 19 S     Benjamin Hollings Delver Hannah Thettlestone  
1843 08 19 BARKER Leonard Brown 24 B Gardener Potternewton, Leeds Joseph Barker Game Keeper John Jones CE127/B/39
  NORTH Ann 25 S   Bolton, Calverley Benjamin North Farmer Mary Ann Jones  
1843 08 20 BOARDMAN Thomas 19 B Whitesmith Calverley Moor William Boardman Weaver Samuel Sugden CE127/B/40
  NEWELL Martha 18 S     John Newell Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 08 20 STEAD Joshua 20 B Quarryman Idle John Stead Clothier Thomas Waite CE127/B/41
  RAISTRICK Rachel 19 S     William Raistrick Coal Miner Joseph Norton  
1843 08 20 COOPER Henry 27 B Potter Bolton George Cooper Banksman Walter Atkinson CE127/B/42
  SQUIRES Mary 18 S     Robert Squires Mason John Turner  
1843 08 20 FLETCHER William 21 B Clothier Idle Lionel Fletcher Labourer Joseph Marshall CE127/B/43
  NORTH Hannah 31 S     William North Clogger John Kirk  
1843 08 21 HARDWICK Robert 44 B Farmer Bolton Andrew Hardwick Farmer Jacob Wood CE127/B/44
  HOLMES Mary 39 S     Joseph Holmes Farmer John Kirk  
1843 08 27 FERRAND Benjamin 25 B Woolsorter Idle Thomas Ferrand Weaver William Bedford CE127/B/45
  FIRTH Martha 22 S     Joseph Firth Weaver Ann Whitley  
1843 08 28 HARTLEY Richard 22 W Woolsorter Calverley Moor Charles Hartley Cotton Manufacturer William Johnson CE127/B/46
  BLAKEY Elizabeth 25 S     Samuel Blakey Gardener John Kirk  
1843 08 28 HARGREAVES Charles 24 B Clothier Pudsey Thomas Hargreaves Clothier William Johnson CE127/B/47
  ALLEN Jane 24 S     Joseph Allen Stone Mason William Hargreaves  
1843 09 03 PRESTON John 25 B Woolcomber Pudsey Robert Preston Woolcomber William Preston CE127/B/48
  JENKINSON Rachel 22 S     William Jenkinson Blacksmith David Dyson  
1843 09 03 MITCHELL Joseph 23 B Woolcomber Idle William Mitchell Woolcomber William Mitchell CE127/B/49
  HOLMES Phebe 23 S     David Holmes Woolcomber David Dyson  
1843 09 03 LOWRY Benjamin 20 B Cloth Dresser Farsley (blank)   William Manners CE127/B/50
  MANNERS Hannah 20 S     William Manners Cordwainer John Kirk  
1843 09 04 SWITHENBANK Joseph 31 B Cordwainer Stanningley John Swithenbank Horse comb maker William Swithenbank, Midgley Swithenbank CE127/B/51
  WOOD Martha 30 S     Hargreaves Wood Cordwainer John Swithenbank  
1843 09 04 EASTBOURN Joseph 22 B Woolcomber Idle John Eastbourn Clothier William Hainsworth CE127/B/52
  MILNES Mary Ann 21 S     Joseph Milnes Tailor John Murgatroyd  
1843 09 04 SPENCER Joseph 26 B Clothier Pudsey William Spencer Clothier George Brayshaw, William Spencer, Sarah Ann Sowden CE127/B/53
  BRAYSHAW Elizabeth 24 S     James Brayshaw Clothier Isaac Marsden  
1843 09 11 KILLERBY William 30 B Weaver Farsley John Killerby Weaver David Killerby CE127/B/54
  BREAR Jane 29 S     Abraham Brear Weaver John Kirk  
1843 09 11 MILNER William 22 B Coal Miner Pudsey Robert Milner Schoolmaster Elijah Revell CE127/B/55
  HOPKINSON Sarah 19 S     Joseph Hopkinson Farmer Joseph Milner  
1843 09 11 O'CONNOR George 45 B Coal Miner Idle John O'Connor Baker John Kirk CE127/B/56
  BRADY Alice 46 W     Philip Brady Farmer James Craven Father Brady but widow
1843 09 11 EASTWOOD Mealous 37 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Enos Eastwood Blacksmith Thomas Bussey CE127/B/57
  AMBLER Elizabeth 29 S     (blank)   John Kirk  
1843 09 17 BOOTHROYD Enoch 22 B Cordwainer Idle Charles Boothroyd Clothier Joseph Young CE127/B/58
  BLACKBURN Martha 22 S     Edward Blackburn Labourer John Kirk  
1843 09 17 WHITAKER Henry 20 B Woolcomber Farsley Robert Whitaker Delver Richard Broughton CE127/B/59
  TWINN Catharine 22 S     John Twinn Mechanic Bridget Brown  
1843 09 18 HILL Jonathan 23 B Labourer Farsley Abraham Hill Labourer Samuel Parrot CE127/B/60
  SHIRES Mary 25 S     (blank)   Martha Shires  
1843 09 24 UNWIN George 19 B Weaver Windhill James Unwin Clothier John Hall CE127/B/61
  WILKINSON Hannah 21 S     John Wilkinson Weaver Robinson Unwin  
1843 09 24 SIMPSON Thomas 32 W Painter Idle Thomas Simpson Joiner Robert Simpson CE127/B/62
  WRIGHT Harriet 30 S     James Wright Clothier Mary Gill  
1843 09 24 POLLARD Benjamin 24 B Clothier Idle John Pollard Weaver Joseph Firth CE127/B/63
  FIRTH Sarah 25 S     John Firth Clothier Elizabeth Simpson  
1843 09 25 KEIGHLEY James 22 B Clothier Calverley James Keighley Clothier John Craven CE127/B/64
  SNOWDEN Caroline 22 S     William Snowden Farmer Nancy Johnson  
1843 09 25 HUDSON William 28 B Clothier Idle James Hudson Clothier Benjamin Hudson CE127/B/65
  TILLOTSON Mary 23 S     Benjamin Tillotson Clothier Mary Ann Kay  
1843 09 26 THOMAS William 30 B Clothier Windhill (blank)   John Parker CE127/B/66
  PARKER Elizabeth 21 S     John Parker Clothier Hugh Parker  
1843 09 26 BERRY William 31 B Clothier Idle Jeremiah Berry Clothier William Miller CE127/B/67
  WAITE Mary 24 S     John Waite Clothier Child North  
1843 10 01 BARRETT James 24 B Woolsorter Calverley Moor Joseph Barrett Tailor Samuel Sugden CE127/B/68
  SUGDEN Mary Ann 23 S     Samuel Sugden Joiner Edward Empsall  
1843 10 01 PATCHETT William 29 B Woolcomber Windhill William Patchett Labourer David Slingsby CE127/B/69
  TURNER Margaret 24 S     George Turner Pensioner James Patchett  
1843 10 01 JENNINGS Joseph 25 B Cordwainer Bolton James Jennings Delver Benjamin Scholefield CE127/B/70
  PRESTON Mary Ann 22 S     Edward Preston Clothier Edward Preston  
1843 10 06 KITSON William 23 B Plasterer Idle David Kitson Clothier Andrew North CE127/B/71
  JACKSON Eliza 20 S     John Jackson Delver John Lee  
1843 10 08 RAYNER Abraham 36 W Stone Mason Pudsey William Rayner Clothier Sam Stocks CE127/B/72
  NEWHILL Harriet 29 S     John Newhill Clothier John Kirk  
1843 10 08 STOCKS Sam 26 B Clothier Idle Joseph Stocks Clothier Henry Beanland CE127/B/73
  WALKER Mary 22 S     Thomas Walker Clothier Edward Midgley  
1843 10 08 MIDGLEY Edward 25 B Engineer Idle John Midgley Coal Miner Thomas Brown CE127/B/74
  RHODES Susanna 23 S     John Rhodes Delver David Hartley  
1843 10 08 BROWN Thomas 22 B Woolcomber Idle Henry Brown Stone Mason Joseph Brook CE127/B/75
  CORDINGLEY Sarah 20 S     Allen Cordingley Forgeman John Kirk  
1843 10 08 WHITAKER Joseph 21 B Tailor Pudsey William Whitaker Clothier Joseph Buckton CE127/B/76
  NAYLOR Mary 23 S     Richard Naylor Stone Mason Samuel Walker  
1843 10 22 MARSHALL Abraham 25 W Cordwainer Pudsey James Marshall Tailor Matthew Sugden CE127/B/77
  SOWDEN Christiana 22 S     Matthew Sowden Clothier Hannah Gregson  
1843 10 22 FARRER George 23 W Clothier Idle John Turner Clothier George Peel CE127/B/78
  WHITFIELD Dinah 30 W     John Hall Carrier Margaret Laycock  
1843 10 22 CRABTREE Thomas 27 B Cabinet Maker Bolton Samuel Crabtree Cordwainer Timothy Wilson CE127/B/79
  TOWNSEND Hannah FA S     John Townsend Dyer Betty Crabtree  
1843 10 22 RAMSDEN William 29 W Wheelwright Pudsey John Ramsden Wheelwright John Long CE127/B/80
  LEE Mary 28 S     John Lee Stone Mason Margaret Hopkinson  
1843 10 23 IBBOTSON John 24 B Delver Idle William Ibbotson Delver John Hudson CE127/B/81
  HOLDSWORTH Mary 21 S     Charles Holdsworth Farmer Jim Murgatroyd  
1843 10 23 NORTH James 23 B Hairdresser Idle Wright North Cordwainer Joseph Wood CE127/B/82
  BROOKSBANK Ruth 20 S     Joseph Brooksbank Stone Mason Murgatroyd Horn  
1843 10 23 WALLEY William 31 W Woolcomber Stone Stile Job Walley Labourer John Kirk CE127/B/83
  MAWSON Dinah 33 S     Samuel Mawson Woolcomber James Craven  
1843 10 29 DUCKWORTH James 21 B Clogger Idle Daniel Duckworth Farmer Thomas Land CE127/B/84
  BOWERS Martha 20 S     John Bowers Weaver William Bailey  
1843 10 29 LONNERGAN Thomas 34 B Sergt in the 32nd Regt Calverley Moor Edward Lonnergan Glover Thomas Boardman CE127/B/85
  PATTE(R)SON Margaret 28 S     Joseph Patteson Labourer Martha Boardman  
1843 10 30 WALKER Joshua 23 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Walker Clothier John Braithwaite CE127/B/86
  WILLIAMSON Susanna 22 S     John Williamson Clothier Frederic Wilcock  
1843 11 05 FEATHER John 22 B Woolcomb Maker Pudsey George Feather Woolcomber William Rodgers CE127/B/87
  HOLDSWORTH Martha 21 S     Manoah Holdsworth Woolcomber Peter Whitaker  
1843 11 05 FULLER John 21 B Woolcomber Pudsey James Fuller Carpenter William Rodgers CE127/B/88
  GOTT Sarah Ann 21 S     James Gill Stone Mason Peter Whitaker  
1843 11 05 SOWDEN Joshua 24 B Stone Mason Idle Isaac Sowden Stone Mason William Rodgers CE127/B/89
  LEATHERS Harriet 21 S     Richard Leathers Clothier John Feather  
1843 11 06 IBBOTSON Samuel 22 B Woolcomber Bolton Thomas Ibbotson Woolcomber Benjamin Brook CE127/B/90
  STANDISH Jane 27 S     James Standish Paver John Kirk  
1843 11 06 NAYLOR Joseph 25 B Woolcomber Tyersall John Naylor Delver Thomas Crabtree CE127/B/91
  TEAL Sarah 20 S     Joseph Teal Woolcomber Benjamin Brook  
1843 11 12 BEANLAND Henry 20 B Coal Miner Idle William Beanland Labourer William Kitchen CE127/B/92
  CARTER Elizabeth 19 S     John Carter Labourer Joseph Milner  
1843 11 13 PORTER Samuel Smith 21 B Whitesmith Idle Robert Porter Woolcomber Mark Patton CE127/B/93
  CHESTERMAN Elizabeth 20 S     James Chesterman Woolcomber James Grainger  
1843 11 13 GLOVER Henry FA B Clothier Pudsey George Glover Clothier John Marshall CE127/B/94
  MARSHALL Hannah FA S     William Marshall Clothier John Kirk Licence
1843 11 19 WILKINSON David 33 W Carpenter Idle John Wilkinson Weaver John Kirk CE127/B/95
  WALKER Martha 34 S     William Walker Joiner James Craven  
1843 11 26 RILEY Rei 21 B Dyer Bolton John Riley Warp dresser Wamuel Watmuff CE127/B/96
  SMITHIES Caroline 21 S     David Smithies Twister James Dooley  
1843 11 26 DOOLEY James 22 W Iron Moulder Idle Henry Dooley Blacksmith William Parrington CE127/B/97
  SHACKLETON Martha 25 S     James Shackleton Woolcomber Thomas Dooley  
1843 11 26 BAXTER Joseph 20 B Woolcomber Idle James Baxter Woolcomber Benjamin Baxter CE127/B/98
  CLOUGH Susanna 18 S     Whitaker Clough Farmer John Kirk  
1843 11 26 SUGDEN William 22 B Clothier Pudsey (blank)   Samuel Redhead CE127/B/99
  WATERHOUSE Elizabeth 25 S     William Waterhouse Clothier John Kirk  
1843 12 03 THREAPLETON James 21 B Clothier Farsley James Threapleton Clothier Jonathan * CE127/B/100
  HAINSWORTH Ann 20 S     Abraham Hainsworth Clothier Alfred Gordon Groom signed Thrippleton
1843 12 10 BOX William 21 B Plasterer Pudsey Daniel Box Woolcomber Henry Tiplady CE127/B/101
  SUGDEN Mary 17 S     Thomas Sugden Dresser William Dyson  
1843 12 10 BUSSEY John 27 B Woolcomber Calverley Moor Peter Bussey Letter carrier John Dobson CE127/B/102
  GILL Mary 26 S     Thomas Gill Cordwainer Frances Gill  
1843 12 11 SKIRROW George 19 B Woolcomber Idle John Skirrow Clothier William Rhodes CE127/B/103
  SLATER Rebecca 19 S     Joseph Slater Weaver Elizabeth Hudson  
1843 12 11 JACKSON George 24 B Stone Mason Pudsey John Jackson Clothier William Rhodes CE127/B/104
  BROOK Mary 24 S     Joseph Brook Clothier John Kirk  
1843 12 11 MOSS Samuel FA W Clothier Pudsey Samuel Moss Clothier James Beaumont CE127/B/105
  RO(D)GERS Nancy FA W     John Hudson Clothier E* Moss Licence
1843 12 12 RHODES John 24 B Woolcomber Idle Joseph Rhodes Labourer John Page CE127/B/106
  RAMSBOTTOM Mary 21 S     John Ramsbottom Farrier John Craven  
1843 12 17 KITCHEN Thomas 21 B Labourer Bolton John Kitchen Labourer Thomas Lambert CE127/B/107
  MATTHEWS Sarah 23 S     John Matthews Weaver John Kirk  
1843 12 17 STEAD Thomas 20 B Wheelwright Windhill John Stead Waterman Joseph Ackroyd CE127/B/108
  HORSFALL Grace 22 S     Abraham Horsfall Woolcomber John Parkinson  
1843 12 17 ILLINGWORTH William 24 B Clothier Pudsey (blank)   John Parkinson CE127/B/109
  LONG Mary Ann 23 S     Joseph Long Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 12 17 ROBERTSHAW Daniel 19 B Labourer Greengates John Robertshaw Waggoner Jonas Margerison CE127/B/110
  WHITELEY Mary Ann 21 S     Joseph Whiteley Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 12 18 BERRY William 30 W Clothier Idle John Berry Clothier Thomas Firth CE127/B/111
  PATRICK Sarah 29 S     Henry Patrick Cordwainer James Horne  
1843 12 18 ROWNTREE William 28 W Tailor Idle Thomas Rowntree Tailor Thomas Firth CE127/B/112
  HOPKINSON Hannah 21 S     Abraham Hopkinson Tailor James Horne  
1843 12 18 DALTON Mark 23 B Whitesmith Idle Mark Dalton Butcher Samuel Smith Porter CE127/B/113
  WHITEOAK Hannah 22 S     George Whiteoak Woolsorter Elizabeth Porter  
1843 12 24 SMITH Joseph 26 B Labourer Bolton (blank)   William Verity CE127/B/114
  LODGE Margery 24 S     John Lodge Farmer John Kirk  
1843 12 24 SMITH George 27 B Farmer Idle William Smith Joiner John Glover CE127/B/115
  GLOVER Ann 20 S     James Glover Clothier Elizabeth Ryley  
1843 12 24 HARE John 25 B Clothier Pudsey George Hare Clothier Charles Farrer CE127/B/116
  DUFTON Martha 23 S     Joseph Dufton Clothier Maria Yeadon  
1843 12 24 DIXON John 21 B Clothier Pudsey Joseph Dixon Clothier Joseph Ackroyd CE127/B/117
  FARRER Harriet 22 S     Richard Farrer Clothier Ann Farrer  
1843 12 24 STANSFIELD Thomas 29 B Clothier Idle Thomas Stansfield Clothier Thomas Watkinson CE127/B/118
  WATKINSON Hannah 21 S     Thomas Wathinson Farmer Ann Johnson  
1843 12 24 DEACON David 23 B Clothier Windhill John Deacon Clothier Joseph Ashburn CE127/B/119
  MORELL Ann 25 S     Nicholas Morell Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 12 24 PITT George 24 B Clothier Windhill John Pitt Clothier B W Flax CE127/B/120
  FLAX Hannah 22 S     John Flax Clothier Johnson Pitt  
1843 12 25 HOLMES John 22 B Woolcomber Pudsey John Holmes Woolcomber John Brear CE127/B/121
  CARR Charlotte 22 S     (blank)   George Hartley  
1843 12 25 TURNER William 23 B Clothier Pudsey William Turner Clothier Wilfrey Eaton CE127/B/122
  EATON Mary 24 S     (blank)   Samuel Gawkroger  
1843 12 25 ROOKES James 24 B Greengrocer Idle Charles Rookes Greengrocer Samuel Gawkroger CE127/B/123
  HELLIWELL Sarah Ann 22 S     William Helliwell Woolcomber John Kirk  
1843 12 25 DENNISON Robert 25 B Farmer Tyersall Robert Dennison Farmer Samuel Dennison CE127/B/124
  LAW Mary 27 S     James Law Maltster Joseph Dennison  
1843 12 25 LIGHTOWLERS Jonathan 21 B Coal Miner Calverley Moor John Lightowlers Coal Miner Jonas Lightowlers CE127/B/125
  HUDSON Elizabeth 20 S     George Hudson Woolcomber James Blakey  
1843 12 25 HALL John 21 B Cordwainer Windhill Isaac Hall Weaver Alfred Cousin? CE127/B/126
  BARRETT Nancy 21 S     Stephen Barrett Weaver Benjamin Barratt  
1843 12 25 BRIGGS Joshua 20 B Clothier Idle Timothy Briggs Clothier William Briggs CE127/B/127
  STANSFIELD Martha 20 S     John Stansfield Stone Cutter Mary Baldwin  
1843 12 27 ARMISTEAD William FA W Clothier Fulneck John Armistead Clothier Richard Stead CE127/B/128
  STEAD Ellinor FA S     Matthew Stead Farmer Joseph Calvert  
1843 12 28 GRIMSHAW William 24 B Clothier Calverley Jonathan Grimshaw Cattle dealer John Child CE127/B/129
  CHILD Hannah 22 S     Joseph Child Stone Merchant Dorothy Grimshaw  
1843 12 29 KEIGHLEY Henry 21 B Clothier Calverley Moor Henry Keighley Clothier Thornton Walmsley CE127/B/130
  SPENCE Mary 19 S     Samuel Spence Delver Ann Powell  
1843 12 31 HALEY John 25 B Clothier Stanningley Isaac Haley Clothier William Gray CE127/B/131
  DRAKE Ann 26 S     George Drake Slubber John Kirk  
1843 12 31 FLAXINGTON Benjamin 19 B Clothier Windhill John Flaxington Clothier Richard Fox CE127/B/132
  RANGDALE Elizabeth 21 S     Benjamin Rangdale Clothier James Ives