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Calverley Parish Church Records: Marriages 1901-1920


This index lists marriages at St Wilfrids, Calverley. The reference number refers to the registration entry held by Leeds Register Office. There were 1,203 marriages at St Wilfrids during the period 1901 to 1910, but the figure dropped to 546 for the years 1911 to 1920 and to only 189 for the period 1921 to 1930.

1901 - 1920
His Occ.
His Occ.
1901 01 05 HOLDSWORTH David 28 B Traveller Crag Farm, Windhill John Holdsworth (deceased) John F Holdsworth   CE127/Z/201
  HARE Augusta Elizabeth 25 S Domestic Servant Windhill John Hare (deceased) Florence Mustoe    
1901 01 07 GRIMSHAW John 55 W Verger Calverley Edmund Grimshaw (deceased) John Whitfield   CE127/Z/202
  BURROWS Sarah Jane 43 S Weaver Idle George Norman Burrows Clogger Ann Whitfield    
1901 01 12 MCLEAN Alexander 40 W Clicker Pudsey . . George Boocock   CE127/Z/203
  WILSON Frances Ann 39 S . Pudsey William Wilson (deceased) Peter Brearley, Florence Boocock    
1901 01 12 GARFORTH Sam 32 B Labourer Windhill Thomas Garforth Labourer Benjamin Page Garforth   CE127/Z/204
  SMITH Florrie 33 W Charwoman Windhill William Macham (deceased) Susannah Garforth, Ben Lay    
1901 01 19 EASTWOOD Henry 20 B Engineer Pudsey Tom Eastwood Engineer Ezra Vickers Town   CE127/Z/205
  STOTT Carrie 21 S Weaver Pudsey William Henry Stott Butcher Louisa Stott    
1901 01 26 HOLROYD Joseph 28 B Labourer Idle . . Emma Thornton   CE127/Z/206
  HAIGH Sarah Ann 28 S . Oldham Henry Haigh (deceased) Abraham Thornton    
1901 01 30 LEWIS Joseph Edmund 25 B Mason Pudsey Joseph Lewis Mason John Abraham Brayshaw   CE127/Z/207
  HINCHCLIFFE Jane Elizabeth 22 S Weaver Pudsey John Edward Hinchcliffe (deceased) Esther Boocock    
1901 02 02 JONES Samuel 19 B Blacksmith Thornbury Samuel Jones Boot Maker Thomas Benjamin Cross   CE127/Z/208
  CROSS Elizabeth 20 S . Thornbury Thomas Benjamin Cross Mill Hand Emily Bryar    
1901 02 05 BARNES Joseph William 19 B Cashier Calverley Leonard Barnes (deceased) Leonard Morrell By Supt Regs Certificate CE127/Z/209
  MORRELL Clara 25 S Manageress Calverley Benjamin Morrell (deceased) William Dibb, Luther Barnes    
1901 02 06 STUBBS Frank 22 B Warehouseman Thornbury William Henry Stubbs Retired Henry Yates   CE127/Z/210
  YATES Betsy 23 S . Thornbury Henry Yates Fettler Edith Blomfield    
1901 02 09 YEADON Harry 20 B Engineer Farsley Abraham Yeadon (deceased) William Henry Hunnebell   CE127/Z/211
  HUNNEBELL Agnes Florrie 20 S Weaver Farsley William Hunnebell Labourer Alice Yeadon    
1901 02 11 SPENCE William 58 W Engineer Farsley William Spence (deceased) Henry Bean?   CE127/Z/212
  LYNES Harriet Alice 29 S . Farsley Samuel Lynes Engineer Pauline Hallas, Hannah Eliza Clayton    
1901 02 13 WARD John William 22 B Mule Piecer Pudsey Samuel Ward (deceased) James Thompson   CE127/Z/213
  BARNES Rella 21 S Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Barnes Delver John Grimshaw    
1901 02 19 KAYE Edward 30 B Newsagent New Wortley, Leeds Sim Kaye (deceased) Elizabeth Giles, Selina Ellen Jarvis?   CE127/Z/214
  FENWICK Mary Jane 31 S . Farsley Thomas Fenwick (deceased) George H Balmforth, Alfred Simpson    
1901 02 20 CROSLAND Milfred 38 B Solicitors Clerk Pudsey James Crosland Mill Hand William Hartley Halstead   CE127/Z/215
  WARD Nellie 22 S Milliner Pudsey Fred Ward Steward Clara Cox    
1901 02 23 BROOK Fred 38 W Labourer Tyersal (Pudsey) Charles Brook (deceased) John Marsden   CE127/Z/216
  MARSDEN Susannah 31 S Spinner Tyersal (Pudsey) Joseph Marsden Labourer Mary Brook    
1901 02 23 SPARKS William 24 B Confectioner Idle James Sparks (deceased) W H Pickersgill   CE127/Z/217
  PICKERSGILL Emily Ann 22 S Weaver Idle George Pickersgill Driver Alice Maud Avis    
1901 02 28 READ Thomas Ernest 35 W Overlooker Farsley John Read (deceased) Edward Parkinson   CE127/Z/218
  PARKINSON Hannah 36 S Mender Farsley William Parkinson (deceased) Rachel Grimshaw    
1901 03 02 GREEN Harry 27 B Stereotyper Woodhall Hills Isaiah Green (deceased) Sydney Albert Summers   CE127/Z/219
  ALLOTT Annie 34 S . Woodhall Hills William Allott (deceased) Susan Summers    
1901 03 02 DAWSON James Thomas 24 B Mechanic Windhill Abraham Dawson Publican Thomas Denby, C Meekings, Annie Dawson   CE127/Z/220
  MEEKINGS Hannah Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Windhill William Meekings Stoker William Meekings, Sarah Meekings    
1901 03 06 DUFTON Roger 21 B Warehouseman Pudsey Joseph Dufton Wool Washer Fred Oldfield   CE127/Z/221
  GAUNT Bertha 20 S . Pudsey Joseph Rodgers Gaunt (deceased) Ada Kitchen    
1901 03 09 NAYLOR Matthew 24 B Boot Finisher Pudsey Matthew Naylor Weaver George Wade   CE127/Z/222
  PONTEFRACT Polly 24 S . Stanningley John Pontefract Grocer Mary Helen Turner    
1901 03 09 BARNES Joseph Lee 28 B Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Barnes Delver Thomas Brearley Chapman   CE127/Z/223
  WOOD Ruth Ann 29 S Weaver Pudsey James Wood Tenterer Emily Lupton    
1901 03 10 WILSON Percy Joseph 23 B Draper Pudsey George Richard Wilson Timber Merchant John Richard Smith   CE127/Z/224
  TRICKETT Lucy 22 S Domestic Servant Pudsey William Trickett Butcher Fanny Amelia Smith    
1901 03 16 HALLIDAY William 21 B Woollen Manufacturer Pudsey Joseph Halliday Woollen Manufacturer Alexander Myers   CE127/Z/225
  CARTER Elizabeth Binner 20 S . Stanningley William Carter Boiler Maker Alice Mawson    
1901 03 23 PALEY William Denby 28 B Warehouseman Windhill John Paley Grocer Jonathan Alderson   CE127/Z/226
  CLARKE Annie Emma 30 W Spinner Windhill Harry Bickel Railway Servant Alice Bickel    
1901 03 27 WALKER Albert Edward 23 B Farmer Pudsey Thomas Walker Farmer James Harrison   CE127/Z/227
  HARRISON Annie 26 S Domestic Servant Pudsey Edward Harrison Miner Ela Harrison    
1901 03 30 RANDALL Charles Edward 25 B Cloth Fuller Pudsey Thomas Frederick Randall Hairdresser Joseph Harrison   CE127/Z/228
  LUMBY Florence Annie 19 S . Pudsey Arnott Lumby Quarryman Squire Smith    
1901 03 30 BENSON Fred 25 B Spinning Overlooker Idle John William Benson Woolsorter William Dawson   CE127/Z/229
  DAWSON Charlotte 27 S Weaver Idle Hobson Dawson Weaver Mary Elizabeth Benson    
1901 04 06 DAWSON James Ogden 23 B Woolsorter Farsley John Dawson Porter Asa Shaw   CE127/Z/230
  SHAW Miriam 21 S . Farsley John Shaw Timekeeper Alice Walker    
1901 04 06 WHITE Ambrose 23 B Commercial Traveller Stanningley John White (deceased) Thompson White, Walter Clark   CE127/Z/231
  CLARK Frances 22 S . Calverley John Pratt Clark Florist John Hardaker, Clara White    
1901 04 06 DRAKE Hartley 24 B Blacksmith Windhill John Drake Blacksmith Fred Drake   CE127/Z/232
  BROADLEY Lilly 24 S Mill Hand Windhill John Broadley Retired Ada Broadley    
1901 04 06 COOK Harry 24 B Dyers Labourer Windhill Charles Cook Finisher Tom Wright   CE127/Z/233
  WRIGHT Grace Annie 23 S Drawer Windhill Francis Wright Mason Sarah Ann Stansfield    
1901 04 06 GILL William 22 B Steel Worker Pudsey William Gill (deceased) Stead Elam Pearson   CE127/Z/234
  DICKINSON Elizabeth 22 S Warper Pudsey Joseph Dickinson Carter Elizabeth Pearson    
1901 04 06 HULL Thomas Foxten 21 B Overlooker Windhill Matthew Hull Yeast Merchant Scaife Hull   CE127/Z/235
  BOOTH Edith 20 S . Windhill James Booth Stone Mason Emmeline Taylor    
1901 04 06 TILLOTSON Thomas 23 B Mechanic Windhill Oliver Tillotson Overlooker Benjamin Senior Tillotson   CE127/Z/236
  WHITTINGHAM Florence 23 S Mill Hand Windhill Fred Whittingham Stone Mason Beatrice Whittingham    
1901 04 06 OLDFIELD Fred 23 B Cloth Fuller Pudsey William Oldfield Wool Preparer Walter Ernest Merritt   CE127/Z/237
  KITCHEN Ada 21 S Warper Pudsey James Kitchen Carrier Sarah Elizabeth Kitchen    
1901 04 06 DUNN James Jeptha 26 B Overlooker Thornbury Jeptha Press Dunn Manager Harry Ambler   CE127/Z/238
  FIELDHOUSE Mary Elizabeth 28 S Machine Minder Thornbury Edward Fieldhouse Mechanic Emma Maud Dunn    
1901 04 06 FOX William 24 B Labourer Pudsey John Fox Cloth Dresser Arthur Etty   CE127/Z/239
  HARGREAVES Margaret Alice 22 S Servant Pudsey George Hargreaves (deceased) Elizabeth Ellen Etty    
1901 04 08 WAINWRIGHT William 21 B Boot Rivetter Farsley James Wainwright Forgeman Thomas Gaunt   CE127/Z/240
  FIELDING Lillian 25 S Weaver Farsley John Edward Fielding (deceased) Sarah Elizabeth Naylor    
1901 04 08 ELAM James Henry 20 B Warp Dresser Pudsey Charles Elam (deceased) David Ward   CE127/Z/241
  WARD Sarah Elizabeth 20 S Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Ward Railway Servant Walter Elam    
1901 04 08 CARTER Herbert Halliday 26 B Carter Pudsey . . W Atkinson   CE127/Z/242
  SEATON Jane Elizabeth 28 S Weaver Pudsey John Seaton (deceased) M C Battersby    
1901 04 08 DUNN Charles Henry 20 B Currier Calverley James Jeptha Press Dunn Manager Percy Tom Lambert   CE127/Z/243
  LAMBERT Mary Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Calverley John Lambert Driver Emma Maud Dunn    
1901 04 08 SNOWDEN Jacob 20 B Farmer Bolton George Snowden Traveller Thomas Dawson   CE127/Z/244
  JOHNSON Minnie May 17 S . Eccleshill Alfred Johnson Farmer John Grimshaw    
1901 04 10 GALLOWAY Samuel 24 B Cab Driver Pudsey Samuel Galloway Farmer Louisa Smith   CE127/Z/245
  SMITH Clara 25 S . Pudsey George Smith Carrier Ephraim Winn    
1901 04 13 MASON John William 22 B Warehouseman Thornbury William Mason Clogger Joe Scott   CE127/Z/246
  WADDINGTON Maud Mary 22 S Twister Thornbury David Waddington (deceased) Florry Waddington    
1901 04 13 PONTEFRACT Hugh 22 B Labourer Pudsey Matthew Pontefract Fettler Fred Gaunt   CE127/Z/247
  BARRACLOUGH Hannah Williamson 22 S Weaver Pudsey Peter Barraclough (deceased) Martha Ann Pontefract    
1901 04 13 GAUNT Samuel 43 B Weaver Pudsey James Gaunt Carter George F Lee   CE127/Z/248
  PROCTOR Sarah 34 S Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Proctor Weaver Amelia Lee    
1901 04 20 PARKER Harry 24 B Cloth Fuller Pudsey George Parker Cloth Fuller J L Broadbent   CE127/Z/249
  HEMINGWAY Sarah Jane 26 S . Pudsey Jonas Hemingway Labourer Mary Elizabeth Hemingway    
1901 04 27 LIGHTFOOT William 33 B Carter Stanningley George Lightfoot Labourer John Watson Marshall   CE127/Z/250
  VOLLANS Annie 33 S Domestic Servant Halifax John Vollans (deceased) Mary Elizabeth Dixon    
1901 04 27 CLAYTON Harry 22 B Minder Pudsey David Clayton Butcher James William Rider   CE127/Z/251
  MAWSON Jane Amelia 20 S . Pudsey Thomas Mawson (deceased) Nellie Bowman    
1901 04 30 ACKROYD John 31 B Beer Bottler Bolton Squire Ackroyd Twister Arthur Farrington   CE127/Z/252
  BEANLAND Ethel 21 S . Bolton Ezra Beanland (deceased) Joe Fuisdale, Nathan Crowther    
1901 04 30 GALLANTREE Andrew William 35 W Shoemaker Leeds George Gallantree (deceased) Francis Barker   CE127/Z/253
  BROWN Alice 31 S . Calverley William Brown (deceased) Lucy Taylor    
1901 05 04 BROWN George 25 B Woolsorter Pudsey William Brown (deceased) Herbert Halliday, Harry Ward, A Halliday   CE127/Z/254
  HALLIDAY Lily 23 S Weaver Pudsey John Halliday (deceased) Ethel Halliday, George Hemsworth    
1901 05 06 ROSS George Appleyard 22 B Carrier Pudsey Job Andrew Ross Shoemaker Harry Melbourne Geldart   CE127/Z/255
  CROWTHER Louisa 20 S Servant Bramley Fred Crowther Collier John Haigh?    
1901 05 11 WINTERSGILL Joseph 23 B Painter Leeds George Wintersgill (deceased) James Watson, John Watson   CE127/Z/256
  WATSON Martha 29 S . Calverley Francis Watson (deceased) Rosa Willis, Lily Willis    
1901 05 13 VARLEY Ernest 23 B Butcher Pudsey William Varley Woollen Waste Dealer J E Pease   CE127/Z/257
  PEASE Clara 22 S . Farsley Joseph Pease (deceased) Annie Clarke    
1901 05 13 WINTERSGILL John William 25 B Signal Porter Micklefield George Wintersgill (deceased) Edwin Wilson   CE127/Z/258
  WILSON Miranda 35 S . Calverley Edwin Wilson Retired Sarah Elizabeth Harrison    
1901 05 18 HALLIDAY John Henry 25 B Overlooker Windhill Robert Halliday Labourer Annie Smith, Edward Halliday   CE127/Z/259
  DABLE Annie 22 S . Windhill John Dable Carter Harry Dable, Ruth Atkinson    
1901 05 22 WATERHOUSE William 26 B Mason Pudsey Samson Waterhouse Mason William Whiteley   CE127/Z/260
  WHITELEY Lily 25 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Whiteley Labourer Carrie Waterhouse    
1901 05 25 CRABTREE James 26 B Carter Windhill James Crabtree (deceased) Eliza Halliday   CE127/Z/261
  SLINGER Florence 22 S Mill Hand Windhill Stephen Slinger Road Man John William Tillotson    
1901 05 25 BASHAM Arthur 20 B Fitters Labourer Pudsey Walter Basham (deceased) Percy Scafe   CE127/Z/262
  WILSON Harriet 21 S Spinner Pudsey John Wilson Paviour Mary Wilson    
1901 05 25 HOPKINSON Joseph 35 B Overlooker Thornbury Andrew Hopkinson (deceased) Harry Hopkinson   CE127/Z/263
  MANNING Elizabeth Ann 32 S Servant Thornbury John Manning (deceased) Bertha Hopkinson    
1901 05 27 RHODES Herbert 27 B Fitter Pudsey James Rhodes (deceased) Harry Earnshaw   CE127/Z/264
  WILLIAMSON Susannah 25 S Weaver Pudsey John Williamson Stone Quarryman Florrie Threapleton    
1901 05 28 TILLOTSON Charles 25 B Fettler Windhill Thomas Tillotson (deceased) Willie Blackah   CE127/Z/265
  KIRKBRIGHT Emma 25 S Drawer Shipley Timothy Kirkbright (deceased) Mary Elizabeth Tillotson    
1901 06 01 PINKNEY Joseph 25 B Carter Windhill Thomas Pinkney (deceased) Laura Pinkney   CE127/Z/266
  WILTON Mary Ann 25 S . Windhill Joseph Wilton Farm Labourer Isaac? Hopkinson    
1901 06 03 GREENWOOD Arthur 24 B Hairdresser Bradford Thomas Greenwood Tobacconist Jonas Glover   CE127/Z/267
  GLOVER Ann 25 S Weaver Idle William Glover Warper (deceased) Eva Glover    
1901 06 04 BELL Richard 30 B Farmer Tyersal Nathan Bell (deceased) H Harrison   CE127/Z/268
  HIRD Frances Mary 23 W . Tyersal John Wheater Farmer Mary Crowther    
1901 06 05 HOLT John James 37 B Joiner Leeds Abraham Holt Dyer John Barker   CE127/Z/269
  BARKER Isabel FA S . Calverley John Barker Joiner George Fisher    
1901 06 08 WILSON Harry 25 B Painter Windhill . . Ellen Bowers otherwise BOWERS CE127/Z/270
  GILL Hannah Elizabeth 23 S . Windhill Walter Gill Mill Hand Thomas Barnes    
1901 06 19 CROSS Arthur 22 B Currier Thornbury Thomas Cross Wool Washer Samuel Rushworth   CE127/Z/271
  HAINSWORTH Annice 21 S . Laisterdyke . . Ellen Hainsworth    
1901 06 22 WRIGHT John William 20 B Boatman Calverley Henry Wright Boatman Alfred Wright   CE127/Z/272
  SLANEY Florence 19 S Domestic Servant Calverley Samson Slaney (deceased) Emily Wright    
1901 06 26 BROADBENT Herbert 24 B Dyers Labourer Liversedge James Broadbent Caretaker Harry Jones   CE127/Z/273
  JONES Mary Elizabeth 26 S Drawer Farsley Thomas Jones Weaver Sarah Muff    
1901 07 02 BARKER John Thomas 26 B Draper Windhill James Barker (deceased) Arthur Barker   CE127/Z/274
  LEE Frances 27 S . Idle Benjamin Lee Weaver Annie Lee    
1901 07 06 HARTLEY Eli 42 B Engine Driver Windhill William Hartley (deceased) Harry Wilkinson   CE127/Z/275
  HALLIDAY Martha 42 S Spinner Windhill John Halliday (deceased) Alice Fawcett    
1901 07 13 HIRD Jeremiah 52 W Labourer Pudsey William Hird (deceased) Fanny Pearson   CE127/Z/276
  BROWN Maria 46 W . Pudsey William Daniel Retired George Brown    
1901 07 13 RAY Frederick 22 B Groom Stanningley David Ray Bricklayer Frederick W Faunthorpe   CE127/Z/277
  BICHENO Maggie 22 S Housemaid Stanningley George Bicheno Shunter Agnes Fletcher    
1901 07 17 YATES Harry 28 B Labourer Thornbury Henry Yates Iron Dresser Herbert Blomfield   CE127/Z/278
  BLOMFIELD Edith 26 S Spinner Thornbury George Blomfield (deceased) Ida Allen    
1901 07 20 COPLEY Abraham 26 B Mechanic Windhill . . William Bagshaw   CE127/Z/279
  LUPTON Sarah 21 S Drawer Windhill Heman Lupton (deceased) Jenny Hudson    
1901 07 20 LAMBERT George Arthur 25 B Farmer Calverley Moor John Lambert Farmer John Albert Lambert   CE127/Z/280
  PYATT Maud Elizabeth 21 S Servant Calverley Moor John Pyatt (deceased) Clara Hainsworth    
1901 07 22 ORME Willie 25 B Butcher Stanningley William Henrt Orme (deceased) William Fairbank Barnes, Annie E Wood   CE127/Z/281
  YEADON Annie 24 S . Stanningley Joshua Yeadon (deceased) Eliza Ann Yeadon, W R Yeadon    
1901 07 27 WINTERBURN John Arthur 22 B Policeman Windhill William Winterburn Leather Merchant Thomas Craven Patchett   CE127/Z/282
  INGHAM Ada 23 S . Windhill Harry Ingham Quarryman Margaret Ingham    
1901 07 30 WHITAKER John Henry 32 W Publican Laisterdyke George Whitaker Publican W Mason   CE127/Z/283
  DIXON Ada Emma 23 S . Laisterdyke Samuel Dixon Gentleman Eleanor Nancy Dixon    
1901 08 03 CARDUS Arthur James 22 B Fitter Rodley David Cardus Woollen Fettler Seth Keighley   CE127/Z/284
  KEIGHLEY Clara Ann 24 S Mender Rodley William Keighley Weaver Sophia Keighley    
1901 08 03 LEDGER David 42 W Carding Overlooker Thackley Joseph Ledger (deceased) Thomas Bullough   CE127/Z/285
  BICKERDIKE Emily 42 S Weaver Thackley Charles Bickerdike Cloth Fuller John Grimshaw    
1901 08 03 DUFTON Luther 23 B Overlooker Pudsey William Dufton Dry Waller James Birdsall Turnpenny   CE127/Z/286
  TURNPENNY Grace 22 S Weaver Pudsey Henry Turnpenny (deceased) Edith Annie Dufton    
1901 08 03 DIXON James 23 B Teamster Pudsey Joseph Dixon (deceased) John Bannister   CE127/Z/287
  BANNISTER Mabel Hilda 26 S Winder Pudsey John Bannister Yeast Dealer Ethel Bannister    
1901 08 03 ABBOTT George Richard 34 B Labourer Calverley John Abbott (deceased) H Abbott   CE127/Z/288
  TERRY Annie Eveline 24 S . South Bank, Middlesbrough James Terry Farmer A M Abbott    
1901 08 05 CHAPPELL Richard Anthony 26 B Confectioner Dewsbury Joseph Chappell Farm Labourer Sydney Chappell   CE127/Z/289
  BEECROFT Adeline 27 S Confectioner Woodhall George Beecroft (deceased) Edith Harrison, Benjamin Yeadon    
1901 08 07 HOYLE Eli 24 B Fitter Stanningley Samuel Waterhouse Hoyle Woolsorter Herbert Gill   CE127/Z/290
  KAYE Esther Mary 29 S Weaver Farsley Charles Edward Kaye Woolsorter Frances Mary Rhodes    
1901 08 07 COOPE Joshua 40 W Plasterer Tyersal Laisterdyke Thomas Coope (deceased) Joseph Scott   CE127/Z/291
  WILSON Jane 43 W . Tyersal Laisterdyke John Metcalfe (deceased) Martha Scott    
1901 08 07 DUFTON Samuel 55 B Contractor Pudsey John Dufton (deceased) Thomas Moss   CE127/Z/292
  MOSS Frances 48 S . Pudsey Charles Moss (deceased) Hannah Moss    
1901 08 14 OVEREND Samuel Harper 24 B Fruit Salesman Farsley Daniel Overend Market Gardener Jabez Hanson Lee   CE127/Z/293
  LEE Clara Elizabeth 24 S Assistant Teacher Farsley Enoch Lee Warehouseman Elizabeth Overend    
1901 08 17 NORTH Arthur 25 B Dyer Bradford John Howorth North Joiner W North   CE127/Z/294
  NORTH Ethel Frances 28 S Domestic Servant Woodhall Hills Joseph North Farmer Millie Bromley    
1901 08 17 WHITEHEAD Walter 34 B Mill Hand Thornbury Benjamin Whitehead (deceased) Harry Haigh   CE127/Z/295
  SKELLETT Eliza 30 S Mill Hand Thornbury Charles Skellett Labourer Nancy Anderson    
1901 08 19 MOORHOUSE William 26 B Groom Pudsey John Moorhouse (deceased) Ellen Dawson Yeadon   CE127/Z/296
  SMITHSON Emily 23 S Weaver Pudsey Robert Smithson Oil Extractor Jane Driver    
1901 08 19 BRIGGS Joseph Wild 26 B Glass & China Dealer Thornbury Samuel Briggs Glass & China Dealer * Hauxwell Daykin   CE127/Z/297
  SHIRES Louisa 26 S Worsted Twister Thornbury Daniel Shires Iron Moulder C Shires    
1901 08 24 WARCUP Richard 53 W Labourer Bolton Francis Warcup Labourer Samuel Newsham   CE127/Z/298
  SMITH Jane 60 W Housekeeper Bolton Henry Newsam Gardener Fred Warcup    
1901 08 24 GAUNT John William 25 B Gardener Pudsey Ben Gaunt Teamster John Farrer   CE127/Z/299
  PRATT Janet 21 S Warper Pudsey Walter Pratt Dyer Edith Mary Revill    
1901 08 24 JOHNSON Emanuel 20 B Groom Pudsey George Johnson Traveller Frederick W Walker   CE127/Z/300
  WALKER Sarah Jane 21 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Walker Farmer Chas H Senior    
1901 08 24 RIDER John William 25 B Fettler Pudsey John Rider Fettler George Ernest Rider   CE127/Z/301
  HOLMES Eliza Ann 19 S Weaver Pudsey Robert Holmes (deceased) Sarah Ellen Robertshaw    
1901 08 24 MARSDEN Albert Courtney 23 B Labourer Pudsey John Henry Marsden Slubber Arthur Robertshaw   CE127/Z/302
  ROBERTSHAW Elizabeth 18 S . Pudsey Joseph Robertshaw Farmer Minnie Stephenson    
1901 08 31 JOHNSON Arthur 21 B Labourer Rodley Joseph Johnson (deceased) William Arthur Marshall   CE127/Z/303
  MARSHALL Bertha 22 S Twister Calverley Fred Marshall (deceased) Margaret Dixon    
1901 08 31 SAVILLE Joseph William Batley 20 B Stone Mason Thornbury Francis Saville Stone Mason Stainforth Coultas   CE127/Z/304
  COULTAS Elizabeth 18 S Woolcomber Bradford Stainforth Coultas Tram Driver Rebecca Batley Saville    
1901 08 31 HARRISON Thomas 27 B Warp Twister Stanningley Thomas Harrison Labourer James Harrison   CE127/Z/305
  KNAPTON Susannah 27 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Marshall Knapton Labourer Emily Taylor    
1901 08 31 METCALFE Albert 23 B Painter Pudsey Hardisty Metcalfe Waller Dyson Ward   CE127/Z/306
  WARD Alice 22 S Warper Pudsey Dyson Ward Blacksmith Lily Metcalfe    
1901 09 03 CLAYTON Samuel 26 B Pawnbrokers Assistant Bradford Thomas Clayton Mechanic John L Turner, Lucy Clayton   CE127/Z/307
  WHEATLEY Ann Eliza 24 S Weaver Calverley James Wheatley (deceased) Frank Croft, Annie Dobson    
1901 09 09 GAUNT Matthew 70 W Farmer Pudsey Joshua Gaunt (deceased) Oates Bottomley   CE127/Z/308
  RAISTRICK Elizabeth 59 W Nurse Pudsey David Bottomley (deceased) George Dykes    
1901 09 14 KNAGGS Robert 32 B Post Office Clerk Fallowfield Robert Knaggs (deceased) Robert Charles Poulter, Ethel Manchester   CE127/Z/309
  MANCHESTER Miriam 28 S Ladys Maid Woodhall Ephraim Manchester Farmer Ada Manchester, Ephraim Manchester    
1901 09 14 RUSHTON Harry 20 B Carter Windhill John William Rushton Shoemaker John Stead   CE127/Z/310
  MIDGLEY Maria 21 S Weaver Windhill John Midgley Cartwright Mary Ann Midgley    
1901 09 16 KELLETT David 31 B Fish Dealer Windhill David Kellett (deceased) William Morrell   CE127/Z/311
  POOLEY Mary Jane 19 S . Windhill John Pooley Miner Bessey Morrell    
1901 09 17 MIDDLEMISS James 37 B Farmer Mytton Thomas Middlemiss (deceased) Arthur Vint   CE127/Z/312
  VINT Alice Bertha 36 S . Idle George Vint (deceased) Edith W Vint    
1901 09 18 WALKER William Michael 62 B Farm Bailiff Carlton John Walker (deceased) Ephraim Grainger   CE127/Z/313
  DAVISON Elizabeth 59 S . Calverley Joseph Davison (deceased) Sarah Grainger    
1901 09 21 NEWBOULD Thomas 29 B Overlooker Windhill John Newbould (deceased) Sarah Ann Bell   CE127/Z/314
  BELL Mary Ann 25 S Weaver Idle Ezra Bell Road Man Richard Newbould    
1901 09 21 WHITELEY William 21 B Labourer Pudsey Thomas Whiteley Labourer William Waterhouse   CE127/Z/315
  HAINSWORTH Clara 22 S Weaver Pudsey Abraham Hainsworth Rivetter Lily Waterhouse    
1901 09 28 HARDWICK Samuel 23 B Engineer Windhill Samuel Hardwick Lock Keeper Thomas Coulson   CE127/Z/316
  COULSON Mary Elizabeth 25 S Housemaid Windhill Thomas Coulson Joiner Mary Jeffrey    
1901 09 28 HUNT George William 24 B Compositor Thornbury Henry William Hunt Warehouseman Albert Brown   CE127/Z/317
  COOPE Lily 19 S Spinner Thornbury Thomas Coope (deceased) Alice Coope    
1901 09 28 RHODES Herbert 21 B Mechanic Pudsey William Rhodes Engineer Sarah Jane Marshall   CE127/Z/318
  MARSHALL Mary Ann 20 S . Pudsey John Richard Marshall Bookmaker William Lobley Rhodes    
1901 10 05 RAISTRICK Charles Edward 27 B Joiner Windhill Miles Raistrick Warp Dresser Edward Cordingley Raistrick   CE127/Z/319
  HARROP Martha 21 S . Windhill John Harrop Dresser Carrie Harrop    
1901 10 07 MARSHALL Ernest 29 B Hosier Knaresborough James Marshall (deceased) John Mitchell, Emma Mitchell   CE127/Z/320
  MITCHELL Hannah 27 S . Idle William Mitchell Plasterer Annie Mitchell, Fred Moore    
1901 10 09 HOPKINSON Harry 28 B Clerk Thornbury Andrew Hopkinson (deceased) Joshua Normington   CE127/Z/321
  DEWHIRST Florence Annie 24 S Shop Assistant Thornbury Samuel Dewhirst Plumber Hannah Normington    
1901 10 12 SHAW Timothy 57 W Knocker up Pudsey Thomas Shaw (deceased) James Burnett   CE127/Z/322
  LUTY Hannah 45 S . Pudsey John Luty (deceased) Sarah E Wigglesworth    
1901 10 12 SNOWDEN George William 19 B Teamster Bramley George Snowden Teamster Samuel Crowther   CE127/Z/323
  RAYNOR Mary 20 S Spinner Farsley Tom Raynor Boiler Maker George Parkin    
1901 10 12 TAYLOR Benjamin Robert 49 W Boiler Maker Farsley Benjamin Taylor (deceased) Simeon Smith   CE127/Z/324
  GOTT Rachel 39 W Comber Farsley Walker Smith (deceased) Lily Smith    
1901 10 14 WATSON Joseph 71 W Gentleman Pudsey Matthew Watson (deceased) Thomas Samuel Baker   CE127/Z/325
  BAKER Mary Ann 71 W . Pudsey Jeremiah Arnold (deceased) Clara Baker    
1901 10 19 WHEATLEY Joseph Thomas 20 B Printer Calverley Samuel Wheatley Weaver John Coultas   CE127/Z/326
  COULTAS Elizabeth Ann 23 B Burler Calverley John Coultas Mill Hand Martha Bertha Coultas    
1901 10 19 MARRIOTT Mark 29 B Cloth Sorter Idle Matthew Marriott Poulterer Martha Marshall   CE127/Z/327
  MARSHALL Mary Emily 22 S Burler Eccleshill Abraham Marshall Quarryman John Thomas Poole    
1901 10 19 BINNS Milford 20 B Gardener Farsley Joseph Binns Warp Dresser John Binns   CE127/Z/328
  DIBB Lavinia 22 S Weaver Calverley Isaac Dibb Foreman Emily Dibb    
1901 10 19 SLINGSBY Joseph 19 B Pattern Maker Windhill Joshua Slingsby (deceased) James Bentham Akam   CE127/Z/329
  POLLARD Annie 18 S Twister Windhill Fred Pollard Weaver Alberta Yeadon    
1901 10 26 KAYE Joseph 32 W Boot Maker Stanningley John Kaye (deceased) Thomas R Hardisty?   CE127/Z/330
  SHEPHERD Ann Ellen 26 S . Stanningley Richard Shepherd Overlooker Mary Jane Shepherd    
1901 10 28 WHITFIELD Benjamin 20 B Quarryman Windhill William Whitfield Quarryman Samuel Walker   CE127/Z/331
  MELLIN Kate 19 S Twister Windhill Albert Rawnsley Mellin Fitter Mary E Mellin    
1901 11 02 CHAPMAN Thomas Brearley 22 B Groom Pudsey Alfred Chapman Tanner General Myers Chapman   CE127/Z/332
  LUPTON Emily 22 S Twister Stanningley Alfred Lupton (deceased) Mary Maria Lupton    
1901 11 02 HASTE Sam 22 B Delver Idle Strick Haste (deceased) Charlie Dibb   CE127/Z/333
  LYONS Mary Ellen 19 S Spinner Idle George Lyons (deceased) Martha Ellen Haste    
1901 11 05 THORNTON Alfred 30 W Grocer Thackley Jeptha Thornton Contractor Frank Murgatroyd By Licence CE127/Z/334
  MARSDEN Mary Frances 21 S . Hoole Arthur Marsden Merchant Thirza Ann Marsden    
1901 11 09 DOBSON Jesse 26 B Mechanic Windhill Stephen Dobson (deceased) Jonathan Cook   CE127/Z/335
  COOK Mary 23 S Twister Windhill Benjamin Cook Overlooker Edith Cook    
1901 11 12 NAYLOR John 40 W Shoemaker Pudsey Frank Naylor (deceased) James Thompson   CE127/Z/336
  LUND Emma 31 S . Pudsey John Lund Overlooker John Grimshaw    
1901 11 16 LAW Jesse 41 W Foundryman Farsley Dawson Law Grocer M Law   CE127/Z/337
  JACKSON Nelly 33 W Domestic Servant Farsley John Pearslow (deceased) Rose Ann Avery    
1901 11 23 WALLER Christopher William 19 B Engineer Calverley Francis Waller Traveller Joseph Thompson   CE127/Z/338
  THOMPSON Maud 22 S . Farsley Joseph Thompson Farmer Marion Waller    
1901 12 07 STEPHENS Verney 23 B Blacksmith Farsley David Henry Stephens Boiler Maker J William Crossley   CE127/Z/339
  CROSSLEY Ann 22 S Burler Farsley John William Crossley Labourer Eva Glover    
1901 12 11 MITCHELL Squire 22 B Fruiterer Pudsey James Mitchell Currier Matthew Eland   CE127/Z/340
  ELAND Ethel Evelyn 21 S . Farsley Matthew Eland Joiner John Mawson    
1901 12 21 POWELL Joseph 37 B Sizing Boiler Idle . . James Thompson   CE127/Z/341
  WADE Alice 34 S Spinner Windhill James Wade Quarryman Jesse Hodgson    
1901 12 21 YEADON David Edwin 22 B Dyers Labourer Windhill Philemon Yeadon Dyers Labourer Jesse Hodgson   CE127/Z/342
  ELLIOTT Annie Elizabeth 22 S Domestic Servant Windhill Charles Henry Elliott Stoker Alice Yeadon    
1901 12 21 DAVISON Fred 21 B Joiner Farsley William Davison Joiner Ernest Hardaker   CE127/Z/343
  HARDAKER Esther 20 S Weaver Rodley William Hardaker Fitter Annie Davison    
1901 12 21 SMITH Alfred 21 B Quarryman Pudsey Albert Smith (deceased) Herbert Rogers   CE127/Z/344
  SCARTH Edith 17 S Weaver Pudsey George Scarth Gas Stoker Rosetta Smith    
1901 12 24 HARRISON Richard 28 B Reed Maker Windhill Thomas Harrison Overlooker John William Harrison   CE127/Z/345
  GALVIN Mary Hannah 27 S Weaver Windhill James Galvin (deceased) Eliza Matilda Galvin, Frederick W S Spencer    
1901 12 25 LANCASTER William Sylvester 24 B Hairdresser Pudsey James Lancaster Hairdresser Ezra Carter   CE127/Z/346
  CARTER Eva 32 S . Pudsey William Armistead Carter Gentleman Lily Wilcock    
1901 12 25 HANSON Thomas 19 B Woolcomber Windhill William Hanson Pipe Maker Edith Clarkson   CE127/Z/347
  CLARKSON Elizabeth 22 S . Windhill Thomas Clarkson Carter J E Hanson    
1901 12 26 BATEMAN George Watson 18 B Foundryman Pudsey Stott? Bateman Woolsorter Mary Meranda Kipling   CE127/Z/348
  HARDAKER Mary Ann 20 S Weaver Pudsey Edwin Hardaker (deceased) Thomas Edward Hirst    
1901 12 26 SCOTT William 21 B Cloth Miller Calverley Samuel Scott Stoker Charles Foster, W Lloyd   CE127/Z/349
  BOOTH Ann Elizabeth 21 S . Farsley George Allen Booth Puddler Alice Scott, Sarah Ellen Booth    
1901 12 26 COULT John Thomas 22 B Moulder Pudsey Simpson Coult (deceased) William Ellison Ianson   CE127/Z/350
  POWELL Edith Brayshaw 20 S Spinner Pudsey George Henry Powell Woolcomber Lillian Oldfield    
1901 12 26 WHARFE Charles 21 B Turner & Fitter Tyersal Charles Wharfe Erector J W Wharfe   CE127/Z/351
  RATCLIFFE Emma 24 S Shopkeeper Tyersal Henry Ratcliffe (deceased) M Whiteoak    
1902 01 04 JEFFREY Sam 32 B Draper & Tea Dealer Calverley Edward Jeffrey (deceased) C Austwick   CE127/Z/352
  AUSTWICK Mary Jane 28 S Domestic Servant Calverley Martin Austwick (deceased) Agnes Wheater    
1902 01 04 GREEN Herbert Ernest 35 B Weaver Windhill James Green (deceased) John William Elliott   CE127/Z/353
  BLACKBURN Emily 30 S Weaver Windhill Henry Blackburn Telephone Operator Ada Broadley    
1902 01 07 MILLS James Henry 30 B Warper Calverley James Henry Mills Gardener Thomas Cordingley, L Mills   CE127/Z/354
  PRICE Mary 22 S . Idle Harry Price (deceased) Elizabeth Cordingley, W Mills    
1902 01 13 WRIGHT Fred 23 B Butcher Harrogate Benjamin Wright (deceased) Arthur John Higgins   CE127/Z/355
  RILEY Annie Elizabeth 20 S . Calverley William Riley Miner Fenny Higgins    
1902 01 22 MIDGLEY Harry 23 B Manager Windhill Suddick Midgley Joiner William Mortimer   CE127/Z/356
  MORTIMER Eva 22 S . Windhill William Mortimer Farmer Louisa Kerns, Arthur Midgley    
1902 01 25 GOODSON William Ernest 22 B Presser Bramley Benjamin Goodson Currier J T Towler, J Waite   CE127/Z/357
  TOWLER Nellie 22 S Weaver Pudsey John Towler Retired E Goodson, P Towler    
1902 02 10 HALLIDAY Ernest 25 B Butcher Pudsey Joseph Halliday Retired Walter Halliday   CE127/Z/358
  HOLMES Charlotte Elizabeth 20 S . Pudsey James Holmes Ironworker Fanny Murray    
1902 02 15 LUPTON George William 22 B Mason Rawdon Henry Lupton Mason George Marshall   CE127/Z/359
  HORNE Martha Alice 25 S . Idle David Horne (deceased) Sarah Ann Horne    
1902 02 17 MORTON James 29 B Gas Stoker Calverley Patrick Morton Farm Labourer Fred Rushforth   CE127/Z/360
  RUSHFORTH Mary 31 S . Calverley Samuel Child Rushforth (deceased) Ruth Rushforth    
1902 02 22 LOBLEY Matthew Hemsworth 27 B Overlooker Pudsey Matthew Lobley Mill Hand Johnson Whitehead   CE127/Z/361
  WHITEHEAD Hannah 25 S . Pudsey William Whitehead (deceased) Willie Brayshaw, Thomas Hargreaves    
1902 02 22 BRETT John William 45 W Cloth Finisher Pudsey John Brett (deceased) Thomas Keighley   CE127/Z/362
  FARRAR Mary 51 W . Pudsey Joseph Wainwright (deceased) Emily Keighley    
1902 02 27 VERITY Matthew Henry 36 W Draper Pudsey Joseph Coates Verity Cloth Fuller John Edward Briggs   CE127/Z/363
  BRIGGS Gertrude Beatrice 27 S . Pudsey John Smith Briggs Carter Edith Augusta Tyers?    
1902 03 01 BUTLER George William 21 B Spinner Idle Benjamin Butler Spinner Thomas William Hubbard   CE127/Z/364
  GIBBON Susannah 18 S Weaver Idle Manson Gibbon Manager Mary Yeadon    
1902 03 03 HAMMOND Lewis 35 B Warp Dresser Calverley Isaac Hammond (dec'd) Cloth Weaver Robert Walker   CE127/Z/365
  ROBERTS Annie Maria 28 S . Greengates John Roberts Hotel Keeper Emily Hammond, Hannah Marie Roberts    
1902 03 04 MURGATROYD Frank 25 B Reed Rib Maker Idle Coates Murgatroyd Contractor William Walker   CE127/Z/366
  WALKER Bertha 20 S . Idle William Walker Retired P Tunnicliffe, Wm Murgatroyd    
1902 03 12 BUSFIELD Ernest 27 B Pattern Maker Farsley John Busfield (deceased) Joseph Shaw   CE127/Z/367
  SHAW Elizabeth 25 S . Farsley Joseph Shaw Woolsorter Emilie Brook    
1902 03 15 OGDEN Thomas 30 B Mill Hand 49 Fletcher Buildings James Ogden (dec'd) Quarryman Sam Cordingley   CE127/Z/368
  THORPE Mary 24 S . 92 Dunkhill, Idle Stephen Thorpe (dec'd) Quarryman Mary Ann Ogden    
1902 03 22 BRAYSHAW Walter 23 B Coach Builder Farsley Jonathan Brayshaw (deceased) James Coulson?   CE127/Z/369
  BROOKE Miranda 19 S Weaver Stanningley William Brooke (deceased) Florence Brooke    
1902 03 22 MILLER Alfred 19 B Labourer Idle John Miller Labourer Charles H Armstrong   CE127/Z/370
  MITCHELL Annie 18 S Weaver Idle Edward Mitchell Rivetter Maria Armstrong    
1902 03 26 SANDERSON Benjamin 52 W Shoemaker Pudsey Benjamin Sanderson (deceased) Joseph Sanderson   CE127/Z/371
  TEALE Harriet 42 S . Pudsey John Teale (deceased) Charlotte Webster    
1902 03 26 COLLINSON Henry 43 W Leather Dealer Armley Richard Collinson (deceased) John Edward Busfield   CE127/Z/372
  BENSON Elizabeth 46 S . Calverley Jonathan Benson Auctioneer Marrietta Busfield    
1902 03 29 SCOTT Luther 27 W Mason Pudsey Thomas Scott Shoemaker Charles Clegg   CE127/Z/373
  CLEGG Alice Jane 27 S . Pudsey John Clegg Cloth Finisher Walter Scott    
1902 03 29 SUTCLIFFE William 53 W Overlooker Pudsey John Sutcliffe (deceased) John William Wade   CE127/Z/374
  JEFFERIES Alice 41 S . Farsley Robert Jefferies Spinner Ada Jefferies    
1902 03 29 FEARNSIDES Fred 24 B Warehouseman Bradford Samuel Fearnsides (deceased) Arthur Pickard, F Langwade   CE127/Z/375
  WATMOUGH Lavinia 29 S Weaver Windhill Joseph Watmough (deceased) Ann Elizabeth Watmough, J Arthur Watmough    
1902 03 31 WILCOCK John Orville 37 B Shoemaker Pudsey Alfred Wilcock (deceased) Albert Ackroyd   CE127/Z/376
  HORNBY Grace Ann 37 W . Pudsey Charles Wainwright (deceased) Margaret Ackroyd    
1902 03 31 MALE Andrew 21 B Labourer Farsley Thomas Male Boiler Maker John William Vickers   CE127/Z/377
  VICKERS Eliza Ann 20 S Weaver Farsley John William Vickers Labourer Annie Vickers    
1902 03 31 MAWSON John 24 B Moulder Pudsey Samuel Mawson Moulder Albert Henry Booth   CE127/Z/378
  MITCHELL Rose Ann 21 S Weaver Pudsey James Mitchell Carrier Samuel Mawson    
1902 04 01 ROSS Harry 24 B Moulder Windhill Benjamin Ross Labourer Robert Yates   CE127/Z/379
  KIRKBRIGHT Minnie 23 S Twister Shipley Timothy Kirkbright (deceased) Clara Ross    
1902 04 05 GOLDSBROUGH Herbert Alfred 24 B Blacksmith Idle Samuel Goldsbrough Engine Man Charles Marshall Goldsbrough   CE127/Z/380
  WATMOUGH Clara Isabella 23 S Weaver Idle George Watmough (deceased) Annie Goldsbrough    
1902 04 05 BERRY Jim 21 B Quarryman Idle Benjamin Berry Blacksmith Hannah Lee   CE127/Z/381
  MALONE Sarah 23 S . Idle John Malone (deceased) Alfred Dawson    
1902 04 09 RAISTRICK Arthur 20 B Groom Pudsey Charles William Raistrick Waste Dealer Thomas Henry? Crowther   CE127/Z/382
  NEWMAN Annie 19 S . Pudsey William James Newman (deceased) Hannah Marsden Raistrick    
1902 04 12 HILL Thomas 22 B Engineer Laisterdyke Titus Dawson Hill Engineer Sarah Ann Hill   CE127/Z/383
  ENGLAND Mary Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Pudsey George England Carrier Herbert Staples    
1902 04 26 GRIMSHAW Sherman 21 B Fitter Farsley Hiram Grimshaw Postman Thomas Dutton Atkinson   CE127/Z/384
  HORN Emily 19 S . Farsley Elijah Horn Caretaker Rose Barrand    
1902 04 27 HORSFALL David 25 B Shoemaker Pudsey Alfred Horsfall (deceased) Martha Patchett   CE127/Z/385
  GLOVER Mary Ann 23 S . Pudsey William Glover Road Man John Carr    
1902 04 29 HARDY Robert 38 B Farmer Bolton Francis Hardy Farmer Frank Hardy   CE127/Z/386
  AIRTON Sarah Janet 36 S . Eccleshill Robert Airton (deceased) Thomas Miller Airton    
1902 05 03 BLAND James 31 B Mechanic Bradford William Bland Iron Moulder George Agley   CE127/Z/387
  ROWBOTTOM Eliza Ann 28 S . Thornbury John Rowbottom (deceased) Clara Bland    
1902 05 03 AKEROYD William Henry 21 B Cloth Miller Armley Hanson Akeroyd Cloth Miller Luther Wear   CE127/Z/388
  RAYNER Eva 20 S . Pudsey John Rayner Spinner Ada Mellor    
1902 05 13 MYERS James William 28 B Engine Man Idle Joseph Myers Pedlar Hugh Eastwood Holliday   CE127/Z/389
  DOWNES Jessie Agnes 23 S . Idle Richard Downes Carter Emily Leach    
1902 05 14 HARDISTY John Turner Hollings 27 B Engineer Farsley William Hardisty (deceased) George Hardisty   CE127/Z/390
  OVEREND Elizabeth 27 S . Farsley Daniel Overend Market Gardener William Henry Hunnebell    
1902 05 15 SUTCLIFFE John 66 W Joiner Tyersal James Sutcliffe (deceased) Harry Hare   CE127/Z/391
  ELLIS Dinah 55 W . Tyersal William Clarvis (deceased) E Ann Hall, Walter Sutcliffe    
1902 05 17 WILCOCK Arthur 31 B Mule Spinner Pudsey Roger Wilcock Warp Dresser Joseph Hopkinson   CE127/Z/392
  HOPKINSON Bertha 25 S . Thornbury Andrew Hopkinson Warp Dresser Joshua Normington    
1902 05 17 FOWLER James Ward 35 W Plumber Farsley Jonathan Fowler (deceased) R Whitaker   CE127/Z/393
  WHITAKER Harriet Ann 27 S . Thornbury James Whitaker Time Keeper J Walker    
1902 05 17 LAWSON Joseph 36 W Cloth Filler Pudsey Joseph Lawson (deceased) Jonathan S Marsden   CE127/Z/394
  MARSDEN Mary Elizabeth 50 W . Pudsey John Burton (deceased) Hannah Clayton    
1902 05 17 WILSON Sam 20 B Fitter Pudsey Wright Wilson Firer William Parker   CE127/Z/395
  BICKERDYKE May 18 S . Farsley Arthur Bickerdike Fishmonger Edith Rushforth    
1902 05 17 BROADBENT John Luther 24 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey James Broadbent Spinner Harry Parker   CE127/Z/396
  HEMINGWAY Martha 24 S . Pudsey Jonas Hemingway (deceased) Eliza Jane Broadbent    
1902 05 19 GILES John Thomas 30 B Woolcomber Idle Thomas Giles Retired George Widdows   CE127/Z/397
  WALKER Sarah Ann 28 W . Idle Myers Baxter (deceased) Annie Widdows    
1902 05 19 ROBERTSHAW Arthur 23 B Farmer Pudsey Joseph Robertshaw Farmer Arthur York   CE127/Z/398
  STEPHENSON Minnie 23 S . Pudsey George Stephenson (deceased) Maude Stephenson    
1902 05 21 FOWLER Herbert 23 B Striker Pudsey John Fowler (deceased) Philip Webster   CE127/Z/399
  SCHOFIELD Martha 21 S . Farsley Tom Schofield (deceased) Lily Grange Parker    
1902 06 02 BARKER John William 27 B Joiner Idle William Barker Joiner Walter Patrick   CE127/Z/400
  HOUSE Edith Ellen 22 S . Manningham Charles House (deceased) John H Simpson    
1902 06 05 MARSHALL John Thomas 33 B Wool Classer? Idle Emanuel Marshall Bailiff James Lee   CE127/Z/401
  HANNAM Ada 34 S . Idle John Hannam Merchant John Grimshaw    
1902 06 07 WILLIAMSON George 26 B Engineer Pudsey Joseph Williamson (deceased) James Verity   CE127/Z/402
  GAUNT Lizzie 24 S . Pudsey Charles Gaunt (deceased) Sarah Ellen Williamson    
1902 06 07 GALLOWAY Benjamin 27 B Driver Farsley James Galloway Tailor James Smales   CE127/Z/403
  BELLWOOD Harriet Emma 26 S . Farsley James Dennel Bellwood (deceased) Frances Bellwood    
1902 06 14 BREARLEY Phineas Dennison 25 B Quarryman Idle Alexander Brearley Quarryman Thomas Houlden Fletcher   CE127/Z/404
  MURGATROYD Annie 22 S . Idle Thomas Murgatroyd Mason Martha Watmough    
1902 06 14 BOOCOCK Harrison 20 B Carter Windhill Emanuel Boocock Coal Merchant Robert Exley   CE127/Z/405
  EXLEY Mary Elizabeth 21 S . Windhill Robert Exley Brick Burner Harriet Exley    
1902 06 15 MOORHOUSE James 50 W Overlooker Windhill Francis Moorhouse Warp Dresser James Henry Dennison   CE127/Z/406
  WEST Emily Jane 49 W . Windhill Emanuel Dennison (deceased) Ann Dennison    
1902 06 21 WARD William Edward 25 B Labourer Calverley John Ward Currier John Richard Ward   CE127/Z/407
  THOMPSON Hannah 30 S . Farsley John Thompson Journeyman Tailor Mary Elizabeth Ward    
1902 06 25 SCOTT Hiram 46 W Warp Dresser Tyersal Abraham Sugden Scott (dec'd) Miner Joshua Coope   CE127/Z/408
  POLLARD Phoebe 36 S . Tyersal John Pollard Fireman Jane Coope    
1902 06 28 LEE Halliday 39 W Carder Farsley Joseph Lee (dec'd) Carrier Sam Colburn   CE127/Z/409
  WHEELWRIGHT Mary 35 S . Stanningley Thomas Wheelwright Spinner Emma Clark    
1902 06 28 ARMITAGE Thomas Abraham Haley 23 B Railway Clerk Pudsey Benjamin Ackroyd Armitage Cloth Manufacturer Florence Armitage   CE127/Z/410
  TUNNACLIFFE Fanny 21 S . Pudsey James Aston Tunnacliffe Leather Factor John Binks    
1902 07 12 POLLARD Joseph 32 B Dyer Windhill Joshua Pollard (dec'd) Delver Edward Cawthron   CE127/Z/411
  CAWTHRON Annie 28 S . Windhill Thomas Cawthron Engineer Ellen Whelan    
1902 07 12 GRIMSHAW Frederick 24 B Butcher Calverley Frederick Grimshaw Grocer Harry Hall Grimshaw   CE127/Z/412
  PATTON Sarah Elizabeth 22 S . Calverley James Patton (dec'd) Platelayer George Burras    
1902 07 12 ACKROYD John Edward 22 B Joiner Pudsey William Ackroyd (dec'd) Labourer William Henry Blackburn   CE127/Z/413
  CARRACK Louisa 22 S . Pudsey Stephen Carrack Fitter Mary Elizabeth Carrack    
1902 07 12 HOLT Charles 21 B Mason Idle . . Thomas O Halliday   CE127/Z/414
  HALLIDAY Susannah 20 S . Idle Charles Halliday Shopkeeper Mary Jane Benton    
1902 07 15 GIDDINGS Harold Hainsworth 26 B Insurance Inspector Calverley William Kitts Giddings (dec'd) Doctor of Medicine Ruthetta Giddings   CE127/Z/415
  BOOTH Gertrude 23 S . Calverley John William Booth Engineer John William Booth    
1902 07 16 BROWN William Smith 29 B Manufacturing Chemist Whitechapel, Cleckheaton William Brown (dec'd) Manufacturing Chemist Mary Hannah Simpson   CE127/Z/416
  WATERHOUSE Edith Elizabeth 29 S . Idle John Birkett Waterhouse Draper Patrick Burke    
1902 07 19 VICKERS Joe 24 B Miner Whitwood Mere, Castleford William Vickers Miner Sam Lister   CE127/Z/417
  LISTER Lizzie 19 S . Farsley Reuben Lister Mill Hand Maria Lee    
1902 07 21 SHARP Frederick 27 B Basket Maker Pudsey William Hutchinson Sharp (dec'd) Basket Maker William Henry Sharp   CE127/Z/418
  JOHNSON Eliza Ellen 24 S . Pudsey George Johnson Bridge Erector George Percy Johnson    
1902 07 22 FOSTER Charles 22 B Dyehouse Labourer Farsley Joseph Foster Dyehouse Labourer John Teesdale   CE127/Z/419
  TEESDALE Edith Harriet 19 S . Farsley John Teesdale Shop Manager Clara Teesdale    
1902 08 04 BRIGGS Willie 22 B Moulder Pudsey Simeon Briggs Fish Merchant Joseph H Hudson   CE127/Z/420
  SWIFT Sarah Janet 22 S . Stanningley Thomas Swift (dec'd) Teams Man Mary M Hudson    
1902 08 04 BEEBE William Brotherton 20 B Labourer Idle James Beebe Labourer William Hall Hartley   CE127/Z/421
  PICKARD Bertha 22 S . Idle Edward Pickard Labourer Martha Pickard    
1902 08 06 TANKARD Joe 26 B Insurance Agent Thornbury Edwin Tankard Woolsorter Frank Moulson   CE127/Z/422
  HARTLEY Henrietta 28 S Mender Woodhall, Calverley Samuel Hartley Stone Merchant Bertha Hartley    
1902 08 09 SCOTT Arthur 22 B Mule Spinner Pudsey Thomas Scott Bootmaker Willie Sharpe   CE127/Z/423
  BOOTHMAN Margaret 21 S . Pudsey William Boothman (dec'd) Joiner Emma Henman    
1902 08 16 MILNES Frederick Charles 23 B Chemists Assistant 21 Henry Street, Keighley Charles Henry Milnes (dec'd) Coal Merchant Sarah Jane Grimshaw   CE127/Z/424
  MARSHALL Agnes 22 S . Windhill Joseph Marshall (dec'd) Woolcomber John Grimshaw    
1902 08 16 MAUD Johnson Crowther 27 B Engineer Farsley Francis James Maud Card Nailer Fred J Maud   CE127/Z/425
  BRAYSHAW Emily Ann 27 S . Pudsey John Brayshaw (dec'd) Wheelwright John A Brayshaw    
1902 08 18 HULL Scaife 24 B Driver Windhill Matthew Hull Merchant Thomas Hull   CE127/Z/426
  TAYLOR Emmelyne 30 S . Windhill . . Annie Taylor    
1902 08 18 FIRBY George William 24 B Engineer Tyersal William Anthony Firby Engineer Tom Denby   CE127/Z/427
  DENBY Annie 24 S . Tyersal John Denby Broker Alice Denby    
1902 08 23 HARTLEY George Henry 20 B Boot Finisher Pudsey Joseph Hartley Tuner Santley Hartley   CE127/Z/428
  PROCTER Florence 22 S . Pudsey James Procter Spinner Eva Bretherick    
1902 08 23 GARTH Ernest 30 B Boot Rivetter Pudsey James Garth (dec'd) Tinner James Howarth   CE127/Z/429
  HOWARTH Zillah 24 S . Thornbury Henry Alfred Howarth Spinning Overlooker Alice Howarth    
1902 08 23 HARTLEY Harry 26 B Labourer Pudsey Thomas Hartley (dec'd) Overlooker Annie Elizabeth Gaunt   CE127/Z/430
  ILLINGWORTH Miranda 30 S . Pudsey William Illingworth (dec'd) Mason Naylor Illingworth    
1902 08 25 CROWTHER Walter 20 B Dyer's Labourer Greengates John Crowther (dec'd) Carter John Goldsbrough   CE127/Z/431
  GOLDSBROUGH Annie 20 S . Idle Samuel Goldsbrough Engine Man Thomas Crowther    
1902 08 25 WHITEOAK Fred 26 B Loom Fitter Windhill Thomas Whiteoak Stone Dresser Charles Wharfe   CE127/Z/432
  BROADLEY Ellen 26 S . Windhill Matthew Broadley Warp Dresser Sarah Broadley    
1902 09 02 MATHERS John Edward 38 B Cabinet Maker Farsley . . Edward Heaton   CE127/Z/433
  BRINDLEY Emma Mary 21 S . Farsley William Brindley (dec'd) Hawker Jane Ann Long    
1902 09 02 PICKLES James Blackburn 46 W Plumber Pudsey Richard Pickles (dec'd) Mill Hand Harry Emsley   CE127/Z/434
  EMSLEY Martha 39 S . Pudsey Joseph Emsley (dec'd) Mill Hand Albert Emsley    
1902 09 02 WILSON Oliver Willie 25 B Postman Woodhall . . Matthew Henry Hudson   CE127/Z/435
  HUDSON Grace 26 S . Woodhall Joseph Hudson (dec'd) Tuner Samuel William Wilson    
1902 09 06 BURKE Patrick Michael 29 B City Fireman Idle Peter Burke (dec'd) Farmer Thomas Scott Brown   CE127/Z/436
  SIMPSON Mary Hannah 29 S . Idle Joseph Simpson Manufacturer Martha Florence Smith    
1902 09 09 PARKER George 34 B Carrier Pudsey William Parker Tenterer William Fielding   CE127/Z/437
  TURNER Hannah 20 S . Pudsey John Turner Collier Tresa Travis    
1902 09 09 DEACON George 30 B Manufacturer Hope Field House, Windhill George Deacon Manufacturer Edward Deacon   CE127/Z/438
  HALL Mary 26 S . Valley Road, Shipley William Hall Draper G Hall By Registrar's Certificate  
1902 09 13 HARGREAVES David 26 B Labourer Pudsey Job Musgrave Hargreaves Labourer Ethel Jowett   CE127/Z/439
  HEATON Annie 26 S . Pudsey Joshua Heaton (dec'd) Mechanic Thomas Heaton    
1902 09 16 BROWN George Long 19 B Overlooker Windhill Charles Long Brown Labourer William Turner   CE127/Z/440
  NETTLETON Sarah Ann 19 S . Windhill . . Lily Padgett otherwise BROOK  
1902 09 20 VAREY Thomas 22 B Painter Pudsey Thomas Varey Labourer Thomas Varey Snr   CE127/Z/441
  GROVES Susan 20 S . Pudsey John Groves Delver Sarah Varey    
1902 09 22 DENBY Tom 27 B Broker Tyersal John Denby Broker William Firby   CE127/Z/442
  FIRBY Sarah Jane Beatrice 21 S . Tyersal William Firby Engineer John Denby    
1902 09 27 HUTTON Sam 21 B Miner Idle William Hutton (dec'd) Mason Albert Heaton   CE127/Z/443
  HEATON Laura 19 S . Idle Benjamin Heaton (dec'd) Miner Lily Wilkinson    
1902 09 27 MORTON Arthur Edward 24 B Labourer Idle Edward Morton (dec'd) Labourer Herbert Ibbetson   CE127/Z/444
  IBBETSON Florence 23 S . Idle Ezra Ibbetson Weaver Ada Ann Dobson    
1902 09 27 MYERS Arthur 23 B Mechanic Pudsey Charles Myers (dec'd) Warp Dresser Willie Barker Sugden   CE127/Z/445
  SHAW Emmeline 23 S . Pudsey William Shaw Plasterer Merena Shaw    
1902 09 29 JENNINGS Walter 31 B Labourer Woodhall William Jennings Farmer Charles Tyerman   CE127/Z/446
  TYERMAN Frances Sarah 32 S . Woodhall Charles Tyerman Labourer James Reeve    
1902 09 30 NAYLOR Fred 26 B Fitter Thornbury Mitchell Naylor Turner Ellis Fieldhouse   CE127/Z/447
  FIELDHOUSE Clara Emma 23 S . Thornbury Edwin Fieldhouse Mechanic Martha Ann Naylor    
1902 10 04 SPURR Joseph 21 B Stone Mason Pudsey George Spurr Iron Moulder Ann Machell   CE127/Z/448
  WALSH Sarah Ann 21 S . Pudsey Thomas Walsh Grocer Joseph Ross Smith    
1902 10 11 JAGGER Joseph 26 B Quarryman Pudsey Joseph Garnett Jagger (dec'd) Spinner Frank Wood   CE127/Z/449
  WOOD Gertrude Middlebrook 23 S . Farsley Robert Metcalfe Wood (dec'd) Accountant Ann Wood    
1902 10 11 WARD Thomas 25 B French Polisher Pudsey Samuel Ward (dec'd) Fettler Harry Ward   CE127/Z/450
  ALLOTT Hannah 24 S . Farsley James Allott Rivetter James Allott    
1902 10 18 BREARLEY Joseph 29 B Labourer Shipley Joseph Brearley (dec'd) Blacksmith Eunice Parker   CE127/Z/451
  HODGSON Mary 28 S . Idle Thomas Whitham Hodgson Engine Man William Lapish    
1902 10 18 WHITWHAM Thomas Pickard 29 B Cloth Fuller Calverley Benjamin Whitwham Carrier Samuel Atkinson   CE127/Z/452
  DRAKE Sarah Ellen 31 S . Greengates John Drake (dec'd) Quarryman Kate Banks    
1902 10 18 LEE Alfred 31 B Weaver Farsley John Lee Umbrella Manufacturer Sarah Ann Hainsworth   CE127/Z/453
  HAINSWORTH Sabina 36 S . Farsley George Hainsworth Skinner William Hainsworth    
1902 10 18 WALKER Willie 29 B Twister Pudsey Alfred Walker Fettler Lessel Teale   CE127/Z/454
  TEALE Emma 25 S   Pudsey James Teale Fettler Sarah Ann Walker    
1902 10 18 MARSHALL Leonard 27 B Spinner Calverley Alfred Marshall (dec'd) Weaver Walter Senior   CE127/Z/455
  SKIRROW Mary 22 S . Greengates John Skirrow (dec'd) Fettler Walter Cordingley    
1902 10 19 LAISTER George 42 W Rivetter Pudsey George Laister (dec'd) Sailor Fred Isherwood   CE127/Z/456
  HORSFALL Hannah Eliza 48 W . Pudsey Willie Rayner (dec'd) Weaver Willie Horsfall    
1902 10 21 LISTER George Wilfred 23 B Police Constable Calverley George Lister Platelayer Thomas Swaine   CE127/Z/457
  SWAINE Fanny 23 S . Calverley Alfred Swaine Boiler Fitter Hannah Lister    
1902 10 25 ISLES Henry 23 B Moulder Calverley Moor James Isles Labourer Fred Speed   CE127/Z/458
  NORTON Emma 23 S . Calverley Moor . . Ellen Duckett    
1902 10 25 PICKLES Isaac 25 B Fitter 19 Watt Street, Rochdale . . John Hustler Pickles   CE127/Z/459
  PHILLIPS Mary Elizabeth 25 S . Pudsey Charles Phillips Woolsorter Ethel Phillips    
1902 10 26 CROFT Frederick 23 B Shunter Thornbury Henry Croft Machinist H H Smyth   CE127/Z/460
  SMYTH Harriet 24 S . Thornbury Henry Morris Smyth (decd) Railway Guard Emily Triffitt    
1902 10 29 MITCHELL Samuel Fletcher 48 B Woollen Manufacturer Idle Thomas Mitchell (dec'd) Woollen Manufacturer Brooksbank Booth   CE127/Z/461
  JENNINGS Alice 43 S . Idle John Jennings (dec'd) Joiner Eva Halliday    
1902 11 01 WHARTON Herbert 24 B Painter Farsley John Wharton Warp Dresser Annie Milner   CE127/Z/462
  SMITH Emma 23 S . Tyersal Luke Smith Carter John Smith    
1902 11 01 BROADLEY Ernest 21 B Warp Dresser Windhill Matthew Broadley Warp Dresser Fred Whiteoak   CE127/Z/463
  BOWLES Ada 21 S . Windhill Richard John Bowles Engine Driver Ethel Bowles    
1902 11 03 MURGATROYD Arthur James 32 B Builder Bush House, Thackley Coates Murgatroyd Builder William Murgatroyd   CE127/Z/464
  HARTLEY Clara 25 S . 16 Croft Street, Idle Edward Spencer Hartley Tailor J William Tunnicliffe    
1902 11 05 GRIMES Percy 25 B Insurance Agent 21 Hampton Place, Pudsey Robert Grimes Gardener Robert Grimes   CE127/Z/465
  GLOVER Elizabeth 22 S Twister 11 Chapeltown, Pudsey William Glover Contractor Rose Appleyard    
1902 11 10 BROOK Ernest 21 B Blacksmiths Assistant Farsley . . Arthur Edward Martin   CE127/Z/466
  SMITH Clara Louisa 20 S . Farsley David Smith Labourer Beatrice Walker    
1902 11 15 THOMPSON John 20 B Labourer Stanningley Richard Thompson (dec'd) Hackelpin Grinder Reuben Illingworth   CE127/Z/467
  WARD Eden 22 S . Pudsey Emmanuel Ward Weaver Banks Illingworth    
1902 11 15 ASKEW John Bee 25 B Drayman Windhill Richard Askew Outporter Albert Edward O'Gorman   CE127/Z/468
  JOWETT Clara Hannah 30 S . Windhill James Jowett Woolcomber Gertrude May Askew    
1902 11 15 SMITH Foster 26 B Labourer Pudsey Joseph Smith Mason Jane Tyne   CE127/Z/469
  TYNE Mary Emma 25 S . Pudsey David Tyne Insurance Agent Violetta Wilkinson    
1902 11 19 ARCHER Fred 23 B Police Constable Farsley John Archer Labourer Harry Archer   CE127/Z/470
  THOMPSON Mary Jane 29 S Domestic Servant Farsley John Thompson Mechanic Elizabeth Gomersall    
1902 11 22 POUNDS Frank 21 B Cab Proprietor Idle Giles Pounds Cab Proprietor William Peirson   CE127/Z/471
  RAPER Isabella 19 S Domestic Servant Idle William Raper Farm Labourer Mary Raper    
1902 11 22 RAISTRICK Joseph Richard 21 B Joiner Overlooker 4 Rosemount Terrace, Pudsey Henry Raistrick Confectioner Thomas Edward Hirst   CE127/Z/472
  THORNTON Linda 25 S Drawer 2 Rosemount Avenue, Pudsey Joseph Thornton (deceased) Sarah Hannah Brook    
1902 11 29 LAWSON Arthur 24 B Labourer Pudsey . . John Chapman   CE127/Z/473
  CHAPPELL Margaretta 25 S . Pudsey James Chappell Excavator Alice Maud Chappell    
1902 11 29 GALLOWAY William 25 B Striker Stanningley John Henry Galloway (dec'd) Saddler Rhodes Ambler   CE127/Z/474
  HART Mary Ann 24 S . Farsley Patrick Hart (dec'd) Labourer Mary Ann Young    
1902 12 06 FARRAR John 27 W Fitter 11 Primrose Hill, Pudsey John Farrar Boiler Maker Whitham Farrar   CE127/Z/475
  WEARING Henrietta Kitchen 28 S Domestic Servant Croft House, Pudsey John Wearing Baker Mary Ann Farrar    
1902 12 09 SMITH Fred 25 B Accountant Windhill Alfred Smith Signalman Samuel Demetrius Butler   CE127/Z/476
  BUTLER Mary 25 S . Calverley Moor Samuel Butler Hay & Straw Dealer Silvanus Butler, Sidney Smith    
1902 12 13 COCKSHOTT John William 30 B Rag Grinder 11 Robert Street, Windhill John Cockshott Mule Spinner Fred Smith   CE127/Z/477
  WHITLEY Alice 30 S Drawer 50 Mossman Street, Windhill Thomas Whitley Mule Spinner Mary Ellen Whitley    
1902 12 20 CRAVEN Thomas 29 B Carting Agent Pudsey Thomas Craven Quarryman George Craven   CE127/Z/478
  WALTON Eva 26 S . Pudsey Thomas Walton Clothier Sirenna Shuttleworth    
1902 12 20 RAYNER Willie 21 B Presser Armley Joshua Rayner Engineer Benjamin Henry Nash   CE127/Z/479
  NASH Amelia Emily 22 S . Farsley Benjamin Henry Nash (dec'd) Gardener Eva Rayner    
1902 12 24 BARSBY Edward Albert 38 W Boiler Maker Pudsey Henry Barsby (dec'd) Blacksmith William Myers   CE127/Z/480
  WADE Martha 44 W . Stanningley John Myers Shopkeeper Martha Ann Myers    
1902 12 24 HOLDSWORTH Albert Preston 25 B Cloth Fuller Farsley Joseph Holdsworth Retired Joe Holdsworth   CE127/Z/481
  WOOD Mary 22 S Weaver Farsley Ned Wood Painter Jane Wood    
1902 12 25 HALL James 56 W Labourer Windhill Joseph Hall (dec'd) Clothier Charles Vevers   CE127/Z/482
  CLARKE Grace 58 W . Windhill John Askwith (dec'd) Woolcomber Emily Vevers    
1902 12 25 CLARKSON Harry 32 B Clerk 13 Norman Street, Windhill Squire Clarkson Woolsorter James Younger   CE127/Z/483
  LISTER Lavinia 22 S . Windhill Benjamin Lister Moulder Emma Lister    
1902 12 26 BELL Fred 23 B Moulder Pudsey John Bell (dec'd) Joiner Joseph Arthur Webster   CE127/Z/484
  GILL Hannah 25 S Weaver Pudsey David Gill Engine Man Lucy Gill    
1902 12 26 PARTRIDGE Charles 19 B Grinder Green Top, Pudsey William Partridge Brick Worker George Brook   CE127/Z/485
  REYNOLDS Grace 20 S . Green Top, Pudsey Charles Reynolds Actor Charlotte Benfold    
1902 12 26 HOLMES David Keighley 18 B Mule Spinner 3 Bangor Street, Farsley Isaiah Holmes (dec'd) Plumber Isaac Ernest Cawson   CE127/Z/486
  DEAN Emma 20 S Twister Farsley James Skinner Rivetter Annie Dean    
1902 12 27 MYERS Squire 24 B Quarryman Idle Joshua Myers Quarryman Emily Duthoit   CE127/Z/487
  WAITE Laura 27 S . Idle Charles Waite (dec'd) Mechanic George Spencer    
1902 12 27 MASON Harry 25 B Painter Pudsey Jabez Mason Tailor George Gale   CE127/Z/488
  GALE Julia Jane 24 . Weaver Pudsey Robert Gale Ganger Ruth Mason    
1902 12 27 WADE John 21 B Electrician Farsley William Wade Engineer Pollie Musgrave   CE127/Z/489
  WHITELEY Laura 23 S . Farsley Wright Whiteley (dec'd) Labourer Charles Whiteley    
1902 12 27 DUFTON Charles Henry 22 B Teamster Pudsey Henry Thornton Dufton General Dealer Thomas Harper   CE127/Z/490
  BEECH Esther 18 S Weaver Pudsey Henry Beech (dec'd) Boiler Maker Gertrude Laycock    
1902 12 31 HALLIDAY Edward 24 B Mechanic Windhill Crag Robert Halliday Labourer Albert Holden   CE127/Z/491
  ATKINSON Ruth 23 S . Windhill Crag Robert Atkinson (dec'd) Engine Tender Edith Atkinson    
1903 01 07 PEARSON Harry 50 W Coal Merchant Pudsey William Pearson (deceased) Abraham Jowett   CE127/Z/492
  SUTCLIFFE Martha Ann 50 W Housekeeper Pudsey Squire Jackson . Martha Jowett    
1903 01 07 TOWLER Percy 26 B Chemists Assistant Pudsey John Towler Retired George H Driver   CE127/Z/493
  DRIVER Mary Ann 25 S Weaver Pudsey Sam Dixon Percher Mary Towler, J T Towler    
1903 01 10 RAYNER John Arthur 21 B Cleaner Pudsey Joseph Albert Rayner Currier Mary Jane Yellow   CE127/Z/494
  YELLOW Martha 18 S . Farsley William Yellow Farmer James Scott    
1903 01 14 JONES Joseph William Walker 26 B Railway Checker 35 Valley Street, Windhill Reuben Jones Signalman William Hunter   CE127/Z/495
  HORSFALL Eva Lucretia 18 S . Windhill William Horsfall Warp Dresser Lois Jones    
1903 01 17 SMITH Arthur 24 B Boot & Shoe Maker Woodhall Road, Calverley Moor . . Charles Barraclough   CE127/Z/496
  BARRACLOUGH Mary Hannah 20 S Weaver Calverley Moor Joseph Barraclough Wool Runner Alice Bolton    
1903 01 18 DENNISON Arthur 35 B Overlooker Dennison Fold, Tyersal Thomas Dennison Blacksmith John William Dennison   CE127/Z/497
  HESELTINE Hannah 32 S Weaver Tamworth Street, Tyersal Thomas Heseltine (dec'd) Blacksmith Annie Dennison    
1903 01 24 WILKINSON William 20 B Clerk Pudsey John Wilkinson Engineer Arthur Wilson   CE127/Z/498
  ROSS Mary Helen 22 S Weaver Farsley John Ross Woolsorter James Lawson    
1903 01 26 WATERHOUSE Frederick William 30 W Warehouseman 38, Dundas Street, Thornbury Stephen Waterhouse (dec'd) Milkman John T Holdsworth   CE127/Z/499
  MASON Mary Ann Shires 34 S Burner Thornbury Daniel Shires (dec'd) Moulder Clarinda Shires    
1903 01 26 GIBSON Robert Tindall 28 B Police Officer Thornbury Thomas Bowden Gibson Carpenter Thomas Bowden Gibson   CE127/Z/500
  SHIRES Eliza Ann 32 S Twister Thornbury Daniel Shires (dec'd) Moulder Clarinda Shires    
1903 01 27 RAYNER John 30 B General Carrier Farsley Timothy Rayner (dec'd) Mason Aaron Rayner   CE127/AA/1
  CARTER Frances Mary 34 S Confectioner Farsley Aaron Carter (dec'd) Timber Merchant Annie Elizabeth Carter    
1903 01 31 HOLGATE James Edward 24 B Mason Hill Top, Idle William Holgate Quarryman Thomas Light, Harry Holgate   CE127/AA/2
  LIGHT Sarah Jane 27 S Servant Idle Joseph Light Well Sinker Annie Light    
1903 02 07 ENDERSBY William 20 B Blacksmith Farsley Thomas Endersby Labourer David Batley   CE127/AA/3
  HOGG Isabel 20 S Comber Farsley John Hogg Mill Hand Hannah Smith    
1903 02 09 WATSON Frederick 23 B Mechanic Windhill James Watson (dec'd) Journeyman Fredrick Charles Whitaker   CE127/AA/4
  WHITAKER Ida 21 S Weaver Windhill Fredrick Charles Whitaker Shoemaker Clara Watson    
1903 02 16 KNOTT Thomas 32 B Moulder Windhill William Knott (dec'd) Quarryman George Farrar   CE127/AA/5
  HASTE Rachel 25 S Weaver Windhill William Haste (dec'd) Quarryman Mary Ann Denton    
1903 02 21 MURGATROYD James 30 B Labourer Shipley Joseph Murgatroyd (dec'd) Warp Dresser James Arthur Verity   CE127/AA/6
  SHAW Harriet 28 S Weaver Windhill Joseph Shaw (dec'd) Labourer Annie Elizabeth Holden    
1903 02 23 ILLINGWORTH Ralph 27 B Mason Leeds Road, Bramley John Illingworth (dec'd) Innkeeper Harry Glover   CE127/AA/7
  GLOVER Florence 27 S . Moorland House, Pudsey Simeon Glover Butcher Beatrice Glover    
1903 02 24 ODDY Joshua 30 B Stone Merchant Idle William Oddy (dec'd) Stone Merchant John Thomas Senior   CE127/AA/8
  SENIOR Harriet 29 S . Queensbury Thomas Senior (dec'd) Quarry Manager Mary Edith Rhodes    
1903 02 26 MIDGLEY Alfred 35 B Insurance Agent Windhill Sagar Midgley Mill Hand Arthur Midgley   CE127/AA/9
  CHILD Leah 31 S Costume Maker Windhill John Child Farmer Florence Lavinia Child    
1903 03 03 PENHALL Frank 26 B Chair Maker Windhill John Francis Marshall Penhall Mason George William Yeadon   CE127/AA/10
  YEADON Eliza 24 S Reeler Windhill John Yeadon (dec'd) Mason Mary Scott Yeadon    
1903 03 07 HANSON Hardaker 22 B Shoemaker Windhill Abraham Hanson Dyer John Hanson   CE127/AA/11
  BOOTH Emma 20 S . Windhill George Booth Insurance Agent James Booth    
1903 03 07 WELLACOTT Walter Russell 23 B Labourer Farsley . . George William Dixon   CE127/AA/12
  BROWN Jane Hannah 23 S . Farsley James Brown Shovel Maker Lottie Brown    
1903 03 07 WALKER Henry 19 B Engine Tenter Pudsey Herbert Walker Engine Tenter John Hawkshaw   CE127/AA/13
  THOMPSON Emily 20 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Thompson (dec'd) Slater Lizzie Thompson    
1903 03 28 ALLEN John William 34 B Labourer 3 Back Nether Street, Farsley Robert Allen (dec'd) Bricklayer Herbert Grimshaw   CE127/AA/14
  YEADON Priscilla 28 S Servant Farsley Joshua Yeadon Labourer John Grimshaw    
1903 04 08 BOOTH Thomas Albert 32 B Secretary Idle Brooksbank Booth Mason Charles H Baxter   CE127/AA/15
  BAXTER Sarah Hannah 22 S . Clayton Joseph Baxter Quarry Owner Edith A Townsley    
1903 04 09 WHEATER Arthur 25 B Plasterer Calverley Samuel Wheater Contractor Luther Hainsworth   CE127/AA/16
  HAINSWORTH Fannie 28 S . Calverley John Knowles Hainsworth Farmer Samuel Wheater    
1903 04 11 SMITH John William 24 B Mill Hand Pudsey John Smith (dec'd) Constable Walter Henry Pickard   CE127/AA/17
  ISZATT Mildred 25 S Lady's Maid Pudsey Edward Iszatt (dec'd) Farm Labourer Annie Iszatt    
1903 04 11 RAYNER Fred 24 B Blacksmith Stanningley Thomas Rayner Fettler Fred Johnson   CE127/AA/18
  SMITH Edith Ann 24 S Spinner Pudsey John Smith Mason Florence Smith    
1903 04 11 PITTS Walter 28 B Labourer Idle . . Mary Watmough Father's name John Pitts, occupation Tuner, deleted CE127/AA/19
  HASTE Mary Esther 27 S Weaver Idle Joseph Haste (dec'd) Quarryman Richard Whitherill Cooper    
1903 04 11 HALLIDAY Anthony 22 B Platelayer Tyersal Jeremiah Halliday Joiner S Halliday   CE127/AA/20
  TURNER Mary Jane 22 S Comb Minder Tyersal Daniel Turner Quarryman I Turner    
1903 04 11 WALKER Francis 29 B Mechanic Shipley Thomas Walker Joiner Edith Rodgers   CE127/AA/21
  BUTTERFIELD Eva 26 S . Windhill Joseph Butterfield Joiner Ernest Walker    
1903 04 11 CURTIS Arthur 26 B Printer 12 Woodbine Terrace, Idle Thomas Curtis Engine Driver Percival Strafford Fowler   CE127/AA/22
  KEIGHLEY Clara Alice 27 S Dressmaker Idle Alfred Keighley (dec'd) Cloth Merchant Arthur Ross    
1903 04 11 WADE Richard 24 B Foundryman Pudsey Richard Wade (dec'd) Tailor Annie Rebecca Wade   CE127/AA/23
  EXELBY Frances Elizabeth 22 S Mill Hand Pudsey William Exelby Plumber Thomas Bennett    
1903 04 11 LISTER Harry 22 B Cloth Weaver Pudsey Joseph Brooksbank Lister (dec'd) Currier J Terry   CE127/AA/24
  TERRY Emma Rosetta 21 S Domestic Servant Pudsey William J Terry Porter Louisa Terry    
1903 04 11 STONEY Fred 21 B Brass Moulder Windhill Christopher Stoney Driver John Edmund Stoney   CE127/AA/25
  WRIGHT Emily 19 S Mill Hand Windhill Henry Wright Driver Harriet Ann Jacklin    
1903 04 11 MATHERS Aquila 21 B Moulder Stanningley James Mathers Labourer Joseph Willam Naylor   CE127/AA/26
  O'CALLAGHAN Florence 24 S Weaver Pudsey Edward O'Callaghan Painter Frances O'Callaghan    
1903 04 11 HOLMES William 21 B Labourer Farsley James Holmes (dec'd) Labourer James Waterhouse   CE127/AA/27
  WATERHOUSE Clara 19 S Comber Farsley Harry Waterhouse Labourer Ellen Broadley    
1903 04 11 ALLEN George 31 B Turner Farsley Frederick Allen Labourer H Grimshaw   CE127/AA/28
  YEADON Annie 24 S Spinner Farsley Joshua Yeadon Labourer R Taylor    
1903 04 13 PEACOCK James William 28 B Boiler Maker Pudsey Joseph Lear Peacock Iron Moulder A C Brown   CE127/AA/29
  NEAL Kate 28 S Woolcomber Pudsey . . F W Wood    
1903 04 13 EXLEY Percy 25 B Tenter Rawdon William Exley Labourer Stansfield Thornton   CE127/AA/30
  THORNTON Ruth 32 S Weaver Idle Smith Thornton Watchman Polly Hollings    
1903 04 14 BAXTER Wilfred 26 B Farmer Idle Edwin Baxter Farmer Harry Baxter   CE127/AA/31
  ALRED Mary Alice 30 S Weaver Greengates Kendall Alred Overlooker Charles Alred    
1903 04 22 TURNER William 21 B Mason Pudsey Jabez Turner Labourer Benjamin Galloway   CE127/AA/32
  ANDERSON Esther 25 S . Pudsey Joseph Anderson Warp Dresser Rella Anderson    
1903 04 25 COULSON Joseph Richard 41 W Journalist Pudsey Musgrave Coulson (dec'd) Cloth Worker David Allott   CE127/AA/33
  ALLOTT Frances 36 S Costumier Pudsey Jonathan Allott . Sarah Allott    
1903 04 25 THOMAS Charles Henry 21 B Mason Rawdon Benjamin Thomas Mason F Dawson   CE127/AA/34
  CHARLTON Sarah Ann 20 S Domestic Servant Calverley William Charlton Collier S E Thomas    
1903 04 25 HOWORTH John William Henry 34 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey William Howorth (dec'd) Confectioner Joe Ben Moorhouse   CE127/AA/35
  MOORHOUSE Hannah 27 S Weaver Pudsey Firth Moorhouse Spinner Mary Ann Moorhouse    
1903 04 29 BATEMAN Earl 25 B Carpenter Windhill Charles Bateman Canal Engineer John James Unwin   CE127/AA/36
  BEANLAND Emma 26 S Barmaid Windhill Robert Wade Beanland Professor of Music Lilly Bateman    
1903 05 02 RIDER James William 22 B Mill Hand Pudsey Charles Walker Rider Fettler Christopher Bowman   CE127/AA/37
  BOWMAN Eleanor 23 S Mill Hand Pudsey Christopher Bowman Quarryman Annie Ethel Siddall    
1903 05 09 TIDSWELL George 25 B Weaver Pudsey Alfred Tidswell (dec'd) Quarryman Samuel Sowden Marshall   CE127/AA/38
  FLETCHER Sarah Jane 23 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Fletcher Weaver Mary Ann Sowden    
1903 05 11 THROP William 23 B Moulder Pudsey Robert Throp Grocer Charles Henry Peel   CE127/AA/39
  DENT Sarah Ellen 19 S . Pudsey George Dent Platelayer Blanche Mitchell    
1903 05 18 CORDINGLEY William George 20 B Mason Idle George Cordingley Painter Thomas Cordingley   CE127/AA/40
  TAYLOR Lilian 19 S . Idle Thomas Taylor Publican Annie Waterhouse    
1903 05 20 HOLDSWORTH Herbert 21 B Fitter Calverley Thomas Holdsworth (dec'd) Spinner Matthew Rutherford   CE127/AA/41
  RUTHERFORD Florence 20 S Drawer Rodley Matthew Rutherford Foreman John Buckle Lawrence, Sophia Batty?    
1903 05 23 BLACKBURN John 23 B Joiner Pudsey James Blackburn Labourer George William Harrison   CE127/AA/42
  MATHERS Frances Ann 24 S Weaver Farsley William Mathers Labourer Rhoda Blackburn    
1903 05 30 BROOKE John Thomas 36 B Labourer Windhill John Brooke (dec'd) Mason John Pearson   CE127/AA/43
  BAXTER Ann Elizabeth 41 S . Windhill William Baxter (dec'd) Finisher Ada Pearson    
1903 05 30 KIPLING Benjamin 45 W Carrier Calverley William Kipling (dec'd) Road Surveyor William Hudson Cordingley   CE127/AA/44
  CORDINGLEY Edith 32 S Burler Calverley William Hudson Cordingley Tailor Samuel Barrett    
1903 05 30 SCOTT Arthur 24 B Stoker Calverley Samuel Scott Stoker Thomas Horsman   CE127/AA/45
  GREEN Mary Elizabeth 20 S . Windhill William Walmsley Engine Driver Alice Scott    
1903 05 30 ROOK Jonathan Goodman 24 B Engineer Idle George Rook Butcher James Thornton   CE127/AA/46
  THORNTON Mary Ellen 23 S Weaver Idle Benjamin Thornton Weaver Elizabeth Morrell Pearson    
1903 05 30 STANSFIELD William Kaye 23 B Carrier Tyersal Joseph Stansfield Combing Overlooker Emma Louisa Stansfield   CE127/AA/47
  WAITE Emma 29 S Twister Tyersal Robert Waite Mason's Labourer Arthur Waite    
1903 05 30 COPPING Frederick Charles 24 B Bricklayer's Labourer Heworth, York John Copping (dec'd) Labourer J M Barker   CE127/AA/48
  NEWBOLD Annie Maud 21 S Servant Calverley James Newbold (dec'd) Plasterer Rose Newbold    
1903 05 30 COOPER Fred 24 B Warehouseman Pudsey Samuel Cooper Warp Dresser Annie Cooper   CE127/AA/49
  CLARK Sarah Ann 19 S Drawer Laisterdyke James Clark Overlooker Charles Clarke    
1903 06 03 ROPER James 34 B Quarry Owner Radfield House, Ecclshill Robert Roper (dec'd) Quarry Owner John Atkinson Jowett By Licence CE127/AA/50
  JOWETT Beatrix 30 S . Wrose Hall, Wrose Henry Jowett Gentleman Dawson Jowett    
1903 06 06 HILLARY George 20 B Labourer Idle . . Mary Hannah Linley   CE127/AA/51
  MOODY Sarah 19 S Baker Windhill John William Moody Contractor Fred Moody, J W Moody    
1903 06 06 SHEFFIELD Albert 24 B Upholsterer Thornbury Harry Wood Sheffield File Grinder T H Tidswell   CE127/AA/52
  TIDSWELL Annie Eliza 24 S Burler Thornbury Thomas Tidswell Clerk H W Sheffield    
1903 06 06 WARD John Thomas 23 B Quarryman Woodside, Horsforth William Ward Gardener William Ward   CE127/AA/53
  GRIMSHAW Norah 26 S Spinner Farsley William Grimshaw Retired Maud Grimshaw    
1903 06 07 GAUNT Ernest William 20 B Dairyman Pudsey Joseph Gaunt Dairyman Allan Wright   CE127/AA/54
  WRIGHT Emily 20 S Weaver Pudsey Harry Wright Park Superintendent Isabella Miles    
1903 06 08 THORNTON Charles 58 W Grocer Idle Thomas Thornton (dec'd) Cloth Maker Mabel Mountford   CE127/AA/55
  CROSSLEY Eleanor Maria 34 W . Calverley George Mountford (dec'd) Scythe Manufacturer James Booth    
1903 06 08 SWALES Major 29 B Joiner Stanningley James Swailes (dec'd) Woolsorter Thomas Rowland   CE127/AA/56
  ROWLAND Clara 23 S . Stanningley Thomas Rowland Stone Mason Helena Rowland    
1903 06 15 CARR Arthur Ernest 25 B Clerk Pudsey Edwin Carr (dec'd) Traveller Ernest Gaunt   CE127/AA/57
  WITTY Jane Ann 24 S . Pudsey William Witty Cabinet Maker Mary I Binks    
1903 06 20 ILLINGWORTH Banks 20 B Iron Dresser Pudsey Isaac Illingworth (dec'd) Labourer Arthur Lee   CE127/AA/58
  LEE Lily 19 S Drawer Stanningley Charles Lee Rivetter Edith Watson    
1903 06 20 WOMACK Oscar William Capstick 25 B Joiner Windhill Samuel Womack Bookkeeper Richard Henry Pickles   CE127/AA/59
  LIGHT Mary 25 S Weaver Windhill Thomas Light Mechanic Maggie Womack    
1903 06 22 WRIGHT John William 26 B Platelayer Thorner, York John Wright (dec'd) Platelayer John Houghton   CE127/AA/60
  HOUGHTON Harriet 24 S . Idle Charles Houghton Farmer Annie Houghton    
1903 06 27 NICHOLSON Joseph 38 B Machinist Farsley Hugh Nicholson Cloth Fuller Jesse Dowgill   CE127/AA/61
  DOWGILL Sarah Elizabeth 28 S Burler Farsley Job Dowgill Weaver Harry Johnson    
1903 06 27 MIDGLEY John 33 B Quarryman Windhill William Midgley Clogger John William Clifford   CE127/AA/62
  CRYER Annie 28 S Drawer Windhill . . Eliza Towler    
1903 06 27 BARRETT Harry 20 B Fettler Pudsey William Barrett Collier Ada Barrett   CE127/AA/63
  SPRINGTHORPE Henrietta 21 S Spinner Pudsey Jacob Springthorpe Grave Digger Jacob Springthorpe    
1903 06 27 MOORHOUSE Richard Rayner 25 B Warper Farsley . . Edmund Haist   CE127/AA/64
  BINKS Lottie 23 S Burler Farsley Joseph Binks Labourer Fred Binks    
1903 07 04 ATKINSON Abraham 47 W Warp Dresser Steeton Jamews Atkinson (dec'd) Warp Dresser James Wood   CE127/AA/65
  WALKER Margaret Ann 44 S Weaver Calverley John Walker (dec'd) Grocer Mary Hannah Coe    
1903 07 04 HOLDSWORTH John Tillotson 28 B Carrier Thornbury John Holdsworth (dec'd) Warehouseman Eleanor Holdsworth   CE127/AA/66
  SHIRES Clarinda 25 S . Thornbury Daniel Shires (dec'd) Moulder Henry Shires    
1903 07 11 HOLDEN Albert 21 B Joiner Windhill John Holden (dec'd) Joiner Ernest Holder   CE127/AA/67
  ATKINSON Edith 21 S . Windhill Robert Atkinson (dec'd) Engine Tenter Edith Smith    
1903 07 11 MAWSON Samuel 20 B Moulder Farsley Samuel Mawson Moulder Ellis Smith   CE127/AA/68
  MITCHELL Bertha 20 S Weaver Farsley James Mitchell (dec'd) Coachman John Mawson    
1903 07 13 YEADON George 22 B Greengrocer Windhill Joshua Yeadon (dec'd) Stone Dresser Alfred Yeadon   CE127/AA/69
  SPENCER Edith 18 S Weaver Windhill Jonas Spencer Boatman Maria Yeadon    
1903 07 18 COATES Samuel 22 B Screwer Farsley James Coates Labourer George Henry Newton   CE127/AA/70
  NEWTON Gertrude 18 S Mill Hand Farsley Walter Newton Labourer Ada Newton    
1903 07 21 WATERHOUSE Edwin 25 B Joiner Pudsey James Waterhouse Gentleman William Hainsworth Waterhouse   CE127/AA/71
  WHITHAM Alice 24 S . Pudsey Abraham Whitham Joiner & Builder Abraham Whitham    
1903 07 27 WHITFIELD Tom 40 B Delf Hewer Windhill Thomas Whitfield (dec'd) Quarryman W Murgatroyd   CE127/AA/72
  BROOKE Elizabeth Ann 45 S Weaver Windhill John Brooke (dec'd) Mason Mary Ann Lund    
1903 08 01 THOMAS William Henry 25 B Mason Idle Joseph Watson Thomas Joiner Fred Thomas   CE127/AA/73
  COOPER Carrie 21 S Dressmaker Idle Charles Cooper Engineman Mary Ann Thomas    
1903 08 01 SWAINSON Albert 22 B Labourer Farsley John Robert Swainson (dec'd) Labourer J B Wilson   CE127/AA/74
  MYERS Lily 21 S Weaver Farsley Thomas Myers Labourer J W Swainson    
1903 08 01 BARNES John 53 W Labourer Pudsey William Barnes (dec'd) Grinder Patrick James Crosland   CE127/AA/75
  RUSHFORTH Jane 47 W . Pudsey Thomas Hunter (dec'd) Clerk Sarah Ann Crosland    
1903 08 01 PICKARD Arthur 26 B Designer Manchester . . Florance Langwade   CE127/AA/76
  WATMOUGH Ann Elizabeth 28 S Weaver Windhill Joseph Firth Watmough Baker Joseph Arthur Watmough    
1903 08 02 WALTON Joseph 72 W Wool Merchant Pudsey William Walton (dec'd) Cloth Merchant James Thompson   CE127/AA/77
  DALBY Isabella 65 S . Pudsey William Dalby (dec'd) Farmer's man John Grimshaw    
1903 08 08 CORDINGLEY Alfred 19 B Blacksmith Pudsey Lister Cordingley Cloth Fuller Matthew Coates   CE127/AA/78
  COATES Bertha 23 S Percher Pudsey Matthew Coates Weaver William Dibb    
1903 08 10 NEWTON Harry 22 B Engineer Idle Israel Newton Engineer Albert Tempest Heys   CE127/AA/79
  HEYS Annie Tempest 25 S . Idle Lawrence Heys Tailor Mary Newton    
1903 08 11 BATES Benjamin Holgate 38 W Engineer Farsley Thomas Bates (dec'd) Weaver Fred Procter   CE127/AA/80
  TURNER Jane 34 S . Farsley Joseph Turner (dec'd) Quarry Owner John Cawood    
1903 08 11 FENTON Joseph 43 B Soldier Pudsey John Fenton (dec'd) Labourer Fred Sharp   CE127/AA/81
  WRAY Hannah 45 W Weaver Pudsey Elijah Banks (dec'd) Clerk Emily Sharp    
1903 08 15 SAVILLE William 30 B Blacksmith Calverley Francis Saville Mason Delia Howson   CE127/AA/82
  OLDFIELD Martha 30 S . Bierley Joseph Oldfield Dyer Benjamin William Saville    
1903 08 22 RILEY Jonathan 33 B Engine Tenter Bramley William Riley Wheel Maker John William Palfreeman   CE127/AA/83
  JOHNSON Nancy 30 S Weaver Pudsey Simeon Johnson Warehouseman Sarah E Palfreeman    
1903 08 22 FLETCHER Albert Edward 22 B Signalman Calverley William Fletcher Police Constable Samuel Kitson   CE127/AA/84
  KITSON Ellen 22 S . Calverley William Kitson (dec'd) Gardener Kate Shepherd    
1903 08 24 LUMBY Joseph 24 B Rope Maker Pudsey Joshua Lumby Quarryman Benjamin Wheelhouse Bray?   CE127/AA/85
  HEMINGWAY Emma 22 S Weaver Pudsey Jonah Hemingway (dec'd) Driver Martha Elizabeth Hemingway    
1903 08 24 BEAUMONT Harold Henry 21 B Cloth Miller Pudsey William Beaumont Warp Dresser Sarah Hannah Dennison   CE127/AA/86
  NEAGLE Agnes Maud 19 S Minder Pudsey George Neagle Labourer Harry Neagle    
1903 08 29 WOOD John William 28 B Fettler Farsley Matthew Edward Wood Clerk Harold Berry   CE127/AA/87
  BERRY Fanny 22 S Weaver Farsley Samuel Newsome Berry Fitter George Edward Wood    
1903 08 31 ALDERSON Jonathan 26 B Fitter Shipley Jonathan Alderson (dec'd) Miner Charles Hardy   CE127/AA/88
  BICKEL Alice 23 S Drawer Windhill Harry Bickel Labourer Clara Hardy    
1903 09 05 RAMSDEN Edward 22 B Fettler Pudsey George Ramsden Fettler Ada Holder   CE127/AA/89
  DODDS Clara Ann 24 S Spinner Pudsey William Dodds (dec'd) Painter Harry Hinchcliffe    
1903 09 05 BRIGGS Thomas 23 B Joiner Windhill Isaiah Briggs Warp Dresser Charles Everett   CE127/AA/90
  EVERETT Mary Ann Shires 25 S Drawer Windhill Charles Everett Woolsorter Sarah Jane Grimshaw    
1903 09 15 KNAGGS George 23 B Plasterer Farsley Pockley Knaggs (dec'd) Farmer Fred Myers   CE127/AA/91
  MYERS Beatrice 22 S Servant Farsley Benjamin Myers Mechanic Ethel L Harling    
1903 09 19 MITCHELL James 23 B Rivetter Pudsey James Mitchell (dec'd) Joiner John Mitchell   CE127/AA/92
  BEAN Sarah 23 S Fitter Pudsey Robert Bean Gardener Emily Bean    
1903 09 21 PINKNEY Thomas William 23 B Carter Windhill Thomas Pinkney (dec'd) Stone Mason Stephen Dobson   CE127/AA/93
  DOBSON Christiana 23 S Weaver Windhill Matthew Dobson (dec'd) Labourer Laura Pinkney    
1903 09 22 WOOD Fred 28 B Butcher Pudsey Sam Wood (dec'd) Butcher E Garth   CE127/AA/94
  GARTH Annie 24 S Weaver Pudsey James Garth (dec'd) Tinner J Garth    
1903 09 24 WOOD John Edward 28 B Tinner Peckover Lodge, Calverley John Wood Commercial Traveller Joseph Wood   CE127/AA/95
  BROWN Eliza Russell 27 S Laundress Brunswick Place, Bradford John Brown Herbalist Annie Brown    
1903 09 26 WALTON Johnson 29 B Grocer's Assistant Hunslet Samuel Walton Grocer's Assistant John William Dixon   CE127/AA/96
  JACKSON Edith Adah 27 S Milliner Thornbury William Jackson Home Employment Hannah Dixon    
1903 09 26 JACKSON William Edward Bolton 25 B Carter Farsley Edward Jackson Carter Ernest Harold Whatley   CE127/AA/97
  CHAMBERLAIN Emily Mary 26 S Servant Farsley James Chamberlain (dec'd) Timekeeper Mabel Thirza Whatley    
1903 09 26 SMITH John Richard 25 B Mason Shipley Thomas Smith Labourer George Farrar   CE127/AA/98
  FARRAR Ruth Ann 27 S . Windhill John Farrar (dec'd) Overlooker Elizabeth Smith    
1903 09 28 PITTS Edmund 32 B Butcher Idle George Pitts (dec'd) Farmer James Marston   CE127/AA/99
  MARSTON Grace 26 S . Horsforth Walter Marston Farmer Ada Marston    
1903 09 28 WORTLEY William 27 B Traveller Pudsey William Wortley Joiner Emily Raistrick   CE127/AA/100
  RAISTRICK Elizabeth 21 S . Idle William Raistrick (dec'd) Manufacturer Fred Raistrick    
1903 09 29 FIRTH Fred 22 B Quarryman Windhill John Firth (dec'd) Mason John Thomas Booth   CE127/AA/101
  ADDY Emily 25 S Servant Windhill William Addy Brewer Annie Eliza Coles    
1903 10 05 BANKS Arthur 27 B Mill Manager Pudsey Joseph Banks Wool & Waste Merchant W H Beaumont   CE127/AA/102
  BEAUMONT Hannah Ellen 22 S . Pudsey William Hutchinson Beaumont Cattle Dealer F M Shaw    
1903 10 10 ROEBUCK William 21 B Moulder Pudsey Ben Roebuck Pile Driver Joseph Wood   CE127/AA/103
  WALLER Lily 20 S Spinner Pudsey John Waller Fence Waller Mary Sugden    
1903 10 17 SAXTON Joseph 21 B Fitter Calverley John Saxton Spinner A Bickerdike   CE127/AA/104
  BICKERDIKE Florence 17 S Weaver Farsley Arthur Bickerdike Fish Dealer E Saxton    
1903 10 17 HARDAKER Arthur 32 B Warp Dresser Pudsey Thomas Marshall Hardaker Weaver Horace Greaves   CE127/AA/105
  GREAVES Emily 27 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Greaves (dec'd) Gardener Emma Greaves    
1903 10 24 HEATON Albert 22 B Quarryman Idle Benjamin Heaton (dec'd) Miner George Waterworth   CE127/AA/106
  WILKINSON Lily 21 S Sorter Idle Benjamin Wilkinson (dec'd) Greaser? Ethel Wilkinson    
1903 10 24 RULE Richard 24 B Driver Pudsey Thomas Rule (dec'd) Labourer John William Bennett   CE127/AA/107
  BENNETT Lydia 24 S Spinner Pudsey John Bennett (dec'd) Blacksmiths Striker Ruth Bennett    
1903 10 31 CORDINGLEY Willie 31 W Mill Engineer Calverley Stancliffe Cordingley Mill Engineer Sam Grimshaw   CE127/AA/108
  GRIMSHAW Agnes 30 S . Calverley Samuel Grimshaw Collector of Revenue Francis Sydney Garford    
1903 10 31 BIRDSALL Richard 26 W Cart Driver Farsley Henry Birdsall Farm Labourer Florrie Kendall   CE127/AA/109
  KENDALL Jane 24 W Mill Hand Calverley John Hart Farm Labourer Edwin Birdsall    
1903 10 31 BERRY Walter 26 B Drayman Laisterdyke Edmund Berry Warper Albert Obank   CE127/AA/110
  OBANK Elizabeth 26 S Weaver Idle Abraham Obank (dec'd) Mason Ada Berry    
1903 10 31 SAVAGE Thomas Foggin 21 B Political Agent Pocklington William Thomas Savage Gardener Kitty Manchester   CE127/AA/111
  MANCHESTER Jessie 21 S . Woodhall Hills, Calverley Ephraim Manchester Farmer Arthur Rumbles, Ephraim Manchester    
1903 11 04 HARRISON Jonathan 37 W Labourer Pudsey Cornelius Harrison (dec'd) Labourer James Thompson   CE127/AA/112
  CRAVEN Hannah Mary 33 S Weaver Pudsey William Craven (dec'd) Ostler John Grimshaw    
1903 11 07 DOVE James William 20 B Joiner Calverley Robert Dove Farmer T Butler   CE127/AA/113
  BUTLER Ethel 23 S Condenser Calverley Thomas Butler Mill Hand Mary Butler    
1903 11 07 CLAYTON Arthur 22 B Mason Pudsey Ephraim Clayton Cloth Miller John E Singleton   CE127/AA/114
  BENNETT Esther 22 S Weaver Pudsey Fred Bennett Delver Maria E Schofield    
1903 11 14 PARKER William 21 B Fitter Bramley Henry Parker Labourer Bernard Farrar   CE127/AA/115
  MARSHALL Mary 22 S Weaver Farsley Samuel Marshall Wool Dryer Frances Procter    
1903 11 18 CHAPMAN John William 27 B Gardener Pudsey Adam Chapman Mason Lilly Claughton   CE127/AA/116
  CLAUGHTON Helen 23 S Domestic Servant Farsley Joseph Claughton Engineer Joseph Claughton    
1903 12 02 SHARP John Varley 27 B Greengrocer Pudsey John William Sharp Labourer David Pickles   CE127/AA/117
  PICKLES Emily 28 S Mender Pudsey . . Mabel Myers Brotherhead    
1903 12 09 THOMPSON John 26 B Slater Pudsey Frederick Thompson Slater James Thompson   CE127/AA/118
  HAINSWORTH Mary Ann 30 S Weaver Pudsey Abraham Hainsworth Boiler Maker John Grimshaw    
1903 12 12 SUGDEN Joseph 26 B Boot Maker Pudsey John Henry Sugden (dec'd) Waste Dealer Willie Barker Sugden   CE127/AA/119
  HARSLEY Gerty 22 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Harsley Boot Maker Florence Shillito    
1903 12 19 ROBINSON John William 25 B Mason Windhill William John Robinson Mason William Arthur Booth   CE127/AA/120
  WALLS Maria 21 S Weaver Shipley Isaac Walls Tinner Clara Robinson, Annie Walls    
1903 12 21 HOWCROFT John 53 W Mechanic Pudsey Robert Howcroft (dec'd) Slubber John Kirk   CE127/AA/121
  PARKER Mary Ellen 46 W Mill Hand Thornbury Thomas Law (dec'd) Engine Tenter S? Craig    
1903 12 26 BRAYSHAW John Abraham 24 B Mason Pudsey John Brayshaw (dec'd) Joiner Ann Nicholson   CE127/AA/122
  BOOCOCK Esther 27 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Boocock (dec'd) Weaver Harry Wilkinson    
1903 12 26 RAISTRICK Herbert 21 B Groom Windhill David Raistrick (dec'd) Labourer Fred Craven   CE127/AA/123
  GOLDSBOROUGH Edith 21 S Twister Windhill Alfred Goldsbrough Mason Lily Graham    
1903 12 26 SMALES James 25 B Bill Poster Horsforth William Smales (dec'd) Bill Poster Ann Hainsworth   CE127/AA/124
  BELLWOOD Frances 26 S . Farsley James Dennel Bellwood (dec'd) Mill Hand Walter Smales    
1903 12 26 MILLS William 24 B Warehouseman Calverley James Henry Mills Gardener Richard Townsend, E Binns   CE127/AA/125
  FIRTH Alice Ann 20 S Drawer Windhill Harry Firth (dec'd) Mason Martha Elizabeth Moore, S Mills    
1903 12 30 KILVINGTON John 19 B Clerk Windhill Henry Kilvington Pig Dealer Ernest Hiley   CE127/AA/126
  THOMAS Alice Ethel 20 S . Idle Amos Thomas Joiner Jane Kilvington    
1904 01 02 HAILSTONE John 52 W Labourer Windhill John Hailstone (dec'd) Labourer George Green   CE127/AA/127
  AINLEY Margaret 44 W . Windhill John Edwards (dec'd) Railway Guard Ann Elizabeth Green    
1904 01 02 RHODES Joseph 24 B Fitter Calverley Frederick Rhodes Weaver Harry Rhodes   CE127/AA/128
  BOOTH Ada 25 S Weaver Calverley Thomas Booth Moulder Nellie Booth    
1904 01 04 MATHERS Edwin 55 W Confectioner Farsley Thomas Mathers (dec'd) Spinner Charles M Gaunt   CE127/AA/129
  MOORE Alice Hannah 48 W Draper Pudsey Paul Smithson (dec'd) Agricultural Implement Maker Sarah Annie Gaunt    
1904 01 16 MILLER Edward 23 B Waggon Examiner Pudsey Henry Augustus Miller Marine Stone Dealer Lily Jagger   CE127/AA/130
  JAGGER Ada 21 S Weaver Pudsey Jacob Jagger (dec'd) Fitter's Labourer Annie Miller    
1904 01 19 SWAINE Thompson 52 W Moulder Windhill Joseph Swaine (dec'd) Shoemaker Christopher Berry   CE127/AA/131
  EASTWOOD Hannah 48 W . Windhill Samuel Dane (dec'd) Sorter Hannah Berry    
1904 01 23 DIBB Fred 24 B Boot Rivetter Pudsey William Dibb (dec'd) Boot Rivetter Henry Gott   CE127/AA/132
  FEARNLEY Bertha 20 S Weaver Pudsey Henry Fearnley (dec'd) Tanner Clara Gott    
1904 02 07 WARD Albert 45 B Rivetter Tyersal Benjamin Ward (dec'd) Millwright John McHale   CE127/AA/133
  KNOWLES Ellen Ann 45 S Weaver Tyersal Septimus Knowles (dec'd) Warp Twister Nellie McHale    
1904 02 09 LAND Charles Henry 37 W Watchmaker Thornbury Richard Land Boot Maker Jacob Hudson   CE127/AA/134
  TOWNSON Edith 25 S . Thornbury Thomas Townson (dec'd) Mechanic Florence Ann Townson    
1904 02 09 RUSHTON Thomas 30 B Coal Merchant Shipley Charles Bailey Rushton Coal Merchant Amon Dennison   CE127/AA/135
  LAWRANCE Annie Eliza 34 B Barmaid Windhill William Lawrance (dec'd) Contractor Jane Heald    
1904 02 13 GREGSON John 24 B Labourer Pudsey William Gregson (dec'd) Quarryman Joseph Crampton   CE127/AA/136
  CRAMPTON Frances Ann 24 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Crampton Roadman Jane Crampton    
1904 02 15 COOPER Fred 20 B Moulder Pudsey Charlesworth Cooper (dec'd) Rivetter Friend Mitchell   CE127/AA/137
  MITCHELL Clara 20 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Mitchell Mule Spinner Mary Ellen Pearson    
1904 02 18 PIMBLOTT Oswald 26 B Painter Pudsey William Oswald Pimblott Meter Inspector James Gott   CE127/AA/138
  WALKER Annie 26 S Machinist Pudsey Joseph Hainsworth Walker (dec'd) Gentleman Clara Myers    
1904 02 20 THORNTON David 18 B Delver Pudsey John Thornton Delver E Roebuck   CE127/AA/139
  JOWETT Clara Annie 20 S Weaver Pudsey William Jowett Delver E Jowett    
1904 02 23 UNWIN John James 33 B Bookkeeper Windhill Taylor Unwin Greengrocer Lizzie Unwin   CE127/AA/140
  NETHERWOOD Isabella 36 W . Windhill Robert Wade Beanland Violinist Frederick Taylor Unwin    
1904 02 27 GAUNT Samuel 26 B Labourer Pudsey James Alfred Gaunt Labourer Frederick William Brown   CE127/AA/141
  BRADSHAW Mary Elizabeth 23 S Servant Pudsey John Bradshaw (dec'd) Butcher Florence Eliza Brown    
1904 02 27 NETTLETON Oliver 21 B Fettler Pudsey John Nettleton (dec'd) Mason John L Broadbent   CE127/AA/142
  BROADBENT Eliza Jane 23 S Weaver Pudsey James Broadbent (dec'd) Spinner Ivy Nettleton    
1904 03 05 WAITE Arthur 26 B Kitchen Range Fitter Farsley William Waite (dec'd) Farm Labourer Arthur Appleyard   CE127/AA/143
  SMEDLEY Annie 21 S Domestic Servant Farsley William Smedley (dec'd) Bricklayer Hetty? Patchett    
1904 03 05 HINCHCLIFFE John Edward 42 B Boot Maker Pudsey Joseph Hinchcliffe (dec'd) Publican James Thompson   CE127/AA/144
  BAINTON Mary Elizabeth 30 S Laundress Pudsey Robert Bainton Brick Maker John Grimshaw    
1904 03 12 IRVIN Edwin 28 B Gardener Sadberge, Durham Thomas Irvin Farmer Fred Rushforth   CE127/AA/145
  PAGE Florrie 27 S . Calverley Joseph Page Grocer Mary Selina Grimshaw    
1904 03 26 O'GORMAN Albert Edward 23 B Mechanic Church Street, Windhill Andrew O'Gorman Mechanic Harry O'Gorman Holmes   CE127/AA/146
  ASKEW Gertrude May 21 S Weaver Church Street, Windhill Richard Askew Porter Elizabeth Jackson    
1904 03 26 HOLLINGS Thomas Edward 23 B Plumber Back Lane, Calverley Wilfrid Hollings Fettler Sam Walmsley   CE127/AA/147
  WALMSLEY Emily 23 S Weaver Park View, Calverley Joseph Walmsley Labourer Edgar Hollings    
1904 03 31 WILSON Ely Shepherd 26 B Yarn Buyer Thornbury John Wilson (dec'd) Hairdresser Abraham Wood   CE127/AA/148
  DOBSON Martha Annie 25 S . Calverley John Dobson (dec'd) Overlooker Nelly Dobson    
1904 04 02 TAYLOR Herbert Atkinson 23 B Polisher Briggate, Windhill Thomas Taylor Carrier John Yeadon   CE127/AA/149
  YEADON Alice 20 S Weaver High Street, Windhill Joshua Yeadon (dec'd) Quarryman Lilian Taylor    
1904 04 02 EMSLEY Fred 22 B Carrier Crimbles Terrace, Pudsey Joseph Emsley Clicker William Emsley   CE127/AA/150
  CRAVEN Emily 21 S Weaver Larkfield Farm, Pudsey Joshua Craven (dec'd) Delver Ernest Craven    
1904 04 02 GILBERT James Normanton 21 B Fitter Carlisle Road, Farsley Elijah Gilbert Fitter J Haw   CE127/AA/151
  HAW Mary Ann 24 S . Fieldhouse Farm, Farsley John Haw Farmer Fanny Wood    
1904 04 02 NEWBOULD Tom 25 B Joiner Mossman Fields, Windhill Mark Newbould Quarryman Joseph B Hall   CE127/AA/152
  HALL Eliza Hannah 28 S Servant Mossman Fields, Windhill William Hall (dec'd) Overlooker Eveline Hall    
1904 04 02 PEEL George 27 B Labourer Smalewell Road, Pudsey Simeon Peel (dec'd) Soldier Joseph Edward Lawson   CE127/AA/153
  LAWSON Annie 27 S Spinner Smalewell Road, Pudsey Sam Lawson Fettler Sarah Jemima Lawson    
1904 04 04 BLACKBURN Arthur 28 B Painter Occupation Lane, Pudsey Johnson Blackburn Currier Edward Wilson   CE127/AA/154
  WALKER Annie Amelia 28 S . Stoneville Terrace, Bramley John Walker Spinner G W Revill    
1904 04 04 SALTER Frank 21 B Assistant Designer 29 School Street, Pudsey Willie Salter Clicker W C York   CE127/AA/155
  YORK Florence Alice 21 S Weaver 4 Cromack View, Pudsey William C York Clicker E A Salter    
1904 04 04 WAITE Arthur 22 B Mason 12 Howgate, Idle William Waite Mason Tom Verity   CE127/AA/156
  VERITY Sarah 23 S Weaver Thackley End, Idle John James Verity Spinner Edith Thornton    
1904 04 04 LAWSON George 21 B Fitter 7 Wood Street, Rodley Ben Lawson Fitter Simeon Copley   CE127/AA/157
  BUSFIELD Emma 21 S Machine Minder 2 Thornhill Street, Calverley Joshua Busfield Millhand Alice Lawson    
1904 04 04 BRAY Joseph 52 W Tanner Parkfield Terrace, Pudsey William Bray (dec'd) Weaver John Armitage   CE127/AA/158
  SHUTTLEWORTH Mary 49 W Weaver Waterloo Road, Pudsey William Hemingway (dec'd) Carrier Emma Lumby    
1904 05 03 ATKINSON Harold 27 B Fettler 158 Town Street, Rodley George Atkinson Pork Butcher Ethel Atkinson   CE127/AA/159
  HORN Sarah Lizzie 30 S Comb Minder Commercial Street, Farsley Peter Horn Leather Merchant Herbert Horn Farrar    
1904 05 12 BEANLAND John Milner 40 B Gentleman Springwood House, Bolton William Beanland (dec'd) Farmer J L Calvert   CE127/AA/160
  BINNS Kathleen 41 S . Lister Lane, Bolton Seth Binns (dec'd) Gentleman Edith H Hibbert By Licence  
1904 05 21 WAGSTAFF George 22 B Mule Spinner Church Hill, Farsley Robert Wagstaff Labourer John Wagstaff   CE127/AA/161
  BROOK Sarah Elizabeth 22 S Spinner Fowler's Place, Stanningley Walker Brook Labourer Martha Brook    
1904 05 21 TEALE Walter 22 B Quarryman 5 Banksfield Terrace, Pudsey Ison Teale Weaver Arthur Laycock   CE127/AA/162
  HOLDSWORTH Frances 20 S Weaver 45 Mount Street, Eccleshill Kellett Holdsworth Farmer Florence Barlow    
1904 05 21 HOBBS James Edwin 31 B Labourer Turkey Hill, Pudsey William Hobbs (dec'd) Labourer Sarah Ellen Hobbs   CE127/AA/163
  HARWOOD Martha Ann 44 S Millhand 13 Littlemoor Bottom, Pudsey Mark Harwood (dec'd) Miner William Hudson Cordingley    
1904 05 21 HALEY Fred 22 B Joiner Cutler Heights Lane, Tong Edwin Haley (dec'd) Lamplighter Joseph Haley   CE127/AA/164
  MITCHELL Mary Hannah 23 S Weaver Tyersal Lane, Pudsey William Mitchell Farmer Ethel Mitchell    
1904 05 21 CLEGG Thomas Henry 56 W Labourer Thornbury Joseph Clegg (dec'd) Cotton Spinner William Briars?   CE127/AA/165
  POTTER Frances 43 S Weaver Thornbury William Potter (dec'd) Engine Driver Mary Holmes    
1904 05 21 HAMMOND Thomas Richard 24 B Moulder Greenside, Pudsey John Hammond Draper Rebecca Davey   CE127/AA/166
  DAVEY Elizabeth 22 S Mender Butler Place, Stanningley Matthew Davey Driller Squire Davey    
1904 05 23 WILLIAMS George Rowland 20 B Engineer 34 The Marsh, Pudsey James Williams Retired Police Sergeant Arthur John Wood   CE127/AA/167
  WROE Florence Jane 19 S School Teacher 34 The Marsh, Pudsey Arthur John Wroe Cashier William Moore    
1904 05 23 BLACKBURN George Thomas 21 B Boot Maker 16 Baker Cottages, Pudsey George Thomas Blackburn (dec'd) Boot Finisher Lucy Ellen Glover   CE127/AA/168
  HILL Mercy Hannah 24 S Drawer 14 Baker Cottages, Pudsey Henry Hill (dec'd) Dyer's Labourer A Edward Aspinall    
1904 05 23 ILLINGWORTH Fred 25 B Butcher Victoria Terrace, Pudsey John Illingworth (dec'd) Publican William Glover   CE127/AA/169
  GLOVER Beatrice 24 S Teacher Moorland House, Pudsey Simeon Glover Butcher Harry Glover    
1904 05 23 FOSTER Joe 23 B Crabber Thomas Place, Windhill Francis Foster Labourer David Bocock   CE127/AA/170
  LINLEY Elizabeth 23 S Twister 14 High Street, Windhill Charles Linley Labourer Mary Hannah Linley    
1904 05 24 SHARP Samuel 24 B Engineer 93 Fartown, Pudsey James Sharp Labourer Ernest Crowther   CE127/AA/171
  CROWTHER Eliza 22 S Weaver 86 Banks Buildings, Pudsey Lister Crowther Spinner Maria Sharp    
1904 05 29 HOLDER Ernest 22 B Labourer Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Joseph Holder Labourer Watson Turnpenny   CE127/AA/172
  BINNS Martha Ann 21 S Twister Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey John William Binns Labourer Martha Holder    
1904 05 30 DAWSON Frederic 23 B Car Conductor 51 Tamworth Road, Newcastle William Dawson Nail Maker W H Dawson   CE127/AA/173
  BRIGGS Mary Eunice 17 S Millhand Leeds Road, Windhill William Hodgson Briggs Stone Mason W H Briggs    
1904 06 04 HUNTER William Henry 23 B Tailor Wood End, Windhill James Hunter Draper William Horsfall   CE127/AA/174
  VERITY Alice Elizabeth 23 S Weaver Wood End, Windhill Wilson Verity (dec'd) Compositor Henry Furniss    
1904 06 11 FIELDHOUSE Samuel 28 B Butcher William Street, Farsley Thomas Fieldhouse (dec'd) Publican Albert Baker   CE127/AA/175
  LUMBY Annie 33 S Mender Arthur Street, Farsley George Lumby Joiner Polly Fieldhouse    
1904 06 18 HARGREAVES Charles 25 B Machine Operator Lowtown, Pudsey Simeon Hargreaves Foreman Boot Finisher J T Towler   CE127/AA/176
  TOWLER Mary 22 S Mender Lowtown, Pudsey John Towler Ex Policeman Mary Elizabeth Hargreaves    
1904 06 25 GORDON John 43 W Mechanic 114 Old Road, Farsley James Gordon (dec'd) Labourer George Douse   CE127/AA/177
  BROWN Ann 42 S . Ebenezer Street, Farsley Miles Brown (dec'd) Overlooker Lizzie Hainsworth    
1904 06 25 BOLTON Irving Arthur 27 B Grocer's Assistant Water Lane, Farsley Wright Bolton Grocer Annie Bolton   CE127/AA/178
  SUGDEN Mary 30 S Weaver Red Lane, Farsley Ebenezer Sugden (dec'd) Fish Dealer Eright Wigglesworth    
1904 07 02 AIRTON Stead 29 B Twister 8 Kensington Place, Idle James Henry Airton (dec'd) Painter Harry King   CE127/AA/179
  KING Emma Fairlan 31 S Weaver 3 Derby Street, Idle John Edward King (dec'd) Warehouseman Sarah Ellen King    
1904 07 12 MIDGLEY Sam 24 B Musician Harrowins Lodge, Queensbury Ezra Midgley Gardener Israel Marshall   CE127/AA/180
  MARSHALL Alice Beatrice 22 S Weaver Bagley Lane, Farsley . . Mary Midgley    
1904 07 16 BENTCLIFFE William Henry 32 B Timekeeper 6 Moorside Place, Idle Walter Bentcliffe (dec'd) Stone Mason Ernest Landfear   CE127/AA/181
  WILKINSON Mary Jane 34 S . 3 Bradford Road, Idle William Wilkinson (dec'd) Engine Tenter Sophia Landfear    
1904 07 20 WILSON Frank Herbert Lyon 30 B Engineer 55 Fartown, Pudsey Christopher Wilson Coal Merchant Margaret J Wilson   CE127/AA/182
  WILSON Esther Mary 28 S . Hazeldene, Bradford Road, Farsley Richard Wilson Coal Merchant Harold Wilson    
1904 07 30 RHODES William 25 B Fixture Glazier 4 Providence Place, Pudsey James Rhodes (dec'd) Labourer Robert Payne   CE127/AA/183
  PAYNE Emily Jane 25 S Weaver 14 Scott Street, Pudsey Robert Payne Market Gardener Arthur Rhodes    
1904 07 30 HAIST Edmund 27 B Striker 5 Gilbert Street, Farsley Benjamin Haist Blacksmith Frank Moorhouse   CE127/AA/184
  MOORHOUSE Harriet Raynor 25 S Drawer 36 Sydney Street, Farsley . . Richard Raynor Moorhouse    
1904 07 30 HORSFALL Willie 26 B Fireman 2 Church Lane, Pudsey Alfred Horsfall (dec'd) Boot Rivetter Annie Wilson   CE127/AA/185
  WILSON Mary 26 S Winder 130 Valley Road, Pudsey John Wilson Pavior Esther Hannah Horsfall    
1904 07 30 WATMOUGH Joseph Arthur 26 B Warp Twister 49 Annie Street, Windhill Joseph Firth Watmough (dec'd) Bread Baker Joseph Langwade   CE127/AA/186
  LANGWADE Florence 23 S Twister 7 Woodville Terrace, Windhill Joseph Langwade Gas Stoker Annie Langwade    
1904 07 30 MALTBY Arthur Edwin 30 W Coachman 6 Cragg Fold, Windhill Tom William Maltby (dec'd) Gardener John Maurice Maltby   CE127/AA/187
  RADCLIFFE Henrietta Mary 29 W . 4 The Holt, Windhill William Tunstall Farmer Emma Tunstall    
1904 08 01 HATTERSLEY Walter Tidswell 22 B Mechanic 64 School Hill, Windhill . . Wilfrid Collins   CE127/AA/188
  WRIGHT Elizabeth Ann 21 S Laundress 64 School Hill, Windhill Frank Wright (dec'd) Mason Lily Martin    
1904 08 01 WEBSTER William 23 B Engineer Crawshaw Yard, Pudsey Musgrave Webster (dec'd) Tanner Thomas Marshall Hardaker   CE127/AA/189
  HARDAKER Sarah Jane 25 S Weaver Aspect Terrace, Pudsey Thomas Marshall Hardaker Weaver Isaac Webster    
1904 08 06 RHODES Ben 26 B Painter 7 Rider Row, Pudsey Arthur Rhodes Tanner Herbert Fawbert   CE127/AA/190
  HUTCHINSON Lily 24 S Weaver 10 Rider Row, Pudsey Winkworth Hutchinson Tanner Maria Hutchinson    
1904 08 10 MOSS George William 30 B Farmer Somerville Terrace, Farsley Samuel Moss Warp Dresser Samuel Moss   CE127/AA/191
  BINNS Sarah 27 S . New Inn, Farsley John Binns Publican James Harold Moss    
1904 08 13 RAISTRICK Oliver Brook 21 B Grocer Windhill Old Road, Thackley James Smith Raistrick Spinner Thomas Crawford Huntley By Licence CE127/AA/192
  HUNTLY Florence 23 S . Marlborough Road, Idle Thomas Crawford Huntley Packer Annie Raistrick    
1904 08 15 HINCHCLIFFE Alfred 20 B Fettler 6 Wesley Place, Pudsey John Alfred Hinchcliffe Carrier C Whiteley   CE127/AA/193
  SALTER Bertha Emily 19 S Twister 6 Mount Pleasant, Pudsey Samuel Salter Tailor Joseph Page    
1904 08 20 TURNPENNY Frederick 23 B Mechanic 4 Peel Street, Pudsey Henry Turnpenny (dec'd) Engine Tenter Grace Dufton   CE127/AA/194
  JACKSON Lily 24 S Filler 30 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Charles Jackson (dec'd) Mason Jonathan Jackson    
1904 08 20 PICKARD Harry 25 B Musician 3 Varley Street, Stanningley Josiah Pickard (dec'd) Plumber Matthew Henry Hudson   CE127/AA/195
  RUSHFORTH Edith 24 S . 3 Varley Street, Stanningley Seth Rushforth (dec'd) Mason Alice Pickard    
1904 08 21 HOLDER John 25 B Blacksmith 14 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Joseph Holder Labourer James Wilson Brown   CE127/AA/196
  SCHOFIELD Mary Hannah 26 S Weaver Back Lane, Farsley John Schofield (dec'd) Labourer Jane Alice Patchett    
1904 08 24 MANN Randolph 20 B Mason Prospect Square, Farsley John Benson Mann Joiner Florence Rhodes   CE127/AA/197
  RHODES Emily 21 S . Prospect Street, Farsley John Rhodes Mason Dufton Carrick    
1904 08 27 NAYLOR Joseph William 28 B Labourer 19 Peel Street, Pudsey Peter Naylor Labourer Annie Ogden   CE127/AA/198
  WEBSTER Jane 25 S Weaver 4 Park Avenue, Church Lane, Pudsey John Webster Delver Aquila Mathers    
1904 08 27 MILBOURN Arthur 22 B Farmer's man Cemetery Road, Pudsey David Milbourn Gardener H Milbourn   CE127/AA/199
  FINNEY Mary 25 S Weaver Larkfield Row, Pudsey . . E Jowett    
1904 08 27 PARKIN John James 22 B Labourer 17 High Bank Street, Farsley John James Parkin Firer Polly Parkin   CE127/AA/200
  LEFFLEY Elizabeth 22 S Weaver 1 Greenside, Pudsey George Leffley Greengrocer Willie Jones    
1904 08 27 WILCOCK John Henry 29 B Driver 11 Cromack Street, Waterloo, Pudsey John William Wilcock Warp Dresser Walter Wilcock   CE127/AA/201
  BONELL Sarah Ann 39 W Spinner Knowle Buildings, Rose Mount, Pudsey James Emsley (dec'd) Fishmonger Rose Appleyard    
1904 08 27 BOYES Richard 23 B Driver Oswald Street, Windhill John Boyes Grave Digger Eliza Boyes   CE127/AA/202
  RYDER Laura 20 S Domestic Servant Oswald Street, Windhill Robert Ryder Farmer Robert Ryder    
1904 08 30 ELSON William 30 B Electrician 24 Hope View, Windhill Job Elson Foreman Colour Grinder Exelby Reynolds   CE127/AA/203
  MIDGLEY Emma 29 S . 16 Hope View, Windhill John Midgley (dec'd) Retired Merchant Carrie Reynolds    
1904 08 30 CLARKE Charles Albert 51 W Boot Maker 14 Union Yard, Idle Seth Clarke (dec'd) Boot Maker Samuel Holdsworth   CE127/AA/204
  WILSON Annie 48 S . 40 Croft Street, Idle John Wilson (dec'd) Boot Maker Julia Hardaker    
1904 09 03 SKIRROW Fred 32 B Fettler Stanley Street, Idle . . William Coates   CE127/AA/205
  COATES Alice 27 S Weaver Croft Street, Idle William Coates Road Mender Elizabeth Coates    
1904 09 10 MATTHEWMAN Harry 25 B Painter 317 Swinnow, Stanningley Ben Matthewman Tuner Midgley Fletcher   CE127/AA/206
  SPARROW Ada Jessie 27 S Tailoress 10 Mulberry Street, Pudsey Henry Sparrow (dec'd) Builder Bertha Varley    
1904 09 10 GLOVER Wilfred 25 B Plumber 27 Marlborough Road, Idle Earl Glover Millhand William Taylor   CE127/AA/207
  TODD Ellen 25 S Millhand 14 New Street, Idle Charles Raynor Todd (dec'd) Mason Willie Todd    
1904 09 10 WHITELEY Frank 20 B Labourer 1 Roseberry St, Cemetery Rd, Pudsey Thomas Whiteley Pile Driver Martha Elizabeth Williamson   CE127/AA/208
  ACKROYD Frances Mary 20 S Weaver 2 Perseverance St, Waterloo Rd, Pudsey Charles Henry Ackroyd Weaver James Wade    
1904 09 14 WILCOCK Walter 25 B Tailor Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Isaiah Wilcock Warp Dresser William Henry Hunnebell   CE127/AA/209
  OVEREND Ethel 24 S Mender Red Lane, Farsley Daniel Overend Market Gardener Albert Wilcock    
1904 09 17 TERRY William John 21 B Railway Porter Rosemont Terrace, Pudsey William John Terry Railway Porter Sarah Cooper   CE127/AA/210
  COOPER Annie 24 S Weaver Smalewell Road, Pudsey Samuel Cooper Warp Dresser Percy Smithson    
1904 09 17 RIDER William 36 W Warp Dresser Greenwood Row, Pudsey William Rider Millhand Alice Pickersgill   CE127/AA/211
  RAISTRICK Sarah 42 W Charwoman 13 Bertha Street, Farsley Paul Robertshaw (dec'd) Millhand Fred Cooper    
1904 09 19 VALENTINE William Ross 30 B Electrical Engineer 14 West Terrace, Stanningley Samuel Valentine (dec'd) Stockbroker Clara Swales   CE127/AA/212
  ROWLAND Helena 30 S Milliner 9 West Grove Street, Stanningley Thomas Rowland Grocer Major Swales    
1904 09 21 SMITH Thomas Morris 26 B Clerk 81 Crag Road, Windhill Jonas Smith Joiner Allan Smith   CE127/AA/213
  VARLEY Clara 23 S Winder 265 Barkerend Road, Bradford Christopher Varley Plasterer May Fearnley    
1904 09 29 SWAINE David 23 B Labourer 12 Chatham Square, Calverley Alfred Swaine Labourer Sarah Ann Lucas   CE127/AA/214
  YOUNG Mary Elizabeth 30 S . 12 Chatham Square, Calverley Charles Henry Young Miner Richad Henry Young    
1904 10 11 KITSON Walter 32 B Warehouseman 33 Victor Terrace, Bradford John Reed Kitson Engineer Ernest Jones   CE127/AA/215
  HARRISON Sarah 36 W . Heath House, Pudsey David Armitage Manufacturer Rosie Jones    
1904 10 15 BAKER Albert 24 B Rivetter 12 Irwin Street, Farsley Joseph Baker Furnaceman William Davison   CE127/AA/216
  DAVISON Annie 21 S Weaver 3 Water Lane, Farsley William Davison Joiner J H Baker    
1904 10 16 HUNT Charles 21 B Forage Merchant 5 Woodlands Terrace, Calverley Moor William Hunt Coal Merchant Percy Rochfort   CE127/AA/217
  BOWMAN Elizabeth Harriet 19 S Dressmaker 11 Woodlands Terrace, Calveley Moor Thomas Bowman Boot Maker Ann Rochfort    
1904 10 17 HORSMAN Thomas 23 B Labourer 16 Sandsgate, Farsley Thomas Horsman Labourer Arthur Scott   CE127/AA/218
  HARDCASTLE Jane 20 S Filler 20 Long Street, Calverley George Hardcastle Labourer Mary Hardcastle    
1904 10 18 NORFOLK Charles 42 W Coachman 5 Lydgate Terrace, Calverley George Norfolk (dec'd) Coachman W Barber   CE127/AA/219
  SHARP Betsy Ann 39 S Cook Denehurst, Calverley William Sharp Labourer M A Norfolk    
1904 10 22 RODGERS Walter 23 B Jeweller 20 Retford Place, Horton, Bradford John James Rodgers (dec'd) Spinner David Walker By Licence CE127/AA/220
  MESNY Emmelene Maude Julia 28 W . 10 Grangefield Avenue, Thornbury Edmondson Charlesworth Worsted Spinner Phoebe H Mitchell    
1904 10 22 MARSHALL Harry 24 B Spinner 16 Mill Row, Calverley John Marshall Firer Thomas Horsman   CE127/AA/221
  DUFTON Agnes 22 S Minder 7 Mill Row, Calverley . . Jane Horsman    
1904 10 26 KEIGHLEY Ernest 26 B Coachman Hammerton Street, Pudsey Josiah Keighley Labourer Harold Wilson   CE127/AA/222
  HALLIDAY Ethel 24 S Worsted Spinner 4 Huggans Row, Pudsey Frederick Halliday Cloth Percher Sarah Halliday    
1904 11 02 RATCLIFFE Joseph 22 B Milkman 45 Bury Street, Tyersal Henry Ratcliffe (dec'd) Weaving Overlooker Johnson Walton   CE127/AA/223
  WALTON Lily 21 S Spinner 45 Bury Street, Tyersal Sam Watson Stone Dresser Violet Turner    
1904 11 09 YOUNG John 29 B Gardener 16 Moorland Terrace, Littlemoor, Pudsey Edward Young (dec'd) Wheelwright Williamm Powell   CE127/AA/224
  PROCTER Edith 30 S Teacher 47 Houghside, Pudsey Thomas Procter (dec'd) Gentleman George Wright Turner    
1904 11 26 ALLERTON David 28 B Fettler Huggan Row, Crimbles, Pudsey Job Allerton (dec'd) Overlooker Annie Sunderland   CE127/AA/225
  ASQUITH Grace 26 S Weaver Longfield Terrace, Pudsey John Asquith (dec'd) Joiner Hiram Wilkinson    
1904 11 26 WILSON Harold 22 B Patten Maker Hazeldene, Stanningley Richard Wilson Coal Merchant Ethel Keighley   CE127/AA/226
  HALLIDAY Sarah Annie 22 S Weaver 3 Huggan Row, Crimbles, Pudsey Frederick Halliday Cloth Percher Richard M Wilson    
1904 11 26 CHAPMAN Joseph 29 B Furnaceman 12 Ripley Mount, Stanningley John Walter Chapman (dec'd) Joiner Fred Bethell   CE127/AA/227
  RHODES Bertha 24 S Weaver Canal Road, Calverley John Rhodes Fitter Edith Rhodes    
1904 12 03 HAINSWORTH Peter 21 B Spinner Lowtown, Pudsey Daniel Hainsworth Fettler George Gaunt   CE127/AA/228
  WILCOCK Jane 21 S Weaver 1 Balloon Row, Pudsey Benjamin Wilcock (dec'd) Rivetter Eva Gaunt    
1904 12 07 JOHNSON John Gibson 59 B Farmer 221 Fartown, Pudsey Michael Johnson (dec'd) Carrier F M Johnson   CE127/AA/229
  GUTTERIDGE Sarah Ann 45 S Grocer & Confectioner 81 Greenside, Pudsey John Gutteridge Blacksmith Jane Gutteridge    
1904 12 10 BROADBENT John Birdsell 25 B Scourer Beech Street, Elland James Broadbent Caretaker Gilbert Evelyn Anderson   CE127/AA/230
  ANDERSON Lily Mable 26 S Dressmaker South View Terrace, Thornbury Silas Anderson Pattern maker May Anderson    
1904 12 10 BUSFIELD Young 27 B Labourer 15 Railway Place, Idle William Busfield (dec'd) Farm Labourer Nellie Dunwell   CE127/AA/231
  EXLEY Lois 22 S Millhand 16 Hampton Place, Idle William Exley (dec'd) Farm Labourer John Dunwell    
1904 12 17 PULLAN Welfit Oddy 27 B Turner 4 Albion Street, Pudsey Robert Pullan (dec'd) Mason Louis Stead   CE127/AA/232
  BRIGGS Nancy 30 S Weaver 8 Delph Hill, Pudsey Tom Briggs (dec'd) Fettler Rebecca Stead    
1904 12 24 LORRYMAN Joseph James 24 B Moulder Varley Street, Stanningley James Lorryman (dec'd) Labourer John Wilcock   CE127/AA/233
  KITSON Ada 22 S Drawer Varley Street, Stanningley Josephh Kitson Labourer Annie Flanigan    
1904 12 24 MOSS Freddy 28 B Overlooker Fulneck End, Pudsey William Moss Farmer Rose Moss   CE127/AA/234
  HAMERS Lizzy 31 S . Ratcliffe Terrace, Pudsey William Hamers (dec'd) Spinner Simeon Moss    
1904 12 24 WALKER James Henry 24 B Millhand 52 Chapeltown Top, Pudsey Alfred Walker Fettler John Alfred Walker   CE127/AA/235
  BRIERS Margaret Ellen 24 S Weaver 160 Fartown, Pudsey Robert Briers (dec'd) Collier Sarah Ann Walker    
1904 12 24 NAYLOR Alfred 29 B Spinner Church Lane, Pudsey Francis Naylor (dec'd) Quarryman J W Naylor   CE127/AA/236
  OLDFIELD Emma 24 S Weaver Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey William Oldfield Cloth Percher R A Waller    
1904 12 24 WALKER John William 27 B Overlooker Woodhall Road, Thornbury John Walker Engineer John Thomas Houlden   CE127/AA/237
  FISHER Mary Edith 26 S Spinner Woodhall Road, Thornbury Harry Fisher Brick Setter Clara Fisher    
1904 12 24 HARDAKER Herbert Thomas 25 B Boiler Maker 5 Checker Row, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Edwin Hardaker (dec'd) Navvy Polly Parkin   CE127/AA/238
  PARKIN Ada 24 S Weaver 17 High Bank Street, Farsley John James Parkin Firer John James Parkin    
1904 12 24 MIDGLEY James William 26 B Turner 12 Calverley View, Rodley John Midgley (dec'd) Overlooker Walter Midgley   CE127/AA/239
  FARRER Sarah Annie 23 S Weaver 12 Calverley View, Rodley Samuel Farrar Joiner Arthur Carduss    
1904 12 24 LAWSON James 47 W Card Cleaner Greenside, Pudsey Joseph Lawson (dec'd) Teamer Joseph Lawson   CE127/AA/240
  SCOTT Phoebe 53 W Charwoman Greenside, Pudsey Thomas Walton (dec'd) Farmer Mary E Lawson    
1904 12 26 EMSLEY Samuel 30 B Greengrocer Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Alfred Emsley Spinner William Goodall   CE127/AA/241
  GOODALL Fanny 25 S . Kippax William Goodall Collier Sarah Glover    
1904 12 26 PEARSON Herbert 20 B Cloth Presser 16 Checker Row, Stanningley William Pearson (dec'd) Boot Finisher William Sheffield   CE127/AA/242
  BRAYSHAW Elizabeth Ann Galloway 23 S Weaver 4 Park Square, Pudsey . . Nellie Pearson    
1904 12 26 BLACKAH Willie 25 B Moulder 24 Aire Street, Windhill Christopher Blackah Stoker John Williams Tillotson   CE127/AA/243
  TILLOTSON Mary Elizabeth 25 S Warper 13 Kendal Square, Windhill Thomas Tillotson (dec'd) Mason Alice Blackah    
1904 12 27 KITCHIN Barnabas 23 B Puddler 51a Roker Lane, Pudsey William Kitchin Shipwright William Gaunt   CE127/AA/244
  GAUNT Lily 26 S Weaver 4 Tennyson Street, Valley Road, Pudsey Joseph Gaunt Collier Harry Kitchin    
1905 01 04 TOWNSEND Herbert 43 B Clothier 2 Woods Row, Town Street, Stanningley John Townsend (dec'd) Worsted Manager T Smales   CE127/AA/245
  INGHAM Elizabeth 44 S . 9 Summerville Terrace, Farsley Old Road Sammy Ingham Retired Farmer S Ingham Moss    
1905 01 21 BARRETT Ernest 27 B Rivetter 5 Waver Green, Pudsey Robert Barrett (dec'd) Spinner Arthur Lee   CE127/AA/246
  LEE Annie 28 S Weaver 8 Crawshaw Fields, Pudsey Joshua Lee Clerk Herbert Watkinson    
1905 01 23 CARTER Edwin 64 W Cloth Fuller Wood Nook Terrace, Farsley George Carter (dec'd) Cloth Weaver William Pickard   CE127/AA/247
  ARMITAGE Sarah 64 W . Smalewell Road, Pudsey John Glover (dec'd) Cloth Weaver James Kitching    
1905 01 28 STRANGWARD Albert Thomas 26 B Saddler South Bailey Gate, Pontefract Thomas Strangwood Fellmonger John Horn   CE127/AA/248
  MITCHELL Emily 29 S Weaver Albion Road, Pudsey Shem Mitchell (dec'd) Mule Spinner Harriet Mitchell    
1905 02 04 ABBEY George Albert 28 B Tinner 4 School Hill, Windhill John Abbey Joiner Frederick Abbey   CE127/AA/249
  RILEY Polly 35 W . 4 School Hill, Windhill Benjamin Baxter Mechanic Alice Ellen Abbey    
1905 02 04 KEIGHLEY Thomas 25 B Labourer 8 Clara Street, Farsley William Keighley Retired Baker A Keighley   CE127/AA/250
  WOOD Ruth 27 S Weaver 60 Greenside, Pudsey Joseph Wood (dec'd) Mule Spinner S Webster    
1905 02 11 DIXON John Thomas 37 W Twister 16 Thornhill Street, Calverley William Dixon (dec'd) Weaver Arnaud Butler   CE127/AA/251
  BUTLER Mary Elizabeth 27 S Minder 26 Long Street, Calverley Thomas Butler Weaver Joseph Dearden    
1905 02 14 FIRTH George 30 B Grocer 7 Valley Road, Shipley John Firth (dec'd) Woolsorter Mary E Stancliffe   CE127/AA/252
  STANCLIFFE Esther Annie 27 S Milliner Kirk Cottage, Windhill William Stancliffe Clerk John Harold Stancliffe    
1905 02 14 MURGATROYD George William 23 B Hairdresser 2 Murgatroyd Place, Windhill John Murgatroyd Joiner G H Taylor   CE127/AA/253
  LISTER Florence 20 S . 2 Oswald Street, Windhill Benjamin Lister Moulder A Hodgson    
1905 02 18 CROFT John Alfred 22 B Miner 85 Cragg Road, Windhill Thomas Croft Miner S Binns   CE127/AA/254
  HUNTER Sarah Hannah 21 S . 15 Hare Street, Windhill Arthur Hunter Painter C Soars    
1905 02 22 BARRACLOUGH John William 30 B Locomotive Fireman Calverley Moor George Barraclough (dec'd) Master Tailor John Macminn Gray   CE127/AA/255
  MARSDEN Annie Eliza 28 S Weaver Rushton Road, Thornbury William Marsden (dec'd) Pattern Maker Charlotte Carver    
1905 02 225 SEDGWICK John Edmund 26 B Tin Plate Worker 905 Leeds Road, Thornbury Edmund Sedgwick (dec'd) Clerk Arthur Firth   CE127/AA/256
  ANDERSON Emma 29 S . 905 Leeds Road, Thornbury Silas Anderson Pattern Maker May Anderson    
1905 02 25 TOMLINSON Edward 24 B Labourer The Railway Station, Eccleshill William Tomlinson Labourer Robert Tomlinson   CE127/AA/257
  REED Alice 25 S Weaver 13 Town Lane, Idle James Reed Quarryman Clara Edith Reed    
1905 02 25 WALKER Alfred 24 B Engine Tenter 6 Waterloo Row, Pudsey Herbert Walker Engine Tenter William Galloway   CE127/AA/258
  GALLOWAY Agnes 22 S Weaver 49 Town Street, Stanningley John Henry Galloway (dec'd) Saddler Ellen Odam    
1905 02 25 FEARNLEY Samuel 22 B Fettler 23 Cromacks View, Pudsey William Fearnley Labourer Sarah Elizabeth Thompson   CE127/AA/259
  TRENHAM Mary Ann 22 S Weaver Zetland House, Pudsey Thomas Trenham (dec'd) Teamer Richard Trenham    
1905 02 25 CORDINGLEY Herbert 22 B Driver 6 Ley Fleaks, Idle Edwin Cordingley Weaver Sarah Ann Dickinson   CE127/AA/260
  CRABTREE Jane 24 S Twister 17 Bradford Road, Idle George Crabtree (dec'd) Weaver George Calvert    
1905 03 04 GOODALL Henry 48 W Overlooker 65 Airedale Road, Bradford Henry Goodall (dec'd) Shoemaker Thomas Railton   CE127/AA/261
  BICKERDIKE Rose 34 S Woolcomber 16 Woodhall Road, Thornbury Thomas Bickerdike Joiner Sarah Cooke    
1905 03 18 PRATT Benjamin 52 W Signalman Railway Terrace, Horsforth Jeremy Pratt (dec'd) Cloth Maker Thomas Atkinson   CE127/AA/262
  HAXBY Martha 48 W Housekeeper Mossman Street, Windhill William Atkinson Retired Cloth Maker Ethel Atkinson    
1905 03 18 LONSDALE Willie 25 B Mechanic 7 Hall Lane, Windhill Alfred Lonsdale (dec'd) Labourer Willie Hall   CE127/AA/263
  HALL Lily 22 S Weaver 1 Wrose View Cottage, Baildon William Smith Hall Shoemaker Eliza Lonsdale    
1905 03 25 WHITFIELD George 39 W Drayman 18 Briggate, Windhill James Whitfield (dec'd) Woolsorter T Claughton   CE127/AA/264
  BROWN Maggie 36 W Domestic Servant Kendall Square, Windhill William Claughton (dec'd) Weaver John Grimshaw    
1905 04 01 BAILEY Richard 20 B Weaver 65 Smalewell Road, Pudsey David Bailey Weaver Fred Dixon   CE127/AA/265
  GALLOWAY Emily 17 S Weaver 9 Oak Street, Pudsey William Binks Galloway Weaver John Grimshaw    
1905 04 08 ELLIOTT John William 28 B Overlooker 21 Woodville Street, Windhill Robert Elliott Woodman H E Green   CE127/AA/266
  BROADLEY Ada 25 S Twister 6 Mountain Street, Windhill John Broadley Warp Dresser E Green    
1905 04 15 DAWSON Lancelot 26 B Rivetter 8 Beechwood Street, Bradford Road, Stanningley John Oatley Dawson Plumber John Turner   CE127/AA/267
  STEVENSON Ada 31 S Drawer 1 William Street, Town Street, Stanningley Henry Stevenson Retired Baker Selina Herrilda Dawson    
1905 04 20 SPEED Fred 23 B Mechanic 21 Marsden Place, Thornbury Samuel Speed Blacksmith Clara Speed   CE127/AA/268
  WIGG Ada Hudson 22 S Weaver 2 Derby Place, Thornbury Alfred Wigg Warehouseman Henry Isles    
1905 04 22 WHITAKER Charles 48 B Clerk 25 Bagley, Farsley Joseph Whitaker (dec'd) Plumber Alice Whitaker   CE127/AA/269
  BELL Mildred Ellen 36 S . 16 Carrington Street, Killinghall Road, Bradford John Bell (dec'd) Station Master John Christian Whitaker    
1905 04 22 BOOTH Abraham Lee 25 B Overlooker 10 Oakfield Terrace, Carr Lane, Windhill Abraham Booth (dec'd) Blacksmith James Ernest Sutcliffe   CE127/AA/270
  HOLMES Lily 26 S Drawer 9 Dock Fields, Windhill William Holmes Waterman Alice Berwick    
1905 04 22 RHODES Thomas 26 B Fitter 28 Eggleston Street, Rodley John Rhodes Fitter Alfred Wilby   CE127/AA/271
  WILBY Polly 26 S Weaver 6 High Bank, Farsley Alfred Wilby Millhand Sarah E Wilby    
1905 04 22 NAYLOR Arthur 33 B Fettler Robin Lane, Pudsey Squire Naylor Millhand Randolph Naylor   CE127/AA/272
  COOPER Maria 29 S Weaver Robin Lane, Pudsey Thomas Edwin Cooper (dec'd) Plasterer Christiana K*    
1905 04 22 HARTLEY James Richard 18 B Millhand 3 Emsley's Yard, Pudsey Richard Albert Hartley Boot & Shoe Maker Charles Partridge   CE127/AA/273
  PORTER Alice 18 S Millhand 9 Albion Road, Pudsey Frederick Porter Boiler Maker Grace Partridge    
1905 04 24 BLOMFIELD Herbert 32 B Grocer's Assistant Woodhall Road, Thornbury George Blomfield (dec'd) Tailor Joseph Hinchcliffe   CE127/AA/274
  GREENWOOD Clara 39 W Weaver Woodhall Road, Thornbury John Bradley (dec'd) Warehouseman Louisa Hinchcliffe    
1905 04 24 STEEL Sydney 24 B Cloth Finisher 8 Andrew Square, Farsley Thomas William Steel Crane Tenter Emma Waller   CE127/AA/275
  AIRTON Martha Ellen 24 S Weaver 75 Thornhill Street, Calverley Charles Airton (dec'd) Weaver Annie Graham    
1905 04 24 ILLINGWORTH Henry Cocker 25 B Brass Moulder 2 Lumby Street, Idle Seth Illingworth Painter Charles Smith   CE127/AA/276
  WEST Eliza 24 S . 36 Mossman Street, Windhill Wilson West (dec'd) Delver Emily Illingworth    
1905 04 24 WOOD Harry Clough 30 W Printer Fern Terrace, Thorpe Road, Pudsey Amon Wood (dec'd) Innkeeper William Rogers   CE127/AA/277
  POLLARD Amy 30 W . Gladstone Terrace, Stanningley John Farrar Rogers (dec'd) Butcher J E Fearnley    
1905 04 24 MITCHELL Alfred Wood 21 B Joiner Swinnow Road, Bramley William Wood Mitchell Cashier William Andrew Stephenson   CE127/AA/278
  WOOD Bertha 21 S . Fern Terrace, Thorpe Road, Pudsey Amon Wood (dec'd) Innkeeper Lois Maud Smith    
1905 04 25 PICKLES Sam 29 B Porter 42 Albion Road, Idle Amos Pickles Joiner James Clarkson   CE127/AA/279
  CLARKSON Clara 30 S . 42 Albion Road, Idle James Clarkson (dec'd) Groom Minnie Wilson    
1905 05 06 FIRTH John 23 B Fitter Urmston, Manchester Sutcliffe Firth Tube Fitter Ralph Hope   CE127/AA/280
  ISLES Jane Elizabeth 32 S Weaver 7 Clarendon Terrace, Pudsey John Isles Weaver Minnie Firth    
1905 05 20 YEADON Joseph 23 B Labourer 23 Mountain Street, Windhill Philemon Yeadon Labourer Clara Petty   CE127/AA/281
  WATSON Henrietta 20 S Weaver 12 Aire Street, Windhill George Watson (dec'd) Driver J W Miller    
1905 05 27 KEIGHLEY Joseph 28 B Fettler 9 Benton Street, Farsley Alfred Keighley (dec'd) Mechanic Thomas Child Rushforth   CE127/AA/282
  RUSHFORTH Grace Elizabeth 24 S Warper 8 High Bank Street, Farsley Benjamin Rushforth Quarryman Ann Rushforth    
1905 05 29 DENTON John William 21 B Carriage Cleaner 96 Shipley Fields Road, Windhill John Denton (dec'd) Glass Blower Emanuel Boocock   CE127/AA/283
  BOOCOCK Lily 21 S Drawer 1 Mossman Street, Windhill Emanuel Boocock Labourer Evelyn Hall    
1905 06 03 CROWTHER Leonard 27 B Millhand The Lanes, Pudsey John Crowther Millhand James W Crowther   CE127/AA/284
  MYERS Lizzie 34 S Weaver Church Lane, Pudsey Thomas Myers Tailor Fanny Wood    
1905 06 03 STEAD Ernest 19 B Driver 16 The Holt, Carr Lane, Windhill Alfred Stead Hoist Man John Henry Horner   CE127/AA/285
  BROWN Rhoda 21 S Hawker 16 The Holt, Carr Lane, Windhill James Brown Painter Martha Ann Brown, James Brown    
1905 06 03 MCCUE John 26 B Drayman 3 Booth Street, Idle John McCue (dec'd) Weaver Alfred Tyson   CE127/AA/286
  JOY Jane Ann 28 S Millhand 107 Park Road, Thackley Benjamin Joy Quarryman Mary Alice Joy    
1905 06 04 BRAMHAM John 27 B Miner 2 Stepping Row, Pudsey Joseph Bramham Miner Fred Womersley   CE127/AA/287
  WOMERSLEY Emma 31 S Weaver 4 Stepping Row, Pudsey James Womersley (dec'd) Millhand Mary Womersley    
1905 06 06 DEWHIRST William 26 B Warper 26 Springcliffe Street, Baildon John Singleton Dewhirst (dec'd) Warp Twister George Albert Wilcock   CE127/AA/288
  WILCOCK Sarah Abijah 26 S Weaver 14 Oakfield Terrace, Windhill Dawson Wilcock (dec'd) Teamer Alice Wilks    
1905 06 10 DEACON Charles Henry 26 B Chemist Hope Field House, Windhill George Deacon Manufacturer Fred Deacon   CE127/AA/289
  RATCLIFFE Elizabeth 24 S . 149 Grafton Street, Bradford William Ratcliffe Butcher Sarah Lund    
1905 06 10 SHARP James 22 B Bootmaker 44 Lowtown, Pudsey Joshua Emsley Sharp Moulder Ethel Byrom   CE127/AA/290
  HUDSON Ada 21 S Mender 9 Balloon Row, Pudsey Joseph Hudson (dec'd) Mechanic Edmund Byrom    
1905 06 10 BRIGGS Ethelbert 22 B Electrician Westfield Street, Farsley . . Thomas Henry Craven   CE127/AA/291
  CRAVEN Frances 22 S Machinist Larkfield Farm, Pudsey Mitchell Craven (dec'd) Carter Jane Nichols    
1905 06 12 HAINSWORTH James Shield Matthew 24 B Wheelwright 2 Cockshott Hill, Farsley John Hainsworth Dyer Albert Hainsworth   CE127/AA/292
  BROOK Effie 20 S Millhand 6 Sandsgate, Farsley Abraham Brook (dec'd) Coachman Emily Hainsworth    
1905 06 12 STUBBS Thomas 24 B Bootmaker 23 Highbury Place, Pudsey Isaac Stubbs (dec'd) Blacksmith Bateson Verity   CE127/AA/293
  HARRISON Harriet 25 S Weaver Jumblewell Terrace, Pudsey Joe Harrison Crane Driver Joseph Harrison    
1905 06 13 GRANGE Harry 25 B Machinist Wilmington, Hull Albert Grange (dec'd) Labourer Eliza Halliday   CE127/AA/294
  HALLIDAY Alice 22 S Weaver 1 Herbert's Place, Hall Lane, Windhill Joseph Henry Halliday (dec'd) Delver Joshua Alfred Houlden    
1905 06 14 CROWTHER Samuel Herbert 26 B Mechanic Prospect View, Roker Lane, Pudsey Sam Crowther Manufacturer Fred Hudson Barraclough   CE127/AA/295
  BARRACLOUGH Edith 22 S Dressmaker 18 Parkfield Avenue, Bowling, Bradford Major Barraclough Dyer John Grimshaw    
1905 06 17 SMITH Henry 32 B Dyer Low Side, Calverley Edward Smith Boat Builder Fred Rushforth   CE127/AA/296
  RUSHFORTH Ruth 23 S Telegraphist Low Side, Calverley Samuel Child Rushforth (dec'd) Postmaster Grace Ellen Smith    
1905 06 19 WILMAN Samuel 28 B Yeast Importer 116 Leeds Road, Windhill John Wilman Retired Yeast Importer Ruth Hart   CE127/AA/297
  MUSTOE Cynthia Minnie 27 S Millhand 11 Fairmount, Windhill William Mustoe Gardener Alfred E Mustoe    
1905 06 20 TOWNSEND Richard 24 B Plumber 12 Belgrave Place, Manningham William Townsend Warehouseman J W Moore   CE127/AA/298
  MOORE Martha Elizabeth 24 S Warper 2 Russell Street, Windhill Charles Moore Grocer Mabel Moore    
1905 06 24 SENIOR Walter 23 B Mule Spinner Ravenscliffe Hotel, Fagley Dan Senior (dec'd) Gas Manager George Henry Raistrick   CE127/AA/299
  RAISTRICK Mary E 21 S Weaver 3 Rodley Fold, Calverley John Raistrick Woolsorter James Scott    
1905 06 24 PARKER Atkinson Jowett 26 B Tailor 23 Earl Street, Shipley James Jowett Parker Joiner Martha Jane Parker   CE127/AA/300
  SCOTT Laura 23 S Weaver 1 Larkfield Road, Pudsey Thomas Scott Boot Maker Walter Brighton    
1905 06 26 TYSON Alfred 28 B Shunter 44 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle Charles Tyson Foreman George Teat   CE127/AA/301
  HOPKINSON Charity 32 W Weaver 44 Bradford Road, Idle George Waller (dec'd) Foreman E A Teat    
1905 06 28 WADE Hugh Gardom 32 B Engineer St Lawrence House, Pudsey Benjamin Wade (dec'd) Cloth Merchant John A Wade   CE127/AA/302
  ARMITAGE Eveline Mary 29 S . Wild Grove, Tyersal George Armitage Cloth Manufacturer George Armitage    
1905 07 01 BRETHERICK Fred Lister 39 B Plasterer Lydgate Street, Calverley George Bretherick Plasterer Irwin Busfield   CE127/AA/303
  BUSFIELD Elizabeth 40 S Cook Whitaker Street, New Street, Farsley John Busfield (dec'd) Weaver Marion Bretherick    
1905 07 01 HOLLINGWORTH James 21 B Bottle Washer 5 Turner Fold, Farsley James Hollingworth (dec'd) unknown Leonard Hargreaves   CE127/AA/304
  LINGER Emily 20 S Twister 7 Poplar Square, Farsley Daniel Linger Carter Mary Flanigan    
1905 07 01 RILEY Edward Adams 34 B Labourer 4 Albert Street, Greenside, Pudsey (unknown) Riley (dec'd) Blacksmith Joseph Tew   CE127/AA/305
  BATTYE Sarah Ellen 25 W Charwoman 4 Albert Street, Greenside, Pudsey Henry Kneeshaw Engine Driver Annie Tew    
1905 07 01 LOUGHENBURY John William 32 B Labourer 89 Valley Street, Windhill John William Loughenbury Cabinet Maker Richard Wilson   CE127/AA/306
  SPENCER Ellen 33 S Domestic Servant 9 Oswald Street, Carr Lane, Windhill Frank Spencer (dec'd) Barber Ann Simpson    
1905 07 01 FORD Harry 22 B Labourer 4 Eland Street, Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Sidney Ford Driver Edith Arundale   CE127/AA/307
  MOXON Mary Maria 24 S Twister Wood Nook Terrace, Farsley Tom Moxon Boiler Maker Willie Ford    
1905 07 01 WOODHEAD Elliott 20 B Willier 2 Byron Street, Littlemoor, Pudsey John Edward Woodhead Willier Brydiar Rhodes   CE127/AA/308
  NETTLETON Ivy 21 S Weaver 9 Perseverance Street, Pudsey . . John Grimshaw    
1905 07 08 HAIGH Benjamin 24 B Clerk 65 Wellington Street, Lindley, Huddersfield John Haigh (dec'd) Mason Fred Robinson   CE127/AA/309
  CHATBURN Janey Isabella 25 S . 7 Croft Street, Idle Thomas Chatburn (dec'd) Mason Norah Chatburn    
1905 07 12 PROCTOR George Arnold 23 B Fitter Broomfield House, Farsley Robert Holdsworth Proctor Overlooker George Heywood   CE127/AA/310
  HOLMES Emilie 24 S Teacher Musbridge House, Rodley John Morville Holmes Moulder Kate Wood    
1905 07 15 CHAPMAN Luther 20 B Gardener 3 East View, Fartown, Pudsey Allin Chapman Gardener Ada Littlewood   CE127/AA/311
  LITTLEWOOD Elsie 18 S Weaver 9 Markfield Road, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey . . James Chatterton    
1905 07 17 AUSTIN William Cadman 28 B Clerk 14 Victoria Road, Handsworth, Birmingham Thomas Austin (dec'd) Sadler John Harrison   CE127/AA/312
  DAWSON Florence 24 S . 17 Ferncliffe View, Calverley John Dawson Dyer Louie Dawson    
1905 07 26 DINSDALE Ernest 23 B Mechanic 40 Valley Street, Windhill Jeremiah Dinsdale Grocer Abel Dewhirst   CE127/AA/313
  HIRST Bertha 23 S Weaver 40 Valley Street, Windhill John Hirst Mechanic Martha Elizabeth Dewhirst    
1905 07 29 HARTLEY Herbert 22 B Labourer 8 North Fold, Idle Thomas Hartley (dec'd) Overlooker Blanche Branson   CE127/AA/314
  HASTE Martha Ellen 22 S Spinner 8 North Fold, Idle Strick Haste (dec'd) Pitman Fred Walker    
1905 07 29 NAYLOR Randolph 21 B Cloth Miller Robin Lane, Pudsey Squire Naylor Millhand Herbert Casson   CE127/AA/315
  CHAPPELL Alice Maud 23 S Weaver Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey James Chappell Labourer Ethel Naylor    
1905 07 29 WATERWORTH George 23 B Labourer 5 Ferncliffe View, Calverley Richard Cordingley Waterworth Labourer William Henry Wilkinson   CE127/AA/316
  WILKINSON Ethel 21 S Spinner 2 Carr Bottom Road, Greengates Benjamin Wilkinson (dec'd) Labourer Ellen Wilkinson    
1905 07 29 MAUDE Joseph 26 B Mechanic 1 Cragg Fold, Windhill John Maude Overlooker Eliza Ann Airey   CE127/AA/317
  AIREY Emily 22 S Weaver 24 Cowling Road, Windhill John Airey (dec'd) Blacksmith Richard Mercer    
1905 07 29 CORFIELD James 22 B Cloth Finisher 99 Cragg End, Windhill James Corfield (dec'd) Police Constable Ada Robins   CE127/AA/318
  ROBINSON Isabella 23 S Packer 1 Hollings Cottage, Cragg End, Windhill John Robinson (dec'd) Warehouseman Joseph H Robinson    
1905 07 29 FEATHER James 26 B Overlooker Glenwood Villas, Pudsey Smith Feather Dress Good Manufacturer John Edward Hargreaves   CE127/AA/319
  HARGREAVES Mary Elizabeth 24 S Mender Woodbine Cottage, Lowtown, Pudsey Simeon Hargreaves Foreman Boot Finisher Gertrude Feather    
1905 08 05 MORRELL Nicholson 23 B Brick Maker 45 Woodhall Road, Calverley James Hammond Morrell (dec'd) Brick Maker Harry Stubbs   CE127/AA/320
  STUBBS Florrie 22 S Spinner 16 Rushton Street, Calverley William Henry Stubbs Warp Dresser Sarah Hariet Brown    
1905 08 05 BICKERDIKE Albert 23 B Teamer Town Street, Stanningley Arthur Bickerdike Fish Merchant Edith Farrar   CE127/AA/321
  FARRAR Emily 22 S Weaver Randolph Street, Bramley James Farrar Fettler Joseph Saxton    
1905 08 07 DUNWELL William 27 B Moulder Waterworks, Pudsey David Dunwell Boiler Maker E A Rayner   CE127/AA/322
  HARTLEY Florence Ann 26 W Weaver New Briggate, Pudsey John Albert Rayner Currier A Tattersfield    
1905 08 09 HILL Harold Leslie 27 B Tailor 15 The Green, Idle William Hill (dec'd) Grocer Charles Horsley   CE127/AA/323
  HOPKINSON Alice 26 S Weaver 5 Albert Street, Idle Alfred Hopkinson Engine Tenter Beatrice Mary Hopkinson    
1905 08 12 WILKINSON William 22 B Platelayer Dick Lane, Calverley Moor George Wilkinson Brick Maker George Henry Thompson   CE127/AA/324
  MOSS Sarah Ann Hey 22 S Weaver Hall Street, Leeds Road, Bradfod James Moss (dec'd) General Carrier Harriet Wilkinson    
1905 08 19 CORDINGLEY John William 28 B Joiner Priestley Mill Yard, Pudsey Lister Cordingley Cloth Fuller Ernest Gaunt   CE127/AA/325
  WATERHOUSE Carrie 25 S Weaver Laurel Terrace, Stanningley Samson Waterhouse (dec'd) Contractor Christiana Cordingley    
1905 08 23 CHESTER Frederick William 32 B Commercial Traveller Woodhall Road, Calverley John Chester (dec'd) School Master Walter Sheard Webster   CE127/AA/326
  PRATT Agnes Olivia 26 S . 71 Thornhill Street, Calverley William Snowdon Pratt Retired Dyer Frederick William Pratt, William S Pratt    
1905 08 26 TIDSWELL Archie Edward 22 B Millhand 9 Junction Yard, Pudsey Alfred Tidswell Quarryman George Blackburn   CE127/AA/327
  GREGSON Ann 24 S Housekeeper Fartown, Pudsey Thomas Gregson (dec'd) Foundryman Mercy Blackburn    
1905 08 26 SMITHSON Arthur 24 B Cloth Miller Cemetery Road, Pudsey Joseph Smithson Weaver Annie Eliza Brady   CE127/AA/328
  OXBROW Eva Glover 30 W Weaver Valley Road, Pudsey George Brady Carrier Mary Armitage    
1905 08 26 NASH William 21 B Blacksmith 5 Melbourne Street, Farsley Benjamin Henry Nash (dec'd) Gardener John William Wilcock   CE127/AA/329
  HINCHLIFFE Agnes Hilda 23 S Weaver 3 Wesley View, Pudsey John Alfred Hinchliffe Carter Benjamin Henry Nash    
1905 09 02 ILLINGWORTH Joseph 38 W Woolsorter Marsh Top, Pudsey William Illingworth Stone Mason William Elsworth Armitage   CE127/AA/330
  BALMFORTH Sarah Annie 38 W . Wesley Place, Pudsey John Alfred Hinchliffe Carter Susan Illingworth    
1905 09 02 HILLIAM Robert 24 B Mason Vine Terrace, Stanningley William Hilliam (dec'd) Works Inspector John Henry Marsden   CE127/AA/331
  JOWETT Beatrice Hilda 22 S Weaver Edison Street, Farsley Albert Jowett (dec'd) Clerk Mabel Marsden    
1905 09 04 WEBBER Edward Bond 35 W Commercial Traveller 9 Hope View, Carr Lane, Windhill James Webber Auctioneer Ezra Woodhead Garth   CE127/AA/332
  HORN Sarah Eliza 31 S . Croft Cottage, Windhill John Horn (dec'd) Spinner Theresa Horn    
1905 09 04 WOOD Dan 32 B Woolsorter 18 Well Street, Farsley William Wood (dec'd) Weaver Joseph Shaw   CE127/AA/333
  SHAW Jane Ann 32 S Weaver 19 Well Street, Farsley Edward Shaw (dec'd) Gardener Alice Shaw    
1905 09 06 PARKER Samuel 32 W Master Printer The Grove, Greengates Joseph Vickers Parker Mill Manager George Armitage   CE127/AA/334
  ARMITAGE Katherine Elizabeth 28 S . Littlemoor Hall, Pudsey George Armitage Gentleman Joseph Vickers Parker    
1905 09 09 HAWKSHAW John 26 B Warp Dresser 22 Cemetery Road, Pudsey John Hawkshaw Cloth Finisher W H Hardwick   CE127/AA/335
  THOMPSON Lizzie 24 S Weaver 12 Long Row, Pudsey Joseph Thompson (dec'd) Slater H Walker    
1905 09 13 BARKER Edgar 36 B Professor of Music Oak Lane, Manningham George Barker (dec'd) Builder C H Barker   CE127/AA/336
  BARRONS Elizabeth 41 S . Clare Bank, Thornbury Christopher Barrons (dec'd) Wheelwright S A Barrons    
1905 09 23 WARD William Cowell 23 B Boot Finisher 3 Lane End Mount, Bramley . . John Alfred Bolton   CE127/AA/337
  LANGLANDS Eliza Ann 25 S Weaver 3 Wesley Row, Lidgett Hill, Pudsey John Langlands Labourer Annie Elizabeth Langlands    
1905 10 09 COOPER William 27 B Policeman Moorhey, Sowood Stainland, Halifax William Cooper Painter John William Bateson   CE127/AA/338
  DEACON Elizabeth 24 S Greengrocer New Street, Windhill Levi Deacon Greengrocer Elvina Bateson    
1905 10 18 DAWSON Firth 22 B Stone Mason 3 Peel Place, Windhill Martin Dawson Stone Mason W Dawson   CE127/AA/339
  MCNICHOL Lilian 21 S Weaver 41 Carr Lane, Windhill Joseph McNichol Mechanic H McNichol    
1905 10 21 TURNER John 27 B Clerk 31 Lane End, Lowtown, Pudsey Benjamin Turner Millhand Joseph Turner   CE127/AA/340
  DAWSON Selina Herrilda 24 S Telephone Operator 8 Beechwood Street, Bradford Road, Stanningley John Oatley Dawson (dec'd) Plumber Ruth Ann Kitchen    
1905 10 21 WALKER Frederick William 22 B Farmer Lane End Farm, Lowtown, Pudsey Thomas Walker Farmer John Ernest Proctor   CE127/AA/341
  PLACE Olivina 18 S Weaver Windmill Hill, Pudsey George Lane Place Shoemaker Annie Place    
1905 10 21 ORANGE Harry 30 B Fireman 19 Lane End, Pudsey George Orange Engine Tenter A Appleyard   CE127/AA/342
  APPLEYARD Minnie 29 S Weaver 14 Laburnum Street, Cemetery Road, Pudsey Edmund Appleyard Weaver J Leach    
1905 10 28 DAVISON Joseph 21 B Millhand 45 Mount Pleasant, Idle John Davison (dec'd) Collier Joseph Bankier   CE127/AA/343
  ROBINSON Bertha 18 S Weaver 40 Leyfleaks, Idle Alfred Robinson Filler Alfred Robinson    
1905 11 04 GAUNT Ernest 20 B Printer 115 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Samuel Gaunt Grocer Agnes Benson   CE127/AA/344
  BARRACLOUGH Sarah Emily 19 S Tailoress 118 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley George Barraclough Sadler Fred Roo Barraclough    
1905 11 11 DUTSON Fred Verity 38 W Rivetter Delph Hill, Pudsey Joseph Dutson Waste Dealer Elizabeth Andrews   CE127/AA/345
  STALLEBRASS Mary Elizabeth 30 S Dressmaker Cavendish Place, Pudsey Joseph Stallebrass Wheelwright John Grimshaw    
1905 11 13 TIPLADY Fred 34 B Clerk 13 Cross Church Street, Windhill William Tiplady (dec'd) Plumber Hannah Elizabeth Simpson   CE127/AA/346
  SIMPSON Elizabeth Ann 35 S Weaver 112 Cragg Road, Windhill James Simpson (dec'd( Firer Albert Green    
1905 11 14 WEBSTER James Edward 36 B Mechanic 2 Town Street, Farsley John Webster (dec'd) Boot Maker M Booth   CE127/AA/347
  BOOTH Harriet Emma 34 S . 5 Primrose Terrace, Pudsey Charles Booth Grocer's Assistant Francis Cole    
1905 11 18 POPPLEWELL Charles Henry 35 W Stoker Back Lane, Calverley Henry Popplewell (dec'd) Weaver Sarah Jane Clough   CE127/AA/348
  CLOUGH Ada 39 S Domestic Servant Westfield, Stanningley Samuel Clough (dec'd) Stone Mason Charles Henry Brown    
1905 11 25 TORDOFF Anthony 48 W Machine Moulder 5 Firth Street, Windhill John Tordoff (dec'd) Joiner John J Armstrong   CE127/AA/349
  WHITFIELD Elizabeth 48 W . 5 Firth Street, Windhill John Armstrong (dec'd) Carder Margaret Armstrong    
1905 11 25 BLACKBURN John William 37 W Commission Agent 10 Woodhall Road, Calverley Moor William Blackburn (dec'd) Fine Drawer Joseph Buckle   CE127/AA/350
  BUCKLE Emily Hannah 38 S . 10 Woodhall Road, Calverley Moor Joseph Buckle (dec'd) Engine Tenter Fred T Blackburn    
1905 12 05 RUSHTON Arthur 27 B Farmer 7 Robert Street, Windhill John William Rushton Boot Maker John G Hutton   CE127/AA/351
  FAWCETT Alice 23 S Reeler 7 Robert Street, Windhill John Fawcett (dec'd) Mechanic Polly Dunwell    
1905 12 14 GAUNT Alfred 48 W Labourer Fartown, Pudsey Matthew Gaunt (dec'd) Labourer Johnson Litke   CE127/AA/352
  LITKE Jane 37 S . 15 William Square, Bradford Moor Samuel Litke (dec'd) Rope Maker Minerva Farrer    
1905 12 18 SCHOFIELD David 24 B Mason Park View, Birkenshaw Thomas Schofield Woolsorter A Worsman, * Potts   CE127/AA/353
  BARRON Lilian 27 S . 6 Thornhill Place, Thornbury John Barron (dec'd) Builder A Schofield, Sarah Barron    
1905 12 19 EASTWOOD Rufus Brook 22 B Bookkeeper 18 High Street, Windhill John Eastwood (dec'd) Currier Arthur Hull   CE127/AA/354
  DUNWELL Lavinia 20 S . 27 Aire Street, Windhill James Dunwell (dec'd) Mason Thomas William Taylor    
1905 12 23 LEE Willie 24 B Labourer Vickers Place, Stanningley Irwin Lee Moulder Carrie Sharp   CE127/AA/355
  SHARP Beatrice Harriet 23 S Weaver Asquith Fold, Pudsey Samuel Sharp Teamer William Bradley    
1905 12 23 KITSON Oliver 21 B Willower 4 Highbury Grove, Pudsey Jabez Kitson Warp Dresser Ada Kitson   CE127/AA/356
  LONG Sarah Ellen 28 S Weaver 32 Sir Wilfrid Terrace, Farsley Abraham Long (dec'd) Joiner Gilbert Kitson    
1905 12 23 WHITFIELD George Henry 29 B Carter 2 Tenter Street, Windhill John Whitfield Labourer James Sweeting   CE127/AA/357
  SWEETING Hannah 27 S Domestic Servant 14 Tenter Street, Windhill James Sweeting Ex Policeman Elizabeth Sweeting    
1905 12 23 JESSOP William 44 W Carrier 7 Brick Mill Yard, Pudsey John Jessop (dec'd) Flock Merchant Charles Raistrick   CE127/AA/358
  PEARSON Alice 40 S . 7 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Joseph Pearson (dec'd) Farm Labourer John Grimshaw    
1905 12 23 JOHNSON Fred 25 B Timekeeper 11 Varley Street, Bradford Road, Stanningley Charles Edward Johnson Weftman Jane Smith   CE127/AA/359
  EASTALL Agnes Maria 26 S Spinner 8 Hillside Mount, Stanningley Joseph Eastall Labourer Stanley William Powell    
1905 12 24 BETHELL Fred 25 B Engineer Chapel Street, Bagley, Farsley Fred Bethell (dec'd) Basket Maker Jessie Rafton   CE127/AA/360
  RHODES Edith 22 S Weaver 28 Eggleston Street, Rodley John Rhodes Engineer J T Rafton    
1905 12 24 EMSLEY Arthur 26 B Bricklayer 1 Jumbles Well, Pudsey William Emsley Shoemaker Henrietta Waterhouse   CE127/AA/361
  LANGLEY Bertha 24 S . 5 Garfield Street, Pudsey Thomas Langley Card Dresser John H Waterhouse    
1905 12 25 HOULDEN Charles 23 B Grocer 2 Katherine Street, Saltaire John Houlden Retired Grease Extractor Annie Waterhouse   CE127/AA/362
  WATERHOUSE Martha 22 S Weaver 151 Foulands Terrace, Idle Alfred Waterhouse Overlooker George Alred Stephenson    
1905 12 25 ROLLINSON Robert Hiteman 31 W Labourer 49 Briggate, Windhill Thomas Rollinson Brick Maker James W Barras   CE127/AA/363
  HARRISON Esther Hannah 31 S Weaver 3 Lucy Street, Windhill George Harrison Brick Maker Martha E Harrison    
1905 12 25 POLLARD Herbert 24 B Mechanic 1 Tunnicliffe Row, Pudsey Charles Edward Pollard Nurseryman J Hartley   CE127/AA/364
  DOUGHTY Emma Robinson 26 S Weaver 1 Tunnicliffe Row, Pudsey John Doughty (dec'd) Lodge Keeper T E Greaves    
1905 12 30 MASON Arthur 24 B Labourer 16 Crimbles, Lowtown, Pudsey Frederick Thomas Mason Bricklayer Fred Abbishaw   CE127/AA/365
  ABBISHAW Emma 25 S Domestic Servant Crown Hotel, Pudsey Walter Abbishaw (dec'd) Carrier Annie Elizabeth Mason    
HOYLE Joseph GOTT Sarah E CE127/AA/366 1906
NAYLOR Joshua A WRIGHT Evelyn CE127/AA/367 1906
THOMPSON George H WILKINSON Harriet CE127/AA/368 1906
WADE William H KERSHAW Lily CE127/AA/369 1906
JONES Willie PARKIN Pollie CE127/AA/370 1906
SMITH Richard YEWDALL Mary CE127/AA/371 1906
DIXON Benjamin NAYLOR Annie CE127/AA/372 1906
DAWSON William S JACKSON Annie CE127/AA/373 1906
GAUNT Joseph MALIA Mary A CE127/AA/374 1906
BOOTH Charles H LAMBERT Constance A CE127/AA/375 1906
COCKSHOTT Samuel DEAN Rachel CE127/AA/376 1906
KITCHIN James W WALTON Elizabeth A CE127/AA/377 1906
WEBSTER William THRIPPLETON Sarah A CE127/AA/378 1906
DUFTON Joseph SHILLITTO Sarah CE127/AA/379 1906
THREAPLETON John T NELSON Lydia CE127/AA/380 1906
WALTON Matthew H RAISTRICK Bertha A CE127/AA/381 1906
GLOVER George H FEARNLEY Annie CE127/AA/382 1906
RHODES Joshua BRIGGS Agnes CE127/AA/383 1906
CARTER William HOGWOOD Elsie N CE127/AA/384 1906
COATES Joseph H ABBOTT Lilian CE127/AA/385 1906
LAWSON Joseph PEATE Sarah CE127/AA/386 1906
YEADON Slater CRAMPTON Martha A CE127/AA/387 1906
COATES Matthew LAWFORD Lily CE127/AA/388 1906
HARRIS Harry PICKARD Jane A CE127/AA/389 1906
DAWSON Robert STANHOPE Alice CE127/AA/390 1906
OLDFIELD Isaac HARTLEY Mary CE127/AA/391 1906
SPIERS Albert H RHODES Miranda CE127/AA/392 1906
WOOD George MYERS Hannah M CE127/AA/393 1906
LEE Herbert COUPLAND Mary J CE127/AA/394 1906
SPIVEY William RAISTRICK Mary A CE127/AA/395 1906
BROWN John WARD Grace R CE127/AA/396 1906
ALDERSON Arthur TURNER Amelia CE127/AA/397 1906
HEPTONSTALL John J JACKSON Frances M CE127/AA/398 1906
TAYLOR Thomas W EASTWOOD Dora CE127/AA/399 1906
NICHOLS Sam RAYNER Florence CE127/AA/400 1906
REVILL George W BLACKBURN Annie CE127/AA/401 1906
DEAN Albert SANDERSON Annie CE127/AA/402 1906
WARD Ernest RAYNER Emily CE127/AA/403 1906 05 05
DIBB Frank JACKSON Amy CE127/AA/404 1906
GLOVER David H MATHERS Flora A CE127/AA/405 1906
MORGAN Charles W OGDEN Sarah E CE127/AA/406 1906
LAYCOCK Joseph HETHERINGTON Harriet E CE127/AA/407 1906
HOLDSWORTH John F MUSTOE Florence M CE127/AA/408 1906
MYERS Oliver GAUNT Mary E CE127/AA/409 1906
HAINSWORTH Charlie STRICKLAND Elizabeth A CE127/AA/410 1906
BROWNING Edwin DENT Jane A CE127/AA/411 1906
BARKER Charles FISHER Hannah CE127/AA/412 1906
KEMBERRY George S HIGGS Hilda CE127/AA/413 1906
PAWSON Willie GOULD Eliza A CE127/AA/415 1906
LEE Sam ALLOTT Miranda CE127/AA/416 1906
ABBOTT John RIDER Amy CE127/AA/417 1906
HULLAH John W WILSHER Emma L CE127/AA/418 1906
FIRTH William M WILKINSON Alice CE127/AA/419 1906
WILKINSON Tom BUSSEY Mary CE127/AA/420 1906
LAYCOCK Robert LEE Annie CE127/AA/421 1906
POPPLEWELL John H WARING Eliza E CE127/AA/422 1906
WILLINGS Henry R MARSHALL Ada CE127/AA/423 1906
BLACKAH Walter KENDALL Martha CE127/AA/424 1906
WHEATER Herbert WOOD Annie CE127/AA/425 1906
REVEL Henry SMITH Edith R CE127/AA/426 1906
HATTON John H HOWITT Mary CE127/AA/427 1906
BAKER James P WHINRAY Kate E CE127/AA/428 1906
ROSS Charles BRETHERICK Maud CE127/AA/429 1906
KEAN Joseph LUPTON Annie CE127/AA/430 1906
WRIGHT Tom FLESHER Sarah E CE127/AA/431 1906
HALLIDAY Willie PROCTER Jessie CE127/AA/432 1906
NORRIS Elfred BARNES Emily CE127/AA/433 1906
LUMBY George A FIELDHOUSE Lilian CE127/AA/434 1906
BROOKSBANK Benjamin L HOLMES Annie CE127/AA/435 1906
MELL Harry WHEETMAN Mary A CE127/AA/436 1906
POWELL William VERITY Sarah E CE127/AA/437 1906
WHITE Joseph A DAY Annie CE127/AA/438 1906
PRATT John H MILLS Elizabeth CE127/AA/439 1906
BANKS Harry PRIDGEON Ethel CE127/AA/440 1906
OBANK William POUNDS Caroline H CE127/AA/441 1906
BRIGGS Ernest TILLOTSON Sarah E CE127/AA/442 1906
HARGREAVES Edwin BANKS Bertha CE127/AA/443 1906
MYERS Arthur HUNTER Alice CE127/AA/444 1906
PROCTER Cecil GRAHAM Annie E CE127/AA/445 1906
BEERMANN Fred BIRKS Maude A CE127/AA/446 1906
PARTRIDGE William ALLERTON Ruth A CE127/AA/447 1906
BRADLEY William SHARP Caroline CE127/AA/448 1906
SHARP Calvert CORDINGLEY Martha E CE127/AA/449 1906
DUTSON Harry BRIGGS Ada CE127/AA/450 1906
BROOK William GAUNT Jane E CE127/AA/451 1906
GOODCHILD Thomas BLAKEY Amy CE127/AA/452 1906
CARTWRIGHT Harry WATSON Gertrude CE127/AA/453 1906
LAYCOCK Arthur HOLMES Alice CE127/AA/454 1906
JENKINS Walter CLEGG Mary E CE127/AA/455 1906
PARKER John R NAYLOR Clara N CE127/AA/456 1906
HUDSON Harry E WALTON Annie E CE127/AA/457 1906
DANIEL Alfred A WALTON Annie CE127/AA/458 1906
HOG Walter ROGERS Harriet A CE127/AA/459 1906
DENTON Herbert BUSMAN Elizabeth CE127/AA/460 1906
DENTON Herbert BURMAN Elizabeth CE127/AA/460 1906
CARSON George F STORER Nellie CE127/AA/461 1906
LONGLEY Francis H BURTON Amy E CE127/AA/462 1906
FARRAR Charles E HOBSON Emma CE127/AA/463 1906
YEADON Fred MOSS Rose CE127/AA/464 1906
MASKILL John W COX Louisa F CE127/AA/465 1906
SCHOFIELD Richard B NUTTALL Martha CE127/AA/466 1906
ROEBUCK Ernest JOWETT Ethel CE127/AA/467 1906
RAWLING John W LISTER Mary E CE127/AA/468 1906
ENDERSBY Timothy L GIBBONS Ruth A CE127/AA/469 1906
CARTER James H FIANDER Edith CE127/AA/470 1906
CARR Arthur G HANSON Clara A CE127/AA/471 1906
KEIGHLEY John A COCKERTON Rachel CE127/AA/472 1906
WALKER Fred HOLMES Ethel M CE127/AA/473 1906
WILBER Thomas G PEACHEY Edith CE127/AA/474 1906
WALLER Louis DAVISON Dora CE127/AA/475 1906
WARD James A HENMAN Emma CE127/AA/476 1906
CRAVEN Frederick GRAHAM Lily CE127/AA/477 1906
CROWTHER Edward MILNER Mary E CE127/AA/478 1906
GILL Benjamin THOMPSON Esther CE127/AA/479 1906
COULTAS Stainfirth OLLERNSHAW Mary A CE127/AA/480 1906
SUGDEN James R EMSLEY Clara CE127/AA/481 1906
BENNETT William HUTTON Ann CE127/AA/482 1906
DARBYSHIRE Alfred HALEY Annie F CE127/AA/483 1906
NOBLE Benjamin BARRETT Jane CE127/AA/484 1906
CLAYFORTH Squire BRIGGS Harriet H CE127/AA/485 1906
FREAR Richard E REYNOLDS Louisa CE127/AA/486 1906
LAYCOCK John SUGDEN Jane CE127/AA/487 1906
WILSON George H KEIGHLEY Miriam CE127/AA/488 1906
HARTLEY George BRIGGS Jane H CE127/AA/489 1906
GILL Ernest L HOLDSWORTH Beatrice CE127/AA/490 1906
HOLLINGS Edgar COOPE Sarah E CE127/AA/491 1906
COOPER Benjamin OXLEY Hannah A CE127/AA/492 1906
SUGDEN Willie EMSLEY Frances CE127/AA/493 1906
FORREST Harry COGGINGS Minnie S CE127/AA/494 1906
BEESLEY Willie MOUNSEY Sarah CE127/AA/495 1906
GAMBLES William PAYNE Edith CE127/AA/496 1906
SEAGER Herbert WILLIAMS Hannah M CE127/AA/497 1906
WARD Herbert WATSON Violet A CE127/AA/498 1906
MARSHALL James MILLS Susan CE127/AA/499 1906
PROCTER Charlie WHITTAKER Margaret H CE127/AA/500 1906
CAWTHORNE Clifford WHITLEY Sarah H CE127/BB/1 1906
LEE Lawrence E MILLS Helen CE127/BB/2 1906
HALLIDAY Joshua SMITH Elizabeth CE127/BB/3 1906
CROWCROFT Alfred HUSCROFT Hannah E CE127/BB/4 1906
SHEPHERD Thomas W YEADON Rispah CE127/BB/5 1907
WALTON Arthur HELLIWELL Susannah CE127/BB/6 1907
HARTLEY Thomas W GREAVES Laura M CE127/BB/7 1907
GAUNT Albert A MARSHALL Sophia CE127/BB/8 1907
DUFFIELD Christopher ODDY Sarah E CE127/BB/9 1907
WITHY Arthur GILL Mary CE127/BB/11 1907
GILL George LANGLANDS Annie E CE127/BB/12 1907
SUTCLIFFE John W BLACKAH Alice CE127/BB/13 1907
LONG George GRAHAM Florrie CE127/BB/14 1907
WATKINSON Herbert DENISON Jane A CE127/BB/16 1907
THOMAS Richard JOHNSON Alice CE127/BB/17 1907
BRIGGS Webster ARMITAGE Mary H CE127/BB/18 1907
STEEL William MITCHELL Ann E CE127/BB/19 1907
CHAPMAN Edwin MITCHELL Agnes CE127/BB/20 1907
WRIGHT Ernest J DAWSON Clara CE127/BB/21 1907
BRATT Irwin WILCOCK Alice CE127/BB/22 1907
SCOTT John WALKER Martha CE127/BB/23 1907
ISLES Herbert V CROSSLEY Elizabeth CE127/BB/24 1907
WALTON Martin W MARTIN Mary J CE127/BB/25 1907
LUMBY John PEARSON Nellie CE127/BB/26 1907
CLAPHAM James WHITAKER Emma CE127/BB/27 1907
SMITHSON Percy COOPER Sarah CE127/BB/28 1907
BUSFIELD Benjamin H WINN Hannah E CE127/BB/29 1907
FEARNLEY William DEWHURST Sarah A CE127/BB/30 1907
BREARLEY Peter CRAMPTON Sarah A CE127/BB/31 1907
SMITH Alexander ATKINSON Caroline M CE127/BB/32 1907
WATERHOUSE Fred DRIVER Sarah E CE127/BB/33 1907
MEAKIN Wilmot BALL Elizabeth M CE127/BB/34 1907
HORSMAN Francis A CLARKSON Jane A CE127/BB/35 1907
DAWSON Ben BOOTH Annie CE127/BB/36 1907
DOVE Matthew WADELEY Mary J CE127/BB/37 1907
THORPE Alfred BLAND Elizabeth CE127/BB/38 1907
FIELDING Irwin WALTON Ethel E CE127/BB/39 1907
HARGREAVES Harry SCHOFIELD Florrie CE127/BB/40 1907
ACKROYD Thomas H KIRBY Isabella C CE127/BB/41 1907
BIRKS William SHAW Martha A CE127/BB/42 1907
HOLT John HODGKINS Emily CE127/BB/43 1907
CRAVEN John B SKINNER Elizabeth CE127/BB/44 1907
GARNER Joseph WALKER Frances CE127/BB/45 1907
HILLIAM Dan TURNER Rose H CE127/BB/46 1907
STEEL Fred WALSH Lily CE127/BB/47 1907
PRATT Hedley SUTCLIFFE Ada CE127/BB/48 1907
HEMINGWAY John W VERITY Florence B CE127/BB/49 1907
MARRINER Joseph HALLIDAY Mary CE127/BB/50 1907
BARRACLOUGH Fred H SOWDEN Bertha CE127/BB/51 1907
GRIMSHAW John W WHEATER Lilly CE127/BB/52 1907
BOOTH William W GUILD Elizabeth CE127/BB/53 1907
WILMAN Joseph REED Martha E CE127/BB/54 1907
DEAN Charles W GILL Amy CE127/BB/55 1907
DOHERTY Ernest P HARGREAVES Esther CE127/BB/56 1907
THOMPSON James MARSHALL Emma CE127/BB/57 1907
HORNER John H BROWN Martha A CE127/BB/58 1907
WILCOCK Herbert WOODS Eva S CE127/BB/59 1907
DRIVER Luther LANG Annie E CE127/BB/60 1907
CLEGG Sam S SANDERSON Annetta CE127/BB/61 1907
JOHNSON Willie GIBBONS Emma CE127/BB/62 1907
WOOD John W BRIGGS Sarah A CE127/BB/63 1907
PERROW Harry WALKER Sarah E CE127/BB/64 1907
KEIGHLEY Renel DAVEY Frances CE127/BB/65 1907
BENTLEY George W MCCLEARNS Laura E CE127/BB/66 1907
HALL John W TOWNSON Gertrude CE127/BB/67 1907
SUTCLIFFE Daniel PEARSON Ethel CE127/BB/68 1907
HARRISON Joseph VERITY Emily CE127/BB/69 1907
TITTERINGTON George W LUND Clara CE127/BB/70 1907
SCHOFIELD Joseph PATCHETT Jane A CE127/BB/71 1907
HINCHCLIFFE Arthur MAWSON Alice CE127/BB/72 1907
VIRR John DAWSON Louie CE127/BB/73 1907
GIBSON Frederick BROOKE Kate C CE127/BB/74 1907
YOUNGER Matthew J LISTER Emma CE127/BB/75 1907
BRIGGS Ernest ELLIOTT Agnes CE127/BB/76 1907
BOOTH Joseph MELLOR Alice CE127/BB/77 1907
MILBOURN Alfred HALLIDAY Hannah M CE127/BB/78 1907
THORNTON William BROADBENT Clara E CE127/BB/79 1907
LOKER Herbert WILCOCK Annie CE127/BB/80 1907
CUNNINGTON John H HOPKINSON Beatrice M CE127/BB/81 1907
HOBSON William GENT Lilian M CE127/BB/82 1907
WILSON Stephen A BELL Martha E CE127/BB/83 1907
PICKARD Harold COULSON Ida CE127/BB/84 1907
WADDINGTON Ezra ACKROYD Sarah J CE127/BB/85 1907
BARRONS James W MYERS Hannah E CE127/BB/86 1907
HUDSON Menhell VERITY Selina CE127/BB/87 1907
GOTT Harold H CAPSTICK Rose H CE127/BB/88 1907
SCHOFIELD Walter MCCLEARNS Dora I CE127/BB/89 1907
OBANK William J HOLLINGS Edith CE127/BB/90 1907
WATERHOUSE Luther MOSS Catherine A CE127/BB/91 1907
ARMITAGE John I NAYLOR Florence CE127/BB/92 1907
RAYNER Ernest A TATTERSFIELD Harriet CE127/BB/93 1907
KITCHIN George WHITTAM Clarice CE127/BB/94 1907
ETHERINGTON Arthur AMBLER Sophia CE127/BB/95 1907
BRAMLEY Wilfred CROWTHER Emily CE127/BB/96 1907
KIRKBRIGHT Fred BROWN Annie CE127/BB/97 1907
PEARSON William SHIPMAN Helen CE127/BB/98 1907
BEAUMONT Percy PETRICK Sarah E CE127/BB/99 1907
FLAXINGTON Samuel DAWSON Ada CE127/BB/100 1907
THOMPSON Isaac W DEVONSHIRE Frances J CE127/BB/101 1907
BENNETT John ALLEN Loveday M CE127/BB/102 1907
OLDFIELD Joseph H NELSON Eliza CE127/BB/103 1907
HOLMES John SAYNER Jane CE127/BB/104 1907
BEAUMONT Arthur CHAPMAN Alice CE127/BB/105 1907
OVEREND Joseph P PROCTER Sarah CE127/BB/106 1907
PROCTER Benson WAITE Sophia CE127/BB/107 1907
WOMERSLEY Walter RIDER Florence CE127/BB/108 1907
LAYCOCK John W V PHIPPS Florence M CE127/BB/109 1907
GAMBLE John WARD Lily CE127/BB/110 1907
SAVILLE Joseph BODDY Eliza M A CE127/BB/111 1907
DAWSON William TONKIN Frances H CE127/BB/112 1907
WIGGLESWORTH Clarence CARDUS Margaret CE127/BB/113 1907
DICKINSON Ernest J CLAYDEN Elizabeth CE127/BB/114 1907
TOWNEND Samuel PEEL Jane CE127/BB/115 1907
BARRACLOUGH William COATES Florence CE127/BB/116 1907
BARKER John E CRAVEN Kate A CE127/BB/117 1907
WATERHOUSE Whitaker LISTER Clara CE127/BB/118 1907
BUTLER Albert STEPHENS Mary E CE127/BB/119 1907
CROSS Thomas B DIXON Alice CE127/BB/120 1907
HARRISON Ernest BROOKS Florence CE127/BB/121 1907
FEANBY George H RHODES Naomi CE127/BB/122 1907
TEANBY George H RHODES Naomi CE127/BB/122 1907
ARUNDALE Tom EMSLEY Eliza CE127/BB/123 1908
NEWBOULD Herbert HALL Evelyn CE127/BB/124 1908
RHODES William HENMAN Julia A CE127/BB/125 1908
WARD Alfred HELLEWELL Louisa CE127/BB/126 1908
RAYNER Herbert A GIBSON Christiana CE127/BB/127 1908
COOK Harry BATTLE Maud M CE127/BB/128 1908
SUTTLE Ernest BERRY Eliza CE127/BB/129 1908
DUTTON Jim WRIGHT Mary A CE127/BB/130 1908
LINLEY Albert BLAND Jane CE127/BB/131 1908
WALKER Thomas ROBERTS Sarah E CE127/BB/132 1908
COATES Matthew MARSHALL Hannah V CE127/BB/133 1908
SHAW Ernest LONG Hetty G CE127/BB/134 1908
HAWKSHAW Charles D HAINSWORTH Bertha CE127/BB/135 1908
BROOKSBANK Thomas P MAWSON Minnie CE127/BB/136 1908
GAUNT Luther WOMERSLEY Clara CE127/BB/137 1908
HORN Simeon K EDMONDSON Ruth A CE127/BB/138 1908
CARRICK Dufton HALEY Sarah H CE127/BB/139 1908
TEALE Lessel RAYNER Ethel CE127/BB/140 1908
JOWETT Edmund ISLES Margaret CE127/BB/141 1908
ROGERS Herbert RAISTRICK Ada CE127/BB/142 1908
WEBSTER Tom HALLIDAY Sabina CE127/BB/143 1908
BUSFIELD Frederick C HALL Effie A CE127/BB/144 1908
NEWSOME James A SHIRES Mary E CE127/BB/145 1908
ABBOTT John W STRICKLAND Louisa CE127/BB/146 1908
CARTER James E MILNER Emily H CE127/BB/147 1908
WILCOCK Allan LUMBY Mary A CE127/BB/148 1908
COATES William TUNNICLIFFE Mary E CE127/BB/149 1908
BRADLEY James COX Clara CE127/BB/150 1908
WOOD Frank M BOOTH Theresa A CE127/BB/152 1908
HUGHES William T CLAYTON Maryh CE127/BB/153 1908
BINKS George V DACRE Bertha CE127/BB/154 1908
MYERS James M CROWTHER Edith CE127/BB/155 1908
ALLOTT James CROFT Frances A CE127/BB/156 1908
LUMLEY William PICKARD Mary A CE127/BB/157 1908
SAWLEY Herbert CHESTER Esther CE127/BB/158 1908
FARRAR George DENTON Mary A CE127/BB/159 1908
GREEN John A MASKILL Florence CE127/BB/160 1908
FOWLER Frankland GLOVER Ada CE127/BB/161 1908
HUDSON William SMITHIES Emmeline CE127/BB/162 1908
RENTON Charles COULTAS Martha B CE127/BB/163 1908
CUSSANS Fred SCHOFIELD Florence CE127/BB/164 1908
OBANK Benjamin H BERRY Ada CE127/BB/165 1908
GAMBLES Arthur ILLINGWORTH Drucilla CE127/BB/166 1908
MELLOR Charles H KNAGGS Evelyn M CE127/BB/167 1908
HINDLE John W DIMELOW Elizabeth CE127/BB/168 1908
TAYLOR William WHITWORTH Ellen CE127/BB/169 1908
BAKER John E SHARP Charlotte CE127/BB/170 1908
STEAD Thomas WINTERBOTTOM Sarah A CE127/BB/171 1908
WILLOUGHBY Herbert TILLOTSON Florence CE127/BB/172 1908
LUPTON Herbert KENDALL Miriam CE127/BB/173 1908
ALDERSON Fred BOOTH Nellie CE127/BB/174 1908
PICKLES Ralph THREAPLETON Ethel CE127/BB/175 1908
SYKES Alfred PINKNEY Laura J CE127/BB/176 1908
TAYLOR Jonathan BELL Etty CE127/BB/177 1908
STOTT George SCARFE Mary H CE127/BB/178 1908
MCMANN Frederick GRAHAM Beatrice CE127/BB/179 1908
NAYLOR Richard M KENDALL Sarah A CE127/BB/180 1908
WADE Fred DAWSON Frances CE127/BB/181 1908
CARRICK Fred WADE Sarah E CE127/BB/182 1908
HARTLEY Joseph ARMSON Alma CE127/BB/183 1908
DOBSON Nelson SKIRROW Annie CE127/BB/184 1908
WILSON Edward LANGLEY Florry CE127/BB/185 1908
MITCHELL Walter HARRISON Grace CE127/BB/186 1908
HALEY Sam A BATLEY Sarah E CE127/BB/187 1908
CHAPMAN Alfred CHAPMAN Caroline CE127/BB/188 1908
PRATT Robert W LEE Edith A CE127/BB/189 1908
TOPHAM Thomas B WATMUFF Maude A CE127/BB/190 1908
MILNER Herbert W HOLMES Margaret CE127/BB/191 1908
WOOD James R WAITE Edith CE127/BB/192 1908
HARRIS Walter STANCLIFFE Gertrude I CE127/BB/193 1908
MIDDLETON Herbert CLAYTON Kate CE127/BB/194 1908
THACKRAY John E CHEETHAM Emma L CE127/BB/195 1908
PARKINSON Herbert HUTCHINSON Harriet CE127/BB/196 1908
WELLS Albert WETHERALL Naomi CE127/BB/197 1908
IRELAND Frederick JOHNSTON Elizabeth CE127/BB/198 1908
HUDSON Richard CROSSLEY Frances H CE127/BB/199 1908
RHODES William A HOTHAM Emma CE127/BB/200 1908
PARKER Joseph H WALLER Rebecca CE127/BB/201 1908
DALE Isaac GOTT Louisa CE127/BB/202 1908
WILSON Willie DENTON Bertha CE127/BB/203 1908
BANKS Willie MAXIM Alice M CE127/BB/204 1908
SCARTH Joseph W FYRTH Annie CE127/BB/205 1908
STEELE George GAUNT Elizabeth A CE127/BB/206 1908
AIREY William SEARLS Florence CE127/BB/207 1908
BEESLEY Albert HOE Beatrice CE127/BB/208 1908
DUTTON Gilbert BANKS Beatrice CE127/BB/209 1908
SPEIGHT Albert RIX Alice CE127/BB/210 1908
HAXBY Charles TAYLOR Elizabeth CE127/BB/211 1908
OBRIAN Joseph SECKER Clara CE127/BB/212 1908
LUMBY Thomas B WILCOCK Sarah H CE127/BB/213 1908
DOWGILL James T TANKARD Annie CE127/BB/214 1908
KIRKBRIGHT John KENDRICK Edith E CE127/BB/215 1908
BENNETT Matthew H CLAYDEN Maud CE127/BB/216 1908
PEDLEY James E SOMMERFIELD Edith CE127/BB/217 1908
DOCKRAY David LAMBERT Emily L CE127/BB/218 1908
MYERS Simeon BROWN Alice W CE127/BB/219 1908
RICHARDSON Frederick HIRST Alice CE127/BB/220 1909
SCOTT Walter KERSHAW Isabella CE127/BB/221 1909
JESSOP Leonard WEST Maud CE127/BB/222 1909
MUSTILL Charles W WINTERBURN Lilian M CE127/BB/223 1909
FOX Moulson THORPE Ellen S CE127/BB/224 1909
LEE Fred BANKS Clara CE127/BB/225 1909
JOWETT Benjamin SAVILLE Sarah CE127/BB/226 1909
SUNDERLAND Fred NELSON May CE127/BB/227 1909
DAWSON Isaac MULLINDER Agnes CE127/BB/228 1909
RODGERS Joseph B LUMBY Hannah CE127/BB/229 1909
CHILD Sam G HESLEWOOD Fanny CE127/BB/230 1909
FIELDING Harry BROOKS Emily CE127/BB/231 1909
MELLOR George E WIGGINS Lily CE127/BB/232 1909
ORMEROD James WINDLE Margaret E CE127/BB/233 1909
NEWBOULD John BAGSHAW Eva M CE127/BB/234 1909
GRIMSHAW John HOLLINGS Hannah E CE127/BB/235 1909
GLOVER Watson ROGERS Sarah CE127/BB/236 1909
CORDINGLEY Alfred HAINSWORTH Grace A CE127/BB/237 1909
HALLIDAY George W LANGLEY Julia CE127/BB/238 1909
WOOD Percy W TIDGWELL Ethel CE127/BB/239 1909
BARRETT Joshua NEWBY Annie E CE127/BB/240 1909
CLAYTON Sam WALKER Sarah E CE127/BB/241 1909
THORNTON Albert EDWARDS Beatrice E CE127/BB/242 1909
HALL Frank SMITH Grace E CE127/BB/243 1909
WALKER George T HAINSWORTH Florence A CE127/BB/244 1909
WATERHOUSE Richard ACKROYD Margaret CE127/BB/245 1909
SCHOFIELD Joseph BROUGH Mary E CE127/BB/246 1909
PETTY James GRIFFITHS Florence E CE127/BB/247 1909
MOSS Matthew W BEAUMONT Clara G CE127/BB/248 1909
COOPER Fred LEE Annie CE127/BB/249 1909
METCALFE Arthur THYER Lily CE127/BB/250 1909
WOOD Willie JEWITT Annie CE127/BB/251 1909
BERRY John W HALL Jane CE127/BB/252 1909
BATHERS Nathaniel WILKINSON Edith CE127/BB/253 1909
TURNER George W THURLOW Gertrude CE127/BB/254 1909
HUBIE Ben BUSSEY Priscilla CE127/BB/255 1909
WEBSTER Fred PRIESTLEY Elizabeth CE127/BB/256 1909
WILCOCK Glover WINTERBURN Florence CE127/BB/257 1909
WALKER James NEWSOME Harriet A CE127/BB/258 1909
HARPER George LAYCOCK Lilian A CE127/BB/259 1909
WOMERSLEY Fred R JOHNSTONE Annie E CE127/BB/260 1909
SHARP Joseph ILLINGWORTH Louisa CE127/BB/261 1909
WARMAN Jonas INMAN Hilda M CE127/BB/262 1909
PARISH John T HINCHLIFFE Sarah A CE127/BB/263 1909
WRIGHT John W A BAILEY Clara CE127/BB/264 1909
WEST John C HAMMOND Mary H CE127/BB/265 1909
COPLEY Harry BALDWIN Jane E CE127/BB/266 1909
LEE Joshua HASTE Mary E CE127/BB/267 1909
KEMBERY Edward HEWITSON Harriet J CE127/BB/268 1909
SIMPSON Teddie SMITH Clara G CE127/BB/269 1909
GARTHWAITE Russell F SOUTHERN Sarah A L CE127/BB/270 1909
EDHOUSE Walter MOSS Mabel A CE127/BB/271 1909
WILSON Randal FISHER Florence CE127/BB/272 1909
WARDMAN Harry KEAN Sarah A CE127/BB/273 1909
ROBERTS Luther FARRER Bertha A CE127/BB/274 1909
BUSFIELD Alfred MARSHALL Lily CE127/BB/275 1909
ELSWORTH John W SCHOFIELD Sarah H CE127/BB/276 1909
WEAR Walter FARRER Maud L CE127/BB/277 1909
STAMP Thomas H ROSS Roberta CE127/BB/278 1909
BOOTH Willie STORR Clara CE127/BB/279 1909
BOOTH Willie STOTT Clara CE127/BB/279 1909
LAWSON Herbert VICKERS Annie CE127/BB/280 1909
WHITEHEAD Maurice B HUGGAN Agnes CE127/BB/281 1909
STANSFIELD Benjamin P ROSS Cora H CE127/BB/282 1909
COYLE Harry ERRINGTON Sarah A CE127/BB/283 1909
WATERHOUSE Fred ATKINSON Mabel CE127/BB/284 1909
LUND Edgar BENNETT Martha CE127/BB/285 1909
ATKINSON Eli H WATERS Phoebe CE127/BB/286 1909
FORTUNE David OAKES Clara E CE127/BB/287 1909
KEIGHLEY Fred WALTON Hannah E CE127/BB/288 1909
OLIVER John W SHACKLETON Elizabeth A CE127/BB/289 1909
SHUTTLEWORTH Bernard WHARTON Elizabeth CE127/BB/290 1909
RHODES Thomas SMITH Clara CE127/BB/291 1909
GRAY John KEIGHLEY Mary A CE127/BB/292 1909
MEEGAN Philip FEARNLEY Maria CE127/BB/293 1909
WHITLEY Joseph WATERHOUSE Mabel CE127/BB/294 1909
DYSON Horace DAVEY Nancy CE127/BB/295 1909
EXLEY John ELSE Mary A CE127/BB/296 1909
WALKER Melbourne BROOKS Rhoda CE127/BB/297 1909
WHITTLES Ernest REDMAN Mary A CE127/BB/298 1909
CALVERT Fred HOYLE Leah CE127/BB/299 1909
COX Alfred MASKILL Annie CE127/BB/300 1909
JACKSON William WHITELEY Lilian CE127/BB/301 1909
SCOTT Herman H MITCHELL Elizabeth CE127/BB/302 1909
ROBINSON William H SHAW Ann E CE127/BB/303 1909
HOYLE Joseph WADDINGTON Mary A CE127/BB/308 1909
CRAVEN Willie LUMBY Evelyn CE127/BB/304 1910
GRAY Henry HOWCROFT Mary E CE127/BB/305 1910
WEBSTER Joseph A WEBSTER Maud CE127/BB/306 1910
COGGINS Walter ISLES Mary F CE127/BB/307 1910
PEARSON Harry PROCTER Mary A CE127/BB/309 1910
TUNNICLIFFE Joseph MARSHALL Minnie W CE127/BB/310 1910
CRAMPTON Arthur PICKLES Miriam CE127/BB/311 1910
BOOTH Joseph COOPER Edith CE127/BB/312 1910
WHEATLEY Arthur POPPLEWELL Sarah J CE127/BB/313 1910
GOODMAN Robert HOLMES Mary E CE127/BB/314 1910
NAYLOR Victor HOLDER Martha CE127/BB/315 1910
HAINSWORTH Arthur ODDY Margaret A CE127/BB/316 1910
BARRON John W LAWSON Annice CE127/BB/317 1910
BONELL Varley PEEL Marion CE127/BB/318 1910
WEBSTER Henry CLEGG Annie CE127/BB/319 1910
WATSON Arthur WILSON Hannah E CE127/BB/320 1910
WILLANS Sam KEIGHLEY Celia CE127/BB/321 1910
COOPER Harold SCOTT Grace CE127/BB/322 1910
HAINSWORTH William H WALMSLEY Annie CE127/BB/323 1910
RAISTRICK Hugh SCHOFIELD Elizabeth CE127/BB/324 1910
MILNER Haley WEST Rella CE127/BB/325 1910
LOBLEY Dean RAYNOR/ER Esther A CE127/BB/326 1910
FIRTH Herbert A FISHER Emily CE127/BB/327 1910
WEBSTER William WOMERSLEY Edith CE127/BB/328 1910
TAYLOR Willie CROMACK Sarah A CE127/BB/329 1910
MARSHALL Walter S ROBINSON Sarah A A CE127/BB/330 1910
HANCOCK Ernest BOLTON Sarah A CE127/BB/331 1910
BRANTON Frank EMSLEY Margaret A CE127/BB/332 1910
BRAUTON Frank EMSLEY Margaret A CE127/BB/332 1910
CALVER Ernest SUTCLIFFE Beatrice CE127/BB/333 1910
WEBSTER Arthur COOPER Annie CE127/BB/334 1910
HARDAKER John A WOOD Isabel CE127/BB/335 1910
GRIMSHAW George HARGREAVES Emma CE127/BB/336 1910
WILKINS George DEVINE Charlotte CE127/BB/337 1910
BALMFORTH Wilkinson BOLTON Matilda CE127/BB/338 1910
BOOCOCK Samuel NORMINGTON Annice CE127/BB/339 1910
WHITE Walter WATSON Esther CE127/BB/340 1910
TILLOTSON Kendall LINLEY Mary A CE127/BB/341 1910
SMITH John DEAN Clara CE127/BB/342 1910
WILMAN John W BREARLEY Maud CE127/BB/343 1910
HORSFALL Joseph ATKINSON Clara CE127/BB/344 1910
ELLISON Willie DAVISON Grace CE127/BB/345 1910
WRIGHT Arthur N STONES Lovena CE127/BB/346 1910
WEBSTER Thomas BOOTH Martha CE127/BB/347 1910
THORNTON Herbert TURNER Lily CE127/BB/348 1910
PARKIN William E BOURNE Edith CE127/BB/349 1910
LINDON Jacob S JONES Gertrude CE127/BB/350 1910
GRIMSHAW Fred B MYERS Harriet CE127/BB/351 1910
SILSON Fred H PITTS Sarah E CE127/BB/352 1910
HUDSON Sam WOODCOCK Florence E CE127/BB/353 1910
LAWSON Harry COUSINS Lizzie CE127/BB/354 1910
WALLER Walter HALL Ethel CE127/BB/355 1910
BARNES Willie BROWN Louisa CE127/BB/356 1910
WALKER Arthur TILLOTSON Esther A CE127/BB/357 1910
COWLING William L WITCOMB Gertrude CE127/BB/358 1910
TORDOFF William BOYALL Nancy M CE127/BB/359 1910
TURNER Charles H HOLLIDAY Dora CE127/BB/360 1910
SANDERS Ben KELSEY Clara A CE127/BB/361 1910
MOORHOUSE Herbert LEE Lily CE127/BB/362 1910
GOODALL Jarvis ROWLETT Fanny CE127/BB/363 1910
SPENCER John B GLOVER Sarah A CE127/BB/364 1910
NASH Thomas L WARD Ethel CE127/BB/365 1910
RHODES Joseph BOOTH Frances M CE127/BB/366 1910
SHARPE Willie YOUNG Mary H CE127/BB/367 1910
SUGDEN Harry HAINSWORTH Sarah A CE127/BB/368 1910
HOLDER James R ROYSTON Mary E CE127/BB/369 1910
FARRER William CULLEY Norah CE127/BB/370 1910
SYKES William H SCOTT Martha A CE127/BB/371 1910
BROOKS James SPENCER Florence G CE127/BB/372 1910
FISHER Arthur DOWGILL Maria CE127/BB/373 1910
WEBSTER John H HINCHCLIFFE Ethel CE127/BB/374 1910
GOMERSALL Horace BROOK Ethel CE127/BB/375 1910
BRAILSFORD John LUPTON Annie CE127/BB/376 1910
DEARDEN Joseph BUTLER Nora E CE127/BB/377 1910
BUTTERY Albert SWAINE Edith CE127/BB/378 1910
WHINCUP Thomas R WADE Alice CE127/BB/379 1910
DOWGILL Leonard MARK Sarah A CE127/BB/380 1910
BARROW Frank VERITY Mary J CE127/BB/381 1910
SHUTTLEWORTH George MYERS Edith CE127/BB/382 1910
LEE Alfred SCOTT Minnie CE127/BB/383 1910
LEE Thomas KITSON Ada CE127/BB/384 1910
NICHOLS William HETHERINGTON Rhoda CE127/BB/385 1910
MARSHALL Abraham HARDING Louisa CE127/BB/386 1910
TAYLOR Harold K PICKARD Maud CE127/BB/387 1910
FARRAR George T LENG Edith A CE127/BB/388 1910
BARKER John P CRAVEN Eva CE127/BB/389 1910
TUNNICLIFFE Alfred TEALE Nanny CE127/BB/390 1910
GIBSON George H BUTLER Elizabeth CE127/BB/391 1910
RIDER James CLAYTON Lucy CE127/BB/392 1910
WHITE Herbert SMITH Martha CE127/BB/393 1910
DERBYSHIRE William J THORNTON Jane E CE127/BB/394 1911
VICKERS Hedley R WALKER Susannah CE127/BB/395 1911
FORD Willie ARUNDALE Edith CE127/BB/396 1911
KEMP Henry A SAWDON Florence M CE127/BB/397 1911
WILKINSON Simeon STEPHENSON Florence E CE127/BB/398 1911
CALLAGAN Edmund WRIGHT Edith CE127/BB/399 1911
CAIN Joseph A SYKES Edith B CE127/BB/400 1911
MYERS Fred SYKES Elsie CE127/BB/401 1911
COATES Cyril SHUTTLEWORTH Emily CE127/BB/402 1911
BROOK Joseph W WALMSLEY Ellen CE127/BB/403 1911
BROGDEN Harry THREAPLETON Hannah CE127/BB/404 1911
GRIMSHAW Lewis WHITEHEAD Martha M CE127/BB/405 1911
PACKER George BOOCOCK Maud L CE127/BB/406 1911
JOY James T SPENCER Lottie M CE127/BB/407 1911
POWELL George FELL Eliza A CE127/BB/408 1911
RODGER Joseph GIBON Miriam CE127/BB/409 1911
JOHNSON Joseph H WHHITELEY Eva CE127/BB/410 1911
BUTLER Arnaud MAIDENS Elizabeth CE127/BB/411 1911
JACKLIN Walter TILLOTSON Ada CE127/BB/412 1911
DENNISON James H WATERHOUSE Emily B CE127/BB/413 1911
HUGHES Alfred TURNER Alma CE127/BB/414 1911
KITSON Oliver PARKER Eva CE127/BB/415 1911
WILLIS Joseph SPENCER Clarice I CE127/BB/416 1911
STANSFELD Charles BOOTH Florence E CE127/BB/417 1911
HORSLEY Edgar CHIPPENDALE Adelaide CE127/BB/418 1911
HORSLEY Edgar CHIPPINDALE Adelaide CE127/BB/418 1911
JOHNSON Irwin W ACKROYD Annie CE127/BB/419 1911
LEE Joseph BOWES Ethel CE127/BB/420 1911
EMSLEY Harry SHARP Lily CE127/BB/421 1911
SPENCE Henry WOOD Harriet CE127/BB/422 1911
SWALLOW Herbert SIMPSON Bertha CE127/BB/423 1911
BEILBY Robert CHILD Edith A CE127/BB/424 1911
WARD Freddie VICKERS Ada CE127/BB/425 1911
ROWLINSON Arthur FRANCE Gertrude CE127/BB/426 1911
JAMES Arthur POWELL Eva CE127/BB/427 1911
WAINWRIGHT Ernest FOWLER Lily CE127/BB/428 1911
SAVAGE Robert FAWBERT Olive D CE127/BB/429 1911
HORN Harry LUMBY Maud E CE127/BB/430 1911
POLLARD Rowland W BARKER Minnie CE127/BB/431 1911
NAYLOR Samuel COATES Ada CE127/BB/432 1911
DUCKELS Willie HAMPTON Lilian M CE127/BB/433 1911
LAMBERT Thomas H NEWBOULD Rhoda CE127/BB/435 1911
WHINCUP William PEARSON Lilian CE127/BB/436 1911
OBANK Lawrence S FLETCHER Clara E T CE127/BB/437 1911
WOODHEAD Herbert HORNBY Margaret CE127/BB/438 1911
ELSWORTH John A CARTER Annie CE127/BB/439 1911
FIRTH Tom L PICKARD Ellen E CE127/BB/440 1911
STRINGFELLOW Neville W MELLOR Annie CE127/BB/441 1911
NORMINGTON Joseph DIXON Ethel CE127/BB/442 1911
MANNERS Pullan COATES Beatrice A CE127/BB/443 1911
OGDEN Jonas DAYKIN Hannah J CE127/BB/444 1911
RHODES John W COLBURN Minnie CE127/BB/446 1911
PITCHFORD William ACKROYD Annie CE127/BB/447 1911
BONELL James RHODES Sarah E CE127/BB/448 1911
CORDINGLEY Herbert DENTON Annie CE127/BB/449 1911
WILSON Percy GLOVER Sarah C CE127/BB/450 1911
SPENCER Joseph BRIGGS Ellen CE127/BB/451 1911
WARMAN Thomas CROWTHER Florence A CE127/BB/452 1911
SMITH Willie CLEREHUGH Cleesie E CE127/BB/453 1911
BROUGHTON John R GRATTON Sarah CE127/BB/454 1911
BATTERSBY Horace B ATKINSON Esther CE127/BB/455 1911
COATES Harold BECKTON Mary A CE127/BB/456 1911
BRAYSHAW George H MARSHALL Edith H CE127/BB/457 1911
VERITY George FORWARD Mabel F CE127/BB/458 1911
WALLER Joseph WALLER Isabel CE127/BB/459 1911
TURNER Charles HAWKSWORTH Sarah J CE127/BB/460 1911
TOWN Willie DENNY Annie CE127/BB/461 1911
BARKER William FISHER Alice CE127/BB/462 1911
VERITY Robert WINN Annie E CE127/BB/463 1911
BARTLE Albert V HORSFALL Lena CE127/BB/464 1911
RAWSON Bernard POWELL Lilis M CE127/BB/465 1911
BROWN Frederick SWAINE Maria CE127/BB/467 1911
KEIGHLEY Leonard COULSON Bertha CE127/BB/468 1911
CLARKSON John HINCHCLIFFE Frances CE127/BB/469 1911
BOTTOMLEY Oates LAWSON Clara H CE127/BB/470 1911
GAUNT Arthur CRAMPTON Elizabeth A CE127/BB/471 1911
CASSON Herbert WELBURN Margretta CE127/BB/472 1911
COATES Dick J MARSDEN Lucy A CE127/BB/473 1911
BRITTON Arthur STANSFELD Jane CE127/BB/474 1911
TUMMONS Harry MYERS Laura CE127/BB/475 1911
RAFTON Herbert BRETT Edith F CE127/BB/476 1911
WALLER Fred HOLLINGS Eva CE127/BB/477 1911
PARKER Joseph A WOOD Jessie CE127/BB/478 1911
LOBLEY Rawnsley PEARSON Frances I E CE127/BB/479 1911
MORTIMER Harry ALDERSON Margaret CE127/BB/480 1911
RICHMOND James KNIGHT Emily CE127/BB/481 1911
BINNS Tom PEDLEY Ada CE127/BB/482 1911
ALDER Francis W HOLGATE Florence CE127/BB/483 1911
BURTON Ernest CARTER Ada CE127/BB/484 1911
CARTER Willie SUTCLIFFE Jane E CE127/BB/485 1911
CALVERT John W SMITH Lily CE127/BB/486 1911
RHODES William COULTATE Kate CE127/BB/487 1911
STEAD Fred CHILD Edith CE127/BB/488 1911
WALLER Ernest MURGATROYD Eva CE127/BB/489 1911
SHEARD Christopher M ELSWORTH Clara CE127/BB/490 1912
OUTHWAITE Albert L DEAN Olive CE127/BB/491 1912
BARKER Harold LEE Edith M CE127/BB/492 1912
WOOD George E THREAPLETON Myra CE127/BB/493 1912
BATEMAN Wilson LEUTY Ann M CE127/BB/494 1912
BARRETT John EARLE Mary L CE127/BB/495 1912
ATKINSON John W GAMBLES Ann CE127/BB/496 1912
MANN Edwin DURHAM Florence CE127/BB/497 1912
COGGINGS Walter WILCOCK Miriam CE127/BB/498 1912
ARMITAGE Laurence MILBURN Edith CE127/BB/499 1912
RAISTRICK Oliver BROOK Bertha CE127/BB/500 1912
WOOD George R BENNETT Sarah A CE127/CC/1 1912
WADE George A JOWETT Emilie CE127/CC/2 1912
PROCTER Frederick M LUND Alice CE127/CC/3 1912
ATHORN Jonas HEMINGWAY Emma CE127/CC/4 1912
ATKINSON Jesse ARMISTEAD Louisa CE127/CC/5 1912
WALKER Raymond JAMES Violetta CE127/CC/7 1912
WATSON Arthur FIRTH Mary E CE127/CC/8 1912
THOMAS Prince REED Clara E CE127/CC/9 1912
COOPER Joseph BINNS Bertha CE127/CC/10 1912
HIRST Stuart A BLACKBURN Marguerite F CE127/CC/11 1912
READ George M NORTHROP Hannah A CE127/CC/12 1912
HUTCHINSON Willie BARNES Rebecca CE127/CC/13 1912
BENN Harold DOWNES Hannah CE127/CC/14 1912
MYERS Charles ASPINALL Martha CE127/CC/15 1912
VERITY James STANSFIELD Hannah CE127/CC/16 1912
GILL John GRAINGER Clarice CE127/CC/17 1912
WILKINSON Harry W SMITH Henrietta CE127/CC/18 1912
HODGSON Joseph HALL Bertha CE127/CC/19 1912
WARD Ben BOOTH Sarah E CE127/CC/20 1912
BARRETT Herbert SMITH Rosetta CE127/CC/21 1912
NAYLOR Marcus LINES Elizabeth E CE127/CC/22 1912
RAYNER Samuel GUILLIATT Fanny CE127/CC/23 1912
KITSON Harry MARSDEN Melinda CE127/CC/24 1912
KITCHING Herbert B STEELE Emma CE127/CC/25 1912
HOLLIS Harry S GOLDSBROUGH Emily CE127/CC/26 1912
GORDON John H MIDGLEY Sarah E CE127/CC/28 1912
NICHOLS Harry KNOWLES Emily R CE127/CC/29 1912
WARD Samuel PARKER Edith CE127/CC/30 1912
BENTLEY Irvin THORNTON Ana CE127/CC/31 1912
WEBSTER George COLDWELL Lena CE127/CC/32 1912
LAWRENCE Seth PRIESTLEY Achrah CE127/CC/33 1912
BUSFIELD William WHARTON Sarah CE127/CC/34 1912
MAWSON Walker FIRTH Lottie CE127/CC/35 1912
BRADY George BOLTON Hannah CE127/CC/36 1912
MELLOR Thomas BROWN Lillian E CE127/CC/37 1912
BROWN Walter WILCOCK Laura CE127/CC/38 1912
ATKINSON George R BAXTER Alice H CE127/CC/39 1912
NEWTON Alfred RUNHAM Edith CE127/CC/40 1912
NEALE Walter J CRAVEN Martha H CE127/CC/41 1912
KITCHEN Harry GLOVER Florence CE127/CC/42 1912
WADE Albert SUGDEN Edith CE127/CC/43 1912
CRAVEN James T ALLOTT Rosie CE127/CC/44 1912
MASKILL Joseph MASKILL Maud CE127/CC/45 1912
CLOUGH George A SHACKLETON Annie CE127/CC/46 1912
RAWSON William HEATON Ethel A CE127/CC/47 1912
SUGDEN Harry W HOLLINGS Ethel CE127/CC/48 1912
THOMPSON Herbert TIPLING Alice CE127/CC/49 1912
SMITH Allan PEMBERTON Martha CE127/CC/50 1912
SCOTT John J ROBINSON Mary E CE127/CC/51 1912
MILLIGAN John R HOLLIDAY Lily CE127/CC/52 1912
PARTRIDGE Alfred ALLOU Annie E CE127/CC/53 1912
RHODES Thomas LEACH Mary CE127/CC/54 1912
HARGREAVES Laurence W COULTAS Annie CE127/CC/55 1912
STEELS James A WALLER Emma CE127/CC/56 1912
WOOD Sydney W GREENWOOD Annie S CE127/CC/57 1912
MARSHALL Robert METCALFE Jane CE127/CC/58 1912
GRIMSHAW Joshua G WHITTAKER Eliza CE127/CC/59 1912
LUMBY Daniel SUGDEN Emily CE127/CC/60 1912
HORN Ernest WATSON Clara CE127/CC/61 1912
THORPE Henry MELLOR Mary CE127/CC/62 1912
RUSSELL Arthur HAINSWORTH Lily CE127/CC/63 1912
HASKING John VIRR Bertha CE127/CC/64 1912
DAUGHTY Francis HARRISON Emma CE127/CC/65 1912
NORTH Harry HATFIELD Lily CE127/CC/66 1912
HORNER Harry LUMBY Harriet H CE127/CC/67 1912
THOMPSON Samuel COYLE Sarah A CE127/CC/68 1912
HOYLAND Robert CLOSE Annie CE127/CC/69 1912
FRETWELL Percy BUSFIELD Jane E CE127/CC/70 1912
MOORHOUSE Ernest CLOUGH Beatrice M CE127/CC/71 1912
HORNE Charles W PROCTER Sarah E CE127/CC/72 1912
HADWIN Charles EMMOTT Clarice E CE127/CC/73 1912
MARSDEN William MIDGLEY Ethel CE127/CC/74 1912
JOHNSON George H LAMBERT   CE127/CC/75 1912
EASTWOOD Norman MAY Nelly L CE127/CC/76 1912
WATKINSON Robert SCARFE Annie CE127/CC/77 1912
PRATT Francis W MOODY Ada CE127/CC/78 1912
LAWSON Harry ATKIN Nora CE127/CC/79 1913
WILFORD John T WAITE Lavinia CE127/CC/80 1913
WOODHEAD Arthur HORSFALL Esther H CE127/CC/81 1913
BROWN John J CARTER Hilda CE127/CC/82 1913
WHITTLES James A WARMAN Ann CE127/CC/83 1913
HAINSWORTH Joseph SUGDEN Ethel CE127/CC/84 1913
HEMINGWAY Herbert SHACKLETON Ethel CE127/CC/85 1913
BROWN Percy E BROWN Mary A CE127/CC/86 1913
HORN Harry ILLINGWORTH Ethel M CE127/CC/87 1913
ROBINSON Thomas E BATEMAN Hannah CE127/CC/88 1913
BROADBENT James WILSON Edith CE127/CC/89 1913
CLARK Norman THOMPSON Hilda CE127/CC/90 1913
PRIESTLEY Albert LITTLEWOOD Annie CE127/CC/91 1913
HILLS Mark L BRAY Ellen CE127/CC/92 1913
SHOESMITH Bertram DOBSON Annie CE127/CC/93 1913
LONGBOTTOM Walter MCNICHOL Edith CE127/CC/94 1913
PARKER Fred E NEWBY Louie CE127/CC/95 1913
ATHA Jack BROOK Ethel CE127/CC/96 1913
CALVERT Joseph COATES Annie CE127/CC/97 1913
HOLLINGS Wheatley SUTCLIFFE Martha J CE127/CC/98 1913
WALLBANK John JACKSON Gertrude I CE127/CC/99 1913
CLIFFE Charles E LEE Harriet CE127/CC/100 1913
DAVISON John B YEADON Annie CE127/CC/101 1913
COCKERHAM Herbert SHIPMAN Charlotte CE127/CC/102 1913
BUSFIELD Arthur CAWSON Louie CE127/CC/103 1913
COGAN George T RIDER Nellie CE127/CC/104 1913
FAWBERT Henry NOLAN Catherine CE127/CC/105 1913
TALBOT Samuel W WAITE Mabel CE127/CC/106 1913
HUTCHINSON Walter JONES Alice CE127/CC/107 1913
STANDAGE Ernest VERITY Mary A CE127/CC/108 1913
THOMPSON George D VIRR Ethel CE127/CC/109 1913
NEWBOULD Walter LEE Florence CE127/CC/110 1913
CHILD Frederic W PRATT Lucy H CE127/CC/111 1913
CARDUS Efron ROSS Ann S CE127/CC/112 1913
DEACON Joseph COULTOUS Georgina F CE127/CC/113 1913
CARR Henry J BARBER Miriam CE127/CC/114 1913
ALLOTT Matthew THOMPSON Jane A CE127/CC/115 1913
TERRY Thomas W GRIFFIN Florence M CE127/CC/116 1913
DOCKRAY James CLAYBOROUGH Lucy A CE127/CC/117 1913
LONG James E LOBLEY Louisa CE127/CC/118 1913
MYERS James STAGG Hannah L CE127/CC/119 1913
BRAYSHAW Granville NORRIS Florence E CE127/CC/120 1913
CLARKSON William GAIT Agnes CE127/CC/121 1913
GREENWOOD Abram SILSON Lily H CE127/CC/122 1913
POLLARD Harry BOOTH Mabel CE127/CC/123 1913
RHODES James BOOTH Agnes CE127/CC/124 1913
HOCKLEY Robert HILL Gertrude L CE127/CC/125 1913
SCROGGINS Sam R BATESON Jane A CE127/CC/126 1913
BUSFIELD Ernest WILSON Emily CE127/CC/127 1913
SCOTT James HOLGATE Mary E CE127/CC/128 1913
IVES Sidney WALLER Ethel CE127/CC/129 1913
ATKINSON Samuel ROSS Mary CE127/CC/130 1913
WHYTE Arthur J MILNE Louisa M CE127/CC/131 1913
HOLDSWORTH Alfred FARRAR Edith CE127/CC/132 1913
FENTON Joseph SUDDARDS Annie E CE127/CC/133 1913
BECK Ernest WALKER Elsie CE127/CC/134 1913
WILCOCK John W LEE Emily CE127/CC/135 1913
JAGGER Herbert NORTHING Gertrude A CE127/CC/137 1913
LOWTHER John C GREGSON Catherine C CE127/CC/138 1913
PEEL John GLOVER Maud CE127/CC/139 1913
HANSON John H BROOKE Hannah CE127/CC/140 1913
PROCTER Harold BATES Rebecca CE127/CC/141 1913
LEACH Clifford CRAVEN Lilian CE127/CC/142 1913
SUGDEN Willie HAMMOND Clara I CE127/CC/143 1913
SMITH Arthur SWITHENBANK May CE127/CC/144 1913
WOOD Harry HARTLEY Florence CE127/CC/145 1913
COLLIER John KEIGHLEY Emma CE127/CC/146 1913
SENIOR Wilfrid GLOVER Esther CE127/CC/147 1913
TAYLOR George CARTER Ethel CE127/CC/148 1913
LEE William H STANSFIELD Rhoda CE127/CC/149 1913
TIDSWELL Willie WOMERSLEY Elizabeth CE127/CC/150 1913
WILSON Oliver SIMMONS Emily CE127/CC/151 1913
BALDWIN George JOHNSON Annie CE127/CC/152 1913
CLOUGH Ben TURNPENNY Sarah A CE127/CC/153 1913
PEARSON Irwin ACKROYD Annie CE127/CC/154 1913
SCROGGINS Fred BROWN Mabel CE127/CC/155 1913
RIDER John WILLIAMSON Sarah E CE127/CC/156 1913
SUGDEN Joseph B TOWNSEND Ophelia A CE127/CC/157 1913
CREIGHTON John LEWIS Emma J CE127/CC/158 1913
MAUDSLEY Joseph WEBB Sarah E CE127/CC/159 1913
MAUD William T HALLIDAY Clara CE127/CC/160 1913
LINLEY Fred JEFFERIES Sarah A CE127/CC/161 1913
SMITH Gordon DUKES Kate CE127/CC/162 1913
HARRIS Robert WEBSTER Jane CE127/CC/163 1913
EASTWOOD Willie BENNETT Ruth CE127/CC/164 1913
FIRTH Fred HORNBY Hepzibath CE127/CC/165 1913
GREAVES Walter CLAYTON Edith CE127/CC/166 1913
WRIGHT Seth CHAMBERS Minnie CE127/CC/167 1913
TEALE James ROBINS Rebecca CE127/CC/168 1913
BUTLER Davison GILBERT Mary H CE127/CC/169 1913
NEWSOME Joseph SUGDEN Mary H CE127/CC/170 1913
SMITH George DIXON Eden CE127/CC/171 1913
FIELDHOUSE William WEBSTER Florrie CE127/CC/172 1914
SMITH Joe KEIGHLEY Stella CE127/CC/173 1914
SHEPHERD Leonard DAVEY Florence CE127/CC/174 1914
DIBB Harry PLACE Florence A CE127/CC/175 1914
BRIGGS Maurice GAUNT Clarice CE127/CC/176 1914
BREARLEY Henry HARDAKER Margaret J CE127/CC/177 1914
GILBEY Richard MOORHOUSE Martha CE127/CC/178 1914
BROADBENT Marquis HAINSWORTH Annie CE127/CC/179 1914
ILLINGWORTH Ernest WALKER Hilda CE127/CC/180 1914
BINKS James H CAYGILL Mary E CE127/CC/181 1914
LEE Herbert EDMONDSON Hannah M CE127/CC/182 1914
HUDSON Arthur WORTH Annie CE127/CC/183 1914
RAMSDEN Thomas H HETHERINGTON Doris CE127/CC/184 1914
KIRBY Walter WARRINGTON Ethel CE127/CC/185 1914
HUGGAN Christopher HUMPHRIES Ada J CE127/CC/186 1914
WHEATLEY Joseph W BROWN Annie CE127/CC/187 1914
STANHOPE Sam HARGREAVES Elizabeth CE127/CC/188 1914
PROCTER Allan SWAINE Maggie CE127/CC/189 1914
SPECK Charles W GORDON Elizabeth CE127/CC/190 1914
LUDLAM John HAINSWORTH Alice M CE127/CC/191 1914
DAYKIN James A ASPINALL Christiana CE127/CC/192 1914
GAINES Richard PARTRIDGE Caroline CE127/CC/193 1914
SELLICK Arthur G HENDERSON Margaret J CE127/CC/194 1914
EARLE Harry WHEELWRIGHT Edith CE127/CC/195 1914
CHAPMAN General M RIDER Louie CE127/CC/196 1914
CAWTHRAY Maurice CHAPMAN Mary A CE127/CC/197 1914
FLETCHER Charles H CARTER Lucy CE127/CC/198 1914
BUCKMAN Charles J MYERS Lois CE127/CC/199 1914
DAWSON Harry LOVE Jessie CE127/CC/200 1914
SHIPMAN Walter DENBY Edith CE127/CC/201 1914
HEAVISDIES John R WILCOCK Florence M CE127/CC/202 1914
SCHOFIELD William H JOHNSON Elizabeth CE127/CC/203 1914
MATTHEWS Harry BLACKBURN Carrie CE127/CC/204 1914
SMITH Thomas HORSMAN Isabella CE127/CC/205 1914
EASTWOOD Lawrence BATES Elizabeth CE127/CC/206 1914
MAWSON Samuel MITCHELL Clara CE127/CC/207 1914
RAYNER Stanley HIGGINS Elizabeth CE127/CC/208 1914
WILSON William B RHODES Alice CE127/CC/209 1914
MASKILL Frank NAYLOR Eva CE127/CC/210 1914
TONKIN Frank WOODS Florence CE127/CC/211 1914
GREAVES Charles WEST Rose CE127/CC/212 1914
HILL Arthur TURNER Lily M CE127/CC/213 1914
GEE Amos R BANGS Annie E CE127/CC/214 1914
WEBSTER Norman COULSON Edith CE127/CC/215 1914
HOLDSWORTH Ernest JENNINGS Mary A CE127/CC/216 1914
RAMSDEN Fred MELLOR Martha A CE127/CC/217 1914
TOWNEND Albert WATSON Florence M CE127/CC/218 1914
GRIMSHAW Hugh WILSON Clarissa S CE127/CC/219 1914
WHARFE George A HILL Edith CE127/CC/220 1914
GUILD Alexander BROOK Sarah A CE127/CC/222 1914
HALL Harry E RICHARDSON Ada CE127/CC/223 1914
PEARSON Albert STOTHARD Lucy CE127/CC/224 1914
PALMER Henry WALLBANK Hilda CE127/CC/225 1914
WOOD John W SHAW Ada CE127/CC/226 1914
DAVISON Fred MURRAY Emily J CE127/CC/227 1914
SKINNER Bertram CROWTHER Ethel CE127/CC/228 1914
PROCTER Hubert MYERS Ethel CE127/CC/229 1914
WEEKS William WARD Harriet E CE127/CC/230 1914
WARD Ben MORTON Jane CE127/CC/231 1914
CARR Louis H JACKLIN Maria CE127/CC/232 1914
PEARSON Wright WILBY Louie CE127/CC/233 1914
WILSON William H JOWETT Dora CE127/CC/234 1914
ALLAN Archibald WINTERBURN Ida E CE127/CC/235 1914
CORDINGLEY Leonard LAWRENCE Alice CE127/CC/236 1914
JENKINS Lewis JEFFREY Clarice A CE127/CC/237 1914
LAWSON Charles LAW Minnie CE127/CC/238 1914
WOMERSLEY Stafford H CROFT Fanny CE127/CC/239 1914
VARLEY Fred BARNES Alice CE127/CC/240 1914
ATHORNE Benjamin ROBERTSHAW May CE127/CC/241 1914
PECKOVER John CANNON Jane P CE127/CC/242 1914
COULTOUS James A WARDMAN Alice CE127/CC/243 1914
BRACEWELL Ernest CARTER Jane B CE127/CC/244 1914
GUTTERIDGE Harold ROLLINSON Mary A CE127/CC/245 1914
POLLARD Arthur ANDERSON Elizabeth CE127/CC/246 1914
LOBLEY Samuel D FIELDHOUSE Clara CE127/CC/247 1914
CRAVEN William ALLANSON Hellen CE127/CC/248 1914
PULMAN George FIRTH Alice CE127/CC/249 1914
FRANKLAND John HOLLINGS Annie CE127/CC/250 1914
WEBSTER Willie W TAYLOR Sarah A CE127/CC/251 1914
WARD William G WOOD Mary A CE127/CC/252 1914
WHITHAM Milner CARTER Annie E CE127/CC/253 1914
SHUTTLEWORTH William KEIGHLEY Annie CE127/CC/254 1914
TEANBY Hank TURNER Annie M CE127/CC/255 1914
RHODES John A LYCETT Frances E CE127/CC/256 1914
HARDAKER Wilfrid GREAVES Florence E CE127/CC/257 1914
MIDGLEY David WARD Martha CE127/CC/258 1914
GLOVER Edward HAINSWORTH Evelyn CE127/CC/259 1914
VICKERS John W WEBSTER Mary E CE127/CC/260 1915
MARSTON James WHITHAM Alice CE127/CC/261 1915
FARRER John A KITSON Mabel CE127/CC/262 1915
WADE Harry JOWETT Lizzie CE127/CC/263 1915
WRIGHT Leonard CORDINGLEY Hetty CE127/CC/264 1915
BOTTOMLEY Sutcliffe MARSTON Emma CE127/CC/265 1915
CLAYTON Thomas H WESTMORELAND Mary J CE127/CC/266 1915
RILEY Arthur V BOSSE Emma O CE127/CC/267 1915
LUPTON Alfred SIMPSON Grace CE127/CC/268 1915
CRAIG William SCOTT Epsie CE127/CC/269 1915
ROSS Allan W JOHNSON Margaret E CE127/CC/270 1915
MARSDEN Leonard METCALFE Alice D CE127/CC/271 1915
COX Herbert JACKSON Evelena CE127/CC/272 1915
GIBSON Walter ELLIS Edith CE127/CC/273 1915
WHITE Frank UNDERWOOD Daisy CE127/CC/274 1915
HOLDSWORTH Harry INGHAM Emily CE127/CC/275 1915
ROBINSON William W WATSON Esther H CE127/CC/276 1915
ELSWORTH Alfred FOX Laura CE127/CC/277 1915
SUTHERS William H STONE Etty CE127/CC/278 1915
WOODHEAD Fred CORLESS Minnie CE127/CC/280 1915
WINTERBURN Harry S WALLER Elsie CE127/CC/281 1915
REED George PARTRIDGE Florence M CE127/CC/282 1915
CRAVEN Joseph WEST Ellen CE127/CC/283 1915
HOPLINSON George TOMLINSON Bertha I CE127/CC/284 1915
SCULL George H SMITH Ann E CE127/CC/285 1915
LEE Edward COOK Maud M CE127/CC/286 1915
DOUGILL Albert PALFREEMAN Annie CE127/CC/287 1915
EMSLEY Priestley BOOTH Lenora CE127/CC/288 1915
WILLIAMSON George H FLAXINGTON Sarah E CE127/CC/289 1915
PARKIN Norman M SWAINE Maud CE127/CC/290 1915
HEATON Albert HARRISON Pauline W CE127/CC/291 1915
LEE Lewis HARPER Martha A CE127/CC/292 1915
EMSLEY Ernest WHITELEY Blanche E CE127/CC/293 1915
WHITTAM Herbert LINFOOT Mary E CE127/CC/294 1915
PEEL George SMITH Alice CE127/CC/295 1915
SYKES James WALKER Lilian E CE127/CC/296 1915
BAXTER Fred PRATT Ethel CE127/CC/297 1915
LAYCOCK John E PANNETT Mary A CE127/CC/298 1915
ALLEN James LEE Ada CE127/CC/299 1915
HINDLE Thomas L WILSON Elizabeth J CE127/CC/300 1915
THREAPLETON William A CORDINGLEY Elizabeth H CE127/CC/301 1915
CRAVEN Arthur W SLOANE Elizabeth E CE127/CC/302 1915
RAMSDEN Ernest PROCTER Annie CE127/CC/303 1915
RHODES John W MERCER May CE127/CC/304 1915
THOMAS Joshua HARKER Annie CE127/CC/305 1915
BENNETT John W GOTT Lavinia CE127/CC/306 1915
GAUNT Arthur ELLIS Laura CE127/CC/307 1915
FORWARD Percy HARRISON Edith CE127/CC/308 1915
WADDINGTON Stanley C WALKER Marion CE127/CC/309 1915
SMITH William H KAYE Jessie A CE127/CC/310 1915
PRATT Alfred M BROOKE Cecilia CE127/CC/311 1915
GAUNT Edgar L HAINSWORTH Sarah H CE127/CC/312 1915
PERKINS Ernest CROSSLEY Margaret A CE127/CC/313 1915
LATIMER Herbert W LONGMIRE Annie CE127/CC/314 1915
MYERS Harry L WOOD Hannah CE127/CC/315 1915
BARNES Jowett WALMSLEY Edith CE127/CC/316 1915
LEACH James R GRANGE Ada CE127/CC/317 1915
MELL Harold V PROCTER Mary L CE127/CC/318 1915
WADE Hainsworth GREENWOOD Beatrice CE127/CC/319 1915
GLOVER Alfred BARKER Hilda CE127/CC/320 1915
LAMBERT John A HEMINGWAY Mary E CE127/CC/321 1915
BROWN Leonard STOWE Hannah H CE127/CC/322 1915
PILLEY Alfred E WHEATER Alice CE127/CC/323 1916
PADGETT Norman NORFOLK Clementina CE127/CC/324 1916
WEST Joseph MOSS May E CE127/CC/325 1916
HORSFALL Houghton BOINTON May CE127/CC/326 1916
HODGSON Tom SANFORD Elsie CE127/CC/327 1916
BORADMAN Arthur N ROWLEY Ada CE127/CC/328 1916
BARRAND Arthur RAYNER Jane CE127/CC/329 1916
MURGATROYD Walter VERITY Edith CE127/CC/330 1916
SWAINE Verdi BOLTON Martha J CE127/CC/331 1916
GRAY Samuel H BENTLEY Alice M CE127/CC/332 1916
VICKERMAN George E POPPLEWELL Annie CE127/CC/333 1916
MURGATROYD George W MERRALL Clara L CE127/CC/334 1916
WINN George MOORHOUSE Sarah CE127/CC/335 1916
TAYLOR James L GAYTHORPE Lily CE127/CC/336 1916
SMITH Thomas A SLINGSBY Annie CE127/CC/337 1916
MELL Leonard V BARRETT Edith CE127/CC/338 1916
LOCKWOOD Daniel HARRISON Jane E CE127/CC/339 1916
WHITHAM John CRAVEN Bertha CE127/CC/340 1916
LAWTON Herbert HILEY Miriam CE127/CC/341 1916
WATERWORTH John BUTLER Joy CE127/CC/342 1916
TAYLOR William O WARD Jane A CE127/CC/343 1916
WARD Harry SHARP Sarah E CE127/CC/344 1916
STANILAND George CROWCROFT Sybil M CE127/CC/345 1916
ROBERTS Harold HODGSON Florence E CE127/CC/346 1917
TOWLER Herbert S BARNES Eveline CE127/CC/347 1917
TURNER Leslie N PITTS Ethel M CE127/CC/348 1917
MORTIMER Sam PLANT Florence M CE127/CC/349 1917
BLACKWELL John ARMISTEAD Louisa CE127/CC/350 1917
ACKROYD Walter CROFT Elizabeth CE127/CC/351 1917
WHINCUP James R GOODWIN Annie E CE127/CC/352 1917
LEVISOHN Frederick A WHALEY Hannah CE127/CC/353 1917
CHENERY Herbert C GRIMSHAW Alice CE127/CC/354 1917
WHITEHEAD Allan W BRAYSHAW Clara CE127/CC/355 1917
AUDSLEY Alfred J PARR Mary E CE127/CC/356 1917
MATTHEWMAN Walter ELCOCK Elizabeth CE127/CC/357 1917
GALLOWAY Arthur HARDCASTLE Harriett CE127/CC/358 1917
WILBER William THOMPSON Sarah E CE127/CC/359 1917
HARTLEY James S BELL Louie CE127/CC/360 1917
NELLIST Frederick D HUDSON Sarah CE127/CC/361 1917
LEE Wilfrid ROBERTSON Elizabeth CE127/CC/362 1917
THORNTON Gilbert DAVISON Maude E CE127/CC/363 1918
MALLINSON Wallace OAKLEY Esther CE127/CC/364 1918
ISLES Frederick H STEVENSON Lily CE127/CC/365 1918
FARRAR Edward WATT Annie E CE127/CC/366 1918
BRIGGS Samuel POOLE Mary H CE127/CC/367 1918
HOARE Lewis G THOMPSON Ida V CE127/CC/368 1918
NOBLE Ivor HOLLINGS Annie CE127/CC/369 1918
CALVERT John B CROXON Caroline W CE127/CC/370 1918
GRIMSHAW John A VASCOE Beatrice CE127/CC/371 1918
WEST James N SMITH Mabel CE127/CC/372 1918
SMITH Richard FOSTER Florence M CE127/CC/373 1918
JEFFREY Arthur T STEVENSON Ethel E CE127/CC/374 1918
GRIMSHAW Reginald DODD Margaret A CE127/CC/375 1918
MERCER John W HAINSWORTH Harriet E CE127/CC/376 1918
OBANK John COPLEY Martha A CE127/CC/377 1919
OUTHWAITE Harry BARKER Ethel CE127/CC/378 1919
WINN Joseph W PARISH Millissa CE127/CC/380 1919
BARNES Thomas THOMPSON Myra CE127/CC/381 1919
GOULBURN James A BLACKBURN Bertha CE127/CC/382 1919
THOMPSON Cecil H CHAMBERS Hannah M CE127/CC/383 1919
MUNN Stephen J JOYCE Annie CE127/CC/384 1919
THORNTON Arthur G BINNS Marjorie C CE127/CC/385 1919
GOODALL Herbert BROOME Florence A CE127/CC/386 1919
HEATON Norman LEE Ada CE127/CC/387 1919
ALLANSON John GILL Alice M CE127/CC/388 1919
JACKSON Norman W BRADLEY Fanny E CE127/CC/389 1919
BEACH Sydney G ROBINSON Ivy A CE127/CC/390 1919
DAVISON Morris CHRISTIE Helen M CE127/CC/391 1919
CROWTHER Elliot GLOVER Hannah CE127/CC/392 1919
RHODES John HARTLEY Mary CE127/CC/393 1919
THORNTON Arthur MARSHALL Clarice CE127/CC/394 1919
KNIGHT William C PRATT Hilda CE127/CC/395 1919
SHUTT William H LISTER Elsie CE127/CC/396 1919
WOODCOCK Joseph M ZERET Blanche CE127/CC/397 1919
GRIMSHAW Edward CALVERT Frances M CE127/CC/398 1919
ADAMS Francis H CONDON Olive M CE127/CC/399 1919
BRADLEY John T BARRETT Elizabeth CE127/CC/400 1919
BROWNBILL James Frederick HUDSON Maggie CE127/CC/401 1919
EKINS Leopold P RHODES Marion CE127/CC/402 1919
BRADSHAW William TURNBULL Mary CE127/CC/403 1919
MCCORMACK John T BARRONS Sarah H CE127/CC/404 1920
WHITEHEAD Hugh HIRD Kathleen M CE127/CC/405 1920
GREENWOOD Earl PICKARD Elizabeth CE127/CC/406 1920
CHILD Allan DAVISON Celia CE127/CC/407 1920
ILLINGWORTH William SUGDEN Lena CE127/CC/408 1920
SCOTT John J DIXON Edith CE127/CC/409 1920
LAWSON Herbert LONG Faith CE127/CC/410 1920
HUDSON Frederic J BARNES Bessie F CE127/CC/411 1920
MASON Horace A PRATT Nellie CE127/CC/412 1920
HULL Henry SHACKLETON Lily CE127/CC/413 1920
SHEFFIELD Albert E CLAYBOROUGH Rebecca CE127/CC/414 1920
JENKINSON Harry WALMSLEY Annie CE127/CC/415 1920
MAWSON Charles WALLER Sarah CE127/CC/416 1920
EASTWOOD Alfred NOBLE Clara CE127/CC/417 1920
HUTTON Arthur N BLACKBURN Beatrice A CE127/CC/418 1920
CHAPPELL George H WRIGHT Grace CE127/CC/419 1920
HARTLEY Jack T ATKINSON Alice M CE127/CC/420 1920
WOOD Horace BURTON Gladys M CE127/CC/421 1920
PATIENT Henry B BROWN Anice CE127/CC/422 1920
HADDOCK William LAMBERT Lily CE127/CC/423 1920
BUTLER Abel J LAYCOCK Mary CE127/CC/424 1920
HIGGINS Harold LAYCOCK Hilda CE127/CC/425 1920
WRIGHT Arthur H SHAW Esther CE127/CC/426 1920
STEVENSON George MARSHALL Ella CE127/CC/427 1920
SMITH Joseph PARKINSON Marion CE127/CC/428 1920
KITCHING James PAGE Florence W CE127/CC/429 1920
HALL Benfield ALLANSON Mabel CE127/CC/430 1920
PARR Wilfrid ARMITAGE Florrie CE127/CC/431 1920
LEE Alfred HARGREAVES Martha CE127/CC/432 1920
CLARKE George W WADE May CE127/CC/433 1920
DIBB William H DRIVER Maggie CE127/CC/434 1920
WILSON Wentworth COLLEY Annie CE127/CC/435 1920
HINCHLIFFE Joseph W BEARDSALL Emilie O CE127/CC/436 1920
LANG Clifford ALDERSON Emily CE127/CC/437 1920
SEDGWICK Walter CHILD Doris M CE127/CC/438 1920