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Calverley Parish Church Records: Marriages 1879-1880

1879 - 1880


This full index lists all marriages at St Wilfrids, Calverley. The reference number refers to the registration held by Leeds Register Office. There were 4000 marriages at St Wilfrids during the period 1860 to 1880, so the file is split into smaller batches.

His Occ.
His Occ.
1879 01 01 BULLOUGH John 50 W Stone Mason Calverley Thomas Bullough Stone Mason James Margerison   CE127/Q/226
  STEWART Ann 52 W . Calverley Thomas Wood Clothier James Marshall    
1879 01 01 ILLINGWORTH William 27 B Farmer Calverley Moor James Illingworth Farmer James Waterhouse   CE127/Q/227
  HEWITT Theresa 27 S . Calverley Moor Joseph Hewitt Monumental Mason Harriet Waterhouse    
1879 01 04 CLAYTON George Henry 21 B Mechanic Pudsey Edwin Clayton Cloth Fuller Samuel Gibson   CE127/Q/228
  WHITFIELD Eliza Jane 23 S Weaver Pudsey . . Mary Gibson    
1879 01 08 HINDLE William Henry 24 B Clerk Idle Elias Hindle Clothier William Lee   CE127/Q/229
  BOOTH Grace 20 S . Idle Abraham Booth Blacksmith Eliza Booth    
1879 01 13 HOLDSWORTH Samuel 24 B Bookseller Idle George Holdsworth . Alfred Goldsbro   CE127/Q/230
  GLOVER Emily 21 S Weaver Idle Jasper Glover Clothier Harriet Glover    
1879 01 14 CRAGG Roger 39 B Tile Layer Idle Thomas Cragg Farmer Joseph Mallinson   CE127/Q/231
  TORDOFF Selina 40 W . Idle Joseph Mallinson Weaver Jane Mallinson    
1879 01 19 COLE Thomas Brogden 20 B Woolsorter Calverley Moor Benjamin Cole Woolsorter Benjamin Cole   CE127/Q/232
  SENIOR Elizabeth Ann 19 S Twister Calverley Moor James Senior Clothier Roland Rycroft Cole    
1879 01 25 HALLIDAY Walter 25 B Delver Idle Robinson Halliday Tinner Benjamin Halliday   CE127/Q/233
  MITCHELL Martha Ann 21 S Weaver Idle Thomas Mitchell Clothier James Margerison    
1879 01 25 LANGLEY Richard 21 B Boot Maker Pudsey Thomas Langley Overlooker Edward Raistrick   CE127/Q/234
  RAISTRICK Grace Ann 20 S Weaver Pudsey John Raistrick Rag Merchant Charles Firth    
1879 01 25 BAKER Samuel 21 B Mechanic Pudsey Richard Baker Mechanic James Henry *   CE127/Q/235
  WHITE Mary Hannah 21 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel White Boilermaker Mary Ann Baker    
1879 01 27 HUSTLER Fountain 32 W Boot Maker Pudsey . . Samuel Margerison   CE127/Q/236
  GAUNT Emma 31 S Weaver Pudsey John Gaunt Tailor Hannah Marshall    
1879 01 29 RIDER William 23 B Corn Miller? Pudsey John Rider Cloth Fuller Robert Webster   CE127/Q/237
  HODGSON Jane Ann 25 S Dressmaker Pudsey John Hodgson Butcher Johnny Rider    
1879 02 01 CLOUGH Joseph Ellis 24 B Dyer Pudsey Benjamin Clough B* Scale Maker Herbert Wild   CE127/Q/238
  LONG Grace 24 S Weaver Pudsey John Long Overlooker? Pamelia Long    
1879 02 02 JACKSON Robert Barker 21 B Warehouseman Pudsey Joseph Jackson Clothier Martha Elizabeth Sowden   CE127/Q/239
  SOWDEN Emily 20 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Sowden Clothier James Marshall    
1879 02 08 SPENCER Jonas 25 B Carter Bolton Jonas Spencer Farmer Edward Spencer   CE127/Q/240
  WHITLEY Hannah 22 S Weaver Bolton William Whitley Labourer Harriet Whitley    
1879 02 09 SUTCLIFFE William 20 B Overlooker Windhill John Sutcliffe Coal Agent John Stead   CE127/Q/241
  CRABTREE Lavinia 19 S Weaver Windhill Thomas Crabtree Woolsorter Emma Richmond    
1879 02 10 WARDMAN Amos 24 B Joiner Windhill Simeon Wardman Engine Tenter Alexander Jackson   CE127/Q/242
  BELL Eliza 23 S Weaver Windhill John Bell Woolcomber James Marshall    
1879 02 10 JOWETT Henry 23 B Twister Pudsey Henry Jowett Dyer James Margerison   CE127/Q/243
  LAWSON Emma 22 S Weaver Pudsey John Lawson * James Marshall    
1879 02 15 WATMOUGH Joseph 22 B Overlooker Calverley Moor William Watmough Contractor Benjamin Farrar   CE127/Q/244
  TWINAM Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Calverley Moor William Twinam Farmer Emma Nutter    
1879 02 15 SHACKLETON John 19 B Blacksmith Windhill Joseph Shackleton Weaver Benjamin Farrar   CE127/Q/245
  BARBER Mary Ellen 20 S Weaver Windhill William Barber Dyer Samuel Roper    
1879 02 11 LAWSON William 22 B Fettler Farsley Edward Lawson Quarryman Frank Lawson   CE127/Q/246
  SUGDEN Emma 19 S Drawer in Mill Farsley John Sugden Wool Dyer Thomas Lawson    
1879 02 19 THOMPSON John Richard 27 B Hosier Pudsey James Thompson Publican James Margerison   CE127/Q/247
  BARKER Abigail 25 S Draper's Assistant Sheffield Charles Barker Hay Cutter Hannah Marshall    
1879 02 19 HALL David Henry 26 B Confectioner Sheffield John Turner Hall Tailor & Draper James Margerison . CE127/Q/248
  THOMPSON Elizabeth Ann 24 S . Pudsey James Thompson Publican Hannah Marshall    
1879 02 19 PICKLES Joel 26 B Quarryman Idle Benjamin Pickles Joiner George Minty   CE127/Q/249
  DOWNHAM Louisa 19 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Downham Policeman Ann Downham    
1879 02 23 VICKERS John William 19 B Shoemaker Farsley Farrar Vickers Butcher Edward Mitchell   CE127/Q/250
  MITCHELL Elizabeth Ann 19 S Drawer Farsley Cain Mitchell Mechanic James Margerison    
1879 02 23 ATKINSON Frank 19 B Boot Finisher Pudsey Joseph Atkinson Boot Maker Sarah Ann Briggs   CE127/Q/251
  LUMBY Mary Emma 19 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Lumby Quarryman William Lightowler    
1879 03 01 PARKER Arthur Joseph 20 B Joiner Windhill Joseph Gray Parker Joiner Benjamin Sugden Greenwood   CE127/Q/252
  MORTIMER Mary Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Shipley Thomas Mortimer Blacksmith Mary Hall Parker    
1879 03 01 SLACK Henry 25 B Labourer Windhill James Slack Miner William Brown   CE127/Q/253
  CHAMPION Ellen 23 S Weaver Windhill Samuel Champion Miner Kate Brown    
1879 03 02 HUDSON Matthew Henry 21 B Perching Shuttle Maker Calverley Moor Joseph Hudson Warp Dresser James Margerison   CE127/Q/254
  PEDDER Elizabeth 20 S Drawer Calverley Moor Thomas Pedder Labourer James Marshall    
1879 03 08 RIDER Charles 24 B Shoemaker Pudsey Joseph Rider Cloth Miller Samuel Driver   CE127/Q/255
  ELVIDGE Elizabeth Steele 22 S Millhand Pudsey Francis Elvidge Furnace Man Joseph Hinchcliffe    
1879 03 08 HEMSLEY Simeon Stockdale 27 B Tanner Pudsey Thomas Helmsley Waste Dealer Alfred Braithwaite Birth & census show EMSLEY CE127/Q/256
  BRAITHWAITE Mary Elizabeth 27 S Weaver Pudsey William Braithwaite Greengrocer Harriet Sutcliffe    
1879 03 09 LISTER Joseph Brooksbank 32 B Currier Pudsey Thomas Lister Currier Simeon Ward Sunderland   CE127/Q/257
  ACKROYD Harriet 34 S Weaver Pudsey James Ackroyd Weaver Laura Elizabeth Ackroyd    
1879 03 09 HUGGAN Henry 20 B Rivetter Pudsey Joseph Huggan Coal Agent Samuel Milner   CE127/Q/258
  GREGSON Emily 21 S Weaver Pudsey William Gregson Cloth Miller Hannah Milner    
1879 03 15 GAUNT Joseph Rodger 26 B Clothier Pudsey James Gaunt Clothier John Samuel Musgrave   CE127/Q/259
  MILNER Rose Hannah 24 S Clothier Pudsey William Milner Clothier Mary Milner    
1879 03 16 CONSTANTINE Thomas 20 B Overlooker Windhill Isaac Constantine Foreman Woolsorter Joseph Marshall   CE127/Q/260
  BATES Mary 19 S Weaver Windhill Thomas Bates Curator in Board School Francis Lee    
1879 03 16 DIXON Overend 26 B Weaver Pudsey Samuel Walton Dixon Joiner Francis Lee   CE127/Q/261
  WHITEHEAD Sarah Ann 24 S Weaver Pudsey George Whitehead Shoemaker Phebe Lee    
1879 03 19 THOMAS Amos 23 B Joiner Idle John Thomas Joiner James Pratt   CE127/Q/262
  HORNE Jane 18 S Dressmaker Windhill James Horne Farmer Eliza Thomas    
1879 03 22 RHODES John William 20 B Plumber Pudsey James Rhodes Stone Mason Mary Hall Parker   CE127/Q/263
  NORMINGTON Hannah 20 S Weaver Pudsey Isaac Normington Engine Tenter James Marshall    
1879 03 22 GREENWOOD Benjamin Sugden 26 B Woolsorter Windhill Benjamin Sugden Greenwood Grocer Joseph George Parker   CE127/Q/264
  PARKER Mary Hall 19 S Dressmaker Windhill Joseph George Parker Joiner Joseph Bateson    
1879 03 23 JESSOP Henry 18 B Cart Driver Pudsey John Jessop Flock Merchant Alfred Gambles   CE127/Q/265
  GAMBLES Rose 18 S Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Gambles Overlooker Sarah Coop    
1879 03 29 HORN Fred 21 B Farm Labourer Farsley Jonas Horn Clothier James Thompson   CE127/Q/266
  THOMPSON Sarah 20 S Domestic Servant Farsley James Thompson Clothier Annie Taylor    
1879 03 31 LAMBERT George 20 B Weaver Windhill Henry Lambert Forgeman John Henry Whitley   CE127/Q/267
  WILKINSON Mary Ellen 22 S Weaver Windhill Ralph Wilkinson Weaver Priscilla Lee    
1879 04 05 BROOK John 22 B Piece Singer? Windhill Richard Brook Mechanic James Pickles   CE127/Q/268
  THOMAS Elizabeth 27 W Weaver Windhill Thomas Hawksworth Sea Captain Annie Birks    
1879 04 12 BIRKS James William 22 B Warehouseman Pudsey George Birks Draper John Charles Wilson   CE127/Q/269
  WILSON Caroline Annie 21 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Wilson Waste Dealer Arthur Birks    
1879 04 12 SENNETT Alfred 22 B Shoemaker Pudsey John Sennett Labourer Benjamin Rhodes   CE127/Q/270
  RHODES Mary 23 S Weaver Pudsey Jesse Rhodes Coal Miner Arthur Birks    
1879 04 12 WALTON Richard 24 B Clothier Greengates Francis Walton Manufacturer Thomas Dalby   CE127/Q/271
  DALBY Hannah 23 S Weaver Idle James Dalby Clothier Jane Fleming    
1879 04 12 HUDSON William 24 B Cloth Finisher Pudsey Jesse Pollard Cloth Finisher John Wade Otherwise POLLARD CE127/Q/272
  WADE Hannah Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Wade Spinner Walter Webster    
1879 04 12 TOMLINSON Frederick George 24 B Clerk Idle Thomas Tomlinson Farmer James Bonnell Hodgson; Henrietta Tomlinson   CE127/Q/273
  HODGSON Annie 17 S . Tyersal James Bonnell Hodgson Warehouseman George Gordon Newstead    
1879 03 12 RHODES John 27 B Stone Mason Farsley Thomas Rhodes Farm Labourer William Robinson   CE127/Q/274
  ROBINSON Annie Lavinia 20 S Weaver Farsley William Robinson Carrier William Wade    
1879 04 13 DIBB William 24 W Shoemaker Pudsey William Dibb Farrier John W Brook   CE127/Q/275
  PARRATT Hannah 20 S Weaver Pudsey William Parratt Iron Moulder James Margerison    
1879 04 14 WRIGHT Edwin 23 B Warper Baildon Joseph Wright Millhand Edwin Pickard   CE127/Q/276
  PICKARD Elizabeth Ellen 20 S Weaver Windhill William Pickard Quarryman George Saynor    
1879 04 14 WEBSTER Walter 43 W Coal Agent Pudsey Eli Webster Coal Merchant Samuel William Wilson   CE127/Q/277
  WILSON Sarah 42 S . Calverley Moor George Wilson Clothier Eliza Ann Hudson    
1879 04 20 MELLOR John 22 B Weaver Windhill Moses Mellor Quarryman Alfred Linley   CE127/Q/278
  ELSE Sarah Ann 21 S Weaver Windhill Peter Else Engineer Mary Linley    
1879 04 21 BROWN Joseph 22 B Farmer Calverley Titus Brown Farmer Edmund Grimshaw; Charles Brown   CE127/Q/279
  WALLER Grace 21 S Weaver Calverley James Waller Clothier Charles Waller; Isabella Grimshaw    
1879 04 21 BRAYSHAW Coates 25 B Mule Spinner Idle John Henry Brayshaw Draper? James Margerison   CE127/Q/280
  RAISTRICK Grace 21 S Drawer in Mill Idle William Raistrick Weaving Overlooker James Marshall    
1879 04 23 WILSON Samuel William 26 B Tailor Pudsey George Wilson Clothier John Hudson   CE127/Q/281
  HUDSON Eliza Ann 23 S . Pudsey John Hudson Gentleman Frank Henry Stead    
1879 04 24 HARPER William 31 W Constable Pudsey John Harper Labourer James Thompson   CE127/Q/282
  FINNEY Eliza 23 S Domestic Servant Pudsey George Finney Labourer James Marshall    
1879 04 26 SOWDEN Seba 22 B Packer Pudsey James Sowden Farmer John Gray   CE127/Q/283
  HELSTUB Mary Jane 21 S Weaver Pudsey Robert Helstub Yeast Importer Alfred Hinchliffe    
1879 05 01 BLACK John Thompson 34 W Labourer Pudsey William Black Cart Driver James Thompson   CE127/Q/284
  MOSS Ann 36 W . Pudsey William Forster Millhand James Marshall    
1879 05 05 DENNISON Edwin 25 B Delver Idle . . Reuben Berry   CE127/Q/285
  ROBERTSHAW Hannah 23 S Weaver Idle . . Sarah Ellen Berry    
1879 05 08 SHAW James 24 B Shoemaker Pudsey Joseph Shaw Wool Dryer Joseph Rider   CE127/Q/286
  BRETHERICK Annie 24 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Bretherick Clothier James Marshall    
1879 05 10 HARDCASTLE William Henry 19 B Woolcomber Farsley William Henry Hardcastle Blacksmith James Margerison   CE127/Q/287
  MYERS Rose Annie 19 S Weaver Farsley Cleophas Myers Tailor & Draper James Marshall    
1879 05 12 SHARP Luke 31 W Iron Moulder Pudsey James Sharp Clothier George Lodge   CE127/Q/288
  LODGE Anice 19 S Millhand Pudsey Abraham Lodge Dyer James Margerison    
1879 05 18 ACKROYD Albert 21 B Coal Agent Pudsey John Ackroyd Woolstapler James Alfred Hinchliffe   CE127/Q/289
  WALTON Mary 19 S Weaver Pudsey George Walton Clothier Sarah Banks    
1879 05 18 FIRTH Samuel 25 B Spinning Overlooker Windhill Eli Firth Corn Miller Abraham Dawson   CE127/Q/290
  WELLOCK Jane 26 S Weaver Windhill James Wellock Quarryman Mary Dawson    
1879 05 19 CROSLAND Benjamin 19 B Manufacturer Pudsey Sam Crosland Manufacturer Joseph Crosland   CE127/Q/291
  HAINSWORTH Fanny Louisa 19 S . Pudsey William Hainsworth Farmer Edmund Hainsworth    
1879 05 24 BOWER Smith 37 W Cashier Bradford Thomas Bower Detective Inspector William Aspdin Brady? By Licence CE127/Q/292
  MEGSON Sarah Ann 38 W . Calverley Moor Charles R* Plumber Spencer Scott    
1879 05 31 DAWSON Samuel 23 B Woolsorter Windhill Samuel Dawson Fence Waller Thomas Dobson   CE127/Q/293
  DOBSON Sarah Hannah 22 S Weaver Windhill Thomas Dobson Overlooker Ann Halliday    
1879 06 02 WADE William 24 B Engine Tenter Farsley John Wade Oil Extractor Wesley? Myers   CE127/Q/294
  BIRDSALL Hannah Mary 22 S Weaver Farsley John Birdsall Clothier Martha Ann Birdsall    
1879 06 02 GAUNT Thomas 22 B Coal Miner Pudsey John Gaunt Warp Dresser Henry Jackson   CE127/Q/295
  LEEMING Sarah Ann 18 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Leeming Surveyor Rose Ann Miller    
1879 06 02 HUTCHINSON Alfred 22 B Coal Miner Idle Edwin Hutchinson Delver Abraham Hutchinson   CE127/Q/296
  HUTCH Annie 23 S Drawer in Mill Idle . . Margaret Ellen Fennell    
1879 06 02 SHARP Harry 20 B Rivetter Pudsey William Sharp Clothier Bentley Hodgkins   CE127/Q/297
  HODGSON Derinda 19 S Weaver Idle James Hodgson Warp Dresser Joshua Hanson    
1879 06 11 COPPERTHWAITE James 63 W Packer Tyersal James Copperthwaite . James Thompson   CE127/Q/298
  UTTLEY Eliza 35 W . Tyersal Thomas Inman Butcher James Marshall    
1879 06 08 COOPER George 21 B Carter Tyersal John Cooper Carter James Duckworth   CE127/Q/299
  APPLETON Emma 22 S Millhand Tyersal James Appleton Shopman Caroline Duckworth    
1879 06 14 MAUDE Charles L Espoir 22 B Engineer Calverley Abraham Maude Rate Collector Reginald Maude   CE127/Q/300
  HALLIDAY Clara 20 S Schoolmistress Pudsey William Halliday Manufacturer Frederic Augustus Maude    
1879 06 15 HINCHCLIFFE William 25 B Bread Baker Pudsey Edward Hinchcliffe Cloth Weaver John Edward Johnson   CE127/Q/301
  THRIPPLETON Esther 23 S Weaver Pudsey George Thrippleton Clothier Emma Gambles    
1879 06 21 SUTCLIFFE Nathaniel 24 B Overlooker Calverley Moor Nathaniel Sutcliffe Warp Dresser Jim Harrison   CE127/Q/302
  BESTOW Betsy 23 S Weaver Calverley Moor James Bestow Moulder Hannah Lupton    
1879 06 21 ROBINSON William 20 B Messenger Windhill Joseph Robinson Labourer for Canal Co Bradley Murgatroyd   CE127/Q/303
  TAYLOR Pauline 19 S Dressmaker Windhill George Taylor Engine Driver Emma Stanley    
1879 06 24 BANKS Joseph 24 B Warehouseman Pudsey Joseph Banks Cloth Manufacturer John Midgley   CE127/Q/304
  MIDGLEY Ruth 24 S . Pudsey John Midgley Stuff Manufacturer Sarah Annie Banks    
1879 06 26 CHILD William 31 W Quarryman Calverley John Child Quarry Owner Alfred Margerison By Supt Registrar's Certificate CE127/Q/305
  MARGERISON Mary Ann 28 S . Woodhall Hills John Margerison Farmer John Margerison    
1879 06 28 BENDLE Fredrick 30 B Policeman Idle Joseph Bendle Tea Merchant John Hurst   CE127/Q/306
  GRIMSHAW Sarah 24 S Weaver Idle Joseph Grimshaw Clothier Kezia Hurst    
1879 06 28 LUPTON Heman 24 B Quarryman Windhill Joshua Lupton Woolcomber William Hartley   CE127/Q/307
  RENNARD Ann 24 S Weaver Windhill Marmaduke Rennard Warp Dresser David Baker    
1879 07 05 ILLINGWORTH John William 22 B Fitter Farsley David Illingworth Carrier James Illingworth   CE127/Q/308
  WOOD Ann 23 S Weaver Farsley William Wood Farmer Clara Smith    
1879 07 05 STAMP Ralph 20 B Overlooker Bolton John Stamp Blacksmith Field Hustler   CE127/Q/309
  THORNTON Betsy 21 S Dressmaker Bolton William Thornton Slater Sarah Lee    
1879 07 06 LODGE William 26 B Mechanic Stanningley Thomas Lodge Cartwright James Margerison   CE127/Q/310
  BUSFIELD Louisa 21 S Weaver Farsley William Busfield Clothier James Marshall    
1879 07 07 DAWSON Thomas 22 B Stone Dresser Windhill Samuel Dawson Shoemaker Sarah Hollings   CE127/Q/311
  BEAVER Mercy 19 S Spinner Windhill Charles Beaver Brick Maker James Marshall    
1879 07 09 BEVERLEY Christopher 31 B Worsted Spinner 4 William St, Bradford Christopher Lodge Beverley Brewer Israel Roberts; Mary Hannah Roberts; Mary Eliza Beverley; James Beverley   CE127/Q/312
  ROBERTS Evangeline 25 S . Westfield, Farsley Israel Roberts Woollen Manufacturer C Beverley; Jeremiah Slater; E Beverley    
1879 07 18 MARSHALL John FA W Leather Dresser Pudsey John Marshall Cloth Maker Joseph Woodhead   CE127/Q/313
  SCAIFE Mary Ann FA S . Pudsey Christopher Scaife Brewer James Marshall    
1879 07 20 LYNCH Thomas 24 B Stone Mason Pudsey John Lynch Labourer George Atkinson   CE127/Q/314
  WADE Emma 21 S Weaver Pudsey Elijah Wade Stone Mason Mary Ann Britton    
1879 07 25 SMITH David 24 B Pipe Maker Windhill Thomas Smith Farmer James Margerison   CE127/Q/315
  DEACON Sarah 24 S Weaver Windhill Joseph Deacon Clothier James Marshall    
1879 07 26 STEPHENSON James 23 B Mechanic Windhill Henry Stephenson Joiner George Shaw   CE127/Q/316
  SHAW Adeline 22 S Weaver Windhill Samuel Shaw Chapel Keeper Sarah Flaxington    
1879 07 27 BROOKS Tom 20 B Goods Checker Windhill John Brooks Labourer James Rolfe   CE127/Q/317
  JENNINGS Mary 20 S Weaver Windhill Wilson Jennings Blacksmith Annie Wild    
1879 07 27 RUSHWORTH John 26 B Shoemaker Pudsey William Rushworth Coal Agent Benjamin Alderson Walker   CE127/Q/318
  TILLOTSON Marianne 22 S Servant Pudsey James Tillotson Overlooker Joseph Huggan    
1879 07 27 DUFTON Richard 31 W Tanner Pudsey Joseph Dufton Weaver David Tyne   CE127/Q/319
  CROSSLAND Sarah Ann 32 S Weaver Pudsey John Crossland Woolsorter Hannah Mary Tyne    
1879 07 28 BROGDEN Joseph 44 W Warp Dresser Tyersal James Brogden Warp Dresser Samuel Margerison   CE127/Q/320
  UTLEY Mary Ann 39 S . Laisterdyke William Utley Wool Buyer James Marshall    
1879 07 28 SMITH William Hird 52 W Moulder Windhill John Smith Woolcomber Samuel Yates   CE127/Q/321
  BARKER Martha 39 W Weaver Windhill Joseph Pickles . Dinah Yates    
1879 07 28 RATCLIFFE Samuel 28 B Warp Twister Windhill William Ratcliffe Woolsorter Ellis Ratcliffe   CE127/Q/322
  DOBSON Sophia 25 W Drawer Windhill John Hudson Dyer Sarah Ann Walton    
1879 07 28 RUSHFORTH Benjamin 45 B Stone Quarryman Calverley Thomas Rushforth Cloth Weaver Harry Pawson   CE127/Q/323
  GOTT Ann 35 W . Calverley John Child Stone Merchant Samuel Margerison    
1879 07 31 TURTON John 46 W Manufacturer Pudsey James Turton Excavator Christopher Wilson By Licence CE127/Q/324
  WILSON Mary Anne 47 S . Pudsey Joseph Wilson Manufacturer Sarah Ann Turton    
1879 08 02 BIRKS Frank 18 B Stone Mason Pudsey William Birks Innkeeper William Henry Stott   CE127/Q/325
  HINCHLIFFE Martha 19 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Hinchliffe Weaver Sarah Jane Birks    
1879 08 05 NEWELL John 24 B Commercial Traveller Pudsey Joseph Newell Assistant Overseer William Hutchinson Beaumont   CE127/Q/326
  BEAUMONT Rosa 27 S . Pudsey Joseph Beaumont Cattle Dealer Matthew Banks Newell    
1879 08 05 SKINNER Jonathan 21 B Moulder Farsley James Skinner Labourer H Skinner   CE127/Q/327
  CLAYTON Martha 21 S Spinner Farsley Edward Clayton Labourer Jane Ward    
1879 08 16 MOORE Joseph 21 B Labourer Calverley Moor John Moore Labourer James Margerison   CE127/Q/328
  PARKER Ann Maria 19 S Weaver Calverley Moor John William Parker Carter Thomas Fowlds    
1879 08 16 GOULDSBROUGH Harry 21 B Engine Tenter Idle Thomas Gouldsbrough Overlooker Thomas Fowlds   CE127/Q/329
  CORDINGLEY Margaret Ann 20 S Weaver Idle John Cordingley Publican Raistrick Gouldsbrough    
1879 08 17 RUSHWORTH William 37 W Woolcomber Windhill Eli Rushworth Woolcomber William Glover   CE127/Q/330
  PICKUP Elizabeth 44 W Weaver Windhill William Hargreaves Clothier Henry Whittaker    
1879 08 17 WADDINGTON Thomas 41 W Engine Tenter Farsley Mark Waddington Engine Tenter Levi Beanland   CE127/Q/331
  BEANLAND Emma 43 S Weaver Farsley David Beanland Blast Furnaceman James Margerison    
1879 08 19 SPENCER Walter 21 B Medical Student Bradford Joseph Spencer Chemist William Wigglesworth By Licence CE127/Q/332
  WIGGLESWORTH Mary Clara 17 S . Thornbury William Wigglesworth Clerk Ellen Wigglesworth    
1879 08 21 DRIVER Joseph 22 B Shoemaker Pudsey . . Hutchinson Armitage   CE127/Q/333
  ARMITAGE Ellen 24 S . Pudsey David Armitage Cloth Manufacturer Hannah Marshall    
1879 08 23 EVANS Richard 24 B Railway Porter Farsley John Evans General Dealer William Iverson   CE127/Q/334
  HARGREAVES Mary 16 S Domestic Servant Farsley Nathaniel Hargreaves Master Rag Grinder Martha Askew    
1879 08 23 FEWSTER James Elijah 22 B Stone Mason Farsley Joseph Fewster Contractor Frank Davison   CE127/Q/335
  MARSHALL Sarah Eliza 20 S Twister Calverley Samuel Marshall Gardener Esther Ann Marshall    
1879 08 24 WEBSTER Samuel 24 B Tanner Pudsey James Webster Stone Mason James Henry Webster   CE127/Q/336
  NAYLOR Elizabeth Ann 27 S Weaver Pudsey John Naylor Clothier Ellen Naylor    
1879 08 24 BRIGGS Squire 23 B Currier Pudsey William Briggs Labourer Thompson Sugden   CE127/Q/337
  GAUNT Emily 20 S Weaver Pudsey James Gaunt Clothier Elizabeth Watkinson    
1879 08 25 TIFFANY Samuel 18 B Weaving Overlooker Farsley Simeon Tiffany Ship Builder James Smales   CE127/Q/338
  SMALES Sarah Ann 20 S Drawer in Mill Farsley Joseph Smales Labourer Alicia Stead    
1879 08 25 TURNER Jabez 26 B Colliery Banksman Pudsey William Turner Millhand James Smales   CE127/Q/339
  MOORE Caroline 20 S Weaver Pudsey John Moore Cart Driver Samuel Tiffany    
1879 08 26 HARE Joseph 24 B Shoemaker Pudsey Joseph Hare Clothier Beaumont Hare   CE127/Q/340
  HOLDSWORTH Mary 22 S . Greengates George Holdsworth Farmer Elizabeth Holdsworth    
1879 08 27 SHAW George Henry 24 B Shoemaker Pudsey Moses Shaw Clothier Joseph Rodger Gaunt   CE127/Q/341
  GAUNT Ruth Ann 21 S Weaver Pudsey James Gaunt Clothier Rose Hannah Gaunt    
1879 08 30 RAYNER Gott 21 B Warp Dresser Pudsey Joseph Rayner Clothier James Steel   CE127/Q/342
  STEEL Mary Ann 20 S Weaver Pudsey Dennis Steel Labourer Martha Rayner    
1879 08 30 WATERHOUSE William Thomas 20 B Overlooker Cleckheaton Frederick Thomas Waterhouse Overlooker Bob Hartley   CE127/Q/343
  WHITFIELD Emma Louisa 19 S Weaver Idle Thomas Dawson Whitfield Waste Dealer Christina Brearley    
1879 08 21 SALTER Willie 20 B Shoemaker Pudsey Benjamin Salter Shoemaker John Oddy Sutcliffe   CE127/Q/344
  TOWNEND Mary Elizabeth 20 S Weaver Pudsey Matthias Townend Drover Emma Susan Salter    
1879 09 03 WEBSTER James 26 B Commercial Traveller Pudsey Samuel Drake Webster Manufacturer William Gibson   CE127/Q/345
  GALLOWAY Hannah 21 S . Pudsey George Galloway Manufacturer Jonathan Garth Webster    
1879 09 06 DOBSON Thomas 23 B Painter Windhill Thomas Dobson Weaving Overlooker Thomas Halliday   CE127/Q/346
  HALLIDAY Ann 24 S Weaver Windhill Benjamin Halliday Bobbin Turner Martha Ann Bradley    
1879 09 06 STEAD Sam Raistrick 22 B Blacksmith Pudsey Sam Stead Labourer William Bateman   CE127/Q/347
  ACKROYD Laura Elizabeth 22 S Weaver Pudsey James Ackroyd Clothier Margaret Ann Hinchcliffe    
1879 09 13 MAWSON Thomas Edward 20 B Wool Washer Idle John Mawson Quarryman William Braithwaite   CE127/Q/348
  WATERWORTH Eliza 20 S Weaver Idle . . Sarah Jane Thackray    
1879 09 14 HUDSON Alfred 21 B Cleaning? Pot Maker Windhill Henry Hudson Carter James Henry Webster   CE127/Q/349
  COPLEY Mary Ann 25 S Dressmaker Windhill Thomas Copley Dyer Mary Knowles    
1879 09 14 KNOWLES John 23 B Rivetter Pudsey George Knowles Moulder James Henry Webster   CE127/Q/350
  SHARP Martha 21 S Weaver Pudsey Joshua Sharp Clothier Mary Knowles    
1879 09 16 PITT Thomas 63 B Clothier Windhill Joshua Pitt Manufacturer James Thompson   CE127/Q/351
  KENDALL Martha 64 S Grocer Windhill Thomas Kendall Farmer James Margerison    
1879 09 17 HINDLE Thomas 36 B Clerk Bradford Elias Hindle Clothier Christopher Duffield   CE127/Q/352
  CLOUGH Elizabeth 34 W . Woodhall Hills Joseph Strickland Manufacturer Henry Middleton    
1879 09 20 WEBSTER James Haley 25 B Woolsorter Pudsey William Webster Auctioneer William Gaunt   CE127/Q/353
  ODDY Hannah Mary 24 S Machinist Pudsey Joseph Oddy Coal Agent Sarah Ann Gaunt    
1879 09 20 WOODRUFF William 21 B Circular Sawyer Pudsey John Woodruff Gardener Charles Henry Dawson   CE127/Q/354
  PRIESTLEY Emma 19 S Spinner Pudsey Joseph Priestley Engine Tenter Mary Ann Priestley    
1879 09 20 SMITH John William 28 B Stone Mason Windhill William Myers Smith Carter John Lee   CE127/Q/355
  LEE Ann 28 S Weaver Windhill William Lee Woolcomber Priscilla Lee    
1879 09 20 FIRTH Charles 24 B Miner Morley James Firth Miner James Edward Raistrick   CE127/Q/356
  RAISTRICK Emma 22 S Weaver Pudsey John Raistrick Rag Dealer Thomas Green    
1879 09 21 CORDINGLEY Richard 22 B Blacksmith Calverley John Cordingley Tailor Walter Pratt   CE127/Q/357
  ASHTON Selina 22 S Domestic Servant Calverley William Ashton Engine Tenter James Marshall    
1879 09 22 HOLMES John 33 B Moulder Tyersal Abraham Holmes Overlooker Thomas Drake   CE127/Q/358
  DAY Mary 30 W . Tyersal James Stainton Farmer Eliza Ann Turner    
1879 09 25 MAWSON Edwin 22 B Cloth Manufacturer Idle John Mawson Cloth Manufacturer John Hutton Garth   CE127/Q/359
  GARTH Mary Hannah 21 S . Eccleshill John Dawson Garth Plumber Etty Annie Padgett    
1879 09 27 DOBSON James 25 B Shoemaker Pudsey Thmas Dobson Rope Maker Eli Jackson   CE127/Q/360
  MUSGRAVE Harriet 20 S Domestic Servant Pudsey Edward Musgrave Coal Miner Sarah Jane Norton    
1879 09 27 MORTIMER Charles 24 B Millwright Calverley Joseph Mortimer Engine Tenter Walter Gray   CE127/Q/361
  GRAY Rose Ada 22 S Weaver Calverley William Gray Clothier Hillas Mortimer    
1879 09 28 BARRACLOUGH John 20 B Finisher Idle Joseph Barraclough Finisher Mark King   CE127/Q/362
  KING Emily 18 S Dye House Worker Idle Mark King Engine Firer William Barraclough    
1879 09 29 HAXBY William Russell 25 B Engine Tenter Windhill William Haxby Woolcomber Joseph Atkinson   CE127/Q/363
  ATKINSON Martha 22 S Weaver Windhill William Atkinson Clothier Ned Booth Denton    
1879 09 30 WEBSTER Charles 29 B Engineer Calverley Moor William Webster Engineer James Terry   CE127/Q/364
  TERRY Nancy 23 S . Calverley Moor James Terry Publican Arthur Webster    
1879 10 02 HIGGINS Joseph Hartley 25 B Tobacco Manufacturer Thornbury John Higgins . William Farnish By Licence CE127/Q/365
  BOTTOMLEY Sarah 25 S . Thornbury Thomas Bottomley Manufacturer Mary Ann Bottomley    
1879 10 04 LONGSTAFF Richard 27 B Dyer Calverley Moor John Longstaff Joiner Samuel Gill   CE127/Q/366
  MANNING Kate 20 S Weaver Calverley Moor John Manning Stone Mason James Marshall    
1879 10 04 GILL Samuel 22 B Plasterer Arlesley, Bedfordshire James Gill Clothier Thomas Whittam   CE127/Q/367
  WHITTAM Emily 21 S Weaver Rodley Thomas Whittam Whitesmith Fredrick Knapton    
1879 10 04 MUFF John 22 B Clothier Pudsey Frank Muff Cloth Manufacturer Simeon Rogers   CE127/Q/368
  WOOD Mary 22 S Clothier Pudsey George Wood Clothier Emma Walker    
1879 10 04 NEWTON Israel 22 B Boilermaker Idle Israel Newton Boilermaker John Smith Close   CE127/Q/369
  ARMITSTEAD Sarah Jane 23 S Weaver Eccleshill Josephus Rowland Armitstead Boot Maker Louisa Armitstead    
1879 10 11 HARDMAN Thomas 35 B Labourer Windhill Thomas Hardman Labourer Speight Senior   CE127/Q/370
  SENIOR Sarah 32 S Weaver Windhill John Senior Boat Builder Emma Senior    
1879 10 05 WALTON William 45 W Labourer Farsley Samuel Walton Dixon Overlooker Thomas Smith   CE127/Q/371
  LACEY Mary 45 W Publican Farsley Lofthouse Dawson Tobacconist Mary Walker    
1879 10 06 PICKLES Erasmus 24 B Engine Tenter Lothersdale John Pickles Gardener James Margerison   CE127/Q/372
  RUSHTON Hannah 21 S Weaver Bolton Smith Rushton Dyer Hannah Marshall    
1879 10 06 HEWITT Benjamin 29 B Labourer Pudsey Thomas Hewitt Labourer Erasmus Pickles   CE127/Q/373
  JAGGER Ann 29 W Millhand Pudsey William Barlow Shoemaker James Margerison    
1879 10 11 HARDAKER Dufton 22 B Quarryman Idle James Dufton Hardaker Quarryman James Margerison   CE127/Q/374
  MANN Mary 18 S Cotton Spinner Idle Oliver Mann Overlooker James Marshall    
1879 10 11 WALLER Francis 23 B Overlooker Calverley Benjamin Waller Labourer William Hargreaves By Licence CE127/Q/375
  HARGREAVES Margaret 22 S . Calverley William Hargreaves Farmer James Margerison    
1879 10 12 BOOCOCK Frederick William 20 B Forgeman Pudsey Emanuel Boocock Watchman John William Gregson   CE127/Q/376
  WALKER Hannah 18 S Weaver Pudsey Henry Walker Joiner James Margerison    
1879 10 12 WALTON John 35 W Manufacturer Pudsey Samuel Walton Dixon Manufacturer Joseph Booth   CE127/Q/377
  THREAPLETON Elizabeth 37 S Weaver Pudsey John Threapleton Grocer James Margerison    
1879 10 18 OVEREND Timothy 24 B Labourer Farsley Simeon Overend Clothier Thomas Grange   CE127/Q/378
  GRANGE Harriet 24 S Weaver Farsley John Grange Carrier Maria Addyman    
1879 10 18 OHARA John Emmott 21 B Stone Mason Pudsey . . James Smith   CE127/Q/379
  HODGSON Martha Ann 22 S Weaver Pudsey John Hodgson Clothier Mary Banks    
1879 10 19 WILCOCK Thomas 21 B Labourer Pudsey William Wilcock Labourer Squire Ward   CE127/Q/380
  ADDEY Sarah Jane 21 S Millhand Pudsey Joseph Addey Potter Sarah Ward    
1879 10 20 HUNTLY George Henry 20 B Watch Maker Windhill George Ward Huntly Military Officer Benjamin Heaton   CE127/Q/381
  BAXTER Alice 19 S Weaver Idle Nathan Baxter Plasterer Eliza Hollings    
1879 10 22 CRABTREE Stephen 41 W Piece Taker in Windhill John Crabtree Chapel Keeper James Margerison   CE127/Q/382
  HALL Ruth 44 S Confectioner Windhill George Hall Grocer Hannah Marshall    
1879 10 2* PLANT James 27 W Paper Hanger Hull Christopher Plant Labourer Charles Hardcastle   CE127/Q/383
  EDMONDSON Sarah 29 S Weaver Windhill William Edmondson Warp Twister Mary Ellen Edmondson    
1879 10 25 DIXON Thomas 20 B Carter Calverley John Dixon Schoolmaster Charles Parker   CE127/Q/384
  MARSHALL Sarah Jane 20 S Millhand Calverley Alfred Marshall Clothier Mary Elizabeth Wilson    
1879 10 26 GAUNT James 46 W Labourer Tyersal Joshua Gaunt Clothier Daniel Schofield   CE127/Q/385
  SANDWELL Emma 36 W Millhand Tyersal Samuel Clarke Joiner Mary Kate Veronica Kerney    
1879 10 26 WATMOUGH Samuel 20 B Overlooker Windhill . . George Watmough   CE127/Q/386
  HULLEY Ellen 20 S Millhand Windhill John Hulley Labourer Ann Peel    
1879 10 28 MURGATROYD David 29 B Delver Idle John Murgatroyd Delver Albert Wade   CE127/Q/387
  WADE Sophia 34 S Grocer Idle Joseph Wade Tailor Sarah Murgatroyd    
1879 10 28 ARMSTEAD John 60 W . Hunslet John Armstead Joiner James Eddison   CE127/Q/388
  HODGSON Mary 61 S . Pudsey William Hodgson Cattle Dealer Hannah Marshall    
1879 11 01 PRATT Walter 22 B Dyer Calverley . . Thomas Hollings   CE127/Q/389
  HOLLINGS Emma 19 S Weaver Calverley Thomas Hollings Manufacturer Samuel Cordingley    
1879 11 02 JOHNSON John Edward 23 B Warehouseman Pudsey John Johnson Tenterer Joseph Jones   CE127/Q/390
  GAMBLES Emma 24 S Weaver Pudsey Abraham Gambles Stone Mason John Whiteley    
1879 11 08 THORNDIKE Edward 21 B Platelayer This parish Charles Thorndike Quarryman John Yewdall   CE127/Q/391
  YEWDALL Sarah 21 S Weaver This parish John Yewdall Stuff Finisher Hannah Marshall    
1879 11 08 JONES Joseph 21 B Labourer Windhill Hiram Jones Warehouseman Atkinson Clayforth   CE127/Q/392
  HALL Sarah 18 S Weaver Windhill Squire Hall Engine Tenter Hannah Marshall    
1879 11 08 MAWSON William 26 B Gardener Idle John Mawson Labourer James Margerison   CE127/Q/393
  CORDINGLEY Hannah 23 S . Idle James Cordingley Engine Tenter Hannah Marshall    
1879 11 10 HUTCHINSON Thomas 42 W Quarryman Idle Richard Hutchinson Woolcomber Herbert Ernest Briggs   CE127/Q/394
  BOWLING Margaret Julia 43 W Dressmaker Idle Whitham Wilson Inland Revenue Officer Emily Helena Briggs    
1879 11 11 BARKER Samuel 45 B Farmer Pudsey William Barker Farmer William Wilson   CE127/Q/395
  PEARSON Emma 47 W . Pudsey John Hinchcliffe Manufacturer Elizabeth Hinchcliffe    
1879 11 16 HORN Irwin 17 B Joiner Farsley Jonas Horn Clothier Ellen Robinson   CE127/Q/396
  FOX Rebecca 20 S Weaver Farsley William Fox Manufacturer William Mallinson    
1879 11 17 COOLEY Thomas Alfred Walter 22 B Signal Man Farsley William Cooley Carpenter Harry Cook   CE127/Q/397
  ASKEW Martha 20 S Milner Farsley William Askew Farm Labourer Mary Alice Hutchinson    
1879 11 22 GOLDSBROUGH Alfred 20 B Quarryman Idle Joshua Goldsbrough Clothier Mary Ann We*   CE127/Q/398
  RAISTRICK Martha Hannah 24 S Weaver Idle Smith Raistrick Greengrocer James Marshall    
1879 11 23 GAUNT Alfred 24 B Labourer Farsley Joseph Gaunt Clothier James Margerison   CE127/Q/399
  ATHORN Sarah 21 S Weaver Farsley Jonas Athorn Clothier James Marshall    
1879 11 25 HANNAM Charles 21 B Quarryman Idle John Hannam Farmer James Margerison   CE127/Q/400
  CRAVEN Mary Ann 22 S Spinner Idle . . Hannah Marshall    
1879 11 26 BURTON Joseph Halliday 22 B Horse Slaughterer Windhill . . John Walker   CE127/Q/401
  HULLAH Eliza Ellen 22 S Domestic Servant Windhill John Hullah Farm Labourer Hannah Deacon    
1879 11 29 GARNETT Walter 21 B Quarryman Windhill . . John Thomas Tillotson   CE127/Q/402
  TILLOTSON Hannah 21 S Weaver Windhill Frederick Tillotson Iron Moulder Emily Horsfall    
1879 11 30 CRAVEN Sam 21 B Warp Dresser Tyersal John Craven Warp Dresser Thomas Henry Hill   CE127/Q/403
  ALLEN Martha Ann 20 S Weaver Tyersal Joseph Allen Wood Turner Martha Ann Craven    
1879 12 06 HAINSWORTH Abraham 24 B Overlooker Pudsey Joseph Hainsworth Clothier John William Cordingley   CE127/Q/404
  RIDER Mary 24 S . Pudsey James Rider Publican John Alfred Wood    
1879 12 07 GOLDSBROUGH Joseph 24 B Spinner Idle William Goldsbrough Clothier William Berry   CE127/Q/405
  GARBET Caroline 24 S Millhand Idle James Garbet Carter Mary Jane Morris    
1879 12 10 HOLDSWORTH Arthur 20 B Joiner Idle Charles Holdsworth Gentleman John Walker   CE127/Q/406
  WATKINSON Hope 20 S Weaver Idle Matthew Watkinson Labourer John Garth Hutton    
1879 12 10 WADSWORTH Benjamin 24 B Grocer Farsley Thomas Wadsworth Labourer James Lee By Licence CE127/Q/407
  LAWSON Sarah 30 W . Farsley William Whitam Blacksmith Hannah Marshall    
1879 12 13 WIGGLESWORTH Edward 21 B Overlooker Calverley Moor William Wigglesworth Clerk Jacob Herr   CE127/Q/408
  HERR Eliza 21 S . Bradford Joseph Herr Jeweller Maria Herr    
1879 12 14 SHAW James 24 W Woolcomb Maker Windhill George Shaw Storekeeper Fred Townend   CE127/Q/409
  CARRACK Martha 23 S Millhand Pudsey George Carrack Basket Maker Mary Ann Bamford    
1879 12 15 WILCOCK George Henry 21 B Moulder Pudsey Frederick Wilcock Clothier James Margerison   CE127/Q/410
  TIDGWELL Hannah 19 S Weaver Pudsey John Tidgwell Cloth Merchant Hannah Marshall    
1879 12 20 WATERHOUSE William 57 W Cloth Fuller Pudsey Thomas Waterhouse Clothier Dan Webster   CE127/Q/411
  PARKER Betty 54 S . Pudsey John Parker Clothier Mary Webster    
1879 12 21 BARRETT Benjamin 22 B Weaver Idle William Barrett Fuller? Grace? Yeadon   CE127/Q/412
  IBBETSON Sarah 23 S Weaver Idle James Ibbetson Clothier Reuben Barrett    
1879 12 24 ROBERTS Alfried Herbert 27 B Overlooker Pudsey William Roberts Joiner John Gibson Johnson   CE127/Q/413
  JOHNSON Elizabeth 20 S . Pudsey Michael Johnson Carrier Joseph Webster    
1879 12 25 RUSHWORTH Henry 21 B Warp Twister Calverley Moor James Rushworth Slater John Edward Laycock   CE127/Q/414
  LAYCOCK Miranda 19 S Weaver Calverley Moor Paul Laycock Warp Dresser Richard Wilkinson    
1879 12 25 TAYLOR Benjamin Robert 27 W Boilermaker Farsley Benjamin Taylor Delver Edwin Taylor   CE127/Q/415
  HARRIS Emily 22 S Domestic Servant Farsley William Harris Shoemaker Annie Anderson Pickard    
1879 12 25 FAULKNER Frederick 21 B Boilermaker Pudsey Charles Faulkner Collier William Walton   CE127/Q/416
  WILCOCK Jane Ann 20 S Millhand Pudsey William Wilcock . Mary Binns    
1879 12 27 HARKER John 39 B Worsted Man Windhill Joseph Harker Carter George Slingsby   CE127/Q/417
  HARKER Ann 40 W Millhand Windhill David Slingsby Mechanic Hannah Slingsby    
1879 12 28 ACKROYD Joseph 36 W Coal Miner Pudsey William Ackroyd Clothier Arthur Robinson   CE127/Q/418
  ROBINSON Elizabeth 29 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Robinson Warp Dresser Grace Robinson    
1879 12 31 WALKER John 23 B Joiner Idle William Walker Joiner Henry Hardaker   CE127/Q/419
  HOLDSWORTH Mary Elizabeth 22 S * Idle Charles Holdsworth Gentleman John Garth Hutton    
1880 01 03 SPENCER James Waterhouse 21 B Quarryman Windhill Joseph Spencer Coal Agent Walter Neale   CE127/Q/420
  LAMBERT Sarah Ann 22 S Weaver Windhill John Lambert Platelayer James Margerison    
1880 01 03 GILL William 20 B Dyer Windhill Joseph Gill Tailor David Sugden   CE127/Q/421
  BOSTON Alice 20 S Spinner Windhill William Boston Labourer Jane Sugden    
1880 01 10 BOOTH James 23 B Quarryman Idle Joshua Booth Quarryman Priestley Stansfield   CE127/Q/422
  BAXTER Eliza 22 S Cotton Winder Idle Benjamin Baxter Size Maker Faith Stansfield    
1880 01 17 SANDERS George Fredrick 22 B Railway Porter Clayton George Fredrick Sanders * Pensioner Thomas Cooper   CE127/Q/423
  COOPER Caroline 21 S Weaver Farsley William Cooper Railway Guard Mary Elizabeth Smith    
1880 01 20 NORTHROP John 49 W Corn Miller Windhill Joseph Northrop Farmer Hannah Illingworth   CE127/Q/424
  PEDLEY Elizabeth 50 W . Windhill James Harker Worsted Weaver James Margerison    
1880 01 23 GARSIDE James 51 W Clothier Idle Joseph Garside Clothier Samuel Blakey   CE127/Q/425
  THORNTON Mary 57 S . Idle William Thornton Clothier Sarah Blakey    
1880 01 23 HALLIDAY Isaac 21 B Bobbin Maker Windhill Benjamin Halliday Bobbin Maker Albert Harker   CE127/Q/426
  BRADLEY Martha Ann 21 S Weaver Windhill Reuben Bradley Worsted Weaver Arthur Bradley    
1880 01 31 ADAMS Joseph 37 B Grocer Calverley Moor James Adams Engine Fitter John Sutcliffe   CE127/Q/427
  COPLEY Sarah Ann 27 S Millhand Calverley Moor . . Betty Sutcliffe    
1880 01 31 HUGGAN Isaac 27 W Shoemaker Pudsey Jonathan Huggan Mule Spinner Thomas Huggan   CE127/Q/428
  JEWITT Ann 26 S Domestic Servant Bolton John Jewitt Farmer Jane Daniel    
1880 02 01 LEACH Abraham 20 B Woolsorter Windhill Thomas Leach Grocer Singleton Crabtree   CE127/Q/429
  KERNEY Mary Katie Veronica 22 S Dressmaker Windhill John Kerney Commercial Traveller Hannah Rebecca Leach    
1880 02 01 TOWNEND John 23 B Basket Maker Calverley Moor Matthew Townend Basket Maker Robert Wood   CE127/Q/430
  HALEY Sarah Harriett 24 S Weaver Calverley Moor Samuel Haley Moulder Grace Pulman    
1880 02 01 WATMOUGH George Boulton 20 B Overlooker Windhill Edward Watmough Worsted Weaver Robert Wood   CE127/Q/431
  PEEL Ann 21 S Weaver Baildon . . William Peel    
1880 02 07 ASQUITH John 22 B Millhand Pudsey . . Charles Dufton Hargreaves   CE127/Q/432
  HARGREAVES Mary 24 S Warper Pudsey William Hargreaves Clothier Mary Jane *bbey    
1880 02 07 HEMINGWAY Joseph 21 B Overlooker Pudsey William Hemingway Carrier Joseph Lister   CE127/Q/433
  ARMSTRONG Ruth 21 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Armstrong Farmer John Armitage    
1880 02 07 HARGREAVES Joseph 23 B Grocer Pudsey Caleb Wade Hargreaves Clothier William Tidgwell   CE127/Q/434
  GIBBONS Emma 20 S Weaver Pudsey Isaac Gibbons Plasterer Charles Hargreaves    
1880 02 08 DENBY George Edward Robert 24 B Woolsorter Windhill Isaac Denby Woolsorter Jonathan Strickland   CE127/Q/435
  TODD Sarah Hannah 24 S Weaver Windhill . . James Margerison    
1880 02 08 REDMAN John 35 W Overlooker Pudsey Peter Redman Butcher Jonathan Strickland   CE127/Q/436
  HEATON Martha 28 W Weaver Farsley Thomas Strickland Overlooker James Margerison    
1880 02 17 HUTCHINSON William 26 B Woolsorter Pudsey Thomas Hutchinson Woolcomber Wright Boocock   CE127/Q/437
  BENTLEY Sarah Ellen 25 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Bentley Joiner Clara Mallinson    
1880 02 21 SEDGLEY Herbert Henry 35 W Cart Driver Windhill Henry Sedgley Saddle Maker Leonard Sedgley   CE127/Q/438
  HOLMES Mary 27 W Millhand Windhill James Holmes Boatman Sarah Jane Sedgley    
1880 02 21 PROCTER Frederick 30 B Coal Miner Pudsey John Procter Clothier Henry Jowett   CE127/Q/439
  BARRASS Sarah Ann 32 W Weaver Pudsey John Wilson Waste Dealer Emma Jowett    
1880 02 22 BURNAND John Gaunt 31 B Fettler Pudsey Joseph Bernand Clothier Charlotte Eliza Hutchinson   CE127/Q/440
  BURNAND Elizabeth 33 W Weaver Pudsey John Brown Clothier James Margerison    
1880 01 22 HUTCHINSON Richard 30 W Labourer Farsley Matthew Hutchinson Labourer Charlotte Eliza Hutchinson   CE127/Q/441
  DOWGILL Sarah Elizabeth 25 S Millhand Farsley Richard Dowgill Labourer James Margerison    
1880 02 28 RIDER Sam 22 B Shoemaker Pudsey James Rider Publican Simeon Bateman   CE127/Q/442
  WALTON Nancy 19 S Weaver Pudsey John Walton Cloth Manufacturer Ann Machel Nicholson    
1880 02 29 WHITELEY John 26 B Tanner Pudsey John Whiteley Farmer? James Bennett   CE127/Q/443
  BENNETT Harriet 20 S Weaver Pudsey John Bennett Quarry Owner Elizabeth Bennett    
1880 03 06 HEYWOOD John Smith 27 B Engine Fitter Bolton Henry Heywood Designer William Sharp   CE127/Q/444
  BRIGGS Elizabeth Hannah 22 S Weaver Bolton William Briggs Carter Elizabeth Sharp    
1880 03 07 BRAYSHAW Calvin 22 B Joiner Pudsey John Brayshaw Joiner Ellen Brayshaw   CE127/Q/445
  APPLEYARD Elizabeth 22 S Weaver Pudsey Andrew Appleyard Boilermaker James Marshall    
1880 03 13 EDMONDSON Jonathan 23 B Farmer Pudsey Issac Edmondson Currier Sam Butler   CE127/Q/446
  BUTLER Ruth 20 S Weaver Pudsey Sam Butler Joiner John William Spencer    
1880 03 13 WARD John 44 W Clothier Pudsey William Ward Clothier John William Spencer   CE127/Q/447
  RHODES Sarah Elizabeth 27 S Weaver Pudsey William Rhodes Clothier * Martin    
1880 03 14 MACKWELL John Henry 19 B Overlooker Windhill Joseph Mackwell Delver Martha Hoyle   CE127/Q/448
  SLINGSBY Harriet 19 S Drawer Windhill Abram Slingsby Delver James Margerison    
1880 03 15 NEILD Job Ellison 23 B Woolsorter Windhill John Neild Carpet Weaver Thomas Nield   CE127/Q/449
  MITCHELL Ada 22 S Weaver Windhill (illegible) Coal Merchant Mary Ann F*    
1880 03 15 BOOTH Walter 21 B Twister Windhill Edward Booth Moulder *   CE127/Q/450
  CANSFIELD Frances Ann 18 S Burler Windhill Thomas Cansfield Clerk of Works Harriet Greenwood    
1880 03 17 WHITTLES Henry 20 B Coal Agent Calverley Moor James Lawson Whittles Stuff Warehouseman Lister Renton?   CE127/Q/451
  BROOK Mary Hannah 19 S Weaver Tyersal David Brook Weaving Overlooker Elizabeth Sunderland    
1880 03 20 COATES Albert 21 B Engineer Calverley Moor Henry Coates Engine Tenter Abraham Priestley   CE127/Q/452
  CLAPHAM Emily 23 S Millhand Calverley Moor Frederick Booth Clapham Overlooker Henry Coates    
1880 03 20 PULLON Holmes 20 B Mason Pudsey Robert Pullon Mason John Denton   CE127/Q/453
  WENTWORTH Ellen 20 S Filler Pudsey Joseph Wentworth Clothier Esther Drake    
1880 03 21 LAWSON Joseph William 21 B Cabinet Maker Pudsey . . Leonard Stott   CE127/Q/454
  THOMPSON Jane Elizabeth 22 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Turner Joiner James Marshall    
1880 03 21 RIDER Charles Walker 27 B Fettler Pudsey William Rider Clothier Joseph Brook   CE127/Q/455
  GAUNT Ann Elizabeth 19 S Weaver Pudsey James Gaunt Clothier James Margerison    
1880 03 25 GOULDSBOROUGH Alfred 30 B Packer Pudsey William Goldsborough Woolcomber John Clark   CE127/Q/456
  BRAWN Emma Esther 24 W . Pudsey Thomas Jennings Printer's Compositor Caroline Clark    
1880 03 26 HOLLYOAK James 22 B Weftman Tyersal John Hollyoak Labourer George Adams   CE127/Q/457
  NAYLOR Mary Elizabeth 22 S Drawer in Mill Tyersal George Naylor Coal Miner William Braithwaite    
1880 03 26 DAIN George Henry 23 B Railway Servant Windhill Henry Dain Farm Labourer George Adams   CE127/Q/458
  ADAMS Rebecca 21 S Domestic Servant Windhill George Adams Signalman Lucy Adams    
1880 03 26 MILNER John 28 B Warehouseman Pudsey Joseph Milner Tenterer Samuel Milner   CE127/Q/459
  DUFTON Matilda 28 S Millhand Pudsey Matthew Dufton Contractor Emma Haigh    
1880 03 27 PICKLES James Blackburn 24 B Plumber Pudsey Richard Pickles Millhand Samuel Harrison   CE127/Q/460
  ACKROYD Judith 22 S Weaver Pudsey William Ackroyd Coal Miner Rose Hannah Hutchinson    
1880 03 27 GAMBLES Samuel 23 B Coal Miner Pudsey Samuel Gambles Labourer Samuel Grimshaw   CE127/Q/461
  PROCTER Hannah Mary 20 S Weaver Pudsey Jabwz Procter Clothier William Procter    
1880 03 27 BOOTH Noah 29 B Stone Mason Calverley Moor James Booth Labourer John Morrell   CE127/Q/462
  MURGATROYD Maria 31 S Weaver Calverley Moor Richard Murgatroyd Labourer Fanny Murgatroyd    
1880 03 27 HARTLEY Robert 21 B Slater Idle Isaac Spence Hartley Clothier William Thomas Waterhouse   CE127/Q/463
  BREARLEY Christiana 20 S Woolcomber Idle George Brearley Carpenter Emma Whitfield    
1880 03 27 STEAD Frank Henry 20 B Grocer Bolton Joseph * Stead Grocer Samuel William Wilson   CE127/Q/464
  BOOCOCK Sarah Hannah 22 S . Pudsey William Boocock Farmer Jonathan Boocock    
1880 03 28 MILNER John 21 B Twister Windhill John Milner Gardener William Skirrow   CE127/Q/465
  SKIRROW Nancy 21 S Weaver Windhill William Skirrow Comber James Marshall    
1880 03 28 ATKINSON George 22 B Labourer Pudsey John Atkinson Farmer Joseph Cooper   CE127/Q/466
  BRITTON Mary Ann 22 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Britton Smith George Burton    
1880 03 29 WOODHEAD Ezra 23 B Farmer Idle George Woodhead Farmer James Margerison   CE127/Q/467
  DIX Rachel 22 S Weaver Idle John Dix Porter James Marshall    
1880 03 30 CLEGG Thomas Henry 32 B Cotton Spinner Calverley Moor Joseph Clegg Farmer James Outhwaite   CE127/Q/468
  OUTHWAITE Martha Ann 28 S Domestic Servant Calverley Moor John Outhwaite Farmer John Hainsworth    
1880 04 10 BOOTH Seth 25 B Blacksmith Idle James Booth Blacksmith Samuel Preston   CE127/Q/469
  BUTTERFIELD Ann 26 S Weaver Idle John Butterfield Wool Scourer Fanny Butterfield    
1880 04 12 SMITH Thomas 21 B Quarryman Idle James Smith Woodman George Smith   CE127/Q/470
  RAWLING Elizabeth 17 S Weaver Idle Abram Rawling Labourer Nannie Smith    
1880 04 13 BOWERS Ben Ledger 24 B Warehouseman Calverley Moor Benjamin Bowers Warehouseman John Sutcliffe   CE127/Q/471
  ASPINWALL Fanny 21 S . Tyersal Alfred Aspinwall Gilder Sarah Eleanor Bowers    
1880 04 18 JAMES Alfred 24 B Warehouseman Pudsey Joseph James Warehouseman John Ackroyd   CE127/Q/472
  ACKROYD Elizabeth Ann 23 S Warehouse Woman Pudsey John Ackroyd Shoemaker Frederick? Davison    
1880 04 24 DAVISON Tom 22 B Stone Mason Calverley Thomas Davison Blacksmith Wright Firth   CE127/Q/473
  OVERTON Sarah Ann 23 S Domestic Servant Calverley Edmund Overton Steward Sarah Ann Watkinson    
1880 04 24 DAWSON Martin 22 B Stone Mason Windhill Firth Dawson Contractor Taylor Wilcock   CE127/Q/474
  SENIOR Alice Ann 20 S Domestic Servant Windhill William Senior Blacksmith Edward Thomas Wilson    
1880 04 25 BERRY Thomas 38 W Warp Dresser Wilsden . . James Margerison   CE127/Q/475
  LUMBY Martha 44 S Dressmaker Tyersal John Lumby Woolcomber James Marshall    
1880 04 28 DAVISON Edwin 22 B Quarryman Calverley Robert Davison Manufacturer Simeon Davison   CE127/Q/476
  GLOVER Lucy 29 S Domestic Servant Manningham, Bradford Joseph Glover Coal Miner Rhoda Davison    
1880 05 09 HOLDEN Henry 21 B Delver Windhill John Holden Farm Labourer Joseph Murgatroyd   CE127/Q/477
  MURGATROYD Margaret Ann 21 S Weaver Windhill Joseph Murgatroyd Warp Dresser Elizabeth Murgatroyd    
1880 05 10 DAWSON Enoch 27 B Butcher Idle Richard Dawson Farmer Joseph Mitchell Freeborn   CE127/Q/478
  JENNINGS Jane 24 S . Idle William Jennings Farmer James Marshall    
1880 05 15 METCALFE George 23 B Hammer Man Pudsey Thomas Metcalfe Labourer Elizabeth Raine   CE127/Q/479
  MITCHELL Amanda 18 S Millhand Tyersal Charles Mitchell Coal Miner Thomas Wright    
1880 05 16 MACHIN William 27 B Quarryman Windhill William Machin Labourer Alfred Tetley   CE127/Q/480
  BRAYSHAW Sarah 25 S Weaver Windhill James Brayshaw Clothier Hannah Howlett    
1880 05 16 TETLEY Charles William 23 B Woolsorter Calverley Moor William Tetley Woolsorter Alfred Tetley   CE127/Q/481
  SNARE Emma Thearza 23 S Dressmaker Calverley Moor John Snare Shoemaker Hannah Howlett    
1880 05 16 ROBINSON Allan 26 B Weaver Windhill George Robinson Labourer Frederick Booth   CE127/Q/482
  HARDAKER Harriet 19 S Weaver Windhill Joseph Hardaker Clothier Matilda Robinson    
1880 05 16 FEARNLEY Henry 20 B Collier Pudsey Thomas Fearnley Clothier David Kirwin   CE127/Q/483
  TIDGWELL Frances Ann 20 S Weaver Pudsey John Tidgwell Cloth Merchant Mary Fearnley    
1880 05 16 HEMMINGWAY John Roundhill 22 B Carter Pudsey William Hemmingway Carter William Marsden   CE127/Q/484
  WHEATER Emma 25 S Weaver Pudsey George Wheater Bookkeeper Jane Glover    
1880 05 17 DAVISON Francis 24 B Mule Spinner Calverley Robert Davison Manufacturer John Saville   CE127/Q/485
  VALE Mary Ann 22 S Housekeeper Idle John Vale Gamekeeper Henry Booth    
1880 05 17 FEARNLEY Thomas 30 B Coal Merchant Thornbury Thomas Fearnley Gentleman Martha Ellen Barron   CE127/Q/486
  SUNDERLAND Mary Ann 27 S Weaver Pudsey Jonas Sunderland Tailor William Emsley Langley Sunderland    
1880 05 17 ARMSTEAD John 23 B Plumber Windhill George Armstead Railway Labourer Joshua Whitfield   CE127/Q/487
  ILLINGWORTH Jane 21 S Weaver Windhill Joshua Illingworth Die Maker Jane Whitfield    
1880 05 17 BAKES John 60 W Coal Agent Idle William Bakes Currier Samuel Nichols   CE127/Q/488
  NICHOLS Eliza 40 S Weaver Windhill James Nichols Stone Mason William Dracup Nichols    
1880 05 18 TOMLINSON John James 21 B Labourer Idle George Tomlinson Labourer James Waller   CE127/Q/489
  BANCROFT Emily 17 S Shop Woman Idle . . James Margerison    
1880 05 18 GLOVER Fred 21 B Clothier Idle Jasper Glover Clothier James Galloway   CE127/Q/490
  GALLOWAY Mary 21 S Weaver Greengates James Galloway Manufacturer Jeremiah Stansfield    
1880 05 22 MAWSON Thornton 23 B Quarryman Idle Charles Mawson Carrier Joshua Stansfield   CE127/Q/491
  GOLDSBROUGH Mary Hannah 23 S Millhand Idle Joseph Goldsbrough Woolsorter Zilpah Thornton    
1880 05 24 DEPLEDGE Thomas 50 B Iron Worker Tyersal Henry Depledge . Samuel Holdsworth   CE127/Q/492
  YOUNG Mary 49 W . Tyersal Robert Burns Shoemaker Thomas Springthorpe    
1880 05 29 GRAHAM William John 25 B Traveller Newcastle on Tyne John Graham Farmer Charles Henry Gill By Licence CE127/Q/493
  GILL Martha Ann 25 S . Thornbury David Gill Forgeman Edwin Greenwood    
1880 05 29 MURGATROYD Edwin 34 W Quarryman Idle . . James Margerison   CE127/Q/494
  RUSSELL Maria 39 W . Idle John Lee Clothier James Marshall    
1880 06 06 SCHOFIELD George Edward 21 B Cigar Maker Calverley Moor Isaac Schofield Watch Maker Henry Smith Foulds   CE127/Q/495
  DAVY Emily Jane 20 S Weaver Calverley Moor Joseph Davy Mechanic James Margerison    
1880 06 07 WILKINSON Thomas 23 B Platelayer Windhill Richard Wilkinson Twister Albert Harrison   CE127/Q/496
  REDHEAD Priscilla 23 S Millhand Windhill Matthew Redhead Platelayer Sarah Elizabeth Wilkinson    
1880 06 13 BUTTERWORTH Joseph 31 W Mechanic Windhill Robert Butterworth Agent Thomas Slingsby   CE127/Q/497
  DAYKIN Elizabeth 38 W Weaver Windhill John Milner Gardener Emma Eliza Slingsby    
1880 06 13 SUTCLIFFE Stephen 22 B Quarryman Pudsey James Sutcliffe Quarryman John Phares Greaves   CE127/Q/498
  GAUNT Esther Emma 22 S Weaver Pudsey . . Jane Sutcliffe    
1880 06 14 CRAVEN Joshua 20 B Stone Mason Pudsey Thomas Craven Quarryman David Stephens   CE127/Q/499
  CARTER Hannah 20 S Weaver Pudsey John Carter Labourer Hannah Marshall    
1880 06 19 PICKARD Alfred 21 B Boilermaker Farsley William Pickard Labourer George Parker   CE127/Q/500
  GRANGE Caroline 20 S Weaver Farsley John Grange Spinner John Hinchliffe    
1880 06 20 PARRATT Samuel 19 B Joiner Pudsey Matthew Parratt Clothier Charles Pratt   CE127/R/1
  LUTY Sarah Ann 18 S Spinner Pudsey George Luty Labourer James Margerison    
1880 06 20 HALEY Joseph 28 B Woolsorter Windhill John Haley Ironfounder Sarah Ann Cherry   CE127/R/2
  JOY Ellen 21 S Weaver Windhill Michael Joy Stone Miner Thomas Cherry    
1880 06 26 WATKINSON William John 22 B Delver Idle Henry Watkinson Delver Thomas Verity   CE127/R/3
  RENTON Sarah 20 S Weaver Idle John Renton Delver George Overin Watson    
1880 06 27 WILKINSON John 63 W Comber Windhill John Wilkinson Comber Walter Child   CE127/R/4
  LONSDALE Mary Ann 57 W Millhand Windhill Henry Else Comber Peter Else    
1880 06 27 HOLBROOK George 25 B Farm Servant Windhill Charles Holbrook Farm Servant Walter Child   CE127/R/5
  DEACON Emily 21 S Drawer Windhill William Deacon Pointsman James Marshall    
1880 06 28 TAYLOR David 25 B Twister Windhill John Taylor Warp Dresser Sampson Richard Taylor   CE127/R/6
  WHITTAKER Ellen 21 S Burler Windhill John Whittaker Clothier Richard *    
1880 07 03 RAISTRICK Joseph 27 B Quarryman Idle Smith Raistrick Grocer James Smith Raistrick   CE127/R/7
  STANSFIELD Eliza 28 S Weaver Idle William Stansfield Clothier Ruth Brook    
1880 07 03 HAINSWORTH Benjamin 24 B Piece Taker in Farsley Joseph Hainsworth Clothier John Threapleton   CE127/R/8
  DOCKRAY Ann 21 S Piece Marker Farsley William Dockray Labourer Jane Dockray    
1880 07 03 WATKINSON Joseph John 26 B Flesher Pudsey William Watkinson Labourer John Sugden   CE127/R/9
  GREEN Sarah Ann 28 S Weaver Pudsey Jacob Green Gas Man Lucy Green    
1880 07 03 HOWSON John 21 B Weaver Windhill James Howson Engine Tenter John Pullan   CE127/R/10
  RAISTRICK Eliza 21 S Weaver Shipley George Rasitrick Warp Dresser Ann Elizabeth Rose    
1880 07 06 GIBSON John 25 B Stone Mason Pudsey John Gibson Drysalter George Leffly   CE127/R/11
  HAINSWORTH Hannah 28 S Shopkeeper Pudsey Martin Hainsworth Grocer Robert Sugden    
1880 07 06 CORDINGLEY Tom 20 B Joiner Windhill Samuel Cordingley Mechanic Joseph Cordingley   CE127/R/12
  DEACON Annie 21 S . Windhill George Deacon Manufacturer George Deacon    
1880 07 10 MURGATROYD Jonas 19 B Quarryman Windhill James Murgatroyd Butcher James Waterhouse Spencer   CE127/R/13
  FREAR Harriet 18 S Millhand Windhill Richard Frear Quarryman Sarah Ann Spencer    
1880 07 11 APPLEYARD Andrew 46 W Boilermaker Pudsey Edward Tinsdale Appleyard Cabinet Maker Benjamin Ward   CE127/R/14
  WHITTAM Elizabeth 40 S Burler Pudsey Thomas Whittam Farmer James Margerison    
1880 07 12 WEIGHELL Henry Marshall 45 W Joiner Osmotherley nr Northallerton Isaac Weighell Joiner Taylor Unwin By Licence CE127/R/15
  WHITTAKER Alice 48 W . Windhill James Unwin Clothier Sarah Ann Whitaker    
1880 07 17 TIPPEN James 23 B Stone Mason Longwood William Tippen Farm Labourer William Hudson Cordingley   CE127/R/16
  CORDINGLEY Emma 22 S . Calverley William Hudson Cordingley Tailor Annie Cordingley    
1880 07 17 THREAPLETON Joseph John 20 B Millhand Farsley James Threapleton Cloth Tenterer Benjamin Brook Parkinson   CE127/R/17
  SLATER Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Farsley William Long Slater Mule Spinner Emma Bannister    
1880 07 18 HOLLINGDRAKE Charles 28 W Stuff Finisher Calverley Moor Thompson Hollingdrake Yarn Merchant Fieldhouse Hollingdrake   CE127/R/18
  RUSHTON Alice Ann 19 S Weaver Calverley Moor John Rushton Blacksmith Mary Hannah Rushton    
1880 07 18 WATERHOUSE John 20 B Cloth Miller Rodley Vincent Waterhouse Stone Mason Solomon Waterhouse   CE127/R/19
  BAXTER Sarah 19 S Millhand Rodley Andrew Baxter Mule Spinner Martha Waterhouse    
1880 07 24 PALMER Henry 28 B Labourer Tyersal Chinnery Palmer Railway Wagon Builder Joseph Mutcham   CE127/R/20
  DAWSON Jane Ann 18 S Weaver Tyersal Henry Dawson Boot Maker Ann Mutcham    
1880 07 24 WHEATER John Midwood 24 B Plasterer Calverley Joseph Wheater Plasterer Joseph Wheater   CE127/R/21
  BRITAIN Hannah 26 S Domestic Servant Heaton John Britain Farmer Eleanor Jameson    
1880 07 25 WILKINSON Joseph 21 B Coal Miner Pudsey John Wilkinson Weaver Jeremiah Hudson Spencer   CE127/R/22
  OGDEN Elizabeth 21 S Weaver Pudsey Joseph Ogden Manufacturer Andrew Emsley    
1880 07 26 CULPAN Ben 35 B Pattern Maker Elland William Culpan Woolsorter John Coates   CE127/R/23
  CARTER Emily 24 S . Pudsey John Carter . Sarah Ann Carter    
1880 07 27 AMBLER Daniel 39 W Designer Farsley George Ambler Clothier William Greenwood   CE127/R/24
  GREENWOOD Sarah Ann 31 S . Farsley John Greenwood Clothier Susannah Greenwood    
1880 07 27 BOLTON Randal 49 W Carrier Calverley Moor John Bolton Carrier William Greenwood   CE127/R/25
  MATTHEWS Eliza 43 W Dressmaker Calverley Moor John Marwood Farmer Eliza Smith    
1880 07 31 JOHNSON John William 20 B Cab Driver Windhill Samuel Johnson Delver Eldon Kenningham   CE127/R/26
  CANSFIELD Emma Jane 17 S Dressmaker Bolton Thomas Cansfield Clerk Frances Ann Booth    
1880 07 31 CRAVEN John Henry 24 B Clothier Windhill William Craven Stone Mason Sam Fell   CE127/R/27
  WORMALD Elizabeth 27 S Weaver Windhill James Wormald Millhand Mellisa Laycock    
1880 07 31 WEBSTER William 21 B Dyer Windhill Joseph Webster Grocer Benjamin Webster   CE127/R/28
  SAVILLE Mary Hannah 23 S Weaver Windhill Alfred Saville Collier Mary Maria Yeadon    
1880 08 02 WADE Samson 26 B Iron * Farsley Samuel Wade Manufacturer Thomas Lawson   CE127/R/29
  LAWSON Grace Ann 23 S . Farsley James Lawson Whittles Farmer Ann Lawson    
1880 08 09 HOBSON Joe 20 B Stone Mason Idle James Hobson Labourer James Lister   CE127/R/30
  RICHMOND Mary 20 S Millhand Idle John Richmond Quarryman Elizabeth Lister    
1880 08 10 WELCHMAN William 31 W Solicitor Upwell William Longman Welchman Gentleman John Nettleton Terry By Licence CE127/R/31
  TERRY Sarah Elizabeth 31 S . Idle Benjamin Terry Solicitor A Terry; Eliza Hannah Terry    
1880 08 11 BARRACLOUGH Charles 25 B Butcher Windhill Miles Barraclough Butcher James Thompson   CE127/R/32
  DICKINSON Mary Jane 29 S . Windhill John Dickinson Lead Miner Hannah Marshall    
1880 08 15 MITCHELL Edward 19 B Boilermaker Farsley Cain Mitchell Fitter William Wilcock   CE127/R/33
  WILCOCK Sarah 17 S Weaver Farsley John Wilcock Mule Spinner Esther Sugden    
1880 08 16 GAMBLES Abraham 22 B Labourer Pudsey John Gambles Labourer Henry Raistrick   CE127/R/34
  DANIEL Mary 22 S Millhand Tyersal Joseph Daniel Greengrocer Sarah Raistrick    
1880 08 19 REED Thomas 35 B Boilermaker Tyersal Thomas Reed Farmer Albert? Butterfield   CE127/R/35
  RIGG Elizabeth 39 W Grocer Tyersal James Blackburn Bookkeeper Sarah Speight    
1880 08 21 CRAMPTON Richard Christopher 21 B Quarryman Pudsey William Crampton Farmer Joseph Baker   CE127/R/36
  BAKER Mary Ann 19 S . Pudsey Richard Baker Whitesmith William Crampton    
1880 08 21 MALLINSON William 22 B Boilermaker Pudsey Henry Mallinson Clothier David Midgley   CE127/R/37
  ROBINSON Ellen 21 S Weaver Pudsey Benjamin Robinson Clothier Irwin Horn    
1880 08 22 WEBSTER Richard Law 20 B Collier Pudsey William Webster Overlooker Albert Webster   CE127/R/38
  BRAYSHAW Ellen 22 S Weaver Pudsey Jonathan Brayshaw Labourer Eliza Webster    
1880 08 23 RENTON Thomas 31 B Delver Idle . . Elias Oswald Hindle   CE127/R/39
  EXLEY Ruth 33 S . Idle Benjamin Exley Tailor James Marshall    
1880 08 23 ARMITAGE Henry 20 B Butcher Pudsey David Armitage Cloth Manufacturer Oliver Armitage   CE127/R/40
  BIRKS Sarah Jane 19 S Weaver Pudsey William Birks Publican Martha Hinchliffe Birks    
1880 08 31 HUDSON Joseph 40 W Warehouseman Windhill John Hudson Overlooker John Pitts   CE127/R/41
  PITTS Sarah 32 S Weaver Windhill James Pitts Warp Dresser Annie Watmough    
1880 09 02 PLATTS Peter Brady 30 B Plasterer Pudsey Peter Brady Platts Foundryman James Hudson   CE127/R/42
  GOTT Sarah 21 S Dressmaker Pudsey John Gott Butcher James Margerison    
1880 09 04 LUND Alexander 21 B Stuff Finisher Windhill William Lund Warp Dresser Thomas Henry Robinson   CE127/R/43
  MARKHAM Sarah Jane 19 S Domestic Servant Windhill Robert Markham Gardener James Margerison    
1880 09 05 GAUNT Samuel 48 W Clothier Pudsey Joshua Gaunt Clothier Ann Hodgkins   CE127/R/44
  WILSON Margaret 39 W Charwoman Pudsey John Sowery Fishmonger James Margerison    
1880 09 13 HERR Jacob 28 B Show Card Maker Bradford Joseph Herr Jeweller Joseph Bland   CE127/R/45
  WATERHOUSE Ruth Annie 19 S . Pudsey Samuel Waterhouse . Richard Thompson Hargraves    
1880 09 13 LUMB Luke 47 W Carter Pudsey Samuel Lumb Butcher Joseph Farrer   CE127/R/46
  TAYLOR Jane 38 W Domestic Servant Pudsey Martin Tordoff Coal Dealer Alice Farrer    
1880 09 18 WOOD George 26 B Cab Driver Pudsey Robert Wood Farmer James Robert Walker   CE127/R/47
  UTTLEY Mary 28 S Domestic Servant Pudsey George Uttley Weaver Henry Carrack    
1880 09 18 WHITEHEAD Samuel 21 B Shoemaker Pudsey George Christopher Whitehead Shoemaker Leonard Stott   CE127/R/48
  ILLINGWORTH Lucy 19 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Illingworth Grocer James Margerison    
1880 09 18 IRWIN Joseph 26 B Engine Tenter Idle Jeremiah Irwin Engine Tenter John Milner   CE127/R/49
  SUGDEN Mary Hannah 24 S Weaver Idle Samuel Sugden Spinner Joseph Ackroyd    
1880 09 19 LEFFLY George Edward David 20 B Grocer Pudsey Leonard Leffly Labourer Abraham Gibson   CE127/R/50
  GIBSON Clara Annie 22 S Machinist Pudsey John Gibson Drysalter Hannah Gibson    
1880 09 19 HUGGAN Thomas 21 B Sawyer Pudsey Jonathan Huggan Spinner Timothy Mann   CE127/R/51
  MARVELL Mary Ann 21 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Marvell Mechanic Emily Marvell    
1880 09 20 CRAMPTON William 29 B Baker Pudsey William Crampton Farmer Emily Rhodes   CE127/R/52
  RHODES Ann 22 S . Pudsey Samuel Rhodes Farmer Sarah Ann Crampton    
1880 09 22 SMITH Philip 38 W Pork Butcher St Judes Par. Bradford John Christopher Smith . Joseph Roberts Barnes   CE127/R/53
  BARNES Rebecca Fairbank 23 S . Farsley John Fairbank Barnes Oil Merchant William Fairbank Barnes    
1880 09 23 GAUNT Henry 21 B Worsted Spinner Farsley Isaac Gaunt Worsted Spinner Joshua Fletcher Smales   CE127/R/54
  CLARK Mary Matilda 25 S . Pudsey John Clark Bookkeeper Annie Matilda Young    
1880 09 23 SCOTT Joseph 30 B Corn Miller Pudsey George Scott Corn Miller John T Baxter   CE127/R/55
  CAMELLO Mary Maria Theresa Fereira 22 S . Pudsey Manuel Henry Camello . Alice Baxter    
1880 09 25 LAYCOCK John 23 B Overlooker Windhill James Laycock Warp Dresser Thomas Atkinson   CE127/R/56
  CRAVEN Sarah Ellen 23 S Weaver Windhill John Craven Warp Dresser Joseph Craven    
1880 09 26 VERITY William 31 B Millhand Pudsey John Verity Millhand Adiman Dixon   CE127/R/57
  WHATMOUGH Mary 37 W Weaver Pudsey John Allerton Millhand John Gaunt    
1880 09 27 HUNTLEY Thomas Crawford 23 B Warehouseman Idle George Mark? Huntley Ironmonger Charlotte Wheelhouse   CE127/R/58
  HUTCHINSON Annie 19 S Weaver Idle Edwin Hutchinson Quarryman Abraham Hutchinson    
1880 09 27 CORDINGLEY Joseph 22 B Joiner Windhill William Cordingley Woolsorter Ben Sandiforth   CE127/R/59
  MAPLETHORPE Mary Ann 24 S Dressmaker Windhill Enoch Maplethorpe Shoemaker Elizabeth Maplethorpe    
1880 09 27 WOOD Joseph 49 W Cloth Tenterer Pudsey Christopher Wood Clothier William Sugden   CE127/R/60
  WATERHOUSE Phebe 56 W Shopkeeper Pudsey Samuel Hardaker Clothier Sarah Broadbent    
1880 09 27 SHUTTLEWORTH James 23 B Quarryman Idle James Shuttleworth Clothier Wheater Fell   CE127/R/61
  WINTERBURN Sarah 20 S Domestic Servant Idle William Winterburn Labourer Polly Hesleden    
1880 09 29 BARROW Thomas 25 B Grocer Pudsey John Barrow Railway Porter B W Ward   CE127/R/62
  WARD Frances 22 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Ward Waste Dealer Annie Mather?    
1880 10 02 HOARD Arthur 24 B Banker's Clerk Bradford John Henry Hoard Excise Officer William Wigglesworth   CE127/R/63
  WIGGLESWORTH Ellen Adams 27 S . Calverley Moor William Wigglesworth Clerk Charlotte Diana Kendall; Charlotte Wigglesworth    
1880 10 02 COOPER Thomas 27 B Time Keeper Farsley William Cooper Railway Guard Frank Fieldhouse   CE127/R/64
  SMITH Mary Elizabeth 27 S Weaver Calverley Joseph Smith Delver Grace Fieldhouse    
1880 10 03 BENNETT Pickles 25 B Miner Windhill John Bennett Miner James Brown   CE127/R/65
  FREAR Dinah 21 S Weaver Windhill Thomas Frear Miner James Margerison    
1880 10 03 SANDERS Frank 21 B Bobbin Turner Farsley John Sanders Woolcomber James Brown   CE127/R/66
  CARTER Mary 21 S Domestic Servant Farsley John Carter Mechanic John William Binns    
1880 10 03 CRELLIN William 36 B Dyer Pudsey Richard Crellin Dyer John William Binns   CE127/R/67
  BROWN Rebecca 42 W . Pudsey James Priestley Overlooker James Margerison    
1880 10 04 AINSWORTH William 19 B Firer Windhill . . John Pedley   CE127/R/68
  WALKER Mary Jane 21 S Drawer Windhill Thomas Walker Dyer Ellen Walker    
1880 10 06 AMBLER Robert 56 W Warehouseman Calverley Moor Holmes Ambler Mounter William Townend   CE127/R/69
  TURNER Mary Ann 51 W . Calverley Moor James Aspden Reed Maker Mary Townend    
1880 10 09 ROSS John 25 B Shoemaker Pudsey Joseph Ross Shoemaker Squire Hetherington   CE127/R/70
  NAYLOR Elizabeth 25 S Weaver Pudsey Francis Naylor Quarryman Hannah Marshall    
1880 10 10 MYERS Albert 23 B Farmer Pudsey David Myers Farmer Albert Eyre   CE127/R/71
  HINCHLIFFE Annie Elizabeth 30 S Weaver Pudsey John Hinchliffe Coal Agent John Dawson    
1880 10 10 DAWSON William Henry 19 B Mason Pudsey Richard Dawson Mason John Dawson   CE127/R/72
  INGHAM Clara Annie 22 S Weaver Pudsey Matthew John Ingham Asphalter Martha Dawson    
1880 10 11 STREET John 36 B Shuttle Maker Calverley Moor Amos Street Coachman James Micklethwaite   CE127/R/73
  BINNS Emily 36 S Shopkeeper Calverley Moor James Binns Overlooker Elizabeth Micklethwaite    
1880 10 12 PRATT Benjamin 27 B Dyer Calverley William Pratt Dyer Joseph Booth   CE127/R/74
  BOOTH Hannah 26 S Domestic Servant Calverley William Booth Quarryman Ada Baguley Ramsden    
1880 10 16 WOOD Joseph 21 B Stone Mason Farsley Robert Wood Cloth Manufacturer John Stake   CE127/R/75
  SMITH Sarah 20 S Millhand Farsley Jonathan Smith Spinner Charles Chapman    
1880 10 17 AUDSLEY Isaac 21 B Mechanic Pudsey David Audsley Mechanic Joseph Amshaw   CE127/R/76
  ROBERTS Elizabeth Ann 18 S Weaver Pudsey Samuel Roberts Labourer Emma Miller    
1880 10 17 BRIGGS Naaman 26 B Fettler Pudsey William Briggs Labourer William Gaunt   CE127/R/77
  GLOVER Amelia 33 S Weaver Pudsey Edward Glover Clothier Sarah Gaunt    
1880 10 19 DOLMAN George 26 B Clerk Pudsey James Dolman Greengrocer John Goodall   CE127/R/78
  GOODALL Frances 20 S . Pudsey John Goodall Tailor & Draper Elizabeth Goodall    
1880 10 24 GRAYSTON John 20 B Smith Pudsey Gowen Grayston Labourer Joseph Pownall   CE127/R/79
  POWNALL Emily 18 S Weaver Pudsey George Pownall Smith Mary Ann Pownall    
1880 10 27 CROWTHER John Lee 22 B Farmer Bolton Joseph Crowther Farmer Joseph Albert Jowet? Crowther   CE127/R/80
  HARDY Sarah 20 S . Bolton Francis Hardy Farmer Elizabeth Hardy    
1880 10 30 THREAPLETON John 24 B Clothier Farsley William Threapleton Clothier David Dockray   CE127/R/81
  DOCKRAY Jane 24 S Weaver Farsley William Dockray Millhand James Marshall    
1880 10 30 HOWARTH Samuel 22 B Overlooker Calverley Moor Thomas Howarth Overlooker Thomas Sutcliffe   CE127/R/82
  GAMBLE Mary Jane 22 S Weaver Calverley Moor Richard Gamble Greengrocer Hannah Howarth    
1880 10 31 SMITH James 22 B Shoemaker Pudsey John Smith . John Emmott O'Hara   CE127/R/83
  BANKS Mary 24 S Weaver Pudsey William Banks Waste Dealer James Marshall    
1880 11 01 THOMPSON Joseph Clayton 51 W Fettler Pudsey James Thompson Spinner John Thompson   CE127/R/84
  TIMMS Frances 43 S Domestic Servant Pudsey John Timms Engine Tenter Ann Thompson    
1880 11 06 SWAINE Henry 24 B Clothier Calverley Joseph Swaine Overlooker Fred Swaine   CE127/R/85
  WHITEHEAD Elizabeth 26 S Dressmaker Calverley Walter Whitehead Coachman Georgina Whitehead    
1880 11 07 ELLIS Samuel 20 B Overlooker Pudsey Edward Boys Ellis Tanner Samuel Cope Glover   CE127/R/86
  GLOVER Mary Alice 20 S Weaver Pudsey Robert Glover Butcher Ann Elizabeth Marshall    
1880 11 07 THORNTON William 28 B Farmer Pudsey William Thornton Farmer William Shepherd   CE127/R/87
  INGHAM Eliza 28 S Weaver Pudsey William Ingham Dyer Catherine Shepherd    
1880 11 10 MASHALL Henry Arthur 23 B Clerk Calverley Moor Edward Marshall Wool Buyer Leo Pickard   CE127/R/88
  PICKARD Clara 23 S . Calverley Moor James Pickard Pawn Broker Flora Pickard    
1880 11 13 ILLINGWORTH Frederick 23 B Joiner Idle James Illingworth Clothier James Margerison   CE127/R/89
  MANN Harriet 20 S Millhand Idle Oliver Mann Overlooker James Marshall    
1880 11 18 WEBSTER Joseph 25 B Shopman Pudsey John Webster Weaver John Gibson Johnson   CE127/R/90
  JOHNSON Grace Ann 23 S Dressmaker Pudsey Michael Johnson Carrier Hannah Webster    
1880 11 20 GAUNT Walter 21 B Fettler Pudsey Samuel Gaunt Clothier James Margerison   CE127/R/91
  MARTIN Elizabeth 22 S Weaver Pudsey Henry Martin Stoker James Marshall    
1880 11 27 TENNANT James 19 B Labourer Windhill Frederick Tennant Overlooker William Glover   CE127/R/92
  BROWN Catharine 19 S Drawer Windhill Richard Brown Labourer Emma Tennant    
1880 11 28 GIBSON James 23 B Labourer Pudsey John Gibson Painter Oliver Hargraves   CE127/R/93
  BINNS Mary Ann 21 S Drawer Pudsey Robert Binns Coal Miner Richard Gibson    
1880 11 28 ATKINSON Joseph 50 W Boot Maker Pudsey William Atkinson Schoolmaster Alfred Scholefield   CE127/R/94
  RHODES Mary 29 S Domestic Servant Pudsey Joseph Rhodes Wool Extractor James Marshall    
1880 12 01 WATERHOUSE James 25 B Joiner Pudsey George Waterhouse Clothier George Sugden   CE127/R/95
  MURAS Mary 25 S Domestic Servant Pudsey John George Muras Gardener Hannah Sugden    
1880 12 04 DAVEY John 23 B Woolsorter Farsley William Davey Clothier James Whiteley   CE127/R/96
  YEADON Mary Ann 24 S Weaver Farsley William Yeadon Clothier Emily Sarah Stowe    
1880 12 06 LISTER Isaac 30 B . Pudsey John Lister Innkeeper Benjamin Overend Pearson   CE127/R/97
  HAYHURST Annie 20 S . Salford Robert Hayhurst Farmer Samuel Moss    
1880 12 08 BLADES Arthur 21 B Coal Merchant Stanks-in-Elmet John Blades Baker Tom Wray; Ellen Wray   CE127/R/98
  WRAY Mary Alice 21 S Weaver Calverley Henry Wray Gardener David W Binns; Elizabeth Blades    
1880 12 12 BENNETT Frederick 29 B Quarryman Pudsey John Bennett Quarryman John Whiteley   CE127/R/99
  SOWDEN Martha Eliza 30 W . Pudsey Matthew Gomersall Overlooker Harriet Whiteley    
1880 12 13 SWAIN Joseph 27 B Fireman Windhill Thomas Swain Labourer Arthur Broskom   CE127/R/100
  LANCASTER Clara 22 S Weaver Windhill Thomas Lancaster Overlooker Jane Ann Randall    
1880 12 18 JEFFERSON William Parsons 39 W . Pudsey William Jefferson . John Blackburn By Licence CE127/R/101
  BLACKBURN Emily 23 S . Pudsey John Blackburn Manufacturer Mary Banks    
1880 12 19 HALEY John William 21 B Mason Pudsey John Brook Haley Labourer Joseph Bottomley   CE127/R/102
  SUGDEN Ann 19 S Drawer Pudsey Matthew Sugden Hammer Man Sarah Bottomley    
1880 12 20 TOWN Joseph Henry 34 W Woolsorter Pudsey Thomas Town Shoemaker John Bailey   CE127/R/103
  WHEATER Jane 30 S Knotter Pudsey Ezra Wheater . William Town    
1880 12 25 MIDDLETON David 22 B Quarryman Windhill David Middleton Hay & Straw Dealer Jonas Gill   CE127/R/104
  EDDISON Mary Ann 21 S Weaver Windhill William Eddison Overlooker Lavinia Dawson    
1880 12 25 GAUNT William Henry 24 B Cloth Manufacturer Pudsey William Gaunt Cloth Manufacturer Squire Gill   CE127/R/105
  WEBSTER Elizabeth Ann 24 S Dressmaker Pudsey . . Ann Glover    
1880 12 25 WOOD Joseph 24 B Quarryman Windhill James Wood Quarryman Henry Beaver   CE127/R/106
  BEAVER Sarah 25 S Weaver Windhill Charles Beaver Mason Susannah Wilkinson    
1880 12 25 HINCHLIFFE Albert 24 B Grocer Pudsey George Hinchliffe Clothier Cecil Hargreaves   CE127/R/107
  BRADSHAW Hannah 20 S Weaver Pudsey Henry Bradshaw Collier Ann Swithinbank    
1880 12 25 WALMSLEY Thomas 24 B Warehouseman Windhill James Walmsley Weaver William Bateson   CE127/R/108
  MANSFIELD Sarah Jane 19 S Drawer Windhill Robert Mansfield Sexton Nancy Anderton    
1880 12 25 WATERHOUSE Harry 24 B Clerk Idle Isaac Waterhouse Draper Charles Waterhouse   CE127/R/109
  HAMMOND Martha Maria 21 S . Idle William Hammond . Henry Hardaker    
1880 12 25 HINCHLIFFE Alfred 21 B Miner Pudsey Andrew Hinchliffe Miner Joseph Thomas Baker   CE127/R/110
  PEARSON Mary Elizabeth 23 S Weaver Pudsey Thomas Pearson Farmer Seba Sowden    
1880 12 25 GRIMSHAW Samuel 22 B Shoemaker Pudsey . . Joel West   CE127/R/111
  GAMBLES Emily 25 S Millhand Pudsey Samuel Gambles Stone Mason John Benjamin Gambles    
1880 12 27 PULLAN John 24 B Stone Mason Idle William Pullan Stone Mason David Rose   CE127/R/112
  ROSE Ann Elizabeth 21 S Dressmaker Windhill David Rose Mechanic John Wild